Saturday, December 25, 2010



Stay tuned, especially to this beautiful message.

God bless you all!



Constance Cumbey said...

Just click the play button and you're off to a gorgeous musical treat -- Handel's MESSIAH's HALLELUJAH CHORUS. This is embedded video from Youtube.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I hope that all here are having a peaceful & very wonderful Christmas.

God bless you all and keep you safe in His Love.



Anonymous said...

Oh my, thank you so much for posting this! How wonderful ~ the commercial rush of the Holidays beautifully interrupted by glorious praises to our Everlasting Father! It brought joy to my heart, and tears to my eyes!

Anonymous said...


“Doubts cast on Hungary’s economic savoir-faire [fr]
Published: 24 December 2010

A credit rating near junk level, economic instability at home and a depreciated forint are weakening Hungary’s credibility to steer the European Union as it takes the reins of the EU’s rotating presidency on 1 January…”

Anonymous said...

P.S. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

Anonymous said...

An Anglican bishop and Britain’s former top judge yesterday launched an impassioned defence of the rights of Christians in an increasingly secular society.

The Bishop of Winchester, the Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt, said judges wrongly discriminate against people of faith because they are ignorant of religious beliefs.

He said failure to support the beliefs of Christians and other religious people could drive them from their jobs and blamed the Human Rights Act for allowing them to be victimised.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

From NewScientist via WorldNetDaily

George Soros: Economics needs fixing

Why has the billionaire financier donated $50 million to rethink economics?

Aussie Jen said...

Can anyone get on the FP discussion board it
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Aussie Jen said...

sorry FP message board has closed down no longer exists.


Dorothy said...

Things are moving into snitch mode. Interested readers should search for information on the Patriot App which connects with the federal government. I also read a story saying garbage pickup people are being asked to report unusual behavior.

I will only say that when these things were used by totalitarian governments, they always came up with justifications for people snitching on their neighbors.

Just now I am reading a book about Iraq under Sadam when even hair dressers were asked to snitch on patrons who might have been saying unloyal things. If patrons were tightlipped, hairdressers were charged with hiding information.

Remember the snitch system used by the Nazis and communists.

You will have to think for yourselves to see the direction this might be heading.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Constance!

Those shoppers, both the professionals & joiners-in, brought tears to my eyes and melted my heart with their beautiful spontaneity and purposefulness.

Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords & King of Kings, for the Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth! Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! And He shall reign for ever and ever!

God bless you and all here mightily. I hope you all had a joyous and peaceful Christmas.


Dawn said...

Aussie Jen,

I am getting an error as well on it. With the holiday and such I am sure it will be back up soon.

paul said...

As my Jewish friends
might say, oyvayshmire!

I hadn't gotten around to
watching the video till
now because I thought it
was just a, y'know, mob.
That must be a well known
choir or chorus because
they can really sing.
Beautiful !
Merry Christmas to all.

Constance Cumbey said...

European Union justice officials seek "security summit" and information exchanges" with USA:

Passed on to me compliments of Jim Kouri.


Constance Cumbey said...

I tried to get word via an email to Herb Peter's daughter, Holly Pivec. I see they have a Fairbanks, Alaska address which has to be a shock for those with Californian blood. I wonder if her husband was assigned a ministry up there? If so, it is a long dark winter for them.


Anonymous said...

Milosevic Trial - Corruption Of International Justice 1/10

Anonymous said...

General Lewis Mackenzie, compares Kosovo to Jerusalem

Anonymous said...

Kosovo?Jerusalem Comparison

Craig said...

Rick Warren calls for a "A Greener Spirit":

Perhaps the loudest evangelical voice on climate change is the Rev. Rich Cizik. Until December 2008, Cizik was the chief lobbyist for the National Association of Evangelicals – an organization made up of dozens of major conservative denominations. Today, he is the co-founder of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good. "As a biblical Christian," he said in an April article on, "I agree with St. Francis that every square inch on Earth belongs to Christ. If we don't pay attention to global climate change, it's pretty obvious that tens and or even hundreds of millions of people are going to die."

Craig said...

More from the link:

To get your church, synagogue or mosque on a greener path, my first tip is to introduce courses on faith and the environment into your adult education program. For numerous free, downloadable curriculums from multiple faiths and denominations, check out Interfaith Power & Light or the Evangelical Environmental Network. If you're willing to shell out $15, than I also strongly recommend Earth Ministry's series on Ken Burns's National Parks documentaries, including DVD clips. Christian and interfaith versions are available. I've taught the Christian version several times, to both adult and high school groups, and it always goes over well.

Like a Mustard Seed said...

That was, uh, kinda weird!

Merry Christmas though...(late)

Hi Constance,

I'm just trying to see if you have written anywhere about Leonard Sweet? (I couldn't find a tag list or anything, just the timeline archive...)

I have just recently learned about the book he wrote a while back titled "Quantum Spirituality", and from the bits I've managed to read so far, it is incredibly troublesome. I'm wondering if you've done any "in depth" research into the author and his true teachings..?

Thank you so much... D

Craig said...

Herescope did a series of articles on Quantum Spirituality:

Craig said...

Also, regarding "A Greener Spirit" -- check out the links within the article.

