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"Now all the resonating core groups with outwardly different purposes are merging and blending and coming together to do the One Work . . ." Barbara Marx Hubbard, Spring 1988, To Seattle Unity Church, Seattle, Washington
"There are several folders on CORE, which is the name given to the group of fellowship leaders that got together regularly to pray and plan the fellowship's activities Similarly, several files with "Group' or "Groups" in the title are brought together under "G," these contain information on the early days of the fellowship and the formation of prayer groups around the country. Except for Vereide, Halverson and Douglas Coe (for each of whom, there is a series) all the people involved prominently in the fellowship at one time or another, such as James Bell, Frank Carlson, Church Colson, Billy Graham, Wallace Haines, Mark Hatfield, Fred Heyn, Karlis Leyasmeyer, Albert Quie, and Paul Temple have one or more folders of material in this section."

TOTAL NUMBERS 1998 THROUGH 2006: $640,080 paid by Three Swallows Foundation to Institute of Noetic Sciences. $1,777,650 to "INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION" which is the name under which "The Family" aka "Fellowship Foundation" aka "The Fellowship" aka "Ivanwald" does business. This explains why key evangelical leaders were so very anxious to silence my work on sounding alarms on the New Age Movement. When you consider this along with the vast sums given by Rev. Moon, much taken from 1982-through the present time now makes disturbing sense. May the Lord help us all! The figures were gleaned from the 990 forms filed by THREE SWALLOWS FOUNDATION. It appears that the New Age community obviously bought and owned this allegedly Christian operation. How much deeper does it go?

Reading this, you might want to jump back to an earlier article (April 29, 2007) by me, "Story in Pictures." To read the information first published and then buried by World Business Academy, you will need to click on each picture individually to blow it up to full page. It will be well worth the reading! You might also want to read information copied from a 1988 newsletter. I wrote it in 1988, but the players, to the best of my present knowledge, have never repented! The researchers abridging my material added valuable work of their own. They documented the Paul N. Temple connection!

October 5, 1987
Name withheld
Stanford CA, 94025


We are writing to invite you to join us for the gathering we are hosting at Gold Lake on October 24-27, entitled “Bridging Through Christ.” The conference will be held at Gold Lake Ranch, an executive retreat conference center, educational foundation, and community initiative located in the mountains outside Boulder, Colorado.

We plan to meet in dialogue and prayer, with our daily roles and titles, to form deep personal bonds that will last beyond this weekend. We hope to come out of this meeting with a clearer sense of direction and set a course for further contact and dialogue. The meeting will be structured so that it can change according to the needs and interests of the group. We have asked two close friends, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Doug Coe to serve as co-hosts for this event, as well as Robin’s parents, Paul and Diane Temple. All of them are deeply dedicated and have each, in their own way, become powerful catalysts for bringing people around the globe together in the Spirit of Christ. More about them is enclosed. We are planning to limit the participants to about 30 lay people in order to create the opportunity for deeper communication and sharing.

We are eagerly looking forward to being with you at Gold Lake in October and getting to know you in person. Enclosed is the logistics sheet and registration form which we would appreciate you filling out and returning it [sic] as soon as

Robin and Logan Kline

As a new book has recently appeared on the market -- a NavPress (the Navigators) release from another Fellowship participant, Michael Timmis, who may or may not be innocent of the obvious New Age agenda of Coe and Paul N. Temple, it appears that the Fellowship Foundation is attempting to strengthen its public relations. I tried recently to reach Timmis' Detroit law office with no success. I suspect that as he in his book indicates he was discipled by Douglas Coe, he has been cautioned to stay strictly away from Yours Truly! Timmis is now heading the group that Charles (Chuck) Colson founded: Prison Fellowship. Here's hoping that the two of them are honestly motivated -- I would hate to think of people with Watergate level skills training prisoners for service in a New Age army! Hopefully, that is not the case. Interestingly, Paul N. Temple often loaned Chuck Colson and wife Patti his Spanish villa when they needed a place to retreat.
Now, more than 20 years since this was held, internet information is available that shows the breadth and depth of the funding laid out by Paul N. Temple. It is difficult to say whether the money prompted the theological compromise and/or nobody wanted to oppose the New Age meaningfully there because they didn't want to uninspire Paul Temple's generosity. I am attaching a picture of one of the more colorful recipients of this largesse: "All Seasons Chalice Church." Its neo-pagan, earth-worshipping character could hardly be more obvious!

