Saturday, December 18, 2010

Precedent for Jerusalem? More of what we (NATO) fought for in Yugoslavia/Kosovo in 1999!

So, now the Balkans have been reduced!  One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of World War II was why Hitler did not do so before taking on the USA and Russia.  It now appears more abundantly than even the considerable evidence before that what they may have been reduced to was hideous anti-Christian savagery!   You may read the Council of Europe Report by clicking here.  Kosovo was once the religious capital of Serbian Orthodox Christians. It has now been granted "independence" by a United Nations court which ruled against Serbian claims that the move had violated its territorial integrity.  This ruling came down on July 22, 2008.

As the same pressures now are being applied to Israel vis a vis Jerusalem, this bears VERY CAREFUL WATCHING.  Remember, this was clearly under Javier Solana's watch.  The precedent that has been set is that it is ok to take somebody's religious capital.  What is next?  Jerusalem?  Mecca?  Salt Lake City?  Vatican City?  The precedent was set in 1999 in Kosovo and made final by the UN courts in 2008 as they ratified giving the KLA controlled Kosovo its "independence."

It now appears clear that internationalists promoting this had knowledge of what was transpiring and remained silent.  War crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte had early and full knowledge of this.  She says she  "now feels vindicated" by the damaging report of this heinous war crime by the Albanians that remained unreported before.  As a lawyer to a lawyer, I would inquire of her as to why she may have withheld this evidence in the war crimes trial of former Yugoslavian President Milosevic?  In my opinion, it may well have been exculpatory in nature as the excuse for Nato's invasion of Yugoslavia was Milosevic's declaration of war against the Kosovo Liberation Army.

As reported:
"The Council of Europe report, drawn up by Swiss senator Dick Marty, who is to present it officially to European diplomats on Thursday, says Thaci headed a “mafia-like” organisation that dealt in weapons, drugs and human organs.

 "It says the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which Thaci led, had secret prisons where  Serbs and Kosovar Albanians were held in inhuman conditions, before being murdered for their organs.

There's an agenda somewhere in all of this and I'm not so sure that it is only to see that justice is done against the now dead Serbian victims!  Something smells here and it's not just the dead victims!

Stay tuned!

Here may be one item on the agenda -- they are suggesting an "Israeli connection" to an Israeli of TURKISH DESCENT.

....Meanwhile, right in our own back yard.....

Venezuela Assembly grants Chavez powers to rule by decree.

By Frank Jack Daniel

CARACAS, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Venezuela's parliament gave President Hugo Chavez decree powers for 18 months on Friday, outraging opposition parties that accused him of turning South America's biggest oil producer into a dictatorship.

The move consolidated the firebrand socialist leader's hold on power after nearly 12 years in office, and raised the prospect of a fresh wave of nationalizations as the former paratrooper seeks to entrench his self styled "revolution."

Chavez had asked for the fast-track powers for one year, saying he needed them to deal with a national emergency caused by floods that drove nearly 140,000 people from their homes.

But the Assembly, which is dominated by loyalists from his Socialist Party, decided to extend them for a year and a half more....

As I recall, similar powers were granted to Adolph Hitler in Nazi germany. It was called the Enabling Act.

Obama is said to be using "Executive Orders" to bypass our own legislative branch of government.

By the way, in November,2010, Chavez revealed that he had received $4billion in arms aid from Russia.

Chavez reveals $4b arms aid from Russia

Venezuela and Russia have forged deep ties in energy and defence, with Russian investment flowing into the Opec member's oil fields

See also....

Gee. Whatever happened to the 2006 U.S. arms embargo against Venezuela? Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine?

With regard to Chavez's attitude to Israel, read on.....

