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Interesting forerunners

Solana, John Buchan's novel, the European Union and 'the Ashoka Nine'
Interesting claims, interesting forerunners

In researching some of the ties and similarities of vision, I have made some intriguing finds -- I am still following up on this, but the vision propelling the European Union may in part be traced to some of the more exotic New Age beliefs of "The Ashoka 9". I first read of this theory in doing my original 1981 work on the New Age Movement. It was detailed in a book by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as "OSHO." I AM THE GATE was the title to this work. I note cynically that Rajneesh/Osho didn't say to where. Javier Solana is daily less bashfully claiming heightened powers he is expected to hold very soon over Europe and even beyond. For sure, based on his writings, he is as the New Agers say, "thinking globally, acting locally." Of the position he has carved out for himself under the expected new constitution, he writes for Global Agenda Magazine:

Finally, the Constitution foresees the creation of an EU External Action Service. This will bring together staff from different institutions that today shape and implement the EU’s foreign policies. For the first time Europe will have a single team working under one roof and answerable to one person responsible for the full range of EU external relations.

This is sobering enough. But it becomes even more interesting when one considers that Solana's mother's personal "teacher" was one and the same as the Indian guru who gave all of Oregon, USA such a fright in the 1980s. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh first took over the town of Antelope, Oregon and nearly took over Madras, Oregon as well. He renamed the first as Rajneeshpuram. He then constructed crematoriums with bleacher seats. He armed the town's police force with more weapons than the entire state of Oregon. This alarmed even a normally sympathetic to Rajneesh, Yoga Instructors Journal. Finally, his subordinates injected salmonella poisoning in the neighboring hostile communities' water supply. Only then was he finally deported. Fleeing deportation, he flew with his private plane to Spain, relying on promises that he could have residency there. This was during a time when Solana was spokesman for the Spanish government. I am surmising, but one possibility is that the promises were given by those with access to Solana and then revoked, when it was clear that Rajneesh was the international embarrassment he had become in 1987, the promise was not kept. Rajneesh expressed great disgust about this in his bio. Solana's mother's 1996 book, however, still refers affectionately to Osho and reported that he had urged her to write her book on the life of Sir Francis Bacon and had blessed her efforts.

What was so terribly of interest in Rajneesh's book was that he proclaimed the New Age would see the positive re-emergence of the swastika as a symbol. He also talked of a secret history involving human history and "the Ashoka Nine." According to Rajneesh, Krishnamurti, the Theosophical candidate between 1910 and 1929 to be the long awaited "Maitreya the Christ" was completely suitable for the job. Rajneesh mourned that nobody knew why he didn't take it, but when he declined, the Ashoka Nine then turned to Adolfus Hitler. The reason Hitler didn't make it, per Rajneesh, obviously ignoring the divine intervention, was that Hitler got to thinking he was bigger than the Ashoka nine. Now, per Rajneesh, there is somebody new in the wings.

In writing my 1983 released HIDDEN DANGERS, I consulted several books dealing with the Nazis and the occult. One was the Jean-Michel Angebert book, THE OCCULT AND THE THIRD REICH which I am presently rereading and redigesting. Another was Pauwels and Bergiers THE MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS. Interesting internet analyses have been done on that book. One frequent blogspot contributor is Terry who hosts a conspiracy related website. He made reference to that book recently on my comments page. As I told him, I was familiar with the work, but frankly considered the Angebert work superior. However, that is not to say that THE MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS is without value. Au contraire, there are great insights to be had there into the mindset of those who would revisit that not-so-blessed morning upon us. Another interesting weblink contains a 10 year old essay on Morning of the Magicians by R. T. Gault. He makes reference to writers Talbot Mundy, "The Nine Unknown" and unnervingly to John Buchan's THE POWER HOUSE. The full link may be found by clicking on the "Interesting Forerunners" heading to this blogspot article.

"… in which the hero has an unnerving conversation with a conspirator in a group of "extra-social intelligences" -- idealists who are going to make a new world. The story is from 1910, and the ideas expressed sound uncomfortably like Nazism. [Buchan is best known as the father of the modern spy novel, but was a loyal servant of the late British Empire, serving as Governor General of Canada for a while. He expressed some of the same fear of new fascist groups in his The Three Hostages, 1924.]

While your guess as to who Rajneesh's new candidate for "Maitreya"/Betraya or whatever his name is supposed to be is as good as mine, could it possibly be Rajneesh student Nieves Mathew's younger son? When one considers that Buchan was a family friend and correspondent of a prominent Theosophical allied grandfather of one of Javier Solana's greatest on-line fans, one calling the relatively short man, "Solana, A Giant Among Men", one who has posted to this very board, one is given pause indeed. The New Agers might call it "synchronicity," Christians might call it "revelation" -- others might call it a coincidence. Once again, I don't know, but would love to find out!

As always, I invite all comments.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can here it now...
Here comes SqueakBox !!!

I can't WAIT to see what he says about THIS one !!!!

Go Get'Em Connie !!!

Anonymous said...

He's still busy posting "I Love Javier Solana" articles all over the board -- and erasing all those not professing similar affections!

Unknown said...

I just wanted to toss in my support, Constance. I've been reading your posts, as I told you via e-mail. Keep it up and don't get discouraged. All it takes is a few who are willing to see the truth for what it is.

Anonymous said...

One would be a fool not to keep a close eye on this Solana guy.

He comes across as a real smoothy, in his soppy, yet cunning speeches.

Watch this guy Constance, cause now he appears to have power!!!

Is he the Beast/Anti-christ of Revelations??

SqueakBox said...

