Thursday, June 02, 2005

EU Constitution goes down - Javier Solana still stands


Update as of June 4, 2005: Because of the importance of the subject and the continuing activity on the comments page, I have not given into the temptation to post a new blog -- but I just found the attached blogspot that has vital insights on what is happening in Europe -- the Democratic deficit. You Herb Peters fans might find this especially interesting. I did!

The EU Constitution is going down. French and Dutch voters have resoundingly defeated it. After the French defeat, the British announced their referendum would be "called off" if it did not pass in Holland. Similar to his pronouncement last year to Israel's Ariel Sharon that "like it or not, the EU is on board," Javier Solana now tells European Union countries the same thing -- like it or not, there will be a common EU diplomatic service. There will be a common military sharing all countries' resources alike.

I thoroughly read the proposed EU constitution. In short, it was heavily weighted power-wise in favor of the Foreign Ministry position. Solana requested and got a designation for that position a little more than 11 months ago, at the end of June, 2004. He has been proceeding with speed on building his cabinet.

What now? Javier Solana, in my studied opinion, desperately wanted the Constitution to be ratified. As I read him and it, he wanted it more to give himself legitimacy in his expanded new powers. He already has the powers by virtue of Section 666 of the EUROPA documents, Recommendation 666 introduced by him in the Western European Assembly and made the treatied law of Europe in December 2004 at the Nice Conference. He completely controls the Western European Union and is still Secretary General of the European Union. He is still the Office of the High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. He alone has the keys to the Galileo European Space Agency Project designed to be fully operational by 2008. In all of this he has enormous clout and resources at his disposal.

The European meeting is coming up this month. The EU-USA summit is also coming up this month. It will be hosted by President Bush at the White House. Before going, Solana will most likely tell the EU member heads that he needs full and even expanded powers to deal with the USA top leadership as a peer. As they have done for the past ten years, they will again most likely cooperate with Javier Solana. As I see it, he has had expanded powers since taking his EU job in September of 1999 and near full powers after receiving the WEU -- a ten nation military federation -- on or about November 20, 1999.

The Euro is decreasing in value against the dollar. It is being widely reported in the press and popular TV media that Europe is now "in crisis." Will the defeat of the Constitution make Solana go away? Probably not. It now appears to me that denied his popular vote legitmacy that speaking metaphorically we may now have a wounded and angry beast on our hands.

The next few weeks should be very interesting -- and possibly perilous. As my good friend Herb Peters puts it, 'stay tuned.' As usual, I value your comments!


Anonymous said...

Javier Solana is in Washington, D.C., today, June 2, 2005. See following from his website:

Thursday 2 June 2005
Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, will attend
the EU-US ministerial meeting in Washington on 2 June 2005.
The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss several international issues such as the Middle East,
Iran and Sudan/Darfur. The EU-US ministerial will also review preparations for the upcoming EUUS
Summit in Washington on 20 June and the International Conference on Iraq in Brussels on 22

Anonymous said...

For some time now I have felt that we will see some serious action this summer. It's likely that Solana will turn his attentions toward the Middle East and Russia, so I expect and suspect things to get very interesting there. If he has some successes with them, won't the Europeans that wouldn't cooperate on the constitution begin to see him in a new light? Like a "savior" type who should be given more respected attention?

Anonymous said...

Javier Solana held a press conference after the French EU Constitution defeat. It is downloadable and I recommend that all watch it -- he said basically that the Europeans had better get used to the idea of the External Department because IT WAS COMING! Go to

and then click on the first "Watch the Video here. It is a 10 megabyte size file 30/5/2005
"Summary of the remarks to the press by EU HR Javier Solana on the results of the referendum in France"

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee!
At the "natural" level, it's good to see, for the moment, European intra mural distrust trump one arrogant Spaniard's dreams of empire!

At the "supernatural" level, Javvie had better hustle if he wants to be the AntiChrist!

Of course, for you St. Malachy fans out there, he technically has however long it takes for Benedict XVI to die and his replacement to be elected!

David Moore said...

A guy at Minuteman Message Board said, about the following news bite, "Reminds me of when your playing hoops with a buddy, you beat him, and he says, 'Best 2 out of 3?'"

Here is what he was talking about:

"France and the Netherlands should re-run their referendums to obtain the "right answer" if their voters reject Europe's constitutional treaty in imminent national ballots, Jean-Claude Juncker, the holder of the EU presidency, said on Wednesday.