....Al Jazeera's Dima Khatib, reports that Chávez was the first head of state to harshly condemn Israel over the Israeli-Lebanon conflict, even before any Arab or Muslim country. On August 3, 2006 Chávez ordered the Venezuelan charge d'affaires to Israel to return from Tel Aviv to Caracas, protesting the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. According to The Miami Herald, two days later, on his Sunday radio program, "Aló Presidente" ("Hello President"), Chávez accused Israel of "going mad and inflicting on the people of Palestine and Lebanon the same thing they have criticized, and with reason: the Holocaust. But this is a new Holocaust" with the help of the United States, which he described as a terrorist country. He went on to say that the United States refuses "to allow the [U.N.] Security Council to make a decision to halt the genocide Israel is committing against the Palestinian and Lebanese people". The Israeli government responded by recalling the Israeli ambassador to Venezuela. Chávez went on to repeat the comparison with the Holocaust several days later.

In the Arab world Chávez's actions and comments saw widespread praise with Al-Ahram Weekly commenting that Chávez had "emerged as the most popular leader within the Arab world". According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Chávez "is pursuing closer strategic relations with Arab countries and Iran, and is emerging as a key supporter of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Although it's not unusual for OPEC members to maintain relations, Carlos Romero, a political scientist at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, says that 'since the foundation of Israel, Venezuela has maintained equilibrium between its interests in Israel and Arab countries. Chavez has broken this'." more...
CHAVEZ: 'genocidal' Israel will be put in its place.
June 26, 2010

Venezuela’s Chavez attacks Israel in speech
June 6, 2010

CARACAS, Venezuela (JTA) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Israel a "genocidal state" during nationally broadcast comments following violent clashes aboard a Gaza-bound flotilla.

Chavez called Israel a "cursed terrorist and murderous state" amid shouts of “Long Live Palestine” during a June 1 speech, the day after Israeli Navy commandos boarded a Gaza-bound ship and nine people were killed in the ensuing violence. He also accused Israel of supporting the local opposition against his government.

“Israel is financing the Venezuelan opposition. There are even groups of Israeli terrorists, of the Mossad, who are after me trying to kill me,” he said. more...
Winter Solstice, Lunar Eclipse Overlap For The First Time In 456 Years!!!
Interesting expose on New Age gurus:
Middle East | 17.12.2010
Last throw of the dice for Mideast peace, experts say


"The US administration is now perceived as being defeated, weak, unwilling and incapable of engaging in consistent and effective diplomacy and of exerting the necessary pressure needed to achieve peace in the region.",,6339383,00.html
DADT passes... grieves my heart to see Congressional leadership gloating over waving their fists in God's face in rebellion to His Word. I now look for our military to further deteriate as God moves further away from the US.

Now that it's OK to be Gay, all gay materials, group meetings, events, etc. will all be legal and must be promoted throughout the military. I anticipate many leaving.

Another sad day for America and more marginalization of Biblical beliefs.

Dave in CA
Anon 4.05PM mentions an expose on New Age Gurus.
Would Oprah fit into this category?
Arriving in Australia on 8th Dec and leaving on 16th Dec (2 x 8) and staying for 8 days.
Two shows recorded at the Sydney Opera House on 14th Dec and she brought with her 302 guest audience members.
It's all in the numbers you know.


This is anon 4:05 from yesterday. The label "New Age Guru" does seem to fit Oprah. Running from Bablyon called her the "Priestess of the Broad Way":
Old Catholic "bishop" James Long part of a New Age University scam:

These nuts are everywhere.
From the article:
So let me get this right, so my facts are straight. Bishop James Long is the one not only supporting this site, but is a Dean to an online University who's goal is to rip people off with a Non Accredited Degree, so basically an education I could get for the cost of a Library card. I found this nice statement " Diploma Mills are non accredited and if you have a degree from a non accredited institution that is what your degree will be viewed as. In Oregon if you use a non-accredited degree to get a job you can go to jail." I looked up Bishop Long and his background fits this. He claims to be an expert in Demonic Infestation, Oppression and Possession, calls himself an exorcist, and represents the "Old" catholic church. Ummm, well after checking on and Making a few calls, there is no Bishop James Long listed with the Catholic church as an Exorcist or even as a member of the clergy.I mean how old can you get...the Vatican seems to be the last stop on the tree. Well, how could that be? Well, I say lets ask him Bishop Long's his number.
(502) 384-6610

And then after that ask him how he could knowingly support a site designed to takes peoples money and give them a false degree. You know since he's a dean at and even has them linked on his page at (Bishop Long is pleased to announce that he has accepted the role as Dean of Academics at the Institute of Metaphysics in Atlanta, Georgia) So if we keep digging how deep does the rabbit hole go on this. Does someone represent Bishop Long, I found him on Night Managment, a company representing B list Actors, Paranormal Celebs, and from what I see want-ta-be's The good Bishop is one of their clients and here he is Archbishop James Long. Wow fancy title for a snake oil salesman.
Looks like bishop James Long also has a shaman on his staff.

