Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Javier Solana's You Tube Effect

Javier Solana once fretted about fundamentalists "using the global village to full advantage." He also mused about what he called "the You Tube Effect." He now appears to be generating one of his own.

Our own blogspot "Rudi" is my internet radio guest today on "My Perspective." We will be live on themicroeffect.com at 2 p.m. Pacific time, 5 p.m. USA Eastern time. We will be discussing the Global Marshall Plan, the Millennium Development Goals, the role of the EU in this picture, the role of climate change assumptions, etc. You may participate in the chatroom by going to http://www.paltalk.com/ and going from there to "The Microeffect."

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Thursday, April 24, 2008



UPDATE -- To all: I posted this to one of our commenters own blogspot and then thought that the information concerning Unification Church's disturbing role in this should be shared with all, so here it is as well:

I guess we are on the same page. I have been thinking this for some time. Tuesday, a client's wife mentioned worldwide food shortages with concern to me. Today THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE I purchased had a cover story, "THE SILENT TSUNAMI: The food crisis and how to solve it." Ominously, the article referred to Josette Sheeran. She is a Moonie (follower of Rev. Moon and his 'Unification Church'). She now claims to have left Unification Church and became an Episcopalian, but the smart money believes Ms. Sheeran is still deeply committed to Rev. Moon and his world dominating agenda. Certainly Unification Church appears to still love her -- something strange for somebody they would otherwise consider an apostate worthy of shunning! Josette Sheeran is the Bush Administration nominee named to head the United Nations World Food Program. Rev. Moon claims to be the "Lord of the Second Advent." He has long worked with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center. Disgustingly, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Falwell as well as too many others have made common cause with Moon too (in the interest of sharing his money - but that's no excuse). The recommendation of THE ECONOMIST was to immediately give much more in the way of funding (another $750 million) to Ms. Sheeran-Shiner's UN Agency. (Josette Sheeran Shiner was the name under which this person was a high level official in Rev. Moon's organization. She was nominated by the Bush administration -- undoubtedly, as I see it, as a payback to Rev. Moon for his generosity to the Bush family. The thought of Rev. Moon and company controlling our world food reserves is almost more than I can bear!

Also to note: Nieves Hayat deMariaga Mathews, Javier Solana's mother worked for the same agency in Rome for 20 years-- the UN's FAO, as it was called then. It is now known as the WPA -- World Food Programme. Josette Sheeran (her Moonie married name was Josette Sheeran Shiner) now has her office in Rome. Isn't that convenient!

I have long suspected we might be in the very seals of Revelation themselves and have been for some time. Today, I wondered if we didn't see "the Rider on the Black Horse" actively presenting. NBC opened its Today Show once again marveling at how fast the prices of food and oil were rising.

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and
see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of
balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny;
and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine. Rev. 6:5-6

This morning, I can't help suspect that we see this "Rider on the Black Horse" actively riding. Speaking of oil, maybe it's time we all stocked up on same -- the oil for the lamps that the five sleeping but wise virgins had and the five foolish virgins lacked.

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Friday, April 18, 2008


My guest today on MY PERSPECTIVE, www.themicroeffect.com will be John W. Spring. One of John's hidden talents is his extensive knowledge of events occurring and surrounding the John F. Kennedy presidency (1960-1963). John will share with us today the reasons for the building of the Berlin Wall, which may not be what you have always believed. Tune in at 2 p.m. Pacific Time and 5 p.m. Eastern Time and STAY TUNED!

According to a recent article appearing in EurActiv.com, the gentleman at the left, Laurent Cohen-Tanugi has been delegated by the French government for its upcoming 6 month EU presidency to make plans to vastly project European power -- far beyond the "sweeping reforms" Javier Solana has declared the in ratification progress "Lisbon Treaty" will make. Msr. Cohen-Tanugi says that the "Lisbon Strategy is an inadequate answer to globalisation." I found 87 google hits of Solana's and Laurent Cohean-Tanugi's name together. I have not yet had time to analyze all. According to Euractiv:
Although the Lisbon Strategy is delivering initial results, the EU needs to "quicken the pace" and "adopt a global viewpoint" or it will be "out of the race by 2020", argued Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, the author of the report, in an interview with EurActiv France before the official presentation of the report to the government on 15 April.
It is hard to say if this is being done at Solana's behest or to upstage him. As I recall the prophecies, whoever and whatever "the beast" ends up being would trample the whole earth underfoot.
It certainly sounds like the European aspirations are decidedly global.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brigitte Bardot Prosecution - Shades of what is to come!