I am really confused now. Do you mean to imply my grandfather was a theosophist? Nothing could be further from the truth. Roberto Weiss was a devoted Roman Catholic whose only interest was his intellectual studies in renaissance history. Buchan supported that work, recognising my grandfather as a genuine intellect. There is no possibility of a theosophical connection in all this, which I find the idea of very bizarre. Sure there are synchronicities on every side, Connie and I certainly share a few, but that is life. If anyone is really interested in my new age background this article may help:,11913,1477931,00.html

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Global Agenda link, it would seem he certainly has a bureaucratic army at his ready. One only has to look at the list of writers there. Then one goes to the trees these birds sit in by looking at their stub bios, look at the branches of those trees, and, just as in nature, one sees those that flock together. Now some poeple might call these birds coo-coos. Others might call them swifts. They wouldn't agree to write an article for Global Agenda if they didn't have something in common.

What we see in the paper are territorial fights between the leaders of this faction and other factions. What we generally know little about is how big are the bureaucratic armies of the players. Well,now you have a clue as to how many networking groups Solana leads.

Anonymous said...

S: Your link doesn't work. Try using a TinyURL.

Constance Cumbey said...

Squeakbox, that's why I asked you if it were true before making any assumptions. I had intelligence that he had Theosophical ties. I wanted to be sure. At any rate, it looks like Buchan had brilliant insights and was suitably alarmed -- you might want to consider him and study him more before giving more support to a perhaps undeserving Javier Solana.

As far as the person who said the link doesn't work, I just tried it and it does. The trick is to click on the SMALL BOXED IN HEADLINE, but for the record, here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Constance, it wasn't your link I couldn't use. It was SqueakBox's. However I learned that his link extends outside of the comments area. Just keep the mouse going until the end of the link. I then copied and pasted. It led to a story on a New Age Disneyland kind of town in England called Totnes. Pop New Age, the kind used to pull people gentlely into the new culture. I'm not sure what it has to do with SqueakBox or his grandfather. Can you fill me in?

Niki Raapana said...

Very informative. This is an area I have little familiarity with. I can see I'll learn a lot from you about the New Age and their key players in the emerging global synthesis.

SqueakBox said...

I spent 11-12 years in Totnes.

Constance Cumbey said...

SqueakBox, I finally was successful at downloading the article and reading it for myself. It sounds very much like Santa Cruz, California. In the early 1980s, Esquire Magazine, I believe expressed some concerns about that community (which I had ample time to view in the 1980s) and how the 'Age of Aquarius' culture there had rendered much of the population unable to handle many every day concerns, and that it might not bode so well for the rest of society. I once had a New Age piano tuner. He thought everything was a product of his own perceptions. He refused any type of a tuning standard other than his tuning fork which was good only for A's. It turned out every key on my piano was flat except for every A -- and yes, I do play Schubert -- Mozart, and Beethoven! Everything he had used the objective standard for worked; everything he left to his own imagination failed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SqueakBox. That explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

This post gave me a lot of ideas and thoughts in different directions than the post would suggest.

I'm not sure if you've researched Vladimir Zhirinovsky before but it might be a fruitful area to check if Solana has any definite ties to him.

Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Russian ultra-nationalist party, first made headlines worldwide in the late 80s and 90s when he published a book called The Final March South. Basically it's a manifesto akin to Mein Kampf. I remember back when it caused a stir cause he talked about marching on Israel as the final act after he set the Russians on the war path.

He's still a powerful force in Russian politics and, in my opinion, he is destined to rule the country sooner than later - through democratic means or a coup detat. The political climate is perfect for his sudden thrust to power as Russia is experiencing much of the same economic hardships as Germany went through before the Nazis came to power. Also the virulent racism toward the Jews is increasing at alarming rates, due in large part to Zhirinovsky acolytes.

Solana, being of the same socialism/facist background, must have had some contact with him throughout the years. They are both revolutionaries at heart and envision themselves as fulfilling destiny. We needn't even get into Gog and Magog, but I did read somewhere that Zhirinovsky is obsessed with the prophecy and mentions it in his book while speaking about destroying Israel.

SqueakBox said...

The "culture there had rendered much of the population unable to handle many every day concerns" could easily describe Totnes. A lot of new age types are on long term sickness benefit, and the culture is not generally productive and hard working: more inward looking and angst ridden. Which is why I got out, and why I don't endorse many aspects of new age culture (without rejecting it the way you do). I sympathise with you about the piano tuner who left you to mangle Beethoven and Schubert-that, for me, is sacrilege. Totnes certainly has it's share of Osho followers and ex followers, though other than that his mum got into that culture when he was an adult it is hard to see any connection between Solana, essentially a security and military politician/bureaucrat, and the New Age. I see my own support of Solana as a rejection of my new age/peace camp past and a reclaming of my military background (RAF family), and in that sense my own experience is not too dissimilar to Solana's. I strongly disagree that there is a fascist connection in Solana's youth: he was an anti fascist fighting admirably against the dictatorship of Franco. I couldn't think of anyone less like Solana than Zhirinovsky. The latter is an extremist, the former a moderate.

SqueakBox said...

The "culture there had rendered much of the population unable to handle many every day concerns" could easily describe Totnes. A lot of new age types are on long term sickness benefit, and the culture is not generally productive and hard working: more inward looking and angst ridden. Which is why I got out, and why I don't endorse many aspects of new age culture (without rejecting it the way you do). I sympathise with you about the piano tuner who left you to mangle Beethoven and Schubert-that, for me, is sacrilege. Totnes certainly has it's share of Osho followers and ex followers, though other than that his mum got into that culture when he was an adult it is hard to see any connection between Solana, essentially a security and military politician/bureaucrat, and the New Age. I see my own support of Solana as a rejection of my new age/peace camp past and a reclaming of my military background (RAF family), and in that sense my own experience is not too dissimilar to Solana's. I strongly disagree that there is a fascist connection in Solana's youth: he was an anti fascist fighting admirably against the dictatorship of Franco. I couldn't think of anyone less like Solana than Zhirinovsky. The latter is an extremist, the former a moderate.

Constance Cumbey said...

Terry, I did research Zhirinovsky in the 1990s -- I even did some radio programs discussing him. What is he up to with the "New Russia" -- I've gotten out of the loop in him currently.

Constance Cumbey said...

