Monday, September 04, 2023

Rod of Iron Ministries & MAGA - Another compelling reason to be wary of Trump cultism

This is a sleepless night for me -- fortunately, I keep a computer bedside just in case.  If the night leg pains get too intense, I can sit up and research until sleepiness might set in.  That is what is happening with me now.  I have been paying attention recently to the continued spread of the Moonie cults and former President Donald Trump and company's relationship to it.  I have found something extremely disturbing -- Huang Jin Sean Moon founded "Sanctuary Church" a/k/a "Rod of Iron Ministries."  I ordered his book, ROD OF IRON KINGDOM and perused it tonight.  

Rod of Iron Ministries Church is founded by Huang Jin Sean Moon, one of Reverend Sun Myung Moon's 12 "  Look carefully at the crown on his head -- it is formed of bullets.  

This variation of Moon's "True Parents" calls for members to be armed with AR Automatic Assault rifles.  The Church believes that January 6, 2021 will be remembered as a sacred and holy day in American history.  It also believes it is preparing its people for war.  As I showed in an earlier post, Donald Trump went to Korea last year and thanked Unification Church and the Moon founders for vastly improving the planet.  The Pennsylvania based Rod of Iron Church has been visited and spoken to by Steve Bannon, Eric Trump, Doug Matriano and other members of the Trump establishment.

They believe they are preparing our country for civil war and they intend to be "God's instruments" fighting it.  They take out of context a verse from Revelation (Revelation 2:27) that Jesus will rule us with a "Rod of Iron" -- and of course, since the Moon family think they are the ones completing "Jesus' unfinished work" they are standing in for Him!

They have bought a large compound near Waco, Texas and another in Grainger County, Tennessee.  

For the record, Rev. Moon's "new gospel" was that Jesus failed in his mission which was to succeed and replace the race of Adam by marrying and having children.  His crucifixion represented "a failure".  Rev. Moon says he was called by God to fulfill that mission which he and his wife Jak Ha Moon (currently the head of the international church) did by having their 12 children.  Huang Jin Sean Moon tries to sound like a Christian in his book ROD OF IRON KINGDOM.  His theology is that his parents are the "True Parents" and their message the "true gospel."  If you don't believe me, take a peek at their websites for "Rod of Iron Ministries" and "World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church". 

The Moonies are an important component of the New Age Movement of which I have warned for the past 42 years.  One of their important spokesman admitted to me that they were working with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center (January 1983 - Joe Tully).  Tully is the same person who assaulted Josette Sheeran's father when he tried to extricate his daughter in 1979 from the Moon cult.  

This cult hooked up with the MAGA Movement, with a goal of restoring Donald Trump to the Presidency, treating January 6, 2021's assault on the United States Capitol as sacred, is armed and dangerous.  Most certainly, there is no room there for any TRUE Christian.  Donald Trump and his close supporters have done nothing to discourage it -- but to encourage it.  I submit, that if you are in MAGA and/or Qanon, it is 'time to come out of her, my people."

Another example of NAR Trump idolatry -- this one in my email box from Elijah list this morning!

Stay tuned -- I will be writing more on this later.