Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Arcadia, California convention speech

Dear Friends:

I will be on the road this weekend, speaking to the United Republicans of California at their October 29th convention in Arcadia, California. My assigned topic is "THE EUROPEAN UNION; FOOTPRINT FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER." I usually speak extemporaneously, but I think it would be prudent to have my speech prepared in advance. I will probably find myself departing from that text, but as all will be on the record, I'm leaning towards having words carefully prepared in advance. It will be hectic as I am in Court Thursday afternoon and first thing Monday morning, I am before the Honorable James Alexander in Oakland County Circuit Court --that is Oakland County, Michigan in the Detroit metropolitan area. "No rest for the wicked!"

Please keep me in your prayers. I believe this is an important opportunity to give wider circulation to the issues I have been discussing here, on my internet radio program,

Oh, and one more thing. Brian Davis will be guest hosting my radio program this Saturday, October 29th. If you aren't near Arcadia, California, where you are welcome to come and meet me in person, tune in to My Perspective. Brian will be guest hosting a popular talk show host from WMUZ radio in Detroit. I did a radio program on that station for 13 years. Next week, when I'm back, Lee Penn will join us to talk about his book, FALSE DAWN, United Religions and the Alliance of Civilizations.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Michael Voris

One of the most boring and disturbing movies I ever partially slept through was the DaVinci Code. It was based on Dan Brown's novel by that name. It was an old theory to me as during the 1980's when I was researching and lecturing on the New Age Movement, there was an identical theme making the rounds by fiction writers posing as "research writers" called Baigent & Laurence, if I remember correctly. They wrote a book, HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL. They took an unlikely supposition and built assumption upon assumption on it. Here's how the "logic" ran as I recall it from the 1980s:

1. Jewish men in their 30's were usually married.
2. Why wasn't Jesus married? (Never mind that his parents clearly knew his mission -- so did he!)
3. The wedding at Cana must have been Jesus' own -- otherwise, why would his mother care about the wine? (What a break for the bride's parents!)
4. Jesus and his disciples arranged for his death to be faked and he recovered and ran off to southern France with his "bride," Mary Magdalene and raised children who have had their lineages carefully preserved in a cult ready to emerge with true royal blood for the "New Age."

We sort of laughed the theory to death in the 1980s and then it re-emerged with a vengeance with the Dan Brown novel and subsequent movie.

I originally scheduled another distinguished guest for Saturday, but because of Yom Kippor, he had to reschedule. Michael Voris, a popular television/media personality from my neck of the woods is an expert on the DaVinci Code and its errors and as most of you know, I am no slouch on it myself.

Today from 2 to 4 Eastern time, 1 to 3, Central Time, 12 to 2 Mountain Tme, and 11 to 1 Pacific time should be a fascinating discussion. Please join us at

Also, I will be a Sunday night guest on John W. Spring's SOUND=OFF, also on Join us for that!

Stay tuned!

Monday, September 17, 2007



Aubrey Meyer, the claimed founder of the Contraction & Convergence Movement spoke at the Findhorn Eco-Village Yesterday!

Also, before reading my article about "Contraction & Convergence" below, you may read about this seemingly mysterious subject with more understanding, if you first watch a short but powerful You-Tube Video "Environ-Mentalism." That powerful presentation will give you a perspective and overview. I think it will help you read and digest it with much more understanding. I discovered it for myself on September 18, 2007) You may watch it by clicking here. Or if you need it, I have created a "tinyurl" link:



A radical New Age game plan, said to be able to simultaneously cure global warming and world economic disparity woes has gained major backing from key world leaders. Most recently Germany's Angela Merkel led a successful floor fight at a recent climate change conference to win its acceptance. Former British viola player Aubrey Meyer is given credit for its 1995 origins. The plan has clear potential to unify most of its own seemingly disparate elements. It would also neatly tie together various otherwise unmanageable radical factions including USA anti-government types; anti-globalists; Davos World Economic Forum attendees, including but not limited to corporate CEO's; conservative Canadian Christians, New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian "Social Crediters;" Evangelical environmental movements; Matthew Fox type "Creation Centered" theologians; deep ecologists; "Earth First radicals, more moderate environmentalists, and even Communists.

If implemented as now planned it could impoverish, freeze, and starve many. It would radically change the lifestyles to the impoverishment of most! One refreshingly skeptical discussion of this growing usually Amen chorus campaign says it well: "Let's hope that it doesn't come down to needing to buy a carbon permit each time you want to barbecue a steak."

That plan is known as "C&C." That is short for an eerie phrase "Contraction and Convergence." What is to contract 40% to 60% is global use of energy. What is to converge are the resources flowing from developed countries to lesser developed ones. A stagnant or reduced population is assumed. Proponents also headline it as "A Global Framework that Sets a New Economic Agenda."