Squeakbox, now we're talking civilly and productively and that is good! My thinking is that there was a family bent towards "invisible college" matters. Solana's mum was definitely in close contact with powerful New Age figures such as Fritjof Capra. An online obiturary of Solana's mother quotes correspondence between the two of them -- sort of a mutual admiration society. Solana's grandfather is of deeper concern to me. I'm sure I would have liked conversing with him -- his books are highly readable. However, he did show up on one very telling place and that was on the "FIRST ENDORSERS" of Planetary Citizens, a group organized by Donald Keys. Keys was a former administrator of Alice Bailey's Lucis Trust. Even more revealing are references to an unnamed Spanish disciple in Bailey's books. That disciple exiled to Holland, then England, then to Mexico and Latin America, and then was sent to Europe to begin a college youth work. Though unnamed, the message and description appear to fit Salvador de Madariaga. Yale University published works on the Bollingen Foundation and the Eranos community headquartered in Switzerland, discuss the unsuccessful attempts of Olga Froebe Kapteyn and Alice Ann Bailey to get him there, but in view of what is in the Bailey instruction books themselves combined with Madariaga's open endorsement of the Planetary Citizens work very close to the time of his death, lead me to believe that there may be a long family history. I am surmising, but in light of how quietly Solana has come to world power, I'm suspecting he might have been, like Krishnamurti before him, "the annointed one."

May 17, 2005

Anonymous said...

Constance, a friend of mine read this blog and found it a bit confusing, so I thought I would do a general overview for him and others:

We can all look at the same physical object and see it in a different way, back, front, top bottom, a little to the left, a little to the right.

Ideas about the unseen world around us are even more complex. Unseen personal things like love, hate, evil, existence, intuition, fear, anger, ways to manipulate others to bring about certain results as well as views of the supernatural proved valuable to many different individuals and groups over thousands of years, personally as well as politically.

Just as monotheists (Christians, Jews) came together, those believing pagan and occult ideas came together. Whereas monotheistic groups operated in the open, the pagan/occult believers formed secret societies which even today continue to promote and use their ideas. Just as there are many different levels of monotheism, so there are many different levels of occult/pagan believers. Pop New Age is one level (the crystals crowd), straight New Age is another(Theosophical Society Lucis Trust), and those in the academies who study gnosticism and hermeticism operate at yet another, yet all have values in common.

The occult/pagan networks came together in the recent past and brought about the Nazi movement. Now the same forces are networking behind the scenes to bring another group of such people to power. Because of the circles they travel in, there are some people who hear of the planning and methods and use these ideas as plots in fiction writing for example. So it appears there were novelists who wrote as the networks were bringing Hitler to power. It might have been their way of getting information out or they might just have been making money.

When the Nazi movement failed, these pagan/occult networks didn't go away. They just regrouped and started putting long term plans into action. While heaven is the goal of the monotheists, utopia on earth is the goal of the occult believers and pagans.

Solana seems to have ties to the academic level of occult/paganism. There are those who believe for religious reasons this will bring disaster. There are others who believe that occult/pagan ideas go against human nature and will bring disaster for that reason. Because of the secretive nature of many of the groups supporting Solana, it is hard to know who among his followers are idealists, who are opportunitsts and who are true believers in an occult utopia.

There is much documentation regarding names of individuals, organizations and dates, but this is not the place to start with that information.

SqueakBox said...

No question that Solana became a politician (and an immediately recognisable one) because of his well known grandfather de Madariaga, just as his adversary Rodrigo Rato (IMF chief) also came from a well known Spanish family. Studying Madariaga does undoubtedly give insights into the the political philosophy of Solana. While Madariaga was a Liberal there was no liberal equivalent of PSOE in sixties Spain, but his militant pro europeanism is pure de Madariaga.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but how does an adversary of Solana get to the place where "EU picks Spain's Rodrigo Rato for top IMF post" 21/04/2004

"Former Spanish economy and finance minister Rodrigo Rato is set to head the International Monetary Fund after the European Union's Irish presidency named him Wednesday as the EU candidate."

Anonymous said...

I noticed Rato also has an article in the Global Agenda magazine. It sounds like the US where sometimes we can't tell the Republicans from the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Terry, I did research Zhirinovsky in the 1990s -- I even did some radio programs discussing him. What is he up to with the "New Russia" -- I've gotten out of the loop in him currently.

Russia's nationalists call for ban on Jewish groups

Ultra-Nationalist Party Wants Ruthless State Security

Google News Search

Anonymous said...


I have been following the New Age Movement almost as long as you. I remember Dr. Jobe Martin (the guy that does creation videos now) coming to our church in Dallas, Texas in the late 70's and giving a seminar on the New Age Movement. I am also well read in all the various conspiracy theories including the New Age, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, etc. I have found your research on Javier Solana, coupled with Herb Peter's work most fascinating. It is exciting to see the puzzle pieces of Bible prophecy appearing to fall into place.

One connection in all of this that I have never made until recently is the hypothesis (and it is only a hypothesis at the moment) that the Jesuits may in fact be the fountainhead of the major secret societies in existence today and that the top Jesuits are quite possibly Luciferians which in my mind would tie them into your New Age research. I had never really studied the Catholic Church until recently when I had some serious business associations with some Catholics. In my study, it has become quite clear to me that while Catholic PEOPLE are always wonderful souls and I'm sure many are real Christians, the doctrine that they are given by the Catholic hierarchy is essentially the old Semiramis cult of Babylon with Christian "window dressing".

With this in mind, the last 500 years of history in the Western World has really been the story of "Breaking Rome's Bonds" beginning in earnest with Martin Luther (everyone should rent the MGM movie "Luther" by the way). Loyola and his Jesuits (Society of Jesus) were the Roman answer to the Reformation and it was quite effective. I find it quite interesting that the Jesuits have been expelled from so many countries for political subversion. There was so much subversion that the pope finally banned them (but they were reinstated allegedly due to Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati influence)It is also interesting to note the alleged Jesuit connection to all manner of deaths of high officials--from Pope Clement XIII who died the day before signing a bull suppressing the Jesuits to his successor Clement XIV who became very ill just AFTER signing it (and later died), to Brigadier General Thomas Harris' claim that the Jesuits instigated the Lincoln assassination. There are also many links that would be interesting to explore between the Vatican and Hitler, the Illuminati and the modern Communists, etc. etc.