Yikes! Brigitte Bardot is on trial for "bashing Islam" in a private letter she sent to French authorities in the context of her animal rights movement work. The prosecution is suggesting a $22,000 fine and a prison sentence as punishment for "incitement."

At first, given Brigitte Bardot's sensuous media history, the event seems almost amusing. Then one looks at it in context. Rights of free speech -- as well as of religion -- are coming to a crashing halt in this globalized, Alliance of Civilizations ("Civilisations" to our British and Canadian cousins) implementing culture.

Because Brigitte Bardot is supporting the pronouncedly New Age animal rights cause, it might be easy as an anti-New Age activist to overlook this as well. I do not. It is a dangerous precedent -- one that will make it possible to go after us in our letter writings, editorial expressions, etc.

Some forms of religious incitement, however, are evidently ok with the powers that be. Karen Armstrong has made decidedly incendiary statements about Christians, especially Bible believing Christians. She is calling for a new decidedly pantheistic form of global "civilization" where we not only respect one's right to practice their religion -- we learn to appreciate their religion. Here's betting that type of incitement will never go on trial -- at least before that great and awful Judgment Day -- a day Karen Armstrong no longer worries about as she rejects the Book of Revelation along with the gospels.

Indeed, perilous times are here. Will we recognize them for what they are when they are occurring in real time amidst the daily grind of our hectic lives?

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alliance of Civilizations is advancing on many fronts!


Sarah Leslie, editor of Conscience Magazine and the blogspot HERESCOPE will be my radio guest at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (2 p.m Pacific time) today. We will be discussing "THE EMERGING CHURCH" along with its predecessor ties with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (Willis Harman) via a highly secretive conference for evangelicals on "CONSULTATION ON THE FUTURE." These are important tie ins with both the prophesied apostasy and the mainstream New Age Movement allowing it to neutralize and even take root in the Church. Join Sarah Leslie and myself this afternoon with your own questions and observations, both in the PalTalk chatroom and/or listen live to www.themicroeffect.com.

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"The answer seemed clear – a mega-network with the primary vehicle to connect
being the Internet. Thus the concept of the World Wisdom Alliance was
conceived as a network of like-minded groups and individuals and as an »online
"A major step in the development of the Alliance concept took place in conjunction
with the Goi Peace Foundation’s Forum 2005 »Creating a New Civilization
« in November 2005 in Tokyo. The Forum featured the participation of
14 like-minded organizations including The Club of Budapest, Club of Rome,
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Pathways to Peace and the World Wisdom Council,
in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Featured speakers included
The Hon. Mikhail Gorbachev, Dr. Kazuo Murakami, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and
members of the World Wisdom Council.


More interesting than the fact of a very recent meeting between The High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (Javier Solana) and The High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations (Jorge Sampaio) was what was discussed at the meeting: the implementation fronts of the Alliance of Civilizations and some even larger fronts, including one well in progress: THE TRIPARTITE INTERFAITH FORUM has astounding links and connections -- governmental and religious. Carlos Romulo of the Philippines is a name that has been on lists I have scrutinized since 1981, including Planetary Citizens and Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose. He is still a major player today. You will want to review its many links for background on the depth and sophistication and the broad interlinks planned to control religion on an international scale. A UN report from last fall shows that they mean international business and the mobilization is strong:


The site is "UN democracy" but truly "undemocracy" is probably more than a Freudian slip here! I spent hours pulling down information I felt might soon disappear. I will be writing much more on this both here and with NewswithViews. Rich of Medford (Rich Peterson), Farmer (Bjorn Freiberg) as well as Holly Peters Pivec and husband Adam at Fulfilledprophecy.com all have compelling material on line. Richard Peterson is devoting many hours and has completed compelling and depressing research as to where all of this is heading.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton and the New Age

Hillary Clinton's New Age Strategists

UPDATE: "Farmer" (Bjorn Freiberg) will be my radio guest on MY PERSPECTIVE at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (2 p.m. Pacific Time) tomorrow, April 8, 2008. Please plan to join us. We will be discussing his brilliant research and blogspot article of Beast Ahoy!

