Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Laugh until you cry!

Tongue in Cheek Reporting – More on Eric Jon Phelps and Crowd

IN MY NEW AND LOFTY POSITION AS ‘Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey’

Well, folks, this is my second blogspot for the day, but as you will read below, this one could not be resisted! Laugh until you cry -- I have!

Well, one certainly needs a sense of humor to survive the antics of the Eric Jon Phelps and his Catholic/Zionist bashing branch of the New Age Movement. Periodically, I put my name in on to see what is being said and today I made a most interesting yield. It seems that I have a very high ranking position in the Jesuits, and/or maybe even Opus Dei itself! I am, per Eric Phelps and buddies, the “Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey.”

Well, since I have been given that lofty title by Mr. Phelps and his friends who for the reasons shown below is obviously a high ranking Jesuit by the standards he has set forth, I have been thinking about changes I am going to make with all my new-found authority. Since “judgment begins at the House of the Lord,” I will start among my new order itself. Here are the immediate changes I will make starting with the Jesuits and moving on to the larger Roman Catholic Church:

1. Jesuit priest Mitch Pacwa is immediately discharged!! His disinformation book on the New Age Movement, Catholics and the New Age disrespectfully urges people NOT to read Constance Cumbey. Further in that book, he said another Jesuit, Teilhard de Chardin, a fellow-traveler with European Theosophists of his day, “saved his faith” by so loudly proclaiming cosmic evolution and about Matthew Fox, he wrote, “Is Matthew Fox a New Ager? That’s hard to say.” Since Matthew Fox and his Bear & Company have long been since a prominent part of the New Age Movement, that’s not hard for any honest person to say. Out goes Fr. Pacwa. And by the way, acting in my new authority as Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey, I hereby proclaim that he may no longer appear on EWTN networks of Mother Angelica. We will not tolerate such disrespect here in THE ORDER!

2. Detroit area University of Detroit must IMMEDIATELY make some sweeping changes:

a. A professor of management, Michael Whitty, is hereby immediately stripped of all tenure and discharged. He has been a notoriously open New Ager since at least 1980! He was an enthusiastic participant when Detroit’s Unity Temple brought Benjamin Crème to Detroit to promote ‘Maitreya the Christ’ on November 4th, 1981 and remains active to this very day in the New Age Movement as well as with Matthew Fox, a now defrocked former Catholic priest who is today an Episcopalian priest. (But since the Jesuits created the New Age Movement, per Phelps, maybe he is an Episcopalian Jesuit priest, rather than the defrocked Dominican priest he purported to once be – maybe they are all Jesuits!)

b. The Jesuit priest Rev. John Saliba is hereby immediately discharged for his two-faced international activities on the New Age Movement – friendly to Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey and critical of her in the British press where he obviously considers the New Age Movement a positive force for both the Church and humanity at large!

c. Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, Bishop Gumbleton of Detroit, Fr. Thomas Berry, Fr. Thomas Keating, and Fr. Basil Pennington are hereby summarily discharged and excommunicated!

d. I immediately demand my fair share of the Vatican and Jesuit moneys – since they control the World Bank – I will accept my tithes of all moneys deposited therein!

e. Bro. Eric Jon Phelps is immediately discharged from the Jesuits. Since he admits he is published by a New Age Magazine, Spectrum Press, and now tells us that the New Age Movement is controlled by the Jesuits, he is obviously is a Jesuit himself. Therefore, in my new and important rank as Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey, Eric Jon Phelps, you are immediately discharged from the JESUIT ORDER OF ST. IGNATIUS LOYOLA!

And, last, but not least, exercising my new found powers as TEMPORAL COADJUTOR CONSTANCE CUMBEY, I hereby summarily and immediately dissolve the New Age Movement in its entirety and discharge Javier Solana as Office of the High Representative of the European Union (he’s just another Jesuit, you know.).

Well, friends, sorry for the spoof, but it was either laugh or cry over the exorbitancy of the lies told by this bunch. I weep for those honestly buying into Eric Jon Phelps and his lies calling for a bloodbath of Catholics initially and everybody else eventually. I weep for those who will have honest discourse challenged as ‘hate speech’ because everybody is lumped in with this bunch.

Have a good – and a sobered up day!

May 11, 2005


Anonymous said...

Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor - the term being used now is Brother (in the Jesuit order) and to be one you have to take vows of poverty, chasity and obedience.

