Monday, November 30, 2009

It's getting closer! England now demanding universal border fingerprint identification

I subscribe to Statewatch alerts. Today I received a disturbing one. England is now requiring all entrants to show fingerprints. Here is a link where you can view full brochure. Click on the image above itself to see it in full page mode.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Expliquer, S'il vous plait?

Click on the images:

"Javier Solana" = 268,000 hits
"Javier Solana" -Cumbey =39,700,000

Another google search
"Javier Solana" +Cumbey =8,960

Why is he so FAR MORE minus
Cumbey, minus Margraf, minus Dennis Cuddy?

Interesting Google "new math!"

I rather suspect Javier Solana is not going fishing -- he is now "low profiling"!

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Friday, November 27, 2009


I knew things were bad and growing worse. I was not prepared, however, for the most disturbing of news on a local level. Ron Seigel, a nationally respected reporter, was brutally stabbed in the back by two masked men as he was returning to his waiting taxi on Wednesday, November 24th, the evening before Thanksgiving. Ron is a Jewish man in his early 60s and one of the gentlest but most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

From Ron Seigel's bio:

Ron Seigel, a seasoned Michigan reporter who has enjoyed national circulation for many of his important articles received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigious Monteith College of Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. His many articles have appeared in such newspapers as the Christian Science Monitor, Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic Faith and Family, The Jewish News, the Michigan Citizen, the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit Legal News. Ron directed United Community Ombudsmen, an organization which assisted community residents in dealing with government institutions. "

This (the brutal stabbing) happened in Highland Park, Michigan, the Detroit municipal enclave where I once served as Executive Assistant to the Mayor. My informant was mutual friend, Gwendolyn Mingo, herself one of the finest and most valiant fighters for fairness and decency I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

I last spoke with Ron on Tuesday evening. Ron has contributed columns to this blog and had new material he wanted me to include. I had planned to do so.

Ron's spleen was punctured and had to be immediately removed. He is hospitalized at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan.

I will supply more details as I receive them. PRAY FOR RON SEIGEL and that the Highland Park Police Department conduct a vigorous investigation to remove the perpetrators from the streets. My informants tell me that no police report has been made as yet. So far the heinous crime has had no coverage in the local press although Ron has been a frequent contributor to most local newspapers.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time Magazine Reports re EU "THE BLAND SHALL LEAD THE BLAND"

I've been mulling over Javier Solana's words in his Stockholm/Russia interview. You can watch it for yourself by clicking here. I've also been pondering his sudden total lack of fame at whereas at he present enjoys 6,990,000 hits as of the time of this writing. At he is down to 297,000 hits -- that is until you do the search like this:

"Javier Solana" -Cumbey

At which point, the hits instead of decreasing by the 9,800 stories where my name and his are mentioned together, increase dramatically to 5,680,000. That's somewhat less than the nearly 7 million stories he enjoys on Yahoo!

I've written before about "Google's New Math" when it came to Javier Solana numerical calcuations. I have read quotations from Javier Solana interviews in the past that he knew how to be invisible when necessary. I have more than a passing suspicion that "invisibility" is now becoming an operational necessity for Javier Solana.

My suspicion is that this is now not so much "the bland leading the bland" as it is Javier Solana controlling behind the scenes as he gives his advice to his "successor" in "private."

After all, he has been working for the European Union -- even before he was born! Who can argue with that?

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

European Posts filled by virtual unknowns -- Serious appointments?

It's hard for me as an observer to believe that either of these appointments are serious or lasting ones. Is this Europe's equivalent of Germany's pre Hitler Weimar Republic?

Both of these individuals are relatively unknown. It is safe to say that neither have extensive diplomatic nor military expertise. I will be posting more as I learn more. Javier Solana said in the interview I posted in my last post that he would be active as "advisor" to his successor. I rather suspect with this one he will be running the entire show. Games are being played here. I am not entirely sure what they are. I'll bet Tony Blair is wondering the same thing!

UPDATE: The only one more perplexed by it than me are the Brits. Of course, the only ones more perplexed by Javier Solana's 1995 NATO appointment were the Spaniards. I thought I'd seen it all. I was wrong. Here's a British press reaction:

Who the f*** is Baroness Ashton?

Posted on November 19, 2009 in Media, Politics

Well she’s the EU’s new High Representative for foreign affairs it would seem, despite never having been elected to anything in her life and with most of her experience in politics being as a health service panjandrum in Hertfordshire.

She’s also married to YouGov pollster Peter Kellner, which may mean something or nothing - probably nothing.

Tony Blair didn’t get the president’s job of course, losing out to Herman van Rompuy of Belgium. Well at least Herman didn’t invade Iraq.

