Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My good friend Steel on Steel host John Loeffler has graciously agreed to guest host MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio program tonight which will be heard at 5 p.m. Pacific time, 6 p.m. Mountain time, 7 p.m. Central Time and 8 p.m. Eastern time. Alaskan time, I understand, will be 4 p.m.

Thank you for your prayers and emotional support on my husband, Barry. He is resting comfortably at St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. That's where the cardiac team is that installed his original pacemaker last February 5th. They are trying to ascertain the precise cause that caused the defibrillator to activate with the tremendous jolt that it did last night.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the good news. Praise be to God for answering our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord - for He *is* Faithful! We'll still continue to keep Barry, you & family in Prayer, as always, but *extra one* regarding this. Hope *you* are trying to get some rest-Glad to see that you won't be pushing your-self to do your Radio Program tonight---Keep taking care of your-self as not only does Barry & your family need you, but so do we!
With So Much Love As Always,
me and your Texas Brisket cookin' man too. ;-)

Anonymous said...


I too am in prayer for you both.


Constance Cumbey said...

To All:

Looking for something else, I found an old (December 1999) article by Mary Jo Anderson for THE CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT. It is nothing short of a brilliant analysis of the New Age Movement, the EARTH CHARTER, and where all of this is headed. I have taken the liberty of putting a pdf copy of the article up under my link "Presentations for downloading." It is MUST READING!!!! It is entitled on my download site: "A Crisis of Spirit 1999 Essay by Mary Jo Anderson."

I am still waiting for more news on Barry. Thanks to ALL (Even Bjorn) for your prayers.



Young Grasshopper said...


Praise the Lord that Barry's condition is under control. Thank you Constance for this good news. The Lord is always faithful!

YG (Maryanne)

Baal said...

I hope that your husband is well and his prognosis excellent. I know how frightening heart problems can be.

I'll let you know my thoughts on the Mary Jo Anderson piece when your husband is recovered and it won't drive your blood pressure so high.

Your husband is in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

"Your husband is in my prayers"

Baal to whom are you praying?

Anonymous said...

and why would you be frightened Baal?

death scare you?

Anonymous said...

Two threads below Baal wrote to Constance:

"May Isis bless you and help you overcome your many issues."

So I think you have your answer.

He/she/it is trying to get mileage out of Barry's health scare. Disgraceful but not surprising.

Constance Cumbey said...

They made adjustments to Barry's pacemaker/defibrillator apparatus and he just called me and said he was being discharged tonight.

Many thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers!


Constance Cumbey said...

There is always room for conversion, so let's keep the nasties out of the conversation, even to Baal.



Baal said...

Anonymous is apparently an idiot (no small surprise on this blog) as the comment on "your many issues" was directed at Dorothy who is the pluperfect example of a paranoid conspiracy nut.

Further, why do you care to whom I am praying? As I said this place is lousy with hatemongers and bigots.

Baal said...

I have nothing by sympathy for Constance and her husband and anyone who does not fear the death of loved one is not human. I was reconciled to the fact that I might be about to die within a few minutes after the doctors told me how serious my condition was. I was in agony over leaving behind my wife and daughter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keep up with the dialogue between Baal and myself two threads down. Sorry, but I don't believe showering him with love and prayers will work to mellow him. It didn't work with Bjorn folks. If it did work with certain types of personalities, we could cure the crime problem by encircling prisons and praying crime away.

Constance, please note it took more than prayers to help Barry. You also needed practical help from doctors.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect Contance - I strongly advise you not to let 'Baal' or his ilk use your blog as a soapbox to attack and abuse Christianity. Allowing trolls like him to spout mindless drivel is just going to distract and waste energy.

Anonymous said...

Constance the show was really good tonight. I know you will be pleased with the quality.

Carolyn from the Chat Room

DavidinB.C. said...

I once heard in many sermons from the senior pastor of my church that "prayer never hurts and it always help." Prayer is a very good habit. Works better than yoga!

Anonymous said...

David in BC, if prayer was all that is needed, then we shouldn't be sending soldiers to stop the terrorist activity in Iraq. All we would have to do is ask them to send prayers from their barracks in the US.

I have a wonderful idea. Everyone should pray to ask God what they can do to stop denegraters of their religion in addition to praying.


Constance Cumbey said...

Barry is home. The diagnosis was that an error had been made in prescribing his "meds." A "beta blocker" was necessary. That was doneo and Barry is home. I'm convinced it was your prayers and God's intervention that made the critical difference. God bless all of you for your prayers and support.


Anonymous said...

Well, "trolls" or not, at least they're reading Constance and the rest of us. I remember reading somewhere, "my Word shall not return to me void . . .

Baal said...

That is very good news. I have to take a beta blocker and find it makes me somewhat tired but otherwise has no side effects.

I hope he continues to do well.

Anonymous said...

I have a good friend in NE to whom this very thing happened--his defib hit 11 times on the way to the hospital. Turned out there was a short in one of the connections and it had to be replaced.

Constance Cumbey said...

Interesting and disturbing news on the H1N1 "Swine Flu" virus front. Possible military action in planning. Here's a link to read about it:


Anybody here ever watch Stephen King's THE STAND?


Constance Cumbey said...

Sorry, here's a tinyurl link to that CNN H1N1 story:



Greg Davis said...
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Constance Cumbey said...

One more thing before I go to bed: Javier Solana's newest military adventure: training Somali troops to fight piracy.

Here's the link:


Awfully busy for a soon to retire gent!


Greg Davis said...
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Joyce said...

Rejoicing at this good news about Barry. We give all the thanks to God. Hope you can get some rest now.


Anonymous said...

Make no mistake - when the H1N! virus makes it's return vist across the globe - it will be used as a method for identification - ultimately.
Have you had your shot?
May I see your ID tag to verify that?
You say - "NO" - ok - we have a quarentine facility available for the detrators. Why do you think Obama moved to authorize finacing of the FEMA camps?

Anonymous said...


"No man should pray without plowing and no man should plow without praying."

Joyce said...

Some interesting news on the Middle East today. The situation in Iran is still sounding bad with people being tortured in their prisons, some being released. Evidently Russia and Iran are doing joint exercises in the Caspian Sea, which is unprecedented:


I posted on Rich's, but will repost here that the King of Morocco is doing Holocaust ( Shoah) education. This is very interesting because recently it was decided that he would be the Arab rep for the peace negotiations. His Jewish advisor is a member of the high level group for AoC.

The organization he has set up to do Shoah education has truth and errors in the information provided:



Here are the players:


So in this organization we have not only AoC , Anna Lindh connections, but this organization as well:


In this organization we have the Prince of Jordan, and Hermes who is involved with Yehuda Stolov who is very prominent in interfaith movement:


Stolov is listed on Jerusalem Academy's website among others

Jerusalem Post also mentioned that the "Elders" Jimmy Careter and Desmond Tutu are heading to Middle East next month to promote peace.

Some of you know this, but for others. here's the self-proclaimed "sages" website:


Of course Carter thinks US should withhold money from Israel to "influence" the peace process. This is what the Arabs think too, so he is popular with them.

Israel is looking for gestures from the Arabs says George Mitchell:


Again we see the article mentions that Obama asked King of Morocco to get involved. The King's grandfather did not extradite Jews from Morocco during the Shoah when Hitler asked him too, so Morocco is viewed favorably by many Jews who remember this, so Obama has picked someone that is probably viewed more favorably than most Arab leaders.

Jordan last week started pulling Jordanian citizenship from "Palestinians" putting pressure on the negotiations with Israel. This would increase the number of Palestinians who are "refugees" and factor into the negotiating process.

The West is trying to get Syria out of Iran's grip. Syria wants the Golan Heights and will not budge from their position, and now Hizb'allah is training the Lebanese army. Just recently Hizb'allah was caught in violation of the UN resolution which was put in place to end the war with Israel:


Just a week or so ago, Obama was up in Russia talking about reducing nukes, but it is Russia that has helped Iran build its "peaceful" nuclear power plant...The chess game of the Middle East is fascinating.

Israel considers Iran its single biggest threat, and Russia is helping Iran. As long as Iran has nukes and is supplying weapons to Israel's neighbors, it is hard to imagine how anything will happen, and the big elephant in the living room, Russia is not going to sit back while its nuclear plants get fired on.


paul said...

Perhaps you were in some sort of fugue state when you poured out vicious, hateful insults at Constance and virtually everyone else on this blog, numerous times, even before you knew anything about anyone here. Since then you've continued to do the same repeatedly.
Then out of the other side of your mouth you spout compassion when it seemed like the only thing to say, as person who HAS TO say a lot at all times.
Your hubris is unwarrented no matter how many books you've read. Your hypocrasy is your most
obvious attribute and your self proclaimed erudition is lost and rendered useless because of your pomposity.
You cares about you or your opinions, which are always coupled with insults towards those who
may or may not agree with you ?
Have you been watching episodes of "HOUSE" on TV and you identify with the lead character because he's supposedly a genious? Your approach is identical. The difference is you're not saving anyones life. In fact you're not helping or even
mildly improving anything.
You're a fraud, but lucky for us you're an impotant
one and merely a mild irritant, with no redeeming value.
My mother told me a long time ago that sarcasm is the lowest form of whit. She was right. It's also the
easiest form of whit for someone who really can't do any better.

Joyce said...

