Sunday, December 28, 2008

Javier Solana and the Elders take more control of Zimbabwe

It now appears that Javier Solana and Kofi Annan have teamed up to substitute "The Elders" as a replacement government for the African nation of Zimbabwe.  In a Bloomberg news service article by James G. Neuger and Vernon Wessels we learn:

"Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) -- European Union foreign-policy chief Javier Solana called for increased international pressure to be placed on Robert Mugabe to stand down as president of Zimbabwe, adding to calls for change amid a growing humanitarian crisis.

“The moment has arrived to put all the pressure for Mugabe to step down and give the opportunity once again to the people of Zimbabwe to get their lives together,” Solana said today as he arrived for a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. “The important thing is the political pressure now.”

"Solana adds his voice to mounting international condemnation of the Mugabe regime that has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980. Zimbabwe is suffering a cholera outbreak that has killed almost 500 people after the collapse of the health and sanitation systems following a decade of recession and political upheaval. The Health Ministry reported 484 deaths and 11,735 cholera cases since August, according the Web site of the World Health Organization.

"The southern African nation meanwhile faces political stalemate following the failure to agree a power-sharing government in talks brokered by former South African President Thabo Mbeki.

"Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations, said yesterday that African leaders must raise pressure on Mugabe to speed up the power-sharing deal . . . The Elders, created in 2007 by former South African President Nelson Mandelato promote humanitarian causes, met Zimbabwean political leaders, donors and SADC leaders last month to discuss the worsening humanitarian crisis.

"Solana said it is possible the EU will put more Mugabe associates on a list of those subject to a freeze on assets and travel ban."

Today, Javier Solana appears to have his diplomatic hands full with the Israeli / Hammas / Palestinian Gaza crisis.  Will there be recommendations for freeze on assets and travel bans there?  It appears Solana's power and influence over that region are clearly growing, particularly in view of his new anti-piracy operations.

 Stay tuned!



Gretchen said...

Wow, interesting post! Javier Solana seems to be making plenty of headway!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations Constance, look at the thread below. The monster you allowed into your house and fed and watered through your encouraging words since you decided to leave this blog unmoderated has now completely devoured your blog. The anti-semitism and anti-Catholicism is merely a sideshow. The chief goal, destruction of sensible discourse has been fully achieved. Is it any wonder that most of your most intelligent commentators like Rich and Farmer avoid this place? How long will Susanna, SV, Dawn, JD, Len, and Dorothy manage to hang on?

There are people out there who don't like your work who are no doubt very happy to see the rapid deterioration of discourse on this blog that started in 2008.

It's been completely co-opted with an agenda very different from yours. Someone has gotten what they wanted and someone else is laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:12

You said:

"The chief goal, destruction of sensible discourse has been fully achieved."

Can you please be more specific?

There is a very orderly discourse going on there, with the exception of the usual Joyce-bashing.

Laughing all the way to the bank?

Pray tell who is the lucky recipient of all this moohlah?

You really need to be much more specific, Anonymous 9:12, since you sound quite desperate and hysterical.

What kind of Vodka are YOU drinking?

Anonymous said...

Look, now is the chance to actually discuss the topic. Do we really need to bring the drama into one more post??? Seriously! Drop the drama folks!
Stick to the topic Constance writes about or contribute your own interesting info.
This is to Anon. 9:12 AND Anon. 9:30

Anonymous said...

antichrist is rising in our midst. its very clear that we need to be preparing to face severe persecution. the intensity of this out weighs all else. it is here - it is now.step aside slow down breathe deep and...listen...Jesus suffered and He died for us sorry folk. The centrality of the cross is the crux of the matter and that alone it what really matters,thats all- He bled to death for us all. with love to you all..Ozark

Anonymous said...

antichrist is rising in our midst. its very clear that we need to be preparing to face severe persecution. the intensity of this out weighs all else. it is here - it is now.step aside slow down breathe deep and...listen...Jesus suffered and He died for us sorry folk. The centrality of the cross is the crux of the matter and that alone is what really matters,thats all- He bled to death for us all. with love to you all..Ozark

Constance Cumbey said...

I'll look at it -- sorry -- I do not have foundation funding. I have a profession to attend to and a disabled husband. I suggest that you all avail yourself of the "collapse comments" feature and skip over the ones you don't want to read.


Constance Cumbey said...

Let me say the following:

1. I am sick of the bickering.
2. If I read every comment and moderated 24/ 7 as some seem to think I should, I would have NO TIME to do my other research.

