Thursday, February 24, 2022

Has World War III Begun? It looks ominously as it has. "Eve of Destruction" over and over again . . .

 Today is a very grave day in the history of our world.  Frankly, I wasn't as upset about the two Russian speaking territories in the Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk) -- the inhabitants of those regions appeared to be celebrating on Youtube clips I watched yesterday.  Inhabitants were walking in their city appearing perfectly relaxed -- or at least they gave that impression.  But, the full scale bombings, air strafing, and destruction that went into the rest of the Ukraine, including its Capitol city, Kiev, was clearly an exercise in barbarity of the worst sort.

My prayers are with all those adversely affected by these actions.  I'm also sharing with you an old Barry McGuire youtube video song -- Eve of Destruction,  It seems very pertinent today. 

I fear that this could well be the start of World War III.  Putin has threatened swift retaliation against any foreign power interfering with his invasion.  There are those inside Russia who were also horrified and bravely demonstrating against it.  I've been watching Al Jazeera's Youtube channel which has had fairly extensive coverage of the events.  Rich of Medford recommended it as a somewhat better source of relatively unbiased coverage.  There was reporting there that anti-war protestors in Russia had been arrested.

Often I have suspected we might be in the time of the Biblical seals of Revelation opening.  The 4th seal was the Rider on the Pale Horse.  Disease, fightings killings were shown there as taking many lives on Earth.  The pandemic has remained upon us with still many, many serious illnesses and deaths since early 2020.  New variants of that disease continue to appear.  Recently, it was announced there was a serious new and highly contagious variant plaguing Denmark.  All the other forms and variants quickly spread.  This one will probably do  so likewise here and abroad.

Such a sobering time and so many things happening.  We need to remember what time it is and to put our trust in the Lord.

Stay in prayer and stay tuned!