The Luxembourg prime minister said all 25 EU member countries should continue their attempts to ratify the treaty whatever the outcome of the French and Dutch votes."

The Source is here

Anonymous said..., which can be linked to on the mainpage of this blog, has an excellent piece comparing belief in the EU to belief in a religion rather than a political process. Check it out.

A good comparison to what is happening in the Constitution vote would be to the Equal Rights Amendment process here in the US which failed but whose intended results have been implemented piecemeal since then.

Another thought. We here in the US should keep out eyes on anything connected with the trade agreements that are being put in place. Trade agreements were the building blocks in the foundation of the EU concept. One world government is to come about thru consolidation of powers taking place over a long period of time. The League of Nations and United Nations failed because there were too many pieces to keep in place. I don't think the power that be want to see it happen again, hence the consolidations.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is always the small print in an agreement.

From Sir Stuart Bell, MP for Middlesbrough (Labour)

Sir, The “no” vote in France in the referendum on ratification of the European Union treaty need give no one a nervous breakdown.

Declaration 30 of the treaty states that "if two years after the signature of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, four-fifths of the Member states have ratified it and one or more Member states have encountered difficulties in proceeding with ratification, the matter will be referred to the European Council."

Since the treaty was signed in Rome on October 29, 2004, a European Council to review the ratification process must take place in November, 2006. This means our own referendum must go ahead. We can then have our first public debate on Europe in 30 for June 1, 2005

Anonymous said...

A very interesting piece on the militarization of the European Union.

Anonymous said...

so, what is the difference between Recommendation 666 and Section 666?

David Moore said...

My thoughts and findings in response to Cheryl is:

It appears that there is potential for Ezekiel 38 to happen in reponse to this scheduled Israeli "land for peace" (Roadmap to Peace) disengagement from the Gaza and West Bank--basically returning the Jews back to their pre-1967 borders. When it happens who knows, but it looks to be on the horizon.

It looks like it is going to actually happen this time around, this "land for peace deal that is. For years, it would not have been thought that it would ever happen, but here we are. However, many believe that this "Hudna" pact on the side of the Palestinians will not stand.

To be honest it is unthinkable that Ariel Sharon would be so naive as to think that this will work, especially since it was by God's grace and sovereign will that Israel came out on top in the Six-Day War. Even Bejamin Netanyaho said, "On Both the Egyptian and Syrain fronts, the Arabs had managed to penetrate as much as twenty miles before Israeli forces finally checked them. If the war had begun not on the post-1967 lines but on the pre-1967 lines, and if the Arab armies had advanced the same distances, Israel would have ceased to exist." (Benjamin Netanyahu, A Place Among Nations)

Suffice it to say, I for one believe that this disengagement will end in disaster based on Muslim military precedents (i.e. Muhammed's 10-year FALSE cease fire called the "Treaty of Hudaybiyah" or "Hudan" or "Hudna")

If things continue the way they appear to be going (which is so unbelievable that this plan is still going forward) and a super-random arab coalition lead by Russia and Iran (Ezekiel 38) happens in lieu of this disengagement, then it will possibly be a catalyst for action on behalf of the European Union and the "emergency" that the future Antichrist (whomever he may be) would be looking for in light of the course of action Solana presented in Recommenation 666:

"12. Support proposals for the WEU Secretary-General and CFSP High Reprsentative to preside over the PSC and civilian crisis-management machinery and give him powers to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency."

Now in light of THIS, I guess it is no wonder that Solana is pressing so hard for what he phrased as "a diplomatic service". What does this really mean? The report that Herb linked on his latest comments says in one place, "The EU's external action service to support the European foreign minister is one of the key new proposals included in the constitution, which was rejected by the French on Sunday (29 May) and looks likely to receive another blow from the Dutch on Wednesday (1 June)."

THEN, Solana says, "This service will definitely come into existence sooner or later. The more we work on a thorough preparation, the better and more successful it will be when it comes into action."

I imagine that these services include the "headline goal" explained in detail in the Petersberg Tasks that was generaly laid out in recommend number 8 of the Rec. 666, and indirectly in civilian and military coordination in number 15.

The pdf of the Petersberg tasks really lays out why this ratification is so important to Javierr Solana. In the case that the poo hits the fan between Israel and the Palestinians in really bad way, say, WAR...then according to the Petersberg Tasks the CFSP may take action. This is already known, but Solana is the High Representative of the CFSP, and he will then "preside over the PSC and civilian crisis-management machinery...".