In addition to information on the New Age Movement, there are necessary developments on many other fronts and I need to stay abreast. Sometimes the wars here are like tempests in a teapot. I am still writing the articles unless I invite a guest article. Comments are comments -- and I get many valuable leads for research from the comments.


Anonymous said...


If the purpose of the comments section is to provide you with research leads this explains why you don't give a damn about what actually happens there.

Thanks for the honesty. It explains a lot.

Gretchen said...

Constance, I hope your husband mends quickly. I'll pray that you have daily strength and patience.

Thank you so much for the time you put in to this site. May God richly bless you for keeping alert and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us! =0)

Anonymous said...

Solana has quite a reach. Although Zimbabwe sure could use some relief from their suffering.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work. This blog has its spicy moments but it has info that really is hard to find elsewhere. I'm sure the wounded egos will mend on their own and you can't be expected to solve all the disputes. I've learned alot from most of your frequent posters even if I have some strong differences with some of them from time to time.

Please don't be discouraged it is a valuable service that you are doing.

A grateful lurker

Ron C

Anonymous said...

Ditto Ron C

Anonymous said...

Constance, if you are not going to reign in Jesus's self-appointed apokeswoman at the very least please upgrade the blog software to give us access to the "puke" GIF.

Anonymous said...


A Message From Douglas E. Maxwell
Imperial Potentate 2008-2009

We have traveled to many locations since July and have found our Shrine Fraternity strong and indeed growing!! I attribute that to the hard work of our nobles and ladies who love the fraternity as much as we do. We love the stories we hear of our ladies joining their men, in recruiting new members and patients for our hospitals. It is a wonderful thing for all of us to work together for a common goal that is greater than ourselves.

At the Mid-Atlantic Shrine Assn. held in Virginia Beach this September, they had their first MASA ceremonial that brought in new young shriners from as far away as South America. It was honor to be there and to give them the “Oath of a Noble”.

But our shores were not the only place that we observed the shrine growing. On October 11th, in a palace in Vienna, Austria, as part of our International Development, Imperial Sir Al Madsen, the Imperial Chaplain Barry Todd, and I, again participated in a ceremonial. We now have new nobles across the Atlantic who hold our cause dear and sacred. It was an event I wish all of you could have shared. Shrinedom is growing in Europe and around the globe… obviously the good works, brotherhood and fellowship we all know, is sought after in other locations too. It makes me proud to know that others wish to join us in our shrine journey.

Interesting link from the Shriner site, the 100th anniversary of the George Washington Memorial (2010)

"To inspire humanity through education to emulate and promote the virtues, character and vision of George Washington, the Man, the Mason and Father of our Country."

The connections to Islam and ancient mystery religions are not thinly disguised.

Anonymous said...


The key to the era of peace

The Immaculate Conception

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The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, as lead by the Bishop of Rome, successor to Peter, the first Pope, has always venerated the Blessed Virgin Mary including her sinlessness; for The Church follows Scripture - especially the New Testament which She, Herself, compiled - as perfectly as She follows Her Tradition -

For behold, henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. Luke 1:48.

To Mary, The Woman of Scripture and Mother .. of the men who keep God's commandments and hold fast to the truth concerning Jesus. Rev. 12:17., The Church applies the beautiful words of Wisdom 7:26:-
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Because Mary is full of grace (kecharitomene) Luke 1:28., The Church, through Pope Pius IX in his Ineffabilis Deus, an Apostolic Constitution issued on December 8, 1854, confirmed the tradition that held Mary as being conceived immaculate.
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It was at Lourdes that Mary named herself The Immaculate Conception.

Rudi said...

This is from ""
THE NGO NETWORK ALLIANCE PROJECT - an online community for Zimbabwean activists.

Dated November 26, 2008 - if interested you can read the
"Elders Statement on the Zimbabwean humanitarian crisis" – Peace Watch

ALSO please take a look at this
November 11, 2008 release for download by Earth Charter in Action

"Earth Charter Guide on Religion and Climate Change"

Earth Charter Initiative home page:


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:12,

While I am glad to be seen as usefull and feel you have associated me with some people I have come to respect, I have no plans on leaving this forum. If I have to sift through 400 posts of arguing to find 1 usefull piece of info I will. Divide and conquer is the enemies plan, and as you can see it is in full swing here at times. Try to avoid the shrapnel and soak in as much info as possible.

Good finds.