This fellow on AoC is member of the Hermes Foundation board:




paul said...

There is an article in the current issue of THE WEEK
on "The Family", entitled "Washington's 'invisible army' for Christ".
Whether it's accurate or not, it will be taken as absolute truth by millions of readers of the magazine.
Of course Christianity in general takes a pounding from every angle. No surprises there.
Perhaps "bawl" could work for THE WEEK, and find a venue for his venomous potshots at all things and people Christian, all the while claiming to be one himself, of course.
Ready! Fire, AIM!

mac said...

Praise God, Constance. Keeping you both in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Paul. You plowed and prayed at 8:50.

Anonymous 8:00 - that's great advice.

Everyone should make sure to catch the story about the Dearborn, Michigan school run by a Muslim principal.

Two key sentences from the story:

""Subsequently, in full view of students and faculty," the lawsuit states, "Fadlallah approached the young Fordson student who had chosen to be baptized a Christian at Hancock's summer wrestling camp, punched the student and advised the student he had 'disgraced his family' by converting to Christianity from Islam."

"Fadlallah, since assuming duties as Fordsons' principal in 2005, has systematically weeded out Christian teachers, coaches and employees and has terminated, demoted or reassigned them because of their Christian beliefs," the lawsuit continues. "Fadlallah has publicly stated 'he sees Dearborn Fordson High School as a Muslim school, both in students and faculty, and is working to that end.'"

Anonymous said...

Prayers and more prayers. May God sustain you both through this time.

Anonymous said...

"As I said this place is lousy with hatemongers and bigots"

Leave then .........

"..anyone who does not fear the death of loved one is not human"

I do not fear death at all - not for myself or a loved one - I am human........

I faced the same sitauation - even signed the do not resuscitate order.....

Some one here wrote that you are some form of "christian" - is that correct baal?

Anonymous said...

Good to hear, a speedy recovery to your hubby!

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill--Unless They Have 2 Lawyers to Interpret It for Them

During his speech at a National Press Club luncheon, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.), questioned the point of lawmakers reading the health care bill.

“I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” said Conyers.

“What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”


With my wife in health care, I have heard way too much about what is actually up for approval in this bill, as her company as well as other organizations have been blasting memos her way to instruct them how to answer questions they may receive regarding particular issues. The government seems bent on getting this slammed through, even if the voting members of Congress have no clue as to its true content. This bill by all accounts is the most dangerous piece of legislation ever brought before Congress.

Constance Cumbey said...

Regards the Dearborn story, it has been much in Detroit radio news lately. The award winning wrestling coach is suing the school system for religious discrimination saying he was fired for his Christian religious beliefs. This is the first I heard of the assault on the converted student. I will check the story out. Very disturbing.


Constance Cumbey said...

Here's the text of the article from the Michigan Messenger:

"More than a year after controversy erupted over the firing of longtime wrestling coach Gerry Marszalek by Dearborn Fordson High School over allegations that one of his volunteer assistant coaches had converted one of the team members to Christianity and baptized him, Marszalek has filed a wrongful termination suit against the Dearborn Public Schools and Fordson Principal Imad Fadlallah.
The situation began in 2005, when a volunteer assistant coach named Trey Hancock, the father of one of the kids on the team and a Pentecostal minister, was fired by the school and ordered to have no contact with students after he baptized a Muslim student and converted him to Christianity at a private event before school started that fall.
Hancock told the Michigan Messenger last year that the young man he baptized was one of his son’s best friends and had been attending his church for two years when he decided to make his conversion to Christianity complete with a baptism. The young man was not a student at Fordson high school at the time as this took place in the summer before his freshman year.
The complaint (PDF) alleges that Principal Fadlallah’s reaction upon hearing of the student’s conversion was intolerant to the point of violence:
Subsequently, in full view of students and faculty, Defendant Fadlallah approached the young Fordson student who had chosen to be baptized a Christian at Hancock’s summer wrestling camp, punched the student, and advised the student that he had “disgraced his family” by converting to Christianity from Islam.
According to the complaint, Fadlallah then banned Hancock from even coming to the school, despite the fact that his son was a student there, and from having any contact with the wrestling team, despite the fact that his son was an all-state wrestler on the team. It continues:
On or about Thanksgiving Day 2007, Defendant Fadlallah verbally attacked Plaintiff Marszalek shouting “I thought I told you to keep Trey Hancock out of Fordson,” or words to that effect. Plaintiff Marszalek, unaware that Hancock had been in Fordson, questioned Defendant Fadlallah about the circumstances as well as his authority to ban the parent of a Fordson student from
Fordson High School. Defendant Fadlallah then threatened Plaintiff that if he failed to keep Hancock out of Fordson that: “I can get crazy if I have to!” “I get Crazy!” “You don’t know how crazy I can get!” Hancock had been in Fordson earlier that day to sign his student son up and pay for his participation in a Fordson “pay to play” sports program.
Defendant Fadlallah then expanded his mandate to Plaintiff Marszalek now barring him from mentioning Hancock, or his independent wrestling club “One On One,” and that despite Hancock’s son currently being an All State wrestler on Fordson’s team, Hancock’s existence was not to be acknowledged at wrestling meets. Defendant Fadlallah then banned the entire Hancock family from even helping out at school concession stands during events.
After the 2007/2008 school year, Marszalek was fired as the wrestling coach despite having been one of the most successful wrestling coaches in the entire country and being both a state and national hall of fame inductee in the sport.
The complaint alleges a number of constitutional violations, including violations of Marszalek’s First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion and freedom of association, as well as religious discrimination under Michigan state law"

Jaclyn said...

I have believed for months that they had big plans for the H1N1, the hype is not consistent with the numbers affected. WHO decided to quit counting the fatalities after only 300 had died. The danger will be the vaccines and they plan to start in mid October.

US experts set rules for swine flu vaccines
Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:39am EDT

* U.S. securing vaccine supply ahead of immunizations
* Pregnant women, health workers likely get first shots
* CDC presumes vaccination to start mid-October
By Matthew Bigg
ATLANTA, July 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. government has taken delivery of 20 million doses of a vaccine against the new pandemic H1N1 swine flu, and should be ready to start an immunization campaign in October, officials said on Wednesday.
Vaccine advisers meeting in Atlanta may follow World Health Organization guidelines that put healthcare workers, pregnant women and patients with asthma and diabetes at the front of the line to get vaccinated.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices may also examine ways to manage a complicated U.S. flu season, with people getting seasonal influenza immunizations alongside swine flu vaccines.
Robin Robinson of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told the meeting the government has contracted to buy around 200 million doses of vaccine and that 20 million have been delivered.
Dr. Anne Schuchat of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it still was not clear when vaccination could begin. But she told the meeting, "We want people to plan as though we will be able to go in mid-October."
Data from human trials of the new vaccine, which have just begun, will not be available until late September, officials told the meeting.
H1N1 swine flu is now so widespread that the World Health Organization has stopped counting individual cases. Health experts are afraid it could worsen, especially when the Northern Hemisphere's influenza season starts in the autumn.


Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

Swedish think-tank denounces EU 'propaganda'

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - A former speech-writer of Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt has in a report accused the EU of creating an illegitimate "propaganda machine."

Maria Rankka, who worked for Mr Bildt in 1999, currently runs the Swedish pro-free markets think-tank Timbro, which in a paper out this week says that Brussels is overstepping its mandate of facilitating cross-border co-operation

"The EU, at the tax-payers' expense, actively advocates more European integration and prevents free debate on the future of Europe, extending the limits of what we normally regard as communication," the study says.

"Sweden, during its presidency of the EU in the autumn of 2009, should highlight the issue and take the first step in reversing this trend."

Timbro notes that the European Commission each year allocates funds far in excess of its official €213 million communications budget to projects ranging from EU-sponsored radio stations and websites, such as Euranet and EUtube.
It points out that popular broadcaster Euronews benefits from EU assistance to the tune of €10.8 million a year, raising questions over its objectivity.

The Brussels and Maastricht-based European Journalism Centre, which trains future reporters, took a €1 million grant in 2008.

The EU also contributes funds to a number of pro-European "NGOs" in order to substantiate claims that there is civil society support for deeper integration, the think-tank argues.

more at link


Jaclyn said...

Vaccinations to be mandatory, perhaps this is where the Military comes in (or perhaps NATO, foreign troops, they will be far more likely to use force against the American people than our own Military).
It is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries
Wednesday, July 29, 2009 by: Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor
See all articles by this author
Email this author

Key concepts: Health, Vaccines and Immune system
View on NaturalPedia: Health, Vaccines and Immune system

(NaturalNews) Executives from Baxter, Novartis, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Sanofi Pasteur have seats at the advisory group that on July 13th recommended mandatory H1N1 vaccination of everyone in all 194 countries that belong to the World Health Organization (WHO), according to a report just issued by journalist Jane Burgermeister. WHO spokesperson Alphaluck Bhatiasevi confirmed that Dr. Margaret Chan did not give the press briefing at WHO headquarters in Geneva as anticipated. At short notice, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny stepped in to announce that "vaccines will be needed in all countries."

According to WHO documents, vaccines "such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines are important." Health workers, pregnant women, healthy young adults of 15 to 49 years, and healthy children will be the targeted groups of the world wide vaccine effort.