Ken Burns used to have a 1/2 hour on (the usually good) local Christian radio. I never paid it much attention as it used to feature more pop psychology as I remember; however, one day there was a guest speaker who brought up the subject of spirit guides!

I called the radio and made a complaint. It's no longer aired here in San Antonio. I won't say it was my phone call necessarily; but, I'm glad it's gone.

[word verification: disbias LOL]

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how people were going to willingly take the mark of the beast, knowing what was in Revelations, and I found this video series on how 666 is a "good" number. Anyone else have any info on 'good' interpretations of the mark?

Anonymous said...

There was a technical glitch while switching servers at FP`s hosting company. They are working to get it back up and running. Miss my fellow FPer`s !

Dawn said...

anon 2:34 Just some food for thought. Think about the "pain" and hassle people will have to give up in traveling! I think people would be lined up.

Because it is not "forced" many will not even see it as the MOB.

Thanks for the link. Isn't there someone that did research on how the core NAM people love the number "666".

Slumdog said...

"In practice, the new arrangement makes it much easier for Muslim countries to dictate what stays on the internet and what doesn't. The removal of the material about "terrorism" was just muscle-flexing; there is much more of that kind of censorship coming. If this stands, anti-jihad sites like my own site and the site run by my colleague Robert Spencer will likely lose their domain names. It will become harder and harder to find the truth about jihad activity, or any resistance to it, on the internet or anywhere else."

Leana said...

Following some of the links from interfaith power and light found in Craigs article I came across this website, based in WA state.

We recently had a sermon at church on how to be a green Christian, and I am heavily watching the next round of adult education classes to make sure we aren't using any of the curricula found here. To see what kinds of things are being taught, head to the earth ministry site and search under resources-curricula. The only one I did't see was the "Let there be... Stuff?" from the Tides foundation.

Dorothy said...

Constance just offered her cd on Kosovo during the radio show which was done many years ago. If anyone doesn't have it, please do send for it. Constance always seems to be years ahead in spotting future trends way before anyone else. I gave others warning about her prediction when she made it. Most were not ready to hear it because they weren't hearing it from some media sponsored conservative.

Dorothy said...

Noahide Archaeologist Vendyl Jones Passes Away
by Hillel Fendel

Vendyl Jones – Noahide archaeologist who discovered an immense stock of incense used in the Second Temple as well as the aromatic anointing oil – has passed away at the age of 80. He was most famous for his search for the Ark of the Covenant.

Diagnosed with cancer of the throat seven months ago, in pain and unable to swallow, Jones was tended by his wife Anita during this period. Money for medical bills was scarce, as most of the money he made during his career went towards furthering his archaeological and religious pursuits in Israel.

In the 1950s, while serving as pastor in a Baptist church, he began to seek out the Jewish sources and references of the Christian gospels, realizing that many apparently anti-Jewish statements therein were "omitted in more ancient manuscripts." He began to study with rabbis and even in a Talmud Torah (an elementary school for Jewish children), until he ultimately “resolved to learn, to know and to understand the Bible objectively, without any prejudices; to know what Jesus actually said in the language he spoke and what it literally meant to the people who heard him” [source: Vendyl Jones Research Institute].

(more at the link)

I don't support the Noahide movement, but his is a fascinating story of a true intellectual.

Anonymous said...

Can someone give Clueless an answer?

Anonymous said...

While Constance talks about Solana and Bosnia every day, I am more concerned about issues close to home. I saw that Congress passed Net Neutrality last night, but I don't really understand it.

This is from a recent New York Times
"These fast lanes are fairly easy to understand when it comes to wireless Internet access. But what confused many was the suggestion by Google and Verizon that future online services that are not part of the public Internet should also be exempt from equal-access rules. These services would be "distinguishable from traditional broadband Internet access services," the two companies said in a joint blog post. "It is too soon to predict how these new services will develop, but examples might include health care monitoring, the smart grid, advanced educational services or new entertainment and gaming options."

Can someone (maybe JD or Dorothy) explain to me how this will effect me personally? Is this just another victory for the corporations? Will it limit where we can surf, such as this site? And does the FCC even have the power to do this?


9:43 AM

Anonymous said...

"Defense | 28.12.2010
Germany’s struggle with military power in a changing world

When the Wall fell, the world changed – and the German military’s role along with it. Burdened by the genocidal legacy of National Socialism, Germany swore never again to wage war. In part one of a three-part series, DW examines how Germans overcame historic taboos about deploying their military abroad.


“We internally agreed to create a case on UN operations [Somalia], a case on NATO operations [Yugoslavia] and a case on West European Union operations [Yugoslavia],” Voigt said. “The federal government conducted these operations, and we filed suits against them.”

However, the Kohl government almost became a casualty of the legal battle when its coalition partner – the Free Democrats – sued it over the NATO air blockade. Germany’s government now faced an uncertain future as the judges deliberated.

The Kohl government dodged a bullet when the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that Germany could participate in UN, NATO and WEU military operations worldwide. But there was an important caveat: These operations had to be approved by a simple parliamentary majority.

'We had to slowly learn that we’re a country that represents interests, and that we’re an ally and that carries consequences,” Klose said. “That was a tremendously difficult learning process that has in no way come to an end.'”,,6308457,00.html