Most likely, it is one and the same as what Javier Solana referred to as a necessary "new bargain for the environment" in his March 21, 2007 global governance speech at the Brookings Institution. Similar plans are claimed by C&C proponents to have been supported bi-partisanly by United States Senators Byrd and Hagel. At least Senator Chuck Hagel (who recently announced his Senate retirement) is the closest of allies with Javier Solana who made a special trip to Washington in 2003 to award Senator Hagel the Translatlantic Leadership Award. In past years, another close Senate Solana ally, Richard Lugar of Indiana, also won that coveted prize.

Its propaganda has been since 1990 pre-planned and unrelenting. The "C&C" crisis = opportunity is being passed to mainstream media and corporate executives needing "positive images" as gospel along among environmentalists, "sustainable development advocates"; Earth as "goddess Gaia"; Socially Responsible Investors; New Age planners, old fashioned conservationists; and "amen to we must fight global warming" type politicians. It is now benefiting from its pre-planned and executed 15 year unceasing propaganda campaign of claimed "global warming." It has a planned redistribution of wealth that might have made Lenin blush. [See DVD "Liberty or Sustainable Development?]

Above and beyond all that New Age backing which includes what Findhorn chronicler Paul Hawken braggingly recently billed as "the Movement that Nobody Saw Coming," it claims to have the most support for any climate change claimed cure out there, including but not limited to the bad enough Kyoto proposal. In fact, one major recent meeting for global proponents of the radical environmental change movement met at Scotland based New Age Mecca, Findhorn.
Its draconian implications might well have made Stalin in his most ruthless moments smile.
One important meeting, under the auspices of the UN itself, discussing speeding up and implementation of its far reaching draconian proposals has recently taken place at Findhorn. Many have taken at face value the claims made of an alleged "global warming crisis." They lack, as did I, knowledge of the incredible 15 full year propaganda campaign for "Contraction and Convergence." This campaign was launched at the same time as Agenda 21 – in 1992. The pogrom , oops, Program, as implemented would do little to change the climate. It support is now legion, but they have operated relatively low key under the name of "Global Commons Institute." Whether they like it or not, climate is ultimately controlled by the same God many seeking these changes cheerfully deny.

One typical list of some of its academic and otherwise prominent endorsers are names well known to me from my 26 year study of the New Age Movement and its personalities such as Fritjof Capra, Jeremy Rifkin, Rev. Thomas Berry; Rev. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton; Kirkpatrick Sale, and many others.

C&C clearly has the potential to change the economic climate to one of shared hardship for all. It's climate changing potential is at best dubious and untested. Further, implementation of its complex "contraction and convergence" formula, reduced already to mathematical formulae, would undoubtedly require a global snooping system second to none for implementation. It would in effect change the world monetary system from a gold standard to what appear to be a rationed chits for CO2 standard. Verichip's "Digital Angel (or whatever they are calling it this week) as well as Javier Solana's European Space Agency's "Project Galileo" would certainly come in handy for its administration. I'll bet more than one of their number has thought that an implanted microchip tracking system would discourage cheating. In fact, the EU has long since released a complimentary CD upon request of just that sort of tracking potentials of boats, automobiles, and "even somebody out on a walk." I have viewed it many times.

C&C briefing papers claim that only their system comes close to meeting the requirements President George W. Bush says he wants for "stabilizing concentrations in the atmosphere." Global Commons Initiative, the organization led by Aubrey Meyer claims that their system complies with all six of the pre-requisite features demanded by George W. Bush at a Gothenburg EU summit this past June. "

Quoting from an online pamphlet, one that I advise you archive VERY QUICKLY as they tend to remove links as soon as they think we are intelligently reading same,

Climate Change has been the subject of a series of high-level international
meetings, starting with the Kyoto conference in 1997. Agreement in principle was
reached to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050. But by 2004 the required number of countries—representing 55 per cent of total CO2 discharged into the atmosphere—had still not signed up, and therefore the Kyoto Treaty has still not been formally implemented. It is also becoming increasingly
apparent that Kyoto itself is only a faltering first step in the right direction. Far more radical targets will need to be implemented to prevent a world-wide climate disaster. The London-based Global Commons Institute has proposed a process of Contraction and Convergence, with equal per-capita allowances for greenhouse gas emissions for all the world's countries. This has gathered much international support, but implementation is being blocked . . ."

Well, thank God for the present blockage. Javier Solana says he wants "a new bargain for the environment." The Convergence and Contraction folk, including those of the "World Future Council," say they want "a new social contract." They are talking very similar talk and I fear they may be planning very shortly a common walk. George W. Bush is now rightfully concerned about his legacy as well as popularity. His recent statements on the Law of the Seas and global warming lead me to suspect that he may see global governance and environmental acquiescence as ways to salvage his name for history.

