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Time Magazine Reports re EU "THE BLAND SHALL LEAD THE BLAND"

I've been mulling over Javier Solana's words in his Stockholm/Russia interview. You can watch it for yourself by clicking here. I've also been pondering his sudden total lack of fame at whereas at he present enjoys 6,990,000 hits as of the time of this writing. At he is down to 297,000 hits -- that is until you do the search like this:

"Javier Solana" -Cumbey

At which point, the hits instead of decreasing by the 9,800 stories where my name and his are mentioned together, increase dramatically to 5,680,000. That's somewhat less than the nearly 7 million stories he enjoys on Yahoo!

I've written before about "Google's New Math" when it came to Javier Solana numerical calcuations. I have read quotations from Javier Solana interviews in the past that he knew how to be invisible when necessary. I have more than a passing suspicion that "invisibility" is now becoming an operational necessity for Javier Solana.

My suspicion is that this is now not so much "the bland leading the bland" as it is Javier Solana controlling behind the scenes as he gives his advice to his "successor" in "private."

After all, he has been working for the European Union -- even before he was born! Who can argue with that?

Stay tuned!


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I have read that the appointment of critters like Van Rompuy and Ashcroft represented a victory for Barroso....and Solana.

What are your thoughts on this?
Hi Susanna,

I believe and agree with your comment on the previous thread. It floors me that, in spite of the outcry of the people (when wicked men rule, the people groan) the same faces keep returning to office. Much as in the US.

In my question concerning the new EU appointments, the unanimous decision by ALL the parties seemed, well, unlikely. I'm no odds-maker, but not even one dissenting voice seemed surprising to me. BUT, then, I fail to take into account the tremendous dissent in the form of the voice of the people of the EU. Obviously I'm reading it now, and I guess, if I look at it simply, the decisions aren't made by the people, as you stated, the decisions are made by the powers-that-be, and those have already been determined.

My first impression about these folks was that they were going to be easily "influenced", but since reading more, I'm not so sure...

And if we're really getting all the information available, that's anyone's guess. How much are we being allowed to see, how much is controlled "feeding"?

Answers seem to come as soon as I ask, availability of information is out-of-control, so that is why the web will be "managed" in the future.

Thanks for your input and insight! You too, JD.

take care,
Constance, In your opinion does this new unknown appointment alter in any way Solana's job in the EU? Will he still have the power he had before?

...At his first press conference, he announced that he wanted the EU to return to “the economic and social agenda”. He hailed 2009 as “the first year of global governance”: a reference to the wrong-headed G20 agenda. He went on to describe the Copenhagen climate summit as “another step towards the global management of our planet”. So much ambition – and the chap hasn’t even taken office yet.

The video, which was included in a post by JD, has been making the rounds.

D. Singh writes . . .

Herman Van Rompuy. Get used to the name. He is the first President of the European Union, which with the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon by all the 27 EU member states in early November was transformed into a genuine United States of Europe.

The President of Europe has not been elected; he was appointed in a secret meeting of the heads of government of the 27 EU member states. They chose one of their own. Herman Van Rompuy was the Prime Minister of Belgium. I knew him when he was just setting out, reluctantly, on his political career.

To understand Herman, one must know something about Belgium, a tiny country in Western Europe, and the prototype of the EU. Belgians do not exist as a nation. Belgium is an artificial state, constructed by the international powers in 1830 as a political compromise and experiment. The country consists of 6 million Dutch, living in Flanders, the northern half of the country, and 4 million French, living in Wallonia, the southern half. The Belgian Dutch, called Flemings, would have preferred to stay part of the Netherlands, as they were until 1830, while the Belgian French, called Walloons, would have preferred to join France. Instead, they were forced to live together in one state.

Belgians do not like their state. They despise it. They say it represents nothing. There are no Belgian patriots, because no-one is willing to die for a flag which does not represent anything. Because Belgium represents nothing, multicultural ideologues love Belgium. They say that without patriotism, there would be no wars and the world would be a better place. As John Lennon sang “Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too.”
So Belgium is NOWHERE, in other words UTOPIA.
The really scary thought is that now Javier Solana is free to devote all of his TIME to God-only-knows-what evil.
New Age in the Schools
Last week I posted information on disciminatory behavior in School District 113 in Illinois. It was based on a column Laurie Higgins wrote for Illinois Family. Laurie is employed by the school district and obtained the information through the Freedom of Information Act. I contacted her and in her reply she sent additional information on what is happening there. I asked if I could share it with others. She said yes. No one really oversees school budgets. Sure there is a school board, but my experience says these people are usually handpicked by the administration. PTAs are useless when it comes to overseeing anything. They act as fundraisers and support staff if they get involved at all. Parents generally have no idea what goes on in the schools. As long as everybody in the building smiles and a kid's grades are acceptable, that's the end of their involvement. When parents have tried to get involved, school personnel know how to block them. They get training for that. They should be involved because such a high part of their property taxes go for school districts. District 113 is part of the very affluent North Shore suburban area north of Chicago.

