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I am honored to have the distinguished author, John Loftus, as my internet radio guest Tuesday night on  His new book, AMERICA'S NAZI SECRET is critical reading as was Charles Higham's AMERICAN SWASTIKA.  John Loftus is also the author of THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS.

It will be an important and enlightening evening.  Please join us tomorrow night both on the air and in the chatroom.  The live program will take place Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 7 p.m. Eastern time, 4 p.m. Pacific time.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


'Nuf  said.  Have a blessed and relaxed Thanksgiving Day.  I'll try my best not to overeat!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Javier Solana: He's back and seemingly all over the place at that!

Richard Lugar, Republican from Indiana
Chuck Hagel, now heading THE ATLANTIC COUNCIL
When the USA-EU joint venture on "Global Governance 2025 was announced, it was obvious, at least to this observer, that Javier Solana's imprint on the process was obvious.  It appears that his staunchest allies are United States Senators and former ones such as Chuck Hagel.  Richard Lugar, Joseph Biden (now Vice President), Samuel Nunn are among his biggest fans and are in serious places of global power.  Joseph Biden was once quoted as saying he wished he could vote for Javier Solana as President of the United States.  Not too bad for the former Marxist Javier Solana who was best known in the 1980s for his harangue, "We are radically opposed to Spain's entry into NATO."  Not too bad, either, for one who sent Spanish warships against Canada in 1995, only to be supported by that country later that year as Secretary General of NATO.  Richard Lugar is a Republican senator from Indiana.  Sam Nunn was a ranking Democratic Senator from Georgia.  Joseph Biden is now Vice President of the USA.

One cannot help but impudently wonder what the "collateral damage" citizens of Belgrade in the former  Yugoslavia think of Dr. Solana winning all these awards for "Peace."  I rather suspect they are cynical, if not outright skeptical!

The IISS presentation is of special interest to me.  It (International Institute for Strategic Studies) was organized initially by Sir Kenneth Grubb (brother of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship founder Norman Grubb).  Other co-founders were Anthony Wass Buzzard and Denis Healy.  Norman Grubb in his turn also had the deepest of links to International Christian Leadership now known as the C Street Foundation.*  That organization, allegedly Christian was deeply influenced by Institute of Noetic Sciences co-Founder Paul N. Temple.  Although Jeff Sharlet accuses the institute of being radically Christian, something I dispute, another prominent C Street analyst, Wayne Madsen has emphasized their highly syncretistic approaches to world religions, if not outright occultism.  Madsen is not particularly sympathetic to Christianity, but in this case, he is telling it the way it is.

Javier Solana and Mary Kaldor of the London School of Economics
The march toward Global Government (oooops, Global Governance) is clearly accelerating and Javier Solana is clearly one of those in its forefront.  Although he was laying low, it looks as though he continues to "emerge."

Again, my acknowledgments to Rich of Medford for putting me on to some of Solana's latest activities.  It started with his alerting me to a recent article by Javier Solana and Mary Kaldor of the London School of Economics.  Read it REAL SLOW -- he is talking REAL BIG!

International Institute for Strategic Studies
founded by Norman Grubb's younger brother, Sir Kenneth Grubb,
Anthony Wass Buzzard, and Denis Healy (also of Bilderberg fame)
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Phoenix Rising: Guest article by our JD

EXTRA UPDATE:  Watch this dangerous precedent being set.  Now, think into the future when "the mark" to "buy or sell" is implemented.  Link to story by clicking here.


Part 1: Ashes to ashes

On November 3, 2010 the Federal Reserve Bank made perhaps the single most important announcement concerning monetary policy in the history of the United States of America. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Open Market Committee announced that the Fed would be embarking on a round of quantitative easing. In reality what the Fed was telling the populace was that they would be purchasing $600 billion of Treasury Bonds. In simpler terms yet, they agreed to purchase debt of the United States by pumping a extra $600 billion in freshly minted bills into the monetary supply, or, they agreed to monetize the debt.

Simple economics states that when you increase the amount of a currency in circulation without proper growth in whatever material backs said currency, you decrease it’s intrinsic value. In this case, they are trading debt, for a even bigger pile of debt plus interest. The public spin on this, is that with more currency in circulation, more would be available to be spent, thus stimulating the economy. What is not being discussed here in the U.S. is that with devaluation of the currency comes inflation, given the $600 billion tag attached, I would suggest Hyperinflation. I would even suggest that this was the real intent of Bernanke and the gentlemen from Jekyll Island, more on this in a moment.