Now, Israel is not a member of the EU, but the EU is a major player in the Roadmap to Peace initiative. So, and as Herbert Peters has diligently pointed out: Solana said that the EU will be involved whether Israel likes it or not.

Is Solana power hungry, it appears that way to me.

Oh, and I found this: Further Introduction without Treaty Changes. A subtle tactic?

Roadmap to Pieces

David Moore said...

Sorry the link for the petersberg task isn't working. just do a google search with "petersberg tasks" should be at the very top.

Anonymous said...

As I see it, all this fits in perfectly, if this is what I think it is Britian will say no as well giving us the three to be plucked by Mr.SUN. If you have watched the past three star wars movies Solana should do exactly what the evil emperor did with his emergency powers. There will be a situation arise where Europe needs his powers,maybe just maybe the pal.-israel conflict.

Constance Cumbey said...


Section 666 was created as part of the Council of Vienna following up on a Cologne Council as I understand it, and it codified the job that was given to Solana as Section 666. This was done in December 1998 while Solana was still with NATO. The specifications were OBVIOUSLY written around Javier Solana. RECOMMENDATION 666 is the bill by that number introduced in the European Union Assembly on June 5, 2000 by Javier Solana which inter alia proposed greatly expanded powers over Europe for himself. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Is this correct ???
Can someone provide a link for this ???

I would like to see this in print to show to my friends for real. Where can I find Declaration 30 ?

I did a Google search and found the treaty...but apparently couldn't find the correct article...

Above - Anonymous said...
Declaration 30 of the treaty states that "if two years after the signature of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, four-fifths of the Member states have ratified it and one or more Member states have encountered difficulties in proceeding with ratification, the matter will be referred to the European Council."

Since the treaty was signed in Rome on October 29, 2004, a European Council to review the ratification process must take place in November, 2006. This means our own referendum must go ahead. We can then have our first public debate on Europe in 30 for June 1, 2005

Anonymous said...

I found the "DRAFT" treaty with that verbage under a different article...

Where is the OFFICAL and ADOPTED treaty link that I can send out and link to my web site ???

Anonymous said...

I found it....
I went to the Eurotreaties website at

The constitutional treaty is at

Article IV-443 on page 346 and I quote...

" 4. If, two years after the signature of the treaty amending this Teaty, four fifths of the Member States have ratified it and one of more Member States have encountered difficulties in proceeding with ratification, the matter shall be referred to the European council." least 20 have to ratify...which it looks like they have. AND one or more member states have "encountered difficulties in proceeding" (notice it's not REJECTED...but one or more...have difficulties proceeding -- hence the UK ??? --).

This would pass as a VERY LEGAL method of getting to the council if the UK turns out to be the key by being the one having difficulty going forward as opposed to rejecting it outright and having countries cry foul.

Just a thought !!!

Also, it's amazing how the press is saying that the EU was torpedoed by come they havn't found this yet ?!?!?!

David Moore said...

And I quote from a report today:

"Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday he would withdraw his support for the disengagement plan in future votes, claiming it emboldens Palestinian militants.

Speaking in Jerusalem before Likud party members, Netanyahu said the withdrawal from Gaza and four West Bank settlements "will come up again for a cabinet vote, and how will I vote? I will vote against."

"The Palestinians have bought Hamas' argument that it and only it has made us run and as a result ... Hamas is growing stronger," Netanyahu said."

Source is here

People, don't just watch the EU, but watch Israel. Israel is the centerpiece of this whole eschatological matter.

Anonymous said...

If Rev 13 refers to the EU as the beast, then verse 12 says it will have a deadly wound that was healed, and the world wondered after the beast.
Maybe this could refer to the death of the EU constitution?

It will take a miracle and ingenuity to heal the dead constitution, and the world will be

Just as Rev 17 may refer to a World Religion, Rev 13 could refer to EU

Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

Thank you Constance, now my question is: Why is Solana so bent on this 666 thing. Of ALL the numbers to choose from, that one keeps coming up. I refuse to believe that it's the number that keeps getting drawn out of the hat. He has to be doing it to bug the church.


SqueakBox said...
Seems your government agrees with Solana, that basically a weak Europe makes for a less stable world, and puts more pressure on your government to keep the world stable. You should try appreciating Solana a bit more. He stuck his neck out to support Colin Powell's WMD speech to the UN Security Council in February 2003.