"All countries should immunize their health-care workers as a first priority to protect the essential health infrastructure. As vaccines available initially will not be sufficient, a step-wise approach to vaccinate particular groups may be considered," according to Paule-Kieny. The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunisation established by the Director-General of the WHO in 1999, suggested the following groups for consideration, noting that countries need to determine their order of priority based on country-specific conditions: pregnant women; children over the age of 6 months with one of several chronic medical conditions; healthy young adults of 15 to 49 years of age; healthy children; healthy adults of 50 to 64 years of age; and healthy adults of 65 years of age and above.


Jaclyn said...

It seems to me the swine flu is a big step towards their world depopulation agenda.

Prince Phillip said at one time that if he were reincarnated he would want to come back as a killer virus to lower human population levels.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

I thought I would take a peak at what Creme was up to lately. When I began reading the Q&A section, I had to out right laugh at this mans audacity.

Q. (1) Is the new ‘star’ the return of the star of Bethlehem or the “sign of the Son of Man” as prophesized by Jesus? (2) Are all the things that have been happening in the recent past, signs of Him appearing soon? (3) How do you explain the Bible’s prophecy in Matthew 24:29-31, where Jesus says He will come “on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory”? And the scripture that says: “And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple, even the Messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight. Behold, He is coming”, says the Lord of Hosts.” (Malachi 3:1) This is plainly talking about a real temple in Israel (to me, at least). The problem is that the Jewish people have not rebuilt the ancient temple of Solomon. This prophecy is yet to be fulfilled. (4) How do you see this happening?
A. (1) The ‘star’ is, symbolically, the sign of the Son of Man and heralds the first appearance of Maitreya, the World Teacher, on US television, interviewed not as Maitreya, but as an ordinary man. (2) Yes. (3) Maitreya descended from His retreat in the high Himalaya on 8 July 1977, stayed some days in Pakistan, then came from Karachi to London, UK, on 19 July 1977, thus “coming in the clouds” which today all can do by aeroplane. (4) The ‘temple’ referred to in this symbolic text is not a building but means humanity, to which the Son of Man returns as the oldest and highest of men

Jaclyn said...

I'm sorry to post so much, however, the swine flu should be of great concern to us all. WHO claims H1N1 could infect up to two BILLION people over next two years!! Sounds an awful lot like one of the seals in Revelation...who knows. (no pun intended)

Monday, July 27, 2009

The WHO on Friday said the "H1N1 swine-flu virus could infect up to two billion people over the next two years - about one of every three people in the world," VOA News reports. According to the news service, "A separate WHO report Friday said the virus has spread to almost every country in the world, killing about 800 people since it emerged in April" (7/25).

Though the H1N1 "virus has been notable for affecting older children and young adults, groups normally not hard-hit by influenza," the WHO announced H1N1 "appeared … to be affecting older age groups spared earlier in the pandemic," Reuters reports. The WHO also "said vaccination against H1N1 might start in weeks, even though clinical trials to test the safety, efficacy and needed dosage of H1N1 vaccines have barely started" (MacInnis/Nebehay, 7/24). Despite growing pressure to produce a viable H1N1 vaccine, WHO Assistant Director-General Keiji Fukuda assured the public Friday that vaccine safety would not be compromised, the AP/Google.com writes (7/24). The news service has also posted an interview with Fukuda (Jordans, AP/Google.com, 7/25).

CDC Predicts Numbers Of U.S. Infections, Deaths Without Vaccine, Proper Control Measures

"Hundreds of thousands of Americans could die over the next two years if the vaccine and other control measures for the new H1N1 influenza are not effective, and, at the pandemic's peak, as much as 40 percent of the workforce could be affected, according to new estimates" from the CDC based on a 1957 pandemic which claimed the lives of 70,000, the Los Angeles Times reports. The estimates are "admittedly a worst-case scenario that the federal agency says it doesn't expect to occur," the newspaper writes (Maugh, 7/25).


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have clarification of the results of taking the flu vaccination. If it is true as believed that taking the flu vaccination will result in death, how quickly would that happen and would it be reported? As all members of the targeted population would not be getting the shot at the same time, would we see large numbers of people in the first level dying after getting the shot?

I've not been following the stories so if this has been written about, I've not seen speculation on it.


Anonymous said...

For those of you interested in the Flu situation, you may want to listen to this July 28 program.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy, as i understand it, there will be 3 shots for everyone. the third shot would be the final blow as they say.

Anonymous said...

**the third shot would be the final blow as they say.**

Sounds familiar, many girls got horribly ill after 3 shots for HPV.

Constance Cumbey said...

I have the Federal complaint filed on behalf of the fired Michigan wrestling coach available under "Presentations for downloading" link. It will give you many particulars on the Dearborn situation. The complaint is drafted by an extremely able legal team from the Thomas Moore Foundation.


Jaclyn said...

Dorothy, re: the bird flu, This is by far the most informative blog I have found. It's updated many times a day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks all re the flu shots. I appreciate the work you do in getting this information out.


DavidinB.C. said...


It's all because of the grace of God that any of us are able to accomplish anything, even if we don't acknowledge that fact.

Jaclyn said...

Here is another blog that seems to focus on the bird flu.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy, others,

It is ridiculous to think the flu shot, or shots, will kill anyone outright. But the evidence is overwhelming that oil adjuvants added to vaccines, while compounding the immune system response to the targeted flu pathogen, can lead down the road to increased vulnerability to a host of immunological diseases, such as MS, arthritis, and lupus.

A quick search of "squalene in vaccines", "squalene antibodies", or "gulf war syndrome", etc. will tell you what you need to know.

I can't think of a better way to keep the masses in chains to a government run health care system/ pharmaceutical industry, than to create a whole generation of chronically ill drug users. [See Gary Matsumotos excellent articles on the subject.]

When anti-squalene antibodies were discovered in those suffering from what came to be known as "Gulf War Syndrome", WHO and CDC spokesmen lied to Congress and denied under oath that squalene was in the anthrax vaccine. It wasn't long before newer and more sensitive FDA tests exposed their lie.....a fact which caused WHO/CDC to change it's tune about squalenes, now bending over backwards to assure us that the oil additive is absolutely safe. (The testimony is readily available in the Congressional record).

Of further significance, Russian bioweapons experts have declared squalene additives actually increase the efficacy of selected weaponized pathogens.

You might want to familiarize yourself with:


Congressional testimony re


Also, on a related note:

Dr. Francis Collins, Obama's choice to head NIH, should be on everybody's radar. Collins headed the Human Genome Project and is a brilliant geneticist in his own right. Collins also claims to be a "believer" and has been recognized for his debates with the well known atheist Stephen Hawking.

Collins' website is worth a look:


Founder of the Biologos Foundation, Collins has a set of "33" questions on his website which exists to promote theistic evolution. But even a cursory review of his "religious" views paints Collins as an, perhaps unwitting, accomplice not so far removed from Blavatsky's brand of theosophy.

Collins is a perfect foil for all us "neanderthals", those religious fundamentalists who might object to mandatory vaccinations based on our "irrational fears" or "ignorant" religious grounds.

Collins is also popular with the Emergent Church/Rick Warren crowd. His last public appearance (July 15) was at Lifetree Cafe, an emergent type of gathering place founded by Thom Schultz of Group Publishing.

I've done enough research on Group Publishing and Thom Schultz to know that they promote the anti-biblical NA concepts of universalism, panentheism, and replacement theology. My own church was duped this summer into using Group Publishing's Crocodile Dock VBS curriculum. I failed to discern the NA infiltration until too late.

Goes to show how vulnerable to such an all encompassing deception we are, eh?

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

Dorothy, Oldman, others,

Given that Baxter has already shipped vaccines for other pathogens which were contaminated with lethal viruses such as H5N1, it is not too far fetched to think we may see a similar thing happen among the H1N1 vaccines. The perfect cover for this would be a similar strain contained within the shot that was engineered for a higher kill ratio. All WHO, CDC, and others would need to do to cover their tracks would be to say the current strain had again mutated. Of course this is simply speculation and conjecture on my part, however at least one company has already shown a willingness to do just such a thing. Given that H1N1 does not act like a typical virus, in that it is resistant to the heat of summer, and even is flourishing in the heat, and that several infectious disease experts have come forward saying it has the hallmarks of a manufactured virus, I am leary as to the intentions behind this vaccine campaign. Everything about H1N1 has had a stink to it from the start. No one person can say that this is definitely a conspiracy to kill massive numbers, but when none of the official facts add up, and when people in the know about these types of things begin to warn people to take caution, its time to question who, what, why where, when and how.

We all know there is a New Age agenda to bring the worlds population down to 500 million. A plague on a massive scale is a very cost effective, efficient way of doing so. I suspect if this is part of The Plan, (which I believe it may be)we will not be able to prove it until its too late. That is until the first wave of infected/injected begin to die.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the information down to a level that I can follow.


Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...


Not wanting to correct you, however from what I've read on Collins, a more appropriate description would be to refer to him as a brilliant eugenecist, not geneticist. But these days, who can really tell the difference anymore.

Anonymous said...

Okay, really simple:

The much heralded "flying pig flu" vaccine isn't kosher.

Regarding infectious disease....better to follow God's ordinances of sanitation and quarantine than inject the latest chemical cocktail.

Unknown said...


