Monday, May 23, 2005

"Europe should pool its defence resources"

Javier Solana – finally coming out of the EU ‘Peacekeeping’ Closet?

The London Financial Times has just posted an article by Javier Solana.[1] Modestly entitled “Europe should pool its defence resources”, it calls for each and every European country to immediately pool their resources. Such resources total 160 billion Euros or in US dollar terms $201 billion.

Says Solana, “[T]he scale of the transformation required is huge. A radical shift of investment must be made . . . We need the equipment and technology to allow peacekeeping troops to be rapidly deployed . . . We need the intelligence capabilities to understand what is happening on the ground . . . and communications for effective command and control. . . The logic of pursuing transformation as a collaborative venture is both operational and economic. Europe’s crisis management operations will be multinational; it makes no sense for each contingent to have incompatible equipment. Pooling resources on research, technology development and the acquisition and maintenance of equipment is the only way our armed forces will get interoperable equipment at a price they can afford . .”

Oh, and about his “American partners”, what does Uncle Javier say?

“That is how the second part of the EDA’s mandate can be achieved: the strengthening of Europe’s defence technology and industrial base to compete effectively on a global basis with US defence companies . . .”

That’s right folks – COMPETE – NOT COOPERATE.

Wonder what he’s doing with all those lovely post-911 aerial photos of American military and industrial installations as the NATO planes patrolled our skies? Please go to the archives and see my blogspot of April 17th. [2]

Sorry as usual to be the bearer of bad tidings, but a military machine such as he is describing is obviously for far more than “peacekeeping” – it is an indescribable instrument for war-making!

May the Lord help us all!
[1] London Financial Times, May 22, 2005, “Europe should pool its defence resources” by Javier Solana, and at Solana's own website, see



Constance Cumbey said...

I had a phone call from my blogspot reader who said the link went to the Barbara Bush article -- so true -- that is, however, the link to the archive -- if you scroll down far enough you'll get my story on "The Little Man"

Sorry for any confusion!

Anonymous said...

Great article ... thanks! In my mind all these developments with Solana and the EU appear to be a possible fulfillment of the "beast" part of Revelation 17. As for the "woman" part, I am not as clear, but I am gathering that you believe it to be the New Age Movement, not Papal Rome as some Reformers believed. I hope further research can either confirm or disprove at least an ideological link between the NAM and the Jesuits. Stay calm, everyone ... just asking ... not making a statement. Maybe this research is already out there and someone could identify it for me. I have not yet seen how Eric Jon Phelps quoting Blavatsky and spouting hollow earth theories disproves the theory of a major Jesuit conspiracy. I suppose you mean that this is just a New Ager speaking to New Agers and intentionally trying to get people to look at a group OTHER THAN THEMSELVES as conspirators? Why does this eliminate the possibility that the Jesuits themselves are creating propaganda through people like EJP and others?

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Dave,

Clearly there have been some Jesuit New Agers -- there have also been some active and sincere battlers of the New Age Movement within the Jesuit ranks. They are not as monolithic as one thinks -- ditto with New Age infiltration of Protestant ranks -- and yes, I do think the New Age Movement is the biblically identified primary vessel of the movement to usher in the antichrist and I think I stated my case fairly well in my book THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW which was the first major anti-New age book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I will read your book as now I am understanding that you were probably the SUPPLIER of much of my NAM info which came to me through secondary sources like Jobe Martin, etc.

Anonymous said...

Since you published, this disturbing corroborating evidence appeared in the news -- REMEMBER -- THERE IS NO PLAN B!:

Further steps taken on EU battle groups
23.05.2005 - 17:41 CET | By Honor Mahony
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU defence ministers meeting on Monday in Brussels took some more steps towards the creation of the bloc's own rapid reaction 'battle groups' by deciding to speed up the bloc's notoriously slow decision-making process.

The ministers adopted proposals by the EU's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, which suggest that ministers should take a decision to deploy forces to a region within five days and that the forces should then be at the trouble spot within ten days.

"We decided to adopt a proposal which will help us to bring down the time within which decisions are taken to enable the EU to react rapidly to crises to avoid worse coming to pass", said Luxembourg defence minister Luc Frieden.

The decision to set up the battle groups was taken late last year and envisages groups of around 1,500 soldiers being deployable to the world's hotspots within ten days of a unanimous decision by member states.

"I think today we should now be in a position to take a political decision with a five day period", said Mr Frieden but added that member states now have to test whether quick decision-making at the EU level would also be compatible at the national level.

