Thursday, November 22, 2012

What they are planning now - "Planet Under Pressure"

The global governance is proceeding apace and perhaps the Mayan 2012 prophecies are a fancy diversion.  The planning for global governance is very much in progress and serious academics and their prestigious institutions, Indiana University, University of Michigan, Harvard, etc., etc. are impressing "Glocalist" goals (think globally, act locally) as norms.  Here's a presentation given to the March 2012 London "World Under Pressure" conference.

check it out, particularly the leadership structures being established and stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Arab Spring aftermath? Armageddon Script? Will this Middle East war be averted?

The Middle East is aflame.  Rockets from the Gaza Strip have been raining on Israel, even on  Tel Aviv.  Israel in return has been aiming its fire at Hamas strongholds in the Gaza Strip.  The Gaza Strip was turned over to the Palestinians with great force and violence to its former Israeli settlers in 2005.  The Gaza Strip, formerly administered by Egypt, was taken by Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967.  In that war, a large combination of Arab countries declared war on Israel, expecting a quick victory.  There was a quick victory, but the victory was Israel's.  Now the Gaza Strip is part of the Palestinian Union's territory.

Since turning the Gaza Strip over to the Palestininan Union, it appears it has meant nothing but trouble for both Israel and the non-political Palestinians trapped within its borders.  Hamas, the radical Palestinian-Islamist organization has used it as a firing base.  Israel, forced to defend the safety of its citizens from the Gaza launched attacks was forced to resort to blockades, hunting down of Hamas leadership.  Hamas has declared official control of Gaza and according to the Wikipedia account, formed an alternative Hamas Government in Gaza.

Mahmoud Abbas is the President of the Palestinian Union.  He is of the Fatah Party, which though not officially classified as a "terrorist organization" has sponsored plenty of its own share of terrorist activity.  A 1968 TIME MAGAZINE news account gave a picture of Hamas' at least then orientation.

The announced goal of El Fatah, the Arab terrorist organization, is to provoke Israelis into a pogrom of Arabs living in Israel and thereby shatter all Israeli hopes for peaceful coexistence in their occupied territories. Last week, in the latest of a series of bomb attacks, Arab terrorists struck for the first time in Tel Aviv and succeeded in rousing an angry Jewish response.

Fatah was founded by Yasser Arafat.  It has had a history of revolutionary activity that was violent enough in and of itself.  Fatah, these days, seems comparatively tame compared to its even more radical counterpart, Hamas.

What may make a crucial difference this time is a direct result of the "Arab Spring" which started near two years ago in December 2010.  Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in the Egyptian phase.  Mubarak had his faults, to be sure, However, he was at relative peace with the Coptic Christians of his country and equally importantly, the Nation of Israel.

Mohamed Morsy is now the President of Egypt.  Interestingly, I once (1989-1992) had a client from Egypt with the very same name, but they are two different persons.  President Mohamed Morsy of Egypt is affiliated with radical Islamist groups.  He is believed to be more moderate, but is obviously walking a tightrope between his own very radicalized political base, the United States from which Egypt receives generous financial and military support, and radical Islamist factions.  Egypt also has a "Prime Minister," Hisham Qandil.  It was hoped that a truce of sorts might be arranged under Qandil's offices.  Qandil was visiting Gaza and was there when many of the 

There are two viable political parties in the Palestinian Union:  one is trouble for Israel -- Fatah, and the other is far worse trouble -- Hamas.

Which direction Egypt turns is going to be crucial.  Within the past hour of my writing this (5:45 a.m.), per BBC, the Egyptian Prime Minister has said that what is happening in Gaza is a disaster.  I'm sure nobody would disagree.  However, he said that Egypt would do all it could to broker a truce.<1>

Israel has called up 16,000 reserves which are said to be placed very near Gaza.  However, there is "no ground war yet."

I'm sure the New Age community is reading much into this for their own 2012 "prophecies."  There appear to be definite signs of potentials for New Age scenarios such as Peter LeMesurier's THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.  Definitely, we should read our own Bibles very closely in conjunction with our newspapers, CNN, Fox News, and other information sources.

What is happening?  God knows!  

Stay tuned!