Of course, it is no surprise either that Al Gore has called for its passage and implementation.[1] Al Gore is now reportedly advising Great Britain on climate change issues. We know Al Gore talks with Javier Solana. Solana made a point of saying that in his Washington, D.C. global government mandate speech on March 21, 2007.

Further, Australians are urging their government to pressure international adoption of the Contraction and Convergence formula. Even less surprising is the European Union's support of it. My educated guess is that it is the European Union and its CFSP chief who are the prime movers on this issue.

My further guess is that the specifications and limits will be written up to the European Union's advantage. In the Year 2000, an English based "John Boyd Secretary" convincingly argued on line the parallels between the European Union's planned "peacekeeping" and Hitler's 1930 five year military buildup – first by stealth and then openly. Mr. Boyd then quoted Jacques Santer as saying that they needed to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the 'coming 21st century struggle for scarce global resources."

We have handled significant NATO powers and equipment to the EU while they have been building their own alleged "peacekeeping" forces. Javier Solana continues to press for consolidation of all 28 European Union countries' respective military and budgets. The alleged defunct Western European Union, a ten nation military federation has been used for military confab and planning purposes. While the fiction was maintained that the WEU was being shut down, the reality was that it was being "revived." At least, that is what Professor Jolyon Howorth said was happening in his books on NATO and the Western European Union.

The "Contraction and Convergence" timing was certainly interesting! It was 1996,[2] only one year after Javier Solana assumed his NATO command post and the Transatlantic chairmanship that the Contraction and Convergence proposals were submitted to the United Nations. Also of interest is that Al Gore has been reportedly hired to advise the British government on climate change! More interestingly still is that information source article's reporter: Aubrey Meyer, the former symphony viola section member, who is clearly the face and voice for C&C:

"Citing the US bill of rights, Al Gore stated during the recent Live Earth concerts: "We should demand that the US join an international [climate] treaty within the next two years that cuts global warming pollution by 90% in developed countries and by more than 50% worldwide in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy Earth." . .. At last, Gore says what is needed: contraction and convergence (C&C). This is the concept that came from the Global Commons Institute, based in the UK, which I set up in the early 1990s. It says that dangerous rates of climate change can be avoided only by countries agreeing to work together to safely limit the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and agreeing that emissions entitlements converge at a level that is equal, per
capita, for all countries under that limit.

Aubrey Meyer's dedication is clear. So is his genius. This is one favorably stated summary of his plans:

Meyer realized that, if humanity is to survive climate change, a very
different kind of international agreement will be required. Climate change threatens humanity as a whole, and so requires a species-level response. Meyer's proposal - "contraction and convergence" (C&C) - proceeds from the recognition that all countries must act together to set a limit on global greenhouse emissions. Once this limit is agreed (the contraction bit), they must decide how the remaining emissions are to be shared. Meyer's suggested basis for this is equity. Given that we are all created equal, why should poor countries accept a smaller share of the shrinking pie? And so, after a period of transition, all countries are allocated emissions entitlements based on their populations convergence). . . . In practice, both the contraction cap on emissions and the convergence date to equity would be negotiable. World governments might, say, agree to limit global carbon-dioxide concentrations to 450 parts per million - enough, it is hoped, to keep global warming below 2 C - with convergence by 2030. This would give a less developed country such as Bangladesh a large wad of unused emissions, which it could sell for cash on world markets. Countries such as Australia, meanwhile, would have to buy spare emissions credits in order to keep on using a disproportionate amount of fossil fuel. The result would be large financial flows from rich to poor, giving developing countries the resources to participate in the clean energy revolution. . . .
In contrast, Kyoto avoids the question . . . "

History is repeating itself. This is not the first emergence of this type of economic scheme. The same doctrine emerged full throttle in the pre-Hitler days. Many theosophists were taken with a political system that would entail a complicated bookkeeping "cashless society." It was known as "Social Credit." A colloquial seeming misspelling was used to identify its partisans: "Social Coediters." In fact, one book currently promoted by the C&C crowd has a chapter, "Planet Earth Money Martyred: Social Credit and Monetary Reform. That book, Babylon and Beyond: the economics of anti-capitalist, anti-globalist and radical green movements is by Derek Wall the "Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales."

C&C is paralleling what was transpiring in the 1920s when Social Credit was introduced by Scottish engineer Major C. H. Douglas. The world was then being both physically and psychologically prepared to receive a new "messiah." That claimed new Theosophical messiah was in the person of one Jiddhu Krishnamurti. The concepts of this movement quickly spread. American ex-patriate poet Ezra Pound, a Theosophist who once lived with William Butler Yeats, was a strong proponent of both Social Credit and Theosophy. Pound later became notorious as a Nazi-Fascist sympathizer. He made an expensive propaganda trip to the USA, accepting an award from his alma mater. Then, as now, there must have been snickering in occult circles as their economic notions, so very strongly paralleling the warned against systems of Revelation 13 were accepted as "Christian." The advantage we have that they lacked is the same one that Marilyn Ferguson bragged made their movement unstoppable: "modern communications have encircled the world beyond any possibility of retreat."