What do these groups have in common? Global Family, Fellowship Foundation d/b/a International Foundation, Campus Crusade, All Seasons Chalice Church, Young Life, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Steiner schools, Unitarian churches?

The answer is that they are among the recipients of funding from Three Swallows Foundation. What is Three Swallows Foundation? It is headed by Paul N. Temple. He is a long time activist with Doug Coe's Fellowship Foundation. He also is the very prominent co-founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Are these groups different? Or are they "outwardly different resonating core groups now blending and merging to do the 'one work' as Barbara Marx Hubbard reported in Spring, 2008.
Paul Temple's Three Swallows Foundation gave nearly a half million in grants in 2007 ($459,615 to be precise). Its declared worth per its 2006 IRS form was $3,755,861.00. These were among its recipients and some of the moneys they received from that source over the past few years:

All Seasons Chalice Church ($10,000 + $8700 + $6715); Campus Crusade ($8700 + 6500+13,000); Global Family ($6,900); International Foundation (Fellowship Foundation) $203,000 plus $148,000; Institute of Noetic Sciences ( $ 31,350+$30,700 +$90,000) ; Shining Mountain Waldorf School ($17,475) Longmont, Colorado;
8700 + 6715+
Campus Crusade
Orlando, Florida
Endowment for the Neurosciences
N. Bellmore, NY
FCA LaCrosse
Hunt Valley, Maryland
First Unitarian
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Friends of the British Primary School
Boulder, Colorado
Global Family
Santa Barbara, CA
International Foundation
Washington, D.C.
$203,000 + $148,000
Kaleida Health Foundation
Buffalo, NY
Maha Bere Ethiopian Church
Arlington, VA
Marin Academy
San Rafael, CA
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Paonia, CO
Shining Mountain Waldorf School
Boulder, Colorado
Stop Hunger Now
Raleigh, North Carolina
Susan Perez Porter Foundation
Camillus, NY
University of Denver
Denver, CO
Widows & Orphans Network
Fort Worth, TX
YMCA Development Office
Young Life
Child & Development Advocacy
Sustainable Development
Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center
Institute of Noetic Sciences
College of St. Elizabeth
Common Ground
Deerfield, IL
Rockwood Leadership Foundation
Berkeley, CA
Known Associations:
Willis Harmon
Edgar Mitchell
Former Senator Harold Hughes
Doug Coe
Barbara Marx Hubbard
David Spangler
Billy Graham

Moneys were given to Global Family. That organization, as I recall it from the late 1980s was organized and maintained by Barbara Marx Hubbard. One of its current directors, co-authored THE BOOK OF REVELATION - THE BOOK OF CO-CREATION along with Barbara Marx Hubbard. Quoting from Hubbard’s current front, THE CENTER FOR CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION, we read Hubbard’s list of major efforts by herself:

“She has been instrumental in the founding of many future-oriented organizations, including the World Future Society, New Dimensions Radio, Global Family, Women of Vision In Action, The Foundation for the Future, and the Association for Global New Thought.”
It was Barbara Marx Hubbard who chaired the October 1987 Gold Lake meeting at the invitation of “evangelicals” To see where Ms. Hubbard is coming from and her absolute deception -- “deceiving and being deceived,” view her website -- be sure to watch her video -- provided that once again, the game of “now you see us, now you don’t” isn’t in active motion!
It is interesting to note also that when Mark Hatfield sold his Washington, D.C. home back in the 1980s an ethics investigation was opened as to his finances. Paul N. Temple was the one who bought his house at an obviously artifically inflated price.
My Questions: Did Paul Temple know what he was doing? Did he know the spiritual ramifications of mixing the worst of the New Age with Christianity?

