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Dubow Digest November 10, 2010: A Jewish Perspective on Javier Solana and Catherine Ashton

This is interesting.  It also might demonstrate that there are elements in the Jewish community looking back with longing at Javier Solana's reign and bemoaning Catherine Ashton's.  This is a strong call from a Jewish writer for the EU to help establish and maintain the "two state solution"  It is also an adoption by reference of an article first published by Dr. Rory Miller of King's College, London in none other than THE JERUSALEM POST!

You may read and download the entire Dubow German report for the date November 10, 2010 by clicking here.

"It is not be a secret that I, and many other observers of the Middle East peace process, feel that the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy has not played a useful role in trying to bring Israel and the Palestinians together. Catherine Ashton seems to be so one-sided in opposition to Israel that, at least in my opinion, she has done more harm than good. With almost Pavlovian negative responses to anything Israel says or does, she places the EU in a less than neutral position – one which that precludes the EU from being genuinely helpful.
In a recent Jerusalem Post article, Dr. Rory Miller of Kings College, London spells out a useful policy for the EU to follow which is antithetical to one being followed currently by Lady Ashton.
Dr. Miller states, “Generations of European policy-makers have believed that a permanent settlement of this conflict on the basis of a two state solution is not only vital for the Middle East but, in the words of former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, is “fundamental to our own security.”
They have also come to view Europe’s success in transforming its economic power into political influence in the conflict as a key indicator of its capacity to play a role on the international stage.
"This has been very apparent in recent weeks when the EU’s representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Catherine Ashton, rushed to the region from Washington to shore up the floundering peace talks following criticism that she failed to raise the international profile of the recently launched European External Action Service – a new mechanism designed to give the EU a stronger voice.
"If current US peace envoy George Mitchell can’t keep the Palestinians and Israelis talking, then it seems inconceivable that there is anything the EU can bring to the table that will. So what should Europe do? Recently Marc Otte, the EU’s special representative for Middle East peace, looked forward to the day that the EU would be “a full player” in the politics of the conflict.
"But the EU should stop measuring its success in contributing to peace in terms of its ability to score political points over the US, or gain a political role commensurate with its economic weight. Instead it should emphasize its longtime position as the international community’s lead donor to the PA as well as Israel’s number one trading partner.
"Though unglamorous, Europe’s budgetary support for Palestinian institutions and infrastructure, as well as its humanitarian, refugee and food aid has been hugely important to sustaining Palestinian society. It continues to be key to the state-building process.
"When a Palestinian state is finally established, the EU will play a crucial role in doing what it has done best in Europe over the past half century – promoting consensus and economic cooperation among former enemies in the interests of regional prosperity and long term stability. Europe, Israel and the Palestinians would all be well served if the EU fully acknowledged the importance of this role, not as a pretext for political influence, but as an end in itself.
"After reading Dr. Miller’s article I find myself applauding and yelling “Bravo!” I realize that things are moving in a more Euro direction and Germany pushed the Lisbon Treaty for what it saw as good reasons. However, when it comes to the Middle East, a singular German foreign policy somewhat more balanced could do a lot more to help the peace process than the course Catherine Ashton is plying at the moment. Given the realities of the situation, if the EU would follow the plan
"Dr. Miller has laid out peace and tranquility would be better served.

Is it Catherine Ashton's role to make Javier Solana or thinkalike look good to the Jewish World?  I would advise a careful reading of the fine print to all!

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Constance Cumbey said...

There has been much to post lately and ironically tonight is supposed to be a night of a real red moon -- part of the moon eclipse process. Please feel free to post on the older posts as several have been posted lately that need full digesting.



Constance Cumbey said...

I think there need to be discussions on the last few articles I posted here, so don't feel that comments have to be limited to "the current post". It would be good, however, to try to keep them in a two week range. When I am posting sometimes daily when things are happening or are newsworthy, it is not to imply that the last story was unimportant. I consider that information critical. I also remember that just about all the world is getting ready for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Constance I am trying to remember something about the September 11 attack; during that week-there was also some important `signing` to be done re Israel and the `road-map to peace`/ There were so many `signings` of all sorts-but because I am specifically interested in Israel for many years-I have learnt to listen,watch and read what `else` happens alongside a `huge event`. I can kick myself that I did not write down the info during that pre-Sept 11 time concerning Bush and Israel. Also, during the `tube` and bus attacks in London-that week was the week when Gordon Brown slipped through the uncontested signing of the Lisbon Treaty with EU- I still have the newspaper clipping where -(after many months) the outcry was that there was no voting. Ireland voted NO first than much later Yes?

The heat is turning up for Israel that is for sure-thanks for your posts-it keeps and keeps us alert and watching.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Melinda:

Very, very interesting! And I appreciate the feedback.


Anonymous said...

The globalists are setting things up for a world conflict. What has been holding back a full-fledged NWO has been Islam. East and West have to get into a full-fledged conflict in order to bring about order out of chaos. Also, Obama helped set things up, too. Whether or not he and Ashton are doing this to help out Solana is anyone's guess, but I'm thinking the answer is "Yes".

Constance Cumbey said...

Here is something I just found applauding what was done in Kosovo vis a vis Serbia. Kosovo was the religious capital of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

"The critical point, of course, has been to inspire the conviction among Kosovo Albanians that Kosovo will never again fall under Serb rule. This has been a major achievement of the international administration and is likely to remain a critical point for the future success or failure of the international administration in Kosovo."

SUBSTITUTE "Jerusalem" for "Kosovo". Substitute "Israel" for "Serbia". Then you will have a clearer picture of where this is headed. You will also have a clear picture of the dangerous precedent that has been set: It is OK to take one's religious capital for political purposes!

from: or

Anonymous said...

While Constance talks about Solana and Bosnia every day, I am more concerned about issues close to home. I saw that Congress passed Net Neutrality last night, but I don't really understand it.

This is from a recent New York Times
"These fast lanes are fairly easy to understand when it comes to wireless Internet access. But what confused many was the suggestion by Google and Verizon that future online services that are not part of the public Internet should also be exempt from equal-access rules. These services would be "distinguishable from traditional broadband Internet access services," the two companies said in a joint blog post. "It is too soon to predict how these new services will develop, but examples might include health care monitoring, the smart grid, advanced educational services or new entertainment and gaming options."

Can someone (maybe JD or Dorothy) explain to me how this will effect me personally? Is this just another victory for the corporations? Will it limit where we can surf, such as this site? And does the FCC even have the power to do this?