But as for the good baroness….I listened to about three hours of BBC reports on the matter tonight and they didn’t seem to know who she was either.

An appointment straight out of Lewis Carrol.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is Solana hinting? Transition or staying on??

Second update: Announcement of future5 power Iranian talks IN SOLANA'S PRESENCE as announced by his aide, Cristina Gallach.

Update: Activity today, per Der Spiegel. Read all about it by clicking here.

Tomorrow is a big day for the European Union. Its 27 heads of state doing business as the Council of Ministers of the European Union are to meet. Javier Solana is the Secretary General of that body as well as his other positions (Secretary General of the Western European Union; Office of the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy CFSP), etc. They are meeting to elect a President for the EU and even more importantly the "High Representative." It is clear from reading both the newly ratified Lisbon Treaty as well as its predecessor failed Constitution that the Foreign Minister holds the major trump cards in the new new European Union government formation. You may read a side by side comparison by clicking here. I have been following Javier Solana's career with no small degree of fascination since November 22, 1995, the date I first became aware of his growing global influence. The enabling acts giving him power were interesting too. Section 666 of the Europa official documents and Recommendation 666 in his Western European Union. Note particularly numbered paragraphs 12, 15, and 18 of the latter.

He has indicated in a recent Interfax interview that even if he has a successor he intends to remain active in all his present endeavors. Far and away his most active endeavor has been the promotion of "global governance."

Tomorrow will be an interesting day to watch. And to give a double meaning, we should all "watch and be ready." The wise shall understand, to quote the Prophet Daniel.

Stay tuned.


Monday, November 16, 2009




"Perks" include your personal EU standing army!

It seems nobody wants to be Foreign Minister of the European Union with its enhanced budget, power, and huge diplomatic and military retinues. I rather suspect Javier Solana is far too much of a European patriot to let the post go vacant or to somebody inexperienced. If you are interested in applying for the job, read all about it by clicking here. Otherwise, I am suspecting that with proper pay, power boosts, guarantees, executive perks, etc., etc., the present place holder MIGHT be persuaded to take/keep the job.

Update your resume -- there just might be opportunity lurking in Brussels. Maybe Cristina Gallach might want to apply in case her boss really is serious about retiring or becoming an Acciona consultant.

Stay tuned!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Javier Solana's continued cloudy genealogy, Strange New NATO 666 like logo

The mystery of Javier Solana's lineage continues. A few years ago, famous Spanish writer and diplomat Salvador de Madariaga was proudly proclaimed as Javier Solana's grandfather. Javier Solana was his "nieto" (Spanish for grandson). After revelations of Nieves Mathew's occultism, suddenly, Salvador de Madariaga became an "Uncle" and thereafter "Great Uncle." Nieves Hayat deMadariaga Mathew's Italian language eulogy proclaimed she was the mother of "due figli" (two sons).

Now the relationship of Javier Solana and Salvador de Madariaga, whose foundation Javier Solana currently heads, has been lessened to that of "Great Uncle." HOWEVER, those telling the story on his behalf have obviously done less than artful job of relating family history. Salvador de Madariaga is Javier Solana's "great uncle" because his grandfather (Rogelio de Madariaga y Castro) and Salvador de Madariaga were COUSINS??????????????????????

Solana comes from a well-known Spanish family, being the grand nephew of Spanish League of Nations disarmament chief, diplomat, writer and European integrationist Salvador de Madariaga [1] (Javier's grandfather, Rogelio de Madariaga y Castro and Salvador de Madariaga were cousins). His father was a chemistry professor, Luis Solana San Martín, who died when Javier was not twenty yet. His mother, Obdulia Madariaga Pérez, died in 2005.[2][3][4][5][6] Javier is the third of five children.[2] His older brother Luis was once imprisoned for his political activities opposing the rule of Francisco Franco[citation needed] and subsequently became a distinguished leader in the Spanish telecommunications industry, and was one of the first socialist members of the Trilateral Commission.


Let's see: At least where I come from an uncle is the BROTHER of a father. A GREAT UNCLE is the BROTHER of a GRANDFATHER. A cousin of a Grandfather by definition could only be A COUSIN. At least, that's how I understand it. If I'm wrong, please tell me. How does a distant cousin get transformed into a "Great Uncle"? How did the Grandpa suddenly come to be an "Uncle."

Lots of unanswered questions here. This morning Javier Solana for a few hours had only 300,000 google hits "in all languages." I have placed my screen shots of that phenomena above.

Interesting questions about a fascinating family.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wonder who will get these November Presents?


Herb Peters and I used to have amused discussions about what we called Javier Solana's "November presents." They (significant additional grants of power) were usually 'gift wrapped' and handed to him very close to November 20th on several occasions. A small sampling is below.