To summarize, there are alot of "dots" out there and alot more of them may connect than I once would have ever believed. I would not be surprised at all if it turns out that all these lines converge into two major entities--(a) the Jesuit Organization and (b) the European Union/Solana. This in my mind would fit well with Revelation 17 & 18. I'm not sure I have the time to search for all the "connecting lines" but I would love it if an excellent researcher like you explored some of these possibilities in your blog site.

By the way, for those readers who may think that Bible Prophecy believers like me are nuts, we believe that unfulfilled Bible Prophecy WILL BE fulifilled primarily because of its track record so far. An excellent example of the great track record of Bible Prophecy can be found at

Anonymous said...

Enuff with the Jesuits already! While I'm smewhat pleased, as a Catholic, to have, at long last, some apparent Protestant allow that we "might be" Christian (BTW folks, there WERE NO NON-CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS FOR 1500 YEARS, so where do you get off pretending that Martin Luther INVENTED the religion?, but it is spmewhat like having a golfing hacker tell me (an 8 handicap) that I might be a fairly good golfer!

I do not dispute that several regimes have sought the expulsion of the Jesuits, but I sugest we all remember where wnd who some of these regimes were! The Chi coms come to mind, from the 20th Century. Was there a devoutly Christian nation that sought their expulsion? For other than political reasons? Post Enlightenement France certainly doesn't count, since that once grand Daughter of the Church has all but disintegrated as a Christian nation. What are the actual cases?

Further, WHAT doctrines of the Catholic Church are "Babylonian"? The Divinity of Christ? The Virgin Birth? The Triune nature of God? The salvific effect of Calvary? The Death and Resurrection? The Apostolic Succession? Or is all this blather really about the doctrine of transubstantiation, the Primacy of Peter, and the veneration of Mary? If so, SOME of us ought to re-read John 6, and the words of Christ at the Last Supper ("this IS my Body...this IS my Blood...). SOME of us might want to recall that the "You are Rock..." passage of Matthew was spoken to one identifiable man, not a multitude of self appointed apostles. And, SOME of us ought to consider how many miracles Christ performed on Earth that Scripture records he DIDN'T WANT TO PERFORM (hint: ONE. CANA.), and AT WHOSE PROMPTING DID HE DO SO! Babylonian? My foot!

Anonymous said...

Dave, if you have been studying New Age for so many years, you should know that Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society said the same thing about the Jesuits you are saying. Many references can be found by putting Blavatsky and Jesuits into Google, or just go to this site. Follow the link to its end outside the comments box, cut and paste.

"During this eventful time Madame Blavatsky was in excellent spirits and very hopeful as to the future of her Society, as is shown by the following letter to her sister:

"A whole Society of Catholic clergy and High-Church fanatics has been formed here against your sister. They already have had three meetings. During the first they tried to prove that I am no more and no less than the very Devil in petticoats. But my Theosophists protested, and having asked for the right of speech proved very neatly on the spot that these Catholics were Jesuits, sorry Christians, worshippers of Baal and Mammon."

David Moore said...

Hey booch, would you email me so that I could maybe peacefully talk to you about your response to dave and the whole catholic/babylonian thing. ....if you don't mind. A response to your post in the blog thread would be waaaaaay off topic and inappropriate.

p.s. ask dave to talk to you in private as well.

David Moore said...

Hey Constance,

I would have emailed you but I figured this might be a question that others might want answered. Are you going to republish your book "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow.." ?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but part of New Age discussion. Has anyone noticed how much New Age thinking puts an emphasis on death? Channeling, reincarnation, abortion, euthanasia, dead ascended masters, light at the end of the tunnel, voices of the dead thru radios and computers, ghosts, living wills etc.

And in the Bible...."I put before you life and death. Choose life........"

"NEW YORK - CBS on Wednesday canceled "Judging Amy," "Joan of Arcadia" and the Wednesday edition of "60 Minutes" as the nation's most popular network tries to attract
younger viewers.

"The network will add two new comedies and four new dramas next season, including a series in which
Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to dead people."

And from a friend:
As you may know there are a number of films now depicting abortion and euthanasia. Some are from Europe and some made in the United States. In any event, you may find them on the New Release wall of any major movie renting place. But, for the first time ever I actually visited a video store and saw them all collected on one wall. The owners were trying to say, "if you like this title (keep in mind, the films were all drastically different in story line and some were foreign), rent these movies also." So we had an abortion and euthanasia wall of films.

Anonymous said...

mbooch - You have to catch on. Catholics=monotheists. It's not only the fundie Protestant Christians and the Jews who are being targeted, it's Catholics too. And when they pit us against each other, less work for them and no one is supposed to notice who is pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

Constance Cumbey will be a guest on the Gianni Hayes' Christian Web Radio Show tonight. You can get the show over the internet. The show will be heard live on Wednesday, 5/18 9:00 EST. Go to this website for more information.

“Dangers of the EU, the New Age movement and Its Promised Dictator”

My guest on tonight’s show is Attorney Constance Cumbey who returns because of her popularity and the vital information she shares regarding world politics and the coming dictator. She always proves herself to be outstanding, and I can’t wait to have her back on. Don’t forget to call in at toll free number: 800-433-1429. Attorney Cumbey returns to talk on the New Age Movement, witchcraft, the occult, Satanism, and so on, as well as who she believes, from her years of research, may be the antichrist walking among us.

So tune in and call us at my station’s 1-800. Don’t miss this one!

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Bacon and the invisable college?

SqueakBox said...

Interesting radio programme. nice to hear Constance's voice, so thanks for the tip that it was on.

