Friday, December 17, 2010


This is another one to read with Bibles open.  This is a column in the Jerusalem Post which is pro- division, anti Benjamin Netanyahu.  Quoting more from that article, we read the writer's conclusions:

None of these moves raises any objection at all to Israel being a Jewish state, or to Israeli sovereignty within its pre-Six Day War borders. Nobody gets hurt, either. All that these measures attempt to do is bring Israel to its senses.
So thank you, Javier Solana, Felipe Gonzales and Richard von Weizsacker – and Helmut Schmidt, Lionel Jospin, Romano Prodi and the rest who signed this letter. Thank you, again, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay – and the other democratic countries that, I’m sure, will be recognizing Palestine before too long.
A terrible fire has been burning this land for 43 years. If it’s ever put out, if this country ever starts to recover, the foreign countries and leaders who stood against the spreading blaze will be remembered here as true friends.

I find it interesting, for one, that Javier Solana's name was the first one on the "thank you" list.  Incredible pressures on that little country named Israel:  internal and external.

This sounds like shades of Peter LeMesurier's THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.  Read the entire article by clicking here or here:

Stay tuned!


"EU wary of handling explosive Kosovo report
16.12.2010 @ 09:26 CET
The EU has painfully avoided taking a clear-cut position on a report by the Council of Europe which says Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was the head of a gruesome crime ring and that EU countries knew but said nothing about it.
Very important Debka file article:

"US envoy denied access to [Israeli] generals."

Preview of the image of the beast?
UN considers Internet regulation options, pushing for tighter controls . . .
Facebook using facial recognition technology...
White House okays synthetic biology...
To Anonymous 1:25 p.m.

Very disturbing imagery. It could very well be a strong prelude to "image of the beast."



"Jerusalem scrambles as European states move to upgrade ties with Palestinians
"Reports indicate Palestinians urging about a dozen EU states to upgrade the PA's diplomatic status; Israel orders envoys abroad to take 'urgent' action against Palestinian efforts at UN.
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