Friday, July 17, 2009

Europe raising its ire towards Israel?

Now that Javier Solana has made still another retirement announcement -- he has hinted at it several times in his tenure -- once floating a rumor that he would like to run for Mayor of Madrid, some may be paying less attention to the entire scene. I, for one, continue to closely watch.

The Palestinian press is reporting that Europe's ire towards Israel is on the rise.

For a "retiring" guy, somehow these days, Javier Solana doesn't appear so retiring. Wonder what's on his (or his successor's) table for 2010?

Stay tuned!


Constance Cumbey said...

I have no idea what is going on with Bjorn lately, but he does have some interesting information vis a vis Javier Solana's latest activities up on his blogspot. I made a decision to cease linking to it until we had more clarity on his other blogspot, etc.


Joyce said...

The report "Breaking the Silence" is calling into question, Israel's activities in Gaza:

I'm not saying Israel is perfect, but I do question this report and the way it's being used. There's a lot of anonymity in this report which makes it questionable.

The accusation of course is that this is political and being funded by EU.


Joyce said...

Until Iran is dealt with, I don't think there will be any deals.

Hizb'allah has been violating UN resolution 1701 left and right, with no condemnation from the international community. Syria has said they will not talk to Israel until it gets out of Gaza.

Part of this week's Torah portion read in synagogues all over the world describes the borders of the Land given to the 12 tribes and the aliens and sojourners who would dwell among them. this included land given to the two and a half tribes on the other side of the Jordan. ( Numbers 34).

The irony of the EU, UN, US and the rest of the world turning against Israel is that they are opposing God Himself. Now God has always used other nations to chastise our people for their sins, but He will come into judgement with the nations who divide His Land.

Joel 3:2 I will gather all the nations
And bring them down to the bvalley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will center into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land.

Ultimately God will bring His people into their tribal inheritance. Ezekiel chapters 47-48 describe the borders and tribal allotments in the Millennial Kingdom. The stranger who sojourns among Israel would be allotted an inheritance too.

Morocco has been asked to take a leading role in the peace process:

The King's advisor is a member of the AoC High Level Group and is Jewish, which is unusual for a Muslim country. As Bjorn pointed out he is also President of Anna Lindh Foundation.

He also mentions Madelaine Albright, who opened the door our US universities to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, like Harvard and Georgetown, so that they could set up Islamic Studies Programs, which would ultimately participate in the AoC. Both John Esposito and Abraham's Path from Harvard, connect directly to AoC. Harvard's Abraham Path initiative connects Association for Global New Thought ( Barbara Marx Hubbard-founding member) which is a sponsor of this, along with the Prince's foundation.

The big problem, whether we are talking about nations or individuals is when we turn against God's Word. God is patient and slow to anger, but He is also holy and will enter into judgement with those that rebel against Him.

Prov. 14:27 The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, That one may avoid the snares of death.

Shabbat shalom,

Anonymous said...

Joyce you are impressing me...keep on/ this is tony in vt saying, i am interested in this subject matter- thanks

Anonymous said...

It looks like Roma's husband completed counseling Bjorn. In light of the counselor not being clergy and they believed sorry=repentence, it was probabally like Jesse Jackson counseling Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Bjorn's wife, family, and girlfriend -- not to mention "Blue God Star"?

Anonymous said...

Found this on one of Bjorn's OTHER BLOG SPOT about the Blue God Star. Obviously, Bjorn has not been fully forthcoming with everybody -- maybe he was a mole for the other side to scope us out:

bluegodstar said...
Thanks so much Richard and all you guys for the tremendous
cheers, feedback and is a big relief for me so have you
here as the last 18 years I tried to cope alone with this blue thing
situation and the meeting again with him via Superman teached
me that reality is not what school teaches us to be...indeed this was
a big motor for my decisions in life and to look out for more behind
the sync curtain, in fact my philosophy thesis was about Philip.K Dick and Whitehead space and time constellation just a try to do
away with all these thoughts and things when I
thought about the apollo 13 and that I also heard an urgent call to
see it at the dvd store last time and right at this moment my son
says to me: "I am not a man from the moon"(sic)...i will try to come
back with some response to your wonderful input here or to my
blog (horns and Christkon...) soon! thanks so much!