David Moore said...

Constance, what you had to say was really enlightening on the radio show tonight. You know, some kind of campaign should be started to educate the American people about the EU in general, and then its Anti-American goals, and the dark figure (Solana) that waits in the wings. The American media sucks and are so insular in terms of giving broad coverage.

I'm serious! After having read some very sobering knowledge gained from T. Reid's "The United States of Europe" and Jeremy Rifkin's "The European Dream" I am literally shaken and alarmed at how sooooooooo very subtle the "USE" is in its global domination. I understand now why God referred to the EU as a beast and the six others before it. In a nutshell: Religously it is truly decentralized (New Age hodge podge religious mixture that is also hidden in Christian veneer "Holy Mother Church" sorry booch) but will have a place to rest in the future--from whence it came after the rebuiling of Babylon as the economic and religious center of the world. Politically the world is tied up in the basically confusing web of treaties both in the UN, EU, and NATO. Economically, (this I recently learned about) let me put it this way, millions of American jobs are dependent on decisions made in foreign boardrooms. From Burger King, DKNY, Sunglass Hut, Los Angeles Dodgers, (product-wise) Lean Cuisine, Nestle, Ben & Jerry's, production company for "A Beautiful Mind", Brooks Brothers, Red Bull, Miller Lite, Dave Matthew's record label, Slim Fast, publishing company "The Penguin Press", Baby Ruth, Amoco gasonline, Dr. Pepper, Ray-Ban, Snapple, Mazola Oil, Hawaiin Punch, Random House, Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Dove Soap, Pennzoil, Armour Corned Beef Hash, Generl Electric, A&W Root Beer, Nokia, Country Time Lemonde, Welch's grape juice, Chicken Tonight, and on and on and on. Now on one hand what the foreign investor pays for things America really helps to cover the U.S deficit in international trade, but also according to Mr. Reid, "what the foreign investor giveth, though, the foreign investor can take away." To be really blunt, if the antitrust regulator of Europe Signor Mario Monti could bust up former General Electric CEO Jack Welch's multi-billion dollar major merger with Honeywell--sending Mr. Welch back to the states with his tail between his legs, then what else will Europe pull. Europe doesn't like us.

"He gave me this explanation: 'The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on erth. IT WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHER KINGDOMS AND WILL DEVOUR THE WHOLE EARTH, TRAMPLING IT DOWN AND CRUSHING IT. The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings. He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times and a half a time."

Talking about it is great, but sharing the information is imperative. I've been brainstorming for some possible ways to do this.

Anonymous said...

Great interview Constance! It was nice to hear in your own voice what it is you've been uncovering over the years. Someone should make a transcript of the interview, I thought it was one of the best I've heard in a long time.

Anonymous said...

truth . . . would you agree with Halley's Bible Handbook on the "five kings who have fallen" of Rev. 17 as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia and Greece?

David Moore said...

dave said,

"truth . . . would you agree with Halley's Bible Handbook on the "five kings who have fallen" of Rev. 17 as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia and Greece?"

My answer: Absolutely! The sixth king was Rome in the Apostle John's day, then it disappeared after Israel was dispersed in 70 AD. But it went dormant. The sixth head appeared right around the time Israel suddenly reappeared on the world stage in 1948. The Revived Roman Empire began in what was called the European Movement supposedly for the sake of avoiding another World War II. Some shapers were Winston Churchill, Solana's grandfather Salvdor de Madariaga who said, "Fiate Europa!" (meaning "Let there be one Europe!"). Harry Truman's secretary of state, George C. Marshall inadvertantly or not helped with his "European Recovery Program where $12 billion were put into it between 1947 and 1951. However, the primary shaper was Jean Monnet who sketched out a plan for French-German industrial combine with coal mining and steel production in both countries. This eventually became the sketch for uniting Europe, being known first through what was called the European Coal and Steel Community of six members (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxemborg, and the Netherlands). Let me add that when this sketch was put into effect on May 9th it became what is called Europe Day. It just so happened that I learned about this just after midnight, going into May 10. This sketch was formulated with the combined work of Monnet and Schuman: The Schuman Declaration, May 10, 1950! ...TWO YEARS AFTER ISRAEL WAS REBORN! This later became knows as the Eurpean Common Market, then the WEU which works within the Greater European Union as a whole, yet separate due to Recommendation 666.

Now this is tricky for some people, but the seventh king is the beast kingdom of the 10 toes or ten kings that are destined for one purpose to hand their power to the Antichrist (who is the eighth, but is part of the seventh because he came out of the seventh or ten kings).

"This calls for wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits [Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Revived Rome { European Union +AntiChrist}]. They are also seven kings. Five have fallen [Egypt, Assryi, Babylon, Persian, Greece], one is, [Roman Empire during John's day] the other has not yet come [Daniel's Ten Toes or the WEU and EU full member states, led primarily by Britain, Germancy and France]; but when he does come, he must remain for a little while [the beast and the beast kingdom are given equivalence, just so you know]. The beast who once was, and now is, not, is an eighth king [Antichrist]. He [Antichrist] belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction." (Revelation 17:9-11)

People need to be warned about this sick kingdom that is waiting for its perfect opportunity to sprint out from among the tall grass and pounce on its victim. It will enslave seek to enslave many through a sick trinitarian power of political, economic, and religious power by way of its COUNTERFEIT trinity of Father: Satan, Son: Antichrist, Holy Spirit: False Prophet.

now that's the truth and i'm stickin to it.

Anonymous said...

What you have there "truth" is not truth, but speculation. And of speculation there is no end. While you may feel good about yourself and your speculating about important things it would be more helpful if you did some historical research to back up your speculations.

In fact, I think so much speculation without solid information does a major disservice to those who actually get into the library stacks to document their statements. The mass of human being will use any excuse to avoid changes in their view of the world.