"In our own countries, we are going to modify the rules in force ... to ensure that national procedures at government and parliamentary level can also be gone through within the same time period as that which has been set for the EU", said Mr Frieden, whose country currently holds the EU presidency.

More battlegroups formalised
Meanwhile Germany signed itself up to two more battle groups with France and Spain as well as with Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia with the first to be ready in the second half of 2008 and the second during the first half of 2010.

A Nordic group - with Estonia, Finland, Sweden and non-EU members Iceland and Norway - was also formally given the go ahead on Monday and is expected to be up and running in 2008.

Each group will be associated with a force headquarters and will be headed by a ‘lead nation’, which will take up operational command.

The decision on which group will be sent to where will be made according to EU countries area of expertise to do with the troubled region - the groups are expected to be able to be deployed up to 6000 kilometres away.

In the name of the EU
Ministers also discussed "behaviour" rules for soldiers acting in the EU's name so that any issues of human rights violations, for example, get reported.

Mr Frieden referred to a "code of rules" to make sure the military carrying out EU operations are "worthy representatives of the European Union".

In recent times, the EU has launched military missions in the Balkans and in Africa.

SqueakBox said...

How can you honestly describe yourself as the bearer of bad news? This is brilliant news. The appalling waste in EU defence budgets because of overlapping is a disgrace to the EU countries. Solana is doing an excellent job. The US only cares about US interests (as it itself admits). We clearly need to give importance to our own EU interests, and reorganising our defence structures to make them more efficient is a heroic task. Your news brought a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Stupid questions on my part, but which someone might be able to answer.

1. Why a need for for a rapid deployment force as if no one knows what is going on in another country?

2. Could such a thing be used as a surprise attack on another country?

3. Will countries outside of the EU be able to monitor the growth of the EU's military?

4. We seem to be talking about the human component of the military, but what about the technology in this age of technical warfare?

5. Are US military experts making any statements about this turn of events?

Unknown said...

It seems more and more obvious to me that a Democratic European Union could never fufill the role of the next great "empire". The diversities built in to it are nightmarish from the perspective of ever getting any kind of mandate.

It would seem that the development of multinational forces could be available to a future super dictator who would take them over in a power grab. This is much more likley where the next empire will emerge.

Maybe a collapsing EU constitutional process, along with some as yet to be defined crises will lead to a power grab and transform some appointed (or elected) offical into the next emporer.....or maybe my imagination is running away due to just having seen Star Wars episode III.

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Jay,

And maybe, just MAYBE, Solana has already grabbed the power! He has plenty of it! "By peace, he shall destroy many"?!

Constance E. Cumbey

Constance Cumbey said...

To SqueakBox,

From a European's perspective, your point is well taken, IF everybody in Europe can trust Solana and underlings, BUT, you live in the Honduras on our side of the world. What if we get smacked by some EU 'peacekeeping'weapons', they have radioactive fallout, and you catch the unhealthy drift down in the Honduras? What then?


Constance Cumbey said...

To SqueakBox,

From a European's perspective, your point is well taken, IF everybody in Europe can trust Solana and underlings, BUT, you live in the Honduras on our side of the world. What if we get smacked by some EU 'peacekeeping'weapons', they have radioactive fallout, and you catch the unhealthy drift down in the Honduras? What then?


Constance Cumbey said...

Note to Anonymous re European news posting about battle groups: See how quickly already we are shifting from "peacekeepers" to "battle groups"!

"But Grandmother Solana, what big teeth you have . . .! (improvised from Peter and the Wolf!)

Anonymous said...

Check the EU Referendum blog for more comments. It can be linked to on Constance's main page.

Anonymous said...

CONSTANCE CUMBEY will be a guest on Gianni Hayes radio program again tonight.

Constance Cumbey will be a guest on the Gianni Hayes' Christian Web Radio Show tonight. You can get the show over the internet. The show will be heard live on Monday, 5/18 7:00 EST. Go to this website for more information.

David Moore said...

Thanks Constance, for the scoop, because I read that article yesterday, but I was unsure of what to think about it. In other words, what were the possible ramifications of such a change.

As, in response to what Jay said, he took the words right out of my mouth. When I saw star wars last week, Senator P's power grab did mak me think about a possible real life power grab in the EU.

Anyway, I'll be listening to Constance tonight.

David Moore said...

dave will you keep me updated on your research by email, if you don't mind.

Constance Cumbey said...