  • 1995 Treaty of Association with Israel (November 20th)
  • 1995 NATO headship (November 30, 1995)
  • 1999 Western European Union headship
I am bemused by learning that November 19th, the EU will make decisions on its two major leaders: the president and the Foreign Minister. Read the full story by clicking here. Will those presents go to Javier Solana or will another happy European be the beneficiary of their sub-continent's largesse? Time and events will tell.

Stay tuned!


Monday, November 09, 2009

David Miliband refuses EU FM Job - Solana has high price consultant bid -- WHAT NEXT IN EU?

David Miliband has definitively declined the EU Foreign Minister job created and defined by Javier Solana. Javier Solana has reportedly been signed by the Acciona Group as a "consultant" on its international projects. My guess was that he was offered A LOT OF MONEY for the job.

My educated guess is that since the USA opposes Italy's Massimo D'Alema because of Italy's criminal court convictions of 23 CIA agents found guilty there of illegal rendition that despite Frattini's optimistic projection that he may get the job, he probably will not.

My present guess is that Solana will be persuaded to stay on, but only with enormous power concessions to him. Time will tell.

EU's military and tangled foreign policy concerns will at least appear to require somebody of Solana's stature and long experience both in running NATO and the EU itself. What will happen next?

Stay tuned!


Friday, November 06, 2009

Spain and Israel at odds!

I thank blog poster "Anonymous 12:35" for calling this important breaking news to my attention. You can read about it in full by clicking here. The same Ehud Barak who gushed all over Javier Solana November 27 and November 28, 1995 now has been forced to cancel his planned visit to Spain. When the original Barcelona Conference was held on those two days, it was Ehud Barak who said that "at long last, Israel has joined the European club." He went on to enumerate the benefits of "belonging to the European club." He also said that they had "beaten their swords into ploughshares."

The current seven year ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy) treaty with Israel and many other countries in the "Greater European Neighbourhood" was a clarification, strengthening, and revitalization of the treaty achieved by Javier Solana when he came out of the woodwork to big time enter the world stage in November of 1995. It seems that Solana gets significant power boosts as presents just about every November. One wonders if he will be receiving them this year or if he will pass on the structures he has labored to build to a younger man such as Britain's David Miliband.

At any rate, given the news that Spain is intensely anti-Israel, it is not hard to see the potential for the upcoming six month rotating Spanish presidency of the European breaking commitments entered into earlier. The European Neighbourhood Policy contracts/treaties were up for mid term review in mid 2010. It doesn't appear, at least for the present, as though Israel has accumulated the "brownie points" to keep that European Union "kindness" flowing.

In relevant part from that which I beg you to archive and read in full, we read:

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has canceled a November 4 and 5 visit to Spain [1] amid a dispute over the command of the European-led United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). The visit was called off after reports surfaced [2] that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had secretly asked Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to keep Italy in command of the 13,000-strong UNIFIL force for six months longer than planned, instead of allowing Spain to take over.

Italian General Claudio Graziano is scheduled to turn the command over to a Spanish general in February 2010. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz [3] says Israeli officials want Graziano to stay on because they believe that replacing the UNIFIL commander now might further destabilize the already precarious security situation in southern Lebanon. The Spanish newspaper El País [4] adds that Italian officials want to retain the command because it would be beneficial to Graziano’s career.

In any case, considering that Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero leads what is arguably the most anti-Israel government in Europe, Netanyahu is probably justified in having some misgivings about a Spanish-led UNIFIL.

Indeed, the unabashedly pro-Arab, pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah, and pro-Iranian Zapatero says the Middle East will be a top priority when Spain takes over the six-month rotating presidency [5] of the European Union in January 2010. Spanish officials now worry that a six-month delay in taking over the UNIFIL command will deprive Zapatero of a bully pulpit he believes will help him raise his profile in the region.

What next? It's all happening so very fast.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Russians allege European Kyoto Treaty Fraud

Update: Just found picture at left on Google Earth search for "Javier Solana." Solana has been a major proponent of changing international law from recognition of sovereignty to 'humanitarian intervention.' The rub: who gets to decide what is humanitarian and what is not. According to the following Russian report the EU may not have been acting from altruistic motives in promoting its global warming thesis. According to a story appearing in yesterday's NEW YORK TIMES, Al Gore may not have been either. Gore stands to get frightfully rich -- a billionaire from his investments in technologies designed to service the fears he has generated. Read about that from another perspective by clicking here. I made the link GREEN for obviously sarcastic reasons.

According to reports appearing in the Indian press, the Kyoto Treaty was procured with the assistance of European Union complicity in concealing contrary evidence. The alleged motive? Making the market more profitable for European products.