Until about four years ago, I was very active in childrens' ministry and worked my own curriculum. Then due to various circumstances, others became involved in choosing childrens' materials for our ministry. I remember becoming very unsettled when looking at Group's offerings. (One book I looked at had kids hugging trees.) I also loathed (and that puts it mildly) David C. Cook publishers, which our church used for about 3 years until I took the helm again, and dropped like a lead balloon.

At the time, I was not aware of Constance's books, nor was I yet acquainted with the scope of the NA.

My brother-in-law now heads childrens' ministry in his church. I've been out of it for over four years. Would you mind giving me the info that you have about Group. I am willing to correspond via e-mail at terrimulberry@yahoo.com.


Jaclyn said...

After reading Oldman's post I was going to mention Baxter's stunt earlier this year, but JD already addressed it.

Baxter even admits the bird flu (which has a 60% mortality rate) was in the vaccine (which was delivered to 18 different countries) but claims it was an accident. That would be like me "accidentally" putting rat poison in dinner, preposterous!!

Google the story, it happened this year, but mainstream media completely ignored it, appauling!

sarah said...

A quick question. Say one receives the vaccination, is it possible they can become a secondary line of infection, spread around? Not everyone receives the "lethal" dose, but it is randomized, unknown, who gets it, and therefore it is "spreading throughout the population" naturally, giving more credence to the PTB's argument that it is mutating and uncontrollable?

I'm in the middle of a task, making this quick. Sorry if it is disjointed...


sarah said...

The so-called "flu", that is...


oldmanoftheski said...

JD, Jaclyn,

Excellent points!

Collins is credited with cracking "God's code"...deciphering the "book of life". And with such knowledge we (fallen man) have the audacity to make "improvements".

Collins is the perfect fit to run the NIH for Obama. Why worry about genetically altered foods, emerging biological threats, and mandatory vaccinations, when such a sincere "believer" like Collins is at the helm telling us all what's good for us.

Anonymous said...

Personally this winter when I get back from vaccation I plan on using Sambucal

oldmanoftheski said...


Don't know the answer to your question, but what I do know is that flu vaccines are targeted to ward off a specific seasonal flu strain. Flu bugs do mutate in nature, as well as in the laboratory. Every year vaccine manufacturers try to guess what might be coming and manufacture one or more vaccines to fight off what they think are the most likely strains on the horizon. That's one reason the medical community advises the most vulnerable among us to get a new flu shot every year.

But then something unexpected happens...

A new strain emerges, or an old strain reemerges or mutates, forcing vaccine makers into a mad scramble to come up with an effective vaccine because their previous vaccines are ineffective.

If the current mild H1N1 (Swine flu) mutates into some new more lethal strain tomorrow, the vaccine that is being mass produced around the world today, bought and paid for with billions of our tax dollars, would likely be ineffective. Nobody really knows because no one can predict the mutation. That is unless they know something ahead of time, are in on the Plan.

Top pathologists claim that the current H1N1 flu could have mutated in nature, but then also go on to say that such an odd combination flu bug is much more likely to have been manufactured. Again, such conjecture certainly lays a scientific foundation for a conspiracy. But that really doesn't matter at this point.

What does matter is that squalene laced vaccines, which are likely to offer some protection against the current H1N1 flu, are absolutely guaranteed to provide enhanced efficacy for a much more lethal pathogen, or pathogens, created or naturally emerging, released by "accident" or released intentionally, down the road.

sarah said...


Thanks for the insight, I don't know nearly as much, but am assured of getting the education now.

Is the virus a live, or a killed, virus, for the vaccine? I haven't read, but thought I heard on the TruNews interview that it was live. I need to go listen again.

take care,

Baal said...


"Thanks for the insight, I don't know nearly as much, but am assured of getting the education now."

Yeah. An education in kook.

Jaclyn said...

Sarah, those are good questions and I have heard many speculations. I don't think anyone really knows. I have heard we may "need" two or three vaccinations, once again I don't know why. I'm sure there is a method to their madness. It is clear to me that they have some kind of a plan and expect the crisis to be big and far reaching.

Jaclyn said...

These little youtubes are a couple minutes long each. They were posted by a concerned citizen and speak volumes. Something is coming, we don't know what, when, where or how, but they're preparing for SOMETHING.



yvonne said...

you were correct in worrying what will come of the holacost memorial shooting of the guard.
see here what will become of it.

and here another take on it:


Greg Davis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Baal said...

Mr. Davis,

While I come here mainly to see what the people who think this way are indeed thinking, and while I am currently laughing myself silly about the various incarnations of the "Swine Flu Conspiracy", and lastly while I think that each and every word and punctuation mark Constance has ever written is wrong, I have not yet seen a nasty or out of line comment toward me from her. Indeed a I enjoy a good verbal joust and doubt much of anything she could say about me would offend. I am more likely to laugh at stuff like that. I like loud and vigorous arguments.

In fact, given that I have intimated that her work as it relates to conspiracy rot is total nonsense and even called her a bogus lawyer and questioned who on earth would hire her, made a souls stolen in a corn maze joke at her expense, in spite of all of this she has remained remarkably calm. This, I must admit is somewhat disappointing...though I have read that she had some issues with Walter Martin and loathes John Ankerberg and if true this makes up for some of my disappointment. Indeed it may be one of the few things I agree with her on.

Dorothy on the other hand is loads of fun.

Generally speaking, it seems to me as an outsider, if you don't believe in some version of the Universal Spiritual Conspiracy and Global Conquest meme they don't really want to talk to you.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Greg, where did that come from?

Poor Constance, it seems someone is always mad at her for something.

Hang in there Constance, I guess it goes with the territory.

Joyce said...

Hi Greg,
Personally, I've been too busy to read all the posts here, but will pray for your uncle. Sorry to hear that your family is going through a difficult time.

Constance has had a pretty rough couple of days with her husband hospitalized and pacemaker problems. I suspect she hasn't had much sleep and in spite of that is usually pretty gracious to people on the blog.

I think her philosophy is to not micromanage what happens on the blog and to allow people to speak freely, all kinds of people that visit here, so those who comment run the gamut in terms of religious /theological positions, personalities, writing styles etc. and we who visit here do because we either want to contribute something or learn something, and some of us are willing to take the good with the bad.. those that don't leave.

In my many years as a believer, if I only hung around the places that were comfortable, I would be with people like me.. We won't make much impact if we only stay in our comfort zone, so just some food for thought.

Jonah had to go to Ninevah...


Anonymous said...

Constance, Praise Jesus for his goodness in healing your husband!

Greg I will pray for your father. I work in a rehab hospital and see the difficulties of a family member sustaining a stroke.

We can keep on praying and praising Jesus for every blessing he has given us daily as we don
t know what tomorrow holds!

On another note, I was sent these links that were discussed on a Catholic talk show (Crosstalk 2/2009). You may already be familiar with them they are advertisements for the coming of the maitreya.



Rudi said...

Hi Greg,
Many read here but may not comment, as you said you did for over a year. Most who read your comment requesting prayer for your stepmother's brother would pray.
Having read your other comments over the past few days, I was surprised you were so easily offended and made such hasty presumptions about those who contribute here.
Watching and Praying - Rudi

Anonymous said...


I realize that I made a mistake you said that it was your uncle not your father.

I will pray for your uncle,

May God Bless and heal your uncle and bless and give strength to you and your family.

Constance Cumbey said...

I am coming through deep personal waters on a number of stressful fronts. I would deeply appreciate everybody's prayers.

Thank you,


Constance Cumbey said...


I just read your page -- I have been through extremely deep waters of my own this week, including a heart episode requiring hospitalization with my husband. I have carried much heavy work for years and to paraphrase Moses complaint to
God, "you know I have not taken so much as an ass from them . . ." I have tried to give just about everything to the detriment of my own family's welfare.

"Baal", a self-confessed pagan has shown me more charitable understanding this week on the blog than you.

There are no perfect churches because there are no perfect people and I certainly am not claiming perfection, but I have my hands full and I don't know where you are coming from -- there are only so many hours in a day, I am not a young woman and I don't know exactly what you expect.


Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...


A spread out contaminated vaccine is actually what concerns me most. As it would be far more effective to spread vaccines contaminated with deadly viruses across a large playing field. All one would need to do from that point forward would be to let the injected infect as many as possible.


I know how you feel regarding your uncle. My mom suffers from mini-strokes regularly and is in quite poor health. I think you have judged many here much too quickly. I, for one, take all requests for prayer and bring them to our Father. As I know do many others here, as I have asked for prayer concerning personal matters in the past, only to be met with an abundance of love poured out by my fellow readers.

Concerning Baal, I believe you will find most of us wish this person would come to repent of their ways, even if said person hates every single one of us. However, if you have been reading here for a while, you must realize this blog has been infiltrated by ones we considered friends, only to find they were enemies, as well as those who simply drop in to chastise and bash. Baal seems to be the latter. One who will scoff and riddicule without ever looking at what they are scoffing at. Please try not be so quick to judge, as many have had to deal with this type over and over. While I may agree that not all have handled this particular situation with love and kindness, it is due to the nature of Baal and others that have similarly come here. Baal spews nothing but hate, and for that I feel sorrow that someone would feel that bitterly toward others. However, we were warned days such as these would come and how we were to handle those such as Baal. We all in our own way are working through the time in which we live, please try not to judge your brethren for their short comings in this season, for at some point we all fall short of the glory of the Father.

