Sunday, March 30, 2008

Should harm be given equal respect with warnings against the harm?

The two pictures below are from the program immediately preceding my Friday broadcast on They are Nancy Lieder's sites. I cannot and will not dignify this by treating either of these blatantly New Age themes as "truth" although I will defend her right to say it -- I cannot treat it as "truth." It is not!

Those of you listening to MY PERSPECTIVE on THEMICROEFFECT.COM Friday probably could discern that I was extremely tired (coming down with an obvious cold combined with an extremely long day that started very early in the morning). They could also undoubtedly tell (not with the unhappy “whispers” sent me offline by Joe) by the ensuing pauses and two hour added show conversation that Joe and I had differences of opinion. Joe believes that equal time and respect should be given to UFO and New Age viewpoints. While I would fight for anybody’s right to express any opinion they wish as a principle of free speech in a free society, I do not believe that the opinions are entitled to equal respect, just as the New Agers obviously do not give Judeo/Christian beliefs respect.

Joe McNeil, who has done an awesome work of Herculean proportions in putting out there has several beautiful children. I respectfully pose this question to Joe: Would you want somebody to offer your children poison by labeling it as “candy” and have a caring protector’s views diminished by giving equal validity to the lie that the harmful substance was harmless?

I suspect not. Charlotte Iserbyt is my Tuesday guest and I am busy preparing for that important interview. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am three chapters into Heather Pringle THE MASTER PLAN: HIMMLER'S SCHOLARS AND THE HOLOCAUST. It is required reading! I will be doing a full article on it later this week, but you might want to check her out first. Charlotte Iserbyt will be my radio guest on MY PERSPECTIVE on April 1st at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (2 p.m. Pacific Time). I have had many requests for her perspective on "the dumbing down of America" and she has graciously consented to give it. Her website can be reached by clicking here. I have not yet contacted Ms. Pringle, but I very much suspect I want her as a not too distant future radio guest, should she be willing.

Thanks for staying patient and staying tuned!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sarkozy or no Sarkozy, its still Solana's BARCELONA PROCESS

NEW TO ME BUT UP THERE SINCE 2004 -- A "GRAND STRATEGY" ! AND EVEN MORE BLATANTLY AGAINST BELIEVING MONOTHEISTS IS THIS REPORT FROM CSIS. Another "grand strategy" -- headline is Moslems, but they clearly deal with endtime Christians within! Dealing with "root causes" means they have to shut down all "true believers" . . . except true believers in their own syncretistic nonsense!

Re Picture: . . . AND ON THE MILITARY FRONT, WITH CREDITS TO HOLLY AND ADAM OF FULFILLEDPROPHECY.COM FOR POINTING THIS OUT. THIS TRANSATLANTIC STRATEGY IS AN OLD ONE. Javier Solana is clearly in this picture. He was handed control of the Transatlantic Alliance back in 1995, immediately after he, an ex-Marxist, long on the USA's subversive list took over NATO!

From the March 15th, European Jewish Press regarding Sarkozy's MEDITERRANEAN UNION:

"The new organization will be called "Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean,” according to a EU presidency statement.

"The statement said that the EU leaders asked the European Commission to present it the necessary proposals for defining the modalities of the new union with a view to a launch summit to take place in Paris on July 13.

"Sarkozy’s original ambitious plan, nicknamed “Club Med,” was conceived a year ago during his presidential campaign as an exclusive club involving only the EU's Mediterranean countries and its neighbours but not the EU as a whole.

"The new plan is to replace the so-called “Barcelona process” launched 13 years ago in order to strengthen the EU’s relations with its southern neighbors but which many critics say has so far failed to deliver, mainly because of the lack of Israeli-Palestinian peace but also because of the Mediterranean governments' poor record in using the EU funds on offer. . ."

What's in a name? Maybe we should ask Sarkozy -- and Javier Solana!

Stay tuned!

Just In - Looks Like Javier Solana is planning on sticking around through 2013

Dear Readers:

This just in my google "Solana watch" box. It is from a Malta newspaper's website which you can read by clicking the following link:

"Joe Borg, the Maltese former politician who is the EU’s Commissioner for Fisheries, was said last week to have expressed his intention to resume his political career in Malta, following last week’s general election.

"The website Euractiv was quoting Commission officials.