But thanks for playing along with Phelps use of the title to suggest something underhanded was happening. I don't think Jesuits are allowing females to become Brothers. You're married so that takes care of chasity. We all know how bad the financial situation is in Detroit, but as I see it you aren't choosing poverty voluntarily. Asking you to take a vow of obedience is really asking too much. Even New Age leadership hasn't been able to subdue you despite years of effort.

Thanks for the additional information on the "alternative" thinking going on inside the Catholic Church establishment. Far
too many Catholics do not understand the changes taking place around them just as Protestants and Jews do not.

Sorry to point out that your new title is bogus, but you were starting to get a little too power hungry, old girl, in that good spirit of fun.

Anonymous said...

Well, oviously this new age button really pushed a few buttons!

In our next broadcast (tba), let's start with Phelps and work down the list from there!

Yours in Christ
Zeph Daniel

Constance Cumbey said...

Aw, shucks! It was fun while it lasted! Well, maybe the pope will read it and make the few needed in house changes!

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is all a great verbal game of pin the tail on the donkey. I don't know enough about these people to make comment, and I'm content to seek out and give ear to faithful watchmen and watchwomen to keep abreast of what is happening in the world.

Being the rather simple Bible-believing soul that I try to be, I want to understand the black and white of biblical reporting (I'm not good at shades of gray). It is for that reason that I wonder why there is not a clear declaration on the part of some of those whose comments I follow, to maintain biblical simplicity. Roman Catholic doctrine regarding the origins and the authority of scripture as opposed to the authority of the pope and the RC church, plus its doctrine surrounding the person of the Virgin Mary, etc. are entirely unbiblical - there is no room to quibble about these things. Therefore the RC Church is a cult and not legitimately Christian.

Talmudic Judaism is unscriptural and blasphemous, the Zohar is demonic - there is no room to quibble over whether or not the adherents of such teachings are God's chosen or have any kind of favor with God. I'm not boasting myself against Jewish people; these are plain facts. Ask any of the OT prophets.

God's chosen people have always been and still are those who trust and obey Him. You can't cut it two ways. God doesn't have a favorite people who do not believe in Jesus Christ, Messiah and the Word made flesh. There is salvation in no other name. Let's be perfectly clear about this. I would just like to ask a good many sincere ministers today, what they think is the eternal destiny of the millions of Jews and Gentiles who have died in their sins.

Either we tell the lost that they need Jesus in order to be saved or else we are not sincere witnesses to His truth. Ask Stephen and all the apostles.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father Connie,

Hearty congrats on your new title courtesy of Crazy Eric! I'd have thought the obvious "plumbing" issues would have stifled your hitherto unpublicized rise in the ranks of Jebbie-dom all by itself, but, gotta hand it to you, you came, you saw, and you conquered! Well done!

I enjoyed your acceptance speech/preliminary edicts imensely, but, specializing in un-requited advice, I can't help offering a few helpful hints as to how you can fill out your administration, having read your gleeful cleaning of house. Out with the old, in with a few of the following (I've taken care to nominate only people with proven Jesuit credentials, provable by the exacting standards of Brother E, that is):

1. Head of Eternal Life: Hon. Richard Daley. This one was easy. Since Mr. Daley made a habit of carrying the notorious "dead" vote in Chicago for years, who better to head up the office dedicated to issues of immortality? And, since DePaul University is located within the city borders of Chicago, it's a shoe-in that hizzoner was/is a closet Jebbie!

2. Minister of Public Information: Tim Russert. He's in the media. He went to Georgetown. No brainer!

3. Abbott of Athletic Education: Patrick Ewing. His basketball credentials are obvious, and, of course, he's another Hoya!

4. High Priest of Religious Instruction: William Jefferson Clinton. Another Georgetown product , and famous expositor of what is, and isn't "sexual relations". Besides, I hear he has a sweet book deal, and a spiffy government pension, so he ought to be willing to work cheap.

5. Director of Third World Development: Kofi Annam. With all his UN experience, he ought to do a great job robbing from the rich to give to the poor (whatever's left after his son's cut!). And, all these years just a short cab ride from Fordham MUST mean he's one of you Blackrobes!

Well, I'll let you run along now, as I'm sure you're very busy undermining the US Government, and the world monetary system. It's a wonder you have time for your daily Breviary! Best of luck in your secret reign!

Illegitimi non carborundum!

Anonymous said...

Boock, we've got two of those Crazy Erics around here. One with two missing fingers runs Crazy Eric's Fireworks store. The other is Crazy Eric of Reliable Used Cars.

Il Duce said...

