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Our compelling subject is the New Age subversion of Education. We will be talking about LaMar Alexander, U.S. Senator and former governor of Tennessee, a former Secretary of Education; Dr. Shirley McCune, PPBS Systems and "The New Age"

The battle for the European Union presidency is heating up according to this linked story. Those wishing a "strong personality" are pushing for Tony Blair. French Prime Minister Sarkozy, however, who vocalized that Europe deserved a strong presidency, last week was reported to have withdrawn his support for Tony Blair in favor of former Spanish Prime Minister, Felipe Gonzalez. Javier Solana, the "tsar" of European foreign and military policy since 1999 as head of the CFSP and Western European Union, is backing Gonzalez, disregarding what some are calling an "Iberian overload" since both Gonzalez and Solana who would then be President and Foreign Minister of the EU respectively, are Spaniards.

Gonzalez has headed a blue-ribbon "Council of Wise Persons" to make recommendations for strengthening the EU since December 2007. Undoubtedly, there was a Solana strategy in that selection. The smaller, weaker countries of the EU wish to continue to have a voice after the Lisbon Treaty goes into effect. It is expected by many that the Treaty will be ratified and in place come the fall of 2009. If the small countries feel that they will have no voice or that their voice may be drowned out by a more charismatic Tony Blair, their acquiescence to the Treaty ratification may possibly be dropped.

My present guess is that Javier Solana is going to get his way on this one. Time and events will tell. Tony Blair is opposed by Socialist countries because of his former support for the Iraq war. Silvio Berlusconi has declared per the linked account, his support for Tony Blair. Javier Solana and Berlusconi had their well publicized run-ins in the past. When Silvio Berlusconi held the six month 2003 rotating Italian presidency of the European Union, Javier Solana told him very abruptly and very publicly that European foreign policy is set in Brussels, not in Rome.

Solana is one very clever operator. He desperately wants the enhanced powers for the Foreign Minister that will go with the Lisbon Treaty ratification. He has long said that Europe needs to speak with one voice. So far Javier Solana has been that one voice. He wants his voice strengthened, not weakened. He also does not want his voice diluted by a charismatic European leader. It appears to me that he intends to remain such and if Tony Blair gets the job, Solana's role may be somewhat diluted.

I may be wrong, but that's how I presently view it. If I were a gambling person viewing the cards I now see, I would put my money on Javier Solana. Further, between Tony Blair and Javier Solana, based on my present knowledge, I would buy a used car from neither of them.

Stay tuned!



björn said...


the article you mentioned about Solana and Berlusconi is one of my all time favorites, especially the sentence "The official message is the message given by me, by the European Union," Solana said."


Anonymous said...

Found this just FYI.

Why do we think that Gunther Stur could be the Antichrist?

He has the right name, he has the right qualifications and expertise, he is in the right place and he is doing all the right things.

Constance Cumbey said...

Gunther Stur has 201 whole Google hits on his name, none in the news. He might be a financial whiz, but I sincerely doubt given my present state of knowledge that he is a politician. I tend to doubt it at this time -- pure speculation and John Hagee has also indulged in it. As I've always said, "your guess is as good as mine." For the present, Javier Solana is as I see it the best educated GUESS, but he's still a guess. But then anyone who has the nerve to have their job created with Section 666 (and I completely discount the sudden 616 themes now that 666 is so out in the open) and then have the powers expanded with "Recommendation 666" as Javier Solana did -- if they have the nerve to say and do it, I have the nerve to cite and quote them.


Unknown said...

The 616 number is an old one. Brought up by Irenaeus Bishop of Lyons back in the 150-202AD or so, Against Heresies, he explains that this number is wrong, it is 666, and says it was done deliberately or by transcript errors but he clears it up. In fact, he has some good info in his writings which I am glad I was led to by someone deliberaely misquoting him, taking lines from different paragraphs.

