Monday, July 27, 2009

Please pray for us -- My husband is in emergency room

I was at the office and had just hung up from a telephone call with Carole Stevens, a local friend and reader. Immediately I received a telephone call from friends of my husband of 35 years, Barry D. MacIntosh, that his pacemaker had "gone off" and they were taking him to Crittenton Hospital's cardiac emergency room. I am waiting now.

Quite frankly, I don't know what I would do without Barry. He suffered the loss of both of his legs 30 years ago, shortly before our 5th wedding anniversary and while I was still a relatively new attorney. Barry has been a real trouper through all my trials and tribulations.

Please pray for us!

Praying for and with you both Constance.

We are praying Constance. - Rudi

"Grace unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" Philippians 1:2
I am very sorry to hear this and will pray for you. I would wish this on no one. May God Bless him and you.
God be with you both Constance. My prayers are with you. Tony/VT.
Praying for you both Constance. Hang in there.

Yes, I will pray for you both. This makes my momentary troubles nearly vanish.
Barry as well as you, and entire
family, are being prayed for as I type this and will *continue* praying. *With Much Love to You, Barry and Family and With Faith in
Our Lord...Always*,
'Texas Friend(s)' --- me & the brisket cookin' husband who *Both Love You & Yours So Very Much* and
*Are With You & Yours Right There through the Grace of The Holy Spirit*.
praying for you and your husband.
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Dear Constance,
The eternal God is thy refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting
arms...You and your husband
are in our prayers..God Bless
You and keep you.
My family and I will keep you and Barry in our prayers.

May Yahweh bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Many thanks to all, Baal included. Barry is in good humor. We are at the ER waiting for Boston Medical personnel to arrive and determine what precipitated the pacemaker discharge event.


Although I disagree with almost everything you say and stand for, I had a heart attack 8 years ago when I was 29 and remember the frightening night in the emergency room. Please tell your husband to remain strong, it is scary but they know what they are doing.

Even though you would hate what I stand for I am sincere when I say God Bless you and your husband.
Constance, I'm glad everything seems to be stabilized...I too, will pray for continued healing.

You and your husband Barry are in our prayers and in the Lord's hands. No better place could one be. Peace and strength as you go through this challenging time.

God Bless

Praying for your and your husband. Take care.

Your Sister in Christ,
Praying for YOU and your husband, that is. :)
Dear Constance,

I haven't agreed with you on certain things in the past, but recently I have felt that I have been incorrect to judge you so harshly in terms of your fundamentalism versus my more liberal ideas about Christianity.

I do know how you feel. I don't know what I would do without my husband of 38 years. Married at 19, he has been every thing I knew God wanted me to have in a husband.

I am praying for you both tonight, and please accept my apologies for sometimes being less than warm towards you.

Praying most fervently for thee and thy dear husband. Your work has been very much appreciated, and surely it will bring forth even more fruit. Thanks for opening our eyes through the years.
May those who come behind us find us faithful. love in JESUS, evelyn
praying for you and your husband.


I'm praying that the Lord Jesus Christ will heal your husband and also that He bless you & keep you both in His perfect peace.
We are still here. The Boston Medical technician was here. We are waiting for the doctor to interpret the data.

Continued thanks to all, Young Grasshopper, good to hear from you. Baal, your thoughts are appreciated as are the rest of you!

Still waiting for the doctor to tell us what is happening. Long night in the emergency room. Barry is getting tired.

Will be praying for Barry and you.

Dear Constance,

I am so very sorry to hear that your husband has suddenly taken ill.

I will most certainly pray daily for you and Barry.

May God be with you both.

Greetings, I wish you well. Please, do not give up. We need your courage and fidelity toward Jesus Christ. Never give up, never surrender, for Jesus Christ makes all good things a possibility and destroys all impossibilities.
There are many brothers and sisters in Christ who are lifting you & Barry up to the Father. Your site has been an eye opener for me.
You have many enemies because of the work you do for His Kingdom...but what peace to KNOW you are victorious because of what Christ Jesus did on the cross. Blessing to Barry, and Christ strength for you.
Constance, having gone through many, many months of this under ten years ago as my husband was getting weaker as diabetic problems destroyed many parts of his body, I know the stress you must be under. You know we care about you and Barry, so we will be waiting to hear the news. Prayers being sent.


from a new friend,
I am praying for you. The Lords Perfect Will for you both...
Dear Constance,

May He who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, heal your dear husband. May the Holy One, blessed is He, have mercy and speedily restore him to perfect health, both spiritual and physical.

The Lord bless and keep you both

Constance, I only just saw this as I'm overseas. Keeping you and your husband in prayer.
Praying and hoping that Barry recovers and both of you find the peace that passes all understanding.

God bless you faithful servant of the most high God.
I am praying for you and your husband.

Carolyn from Chat Room
May God give you the grace and strength and may HIS peace reign.
Constance, you've been such a blessing and incredible "watchman on the wall" for others. I'm praying for you and Barry - your chief supporter, that Jesus will heal him,give you both peace and send angels to lift you up while you are waiting. Kathryn in BR
You and Barry are in our prayers. May the God of peace guard your heart and mind in Yeshua, and bring healing to Barry. Praying for wisdom for his doctors to discover and rectify the cause quickly.

In Yeshua's love,

I am continuing to pray for you. Praise God that Barry is in the hands of the Great Physician who created his heart. May he also fill your hearts with the peace that passes all understanding as you keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


You are in our thoughts and prayers for the full recovery of your husband. May God give you the necessary spiritual, mental and physical strength to deal with any personal and professional trials ahead.

God bless you, Constance.
In Jesus Christ' Name,
I bind all pagan gods invoked and claim the precious blood of Jesus against the attack.
Barry was transported at 1:40 this morning by ambulance to St. John Hospital, Moross Road, Detroit. I may have a guest host do the radio program tonight or have Joe do one of my better reruns. Stay tuned. Barry and I deeply appreciate your prayers. Thank you all!!!!!

Hold fast to the Lord, and each other, and our prayers are with you, Constance. We just had a friend hospitalized from a horrendous horseback riding accident, she is still comatose and has had part of her brain removed, future uncertain. We are thankful the Lord knows each and every situation intimately. His name be praised!

take care,
I will be praying!
Praise God that Barry is out of the hospital and doing well.


Long time reader and follower of your good work!

My prayers are with you, as you and Barry face this trial.

I join the prayers of the saints to our Heavenly Father to grant you and your beloved Barry and surround you in the Lords' Peace and Healing Mercy.

May He strengthen you and uplift you and Barry in Trust and confidence that always rest upon Him.... in Jesus Name

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