To my readers: Author Warren Smith will be joining me Friday on My Perspective at www.themicroeffect.com. He will be discussing Oprah Winfrey's Eckhart Tolle promotion and its hidden dangers. Stay tuned! The following is an article I have submitted for publication with NewswithView.com. I thought I would give my blogspot readers a "sneak preview."

I write this article with mixed feelings. As a woman who has struggled with mixed demands of home and career myself, I felt sympathy for Hillary Clinton when she raised a firestorm in 1992 by saying, "well, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies." This was taken as an anti-family statement by most on the conservative right.

I defended Hillary publicly when people told me they suspected she was a New Ager. I said, most likely, she and Bill were more engaged in counting votes. When Hillary Clinton was publicly asked if she were a follower of New Age religion, I took her simple "no," at face value. I was a little more concerned when she, in endorsing World Federalists, lambasted those who said that the leadership was "Luciferic."

Evidently, Hillary either did not know that Donald Keys, its former president, was a former administrator of Lucis Trust, working alongside Foster and Alice Bailey. At various times he also was active with the Sri Chinmoy cult of the United Nations, headed the anti-nuclear group SANE, and was the organizer and chief leader of Planetary Citizens and its offshoot, Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose. Donald Keys has strangely vanished from the scene. His internet presence is very tiny indeed. His co-worker and co-author of EARTH AT OMEGA: PASSAGE TO PLANETIZATION was the former Saturday Review editor, Norman Cousins. Cousins wrote that he and Donald Keys had worked on their project for several decades.

Many times, I was tempted to send Hillary Clinton a private communication with attached Exhibits in legal brief form proving that World Federalists definitely had at its highest levels, Luciferic sympathies. I suspected that such a communication would never reach her.

When first released, I read portions of Hillary Clinton's autobiographical book, Living History, with interest. I realized we came from similar times and stresses and were motivated in our youth by common concerns. I was not a Goldwater girl. I had campaigned for Eugene McCarthy in my youth. I, too, like most of my generation, disliked the Vietnam War. I, too, felt that those in power had a duty to stand up for the little guy.

I am fairly certain that if Hillary Clinton had viewed the same materials from the New Age sources that Donald Keys used to run (Lucis Trust and the Alice Bailey books) that were clearly anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, and considered Aryan man the highest act of "evolution," that she might well feel some of the same sense of revulsion that prompted me to spend the time I have in their expose′.

Over the years, I read scattered reports about Hillary Clinton's intense sessions with Jean Houston and Catherine Bateson, both names long familiar to me as ardent proponents of New Age psychotechnologies as well as New Age religion. One of the most aggressive New Agers I closely studied is Marianne Williamson. I had unexpected exceptional opportunities to do as she came to Warren in 1998 to head the Unity Church then known as "Church of Today" there. Warren, Michigan had to be a real letdown for one used to being "Minister to the Stars" as New Age superstar Marianne Williamson was. Her Sunday services were televised weekly. Her huge New Age bookstore with curious Buddhist statuary including swastikas, combined with the militant wiccan and pagan magazines, combined with loads of books on the coming "shift" (Shirley Maclaine calls it "Karmageddon), are clues.

The wide assortment of Theosophical standards such as Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine, combined with most of the Alice Bailey titles leave little doubt as to where Marianne Williamson is coming from. Her stance is most definitely one of raw hostility towards orthodox Christianity. Her religious services were a little more confusing. The singing would often be gospel, but her sermons definitely were not. She instructed both her church audience and television on numerous occasions when I viewed and recorded many such programs that "we do not believe Jesus is the Christ – we believe he is a Christ – not 'the Christ.'"

