Thursday, December 16, 2010


Javier Solana, the USA, and just about everybody else took the side of Albania and its Kosovo Liberation Army back in 1999 when Javier Solana was given sole powers to determine if and when bombs were to land on Belgrade and the rest of what used to be known as "Yugoslavia" and thereafter came in substantial part to be cynically known as "Solania."  Undoubtedly, there were horrible atrocities on both sides.  However, as my video presentation, Javier Solana:  Mystery Man of the New World Order," evidenced, Kosovo was an obvious and dangerous precedent for very similar pressures being put on Israel vis a vis Jerusalem.  The Serbs said they were defending themselves from dangerous Albanians.  The Israelis said they were defending themselves against Palestinian vows to exterminate Israel and drive its Jewish occupants into the sea.

Well, for all the spirited defense of the Kosovo Liberation Army, damning evidence now appears to be coming out in the wash.  Perhaps it is a convenient release just in time to strengthen the International Criminal Court and put pressure on the USA to join up, I don't know.  Maybe it is just one more justification for a rationale that "nothing will work but world government," oooops, "global governance."

Well, at any rate, the body the Kosovo Christians were thrown to, the primarily Albanian anti-Serbian Orthodox leadership, in addition to burning churches under the somewhat less than vigilant eyes of the United Nations, NATO, and EU occupying troops, it now turns out may well have been engaged in human body trafficking from impoverished and imprisoned Serbs.  Quoting from the article:

PARIS — A two-year international inquiry has accused the prime minister of Kosovo of leading a clan of criminal entrepreneurs who presided over an organ-trafficking network that extracted kidneys from Serbian prisoners executed during the Kosovo conflict in 1999.
The report, prepared for the Council of Europe, names the prime minister, Hashim Thaci, the former political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA. It accuses him of leading the Drenica Group, an organized crime network that flourished in Kosovo and Albania after the war and exerted control over the heroin and narcotics trade and six secret detention centers for a black market in human kidneys.
After the report became public, Kosovo officials called it slanderous and an effort to harm Thaci, 42, whose party this month won the first election there since it declared independence from Serbia.
After fighting ended in Kosovo in June 1999, a network was established that tied into “a broader, more complex organized criminal conspiracy’’ that operated in three other countries and endured for more than a decade, according to the report. The document was prepared by Dick Marty, a Swiss politician who led the investigation and has previously looked into allegations that the CIA abducted and imprisoned terrorism suspects in Europe.
The Kosovar network faced new scrutiny this week with the start of a trial in Pristina, the capital, to prosecute seven men, including a former senior Health Ministry official. They are accused of recruiting 20 people from impoverished nations with promises of payments for their kidneys, which were sold to recipients for $110,000 to $137,000.
The Council of Europe, separate from the European Union, includes 47 member states and is responsible for the European Court of Human Rights.
Read the rest of the article by clicking here:

One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of World War II was that Hitler failed to reduce the Balkans before taking on the USA and Russia.  It is increasingly apparent to me that the Balkans are long sinced reduced just as the USA is being increasingly challenged by the global governance crowd of which Javier Solana is a core leader.

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Anonymous said...

Dear constance,
I was born in wayne county general hospital in michigan some 47 years ago, to a catholic mother and a lutheran father, i have 11 siblings so yes I am from a big family but it is not called LEGION, I ran away from home at age 17, and met my now husband, we have 4 children, we are poor and own only the junker vehicles and clothes on our backs, I have gastro intestinal illness and now have to go to the free clinic to get treatment because I was tossed from the Wisconsin Badger Care program regardless of my long standing disorder, I AM ON A PUREE DIET NOW, and believe I have not long for this world.

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I am smart and do remember things, like the last time you went off and claimed someone sabotaged your car, only to discover it was the serpentine belt, I called you out on that one too.

I pray your social network of new agers whom believe themselves to be saved, actually get saved, and do not come to wisconsin to harass and hound me to death, or persecute my children, so no I shall not give you a name.

Anonymous said...

Now about your Ebaums World question...

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Constance Cumbey said...

As I said, you sound like a dangerous stalker who knows little or nothing of my personal background which I am not about to reveal to you. As far as "hysterical tantrums," coming from you, it sounds like PROJECTION. Both my husband and I drive 1998 vehicles, It sounds like you perceive of yourself as an underestimated genius which you may well be, but thou shalt not covet was also a commandment.

You certainly do confabulate! Nevertheless, I am sympathetic to your personal plight, but it is a fantasy for you to believe I am rich and successful. I have had some God given successes in disseminating my message, but wealth never accompanies blackballing.

You have a dangerous fixation on me. I suggest you fixate on Jesus and what He can do for you instead.


Patty Hunter said...

amazing.. The Kosovo leader... selling human parts for what reason?... and the inhumane treatment of people, just the way the Nazis had done during the WW2... I am of part German decent and I see hell coming out again in every country.. humans are the same everywhere... but, there is a good side of humans, God knows that.. may we see the light and follow our Lord, God, Himself.. and restore sanity, morals and peace... from Patty Hunter

Craig said...