For those who tried to follow that website for Gianni Hayes' show, I deeply apologize. Not until I was live on the show, did I realize that this was live radio on a traditional radio program and not a webcast. Sorry. I also did a one hour interview tonight with Ern Baxter's Last Days Ministries. I do not know if it is available online or not, but they have asked me to contribute an article about Javier Solana to their magazine, which it is my intent to do very shortly! I will be doing shows for Gianni, however, on her webcast program in June and again in August. Herb Peters and I have been asked to speak at a conference in the Detroit area on this subject -- the date -- September 11th! Hope there are no ominous developments from those who would replay the one of 2001!

8:03 PM

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the info on the new SHARE "program" within NATO?
By it's own description, it is a group whose purpose is "launching a series of lectures by distinguished speakers with the aim of informing opinion makers, academics and influential leaders about the role of NATO in the changing world security environment".
This is setting the stage in the media and political arenas for more to come.
Just my observation. What do you think, Constance?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I missed those broadcasts.
I'll have to see if they have an archive available.
Sure would have liked to have listened in.

Anonymous said...

Today and tomorrow, Constance's attention is being directed to her husband's heart operations and the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Hello, anyone wanting to hear the radio show that Constance did on 5/23 can find it here in Real Player format:

or here for the archive:

as always, add http:// to the front

our prayers are with you and your husband Constance.

David Moore said...

Constance, my deepest prayers go to you and your husband. I pray that God's peace comfort you and him.

I will always continue to pray for you.


Anonymous said...

truth ... I will keep you updated if I find anything worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Great interview there, Thanks for the archive link.
Keeping Constance and her Husband in prayer.

SqueakBox said...

I doubt very much whether Europe will attack the United States, but looked at from the point of view that that nmight happen I believe that a strong united Europe is a better guarantee for international peace than a weak and divided one. I tend to blame the anti EU factions within the EU countries for the lack of democracy. Only with a truly united European state can we guarantee democracy within the structure, and I am all for more accountability. Wikipedia is an excellent place to have a clear, balanced account of his life, and it is certainly the best English language coverage of Solana on the world wide web. If you are so interested in the WEU I am surprised you never edited the WEU article at wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Squeekbox, you say you tend to blame the anti EU factions within the EU countries for the lack of democracy.
As someone who lives in the EU, it seems obvious to say but governmental power has been ceded to the EU from the citizens of Europes sovereign states without our say so.
The constitiution is the first referendum people have had on the EU, apart from this well staged event we have never had a say. This is not democracy and if these values are to spread by means of battle groups and behind the scenes deals.
Ideally it would be wonderful to see a superpower rise up and just give all its neighbours a big hug, but looking throughout history, it never happens.
Pushing ahead with a united Europe despite what the people say is not going to produce a shining beacon of democracy at all, its a sham. Any EU interests that will be served are purely contrived, binding people together with treaties will give the illusion of common interests so that those in power can pursue their agendas.

Anonymous said...

squeakbox said, "Only with a truly united European state can we guarantee democracy within the structure, and I am all for more accountability."

In theory, maybe democracy and accountability are truly possible, but when you add subversive agenda to the equation perhaps it is not.

Now stepping back and reviewing the facts that anonymous, Constnace, and Herb have laid out about the EU and Solana, it presently appears that accountability and real democracy are not truly what is at heart in the EU. And although this point has been beaten to death, the fact that there is potential for a lot of executive power to be handed over to one man in the event of a real emergency as is laid out in Recommendation 666, how is that a sign checks and balances or as squeakbox put it, "accountability"?

Instead, I see some potential for future totalitarianism.

Someone correct me if I'm seeing this wrong somehow.

Constance Cumbey said...

Barry is home from the hospital -- thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers! As regards Squeakbox, is that I'm surprised at you for not editing the WEU article. If I remember correctly, I wrote the first signficant one and somehow it got chopped and/or deleted. Now, do all of you blogspot readers remember "Church Lady" (Dana Carvey) from Saturday Night Live? Who could it be? Who could it be . . ."

Most interesting, I just received the June SHARE INTERNATIONAL online. THat is Benjamin Creme's 'Maitreya the Christ' magazine. It contains a lengthy interview with up until recently key Solana aide and still his friend, Alistair Crooke. The plot thickens, or should we say, the plot sickens? Is Solana gradually emerging from the Clark Kent telephone booth?

jd29 said...

I agree with much of what you say about Solana. However I do want to comment that The U.S. spends more than double the projected 201 Billion Solana wants for his military. Cia fact book 2003 us military expenditure 370 Billion.You can find this info online. If they admitt to 370 billion then you can guess that it is probally much more.