Perhaps their delusion that only their new age "initiation" would enable them to use modern communications is one reason why many of their number are now seeking a new, less egalitarian internet. I wrote of this project in my April 18, 2007 NewsWithViews article. You may read that by clicking here.

Strangely, social credit is widely accepted in portions of Canada today by people who otherwise consider themselves in large part both traditionalist Catholic and conservative Christian. The concepts spread through England as the "Kindred kibbo Kith," and then went into Canada. Social Credit too sought a global cashless society where universal credits would be given and wealth would be redistributed. It had clearly occult origins, but many, especially in depression era times saw it as a solution. Often they promoted it as "Christian."

This is where a most interesting configuration of the New Age and the anti-government movements may also be "harmonically converging." The same John White who wrote the "Special Introduction" to the 1979 Directory for a New World: Thirteenth Annual Edition" writes prolifically for anti-government, pro-militia movements. This is Leland Stewart's organization, "The International Cooperation Council." In that directory, John White was described as "an author, editor, teacher and lecturer engaged in the exploration of consciousness . . . John is a longtime friend of ICC . . ." Creepily, this Theosophist who like another Theosophist who successfully mined anti-government segments of the anti-IRS, anti-government movement, virulent Jew baiter Eustace Mullins. Mullins and John White have beat war drums for the militia movements of "abolish the IRS."

What is coming to "harmonically converge" in the "Contraction and Convergence" is a plan that will bring the old "Social Crediters", the environmentalists, global concert rock banders, third and fourth world countries, people of poverty. Now that Al Gore is on line many of the other masses "will swing into step" as well.

For sure, the Contraction and Convergence Movement has enjoyed obvious financing and powerful support. One abrasively militant but powerful voice backing it has been George Monbiot who has not hesitated to ridicule traditional long held Christian beliefs while simultaneously calling for revolution to implement his own.

The same Paul Hawken who wrote "The Magic of Findhorn," has bragged about "The Movement that Nobody Saw Coming." You can watch it on line for yourself by clicking here.
I spent probably two years researching Ezra Pound and the Social Credit Movement. Together with another researcher, Richard Gilman, we contemplated writing a book in progress that for one reason or another never got finished: "The Ezra Pound Connection." In our reams of materials, now donatend to the University of Michigan and presently not at my fingertips are scholarly references that Hitler planned to make Social Credit his economic system for his post-war society. He went down to defeat, but Social Credit continued in other places. It was particularly popular in large sections of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Particularly in Canada, Social Credit was under the sponsorship of Canadian conservative Christians who had been evangelized for the concept. Hopefully most of these Christians knew nothing of either its Theosophical roots or its "cashless society" agenda. What they saw it as was a solution for depression era loss of homes and income.

Personally startling to me in view of my current research on the European Union and its foreign and military policy chief, Javier Solana is this passage from James Webb's "The Occult Establishment" about one of Social Credit's most prominent leaders, John Hargrave:

"At the same time Hargrave's messages to his following took on an increasingly
apocalyptic tone, in which his old fascination with symbols and mythology was
coupled to a new emphasis on the power of the sun. The supporters of Social
Credit became "Solar Men." They were to pronounce a prayer to the sun for the
success of their efforts. Hasrgrave denounced those who could not see 'the
Social Credit mechanism is founded on a SPIRITUAL BASIS."

That these movements are again creepily converging in a "Contraction and Convergence" with Gaian components is frightening enough. That the program is obviously backed by the leading global governance proponent with a name frighteningly similar to "Solar Men" is even stranger. "Solar Men" should give all great pause. In both past and present, wherever Social Credit has blossomed, so has anti-Semitism. It is a pulse point that those immune to other aspects of the New Age Movement are perhaps vulnerable to. It may well disarm those who perceive themselves immune to other New Age "Harmonic Convergences."

One web resource where these increasingly convergences are freely discussed are conference notes of Global Vision 2000. Social Credit is prominent in New Zealand, Canada, Australia. This will make the remarkably similar C&C selling easier. With the New Age emphasis on "think only positives," they are sure not to visualize anything sinister coming from it. They will sure not think that this global system which could enslave all in chilling poverty. If they are successful, their hoped for system will have a world wide cap on allowable energy use. It will obviously serve LARGER POPULATION. Increases in population will not yield increased national quotas. Given the convergence of a cap on allowable energy (which does not expand with expanding populations) combined with marketable rations of energy to every human being (as always, the rich will get richer and the poor will not only get poorer. If they do have money, what do they have it for – the energy their money is based on has been shipped to the more affluent nations.