Years ago, British press articles appearing with the signature of John Boyd, Secretary, charged that Javier Solana was helping to execute Jacques Santer's directions that their central organizing principle should be the dislodging of the United States as a competing global power in the 21st century struggle for scarce resources.

Reading this excerpt makes me think that they have been successfully implementing the strategy for several years now. This week Javier Solana and company were in Washington, D.C. Today he participated in an EU-USA "energy summit."

You may read the full story by clicking here. The relevant excerpt is below.

Academician Kapitsa denounced the Kyoto Protocol as “the biggest ever scientific fraud.” The pact was lobbied by European politicians and industrialists, critics say, in order to improve the competitiveness of European products and slow down economic growth in emerging economies. “The European Union pushed through the Kyoto Protocol in order to reduce the competitive edge of the U.S. and other countries where ecological standards are less stringent than in Europe,” says ecologist Sergei Golubchikov.

Russian scientists deny that the Kyoto Protocol reflects a consensus view of the world scientific community. Academician Kapitsa complains that opponents of the man-caused global warming are routinely denied the floor at international climate forums.

“A large number of critical documents submitted at the 1995 U.N. conference in Madrid vanished without a trace,” the scientist says. “As a result, the discussion was one-sided and heavily biased, and the U.N. declared global warming to be a scientific fact.”

Stay tuned!


European Lisbon Treaty is Ratified - Javier Solana is pleased



Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the last courageous hold-outer on the Lisbon Treaty has reluctantly signed it. You can view it by clicking here and then watching the You-Tube video. Still being mentioned for Foreign Minister are England's David Miliband and Italy's former Prime Minister Massimo. Today, Javier Solana, who is in the USA, issued a statement welcoming a new head of his "EU Military Committee." It is hard for me to see Javier Solana giving up the massive powers of the massive machinery he has assembled. But, who knows? Personally, I suspect that Javier Solana will have another of what Herb Peters and I termed his "November presents." The timing appears to be just about right.

No matter what happens, from now on, it's going to be happening FAST and it promises to be both intense and interesting.

Stay tuned!


Monday, November 02, 2009

Rich of Medford: 2010 Year of Bridezilla?

UPDATE Tuesday, November 3, 2009: Dr. Stanley Monteith is my radio guest tonight on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio.


OCTOBER 29, 2009

2010: Year of Bridezilla

Reprinted with Permission

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s words that the resonating core groups are blending and merging to do the 'one work' have no better evidence than the upcoming 2010 International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures. In 2010 we are to witness many of the interlocking initiatives we’ve discussed here converge and become the legal basis for global governance. Among these core initiatives include the

With names indicative of peace how could anyone oppose these initiatives?

When I was young I worked for a family who farmed—Harold and Elaine Wells. Harold was a World War II veteran. One year he decided to take Elaine to Europe and travel the places he had been during the War. This meant that the couple would spend some time in East Germany which, then, was part of the communist bloc and divided by the Berlin Wall.

When the couple returned Elaine described to me how she disliked East Germany. They were permitted to see only what their guide allowed. While in a downtown district their guide stopped the group in front of a shop where Elaine saw the most beautiful dress. She said she had to buy it and before the guide could stop her, she had opened the shop door. What she saw was not a store, but a room filled with machinery.

These initiatives are exactly what Elaine saw—nice window dressing and machinery. The machinery, of course, is designed to
combat monotheistic religion. As these initiatives blend and converge, we are certain to find the Alliance of Civilizations to be the core resonating group. The Alliance’s initial planning documents say that UN reform IS the successful implementation of the AoC initiative. The timeframe is to move from preparatory phase into activation mode in September 2009. Speaking before the 64th UN General Assembly Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero said:

  • "Now we must move a step further. The Alliance of Civilisations, which structures and implements those principles and values in the United Nations, should form part, structurally, of its main organs and at all levels. The moment has come for this General Assembly to approve a Resolution to provide the Alliance of Civilisations with that structural dimension. Spain and Turkey and the Friends of the Alliance will work together so that this Resolution may be endorsed before the end of autumn this year. I am sure that it will contribute highly positively to the task that is being developed by organs such as the Human Rights Council, the Economic and Social Council and, even, the Security Council. The dialogue of civilizations must become the mother tongue of the United Nations."

Make no mistake: this is just a formalizing of what has already taken place. All relevant UN organizations have already made entry points into the Alliance of Civilizations.

This resolution will essentially crown the Alliance queen. I expect in 2010 we will see the gathering together the “collective whole”. This is what the Gnostics refer to as the “world soul” which will become “one” with the earth (the goddess, the divine Sophia) and take her seat as the true bride of Christ. I tend to see her more as
Bridezilla, the bride of the antichrist.

“Through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” – Daniel 8:25