The only person who made Marianne Williamson look friendly by comparison vis a vis Christianity was her good friend Jean Houston. On assuming Marianne Williamson's pulpit one Sunday, Jean Houston publicly excoriated Marianne Williamson for her Christian gospel music. Newer "templates" were needed, per Houston. I was breezing through my office today on other chores and noticed my partially unread Hillary Clinton's book, LIVING HISTORY on one room's shelf. Absently mindedly pulling it down, I noticed that I had read only until page 111. That had not gotten me as far as I needed to read for my specialty subject: the New Age Movement

I had read Bob Woodward's recent book about Hillary and had heard of his earlier writings. I deeply regret now that I never sent Hillary that 1993 contemplated letter. We even know people in common, including but not limited to Detroit area Congressman John Conyers, currently chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Conyers told me that he had read both my books. One of the last times I ran into him, he said, "hey, Connie, are you still writing books on mysticism." He then confessed he had read and enjoyed both.

The New Age Movement has so permeated our culture that it would be difficult for anybody to not have had exposure to it in one way or another. I have long divided the New Age Movement into classes of "hypnotized" and "hypnotizers." Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston are definitely part of the hypnotizers – those that make a lovely living from the group-grope elements of the movement.

Anthony Robbins is one of the hypnotizers. He is the fire-walking guru. I suspect he has his participants sign multiple release from liability forms before participating in his firewalking seminars. At one speaking engagement I enjoyed years ago, somebody sent me a Robbins' poster and said, "Hey, Constance, I think I have this New Age thing all figured out – it's a podiatrists' conspiracy!" What disturbs me the most about Hillary is that she appears to be one of the hypnotized and may have handed disproportionate power to the hypnotizers. Page 263 of her book, part of the chapter, "Conversations with Eleanor" is revealing of just how much may have been given over to those. What also disturbs me is that some of the pressures she used New Age methods to relieve may have been necessitated by some unfair tactics of those she labeled as participants in "a vast right wing conspiracy."

Many times, people are initiated in New Age circles as they seek refuge from stresses of everyday life. The stresses of a United States presidency in this wicked age are almost unimaginable. Quoting from Hillary Clinton's "Living History," we read:

"Bill and I had met Marianne Williamson . . . at one of our Renaissance weekends, and she [Williamson] had suggested we get together with a group of people outside the political world to discuss Bill's goals for the remaining two years of his term. That struck a chord with me, and we invited her to convene a gathering at Camp David on December 30 and 31 "Williamson's guest list included Tony Robbins . . . and Stephen R. Covey . . . I figured if millions of Americans were listening to their advice, I figured it might help to hear what they had to say. Williamson also invited Mary Catherine Bateson and Jean Houston. . . . I found myself engrossed in hours of conversation with Mary Catherine [Bateson] and Jean Houston . . . Jean wraps herself in brightly colored capes and caftans and dominates the room with her larger-than-life-presence and crackling wit. She is a walking encyclopedia . . . She is also a trove of great jokes and puns and is ready to share her cache with anyone in need of a good laugh. "[Always helpful for relieving political and other stresses].

Hillary candidly discusses her Methodist Church background and her pastoral support. I believe her when she says that from time to time she gets down on her knees and asks God for guidance. Although I have spoken to large conventions of United Methodist Church ministers who shared my concerns about New Age issues, I am well aware that New Age apostasies have run rampant through it and the chances are slim that the average Methodist busy with other pursuits will receive warnings.

I am also told that Hillary Clinton attends a regular Bible Study at the Fellowship Foundation in Washington, D.C. As Fellowship Foundation has at least one interlocking directorate with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a clearly New Age think tank, I sadly suspect that she will not get direction there either.

Hillary says she is seeking God. I have no reason to doubt her. But she may be looking in some of the wrong places and receiving bad directions. My prayer for Hillary, as well as others caught up in New Age philosophies, especially now that they believe they are about to execute "the shift" which Shirley Maclaine gleefully calls "Karmageddon," is that she will pray to God for the wisdom which he gives to all men without upbraiding. I also pray that she will use her impressive lawyerly training to examine the evidence – all of the evidence – not just that which Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston choose to present her.

One more thing – there will be those who believe I am far too soft on Hillary Clinton. I believe everybody is entitled to one kind warning. That clearly includes Hillary Clinton, for whom Jesus also bled and died. May we not drive people to the New Age by pettiness and unkindness. May they not use our unkindness as justification for eternally endangering their mortal souls.