Constance documents what she is saying about Javier Solana. You come along talking about horns and toes and it makes her solid information look flakey. Where some might have started looking at her documentation and acting on that information, your speculations will have another effect. Those who think like you will feel smug and have no need to do anything further to stop the dangers of a coming dictatorship. Those who think your views are nutty will discount anything Constance has to say because it will allow them to discount her information by association with yours.

Your pride gives the Solanas of the world a big gift.

Anonymous said...

Since David is the name used by "the truth", any chance David talking to Dave is David talking to himself?

David Moore said...

Well anonymous, unless you live in my house and know where I get my information from. I don't understand how you would come to the conclusion that my information is supported or unsupported without stating some corrections. I'm assuming that you may have better knowledge than I on this and that's fine--if that is the case, why not give some corrections to guide me and others along. Your whole response basically implied, "If what you have to say, be it opinion or speculation, don't bring it in here." Quite frankly, that's a real turn off and if I were not a believer in Christ and I witnessed this ordeal, I would be turned off by you. I will grant you I should not have stated that my speculations were the truth. I should have qualified that in some way. I honestly did not mean it that way. I acknowledge that there is a possibility that my sources are not credible, but otherwise your accusation is extremely beyond your possible knowledge--unless, like I said, you live in my house and show up at my work place.

Also, I just stated my opinion about the EU. For the record, I didn't seek to attack Constance at all. It's just my point of view--a view might I add that is the product of seeing through the lense of the Pre-Tribulational rapture. I can state my beliefs and I don't apprecite your attack. I appreciate what you said, and I will take it to heart to make sure that I research more deeply if need be, but don't attack me. You don't know who I am, and I don't know who you are--as such I wouldn't go out against like that by name. In a medium such as this, it is so easy to be misunderstood.

Also, I don't know who "dave" is. This statement that you made, "Since David is the name used by "the truth", any chance David talking to Dave is David talking to himself?" I don't find to be Christ-like. Instegating strife, even if there is disagreement, is not the way. There was another way you could have approached me.

Lastly, I was not seeking to make Constance's work look "flakey". If you believe that my beliefs are flakey, then simply say it. Don't beat around the bush.

If you chop off somebody's nose, what's the point in offering flowers. Instead, I simply state my point of view, and if a person doesn't like it or disagrees then talk to me in a convincing and civil way about the opposing view. Accusations with no support is just a clanging cymbal.

So, anonymous, I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but for now this is the conclusion that I have come to. And inspite of your displeasing approach to confront me, as a believer in Christ, I will double check my sources and research. Thank you for that wisdom.

I will take back my statement that what I said was the truth, but rather state that this is my opinion and mere speculation. My sincerest apology to those who might have been mislead. I wrote that last sentence in my haste to leave my home.

Always trying to be in Christ's love,



P.S. Herb said something a time ago that really rang true to me, but not the way he meant it. He basically said that people who don't hold to the belief int he Pre-Tribulational rapture end up becoming closeted for it. On the contrary, I think I could say the same thing. Now, if my nutty belief in such a thing is too flakey for some people and I am not welcome, then be forthcoming about it. I wouldn't ostracize people with an opposing point of view and seek to get others on my side.

David Moore said...

I have a feeling that Pre-tribbers aren't liked by some people that post on Constance's blog.

As I already implied, it's pre-tribbers that are in the closet. Marginalizing pre-tribbers can't be right at all.

Anonymous said...

"truth" you can believe whatever you want to believe. Here's a comparison.
If I stood on a platform and said "I believe the moon is made of green cheese and I think "truth" is the most intelligent person in the world," then when others looked at what you wrote they would remember that a person who thinks the moon is made of green cheese also thinks you are brilliant. A person is known by the company they keep it's said. I am exaggerating of course to make a point clear. If 200 people believe your speculations, it does not make them fact.

As your home has not been presented as evidence and you present no evidence for your speculation, it would be foolish to assume you have any evidence to present in an intellectual discussion. Are we to naively be charitable and to accept whatever anyone says in good faith?

Now you just may have valid research to support your speculations. Nothing is stopping you from bringing it forward here. You have a nice blog at
Not everyone who reads the comments may know that. I do notice you do not allow comments there. If you do not like challenges to your point of view, tough.

David Moore said...

Well, then from now on I'll provide sources from now on.

As for my blog comments, I have them on, but my blog is screwed up for some reason. I've been trying to figure it out, but I see I might have to get help from elsewhere.

Also, I never said that I did not like challenges to my point of view, what I did say is your approach was not appreciated.

Gotta go to work can't talk anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info "truth". That's funny that someone suspects me of being you! My post about Jesuits was a serious one. I really wish there was some really solid research out there such as Constance is well known for that might tie this together. BTW "anonymous"- Jesus Christ kept some pretty lousy company from the world's perspective, but look how famous he is now! You hang around "Bible crazies" like me and "truth" and who knows where you may wind up. My choice for you would be Heaven, which will last a lot longer than any earthly government. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Dave, silly comment. If "lousy company" was the better standard, then you would be better off in prison than in church. Clever doesn't cut it.

Did you somehow miss my quote showing how your thinking about the Jesuits parallels that of Blavatsky's views?

Jesus went among the people and one of the reasons he was crucified was that he posed a threat to the the government of the time. He wouldn't have been considered a threat if he just sat on his hands and thought about heaven.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't miss your Blavatsky comment. I just chose to ignore it because you seem quite opinionated and appear to attack people you disagree with.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a problem with someone calling your attention to a historical document? I'm such a meanie pointing out something you would rather others didn't note.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a look at your historical document-maybe it will be of value. Do you have anything else factual which disproves my "Jesuit/EU/Solana=Woman on Beast" hypothesis?

Anonymous said...