Anonymous said...

greg davis, if you have read here for as long as you say i cannot understand why you are surprised by what you find.

One of the semi-regulars who posts here lost her father a while back and posted about it, no one even noticed, it was like it didn't matter at all. There are many more examples but I won't "go there."

why do you think things should be "any different" for you?

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...


You have my prayers. You know better than most the issues I have dealt with lately, and while I have never expressed it before in the past you have been a blessing to me in so many ways. I can not imagine what you are dealing with concerning Barry, for I know if it was my wife I would likely be in shambles. You both have my love and support, just the same as you have caringly offered me yours in my time of need. May His grace be with you now more than ever.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

Anon 3:09,

While I am unsure whom you are refering to with the loss of a father. For you to say this is par for the course is a bit of a stretch. I, for one have had hardships for which many here have showed great support. I am sure if you asked Mariel or even Amom Widow they would tell you similar stories of compassion that came from others here. The fact is in 24 hours one thread has balooned to over 87 posts. Not every one reads every post. There fore somethings are bound to get missed. To try to generalize that the readers here are unsimpathetic to others is false on a grand scale. I as well as many others will attest to this.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I've been posting here since the beginning. During that time I've had financial problems, my mother died, serious family problems, four hospital stays and one physical rehab stay. Only within the last month has a wound on my shin healed that remained open for a year and a half. As these were private matters, I didn't ask others to get involved when they were happening.

Off the threads I've heard of similar problems that others who post here have faced. Sick family members, job losses, car problems, health problems, etc.

Some people who read here never post. Some post all of the time. Some come and go. Some skim the thread reading only Constance's post. Some remain anonymous even after long periods of time. Some know a few others off the thread. Few share bits and pieces of their life, but most post nothing personal.

As it's Constance's blog, she has the right to share parts of her personal life with those who post here and know her at more than one level.

This is not like a church congregation where people know what is going on in each other's lives and support and commiserate with each other. Although most who post here are Christian, it is not a Christian blog. This is more like a community newspaper where someone might write a letter asking for prayers but wouldn't expect to hear back from everyone who reads the newspaper.

If your family is close, you are probably under a great strain. Other than saying a prayer for you without reporting back to you, there is little else those who are strangers to you can do to help.

Constance is good hearted where real people are concerned. Everybody gets a chance because she hopes the good will come out that may be hidden there. It's only when she can't deny that the person she is dealing with can't be trusted will she accept what she is dealing with.
I think she waits much too long, but that's her.

She's much more analytical where facts are concerned, keeping much dry information organized and catalogued. The conclusions she may post. This is a blog, not an academic paper. She presents her conclusions in ways that the average person can follow. It's what made her first book so successful.

Bottom line is nobody is paying for the information here. Don't like how this is being handled, go away. I've done it once or twice.


Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Tonight's show on Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Conservatism Blogtalk radio looks very good. This follows Constance's broadcast.

Better sit down and try to remember we are free men and women and not numbers as tonight privacy expert and anti-tagging crusader, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, gives an update on how our ruling elites plan on tagging us all like deer on their private hunting preserves.


Rich Peterson - Medford said...

full address


Rich Peterson - Medford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Len said...


How about this one?


If you are conspiracy minded it may not be just your imagination.


Len said...

Anon 7:03 Pm wrote: "TO JESUS CHRIST ALL THE GLORY!!!"

Is there no glory at all for the Father???

Anon's exclamation seems to this Jew to be a corruption of Christianity.

It shows the result of completely ejecting the Father from the extremist Christian mind; like the bumper stickers that say "Jesus is Lord."

What do other Christians think?


Jaclyn said...

Len, thanks for the link.

At this point I don't consider the words "conspiracy" or "theory" to be an accurate description of people like myself. I would replace the word conspiracy with "agenda" and the word theory with "observations".

We no longer need to rely on piecing together parts of their plan, instead, as you saw in the links I posted, it is here, and unfolding before our eyes.

I consider myself and "agenda observer"....:-)

Susanna said...

The current influenza scare is not just some "conspiracy theory" that has been invented and peddled by paranoid "kooks."

It is being described by some as a "marketing strategy" being implemented by those who stand to gain by fearmongering.

For example, the following appeared on the English version of the 7/21/09 edition of Speigel Online International:



The world has been gripped with fears of swine flu in recent weeks. In an interview with SPIEGEL, epidemiologist Tom Jefferson speaks about dangerous fear-mongering, misguided, money-driven research and why we should all be washing our hands a lot more often.....read entire article...


Len said...

Dear Constance,

I am delighted to hear about Barry's healing but am sorry about your incidents. Take good care of yourself. We need you and wish you a speedy and perfect recovery.

A Jew who has recovered from illness says the following prayer in the synagogue:

"Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who bestows good on the unworthy and who has bestowed on me much good."

The congregation responds:

"Amen. May He Who bestowed much good on you continue to bestow much good on you."

I am happy to say this for Barry and, hopefully, also for you.

Peace and blessing,

Joyce said...

As you well know, I don't consider myself a Christian, but a Jew who believes in Yeshua. This is one of the occasions where I can say that I agree with you in a certain sense. The great difficulty in explaining this to you is you won't see Yeshua as echad with the Father.

Yeshua Himself told us, when we pray we are to pray to the Father.. Because He humbled Himself and did not seek equality with the Father the Bible says His Name would be elevated above all names.

Phil. 2:8-11 Being found in appearance as a man, aHe humbled Himself by becoming bobedient to the point of death, even cdeath on a cross. aFor this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of bthose who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

It is for the glory of the Father, that Yeshua's name is lifted up, but when we see that they are echad ( one, as in composite unity) and that there is no separation, we see that Yeshua perfectly represents the the Father.

In Christianity at times it seems like there are those that think the "wrathful God of the Old Testament" has been done away with "and the nice Jesus of the New Testament has come". ( not all Christians of course)

This contradicts what Yeshua Himself says:
John 14:9 Jesus *said to him, “Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?

There is NO separation between the Father, YHVH of the Tanakh and Yeshua. Yeshua is in the Father and the Father in Him.

The great mystery is that by His own right hand, the Father has saved us.

Ex. 14:13-14 But Moses said to the people, “aDo not fear! 1Stand by and see the YESHUAH of the YHVH which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever. “YHVH will fight for you while you keep silent.”


joyce said...

Yeshua, (who was then pre-incarnate )and YHVH are one ( echad) in this passage but you have to see it..( raah). It's a kind of spiritual seeing that God gives to us when we seek Him with all of our heart.

Yeshua is there all over Torah, in the story of the visitors to Abram, when the Lord told Him to sacrifice his "one and only son" which is how Scripture refers to Isaac even though Ishmael was his biological son, too. Joseph, who was sold by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver, a mere 10 pieces less than the Son of Man was sold for by His own people too. Moses is a picture of Yeshua, ascending and descending from the mountain as the mediator of the covenant.

Yeshua ascended once and for all and is seated at the right hand of the Father... The improved covenant was in His blood, where He dealt with sin and death once and for all, when He rose from the dead on the third day, the sign of Jonah. I could go on and on, but unless you seek Him with all of your heart, you will not find Him.

Spiritual seeing, is when God opens our eyes, and once we see, we see. Until we see we are like blind men.

Is. 29:10-14 For the LORD has poured over you a spirit of deep asleep, He has shut your eyes, the prophets; And He has covered your heads, the seers. The entire vision will be to you like the words of a sealed book, which when they give it to the one who is literate, saying, “Please read this,” he will say, “I cannot, for it is sealed.”
Then the book will be given to the one who is illiterate, saying, “Please read this.” And he will say, “I cannot read.” Then the Lord said,
Because this people draw near with their words And honor Me with their lip service,
But they remove their hearts far from Me,
And their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote,Therefore behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous; And the wisdom of their wise men will perish, And the discernment of their discerning men will be concealed.”

May the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob open your eyes, to the glory of Yeshua's name.

joyce said...

I want to make a correction, Yeshua ascended once and for all, to do away with sin and death but He is coming back to reign from Jerusalem.

1Th. 4:16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of dthe archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.


Dawn said...

Interesting observation. Not sure how to answer that. I would think from a Christian point of view, Jesus is Lord. Having said that we wouldn't have Jesus without the mercy and love of God the father.

I don't want to make a mistake about this, I believe the New Age Movement has an acceptance of Jesus being "a way" just not "the way".

oldmanoftheski said...

An old high school buddy and his wife recently came to visit my family. They are Jews, we are Christians. On Friday night I said a prayer at dinner time, concluding with the oft repeated phrase, “In Jesus name”. I perceived a bit of a wince from both of them, yet while I am indeed aware of Jewish sensitivities, I figured it’s my house, my rules, my prayer.

We had a wonderful weekend together, and as this Jewish couple prepared to depart early Sunday morning, my 10 yr. old daughter went downstairs and recited some scripture verses to them she had been memorizing. This was done without any prompting from us.

My friend’s wife came upstairs and commented to me, “Wow, I’m impressed your daughter is doing so well memorizing her Bible verses.” To which I replied, “Oh, and what verses is she reciting, from the Old Testament or the New?”

Her husband heard my question as he came up the stairs and replied with a grin, “Well, she was reading from the wrong book!”

We all shared a laugh, but my daughter’s Spirit led boldness had effectively opened the door for a pre-breakfast discussion about Messiah (capital “M”).