Now just how does shamanism square with Christianity? The guy has been on a bunch of ghost hunting shows too. Looks like blatant New Age lies to me. How can Satan expell Satan? Like Jesus said, a house divided can't stand. This so called bishop doesn't appear to be very Biblical. His church that he seems to have just invented himself is here:

They claim to openly ordain gays and lesbians and they are "all inclusive". Never mind the demands of the gospel-we'll reinvent Christianity to be what we want it to be. LOL

And this dude is a self proclaimed exorcist??
To Anonymous 4:05

Thank you for steering me to this site where I was able to pull down the book in .pdf format that the author had generously enabled. There is a wealth of information on Krishamurti that I had not known before.


To Dave in CA:

You are so right. This is truly a distressing day for America. Jesus spoke of the end times and included in his admonitions that we should remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

Anon 4.05 who mentions an expose on New Age Gurus.

The writer, Geoffrey D Falk, also puts Jesus in a guru-figure context.

He concludes:

“..Given a dozen or more disciples and a guru-figure, the psychological dynamics inherent in the situation render it largely irrelevant whether the “one true/best guru” they are devotedly following is Jesus, Rajneesh or Da Savior, etc. Nor would the organizations created around those various gurus be particularly distinguishable after several centuries or millennia of cultural assimilation. Further, like it or not, what Adi Da’s disciples believe of him, or what Cohen’s followers accept of his claimed “perfection” and salvific potential, or what I once believed of Yogananda, is nowhere even one whit more ridiculous than what Christians believe of Jesus.”
Dear Constance,

How are you?

Since you are knowledgeable of the Madariaga organization, thought you might be interested in an excellent blog on a speech given, on 11/30/10, at a Madariaga conference on the future of the military in the EU, entitled "A Crisis is needed for Europe to get its military act together":

Have a nice day.


A fellow watcher

P.S. The "The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute" blog is also interesting.
Who the Devil is Driving European Defence?
December, 2010

Daniel Fiott, Research Fellow at the Madariaga - College of Europe Foundation, recently published an article on Europe's World looking at the present crisis of leadership in European defence. In the article Fiott argues that in the coming multipolar world the EU will require cogent and dogged leadership in the domain of defence. The economic crisis offers a real opportunity to drive forward Europe's defence capabilities, but current EU-level leadership of the Common Security and Defence Policy is failing. The article also highlights some of the problems associated with the EU's stategic thinking, describes what type of world the EU will likely inhabit and argues for a "High Representative for European Defence".
Oprah certainly is a New Ager. If she is not a New Age guru herself, she certainly champions many would be ones.

Well, I must say from visiting the site, I rather doubt that the Paranormal Institute would get rid of demons, but one visiting there might well pick up some new ones!

To Anonymous 6:16 pm:

Just read your comments. Thanks! And I wonder just whom the MADARIAGA Institute might have in mind for the position. I have my strong suspicions and the first two guesses don't count!


What is your opinion of the following theory? That the true purpose of chemtrails (being sprayed in the air) is to provide an aluminum screen so that UFO holograms, which will be 'witnessed' at some point in the future, will be accepted as credible by the masses.
I remain yet to be convinced that the contrails/chemtrails are anything more than normal jet engine tails. The evidence may be there, but I have yet to discover it. I have had more than passing suspicions that the rumors about same could well be another variation of the time-honored New Ager and secular humanist game of "watch the fundamentalists run." I've seen good people paralyzed with fear. Satan, I've no doubt, would love to see us fearful about step we take, every breath we take. It could well be a tactic to justify our marginalization as well as a diversion to keep us from seeing what is really taking place which like the Yugoslavian situation I wrote about here is even far more real and fearful.