Alternative Question: Did these supposedly Christian people protect the New Age Movement and give it cover because they felt it would offend Paul N. Temple and stop his largesse if they did not?

To be continued. STAY TUNED!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


To the left of Jean Houston picture is a picture of Javier Solana and British Foreign Minister, David Miliband. There is some EU press speculation that Miliband might be posturing to take Solana's EU seat after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. There are other reports critical of Miliband calling him "bombastic." "Green Agenda" gave me the tip on this -- you might want to start watching this. My present educated guess is that Solana will convince people that Miliband needs more ripening. Some EU press has speculated that the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and Javier Solana have some traps laid for Britain's new, maybe brash Foreign Minister. Miliband is a self-proclaimed atheist. He is of Jewish descent, being descended from Warsaw ghetto holocaust survivors. Miliband proposes carbon cards for citizenry -- something possibly ominously paralleling Rev. 13 prophecies of global redistribution. Thanks to GREEN AGENDA for the heads up and it should be most interesting to watch these dynamics play out.

On April 4, 2008, I wrote an article, "Hillary Clinton's New Age Strategists" for I also published same in my own blogspot. I decided to follow up today on the relationship between Hillary Clinton and her former New Age strategists: Jean Houston and Marianne Williamson.

It appears that shortly before the publication of that article as to Marianne Williamson and thereafter as to Jean Houston, for reasons presently unknown to Yours Truly, her two former major New Age advisors have viciously abandoned her. Marianne Williamson (Youtube, March 18th) crudely said she would not be supporting Hillary because she was "not voting with my vagina." Such gratitude (or lack thereof) from somebody whom Hillary and Bill Clinton graciously allowed to convene a Camp David gathering and make their own guest list!

Jean Houston, although a tad more elegant in her cutting down language, was equally treacherous to Hillary Clinton's cause. In a May 12th Los Angeles Times article, she was interviewed from her home in Ashland, Oregon. She was not supporting Hillary either. Hillary did not "properly embody" the feminist image, said Houston.

Houston boycotted Hillary Clinton's Ashland, Oregon fundraiser although she was home that night and claimed Hillary would be happy to see her if she did deign to attend.

I do not know the real reasons Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston have turned on the woman who gave them free run of Camp David and the White House. It may be because of Oprah Winfrey's obvious usefulness to their book sales and not Hillary's own ideological convictions. This, however, I do suspect. If they now dislike Hillary Clinton that much, she must not be as useful to their New Age agenda as they once hoped.

I am not voting in Kentucky nor in Oregon tomorrow, but if I were, knowing that Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston had jumped ship, I might be tempted to board Hillary's vessel, at least for the Primary Election.

May the least New Age among them win! At least Hillary did not display the meanness of spirit shown by her former New Age cum "cultural creative" friends. If they now dislike Hillary that much, she must be doing something right!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


"And when ye see these things come upon the earth, know that your redemption is near . . ." Jesus.


" Specifically Jerusalem bearingthe root of world conflict as well as the key to its salvation, has increasingly become the focus of world interest and international diplomacy, as well as a place for inter-religious conferences and encounters. Time is ripe to take action towards initiating a process of deliberate transformation thus opening a new area of peace and well-being for entire mankind."[1]

My thanks to Joyce for drawing my attention to this initiative of the Global Marshall Plan / Club of Budapest / Ervin Laszlo / Cultural Creatives initiative. I will be adding to this article later, but you should all be doing independent research on this.

