Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sleepless in Michigan -- I wonder what Herb Peters would say about this: "Damascus shall be a heap . . ."

Prophetic incitement?

I'm sleepless in Michigan this early Sunday monring.  This is yet another one of those many days when I'm missing being able to pick up the phone and chat at length with Herb Peters (1947-1967) about our respective prophecy interpretation perspectives.   Here was Herb's take on Isaiah 17:1-3 back in 2004:

Sep 3, 2004 ... Bye Bye Damascus? — What Herb Thinks. It's a mistake to make Israel too mad. And, I think Syria may have made that mistake. What caught ...

Well, it now appears that Syria may have made many countries very angry.  Interestingly, also, is that Syria helped defeat a pro-population control initiative in Rio de Janeiro at the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit.  Dorothy Margraf sent me links to that interesting story the other day. Author Lee Penn and I had an interesting discussion about same on my internet radio program, MY PERSPECTIVE.

If Syria was on the side of the angels for the anti-abortion forces, it has been on the other side as of late with Christian as well as Israel interests.   The Pope recently condemned Syrian violence.  However, the violence to the Christian communities has generally been coming from rebel forces.  In Syria, as was the case in Iraq, the pre-war government was more tolerant to the Christian communities than were the incoming rebel aspirants.  That has also been happening in Egypt.  Christians were expelled in a Syrian community by rebel forces, according to Vatican sources.

Now, we see serious news reports of a Turkish plane having been shot down by Syria over Syrian coastal waters.  To my estimation this is an action which may well entail an escalated reaction.

I have to wonder if the entire "Arab Spring" was not a hoped for Christian exodus.  At any rate, I think that the "Damascus shall be a heap" prophecy no longer looks so remote.

Disturbingly interesting.  As both Herb Peters and I often put it,



Friday, June 08, 2012

How much worse can things get? View this!

Denmark:  "Church bells to ring for gays and lesbians" [weddings]

This I just found.  How much worse can things get??!!  I repeat my recent editorial on the subject below:

Worse than Sodom and Gomorrah?!

It appears to me that here in the USA in this so-called "New Age," we may be as a nation even worse in our immorality than even Sodom and Gomorrah.   Ditto for Canada and far too many countries in Europe.

Abraham's cousin, Lot, lived there.  He "sat in the gate", meaning he was a JUDGE. 

His opposition and disapproval of the lifestyles around him was well known to the Sodomites. 

Well, they had their faults, but they had the good sense to put somebody as their judge who did not bless their lifestyles. 

These days in the USA and Canada, should you hold opinions of the immorality of the plainly Biblically condemned lifestyle of homosexuality, you have little chance of "sitting in the gate."

Moreover, our chief "sitter in the Gate," (President Obama) together with his Vice-President and Secretary of State (next in line for succession to the Presidency after the Vice-President) have applauded same sex marriage.

Our president has long since declared that he will not uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

 Like others who have been involved in politics, I have known people I suspected to be involved in a homosexual life style.  I will say this for them.  They did not flaunt it, they did not rub our noses in it, they did not put it "in our face."  In a word, they had an old fashioned virtue we call "discretion."

The scriptures plainly warned that a day would come when people would not even cover their sins.

The GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered) crowd not only wants our tolerance.  They want our blessings!  They want our innocent children to be given to them by Christian adoption agencies.  They want to confuse high school children who are still sorting through their personal insecurities and highly susceptible to suggestion with inferences that perhaps they are "gay"  and offer them "gay proms" and school sponsored clubs.  They can be in our faces about their revision of several thousand years of moral codes.  We must be silent about our disapproval of same or risk being labeled with that newly discovered "sin of all sins -- homophobia."

Sorry guys, sorry gals.  It was "ADAM AND EVE."  It was NOT "Adam and Steve."  Nor was it "Madame and Eve."

I never thought I would live long enough to see the public immorality spectacle we now witness.  With millions of abortions over the past 39 years (since Roe v Wade decision of the United States Supreme Court) and now a president who refuses to enforce the Congressionally enacted DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT, how much longer can it be until serious Judgment comes from on high on the United States of America?  Ditto for Canada which has threatened Catholic and Protestant clergy with legal sanctions for preaching long standing moral tenets?

Am I for bullying gays?  NO.  Am I for allowing "gays" to bully and intimidate us into abandoning our God given moral code?  DEFINITELY AND DEFIANTLY NOT!

Here I stand!

May God help us all!


Friday, June 01, 2012

A very important movie - THE GREATER GLORY

Trailer provided by Video Detective

I just came back from watching this movie on its first day of viewing in the USA.  It is about the Cristero War in Mexico, the response to the government ordered persecutions of Christians starting with Catholics.  The film is disturbing, but it understates the case.  It looked like it had a happy ending when US Ambassador Dwight Morrow "negotiated a peace" with the Mexican government that would insure religious freedom.  It ends with a proclamation that in 1929 the Church bells were able to ring again.  What really happened and you can read an excellent account of it in MEXICAN MARTYRDOM was that when Catholics resurfaced from underground and resumed public worship, they were identified and then the persecutions began again with even greater vigor.  Other inaccuracies included that the persecution started with Mexican President Calles.  In reality, it began with Obregon but was continued and enlarged under Calles.   Cardenas was not exactly the saint that Cameron Townsend and Wycliffe Bible Translators sometimes make him out to be.  He was in on the persecution too, albeit at more subtle but still dangerous levels.

THE GREATER GLORY movies probably a good pre-vision of what could well happen in the prophesied Great Tribulation.

Go see it!