"Mr Borg would not be the only commissioner to leave: Commission Vice President in charge of Justice, Freedom and Security Franco Frattini has announced that he will take a month’s leave from Brussels to run for a seat in Italy’s forthcoming general election, potentially taking a ministerial position if Silvio Berlusconi is elected.

"Frattini’s announcement came just a week after Cypriot Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou decided to relinquish his mandate with the EU executive to become foreign minister at home, after Cyprus elected a new president.

"Commission President José Manuel Barroso has already accepted Cypriot MP Androula Vassiliou as Kyprianou’s successor but she still requires the approval of the European Parliament.

"Moreover, Spanish Economics and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia might be forced to leave in 2009, when the Lisbon Treaty is due to come into force after being ratified in all 27 member states.

"The new treaty provides for the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, currently the Spaniard Javier Solana, to also become Vice-President of the Commission in charge of external relations. If Solana is to stay in office, Almunia will have to leave, since each member state is only entitled to one commissioner.
[emphasis added]

Well, it looks like the man whose job was created by Section 666 and requested expanded powers in 2000 with WEU (Western European Union) bill "Recommendation 666" isn't planning on leaving soon.

Stay tuned! Have a good Palm Sunday!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Condolences to our Atlanta readers for their tornado damages

Dear Friends:

If I am going to have any hope whatsoever of ever catching up, I will have to spend today, Saturday, at my office. I usually religiously try to avoid it on Saturdays. That is the day I usually try to forget I have ever been a lawyer and concentrate on home matters. Today, I will have to remember I am one and concentrate on client affairs.

So very much has happened in the past 24 hours. The Bear-Stearns Wall Street disaster which has led to panic in financial market took many off guard. Then last night with large crowds in town for a basketball tournament, tornado disaster struck. I have been a guest in Atlanta's Omni Hotel several times over the years, both in conjunction my respective careers as a lawyer and an author. It has been more than 20 years since I was last there, but I have fond memories of that region. My condolences to area residents and prayers for prompt, speedy, and inexpensive repairs.

As the USA is digging out of one its coldest winters in many years, Javier Solana is continuing to sound "global warming" sirens, hinting that his European armies may be needed to control same.

Much is happening. Stay tuned, both here and at the excellent blogspots I have referenced, including but not limited to "Farmer," "Rich of Medford," "51 Reasons to say No to Global Governance," and/or Carrie Tomko.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Javier Solana's New International Order for his New Age

"A key task for Europe for the next 50 years is therefore to protect and develop a system of strong institutions able to tackle the problems of a new age and to progressively build a rules-based international order. We will have to do so at a time when the world is moving to a system of continents. Hence, Europeans will only be able to project and protect their interests if they are united." Javier Solana
Dorothy Margraf will be able handling my program this afternoon, March 11, 2008. She is extremely well versed on the issues and I hope you will join us then at at 2 p.m. Pacific time, 5 p.m. Eastern USA time.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is Solana reaping hazards of Kosovo independence?

As Javier Solana has sown vis a vis Kosovo, so does he now seem to reap. As warned, numerous other apparently disaffected regions are now demanding independence. Javier Solana has made it plain that Kosovo was "unique." According to this Associated Press article:

"EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana reiterated that for the West, the Kosovo declaration was a unique situation, and was not precedent for South Ossetia or Abkhazia . . . 'The EU will not support such declarations and will continue to insist on finding a solution within the existing conflict resolution formats,' Solana was quoted as saying by the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta on Thursday . . ."

Well, what was unique about Kosovo?

Kosovo was the religious center of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The precedent set here is that it is ok to take somebody's religious center from them.

Jerusalem, Vatican City, Mecca, Salt Lake City take heed! The precedent has been set. Your turn, unfortunately, may not be all that far behind. Anti-clerical persons, such as Javier Solana, generally do not maintain sentimentality for the objects of one's religious affections.

Truly perilous times are upon us!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SO VERY ENCOURAGING! Chuck Norris critiques Oprah Winfrey

Dear Friends:

I am in court all day today and don't have a secretary today either to answer phones at the office. I will be there, God willing, later this afternoon. My friend, Dorothy Margraf, will be covering my radio program for me. Leanna will be her guest. When I get done, I may look in on the chatroom and even call in to ask them a question or two. Since she has been researching the New Age Movement and related developments with me since 1983, she is a rich source of information.