Followup: More astounding quotes from this Club of Budapest / Jerusalem Summit configuration:

A first step is to look into the conditions for peace and coexistence between
Israel and Palestine on a national level – disregarding the specific
situation and demands ofJerusalem and the Old City. As stated in A I. 2 we
will proceed step by step until reaching the core – the Old City and its
Temple Mount.
(page 49)

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A Cashless, Barbaric, Tasered Society?


A New Tasered Barbaric Age?
Thursday, May 08, 2008
2:44 PM

A just released Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) story points to Canadian medical alarm over United States litigation by the manufacturers of the nefarious tasering device. Michigan has been considering a bill to allow unlicensed citizen use of these for self-defense. Many of us, seeing the sometimes too frequent police use of the delivery of the painful silencer are terrified at this prospect.

One source claims that there were 208 deaths nationally from Tasering in 2006.

The manufacturer of these devices filed a lawsuit and won a verdict that the coroner reports attributing the cause of death in significant part to the tasering had to be removed from the coroner reports. This is causing alarm in Canadian medical circles. It should cause deep concern among all right thinkers! Enforced judicial historical revisionism of death certificates -- this is a truly revolting development!

Quoting from the CBC story, we read:

"The U.S.-based manufacturer of the controversial stun guns, Taser International, has won a court order in Ohio that forces a medical examiner to change autopsy reports. Dr. Lisa Kohler had found that electrical shocks from Tasers were partially to blame for the deaths of three men in separate confrontations with police. Taser International launched and won a civil suit, forcing Kohler to delete any reference to the deaths being related to electric shocks, and to term them "accidental deaths."

Today, I am sitting in my annual ly attended family law seminar held by the local chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Our keynote speaker was Justice Maura Corrigan, Michigan's Chief Justice. She told us that she was on a task force to "track the underground economy." I have more than a passing fear that RFID or "Digital Angel" technology could be advanced as a solution.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Israel first European Neighbourhood partner to participate in EU programs

This is another day I wish I had the abilility to pick up the phone, call Herb Peters, and bounce this one off of him. I know what he would have said about the possible prophetic significance of this one. Most of you know too. Read the article by clicking here.

According to this article from the EUROPEAN JEWISH VOICE, Israel is the first European Neighborhood partner as part of the 7 year European Neighborhood Policy, the reconfirmed and expanded Barcelona process.

The action plan between the European Union and Israel is also now set to be extended for an additional year. Read about it by clicking here.

I wonder how long the honeymoon will last?

Stay tuned!

"Progressive," "inclusive" global governance?

Well friends, so much going on I almost missed this BIG April 4, 2008 event on "global governance." This one was with heads of state, trade commissioners and the like. Peter Mandelson was the chair. They are very unhappy about losing political popularity with the masses on their cherished long awaited "global governance." Here's what Peter Mandelson said in his opening remarks:

I don't want to abuse the prerogative of the chair, but perhaps I can just sketch out some starting points for our discussion. In fact, I want to sound a bit of a warning about our political direction – particularly, but not only, in Europe and America.
I think this is a defining time for progressive politics and globalisation. As a political and intellectual movement we have always defended globalisation and openness as a means of eroding global poverty and creating opportunity.
But the political ground it stands on, above all in the US and Europe, risks moving away from us. Our publics are more sceptical of globalisation, even as we are surrounded by the evidence of its benefits.

Javier Solana, of course, was there. There's the pictures conveniently available at his website to prove it. That's a screen shot of two pictures available. Anthony Giddens was there as well. That is another name that has popped up consistently with searches on Benjamin Creme and his activity.

Heads of state were there including Gordon Brown, the present British Prime Minister, New Zealand's, Chile, and of course "The High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy" / Secretary General of the Western European Union, etc., etc., Dr. Javier Solana.

A good, but obviously disturbed, time was had by all. You may read all about it by clicking the headline link above, but hurry. The videos already appear to have disappeared or did when I tried to access them.

Happy reading and stay tuned!