It went something like this…

I said, “Well, when you Jews finally see Messiah come to earth, you’re going to say, ‘there he is!’ while us Christians are going to say, “Again!’”

My friend answered, “There are (or will be) many messiahs (small ‘m’).”

To which I replied, “You got that right!”

As we stood around the breakfast table, I asked my friend to say a blessing. He said a prayer in Hebrew asking a blessing on the bread. My friend is still my friend, though we disagree about the Christ. He will be my friend to the very end of our days on this earth, and hopefully beyond.

As every nation in the whole world turns against Israel, the Jewish people are eventually going to realize that their only friends on this earth willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, are all those “fundamentalist Christ following kooks”.

Oh what a glorious day when the Old Testament and the New Testament finally become One Testament. [See Romans 11:11-25] One Tree with many branches. One Root, with some wild branches grafted in. Even some of the “dead” branches that were pruned off are going to be grafted back in. I can't wait!

Praise the Lord!

yvonne said...

Now apparently there is far to many vaccines they want to put in the arms of our citizens, this one not just for young girls anymore.


and lets not forget where they want us to be,this is government medicine at its best, an entire country on so many drugs they don't know if there coming or going.

Len said...


Joyce wrote: "The great difficulty in explaining this to you is you won't see Yeshua as echad with the Father. "

Neither did the New Testament see this because it uses the term, "God" only for the Father and distinguishes God the Father from Jesus who is referred to as "lord" and/or "son of God."

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord --- That the God of our Lord --- (Eph 1:3, 17)"

While the Father is often called "Lord" in the Tanakh, the word, "lord" is not exclusive to God in the Tanakh (i.e., Gen. 23:6, 11, 15), and this is nowhere more evident in the New Testament distinction.

If they are one, as you contend, why the difference in language???


Anonymous said...

Hi Len,
here - as a Christian is what I think -
praise be to the Father
praise be to the Sin
praise be to the Hoy Spirit -
the Lord God - Almighty
Creator of heaven and earth -


yvonne said...




Len said...


Dear Joyce,

Further on the subject of "echad" or "one" in Hebrew, the word is not exclusive to unique identity. Just as the word, "one" in English can mean either a simple or compound unity (one chair or one group of chairs) so can the Hebrew "echad."

In John 17:11 and 17:21-22 Jesus prays to God that his disciples be one as are Jesus and God. This is obviously a request that rather than of the same substance, they be of one purpose.

And need I quote John 14:28? But I will anyway:

"I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I."


yvonne said...

According to Israel National News the Temple Institute will begin building the sacrificial alter on Thursday which is Tisha B’av. Tisha B’av is a day the Jews mourn the destruction of the second temple approx. 2,000 years ago. In my opinion this is HUGE! The article did not speak on how long the process was going to take but I doubt it takes long. The alter will not be able to be used until it is placed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem though.

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Doug in MI

Just looked at your comment to Len. I'm reasonably certain you meant to say:

"Praise to the Son" rather than the "Praise to the sin" type that came through.

Thanks for participating!


Len said...


Joyce wrote... “Ex. 14:13-14 But Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! 1Stand by and see the YESHUAH of the YHVH which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever. “YHVH will fight for you while you keep silent.”

Dear Joyce,

Your play on the Hebrew word, yeshua, meaning salvation, is a stretch even for you, and is unwitting evidence of my accusation that missionaries distort, if not falsify outright, the Tanakh’s meaning. Here is the translation of these verses:

“13 Moses said to the people, ‘Don t be afraid! Stand firm and see the Lord’s salvation that He will wreak for you today, for the way you have seen the Egyptians is [only] today, [but] you shall no longer continue to see them for eternity. 14 The Lord will fight for you, but you shall remain silent.’”

No one, not even you, would claim that the Jews escaping from Egypt were treated to Jesus on that day. The Father’s salvation clearly referred to the miraculous exodus via the parting of the Sea of Reeds and the drowning of Pharaoh and the Egyptian army.


Len said...

Joyce wrote: "Yeshua is there all over Torah, in the story of the visitors to Abram --- Moses is a picture of Yeshua, ascending and descending from the mountain as the mediator of the covenant."

Where is that and the others? As I said before, assertion is far from proof.

Is Moses “echad” with Jesus also? Did Moses become an incarnate God?

Au contraire, contrast the New Testament tale of Jesus’ birth to Mary, (betrothed to Joseph) with the aid of the Holy Spirit, his birth as the alleged fulfillment of prophecy, with the attention of the wise men, coincident with the rising star, God’s voice from heaven proclaiming that Jesus is His son –--- Contrast all this with the Tanakh’s description of Moses’ birth:

Exod 2:1 A man of the house of Levi went and married a daughter of Levi. 2 The woman conceived and bore a son, and [when] she saw him that he was good, she hid him for three months.

We do not even find out the names of Moses’ parents till Ch. 6:20. How many of you know that their names were Amram and Jochebed?

Unlike Jesus’ articulate preaching, audacity and his spreading fame, as narrated in the New Testament, Moses was a reluctant and modest person who tried to avoid his mission:

"But Moses said to God, "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should take the children of Israel out of Egypt?" --- "Behold they will not believe me, and they will not heed my voice, but they will say, 'The Lord has not appeared to you.' "(Exod 3:11, 4:1)


Len said...

Joyce wrote: “Spiritual seeing, is when God opens our eyes, and once we see, we see. Until we see we are like blind men.
Is. 29:10-14 For the LORD has poured over you a spirit of deep asleep, He has shut your eyes, the prophets; And He has covered your heads, the seers. The entire vision will be to you like the words of a sealed book, which when they give it to the one who is literate, saying, “Please read this,” he will say, “I cannot, for it is sealed.”
Then the book will be given to the one who is illiterate, saying, “Please read this.” And he will say, “I cannot read.” Then the Lord said,
Because this people draw near with their words And honor Me with their lip service, But they remove their hearts far from Me,
And their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote,Therefore behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous; And the wisdom of their wise men will perish, And the discernment of their discerning men will be concealed.”

Very good, Joyce; but you should be looking in the mirror when reading this because it is all about yourself. Today on Tisha b’Ab we read from Deuteronomy 4 and Jeremiah 8-9. I could not help thinking of you as I read of God’s view of apostate Jews who think another sits besides God. Far from Jesus sitting at God’s right hand I read:

“You have been shown, in order to know that the Lord He is God; there is none else besides Him. --- And you shall know this day and consider it in your heart, that the Lord He is God in heaven above, and upon the earth below; there is none else. And you shall observe His statutes and His commandments, which I command you this day, that it may be well with you and your children after you, and that you may prolong your days upon the earth which the Lord your God gives you forever. (Deut. 4:35, 39, 40)”

“Why have they provoked Me with their graven images, with their strange vanities? --- For they are all adulterers, a company of traitors! They have directed their tongue treacherously (as) their bows, --- for they proceed from evil to evil, and they do not know Me, says the Lord. Let each one beware of his neighbor, and do not trust any brother; for each brother forges plans, and every neighbor spreads slander. Indeed, they deceive one another and do not speak the truth; they have taught their tongue to speak lies, they commit iniquity (until) they are weary. --- And the Lord said: (It is) because they have forsaken My Law, which I set before them, and have not hearkened to My voice, nor walked by it. But they have followed the view of their own heart, and after the Baalim, which their fathers taught them (to worship). --- Thus says the Lord: Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom, nor the strong man boast of his strength, nor the rich man boast of his riches. But let him that boasts exult in this, that he understands and knows me, for I am the Lord Who practices kindness, justice and righteousness on the earth; for in these things I delight, says the Lord.”


sarah said...

Hi JD,

Exactly, that is my concern, let the population be the second vector for infection, one that can probably spread it much more effectively than just injecting and waiting. And it could support, be a "confirmation", of the dire need to vaccinate everyone.

It's also be a fairly effective way to filter out the Constitution-defending, Bible-believing, pro-freedom "terrorists" that many of us have been defined as being.

It sounds extreme to discuss this topic in this manner, but if you've read any of the Obamacare bill out there, extreme is where everything is headed.

Thanks again,
take care,

Len said...

July 30, 2009

Books of The Times

A Turning Tide in Europe as Islam Gains Ground


Christopher Caldwell’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West” is a hot book presented under a cool, scholarly title. To observe that Mr. Caldwell’s rhetoric is “hot” is not to say that it is aggrieved or unruly. On the contrary, Mr. Caldwell, a senior editor at The Weekly Standard and a columnist for The Financial Times, compiles his arguments patiently, twig by twig, and mostly with lucidity and intellectual grace and even wit.

But they are arguments one is not used to hearing put so baldly, at least from the West’s leading political journalists. Primary among them are these: Through decades of mass immigration to Europe’s hospitable cities and because of a strong disinclination to assimilate, Muslims are changing the face of Europe, perhaps decisively. These Muslim immigrants are not so much enhancing European culture as they are supplanting it. The products of an adversarial culture, these immigrants and their religion, Islam, are “patiently conquering Europe’s cities, street by street.”


Anonymous said...

Hi Constance -
OOOOOOOOOhhhh,yes - that is a terrible typo - (can we get spell check?)
I am so sorry to all -

I absolutely meant
praise to the Father
praise to the Son
praise to the Holy Spirit
praise to the Lord God Almighty -
Creator of heaven and earth - and all that was created -


Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...


