Friday, November 25, 2016

Cliff Kincaid and I will discuss election results/ramifications in the morning

Donald Trump is now our USA President-Elect
Cliff Kincaid
.  There are still forces out there trying to stop it.  Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, is demanding a Wisconsin recount.  Per accounts I have read, others are talking about recounts for Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Personally, I doubt that the recounts will take place and if they do, that they will succeed.

Clifford Kincaid, one of my favorite political analysts will join us on my internet radio program in the morning.  We will be talking about the election and its ramifications.  Neither of us had chosen Trump as our choice for the pre-nomination process.  Neither of us desired to see Hillary Clinton in the Presidential office either.

We will be discussing it live in the morning together with the post-election "demonstrations" cum riots.  What does it all mean?  Where is the USA going?

Tune in to on Saturday morning, 7 am Pacific time, 8 am Mountain time, 9 am Central time and 10 am Eastern Standard Time.  You may call in live with questions to 208-935-0094 and/or join us in the chatroom there, 

Tune in and stay tuned!


Monday, November 07, 2016

Please go vote!


We are at the end of what has been a tumultuous campaign season.  If anybody had told me a year ago that Donald Trump would be the presidential nominee for the Republicans, I would then have proclaimed them "crazy."  He was not my personal choice for nominee.  But, he is the Republican nominee and has proclaimed his own judicial nominations would be for judges who follow law as written -- not as they wish to write it.   Given Hillary Clinton's refusal to denounce partial-birth abortion and her enthusiastic endorsement of the totality and beyond of the LGBT agenda, I see no choice but to vote for Donald Trump and I will be casting my vote for him -- Donald J. Trump.

Sadly, nobody is perfect and sometimes we do need to choose between evils.  Donald Trump has demonstrated his human flaws to be certain, but it is my belief that he does not possess what I perceive as Hillary Clinton's outright hostility to Christians possessing millennia long traditional values on marriage, family, gender, etc., etc.

For sure it is not an easy time to be a Christian in our society.  That was clearly and repeatedly prophesied in Scripture.  But to take an expression from the old civil rights movement -- we have to "keep on keeping on."

Please -- go vote -- you have only yourself to blame if you fail to exercise that precious constitutionally guaranteed right!

Stay tuned!