I AM SO VERY, VERY HAPPY to read Chuck Norris' delightful answer to Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart Tolle has spoken at Findhorn. Not only is his theology clearly erroneous, he eis just plain boring to watch. I have the DVD of his Findhorn presentation. I would have to be in an 'altered state to find it even remotely interesting. About the most practical use I can find for him is a cure for insomniacs!

Watching Eckhart Tolle, I was waiting for some little kid in the audience to jump up and exclaim, "BUT HE ISN'T WEARING ANYTHING!"

I am so very much encouraged by Chuck Norris' work. He will influence many for the right! I think you will like it too. I thank "Old man of the ski" for calling it to my online attention!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


To My readers:

UPDATE: March 2, 2008, this just in from London Financial Times: Guess who just got in on the "climate change" act. Three guesses and first two don't count: JAVIER SOLANA! And with his "European Security Strategy," this could well provide him with a rationale, particularly come 2010 and the achievement of the "European Headline Goals" of combined European militarization with a dandy excuse to march elsewhere with his EU army on the planet! Stay tuned!

Earlier to the above paragraph, I added the following for the comments section, but think it deserves to be with my main story. Consider it a misplaced appendix: l. Al Gore won three (3) BIG prizes last year (2007):
1. The Oscar
2. The Emmy
3. The Nobel Peace Prize

I will concede he richly deserved the first prizes.Very well ACTED, Al Gore! Er, was it "a convenient lie" or are present icy conditions for you, "An inconvenient truth"?


Driving to my office the other day on still another late February “winter survival day” in the midst of what has been a long, harsh winter I heard the news. The snow pack on North America was greater at any time than it had been since 1966. All the Arctic ice we had heard dire reports of its melting with New York City about to be subsequently flooded had refrozen – thicker than ever.

I heard much neighborhood mumbling: “We liked it so much better back when we were having global warming.” Others were heard to say, “listening to Al Gore, here I thought I’d never have to shovel snow again . . .” (Expletives deleted!)

When I arrived at my office, I found this purported news clipping to waiting on my fax machine. I can’t presently testify to its veracity, but it looked authentic. I’ll let you read it for yourself. I don’t know if it's real or from a spoof organization calling itself “Tongue in Cheek Productions, LLC.” Here goes:

“Friday, February 29, 2008
New York.

“Speaking for a consortium of climate scientists working on behalf of the UN, EU, NGO’s, Greenpeace, Earth First, Sierra, Club, Club of Rome, and others, a UN Spokesperson read the following statement:

‘Global climate control planners met today at the UN to examine their assumptions. Acknowledging a slight error in some of the data underlying the global warming projection model, they said:

‘We have discovered a slight error in our underlying model and have recalculated. It now appears that instead of a period of ‘global warming,’ we are, instead, in for what appears to be global cooling.

‘However, the same corrective global governance measures designed to end global warming suffice equally well against global cooling.

‘We pledge to end global cooling as fast and as efficiently as we ended global warming,” the UN spokesman ended.

“All further questions from press representatives were declined.”

Well, don’t know if it is true or not, but the snow cover starting to resemble permafrost here on our southern Michigan landscape leads me to somehow suspect it is! I certainly wish these well intentioned climate planners the same early success in ending global cooling as they have obviously enjoyed with ending global warming.

I walked downstairs in my personal library and re-examined my early New Age research items. I have so many late 1970s and early 1980s books from the Club of Rome and Friends of the Earth types saying if we didn’t do exactly as they said, we were in for a “New Ice Age.” A few mild winters later, if we didn’t do exactly as they said, it was instead “global warming.” I found items from Al Gore explaining cold winters early in his global warming alarmist career blaming volcano explosions. That 1991 one, as I recall, was Mt. Pinatubo.

I suspect there will always be climate fluctuations. I suspect there will always be volcanoes erupting one place or another.

I suspect there will always be people seeking to control other people. There will also be those willing to exploit fears of people. And they will use the weather as one excuse, or is it “central organizing principle” as has been the case with global warming propagandists.and their “scientific” amen choruses.

Frankly, I too liked it much better back when we were having “global warming.” If that makes me an eco-heretic, so be it!