Some may remember that post the spring meeting of the G-20, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was the focus of attention with statements like "U.S. consumers are going to be less of a source of demand for the world in the future". Most assumed this statement was about the economic downturn and dismissed it as nothing more. The problem is the statement is about a future world, presumably post recession. So if the statement can not be taken into the context of the recession, what could Geithner have been referring to? Keeping in mind that this G-20 meeting was held among finance ministers who had, or would, call for replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Such suggestions came from ministers of nations such as RussiaChinaBrazilGermany, as well as officials from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This came as a United Nations: Trade and Development Report argued the dollars replacement. Could THIS possibly be what Geithner was referencing? If so, what might a move away from the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency look like? How might such a move be made against arguably one of the strongest monetary markets on the planet? If you answered, by devaluing the currency, you can now see the level of importance of the Fed’s announcement regarding quantitative easing.

To further examine this possibility, we should take a look at global reaction to the decision by Bernanke and crew. Brazil, China, and European finance ministers have openly condemned the action with little logic employed in their explanations, despite their desire to see the dollar go the way of the dinosaur.   The dollar is sinking like a stone, while other markets are gaining ground. Once again the calls have begun for a new global reserve currency. In addition to the chorus already mentioned, the G-20 added the topic to their discussions for the recent meeting. While reports on this meeting show no clear consensus on the global reserve currency, reforms to the IMF were agreed upon that could essentially (pardon the pun) ‘pass the buck’ on this decision to the IMF, World Bank, and UN.

Notably silent in this debate has been the United States Treasury Department, or any member of the Executive Branch for that matter. What has come forward is a lot of double speak and misleading talk from Geithner concerning the dollar’s loss of value. Keep in mind this is the man who in October stated that the U.S. would not pursue a "deliberate policy of devaluing the dollar".

Given these developments, I saw it important to begin a companion series to my Traceability in a Sustainable World articles. While the previous series deals with identifying pieces of a emerging system and incremental advancement. This series will deal economic developments and unilateral advancement of the entire New Economic Order. The topics will be related, but separated by context of local versus global, or segmented versus wholistic. Continued thanks go to all who have supported and participated in the work that goes into these articles. As always comments and discussion on this material are greatly encouraged.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This video has it all:  Tony Blair, Rick Warren, Karen Armstrong in a 2008 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.   I watched it a couple of weeks ago and then couldn't locate it again for awhile.  Rick of Medford placed a link to it in our comments section which he called to my attention on a telephone call.  Thanks, Rich!

That Rick Warren's PEACE PLAN is not a Christian action plan, but one highly syncretistic is proved by this next video, EXHIBIT B:

And, last but not least, the New Agers consider Rick Warren an important guru.  I know enough about that community that despite Richard Abanes' false protestations that Rick Warren is "anti-New Age," the New Agers would not feature him unless they were convinced on very good authority that he was "one of them."  Read all about it here and here:

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Other BIG Names on Global Governance: ANNE MARIE SLAUGHTER

Prominent academic, Anne Marie Slaughter is the author of A NEW WORLD ORDER, an important book in my library of what's happening in world government, oops, "Global Governance."  She is also one of the authors of the Brookings Institution latest book in its global governance rational series:  Rising States, Rising Institutions.   She is playing a much larger role as a key policy making assistant to Hillary Clinton these days.  She has critical inputs on Israel, the restructuring of the G-8 to G-10 and beyond, and so many other facets of what Barbara Marx Hubbard called in 1988, "end runs beyond national sovereignty."

She is running the Princeton project on "global security."  While political figures are getting the headlines, Anne Marie Slaughter appears to be one of those  now becoming increasingly visible in global governance circles literally writing the scripts.

She is influential with the Council on Foreign Relations where she is an elected board member.  She is the Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University as well as Co-Director of the Princeton Project.

Here she speaks on many of the rationales for global governance.

This is another on "citizen diplomacy."  The first mention I heard of "citizen diplomacy" was by Barbara Marx Hubbard in 1988 speaking of the Soviet-American Dialogue Project.