Dave, its your thesis. You have to prove it to the satisfaction of others, not just me. I have not seen anything so convoluted elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

If you want convoluted, go to and read about Fire and Ice as was pointed out a short time ago here. But there is nothing convoluted about Jesuits and political subversion. Why do we think it has stopped just because its been a while since they were thrown out of a country? Does it not even smell a little bit fishy to anyone that EU documents are always signed in Rome? (Vatican and Jesuit HQ) Does not the history of the 20th century speak of some intrigue and things not being as they seem? There is strong evidence for a conspiracy and I don't think the New Age Movement is the whole story. As for Bible Prophecy being convoluted if that's what you mean, I think you may be on the wrong site to find people who agree with that view. It appears that Constance and Herb Peters are in agreement in large part about that topic. I am not planning on "proving" any theories on this site -- it's not my site. I simply have an interest in finding out if any readers here have any good factual material on Jesuits which may be related to Constance's topics of interest. If you don't that's fine, but you don't help your image by hurling rotten eggs -- maybe that's why you are "anonymous".


Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous because I think the information is more important than the sender, and I know of the old communist technique of targeting the sender and avoiding the topic. By the way, after searching Google, it appears Dr. Jobe Martin wasn't spreading information about New Age in the late '70s. It appears that he talked about it in the mid '80s, several years after Constance broke it into the Christian community. That's not a problem. His area of research was creationism vs Darwinism, a very respectable area of the confrontation of ideas. I haven't looked at his material in this regard because I have other interests.

Could you document that EU documents are all signed in Rome? Now that would be interesting.

I have no problem with people speaking of Bible prophecy. It's just that I've seen so many references to different speakers who draw an audience based on their speculations alone. Is it that hard to relate prophecy to the real world? Herb and Constance document their speculations and do not just jump in with ideas off the wall. I know I learn what is going on in the world from them without having to hang on prophecy speculation. Their material has a logical consistency.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are right about Jobe Martin ... I was working from fuzzy memory when I said late 70's.

Here's a link for you about the EU Constitution and the Treaty of Rome being signed in the same room in Rome. You'll probably nail me b/c I said "always" ... I'll revise that to "at least 2 foundational documents".

As for the Biblical image of the Harlot riding the Beast, there is quite strong support for this being a Revived Form of the old Roman Empire (the EU perhaps?) with some bloody, false religion (the New Age Movement? the Catholic Church with Jesuits pulling the strings? don't know) "riding" upon it.

Again I will say that Connie and Herb have done an excellent job documenting the "Beast" part of this vision. Now I would like to see some good research on the "Harlot" part as well. Anonymous, maybe you can provide me with some.

Anonymous said...

Dave, the signing took place in Rome and not at the Vatican. You would have to find out why the first document was signed there. In addition, where have all the other documents been signed?

I think you are trying to play fill in the blanks with an idea you want to support rather than gathering your documentation before coming to a conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I see that there are a number of references to Nazi occultism here, and the survival of some Nazi occult personalities/groups to the present day. I humbly offer my own published work on this topic -- Unholy Alliance: a history of Nazi involvement with the occult -- as further evidence. It's based on primary sources (such as the Captured German Records section of the National Archives, particularly the files related to the Ahnenerbe), and my own personal investigations and interviews in North and South America. I follow that up next month with Sinister Forces, which examines the role of the Paperclip scientists in some detail ... among other things.

Anonymous said...

Peter Levenda - Unholy Alliances is an excellent book, and I would recommend it to everyone. Efforts to surpress the information were made if I recall correctly, and you reported on that in your interviews. There appears to be two different titles for your new book, and the description for each is different on Amazon. Sinister Forces - A warm gun and Sinister Forces - the Nine. Two different publishing dates. Same publisher.

Whichever I get to read, I am looking forward to learning more.

Constance Cumbey said...

I feel humbled and honored to have Mr. Levanda visit this blogspot. I have had an incredibly busy week as a lawyer, limited my internet interaction, but I am honored to have people of the caliber of Levanda, Terry, and even "Booch" and SqueakBox joining in the conversations!

My husband is having heart operations next week, so I would appreciate the prayers of all!

Constance Cumbey
Friday, May 20, 2005

Anonymous said...

terry . . . I see Contance sees you as a "high caliber" source. Am I correct in assuming your website is I see this site has a 2 part article on the Jesuit Conspiracy. Maybe at least some of my Jesuit theories stated above hold water?

Constance Cumbey said...

Comment to Dave:

You might want to go to my archives and read my various articles where Eric Jon Phelps is mentioned. Bluntly, he is a New Ager writing for New Agers (I base this on his shameless use of Theosophist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky combined with his telling hollow earth theories.) Also, I am reading up on the Inquisition and it appears that the Dominicans were far greater players than the Jesuits ever were -- and further the anticlerical persecutions,e.g. French Revolution of 1799, Mexico 1926-1935, Spain 1936-1939 may have well made the inquisition, bad as it was, look small-time.

Anonymous said...

Constance, do an article on this and let us know if there is a connection to the Theosophical Society in any of this. As a precursor to the hatred of monotheism by the Nazis, the information would be extremely important. I just put anti-clerical, Spain and 1936 into a search engine as was astounded at what I didn't know.

Anonymous said...

I read all your EJP stuff and agree although most flakes have SOME truth mixed in. However, there are some other credible sounding sources about the Jesuits and their political influence in the last 400 years. One I will be reading shortly is the Brig Gen Thomas Harris book on the Lincoln assassination (cost me a fortune) ... anybody here read that one and "cross-examined" it?

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like either Crazy Eric Phelps has sprouted a couple new nom de plumes, or the strains of the Javier Watch have taken their toll on some of our faculties for discernment. In any event, I note that the Jesuits are once again on some of our minds. So I repeat the question that no one seems to have an answer for: What are the devoutly Christian regimes that have found it necessary to expel the Jesuits in the past 400 years? If the answer is, as I expect, "None", then when will this caterwalling end?

One of y'all was kind enough to point out that monotheism is the target of the New Age, and that monotheists ought not play into their hand, so to speak, with what amounts to intra-mural squabbling. Sound advice, to be sure. So, unless someone has a bona fide case to be made against the Society of Jesus, which should by all means be made, I suggest that, in deference to the many devout, holy men who serve and have served in that order (Ignatius Loyola, John Carroll, Malachi Martin, Avery Dulles, Juniperra Serra, etc.) many of whom have been martyred for the Faith, we cease the calumny, and soon!

