Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The EU Secret Police Operations


Javier Solana has recently announced the the EU is sending police advisers to the Palestinian Union. It is not the first such operation for the European Union.


Javier Solana has a cabinet. He also has a large bureaucracy serving himself and his cabinet. He also has a very large budget. I reported 26 billion Euros on the Wikipedia article of which I was the primary author -- at least until SqueakBox did the butcher job. However, Chris Patten in a speech reported his External Affairs budget was something like 70 billion Euros. Since Javier Solana has long since succeeded to his and Patten's combined budgets, most likely it is somewhere far beyond the 70 billion euro figure for just the CFSP portion. When one counts, as does Solana, military resources as including those belonging individually to the about to be non-sovereign countries of the European Union, e.g, Great Britain's army, navy and airforce, Germany's police operations; France's army, navy, and airforce, etc., etc., and a continent full of potential recruits and or conscripts, one sees that Javier Solana has a potentially massive operation indeed.

Michael Matthiessen works for Javier Solana. Solana must not trust his aides to go by themselves to represent his interests. Fascinatingly, Matthiessen noted in his speech to InWEnt, a Germany think tank conglomerate, that although his boss was Javier Solana, he was "under the control" of others:

I am on the civilian side, I speak under the control of a colleague from the EU military staff being here, but I think we can say that we have worked very closely among the civilian and military actors. Not least in the case of Artemis, of course, the cooperation was very close with the Commission - and I'm speaking also on the control of a colleague from the Commission here - working with our colleagues dealing with humanitarian assist

These are some of the military operations of the European Union under Javier Solana that Mr. Matthiessen saw fit to discuss openly:

--ESDP - European Security and Defense Policy
--Operation Altea
--CIMIC - Civilian Military Cooperation
--CIMCO - Civilian Military Coordination
--SHIRBRIG (Super High Readiness Brigade) proposed by Solana for the UN -- a global type of --CIMIC operation.
--PfP - Partnership for Peace
--Operation Proxima - Operates in former Yugoslavia
--CMC - Crisis Management Concept

And these are the non-classified items! What about the thousands of formerly "transparent" documents that Solana subjected to secrecy starting in June 2000?

My CD-Rom informed its viewers of the CIMIC and SHIRBRIG operations.
It seems that the European Union is not waiting for the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East to get its nose in both the Israeli-Palestinian Union tents. Last summer, Javier Solana bluntly toldIsrael's Ariel Sharon that "like it or not, the European Union is involved." Our very good friend 'SqueakBox' on several occasions erased that from the Wikipedia article on Solana, originally mostly written by yours truly and then butchered beyond recognition mostly by SqueakBox, although I had frustrations from a couple of would be editors from Herb Peters camp as well who started to hack that article, virtually inviting SqueakBox's disastrous intervention! SqueakBox honestly admitted he thought it might be a 'planted evidence', true as it was, to lead Christians and orthodox Jews to believe this might be at least an operating arm of the prophesied beast of Daniel and Revelation/Apocalypse. Well, see below as well as clicking on the link in the box contained above in the smaller headline. Also, please refer back to my last archived article and click on the reference link there. A very chatty member of Solana's staff, Michael Matthiessen delivers a speech to a German consulting conglomerate InWEnt. He tells of the EU's various police interventions in EU and NATO occupied countries -- going under names such as CIMIC, CIMCO, CIMCOP, etc., ad nauseum.



With the expanded and ever growing "Greater European Neighborhood," it appears the EU police state is expanding as well in this bizarre growing version of what Solana would have us think is a kind and friendly version, no more ominous than "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. For how long will the USA continue to maintain the fiction of "our European Allies" as this continues? How long until we invite these EU state police to help us extricate from our Iraqi mess as well. Interesting questions, interesting times, and as always, I invite your perspective and comments.


May 10, 2005


Anonymous said...

And all this is happening while the American media feeds the people on Michael Jackson's trial and runaway brides!! The fig tree is blossoming; the prophetic events are blatant, and the people sleep. All of this is setting the world up for the rule of its dictator, the Antichrist and crew.
They seem to be getting in practice with the whole Middle Eastern set up. God will prove to have the upper hand soon, however, as I feel the next big event will be the Ezekiel 38-39 war. Because in the process of it all, Solana is also wooing the Russians. I'm watching closely how he maneuvers events so that they will have no choice but to get involved (the veritable "hook in the jaw"). Thanks for a most enlightening report, Constance.

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