Anonymous said...

Iran leader orders Muslims to defend Palestinians

TEHRAN, Dec 28 (Reuters) - Iran's Supreme Leader issued a religious decree to Muslims around the world on Sunday, ordering them to defend Palestinians in Gaza against Israeli attacks "in any way possible", state television reported.


Anonymous said...

December 16, 2008
‘Elders’ spurn attempt to revive role for UN in Zimbabwe

"David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, and Condoleeza Rice, the Secretary of State, attended a Security Council meeting in New York to step up pressure on President Mugabe of Zimbabwe amidst a cholera epidemic. The closed-door session was the first discussion of Zimbabwe by the UN’s top body since Russia and China cast a double veto to kill a proposal to clamp sanctions on top Zimbabwean officials in July.

"UN sources said that the meeting was originally organised to hear a presentation on Zimbabwe by the Elders — Jimmy Carter, the former US President, Kofi Annan, the former UN chief, and Graca Machel, the former First Lady of Mozambique — who were blocked from entering the country last month.

"The Elders, however, declined the invitation and e-mailed their written report to the council instead. Diplomats said that the Elders wanted to preserve their independence from the Security Council. One source said that South Africa, which is acting as mediator, had discouraged their attendance."


Constance Cumbey said...

No, the purpose is not to provide with research leads, but that has been a valuable side product. This is taking on nastiness and unfortunately even vulgarity that helps nobody. Big things are happening in the world and if our whole world is contained in this one little side corner of the internet, we won't have to worry about destruction from without -- we will be destroying each other. I refuse to be an accomplice in that one!

Also, please note that the interaction and leads on here give everybody fresh research leads and if we are here to learn more about the New Age Movement and related threats, everybody benefits.

I am having trouble seeing what the supposed conflict is about.

Surely you do not believe that Ervin Laszlo, a died in the wool, long term New Ager who is a darling of the Institute of Noetic Sciences is of no concern?

If the issue is the Kabbalah, I am having trouble accepting the argument that it is as harmless as Theosophy.

Theosophy is the mothership of the modern New Age Movement.

Can there be any argument that Deuteronomy 18 trumps ALL forms of mysticism?

I would remind ALL that Satan's game from the beginning was CONFUSION. It appears that much is now appearing on even this site.

I would also remind all that a key target of the New Age was to pit target groups (all Monotheists) off against each other. This was made very clear in Peter LeMesurier's 1981 THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.

Let's not partake of acting out the Armageddon Script! They are going to do it anyway. It does not have to be with OUR cooperation!


Constance Cumbey said...

To anonymous 12:40

Did you mean 'REIGN IN' or 'REIN IN'?

There is a world of difference!


Anonymous said...

I rather suspect that the humble and obedient Mary would tell people to listen to her son.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Dorothy

Thanks for the update on the elders. I found my story on current news stories about Solana yesterday. That was dated December 12th. Your December 16th is obviously more current. If anybody has information post that (and they -- the Elders -- may well be laying low), I would appreciate that as well.

Back to work today. I took a few days off for the holidays. not to mention the weather!


Anonymous said...


You wrote:

I am having trouble seeing what the supposed conflict is about.

Surely you do not believe that Ervin Laszlo, a died in the wool, long term New Ager who is a darling of the Institute of Noetic Sciences is of no concern?

If the issue is the Kabbalah, I am having trouble accepting the argument that it is as harmless as Theosophy.

Since the beginning of this dispute got lost in the shuffle ( I won't go there) I will give you a little help here.

The dispute between me and Joyce started when Joyce rudely butted into a discussion I was trying to have with Len concerning what he might know about the possiblilty that "true Kabbalah" (for want of a better term) or "authentic Jewish mysticism" ( which CANNOT trump the Torah) began with the Prophet Elias.

I also made a comment TO LEN about the similarity between the Jewish Torah/Mishnah and the Catholic Rule of Faith which is Scripture and Sacred Tradition..

Joyce - an ex-Catholic - began her diatribe without even having the decency to address me personally. She wrote about me as if I weren't even there. If she thought for that reason I would let her comments go unchallenged,(would you?) she found that she was very much mistaken.

I was addressing Len, not Joyce. I wasn't criticizing Joyce or her comments. I didn't even mention Joyce's name.

Unfortunately, Len did not reply. And I really wanted to find out what he had to say as an Orthodox Jew.

So for Joyce and her "confreres" to now act like Joyce is the big "martyr' is downright comical.