I am NOT suggesting that there has never been a bad Jesuit, or one or more who has/have engaged in political intrigue. For an order to have existed for several hundred years, and included some of the finest minds of their age for all that time, it would be well nigh miraculous for NONE to have faltered. It is simply implausible for any reasonably cogent mind to feature the notion that the Society of Jesus has been in any meaningful way associated with the movement you all seem to loathe and fear, the New Age Movement.

Pax hominibus bonae voluntatis, y'all!

Connie, best of luck to you and Barry re: his surgery.

Truth, don't worry about offending me by mentioning the feminine nature of the Catholic Church. This is surely not a New Age theme. It relates to the Church as the Bride of Christ. There is Biblical basis for that metaphor, dating back as far as the Song of Songs. I rather doubt the Psalmist was a NEW AGER! So, no, you needn't worry yourself that the Catholic Church is really a New Age front organization. What you might want to give some thought to is why a few of our colleagues here seem so hell bent to paint it as such! (Remember folks, the "pax" is ONLY for those of "bonae voluntatis"!)

Anonymous said...

Eric Jon Phelps is at it again as of August, 2005! He has no shame!

Ranger81 said...

Hello, my first time writing here. Interesting discussion, though sometimes pockmarked with twists of hubris. I'm not a Roman Catholic, and no apologist for that organization in any of its many facets. However, I did some research on the Society of Jesus as pertains to China, India, and Japan while working on my masters degree at the University of Michigan.

The history of the Jesuits is very intriguing, and some of the greatest minds of Europe were numbered among them. Matteo Ricci, Adam Schall, and Ferdinand Verbiest opened the doors of 17th Century China to the West. Francis Xavier, before them, died on a small coastal Chinese island, where he asked to be put ashore to die so that he could fulfill what he fervently believed was the command of Christ for him to go to China.

One of the reasons the Jesuits were so often repressed by the political machinations of Rome was that the Society sent most of its ablest people out on the mission field. Being among the brightest and most educated and able men of their day, they naturally--and purposefully--gravitated to the places of influence and power to share their ideas. So, these gifted people were working to spread their Gospel to the courts of Asia, and to the indigenous peoples of South and North America instead of defending their interests in the Vatican and the courts of Europe. And, being very successful, they made enemies of those who disagreed with them. Spain and Portugal, in particular, were very hard on the Jesuits in the late 17th and early 18th Centuries, as was depicted in the movie, "The Mission."

In the 1720s, for example, an emissary from Rome was sent to Beijing to examine the work of the Jesuits in the court of the Qing Dynasty's first Emperor, Kang Xi. He was to determine whether the Jesuits were allowing paganism--Confucianism and especially the so-called "ancestor worship" of the Chinese--to infect or dilute the propagation of the Gospel. Ricci, Schall, Verbiest, and their Jesuit successors--and several of their Dominican, Franciscan, and Benedictine colleagues--did not consider "ancestor worship" to be a form of religion or idolatry, and conceded the practice as an integral and inoffensive element of Chinese culture.

The emissary, whose name escapes me, did not come as an objective observer/investigator. The Jesuits had already lost the power struggle in Rome, and he was dispatched by their foes to rein them in, for theirs was the most influential European position in the Emperor's court. The papal emissary demanded that the Chinese Christians swear allegiance to Rome ahead of Beijing, denounced the practice of "ancestor worship" as an idolatrous and pagan custom, and insisted that China, if it were to become a truly "Christian" nation, submit itself to the authority of the Vatican, which, of course, was under the considerable influence of the Spanish throne. Of course, the Chinese Emperor would have none of this, and he demanded that all of the Christians in his court--European and Chinese--swear their oath of allegiance to him over Rome, or leave the Mainland. A number of Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, and Benedictines took the oath and remained; a roughly equal number did not, and were deported to the Portuguese concession at Macau, near Canton.

Those Jesuits who went to Macau were immediately imprisoned, as the Society had been outlawed by Rome as a part of this political wrangling. Their prison was a dungeon that filled with water up to a man's chest at high tide, and they remained there for 18 years, until the last of them died. This story was repeated across the Roman Catholic world under Iberian dominion, as the movie, "The Mission" and other works attest.

I've visited the graveyard in Beijing where the Roman Catholic missionaries are buried--there are about 80 grave stones. Curiously, the little cemetery is situated on the campus of the Communist Party Cadre School, which formerly was the main Roman Catholic institution in Beijing. I've also searched for the prison in Macau where the other Jesuits were incarcerated, but I didn't find it. Nonetheless, their stories are fascinating history.

Also, I would like to sound a cautionary note about judging the motivations of a man's heart, especially as it pertains to his faith in our LORD. At what point in history can anyone say that the Roman Catholic Church no longer served the Lord Jesus Christ, and that none of her children bear true faith and allegiance to Heaven's King? Who was the last true "Roman Catholic" Christian? Augustine? Aquinas? Francis of Assisi? Michelangelo? Martin Luther? John Calvin? Mother Theresa? John Paul II? All of the parts of Christ's Church, His Bride, are fallible humanity--that's the beauty of it. We soldier on, getting dirtier and dirtier as the world mistreats us and even tries to destroy us; and then, just when it looks like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are goners, He awakens us with love's first kiss, and we'll open our eyes and see Him for the first time, and all the old worries and cares, and fears will melt away, and we'll be transformed to our regal, rightful beauty "in the twinkling of an eye."

Anonymous said...

Constance, I Love You. You may wish to check out the relationship between the 34 Banking Families and everything going wrong for all of us while it's all going just fine for the Bankers who finance both sides and make trillions from wars they instigated in the first place. Some Warriors are not fooled as they work from the 10th dimension and are directed by the highest in the heavens known to Man. God Bless You.

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