Anonymous said...

Darn, we missed an opportunity to get at Solana's neck when he stuck it out.

So Bush supports the EU and Solana's efforts. What else is new!! The EU is just steps ahead of the coming North American unity moves that will parallel the efforts of the EU. The European people sat on their hands while the leaders were moving things along. Now they really think that shouting NO into the wind from Brussels will make a big difference. It, however, should tell you Squeakbox that the EU moves are coming from the elite and not from the masses who almost hate the thought of the EU.

Anonymous said...

Formation of EU foreigh ministry to continue: Solana 2005-05-31 13:06:19

BEIJING, May 31 -- EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana says the building of the EU foreign ministry won't be affected by the French rejection of the EU constitution.

Solana told a press conference Monday in Brussels that the key issue is not when the foreign ministry will be set up but whether the set-up has been mentally accepted by all EU members and is ready to put it into action.

The appointment of an EU foreign minister is one of the biggest institutional reforms stipulated by the EU constitution.

The EU summit held last June decided that if the constitution takes effect next November, Solana will be the first EU foreign minister.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Squeakbox:

I for one don't sleep better at night knowing our government despite all its talk of DNA democracy is so upset about democracy in action in Europe. I further don't sleep better having just acquired the book THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS and realizing that our current USA Presidency has invited Jim Channon and his First Earth Battalion with all of its evil spinoffs back into government. It looks like my 1983 book was well named: THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT AND OUR COMING AGE OF BARBARISM. It seems that the First Earth Battalion has had no small role to play in the cruelty at Waco, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prison. All Christians should take a good look at what has happened at Moslems in the last two situations -- we're probably NEXT! I suspect Solana is in there pitching as well -- "crisis = opportunity" for European as well as USA New Agers!

Anonymous said...

The EU is weak the EU is strong.
they must get rid of Britain
(the EU main opposition) and the Eastern Eu members.(taking jobs from the western europeans)

(This is one of many reason the rejection of the constitution)

The Eu must go to the 10 Weu members. (Core members)

The Eu must have one mind!!

Dan 2:41 And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

Dan 2:42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

Dan 2:43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

Dan 2:45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.

Rv 17:12: And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.


Anonymous said...

More that the EU Constitution is being brought in by the "precious" elite. From the comments section of the EU referendum blogspot:

"Someone else may have posted this, but according to Reuters there's an extraordinary article in today's Bild newspaper in Germany. The paper set up a hotline so people could give their opinions on the Constitution. Fully 360,000 phoned in - and the proportions were… wait for it..

97% against the constitiution, 3% for."

This where the German government overwhelmingly passed it.

Of course it's not a conspiracy. It's all happening by chance you know. LOL

New Age - one world government and one world religion. Just a reminder for anyone out who might still think New Age people are just silly crystal carriers. I'm not a prophecy follower. It's just that there is always trouble ahead when believers in the occult get into governmental positions of power.

Anonymous said...

I find this "Wound" in the "Beast" thing very interesting...

Follow up Constance?

David Moore said...


Constance are you talking about the Waco fiasco with David Koresh? Or some other event in Waco, Texas?

Constance Cumbey said...


I was indeed talking about the Waco event. According to Jon Ronson's new and important book, THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS, a "story about what happened when a small group of men -- highly placed with in the United States military, the government, amd the intelligence services -- began believing in very strange things . ." The US government was experimenting with mind control techniques for psychological aspects of warfare." It was looking for a good testing place and Waco presented itself as an opportunity. Some of the things tested on them (Tibetan chants) were Jim Channon inspired, others were mkultra like in nature. A Dr. Smirnov, per Ronson, was allegedly sought as a consultant and asked to assist in mind control techniques.

I was as horrified as anyone else in watching Waco -- I could not help but think that this cult made a good villain, but that this might as well have been a dry run on prophesied persecution of believers. Now that I know that Channon and company were involved, there is little doubt in my mind that this was exactly the case! Waco happened under the Clinton administration -- to think that Jim Channon and his First Earth Battalion notions are alive and well and GROWING under Bush is even more disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me....or does this sound ALOT, as Herb would say, like a "2 speed Europe" ???

Dan 2:42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be.....partly strong, and partly broken.

That would play well with the constitutional back door and the 3 horns. It would all tie together nicely !!!

Anonymous said...