Constance Cumbey said...

My very educated guess is that the EU is also showing only a very small portion of its cards. France is already in the nuclear club as is Great Britain. A good share of the NATO military military machine sits on the European continent. Solana has said at least since 1999 that "the plan is to use NATO assets with EUROPEAN control of those assets." Even a cursory study of what is UNCLASSIFIED and available on line from the EU/WEU sources shows that military might is a preoccupation. They are obviously not arming to administer tsunami relief and distribute powdered milk. Jacques Santer called for the EU to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the 21st century competition for global resources. I think that is very much in progress. I further think that Solana may be practicing what the New Agers call "Aikido" -- turning the enemies' strength to one's own advantage. Remember, we turned NATO over to him, a person long on the USA's subversive list, to our future tactical disadvantage!

SqueakBox said...

The UK decided in a referendum to stay in the EU in 1975. By co-ordinating our EU armed forces we can save wasted money, which is great. I am praying that France vote yes tomorrow to ratifying the EU constitution, and urge you all to do the same.

Constance Cumbey said...

Squeakbox, I don't know how much stock you place in prophecy, if any. But, if the Daniel prophecies are fulfilled as expected, the EU Constitutional unification will go down -- "they shall not cleave together . . ." BUT, power shall be handed over to "the beast" whoever he/she/it turns out to be -- no doubt to check USA hegemony -- at least that's how I currently read it! Solana, whomever? Your guess? My guess! I predict the EU Constitution will go down. I predict that Solana will invoke the powers given him by the Cologne, Amsterdam, Nice treaties, WEU, CFSP, Galileo, etc., etc. and take over! I'm glad I don't live in Europe! I also hope I'm wrong. Solana appears to have such a nice wife and two beautiful children! I also so much enjoy reading his grandfather's writings.

Constance Cumbey said...

When I checked this morning, I discovered there were for the first time ever since I started my research, more than a million hits on Javier Solana. This morning there were 1,150,000 hits to be exact! Why the sudden surge? Anybody out there have any thoughts on this?

David Moore said...

Well Constnace, my immediate guess is that that the French vote has all of Europe on edge, especially since the "No" vote currently has the lead (New Zealand Herald). Somehow, this may be connected to the surge in google on Javier Solana.

Wait...hold that thought... I just spotted an article in the middle of writing this.

This article from might actually explain for the solana surge. In short, it seems Javier is either flexing muscles or sweating bullets right now. Maybe both...anyway. (A link is below the article.)

It says,


BERLIN (Reuters) - French rejection of the EU constitution would leave the expanded EU bloc incapable of action, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana was quoted on Saturday as saying.

"The French will vote on the European constitution next Sunday -- a date that is decisive for the future of the European Union," Solana said in a commentary in Bild am Sonntag newspaper released on Saturday. "Whether the expanded community of 25 states remains capable of operating depends on this treaty."

"I hope that the French citizens understand how important this constitution is for Europe and for France," Solana said in the article for Sunday's newspaper.

The constitution, intended to streamline decision-making in the expanded EU, faces a major hurdle with the referendum on May 29 in France, where opinion polls show the "No" camp has extended its lead.

Left-wing opponents of the constitution there say they want a Europe more focused on social concerns, arguing the EU has a bias toward liberal market economics and has failed to prevent a loss of jobs to low-wage nations.

The Netherlands also holds a public vote on June 1. Polls show a majority of Dutch want to reject the charter amid a row over the terms under which the euro was introduced and discontent over Turkey's EU entry bid.

Solana recognised that many in Europe were having doubts about European integration, although stressed people outside the bloc viewed it as an admirable model.

"The exact reasons for the unease with the European Union are hard to pin down. It is a barely comprehensible feeling of uncertainty. Our world has become more complex and this demands a lot from politicians and citizens in equal measure," he said.

Solana said national solutions were not the answer to current challenges and that the eastward expansion of the European Union was a logical step.

"Hungary and Poland belong to Europe as much as Germany and France. Bulgaria and Romania have made great strides with reforms and will be accepted in 2007. Only the constitution can put this expansion on a sure footing," he said.


Source is here

Anonymous said...

Constance, the new search engine shows 1,567 links for Constance Cumbey, 145 for Constance Cumby and 1,376 for Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Google shows 983 for Constance Cumbey, 158 for Constance Cumby and 1,460 for Hidden Dangers.

It's truly amazing how many websites written in foreign languages mention your name.