Book V, Chapter XXX

Chapter XXX.—Although certain as to the number of the name of Antichrist, yet we should come to no rash conclusions as to the name itself, because this number is capable of being fitted to many names. Reasons for this point being reserved by the Holy Spirit. Antichrist’s reign and death.
1. Such, then, being the state of the case, and this number being found in all the most approved and ancient copies [of the Apocalypse], and those men who saw John face to face bearing their testimony [to it]; while reason also leads us to conclude that the number of the name of the beast, [if reckoned] according to the Greek mode of calculation by the [value of] the letters contained in it, will amount to six hundred and sixty and six; that is, the number of tens shall be equal to that of the hundreds, and the number of hundreds equal to that of the units (for that number which [expresses] the digit six being adhered to throughout, indicates the recapitulations of that apostasy, taken in its full extent, which occurred at the beginning, during the intermediate periods, and which shall take place at the end),—I do not know how it is that some have erred following the ordinary mode of speech, and have vitiated the middle number in the name, deducting the amount of fifty from it, so that instead of six decads they will have it that there is but one. [I am inclined to think that this occurred through the fault of the copyists, as is wont to happen, since numbers also are expressed by letters; so that the Greek letter which expresses the number sixty was easily expanded into the letter Iota of the Greeks.] Others then received this reading without examination; some in their simplicity, and upon their own responsibility, making use of this number expressing one decad; while some, in their inexperience, have ventured to seek out a name which should contain the erroneous and spurious number. Now, as regards those who have done this in simplicity, and without evil intent, we are at liberty to assume that pardon will be granted them by God. But as for those who, for the sake of vainglory, lay it down for certain that names containing the spurious number are to be accepted, and affirm that this name, hit upon by themselves, is that of him who is to come; such persons shall not come forth without loss, because they have led into error both themselves and those who confided in them. Now, in the first place, it is loss to wander from the truth, and to imagine that as being the case which is not; then again, as there shall be no light punishment [inflicted] upon him who either adds or subtracts anything from the Scripture,. under that such a person must necessarily fall. Moreover, another danger, by no means trifling, shall overtake those who falsely presume that they know the name of Antichrist. For if these men assume one [number], when this [Antichrist] shall come having another, they will be easily led away by him, as supposing him not to be the expected one, who must be guarded against.

björn said...

John from tribwatch connects Joe Biden and Obama and Hillary Clinton Families to one cult place in Germany and to Thule here:

"This is huge. It verifies that the Bidens, the Rodhams, and Obama's bloodline traces to the same place in and around the Bode river."


Unknown said...

Anything to Jane Burgermeister's law suit?

HK-91 said...


What a surperb, information important link you posted on the surname article. I just read it and man-o-man, it has some very vital information in MANY areas. Thank you for finding it and sharing it with the rest of us.

Keep up the fantastic work!


Patty Hunter said...

Constance, this farmer is soooo bad news... I once was a New-Ager many moons ago... now I am a Christian, and the only way to survive this New Age type of thinking (which is the worse thing to be thinking of and being in), is by believing in and having faith in the real God, the real Jesus Christ, and the real Holy Spirit... there is no other way to go to heaven and live eternally. The so-called other deities, are false gods and will not save people at all.

HK-91 said...

Well, I guess it is appearent that the " fantistic work" I was encouraging farmer to keep up, is rather more "fantastic" than I thought when I wrote my post above.

I do like eggs on a Saturday morning, however, I prefer them on a plate and not on my face...

So for now my words to farmer will have to be a quote that Lucy used to say to Ricky Ricardo only in a paraphrastic way...." farmer you have a lot of 'splanein to do...'

So consider this a retraction of my 9:58 a.m. post above.

You all will have to excuse me I need to go wash off the egg...


Anonymous said...

An update on Dr. Shirley McCune-

After her speech at the 1989 Govenors Conference, she continued working at MCREL, a quasi gov think tank on education which hatched many new age de ideas and continues too. Its directors are tied into the World Future Society. They addressed the WA state Govenors Task Force on Ed Reform in the summer of 2006 with a presentation on learning that introduced technologies using star wars holograms as the new teacher. MCREL continues to be a hotbed of NA ideas.

In 1993, McCune left MCREL battling breast cancer. She wrote the Light Shall Set You Free, a NA treatise on the Universal Principals. She also consulted for the WA State Commission on Student Learning where she wrote papers on state standards for Education. These stnds became the foundation for the WASL, the WA state mandatory graduation exam from High School.