The following is a comment from Herb Peters at which is linked to on Constance's face page.

"While this is going on, the old order in Europe is falling. The UK's Tony Blair is attempting to fill the power vacuum by asserting his leadership. Blair, as you know, will be taking over the EU's presidency in July Read about it here I And here.

Here's where it gets even more interesting. You see, Blair is a strong supporter of the Atlantic alliance. So is Robert Cooper, Blair's former adviser. This takes us to the EU's Javier Solana. You see, Cooper now works for Solana. If Solana didn't agree with Copper, why would he hire him.

When we consider these details, the coming agenda of the Blair EU presidency isn't hard to guess. You see, Cooper is known as an imperialist. That's because he advocates the EU and the US joining forces and, by whatever means necessary, mold the world into a safer place. In other words, I believe the EU and the US are going to attempt to use the six months of the UK's EU presidency to move the world in the direction of Coopers dream, and Solana's leadership."

This also has significance for even other than those following prophecy. Remember Rice's support of the European Union and Solana even in the face of France and Holland rejecting the EU Constitution.

Constance has more information on Robert Cooper if I remember correctly. Is there any way of searching old posts here?

Constance Cumbey said...

To last anonymous:

I have archived and passed on considerable information on Robert Cooper, as well as having read every word of his book on his dream new imperialistic society -- with barbarism applied as necessary to those Cooper/Solana (he works for Solana) deem 'barbaric'. HOWEVER, I have yet to do a blog specifically on him. As far as the search feature is concerned, there is a search site box on the blogspot which will enable you to specifically check this site as opposed to the web at large. Hope this helps!

7:42 PM

Anonymous said...

This should be an interesting showdown between Solana and the head of Uzbekistan. Solana was certainly very publicly critical when his personal envoy to the country was refused admittance. This should give readers an idea of how far-reaching Solana thinks his fingers should be, this from a nobody who came to major power in the last ten years.,1280,-5058516,00.html

Constance Cumbey said...

Reply to Anonymous:

I was working late at my office tonight when PBS came on with a financial editorial on the European Union. The points were:

1. Voices in the USA should not gloat -- the USA government recognized that we needed a STRONG EUROPE and private voices should recognize that as well;

2. Although the EU constitution was dead, the EU was not and there were parts of the EU Constitution that should be SALVAGED.

3. What needed to be SALVAGED from the EU Constitution was:

a. The Diplomatic service.

Folks, this is where I came in . . .!!

Anonymous said...

Herb Peters' is MUST READING. Constance has a link on it. He has a brand new most astute posting with links to some new and scary scenarios for "our person of interest"!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that due to the fine print, that Javier Solana may "enforce" the ratification by the three nations that have voted it down? Is it possible that the 10 headed with 10 horns and 3 uprooted with a small horn in the midst is upon us? The 10 nations of the EU being the heads and the horns being the leadership of the those nations. The three uprooted or overthrown leaderships or their decisions are trumped by the one little horn?
Stay tuned and are you ready to go home...?

Anonymous said...

Go over to and learn of the planned continuity of the EU in spite of the EU Constitution failure. There is a link to an article in The Times. There doesn't even seem to be a fight for power going on.

Anonymous said...

Just wanting to say what a great job you are doing here. Herb has a great site too, and I respect all the work he does as well. He does a great job with the implications of the daily news. I really like how you provide for and participate in a forum discussion here. It is truly great to follow the insights of both you and Herb.

I found a review Solana's biography to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Constance, do you have any specific references or links on Channon and the FEB? A search of your site didn't turn anything up. Google comes back with hundreds.

Constance Cumbey said...

Reply to Tronicus:

If you have my 1983 book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, I had several references to First Earth Battalion activities and its disturbing parallels with both occultism and Nazism. Next, a current read is Jon Ronson's book, THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. I have the advantage of a copy of the TRADOC training video produced by Channono in the early 1980s. It was sent to me by a military man back in 1982. I bought my first video recorder/player so I would have something to watch it on! I havfe the First Earth Battalion manual. It was furnished me by a New York freelance reporter named "Victoria" who was a friend of a Jewish attorney, Robert Katz (unfortunately deceased of brain cancer this year). That was given me in 1982 as well. I used to use pages from it on a overhead projector presentation when I was on the lecture circuit in the 1980s. Google searches and Yahoo searches are excellent ways to go. You will find things about it pro, con and neutral. Hope this helps. Constance

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