I foresee a scenario where we are all poor with inadequate lighting, heating and/or air conditioning, it appears that if these "Social Creditors" cum "Contraction and Convergence" advocates get their way, we are in for a grim global time indeed. We will, indeed, under their scenario be lucky to have the energy to turn our computers on to access even their planned "New internet."

Presently it appears that the USA is facing at least a severe recession. The implementation of this program could turn it into a depression like none the world has ever seen! Sadly, the mortgage crisis may well make the proposed new economic system that goes with the planned energy cuts look like a solution of sorts to many families trapped in the "new economics" of this so-called "New Age."

Is it serious? You bet. With Angela Merkel, Al Gore, George Monbiot, the Findhorn Foundation, New Zealand, Australia, the European Union as well as has been recently reported, President George W. Bush's own energy consultant on board, it is critically serious! It could well be sold in other circles as a way to tear down the Federal Reserve Board and defeat the Bilderbergers. It would clearly take computer tracking and administration, a probable win-win for "Applied Digital Solutions" doing business as "Digital Angel" and "Xmark." The Green Parties and environmentalists love it.

It could well be that draconian solution of which Jeremy Rifkin bragged in his 1981 Bantam New Age Series book, Entropy:

"The radical change in world view required to make this transition will have to
be accomplished virtually overnight. There will be no time for polite debate,
subtle compromise, or momentary equivocation. To succeed will require a zealous
determination – a militancy . . . of herculean proportions."

Also, Rifkin's declaration of the economic system sound remarkably like both that biblically described as an end time scenario and what Aubrey Meyer today is evidently successfully calling forth:

"Without a fundamental redistribution of wealth, all talk of lowering energy
flow and heeding our planet's biological limits will result in nothing but the
rich locking the poor forever into their subservient status. . . ."

I'm not for polluting the water and burning the earth. Even less am I for grandiose ideas where scientists and politicians play God based on the unexamined agendas and ambitions of global warming alarmists. Oh, and by the way, earthquakes are increasing too. To what to they attribute those?

May the Lord help us all!


1, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.2, Tiempo Climate Newswatch, "Contraction and Convergence"3, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.4, Webb, James. THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT. LaSalle, Illinois: Open Court Publishing Company, 1976. Quoting page 124. Webb's footnote cites in turn a paper by Tom Driberg, "A Touch of the Sun." The entire chapter, "A Touch of Eden" is5, ENTROPY: A NEW WORLD VIEW by Jeremy Rifkin. It should be noted that this book was endorsed in its unpublished manuscript form by Pat Robertson. I discussed this at length in chapter 15 of my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION (1985). It is interesting that Pat Robertson endorsed both "non-coercive" taking of the implanted microchip as well as Jeremy Rifkin's book about a very forced New World Order! On August 3, 2006, the Associated Press, "Heat Wave Makes Pat Robertson a Global Warming Convert." Those who considered a switching of sides may not have had the opportunity to read my now out of print book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH (1985). I cited ample material in that plainly showing Pat Robertson's 1980 endorsement of Jeremy Rifkin's plainly stated environmental agenda!6, Ibid

1, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.2, Tiempo Climate Newswatch, "Contraction and Convergence"3, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.4, Webb, James. THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT. LaSalle, Illinois: Open Court Publishing Company, 1976. Quoting page 124. Webb's footnote cites in turn a paper by Tom Driberg, "A Touch of the Sun." The entire chapter, "A Touch of Eden" is5, ENTROPY: A NEW WORLD VIEW by Jeremy Rifkin. It should be noted that this book was endorsed in its unpublished manuscript form by Pat Robertson. I discussed this at length in chapter 15 of my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION (1985). It is interesting that Pat Robertson endorsed both "non-coercive" taking of the implanted microchip as well as Jeremy Rifkin's book about a very forced New World Order! On August 3, 2006, the Associated Press, "Heat Wave Makes Pat Robertson a Global Warming Convert." Those who considered a switching of sides may not have had the opportunity to read my now out of print book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH (1985). I cited ample material in that plainly showing Pat Robertson's 1980 endorsement of Jeremy Rifkin's plainly stated environmental agenda!6, Ibid

Sunday, September 16, 2007

More on Iranian spectre

This story about Bush Administration crafting plan to "take out Iran" before George W. Bush leaves office -- with the pushing of Vice President Cheney and reluctantant support of Condoleezza Rice who will go along if she has to, but according to this story would rather not was in British news today and up on Alex Jones' website. Again, I am not a pure Alex Jones' fan, but I wouldn't ignore a fire alarm just because a neighbor I was not particularly fond of sounded it.

I will have NEWSWITHVIEWS articles up on Monday and Tuesday this week. I have been scheduled to speak at the United Republicans of California convention on September 29th at Arcadia, California. They have asked me to speak to them about Javier Solana and the European Union. Needless to say, this is a breakthrough.