We are certainly thinking alike. I have read much of the healthcare legislation, and while I admit to not completely understanding some of the language, what I could understand I find horrific. Such as the stipulations regarding how end of life care is to be handled, and even that the government gets to choose which doctor decides when a patient is at that end and regulates how said doctor will end the life. They are basicly making assisted suicide not only legal, but mandatory where they see fit. The sad part is I am afraid with the telecare portions that the quality of care is going to slip so far, that mandated deaths will become the norm. If one combines this bill with the H1N1 hoopla it becomes all the more frightening. As it does leave room for them to terminate the infected, or possibly even those who refuse vaccination. Which if you go back and look at a post I made regarding how there is already plans in place for mass quarantine, it really makes one think that the timing makes this bill all the more fishy.

I know a lot is simply speculation, but unless one looks at all the possibilities honestly it is easy to be duped. I haven't even covered the possibility of chipping people when they get the shots. As this would be a thorough way of knowing who had gotten jabbed and who hadn't. I am not saying I believe that will happen, simply stating at this point it would be an attractive option to these New Agers. They could quite possibly eliminate two objectives in one swift motion. All I can say at this point for sure is too much is being done in secret, for me to trust that its above the boards. I won't be getting a vaccine, even if it means death. Nor, if I have anything to say, will my family.

joyce said...


I'm not worried about being in apostasy on Tisha b'Ab. On the contrary I grieve for my people who have not know the goodness that I know of Yeshua's redemption. I pray for those whose hearts have been hardened because of history, and have confused a religion called Christianity, with a relationship with the Living God.

It's sad that you have bought into the propaganda that to know Yeshua's redemption is turning against the Father. This is the great lie of HaSatan that Judaism has bought into for the last 1800 years or so.

When you have come down from the mountain and your face is shining with the glory of God's presence, others cannot bear to look upon your face. Moses understood this, and I understand what Moses experienced in face to face relationship, because in Yeshua, I have experienced that too.

All the cliches about helping Hitler and so on are all sadly continuing to blind many of my people from seeing their Mashiach.

My explanations will never suffice for you, because the veil must be lifted before you can see. The paradox is that the very One you are avoiding is the One who can lift this veil, so you too can experience what Moses experienced.


Len said...

Dear Joyce,

I experience what Moses did every day. You are deceiving yourself and trying to deceive me like the missionary you are. All your oozing-snake-oil sentimental blather changes nothing.

The Bible doesn't call Jews "stiff-necked" for nothing. It has its disadvantages but a big advantge is that it has kept us from falling for the likes of you for 2000 yeaars.

You wrote: "It's sad that you have bought into the propaganda that to know Yeshua's redemption is turning against the Father. This is the great lie of HaSatan that Judaism has bought into for the last 1800 years or so. "

It is not Satan but God the Father who motivates me to expose you. It is you who resembles the snake in the Garden of Eden who tried, with sweet talk, to seduce Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.


Anonymous said...

Please forgive me, as I meant no offence to the Jewish community here when praising the Lord Jesus Christ for the good report of Constance’ husband.

I trembled, prayed and searched the Scriptures seeking if I grieved His Spirit by not giving our Father God the excellent glory that is most definitely due Him.

I pray this makes sense to you, for it was my comfort.

“Jesus said I and the Father are one.” John 10:30

“he who acknowledges the Son has the Father.’ 1 John 2:23

“And from Jesus Christ, [who is] the faithful witness… to HIM [be] glory and dominion for ever and ever.” Rev 1:5a-6b

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

“His name is called The Word of God” Rev. 19:13

“For You have magnified Your Word above all Your name.” Ps. 138:2

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. John 1:14

God’s Word is His communication.
The Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Ps.119:105).
God's Word keeps us from sin and keeps us on his path.
John 1:5 tells us God is light.

“And God ['Elohiym] said, Let there be light: and there was light. Genesis 1:3

“Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world:” John 8:12

“At midday, O king, I saw in the way a light from heaven, above the brightness of the sun, shining round about me and them which journeyed with me. And when we were all fallen to the earth, I heard a voice speaking unto me, and saying in the Hebrew tongue, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? [it is] hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And I said, Who art thou, Lord? And he said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.” Acts 26:13-15

John 1:9-11 “[That] was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not.


vs.12 “… as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, [even] to them that believe on his name:

All that to say

“For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 1 John 5:7

Baal said...

There only was, is, and ever shall be Isis. And she cares little in what wise you view or pray to her. So you may pray in the name of the Mother, the Father, The Son, The Sun, The Holy Spirit, or any other manner you see fit. Isis is our mother and loves all of us however we view or address her.

Anonymous said...

Isis is dead

Anonymous said...


Anon wrote: "Please forgive me, as I meant no offence to the Jewish community here when praising the Lord Jesus Christ for the good report of Constance’ husband."

You do not need to ask for forgiveness for praying as a Christian as long as you do not try to convert others.

You deserve credit for your concerns.

Peace and blessing,

joyce said...

The problem is that all your attempts to "expose" me will not mean much to people who believe that Yeshua is the promised Messiah.

The majority know what it is to be in relationship with Yeshua, whether they call Him Jesus or Yeshua is not the issue. They may not all have the understanding of Torah, but they know as I know that we need redemption through His death.

We need to die to our old man and be buried and raised up with Him as new creations i.e. we need to be born again, if we are to see the kingdom.

You have a knowledge of the holiness of the Father, but you don't understand that to come into His presence as we are without a high priest is impossible. You, who claim to know the Father think you can come to him without redemption...

The irony is that Torah shows us over and over again that we can't. The Jews of the Second Temple knew this too, but when the Temple was destroyed they tried to come up with other explanations to deal with the fact that there was no more Temple.

We know that both the mishkan and the temple are a reflection of the throne room.. We need redemption, which comes through the shedding of blood. Without it there is no forgiveness of sins.

If blood was not important in the Torah, God would not have set up such an elaborate system to deal with cleansing us from impurity and sin. God would not have left His people for 1940 something years without a means of redemption.

Judaism has tried to say this is not necessary, but Torah never says that this is not necessary. The destruction of the Second Temple was not accidental. God permitted this to happen and scattered His people so that they might seek Him with all of their hearts and so that the news would go out from Jerusalem to the four corners of the earth.

In Yeshua the covenant is perfect because His blood cleanses our sins at the mercy seat in heaven, and it cleanses them once and for all. We are new creations who now have the identity of Yeshua, and we are in Him and He in us, He is in the Father and the Father in Him.

Face to face relationship is possible from this position because our sins no longer separate us from Him. We have His righteousness ( not our own)

This is all about the love of the Father, who while we were still sinners sent Yeshua to die for us. It's a love that is difficult for most to understand:

Rom. 5:6-8 For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.
For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

This is why it is a serious matter to reject Yeshua.

Heb. 2:2-4 For if the word spoken through angels proved unalterable, and every transgression and disobedience received a just penalty, how will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? After it was at the first spoken through the Lord, it was confirmed to us by those who heard, God also testifying with them, both by signs and wonders and by various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His own will.

Loving the Father, means recognizing how holy He is, and what He requires for our redemption. The priesthood of Yeshua, I grant you, is not an easy one to understand, humanly speaking, but it is the one that YHVH provided to redeem a people for Himself.

You have to be willing to humble yourself and admit that your own righteousness is like filthy rags before a holy God.. .Yeshua came for those who needed a doctor.. If you have no need, what can I say?

It seems that centuries of exile and curses on our people should be adequate proof that we have been incapable of living as Torah requires and have been paying the consequences of our sins. Personally, I am very grateful for the Father's redemption through Yeshua. Now who is stiff-necked?


Anonymous said...

I won't quote passages from the Bible to support what I'm going to say. I have a topical Bible concordance that would help me do that if I wanted to go that way.

Joyce, you make Christianity sound like a blend of some esoteric, occult enlightenment experience mixed with history, and then you try to support what you are saying with a miscellaneous set of quotations from the Bible. Why would God give us the words in the Bible if a person could get the same experience with drugs?

For thousands of years human thinkers have tried to explain where we came from and why these piles of thinking flesh that we are were dumped into a difficult environment to live for a certain number of years.

Some people have made a living by providing answers. Others came up with ideas and sold systems that gave them power. Others have tried to be helpful to those with no answers. There are other groups, but this is enough to make my point.

Philosophy and religion are no different than the scientific world. The deeper one goes the more questions come up. One can stop at any level and say "I've got all of the answers now", but the next person can either join in or honestly say,
"No you don't."

Why did I choose to join in after I found Judaism? I can't go to a set of books to prove Adam and Eve existed any more than I can prove Isis didn't exist. Maybe some scholars can try to do that, but I'm not one of them.

What I did find in the Bible was a set of examples that said to me if you read and learn you'll get through your set number of years with fewer troubles. You'll help yourself and the community you live in. It told me that there are individuals with a deeper understanding of life than I have who are worth listening to. The ideas in the Bible are so deep and profound that no set of humans could have worked up the system.

So, if I believe we are under the guidance of something beyond our knowledge, why did Christianity appear and last so long. Christianity primarily gives the same moral guidelines as Judaism because it uses the books of Judaism.

It does provide an intermediate step in that people were given a role model they could identify with. Infant Jesus, child Jesus, searcher Jesus, teacher Jesus, sacrifice for a cause Jesus. Throughout his life, Jesus was a moral individual, easier to identify with than a power beyond our comprehension who designed the universe.