Constance Cumbey said...

Note to Kate:

I am deeply interested in reading up on the NATO SHARE program. Do you have a link? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just read on Herb Peters website that the EU constitution was voted down in are some excerpts from news articles about the vote.

France overwhelmingly rejected the European Union's constitution in a referendum on Sunday, pollsters' projections showed, plunging the EU into crisis and dealing a possibly FATAL BLOW to a pact designed to make it run smoothly.
Reuters 05/29/05

“There will be a big post-mortem. Brussels will say it’s business as usual and they’ll try to carry on with the Constitution, they’ll try to carry on with ratification by other countries if possible. Tony Blair will try to wriggle out of it, saying that the Constitution has been KILLED by France and so there won’t need to be a British referendum.
Times Online 05/29/05

France on Sunday night dealt a potentially FATAL BLOW to the European Union's constitutional treaty as voters resoundingly rejected it in a referendum.
A tattered European Union flag had been lowered to half mast in the heart of the Brussels' EU quarter even before the French polls closed at 10pm on Sunday night.
European commissioners and members of the European parliament speculated that the treaty might be REVIVED after the French presidential elections of 2007.
Financial Times.Com 05/29/05

The 448-article constitution is intended to make the bloc more democratic, more efficient and better able to face global competition. It has to be ratified by all 25 members and rejection by a pivotal founding state has widely been seen as sounding its DEATH KNELL.
Guardian Unlimited 05/30/05

Now read Revelation 13
1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Does this make you shiver?
It does me~!

Anonymous said...

Constance posted following material on Wikipedia - SqueakBox who obviously wants nobody to know the truth removed it!

"Dr Javier Solana Madariaga (born July 14, 1942 in Madrid, Spain) is the High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Secretary-General of both the Council of the European Union (EU) and the Western European Union (WEU). He was a physicist who became a political minister for 13 years before serving as NATO Secretary-General 1995–99. Dr. Solana was designated to become EU Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2006, effective upon the new EU Constitution's ratification. Ratification depended upon the complete assent of all constituent countries. On June 29, 2005, the French voters overwhelmingly defeated such ratification on behalf of France. Javier Solana has said that despite this, the EU will remain as a legal entity and the EU will have a diplomatic corps operating under himself. His last word, post-ratification defeat was that the EU would take a very careful analytical look at the situation. Others, such as Solana aide Charles Grant have written that ratification was unnecessary because Solana had the powers under existing Cologne, Amsterdam, and Nice treaties."

Go look for yourself on the Wikipedia article on Solana and then click on the history tab to see what damage the Squeeky Squeakbox do!

Anonymous said...

Why can Squeakbox remove stuff he doesn't like? Is he on the editorial staff of Wikipedia?

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says that it is open to public editing, but it operates more like a secret society with more going on behind the scenes than is ever suspected. There appears to be a good old boys club that can do just about anything they want to any article if they use the right code word. As in Alice in Wonderland, the word vandalism can mean anything those boys want it to mean which allows them to pick and choose what stays or gets taken off a page. They are pretty much protected by disclaimers that Wiki uses.

Now if the topic is non-controversial, it's not a problem. For example, the history of Ford Motors might be allowed to stand, but the topic "abortion" is a battleground with anything negative regarding abortion taken off because it gets labeled "POV" or point of view which isn't allowed under Wiki rules no matter how factual the information.

Disinformation deliberately put into Wikipedia can spread like a bad disease because something called mirroring occurs. For reasons I haven't figured out, whole blocks of information are picked out of Wikipedia and mirrored on different websites. One can find these only by doing searches on the web or by chance. Let's say a lying little skunk tells a lie and posts it to Wikipedia, that lie may appear again on an algebra site, an architectural or mechanical site. Someone doing a search will find that lie repeated over and over again across the web.

Wikipedia has positioned itself to be a major web news source with many different branches being developed. Wiki write-ups appear as sources of information regularly on Google for instance. Perhaps it's time someone did an expose of Wikipedia, and I don't mean something like that puff piece done by Wired magazine.

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Anonymous:

Excellent idea, that piece about an article on Wikipedia. Why don't we start right here -- they seem to be plenty paranoid at Wikipedia about what appears on this blogspot? You write it, I'll publish it and may that too can spread across the web!

Anonymous said...

Are there any good alternatives to Wikipedia? Where does fit in this space? Surely somebody like Google has some plans for something like this, wouldn't you think? Nothing like a little competition to put a company back on the straight and narrow.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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