The NewswithViews articles are dealing with the hard pushed New Age Contraction and Convergence scheme to reduce global carbon emissions by 40 to 60 percent, repegging money to the carbon emissions allowable, and giving countries allowances for population pegged to the Year 2000 with no allowance made for increased populations thereafter. This is presumably so countries will not encourage population growth to gain bigger energy allowances.

It is based on dubious conclusions, but will have certain dastardly consequences. Mass starvation, freezing, riots, etc. would clearly be in the picture for this type of "New World Order."


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Very, very dangerous -- Excuse for EU to unite and come after USA?

USA to begin crafting Iran Bombing Plan?

Breaking News: Looks like Solana's NGO cheering section in the form of Worldwatch Institute is getting in on his power boosting act. Read about that here. It has now called for the EU to pressure the USA on climate change. Maybe we should have Lester Brown and his World Watch Institute register as the foreign agents they evidently are!

A frightening headline on a Fox news story ran yesterday. It indicated:

1. Germany's Angela Merkel says they will no longer support increased sanctions against Iran on the nuclear development issue.

2. Assumption in Washington is that this means they won't care if USA does something unilaterally to take that threat out.

3. Germany's economic relationship with Iran makes it unfeasible for them to support sanctions against that oil rich country.

Now, the reality, probabilities, and prophetic implications:

1. Germany's Angela Merkel could not be more closely allied with the EU's foreign and military policy chief, Javier Solana.

2. Europe is already bitter at the USA for the 2003 Iraq invasion. Also click here for more documentation.

3. European Union countries have been handing Solana the immense powers they have to EQUALIZE themselves with the USA.

4. A prophesied God given role of whoever the prophesied "10 kings" handed their power to was to equalize themselves with another power "and thus fulfill the words of this prophecy." See Rev. 17.

5. If Germany can't afford to antagonize Iran with sanctions, how much less can it afford to antagonize Iran by tacitly sanctioning war?

6. Germany's agenda during its recently closed EU presidency was to boost Javier Solana's powers -- it made tremendous progress on crafting a treaty that would give him the powers he sought in the constitution. It has placed (with the help of EU allies inside England) Solana in a much stronger position than he was prior to that German presidency.

7. Javier Solana's Brookings Institution speech of March 21, 2007 said that global disarmament and non-proliferation were "imperative" to him. He also said it was "imperative" that the new global governance machinery be ready by 2009.

8. This new public hint that the USA is considering imprudent bombing operations against Iran might be exactly what Javier Solana needs to give European countries "the crisis that equals opportunity" rationale to put him over the top with the powers he needs to consolidate the 2 million scattered separate European country armies, their navies, their weaponry, etc. valued at over $200 billion USD per EU sources.

9. The NATO weaponry is sitting in Europe with more European control than USA control, thanks in no small part to Javier Solana's splitting of the commands between Brussels and Norfolk during his NATO tenure between 1995 and 1999.

10. There are clear Biblical prophecies about a great Babylon being destroyed by fire and the ships at sea bewailing her burning? Could that be the USA the prophets were seeing? "In one hour is thy destruction come?"

11. The threat of the USA bombing a necessary oil and economic resource for European countries such as Iran could very well give credence to the increasing demands that "Europe speak with one voice."

12. Very clearly, Javier Solana is and has been the "face and voice of Europe."

13. Never forget what created Javier Solana's job and what he proposed to increase his powers.

I am writing this in shock and on the fly. I must go to my office for an appointment. I will add hyperlinks to this story and amplify it later. We indeed live in serious times and I fear for my country. Stay tuned!

Constance E. Cumbey, Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This coming Saturday, I have invited former country singer and Christian apologetics specialist Dwayna Litz to discuss her concerns about "Evangelical Feminism." To her horror, she found they were

1) Using terminology of "Mother God"

2) Suggesting that Adam may have been androgynous (both male and female in one body)

3) Using popular apologetics ministries at a very prominent level to gain ground.

Should be a fascinating discussion. You can ask her about the country music field as well! I know there are country music fans listening, Joe McNeil included!

Speaking of "Harmonic Convergences," check this

The New Age Movement, Evangelicals, Catholics, Orthodox, Shinto, Buddhist, Hindu, Greenpeace, Sierra Club Unite in Greenland for Mother Earth

Looks like New World Religion Agenda to me from here! What do the rest of you think?

Read about it here:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trouble in Israel today along two military fronts

Here's another one I wish Herb Peters were around to gain his perspective. As I logged onto my email today, I received breaking news of big military trouble in Israel -- one along the Syrian border and the other of Palestinian rockets being launched from Gaza.

Here is a tiny url to read about it. Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Hidden Dangers of the Cashless Embedded Society

Taking “the Chip” causes cancer – Old news to believers!