Where Christianity can go wrong is when Jesus becomes the sole focus, turning him into some kind of magic zapper rather than a role model.

Judaism provides guidelines. Christianity does also. The power beyond our understanding that designed the universe
has given us help in the form of the Bible for reasons that are also beyond our understanding. The Bible has worked to help individuals and their communities survive this very rough thing we call life.


Baal said...

Christianity is by far the most Mystical of the three great Abrahamic faiths. The books on comparative theology which delve into this are too numerous to mention.

One might start by looking at "Mysticism in Christianity" by Fleming for an academic view of the subject. Fleming quotes Ewald's definition of Mysticism as "the craving to be united again with God." Ewald also treats the subject extensively. These can be jumping off points for an absolute mountain of literature on the subject.

Can anyone seriously say that this is not a component of most Christian Theology? Or are there what you folks call "True Christians" (a slander really against the majority of Christians) who don't care if Christ comes again, don't care if there is an afterlife, and do not care if they go to what is said to be God's abode, Heaven? What is this point of any of that if it is not to be united or reunited with God and Christ?

For a more populist look at the subject, but an excellent book which treats both Christianity and Christ reverently (although he had some fierce words for the institution of the Church as it developed over many centuries which he expressed elsewhere) one might look at Manly P. Hall's the Mystical Christ. It can be a bit of a hard read as he is constantly making reference to the esoteric practice of the Mystical as it relates to historic Christianity, but he expects that you know your subject well enough to follow.

I know you occult conspiracy feaks will go nuts over the mention of Hall but I dare you to find anything in this work that is less than reverent about Christianity and its positive force in human history or Christ himself.

Anonymous said...

Hall's book Secret Teachings of All Ages can put anyone who hasn't looked at heavy duty occult material into shock. His view of Christ has nothing to do with everyday Christianity. The subtitle of the coffee table sized book says it all--An Encyclopedic outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy.

The chapter titled The Cross and Christianity has the subtitles The Aurea Legends, The Lost Libraries of Alexandria, The Cross in Pagan Symbolism, The crucifixion, a cosmic allegory, The crucifixion of Quetzalcoatl, The nails of the Passion.

Some of the color plates:
The Heraldic Arms of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Three Grand Masters of the Lodge of Jerusalem, A Rosicrucian Crucifixion.

Warning: check out Manly Hall before you consider buying any books by him.

None of this has anything to do with morality. It is just a compilation of the writings of a subculture which may be internally consistent but is useless where real life is concerned.


Baal said...


Your beliefs have no usefulness in real life. You really should stop spouting your nonsense. That is what your religious philosophy amounts to.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages is just that, a compendium or encyclopedia of information about various historical spiritual traditions. Nothing more or nothing less. It does not claim to be a guide to how to live your life, it does not advocate any of the beliefs it recounts, it is simply Hall's own exploration of esoteric spiritual ideas through out history written when he was 27.

He had a long, strange, brilliant, tragic, and interesting career. Part opportunist, part seeker after knowledge of what ancient man believed, and he left the largest and most comprehensive body of work, both fanciful and nonsensical money making productions, as well as profound and academically grounded works looking at ancient religion and philosophy. He wanted to know what those who had gone before him believed and taught.

You know, people as sheltered and ignorant as yourself amaze me. Why would any intelligent person not want to learn what humans have believed about God, religion, and spirituality through their long history. They are our ancestors not evil spirits.

You must be terribly insecure in your own beliefs and no doubt afraid that if you make some mistake in your belief you face oblivion.

There is no point in addressing such tosh.

And you continue to use the garbage tactic of tarring by implication, since The Secret Teachings of All Ages talks about things you are personally afraid of and condemn, you use it to condemn a book to which it has no relation at all. Perhaps you should just stay hidden under your bed. The ideas can't hurt you there.

The Mystical Christ is Hall's exploration of Mysticism in Christianity and discusses many subjects, including the Talmud, and Judaism, with more thoughtful commentary, and greater knowledge than you are capable of bringing to the subject.

It is also obvious that you have no knowledge of the book whatsoever. So you use a book which you have skimmed and lack the intellect to begin to grasp to condemn another of which you know nothing.

And you continue to lie which I see is your stock and trade. The Secret Teachings of All Ages does not recount Hall's beliefs about Christ, it recounts the views of numerous others throughout history. Those articles out there about you are correct, you enjoy slander.

Anonymous said...

You are the one who runs from alternate information. If I ran from information, I wouldn't have looked into so many different sources of information. I bought Hall's book which wasn't cheap.

While you stay anonymous, you seem to have gone to an extreme to check me out. Having found nothing, you insinuate something is hidden. You must live among people who take lying for granted. I do hope you find people you can trust.

You just get all shook up when others don't come to the same conclusions that you've come to. You must be extremely insecure. Why do I say that? You came to this blog to harass us. No one chased you down to picket you. You are just a little control freak and you don't even realize it.


Baal said...


I see I left this comment on the wrong thread. I can't keep up with all of my arguments with you. If Constance doesn't want people who disagree to come here why does she do radio, host a blog, and write books for public consumption. You could simply have your own coffee group with all of your friends who think the same way.

As for Manyly P. Hall

Here is the man you vilify, in his own words, on how we should lead our lives and conduct ourselves every day, I even fail to live up to this standard. No, he he his not talking about religion as such. But here is the philosophy of the man you are so horrified about:


Anonymous said...

Moving back and forth between threads confuses you?

Again, here's the answer I posted on the other thread where you also posted the link to the Hall video:

Anonymous said...

Baal, you appear goofier as the days go by. Are you really saying someone should be impressed because Hall would make a good Hallmark card writer? He said absolute nothing in that video about human relations as the word love can mean whatever the speaker wants it to mean until it is spelled out in relation to a specific application.


Why the blog and other efforts to let people know what is going on? If there was no interest Constance's book would have been translated into several foreign languages?

If there was no interest in the topic the thread on New Age over at Israel Forum where I posted much information on New Age wouldn't have had over 28,000 views. There were two main opponents of the information, djinn and redcake, both just mouthy little trolls who didn't want to see the information get out and who kept trying to discourage me from posting by throwing insults all over the place like sparks from a fourth of July sparkler.

Serious discussion on a topic can't take place if one side refuses to do more than insult. Look at you. You're completely anonymous and credit yourself with being high up in an unnamed organization. You've not discredited anything factually. In effect you are saying, "Trust me. You're wrong." Wow. Hot debating style.


Baal said...


So you here assert that there are no insane people who speak "several foreign languages"???

I must admit to being amused at the fact that you feel opposed by "mouthy little trolls" and not a little bit satisfied as well. It is especially ironic as three separate bloggers have referred to you as a troll. You might try learning up on "Karma".

Would you like me to provide links to them, or would you count that as persecution?

Well here is one:


Or perhaps this bit from the same blog:


It seems that I have upset Dorothy, who commented in my blog under the name Zuukie. She is complaining about me in Constance Cumbey's comments boxes. She has accused me of being anti-semitic because I object to Athol Bloomer's heretical Catholicism. Shows rather a significant lack of discernment on her part.

Interesting that she has concluded she is the only one who has been banned on my blog, as though that is some sort of singular achievement. Ah no, not quite. There are 32 entries on my banned list. I don't announce who has been banned. It's not something I consider worth blogging. I ban people who attack with ad hominem comments. Somehow Dorothy has failed to comprehend that even though I've said it several times, and issue a warning before I enforce the ban.

# posted by Carrie : Friday, August 03, 2007"

And who is it then who trolls the internet to hurl ad hominem attacks at people who have different views? Who was busy attack a Catholic blogger expressing her opinion? Who dragged you to her blog Zukkie??



Zukkie sounds sort of anonymous doesn't it?

Too bad Constance spilled the beans.

Getting banned from a Catholic Blog?

Bad Zukkie.

Len said...


Joyce wrote: "You have a knowledge of the holiness of the Father, but you don't understand that to come into His presence as we are without a high priest is impossible. You, who claim to know the Father think you can come to him without redemption...
The irony is that Torah shows us over and over again that we can't."

Dear Joyce,

The more you write, the more you prove that you do not know Torah. It is very easy to give the lie to your above statement by quoting Ps. 145:18 and Psalm 130.

145:18 The Lord is near to all who call Him, to all who call Him with sincerity. 19 He does the will of those who fear Him, and He hears their cry and saves them. 20 The Lord guards all who love Him, and He destroys all the wicked. 21 My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord, and all flesh will bless His holy name forever and ever.

Chapter 130 1 A song of ascents. From the depths I have called You, O Lord. 2 O Lord, hearken to my voice; may Your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications. 3 O God, if You keep [a record of] iniquities, O Lord, who will stand? 4 For forgiveness is with You, in order that You be feared. 5 I hoped, O Lord; yea, my soul hoped, and I wait for His word. 6 My soul is to the Lord among those who await the morning, those who await the morning. 7 Israel, hope to the Lord, for kindness is with the Lord and much redemption is with Him. 8 And He will redeem Israel from all their iniquities.

I don't need a middle man and neither do you.

Shabbat shalom,

Unknown said...

First time I commented in a blog! I really enjoy it. You have an awesome post. Please do more articles like this. I'm gonna come back surely. God bless.


Unknown said...

Do one thing everyday that scares you.