Thursday, May 12, 2005

Repost - Lost in Phelps Shuffle


Dear Readers:

This is a very quick repost. This was posted yesterday and then I noticed the sad rantings of the Eric Jon Phelps crowd not liking having their obvious New Age Movement connections uncovered. As they then proceeded on their own BBS to pronounce even Your Truly a "Jesuit Coadjutor", I humorously took advantage of that both to show the ludicrousness of their position and to simultaneously warn Catholics of New Age and New Age Disinformation moles within their own camps. So, that article may be accessed (and publicly commented upon) by clicking on the archived articles for 5-8-2005 (May 8, 2005) as the Americans count dates. In the meantime, one of the most important articles I have posted and am now reposting for those not familiar with accessing the archives, I am reposting.

The following article I had posted before discovering that little bit of apparent demonic confusion, had importance that I did not want overlooked in the Phelps' shuffle. Therefore, I am reposting it below. It assumes even more importance in light of certain pacts the EU's Javier Solana negotiated and signed with Russia yesterday. As there are now public discussions in the very Russian press itself about the potential importance to Russia of joining the European Union, I felt that the spotlight (sunshine?) needed to be regrouped on that. The prophetic implications should be obvious.

Thanking you blogspot readers for bearing with me, I remain

Respectfully yours,

CONSTANCE E. CUMBEY (for private communications)

May 12, 2005

Javier Solana has recently announced the the EU is sending police advisers to the Palestinian Union. It is not the first such operation for the European Union.

Javier Solana continues to build his cabinet. He also has a large bureaucracy serving himself and his cabinet. He also has a very large budget. I reported 26 billion Euros on the Wikipedia article of which I was the primary author -- at least until SqueakBox did the butcher job. However, Chris Patten in a speech reported his External Affairs budget was something like 70 billion Euros. Since Javier Solana has long since succeeded to his and Patten's combined budgets, most likely it is somewhere far beyond the 70 billion euro figure for just the CFSP portion. When one counts, as does Solana, military resources as including those belonging individually to the about to be non-sovereign countries of the European Union, e.g, Great Britain's army, navy and airforce, Germany's police operations; France's army, navy, and airforce, etc., etc., and a continent full of potential recruits and or conscripts, one sees that Javier Solana has a potentially massive operation indeed.Michael Matthiessen works for Javier Solana. Solana must not trust his aides to go by themselves to represent his interests. Fascinatingly, Matthiessen noted in his speech to InWEnt, a Germany think tank conglomerate, that although his boss was Javier Solana, he was "under the control" of others:I am on the civilian side, I speak under the control of a colleague from the EU military staff being here, but I think we can say that we have worked very closely among the civilian and military actors. Not least in the case of Artemis, of course, the cooperation was very close with the Commission - and I'm speaking also on the control of a colleague from the Commission here - working with our colleagues dealing with humanitarian assist
These are some of the military operations of the European Union under Javier Solana that Mr. Matthiessen saw fit to discuss openly:
--ESDP - European Security and Defense Policy--Artemis--Operation Altea--CIMIC - Civilian Military Cooperation--CIMCO - Civilian Military Coordination--SHIRBRIG (Super High Readiness Brigade) proposed by Solana for the UN -- a global type of --CIMIC operation.--PfP - Partnership for Peace--Operation Proxima - Operates in former Yugoslavia--CMC - Crisis Management ConceptAnd these are the non-classified items! What about the thousands of formerly "transparent" documents that Solana subjected to secrecy starting in June 2000?
My CD-Rom informed its viewers of the CIMIC and SHIRBRIG operations.It seems that the European Union is not waiting for the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East to get its nose in both the Israeli-Palestinian Union tents. Last summer, Javier Solana bluntly toldIsrael's Ariel Sharon that "like it or not, the European Union is involved." Our very good friend 'SqueakBox' on several occasions erased that from the Wikipedia article on Solana, originally mostly written by yours truly and then butchered beyond recognition mostly by SqueakBox, although I had frustrations from a couple of would be editors from Herb Peters camp as well who started to hack that article, virtually inviting SqueakBox's disastrous intervention! SqueakBox honestly admitted he thought it might be a 'planted evidence', true as it was, to lead Christians and orthodox Jews to believe this might be at least an operating arm of the prophesied beast of Daniel and Revelation/Apocalypse. Well, see below as well as clicking on the link in the box contained above in the smaller headline. Also, please refer back to my last archived article and click on the reference link there. A very chatty member of Solana's staff, Michael Matthiessen delivers a speech to a German consulting conglomerate InWEnt. He tells of the EU's various police interventions in EU and NATO occupied countries -- going under names such as CIMIC, CIMCO, CIMCOP, etc., ad nauseum.
With the expanded and ever growing "Greater European Neighborhood," it appears the EU police state is expanding as well in this bizarre growing version of what Solana would have us think is a kind and friendly version, no more ominous than "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. For how long will the USA continue to maintain the fiction of "our European Allies" as this continues? How long until we invite these EU state police to help us extricate from our Iraqi mess as well. Interesting questions, interesting times, and as always, I invite your perspective and comments.
May 10, 2005


Anonymous said...