Update: Already what I have predicted is sadly coming to pass. There are sophisticated attempts to minimize the importance of Katherine Albrecht's research and the Associated Press story. Here is a tinyurl so you may digest the historical revisionism now in progress:

Constance E. Cumbey, September 11, 2007

A article

In my June 27, 2007 article "The Cashless Embedded Society Advances," I wrote of the American Medical Society's qualified endorsement of human microchip and/or RFID implants. If you click on that article and pull up the links, you may read the AMA report for yourself. Clearly, there is big money pushing the implants. Also disturbing was that Pat Robertson presented one of his Regent University theologians, Professor Joseph Kickasola to reassure worried Christians that there were no theological risks in taking a computer chip implant “unless it was compulsory.”

Well, as the good book says, "Let God be true and every man a liar." There were clear scriptural warnings against taking "the mark of the beast," which obviously was a global control system for buying and selling. Black letter biblical language is:

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond,to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Rev. 13:16-18.

If you lack your own bible, here is an online place to look up this ancient prophecy.

Not surprisingly, the European Union is getting in on the medical microchip act. They are presently taking bids for a study of same. You may read about that by clicking here.

On October 13, 2004, the USA's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Verichip embedded microchip for human implantation. Maybe they should have investigated more thoroughly before rushing to judgment.

The Biblical warnings are clear that whoever partakes of a warned of system of receiving the mark in their forehead or hand enabling them to do business in this "New Age" is eternally doomed. There is another Revelation warning that we should take equally seriously. It is found in Revelation 16:1-2:

And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and [upon] them which worshipped his image.

Although I love using computers as much as anybody alive, maybe more than I should, I draw my line at this development. My opposition to the would be Verichipped society, complete for your convenience with delivery by the neighborhood "Chip Mobile," is both bellicose and belligerent.

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Well, the prevailing propaganda line of the "New World Order," oops, "global governance" folk is that we opposing such progressivism are dangerous reactionary "God's Warriors." I seem to recall reading lots of New Age books in my research of that movement over the past 25 years. They did not hesitate to call themselves "World Warriors." One prominent such example was Donald Keys/Norman Cousins 1982 book, EARTH AT OMEGA: PASSAGE TO PLANETIZATION. You may view at least excerpts from that book by clicking here. The "world warriors" part starts on page 92.

Well, it now turns out, surprise, surprise, that there is no advantage in taking such an implanted mark in the here as well as in the hereafter. The implanted microchip it turns out, is distinctly carcinogenic. Furthermore those working in the medical field, per today’s stories, have known of this for some time. Why did the Food and Drug Administration rush to endorse it? What pressures had been placed on their bureaucrats to okay it? This was done under the watch of the supposedly conservative Christian George W. Bush’s administration! Breaking news on the subject today carried, inter alia, an Associated Press article by Todd Lewan with much of this data.

In fact, there have been numerous warnings about that for some time. Todd Lewan's article said the information had been known in veterinary circles since the mid 1990's.

Spain during the time that Javier Solana held substantial governmental powers there was the first country to make pet microchipping mandatory. That happened in 1993. As I vividly recall the press coverage from then, a Dr. Andrew McDonald, a Scottish veterinarian was in charge of the computer chip implanting program. He explained to the media that it was part of a process that was first national, referring to Spain; then regional (referring to the European Union); and then global.

I decided to see what Dr. Andrew McDonald might be up to today. I googled him together with the term "Spain" and indeed did find a Dr. Andrew McDonald involved with an interestingly, even creepily named project: "Bioinformatics." Smelling a rat, I took a BIG internet surf and decided to see if there was a relationship between "bioinformatics" and "Verichip." I googled both terms together and here are the first few of 31,500 hits on “Bioinformatics” and “Verichip.”


Preparing Students for Their Future

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In the sphere of bioinformatics, the VeriChip is one of the fastest growing technologies available. The chip is a secure radio frequency identification ... - Similar pages

VeriChip Sells First Baby Protection System, in Talks with Military

But VeriChip also has a separate patient identification system, VeriMed, which is used .... Special Reports; Bioinformatics · Future of Health Care IT ...,1759,2008340,00.asp - 111k - Cached - Similar pages

Medical Bar Code Implant May Not Be Worth the Trouble Special Report: Bioinformatics. A record in the VeriChip database might not reflect that a patient filled a new prescription unless the patient ...,1759,1676725,00.asp - 109k - Cached - Similar pages

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eHealth News EU - Bioinformatics Grid Application for life science

The European Commission promotes the Bioinformatics Grid Application for life ... Ekahau and VeriChip collaborate on RFID security · Scotland completes ... - 43k - Cached - Similar pages

eHealth News EU - Call for Papers - BIOTECHNO 2008

Software environments for biocomputation, bioinformatics, and biomedical applications .... Ekahau and VeriChip collaborate on RFID security ... - 47k - Cached - Similar pages

[ More results from ]


