Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Another shameless lie from Donald Trump -- "I haven't read MEIN KAMPF"

 As a long time amateur historian on World War II, anti-Semitism, Nazism, and Hitler, I have long been sensitized to Hitler's pronouncements about Jews poisoning the bloodstream of the German people.  Now Donald Trump has made several of his recent Trump rallies listen to similar statements about first Mexicans and now all immigrants from all over the world as "verming", poisoning our bloodstream.

Now is Trump lying now about his alleged lack of familiarity with Hitler's Mein Kamp? Or was he lying to reporter Marie Brenner in a 1990 article she wrote about Donald and Ivana Trump that included reactions to his wife Ivana's claims tht he kept a copy of MY NEW ORDER by Adolf Hitler by his  bedside.  Trump reacted to that by saying that the book was not MY NEW ORDER but instead MEIN KAMPF and was a gift to him by a "Jewish friend" named "Marty Davis", a Paramount films executive.  Marie Brenner followed up with Marty Davis who told her:  

    1.  The book I gave him was MY NEW ORDER, a collection of Hitler speeches;

    2,  "I am not Jewish."

Exact 1990 Vanity Fair quote is below:

My educated guess based on Trump's statements and recent policy statements about "obliterating" all opposition including RINO's, "fake press," "deep state (all federal civil service employees), Prosecutors and other accusers of him, General Milley, etc., etc., is that Trump most likely CLOSELY READ both MY NEW ORDER and MEIN KAMPF.  I believe that he has closely studied histories of Fascist and Nazi leaders, analyzing their mistakes.  It appears to me that his statement denying knowledge of MEIN KAMPF is still another lie.

How long until a re-elected and empowered Trump decides that Evangelical Christians who might belatedly catch on to him are "vermin" and "poisoning our bloodstream."  I fear, given recent polls, that this is a distinct possibility.  I hope I'm wrong, but I fear I'm right.

Below is one of the many comments in MEIN KAMPF about "poisoning bloodstream.

I am still working on my review of Mark Satin's new book UP FROM SOCIALISM.  If you want to read it soondf for yourself -- it is an interesting history of important segments of the New Age Movement from 1980s through present, it is available from Amazon.

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Sunday, December 10, 2023

It looks like Trump might be returning to Presidency until and unless Evangelicals and "patriots" come to their senses -- I am terrified!

By now, unless one has completely ignored Donald Trump's plain language in his many rally speeches, it should be clear that Trump's aims are to install an autocracy -- one nation, solely under him.  Perhaps also with the help of his friends, one world under him.   Joseph Biden, of whom I am no fan, looks determined to stay in the Presidential race.  The concerns about Biden's age and health are not going  away.  If the race were between only Trump and Biden, I will tell you now and you might get angry -- I will vote for Biden over Trump, for one major reason.  Biden does not appear to have dictatorial aspirations.  Trump very clearly does.  He will after being elected -- indictments and all -- turn on Christians, just as he has turned against anybody else ever raising an eyebrow against him.  The world is so very "lucky" to have had two perfect men in its history:

    1.  Jesus Christ.

    2.  Donald John Trump

Why Donald J. Trump?  Because he claims he has never needed to go to God for forgiveness.  There are many places you can view him making such claims on the  Youtube channel on the Internet.  One is below

Frankly speaking, given what I have seen from large media reports recently, I would speculate that perhaps Pope Francis might  be a "False Prophet" and Donald John Trump, THE ANTICHRIST.  Pope Francis has recently removed two important Church officials for their opposition to his very relaxed church standards against LGBTQ.  Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas and Rome based Cardinal Burke.  If Trump comes back and implements his oft stated agenda of "totally obliterating" his enemies, and is not the biblically prophesied antichrist, he will certainly give a jolly good excuse for the real Antichrist to take over.  Regarding Trump's claims to punish "fake news", his advisor Kash Patel recently said.

Trump appears to be more emboldened all the time.  We have been warned by former Trump top staffers (e.g. General Kelly) that Trump has expressed admiration for Hitler.  Trump's recent speeches comparing his opposition to vermin infesting American flood was hardly original with him -- Hitler and his Nazi troupe expressed this.

Youtube channeler, Brother Paul, has produced some compelling videos about Donald Trump and his belief that Trump may well be the antichrist, as in THE ANTICHRIST.  Trump has turned, usually  viciously, against any and all raising eyebrows against him -- whether Democrat, Libertarian and/or Republican ("RINO's").  Rupert Murdoch kept Trump going on Fox News for the past several years.  Trump has recently came out against him, calling him "a Globalist" in the worst sense of that word.        

I have saved, catalogued, and indexed hundreds of  videos I have pulled down with help of REAL DOWNLOAD to my computer and backed up same.  For now, I have the reports and videos about Trump and others as "antichrist" filed as "Antichrist theories."

There is too much going on with Donald Trump and his cult-like Evangelical/MAGA following to ignore.  I strongly suspect he is coming back for a second term.  I also strongly suspect that when does, he will not be OUR FRIEND.

I know there are many Trump loyalists hanging out on this blogspot.  I sincerely hope I am wrong and that the day will not come when I have to say "I TOLD YOU SO."'      

I will soon have an extremely interesting book review up here for you shortly.  It is by author Mark Satin who was the 1980's author of NEW AGE POLITICS. His new book which I recently completed reading on my Kindle is UP FROM SOCIALISM.  There are many fascinating and candid reports inside its covers by Mr. Satin (I also have the paperback edition) on dynamics and divisions in the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, some of which extremely disillusioned Mr. Satin himself.  There is fascinating coverage of the Eco-Fascist movement, for example.

Stay tuned!