Ted Turner suggested a “one child policy” like China has imposed at the Dec 6 World Climate Summit in Cancun:

There’s an oft-quoted (and mostly misquoted and incorrectly attributed) statement of Turner’s which promoted depopulation. I found the original source which is from the November/December 1991 Audobon:

“If we had a much smaller population, and over time we could have an ethic where we had only one child, and over maybe 300 to 400 years we could cut back to 250 million — 350 million people… [p113]

The current US population is just over 300 million with the world at just under 7 billion...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:26

It seems that you own a little more than "only the junker vehicles ( two of them??? ) and the clothes on your backs."

What about the computer that you are currently using to trash Constance and the other folks who comment here?

Anonymous said...

Huge eruption rocks the sun:

Dorothy said...

I know it's not as serious as recycling human organs, but it's here in the US.
Big Brother Is Watching You Recycle

Citing the British model, Cleveland, Ohio, is taking a giant step toward a similar scheme of compulsory recycling, says Wendy McElroy, a research fellow at the Independent Institute.

* In 2011 some 25,000 households will be required to use recycling bins fitted with radio-frequency identification tags (RFIDs) -- tiny computer chips that can remotely provide information such as the weight of the bin's contents and that allow passing garbage trucks to verify their presence.
* If a household does not put its recycle bin out on the curb, an inspector could check its garbage for improperly discarded recyclables and fine the scofflaws $100.
* Moreover, if a bin is put out in a tardy manner or left out too long, the household could be fined.
* Cleveland plans to implement the system citywide within six years.

(more at the link) (in Britain..)

Incinerating 10,000 tonnes of waste creates 1 job, landfill the same amount of waste creates 6 jobs, but recycling the same 10,000 tonnes creates 36 jobs. (Source: The Green parent website).

That's all we pay six to 36 times the cost to dispose of trash.

Dorothy said...

Another disappearing post. It appeared and then disappeared. Someone never stopped playing Hide and Go Seek I guess. Let's see if it reappears before I repost it.

I had another interesting event the other day. I sent several emails to the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation. The email for the group reads (no hyphen)

I received two messages back saying that the mail could not be delivered. Only the email address had been changed to (A hyphen had been added.) Now that couldn't happen by chance.

Anonymous said...

Constance have you gotten a letter to join a draft board? Saw this today at

about a South Carolina bar member who recieved an email inquiring about joining a draft board.

The email could have been some kind of disinformation hoax, or the US is getting ready to reinstate the draft?

Dorothy said...

OK. The disappearing post has now appeared. It's the one about recycling.

LGBT people in Manhattan, Kansas are about to really jump the gun in protecting their turf. Under this provision if an LGBT person thinks he is going to be discriminated against, it's as if it already took place.

"...Under this ordinance, if a person is charged with discrimination they will be made to come in front of a three-person tribunal for judgment and sentencing. Out of compassion for readers knowing what is to come, this is your second chance to sit down. The tribunal itself will not be elected by voters but appointed at the whim of the mayor except for the stipulation that one member will always come from the protected status group. Without any specialized training or education, this tribunal will have the power to collect evidence, call witnesses and levy fines up to $50,000 on violators. Sound like America?...."

It looks like the LGBT community is a high level protected community like the Muslim community. Did you hear the one about the Austrian man who was fined 800 EU because he yodeled and a Muslim neighbor thought he was making fun of the Muslim call to prayer. An Austrian not allowed to yodel? It's all over the internet.

Constance Cumbey said...


EU wary of handling explosive Kosovo report
16.12.2010 @ 09:26 CET
The EU has painfully avoided taking a clear-cut position on a report by the Council of Europe which says Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was the head of a gruesome crime ring and that EU countries knew but said nothing about it.





Anonymous said...


You are in my prayers that the Holy Spirit continues to provide you with all of the spiritual strength and courage you need in these increasingly dark days we live in.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 1:43 p.m.

Thank you. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue in those prayers!


Constance Cumbey said...

Here is something I just found applauding what was done in Kosovo vis a vis Serbia. Kosovo was the religious capital of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

"The critical point, of course, has been to inspire the conviction among Kosovo Albanians that Kosovo will never again fall under Serb rule. This has been a major achievement of the international administration and is likely to remain a critical point for the future success or failure of the international administration in Kosovo."

SUBSTITUTE "Jerusalem" for "Kosovo". Substitute "Israel" for "Serbia". Then you will have a clearer picture of where this is headed. You will also have a clear picture of the dangerous precedent that has been set: It is OK to take one's religious capital for political purposes!

from: or

Anonymous said...

Constance! Check out the MSNBC video, go to utube and type in pale horse rider can see the horse and the rider appearing in the video as the riots are accelerating! Definitely like Revelations..

Anonymous said...

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