When Terry Bergeson became the WAstate superintendent of Public Instruction in 1997, McCune joined OSPI staff in WA state. There she helped write the WASL. Her NA affiliations/activities continued. In 2003, Ms. Nancy Vernon, searching WA state archived documents on a Federal project titled Links Learning, found a McCune yellow legal tablet with handwritten notes on the WASL. But the tablet also contained 15 pages of McCune's notes for building a NA Temple in the Four Corners area of the USA. Referencing her guide "KH" (Khoothumi), McCune detailed a facility shaped like a pyramid with chambers to channel and guide initiates. McCune, who guided also the Links Learning Federal project, was using the taxpayers to spread NA ideas.

Links Learning turned out to be a web portal built for educators and students to indoctrinate them with NA ideas. At one point, a portion of the site for students linked to web sites like World Goodwills favorite TeenHelp guided students about sex using vulgar and graphic language. Other websites directly linked to NA websites and anarchist groups. So disturbing were the Links Learning portals, that McCune was forced to dismantle the website under legal pressure. Links Learning also lined the pockets of some of McCune's friends. Carkhoff & Assoc took in over a million dollars in grant money. Bob Carkhoff was an old NA friend of McCune. A self-described leading researcher, Carkoff wrote a series of books ending with "The Possibilities Mind", a freewheelin g rant about the cosmos channeled up with McCune. The books were supposed to help educators close the achievement gap on state tests. McCune herself authored several "toolkits" with a flare toward the NA in science. McCune instructed students to channel the enviornment by getting in touch with the spirits of the lakes.

McCune, nearing 75 yoa left Bergeson's Cabinet in 2007-8, after the political heat was too great. Bergeson, who headed the state teacher's union before becoming OSPI, had the union calling for her defeat in the 2008 elections. The WASL was such a failure that teachers everywhere wanted it gone. Indeed Bergeson lost in 2008. How much the McCune scandals played a part is debatable, but certainly the McCune WASL as she engineered it, created the political climate to dump Bergeson.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Nancy Vernon who unearthed Links Learning and sounded the alarm. Where McCune is today is a good question, but her friends in the NA are certainly close by as is the demonic KH.

Anonymous said...

Solana announced his retirement
today. This is very interesting. Will he retire. Just have to stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

It depends on the "one square mile of London" who goes in and I'm betting on Blair.

Blair still meets weekly if not more with the Queen which says the bankers and the Common Wealth still call the shots.

An English London banker is on the board of the second largest bank in China, why is that? Did the English leave after the Opium Wars or did they settle in at the banks?

Who has the power Sarkozy or Rothschild? Solana or the Royals and their banks?

If the bankers et al can take down the US who's Solana or Sarkozy?

Follow the money.


Anonymous said...

I lived in WA state and was delighted to read the education news.

Keep in mind Sen. Patty Murray is totally supported by the teacher union and they put her in along with the media which is very red, long story, but it would give you chills.

Boeing is totally NWO as is Microsoft perhaps more so, who's left as they pretty much run the state? Boeing has an executive education department that "suggest" to the state what kind of students/employees they need...try the German would make you weep if you knew the rest.

I worked my fingers to the bone objecting to OBE in 2000 - 2003.
Public Education Research Council (PERC)


Anonymous said...

Why is there this sentiment lately that Solana is going to the Son of Evil, especially at his age? Granted, he has powers that other politicos can dream of. But so what?

There are other things look into. My money would be on William of Windsor, the son of the late Diana, for the 'job' of world king.
He has many connections; the blood, the looks, the power and prestige, the fame, and the ambition. Bloody hell, he even has the age factor, as he will be turning 30 in 2012, and then 33 (!) in 2015. Remember the summer he was born, June 21, 1982, the neo pagans were screaming that the King had arrived that year, though he never came. Anyway, those following the hypothesis that the
2nd Coming could be between those 3years because of the upcoming massive eclipses of those years (all falling on Jewish high holidays, incredibly) may have a damn good reason to be heeded. There are many more reasons why William should be considered.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stur is definitely the antichrist.It isn't speculation at all.
His best will also become the false prophet who rises out of the ground. He is Jewish and his name is Adam Poznanski.