Microsoft PowerPoint - Body Sensor Networks AD3.ppt

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Bioinformatics. Biocomputation. Biosensors. Biomaterials. Biomimetic ... The VeriChip for example is a miniaturized RFID chip about the size of a ... - Similar pages

Monthly Issue for 200509

... material sciences, engineering, bioinformatics and nanotechnology to find ... Overall, since the FDA clearance of VeriChip for medical applications, ... - 88k - Cached - Similar pages

Biotech Business Week (2007-01-29) NewsRx

Bioinformatics - Studies from Linkoping University in the area of bioinformatics .... Business Update - VeriChip reports hospital and physician 6-month ... - 391k - Cached - Similar pages

GDT::Blog::Biotech Trekker

Similar warnings have been around the internet for some time. Even earlier, in 1988, I spoke briefly at a brown bag lunch session at Dallas Seminary. Leaving, I was startled to pick up a Christian flyer for students and faculty alike. It suggested that all responsible pet owners should microchip their animals. I told my “now, now” hosts that this could well be a prelude to encouraged human acceptance of a future “mark of the beast.” I thought I was right then and I am even more convinced now.

If my attitude on the progressivism and progress of implanted microchips remain both belligerent and bellicose, so be it. I will conscientiously objector out on any forced biometrics and/or microchip implantation as long as possible. Then, if I need to leave the system to escape it, as I have often said, “I will boogey out.”

Take the chip? Not my cat, not my dog, not my children, nor my grandchildren, and most definitely NOT ME! Hopefully, not you either. As today’s news shows there is no advantage either in the here or the hereafter to crossing this Biblically forbidden line. If I am marginalized and ridiculed for this stand, so be it. Better to be marginalized than to develop painful sores that make me want to die but death will not come in the here and cause ineligibility for the promised afterlife thereafter.

If Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris disapprove, so be it. If they were all that smart, they wouldn’t be ridiculing God either! Are you scared? Maybe its time we all should be. For certain, the carcinogenic dangers of this will be downplayed. For certain, it will be a mark of “dangerous fundamentalism” that we refuse to accept such a convenience. It might even be a sorting out device for who is worthy and who is not to continue into this emerging “New Age.”

May the Lord help us all!

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Hardly a surprise, at least to my readers and those of is this new NEWSWEEK article. You may read it by clicking on the link below:

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The Hidden Dangers of Reiki
Tomorrow's (also on Satellite radio, per Joe) program features a Detroit area resident, "Vicky" who rose to "Master" status in Reiki . She subsequently had some extremely dark experiences that she relates directly to Reikki. She experienced deep anxiety attacks and feared that if she went to sleep, she would lose her soul. She had four consecutive sleepless nights. Her believer husband told her she "needed to get back to basics." In the shower, she cried out the only part of the Lord's Prayer she could remember, "Our Father who art in heaven . . ." She could remember no more. She then says she heard a clear voice say, "Reiki is of the devil." She immediately fled from it and was beautifully delivered from that oppression. She cleansed her home of all New Age traces and has been free of its seductive bondage for the past eight years. Tomorrow will be be an interesting two hours. Pray for Vicky, pray for me, and pray for this program and all caught in Reiki, Feldenkreis, and other "bodywork therapies" who are caught "body and soul" in the New Age deception phase of our times.
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Trouble between Syria and Israel

Herb Peters would speak to me frequently about the prophecy "Damascus shall be a heap." My response, as always was "time and events will tell" as to whether or not anything was a known prophetic fulfillment. I'm sure Herb Peters would have viewed today's news about Syria and Israel with some suspicion that this might play into the prophetic scenario. You may read the story by clicking here. If it disappears, do a news search, using the terms "Israel," "Syria," and "bombs."

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Jordan king wants greater EU role for Mideast peace
Web posted at: 9/3/2007 2:36:35
Source ::: AFP
AMMAN • Jordan's King Abdullah II called for the European Union to bridge differences between Israel and the Palestinians ahead of a US-sponsored peace conference in talks yesterday with visiting Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. "

The Hidden Dangers of Reiki

Next Saturday's program will feature a Detroit area resident, "Vicky" who rose to "Master" status in Reiki and then had some extremely dark experiences that made her fear that if she went to sleep, she would lose her soul. She had four sleepless nights. Her believer husband told her she "needed to get back to basics." In the shower, she cried out the only part of the Lord's Prayer she could remember, "Our Father who art in heaven . . ." She could remember no more. She then says she heard a clear voice say, "Reiki is of the devil." She departed from it and was beautifully delivered from that oppression. She cleansed her home of all New Age traces and has been free for the past eight years. Next Saturday should be an interesting two hours. Pray for Vicky, pray for me, and pray for this program and all caught in Reiki, Feldenkreis, and other "bodywork therapies" who are caught "body and soul" in the New Age deception phase of our times.