We Catholics have something akin to Joyce's bogus "martyrdom" called "victim theology."

The now-excommunicated Marie Paul Giguere is a perfect example.


As for kabbalah, the kind of "kabbalah" which is gnosticism disguised as "Jewish mysticism" is definitely NOT harmless. You are probably right in not accepting the argument that it is as "harmless" as theosophy. I also brought this issue up with Len.

As for any other mysticism, with regard to Catholic teaching, Catholics believe that the purpose of "private revelation" (when officially approved by the Church) is NOT new revelations" but "new graces."

As I have said on many other occasions, we Cathlics are not required to accept "private revelations" - even when approved by the Church.

When all is said and done, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in saying that no matter what kind of mysticism we are talking about, it can NEVER TRUMP THE SACRED SCRIPTURES!!!

Moreover, Len DID say that what Jews believe to be "true kabbalah" can NEVER trump the Torah.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean 'REIGN IN' or 'REIN IN'?

There is a world of difference!

Well, Connie, as you so wisely say from time to time:


Anonymous said...


On the previous thread, Joyce wrote:

If Susanna doesn't know who I serve, after all I've written on this blog than I feel sorry for her.


You are not the only person here who is having doubts.

I want to share a little non-original story with you and other readers. It is so easy to follow even a five-year-old can understand.

First I will provide a legend (for the less intellectually gifted around here, like myself). There are no typos here, this is a children's rhyme/story split deliberately into two parts so as to avoid mixing metaphors. There are some overlapping actors.


"The Cat >^..^<" = Constance

"Mice" = Joyce and those she deems "Bible Believers"™

"The Chicken Farmer" = Constance

"The Hens" = all who come to this website seeking to earnestly serve the Lord and their fellow man, and not their own ego (a difficult task but one to which, as you well know Susanna, we are all called, however bumblingly we go about answering that call)

"The Fox" = Joyce


Part One

While the cat's away
the mice will play

Part Two

The fox is guarding the hen house

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Susanna,

Thanks for the clarification. Looks like Joyce, like the rest of us, was also guilty of "shooting from the hip." Well, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God!

"Forgive us our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US . . ."

Thanks, Susanna and Happy New Year to you!


Anonymous said...

"To Anonymous 1:59 p.m.

Shades of the New Age published and backed "Bro Eric," the awful person who suggested murdering all Catholic priests.

I want nothing more of this type of suggestion! I read about it yesterday but only now wading through the most recent comments on found it -- this smacks only of the Armageddon Script plans as enunciated by Peter LeMesurier (1981 and beyond) to finish us off by dividing us.


To Constance:

Good to see some moral fibre starting to sprout from you in regard to the contents of some of the posts that appear on your blog.

I'd like to direct your attention to Joyce's posts. They are most hateful and slanderous against both the Jewish faith and the Catholic faith. She is managing to draw a lot of the Evangelicals here into her hate campaign all under the guise of "the Bible."

Joyce has not suggested throwing Jews and Catholics into a FEMA camp but, as you know, Nazism started with ideas targeting specific groups. Ideas led, very swiftly, to action. And we know how the story ended.

You need to take a look at what this woman is writing on your blog, and take a stand.

If I didn't admire your brilliance and your courage, and the integrity which has been your distinct trademark, I would not bother to take the time here to point out to you that in this instance, with this particular person, you are way way way off base in your assessment of her motives. You have a first-class legal mind--use it here.

Please note: Joyce is NOT advocating disrespect, hatred, or slander toward Catholic people or Jewish people. Her hatred and slander are directed toward the CATHOLIC FAITH and the JEWISH FAITH. You are an expert on the origins and goals of the New Age movement, so I will leave that point with you.

Joyce's words speak for themselves. Sometimes even the most intelligent, caring, and perceptive among us need to be hit over the head in order to see the obvious. Consider this post my "plonk" for the day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance,

I was more than happy to have been able to clarify things for you.

You are right. None of us is perfect - including me fer sure.

I just schlep along and try to be the best Christian I know how to be.

I am not nurturing any personal grudges against Joyce or anyone else here. I have better things to do than to nurture grudges.

Moreover, I am not in the habit of starting disputes by challenging or undermining the religious beliefs of others on this blog - be they non-Catholic Christians or followers of Judaism.

But I will not allow challenges to my faith to go unanswered.....LOL unless, of course, you decide to kick me off this blog.

Happy New Year to you too, Constance!

Anonymous said...

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