This is enough to make you aware and get you started.  My profound thanks to Rich of Medford who took me on an interactive "" tutorial on how to use video embedding!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Hidden Dangers of our Present Quarrel

Rich of Medford has assembled this valuable video resource for us.  You may watch it below.  This is both THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT and ALICE BAILEY in action.  The war is on "religious fundamentalism" pitting the fundamentalists of the world against each other and thereafter using the New World Religion Coalition (aka "Moderates") to wage war on "extremism."  It's not at all unusual to start with one segment and then move on to the others once the dangerous precedent has been set.  Hitler did this in World War II, using the Jews, but planning thereafter to go after all "Jewish based religions," i.e. Christianity.  I, for one, do not wish to play into their game plan!

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Posted this to comments, but think it needs to be mainstreamed here

To my readers:  We have had an ongoing discussion and even debate over Islam and other forms of religion which clearly deviate from the Christian gospel.  Despite drastic differences between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, we cannot afford to disregard the New Age battle plan which also correlates so very clearly with prophesied persecution of those who keep the Faith of Jesus and the Commands of God.  The prophecies may be found so very clearly set forth both in the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Revelation.

The New Age game plan is here set forth in Alice Bailey's THE RAYS AND THE INITIATIONS which may be read on line at this link:

"There are certain areas of evil in the world today through which these forces of darkness can reach humanity. What they are and where they are I do not intend to say. I would point out, however, that Palestine should no longer be called the Holy Land; its sacred places are only the passing relics of three dead and gone religions. The spirit has gone out of the old faiths and the true spiritual light is transferring itself into a new form which will manifest on earth eventually as the new world religion. To this form all that is true and right and good in the old forms will contribute, for the forces of right will withdraw that good, and incorporate it in the new form. Judaism is old, obsolete and separative and has no true message for the spiritually-minded which cannot be better given by the newer faiths; the Moslem faith has served its purpose and all true Moslems await the coming of the Imam Mahdi who will lead them to light and to spiritual victory; the Christian faith also has served its purpose; its Founder seeks to bring a new Gospel and a new message that will enlighten all men everywhere. Therefore, Jerusalem stands for nothing of importance today, except for that which has passed away and should pass away. The "Holy Land" is no longer holy, but is desecrated by selfish interests, and by a basically separative and conquering nation.

The task ahead of humanity is to close the door upon this worst and yet secondary evil and shut it in its own place. There is enough for humanity to do in transmuting planetary evil without undertaking to battle with that which the Masters Themselves can only keep at bay, but [755] cannot conquer. The handling of this type of evil and its dissipation, and therefore the release of our planet from its danger, is the destined task of Those Who work and live in "the center where the Will of God is known," at Shamballa; it is not the task of the Hierarchy or of humanity. Remember this, but remember also that what man has loosed he can aid to imprison; this he can do by fostering right human relations, by spreading the news of the approach of the spiritual Hierarchy, and by preparing for the reappearance of the Christ. Forget not also, the Christ is a Member of the Great Council at Shamballa and brings the highest spiritual energy with Him. Humanity can also cease treading the path to the "door where evil dwells" and can remove itself and seek the Path which leads to light and to the Door of Initiation."

I for one hope to avoid playing into this New Age game plan of pitting all monotheists violently against each other so that they Aryan, blue-eyed pagans can be the Phoenix to arise from our ashes. Eventually it will happen. It is prophesied. But I have no desire to help it along. Jesus said, IT IS INEVITABLE BUT THAT EVIL COME, BUT WOE TO HIM THROUGH WHOM IT COMES."

I deeply respect OMOTS and his opinions, but I believe this time he has not seen this aspect of the New Age picture and how close he and others who are like minded are coming to acting out that portion of THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT -- pitting "Old Ager" against "Old Ager." I further suspect the agent saboteur (whom I strongly suspect to be Rick Abanes acting on behalf of Rick Warren) has to have deep connections with what he purports to battle here inasmuch as John Esposito is closely connected to the very people Rick Warren works so closely with at the World Economic Forum as well as the ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATIONS.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010


false dawn
a transient light that precedes the rising of the sun by about an hour.
• figurative a promising sign that comes to nothing.