Solana really globe hops. Now would a man who had no power be able to drop in anywhere and be accepted as one of the top people in all of the countries he travels to? And just what has been giving him all of these powers?

From one of the links on the blog:
"But many Slavophiles in Russia do not believe his (Solana's) promises. They see the European Union as a new and expanding imperialist power that is emasculating the national identity of its members, if not enslaving them. Slavophiles would like Russia to accept the European values of an open society and the supremacy of the law, becoming a part of the EU without formal membership.

Yes, Solana has powers. And they tie into the New Age movement.

SqueakBox said...

Shame you have to trash Solana's good work. Russia in the EU; what a fantastic idea! This man is doing so much good, and you just feel threatened because you want the geographically isolated USA to remain top dog. BTW if you had read wikipedia recently you would see the CFSP has a €40 million budget, most of which goes on Balkans operations. Keep up your Solana articles, as I always enjoy them and find them useful in my own work.

Anonymous said...

SqueakBox, if you had any idea what you are talking about you would be ahead of the curve. Instead you are waiting until others bring you information? You are an intellectual wannabe! No wonder your family in England sent you so far away from themselves.

Constance Cumbey said...

SqueakBox, your own site had some intriguing information about Solana's grade school days. What was your source for the information, e.g., the friendliest child in his class? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

It would be wise to look at the growing power of the EU and Javier Solana. While the individual countries in the EU might be tameable, a combined military is something else and that is growing.

Under the title, "Does Russia need to join the EU", we find this very telling line: "But many Slavophiles in Russia do not believe his promises. They see the European Union as a new and expanding imperialist power that is emasculating the national identity of its members, if not enslaving them."

Another article "Javier Solana has recently announced the the EU is sending police advisers to the Palestinian Union. It is not the first such operation for the European Union." Note, not policy advisers, police advisers. For more information on the growing military power of the EU, check out

I know the Solana/EU thing can be difficult to understand. We can hardly understand all of the complexities of our own government without being asked to understand the complexities of what is happening over the ocean. The news media and blogs do not provide either pro or con information on Solana. While many people are starting to understand the New Age movement, very few understand the connection between the New Age movement and the growing European Union. Christians may put the information into a prophetic context, but this can discourage others from understanding where there is a connection between Solana, the European Union and pagan/occult groups. Some people are still trying to put the UN-Lucis Trust tie into some understandable to themselves pattern.

We have become very secure in our dependence on the military powers developed by the US. Could we seriously take on the combined military forces being put together under Solana's powers? While Constance Cumbey has been detailing the growing powers given to Solana, lacking information from the main stream media, it becomes hard for many to understand that with Solana we could have another Hitler coming to power.

While military power is always the last threat, in this growing corporate world there are ways to subdue countries...treaties, agreements, networking of NGOs, a world court, currancy values. It's not just a matter of voting in Republicans or Democrats. Did anyone get a full report on what Solana was doing visiting Bush, what was being discussed, what agreements were their respective associates negotiating and so on.

Recently the Supreme Court made a decision not based solely on American law, but also on international law. Will we be happy living under a form of European Union laws, a set of laws that we will no longer be able to influence?

They say women discuss information to help others learn. Men discuss information to come to solutions. So far there have been no men coming forth with even tentative solutions. Maybe it is time.

SqueakBox said...

Perhaps I got that about him being friendly at school from the same source that you got the bit about Sharon refusing to meet him last year. At least I have found out which school he went to-El Pilar College was definitely a religious institution, completely contradicting your claim that he was probably not even baptised.

Anonymous said...

For those who think some of us are picking on a little guy who humbly uses the label SqueakBox and has taken on an image of a simple guy who lives in Central America, loves his dogs, blah blah, there is another side to SqueakBox. Searching the behind the scenes Wikipedia pages one sees another side to him. He seems to have power at Wikipedia, deciding what will and what not be allowed in the pages of this "open to the public" encyclopedia, power beyond that of a "simple" volunteer editor. When and if the two images morph into one, we might learn more about him.