Eric Phelps is really a Grand Jesuit Arbiter Abjucator Dark Lord Pokemon Master!!! Quick buy a copy of his book or he'll send his evil minions to steal your left shoes!!! I'm serious, you know by me typing this it means that I'm a Jesuit Incorporeal Coordinator Level 18 Dark Master!!! I ADMIT IT!!! MWA HA HA HAHAHA!! I'LL COME FOR YOUR LEFT SHOES!! TREMBLE!!! IT IS A CONSPIRACY AGAINST YOU ALL!!! HA HAHAHAHAAH!!! COWER AND DESPAIR!!

*cough* Anyway...

Sometimes I think I'm paranoid, but then I read something like this courtesy of 'Brother Eric'....excuse me, I must mean the Grand Jesuit Arbiter Abjucator Dark Lord Pokemon Master formerly known as Eric Phelps:

"Notice the open association of Baptist Cumbey with Roman Priests in condemning the New Age Movement. Evidenced by its goals, this is another example of the Jesuit Order secretly backing one of their controlled movements (i.e. Communism, Bolshevism, Hitler's fascism, anti-Torah Zionism) while openly opposing their controlled movements. In openly opposing their own movements the Order seeks to ecumenically unite Protestants and Romanists, the Order further infiltrating and thus destroying the Lord's Protestant Reformation peoples and governments. "

Yes our agents control everything!!! You are all pawns!!! Tee hee hee!!!

SqueakBox said...

I am clearly not the only one who likes Javier Solana. The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza made him their Man of the Year today
feeds/afx/2005/05/11/afx2019791.html. but with his passionate defence of the EU constitution it is no surprise that he is popular amongst many European people

Anonymous said...

I dunno Constance - if no spaceship comes with the title, why bother?

Hey, I notice Squeakbox has run out of Things to Do today and is now posting on anything that even loosely refers to Solana.

Squeakbox, its okay - you don't have to hunt up articles that validate your blind faith in the "goodness" of Solana. Your sycophantic case of groupie-itis stands fine just all by its lonesome.

You're just making the Gazeta Wyborcza editors look stupid, and that is not very nice of you.

Constance Cumbey said...

As of August 9, 2005, Eric Jon Phelps is still up to evil. I regret that he has evidently taken in Barry Chamish.

kmerian said...

Greetings from a fellow Jesuit Temporal Coadjutator. I have been battling his followers for about a year on Yahoo. Basically that title is given to anyone who agrees with Lord Eric. He is more than their Pope , he is more like a God. He is never wrong and woe be to anyone who disagrees with him. I have been threatened and told that they would like nothing more than to expel all Catholics from America (along with all blacks). Hang in there, there are more of us battling these people and their stories every day.

kmerian said...

sorry, I meant that title is given to anyone who disagrees with their, leader.

Anonymous said...

Barry Chamish is a mentally deranged fruitcake with intimate ties to Holocaust Deniers and Neo-Nazis (see and a long history of "seeing" UFOs and space aliens!

Anonymous said...

A true Bible believer should be anticatholic, and Constance's post confirms in my mind the Mr. Phelps is onto something. The jesuit method for reversing the reformation is by degrees, and self proclaimed "stalwarts" are very useful to mislead the bible believing flock of God into thinking Catholics are saved, and that anticatholic truth is "hate speech" - lies Constance is putting out. Her flippant response (let's all laugh at the coming jesuit holocaust.. ha ha ha) isn't very funny in light of Rev 17-18.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hi, I would just like to know why you would do as the RCC wants and use anything BUT the KJV being that by it's very existence, due to Rome making EVERY ATTEMPT to destroy THE TRUE and scripturaly PROMISED to be preserved, WORD OF GOD of which MILLIONS were murdered (by ROME) to fulfill its preservation , and is the ONLY NOT! copyrighted (as how could GODS WORD BE??) But use an APOSTATE and corrupt book when THAT'S exactly what they have wanted all along . WHY?? GOD BLESS!

Anonymous said...

Yes cumbey is a wolf in sheeps clothing. She attempts to advert blame away from the papacy and pin it on the "new age movement". She looks for antichrist in the form of "maitreya", when the papacy has claimed to be Gods representative on earth for over a thousand years. Anti in the biblical sense means "in place of", and vicar means "substitute". The fact she's seen on papal TV proves what she is. Anyone who promotes the false papal gospel, while claiming to be a "bible believer" is either a mole, or highly misinformed on the bible they claim to believe. She made a good living for selling out, but one would have to have once been something different to sell out though. Just one of many stooges for the papacy, wether or not she's aware of it really doesn't matter much. Did you speak of loyolas transcendental meditation and how it opened up the new age movement among Catholics? I'd be surprised if you did. Shill!!!!!

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