Wonder what he meant by "horns and Christkon" -- wonder if Roy and Roma are asking questions in "
Christian counseling" about this????

Anonymous said...

My guess is Blair is in and Solana is trying to garner as many accolaids as possible before his star fades...guessing.

Blair is in with the POPE, which carries a lot of weight.


Dawn said...

I was always under the impression that Solana was against Blair. But perhaps he was just playing "bad cop" and Blair has been the choice all along.

Anonymous said...

Here's another blog where Bjorn was active.

Anonymous said...
I also was an actor. Around 22 I became convinced that I will never be older than 30 and lived along these lines. me now happy 39, but guess there was a trigger somewhere, after 30 I had many strange car accidents but survived...thakns for all the nice input!!
far more

21 May 2009 23:17

Anonymous said...

The last posted blog space looks like its opposed to the occult.

Anonymous said...

"" opposed to occult?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The very name belies the perceiver's opinion. What has suffered here is plain old discernment. The New Agers must be howling their sides out at some of our naivete. Love to know what is happening now!!

Anonymous said...

Censorship of the internet possible:
Scroll down to:
The Last Frontier of Free Speech: Gagging, Surveilling the Internet

In the USA

Government of Canada moves to monitor Internet users

From the comments section:

The entire internet for The USA is controlled at less than 15 locations and can be completely or selectively disabled at with a click of a mouse.

Constance Cumbey said...

I decided to see what VERICHIP / DIGITAL ANGEL was up to. They have endorsed a Pennsylvania legislature bill that would bar involuntary implantation. I rather suspect they are doing this as a disarming measure. They want to make the chip implantation seem benign. ALWAYS REMEMBER: BEFORE THEY START DRAFTING, THEY ALWAYS TAKE VOLUNTEERS!

They also have since May 2009 a "SMALLER" human implant. Here it is from one of their press releases:

"VeriChip unveils smaller RFID implant
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 in NewsVeriChip Corporation, makers of health care-related RFID solutions, have announced the
development of a new, smaller version of its human-implantable RFID microchip. The new microchip measures
approximately 8 millimeters by 1 millimeter, compared to the currently marketed version’s 11 millimeter by 1
millimeter dimensions.
The new device has been developed specifically to be incorporated into Medical Components Inc.’s vascular ports. It
is the product of an agreement with Medcomp, announced this March, to develop and manufacture a RFID
microchip exclusively for implantation into Medcomp’s vascular access medical devices. The agreement is reported
to be worth over $3 million over five-years.
The completion of the agreement between VeriChip and Medcomp is contingent upon FDA approval of the vascular
pump containing the microchip."


Anonymous said...

Lou Dobbs seems to think Obama's birth certificate should be addressed. He says the birth certificate produced by Obama has some "issues". As far as I'm concerned, too few people took this story serious in the beginning.

Dobbs repeatedly makes Obama birth certificate claims his CNN colleagues call "total bull"
July 17, 2009 7:26 pm ET

SUMMARY: Addressing an issue promoted by the far-right "birther" movement, Lou Dobbs repeatedly said on his radio show that President Obama needs to "produce a birth certificate" and that Obama's birth certificate posted online has "some issues" -- claims that have been dismissed and even ridiculed by his CNN colleagues.

Dawn said...

regarding the Verichip. I don't know why this is just hitting me now. But what better way to track all those on universal government run health care!!!

"We must have everyone get this injection of a chip," they will say. Probably it would probably be touted as a way to prevent fraud and/or government waste.

Perhaps they will even say we must do it in this "health care emergency"

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago, verichip sold their "X Mark" brand to the same company who makes Stanley tools. At the same time, Stanley works also purchased another company that works on commercial security. I often wondered if the connection would be to have a recognizable brand name attached to such a product, as well as the logisitics and manufacturing capability for mass market. As well as having it based out of Canada...

Anonymous said...