Friday, April 05, 2024

Let's not so easily dismiss crazed cultist Jan Halper-Hayes

by Rich Peterson

Constance Cumbey has taken a lot of flak in the comments section for posting this ElijahStreams interview with Jan Halper Hayes.  I commented in that thread that I recognized the video’s entire contents as being Qanon. 

I expressed concern with this because Trump has aligned himself with Qanon.  My understanding from the discussion board is, that’s ok, he’s doing it for votes.  In response to a recent comment “If one takes the position that QAnon, and by extension these wackos at the Elijah List, is part of a psyop, then WHY would one accept anything put forth by such as being in the realm of truth?!”

The truth is Qanon advances a lot of crazy notions:  For example, the Clintons (and others) have been tried and executed at Guantanamo and those we see today are body doubles masquerading as those dead individuals.  (With all these body doubles around, I surely could use one to avoid ever sitting through another boring meeting.)

We’ve established Halper-Hayes is a crazy Qanon cultist.  The problem arises when cultists are placed in positions of power.  Halper-Hayes has an extensive resume as a clinical psychologist; she served as Vice President for Republicans Overseas; she served on the Trump transition team and hopes to again. 

Hayes presently serves on a Department of Defense Task Force.  The role of the task force is to monitor social media and identify the sources of resistance to the Great Awakening.  That information is handed over to military psyop operations, one which she says Trump has appointed.  And, as usual, she expects and hopes the dark forces to be paraded then executed.


Does Trump know of  Halper-Hayes Qanon ramblings?  Both she and Charlie Ward says he is well aware and a participant in Qanon.  It was reported by the Gateway Pundit that he watched her CBN interview and praised it on Truth Social!

As I indicated in my last post, behind door A is the Great Reset and behind door B is the Great Awakening.  

They are both the same, perhaps having different demons in charge of different decorating committees.  Many will be surprised when they see both the Reset and Awakening lead to satan’s throne then, ultimately, God’s judgement.