The SqueakBoxes of the world get away with much. Most people don't care what is going on around them. Some people care but say they are just too "busy" to do anything on their own so they depend on others. The "Others" are rarely neutral sources.

Constance Cumbey said...

I got the piece about Sharon refusing to meet with him last year from legitimate web sources -- the news which it occurred, which you could too (and maybe you did, and decided to lie and say it had never happened). So the whole world can see your foolishness on something I posted in 2004 about something happening in 2003, here's one prominent European link! Sharon to boycott Solana in upcoming visit: Israeli radio. Now, I'm going right to Wikipedia and posting this entire discourse there, so they can see for themselves what you are doing for the reputation of your beloved Jimbo and his Wikipedia!

Constance Cumbey said...


Anonymous said...

Constance, here's another proof I found that Ariel Sharon refused to meet with Solana in July, 2004,,2-10-1462_1554218,00.html

This SqueakBox is a pretty interesting character, eh?

SqueakBox said...
Having read that Sharon refudsewde to meet Solana I came across this, with no less than the Israeli government claiming that they met.

SqueakBox said...

Sharon obviously was refusing to meet him, but then changed his mind and met him 2 weeks later. At wikipedia we cannot have the statement (that I originally removed) that on July 20 Sharon refused to meet Solana with nothing about them meeting 2 days later. At wikipedia not spreading false information is an absolute imperative.

Anonymous said...

Squeakbox, perhaps you can enlighten us on why Sharon refused to meet with Solana and then backed off and recognized that Solana represented power that even Sharon couldn't confront, even with Israel's supposed backing by the US. Sharon obviously tried to stand up for Israel and then couldn't. It was not as if Sharon welcomed the wonderful Solana openly as a friend and a peacemaker. Don't you see the confrontation and then slapdown of Sharon as significant in the Solana's bio?

Constance Cumbey said...

Squeakbox: You are being most slippery on this -- what I wrote on WIkipedia this morning to correct your misinformation is that Ariel Shalom INITIALLY refused to meet with Solana. You are still spreading defamatory misinformation and rather than being a man about it and admitting you were wrong, you choose to by sleight of pen, shift the blame! You and I both know that although Ariel Sharon did give in after Solana's threat of LIKE IT OR NOT, THE EU IS PART OF THE PROCESS!

I think you owe both my readers here as well as the Wikipedia readers a very big apology!

Anonymous said...

Squeakbox, Cumbey's right -- when do you plan to say a simple, "I'm sorry." I understand she believes in forgiveness!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Constance should be apologizing to SqueakBox. Sharon did agree to meet Solana.

Anonymous said...

Squeakbox, I was just going over your absolutely arrogant insults to Cumbey over at Wiki. Which of the public 59 pages that her name appears on over there, places where you dragged her name thru the mud, are you asking that she work with you on. (By the way, looking over your comments, I would suggest you get a book that teaches you the English language. You aren't an editor. You just hack away at things other people write.)

By the way, you can't hack at reality as you hack articles. First, Sharon refused to meet with Solana. Second, Sharon had to back down when Solana told him he basically had no choice. Third, Sharon then met with Solana.

Except corrupt individuals connected with Peres, the Israelis know and despise Solana.

Anonymous said...

You are being ridiculous defending Constance. She is the one who continuously drags SqueakBox's name through the mud, in and outside wikipedia. Given what he suffeers he keeps an amazingly cool head. I read today Constance was wanting to get him banned from Wikipedia for ever for removing a bit of outdated information about Sharon refusing to meet Solana. A bit of a dramatic overreaction, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Ah poor Dobby, I mean Squeakbox, the Solana house elf. Everybody is so mean to you and you only mean to help others see how wonderful your master is. Sorry I got confused. I just saw a Harry Potter movie on television and somehow your manner reminded me of poor old Dobby. Dobby also had a strange way of referring to himself by his own name and crying after he did his mischief.

Constance Cumbey said...

By the way, SqueakBox, over at the DiscardedLies blogspot, they were saying you were really a famous author working under a few layers of pseudonymous entities -- why don't you do us the honor of telling us who you REALLY are -- other than the "SquashedBox" some humorously referred to you over there or the SqueakBox here and on Wikipedia?

Anonymous said...

Well, two big pieces of information SqueakBox obviously spreads around the internet: AND!

Anonymous said...

Squeakbox, are you always right? Squeakbox, are you never wrong? Isn't that spreading MISinformation around both Wikipedia and the internet?

SqueakBox said...

Well I replaced your comments about Sharon first refusing to see Solana then being forced to do so. My offers of collaboration are genuine (re-wikipedia). Don't play the victim. I am exactly who I say I am.

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