Re: diploma mills. The guy who lives behind me did all right with his bogus Doctorate from a diploma mill. We call him and his wife The Liars. He calls himself Dr. So-and-So and he now claims to be a Christian minister too. Must have bought one of those recently. Sells health supplements on the internet. Got on the boards of local arthritis and heart disease organizations. Works for J & J. She is "worship leader" at her church. I've had them lie right to my face when they knew I knew they were lying. There must be a psychiatric term for such people.
That "bishop" James Long has even been on a paranormal tv show. I just worry for people who might actually mistake this guy for a real Christian or real Catholic priest. I mean, diploma mills, shamans, ghost chasing and New Age garbage all wrapped up in one.
If there are any doubts that Oprah is a New Ager, here are comments while praising Obama as an "evolved leader" back in '07:

We're all here to come together – to appreciate our uniqueness and to treasure our diversity, and we're here to evolve to a higher plane . . . The reason I love Barack Obama is because he is an evolved leader who can bring evolved leadership to our country. . . .
Here is something I just found applauding what was done in Kosovo vis a vis Serbia. Kosovo was the religious capital of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

SUBSTITUTE "Jerusalem" for "Kosovo". Substitute "Israel" for "Serbia". Then you will have a clearer picture of where this is headed. You will also have a clear picture of the dangerous precedent that has been set: It is OK to take one's religious capital for political purposes!

Here is something I just found applauding what was done in Kosovo vis a vis Serbia. Kosovo was the religious capital of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

"The critical point, of course, has been to inspire the conviction among Kosovo Albanians that Kosovo will never again fall under Serb rule. This has been a major achievement of the international administration and is likely to remain a critical point for the future success or failure of the international administration in Kosovo."

SUBSTITUTE "Jerusalem" for "Kosovo". Substitute "Israel" for "Serbia". Then you will have a clearer picture of where this is headed. You will also have a clear picture of the dangerous precedent that has been set: It is OK to take one's religious capital for political purposes!

from: or
Here is something I just found applauding what was done in Kosovo vis a vis Serbia. Kosovo was the religious capital of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

"The critical point, of course, has been to inspire the conviction among Kosovo Albanians that Kosovo will never again fall under Serb rule. This has been a major achievement of the international administration and is likely to remain a critical point for the future success or failure of the international administration in Kosovo."

SUBSTITUTE "Jerusalem" for "Kosovo". Substitute "Israel" for "Serbia". Then you will have a clearer picture of where this is headed. You will also have a clear picture of the dangerous precedent that has been set: It is OK to take one's religious capital for political purposes!

from: or
Hey get this! That fake bishop James Long has a REAL Catholic priest on his staff. Father Bob Bailey!!

Doh! Wonder what his bishop thinks of that??
I noticed our Catholic regulars here are awful quiet now that one of their own has been exposed as a New Age flake and hanging out with a "bishop" who has an "inclusive" church. i.e. GAY!

Why no issue with that Catholics?? Only want to attack the snakes in others yards?
Apparently so. They dont mind slandering everyone else but now the crap is in their own back yard so its time to ignore. lol

pathetic what passes for truth at this blog. fake bishops like this James long guy, gay churches, and Catholic priests all hanging out together. No surprise there.
Did anyone actually READ my article that some anonymous twit linked to?? The examiner article was not about Bishop James Long in any way, shape, or form, and he has never had a thing to do with the "University" I wrote about in my article...actually reading something tends to go a long, long way in making yourselves sound intelligent, people. Bishop Long is an upstanding individual and a dear friend, and I highly suggest you think twice before ever associating me or my work with your ignorant and libelous statements against him again..

Anita Brown
Dayton Paranormal Examiner
Author of "Fraud in the paranormal field goes up a few degrees"
The leader of the socialist firebrand consolidated grip on power after nearly 12 years in office, and raised the prospect of a new wave of nationalization as the former paratrooper seeks to entrench its own style revolution.

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I heard the stage magician/illusionist Daniel Rumanos exposed "Bishop" James Long as a fraud a while back. Rumanos has done several chat show appearances about it.
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