Thursday, December 04, 2008

Poor Barack -- already getting orders from Solana!

Javier Solana and his "Global Governance" crowd must be pretty confident of Barack Obama's future compliance. The headlines are already presumptive. Read the attached story. Click on the picture to enlarge it for viewing and reading ease. I am out of the office today. My husband is having "same day surgery" for a heart catherization and possible defibrillator replacement. Pray for us.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

They've all got their marching orders. Drudge has run a great shot of Pelosi pontificating at the foot of Isis last two days. We should all be ashamed at what we bought re the new capital visitor center....At least I'm glad someone actually noticed that our national motto is not "E Pluribus Unum", as had been inscribed in marble at the entrance and labeled as such.

Our prayers are with you and your husband, may the surgery go well and he recover quickly and God grant you much peace and joy in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Even though the days darken, we have a comforter who will never forsake us.

Anonymous said...

Amen. As He has promised...


Unknown said...

About NIA
From NIA stands for "neuromuscular integrative technique and now is better known as non-impact aerobics, is an exercise program developed in 1983, in Santa Rosa, California by Carlos and Debbie Rosas"

From the home page:
“Nia is movement-medicine for the body and soul.”

Nia simultaneously addresses the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and puts them on the “same page” using music, movement and personal expression to integrate one’s neurology (including the mind, emotions, and spirit) with one’s outer body, or musculature. To achieve this whole-being integration, Nia addresses the whole person using a comprehensive, holistic exercise approach designed with a combination of nine classic movement forms.

Nia Blends Nine Movement Forms

Martial Arts: T’ai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido
Dance Arts: Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance
Healing Arts: Yoga, Alexander Technique, The Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais

Nia teaches you how to physically interpret and internally direct your actions and choices, and to listen to the voice of your body and allow the body to be your guide in discovering Dynamic Ease. Practiced barefoot to music, Nia is self-guided, adaptable and safe for any fitness level, from stiff beginners to highly fit athletes. Delivering cardiovascular, whole-body conditioning, Nia is based on creating a loving relationship with the body and following The Body’s Way – the innate intelligence of the body.

It looks like the same "same old stuff" of Yoga/Tai Chi/Karate with similar elements. Since it incorporates the mind with the body and spirit, I would raise big red flags and call it New Age from the "get go".

"Integrative" is a buzz word that stands out to me.


Anonymous said...

You and your husband are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance,
Praying for you and your hubbie today. I know that God is with you and that He will strengthen and heal your husband.

By His Grace,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Constance, my prayers are with you and your husband, that the nurses and Drs will be given wisdom today and your husband will be without pain and in quick recovery.

YesNASpanishTown - you are right on, the info you provided is excactly the NIA I am asking about. It seems New Age to me - and something in my spirit grieves each time I see it.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...


The European Court of Justice has ruled unanimously that an English police database that holds the DNA and fingerprints of suspects who are arrested but later cleared "violates Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights - the right to respect for private and family life."

How easy would it be to throw out such a ruling in a situation of national or regional "emergency"?

It sounds like English citizens are being conditioned for a "bait and switch."

Anonymous said...

Constance & husband,
and Doug ,
I'm praying your your health, healing
and an end of pain.
"There is a rest for God's people"

Anonymous said...

I meant _"for your health..

Anonymous said...
Just in case anyone is still following the Michelle Obama telephe call saga over there, note that they are using more Aljazeera stories over there. I'm not sure what that means. Whereas at the beginning they were opposed to Odinga and by extension to Obama, over the last two months they have suppressed the MO tape for various reasons. Part of it might be because Kenya is making such a big deal about Obama as a native son. (Note: Hawaii isn't.) Part of it may be that the Arab community is extending its influence further (see Wikipedia re Aljazeera) as AFI developed a large following in the US as a result of the MO story.

It's hard to see who is manipulating who without knowing the sources of the information. What is reported on the right or left may not have a basis in fact.


Anonymous said...


You're both in my prayers. Thanks for soldiering on despite the stresses in your personal and professional life.

In Him,


BTW: Drudge has a link to a Times of London article about Israel being prepared to go it alone against Iran in air strikes.

"Israel is drawing up plans to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and is prepared to launch a strike without backing from the US, it has been reported."

Anonymous said...

You and your husband are in my prayers as well, Constance.

Anonymous said...


Here's a possible scenario for (planned) worldwide economic collapse.

One you can get through the author's obvious digs at the present administration, the scenario he presents seems frighteningly possible.

This was written before the current election outcome; but, throw in the intelligence gathered by Constance and other posters on this board, and you're looking at possibly JS/EU/NATO/Obama & Cabinet/NAers, etc., all forming an unholy amalgam of "saviors" to get us out this future mess--all for our (read: their) benefit, of course.

( Joan

Anonymous said...


I read most of the article, thanks.

When you say, "This was written before the current election outcome..." it appears you mean before the Bush second term election. Several references there to it being before the Bush/Cheney second term.

So it looks like he was quite on the money predicting total financial collapse in 2009, writing some 4 or 5 years before.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for that excellent link.

I appreciate your research and look forward to seeing more from you.