Here is how taxpayer money is being used to promote critical race theory/critical social theory.
I am so glad to see that you are trying to expose your friends to critical race theory/critical social theory. It's also called "teaching for social justice," and it's the term "social justice" that deceives people for who's against social justice? I thought you might appreciate this article by Sol Stern on the subject:

The critical race theorist from San Francisco that District 113 hired ostensibly to help Hispanic students improve their test scores.

The District, using both federal and District money, spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $83,000 to hire the San Francisco-based Glenn Singleton and representatives from his Pacific Educational Group to come seven times to teach District 113 about "whiteness." This figure included Singleton’s fees, travel expenses, per diem and costs of hiring substitute teachers for all the teachers who were absent to attend the all-day indoctrination seminars.

I asked Superintendent George Fornero why we were hiring Singleton and was told it was due to Highland Park HS’ failure to make “adequate yearly progress” under the No Child Left Behind Act. The district received federal money to help the Hispanic students perform better on standardized tests and George used it to hire Singleton. Both Singleton and his facilitators explicitly state that neither he nor his book on which his consultations are based provide any solutions. Hiring Singleton was the brainchild of Superintendent George Fornero who used Singleton in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he last ruined a school district.

Every time Singleton or his representative came, every administrator, every department chair, two teachers from every department, and area (e.g. multi-media, janitorial pool, technology, secretarial pool) from both high schools attended all-day meetings during which they discussed their "whiteness." This cost the district $10,000 for substitute teachers and $20,000 to feed everyone at the Highland Park Country Club where the meetings took place. I know this because I filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get it. And this was supposed to help the Hispanic students score better on standardized tests. This also meant that all the participating employees missed seven days of work or classes.

I asked the school board and administration, how even in theory does having secretaries, custodians, and teachers miss school to talk about their whiteness at the Highland Park Country Club would help minority students improve their test scores.

They had no answer.

Glenn Singleton who spent about 1-minute visiting the writing center at Deerfield High School where I had worked for eight years, called for me to be fired citing as his justification the following quotes I had on my wall:

Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard.”—The Supreme Court of the United States, in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943)

“Despite incessant repetition of the word ‘diversity’ in academe, the tragic fact is that the academic world is one of the most intolerant places in America when it comes to diversity of ideas” (Thomas Sowell, African American, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution).

“One is an individual, not an instance of blood or appearance. The assault on individual identity was essential to the horror and inhumanity of Jim Crow laws, of apartheid, and of the Nuremberg Race Laws. It is no less inhuman when undertaken by ‘diversity educators’” (Alan Kors, Professor of Intellectual History at University of Pennsylvania).

“‘[D]iversity’ -- nowadays, the first refuge of intellectually disreputable impulses – [is] the . . . belief in identity politics and its tawdry corollary, the idea of categorical representation” (George Will, syndicated columnist).

“The problem isn't that Johnny can't read. The problem isn't even that Johnny can't think. The problem is that Johnny doesn't know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling” (Thomas Sowell).

Two weeks later, I was demoted.

And there's more. I just received and email from a District 113 employee. All administrators are now required to attend ten hours of more Singleton-based indoctrination seminars called "Beyond Diversity." In addition, virtually every professional development opportunity provided by the district is the same "critical race theory" fecklessness. On every late arrival day, on every Institute day, and every summer workshop, that's almost all that teachers are offered.

I just wish the media were interested. I think there's a story about the use of tens of thousands of dollars that should have gone to helping the Hispanic kids being used to feed teachers at a North Shore country club.
Laurie Higgins
Director of the Division of School Advocacy
Illinois Family Institute
(815) 519-3808



Here is information on Singleton.
"Glenn Singleton of Pacific Educational Group has become a rich man by preaching racism, hate, and scapegoating. School systems hire him for hundreds of thousands of dollars to insult and scapegoat teachers and students based on their race under the guise of “diversity training.” That embarrasses the school systems that hire him in high-profile legal cases. Yet foolish school superintendents continue to hire him at exorbitant rates, as the Discriminations blog notes, citing a recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle......" (more at link) Another article from

Pacific Educational Group's website

Yesterday I was overly defensive and at points unnecessarily rude, although there were differences of opinion ( I do think much of it is down to cultural difference and different history ) and sometimes I felt under pressure, and at points offended, I should have behaved as I believe a Christian should behave, and I did not always do this. To those offended, even if you offended me too, I am sorry, and to those who offended me, I forgive you. Thank you for your patience in reading this.

I don't know if this has been mentioned befor here, but if not, on the 12th of November The New Humanist Manifesto for One World Religion was signed.

Please see:


Another thing is, that at the EU Parliament building seat number 666 is vacant, and has been deliberately kept so. It would not suprise me if Javier decides to take it. On this note, I have read that Obama, whwn giving his address to the UN(?) occupied seat number 666 obviously in the UN assembly, I understand this was the first time this seat has been occupied. I'll try and find evidence of this somewhere. Could Obama be the False prophet? And Javier the Antichrist? I've only skimmed this page here, so please don't judge me if I've made a mistake in putting the link to it:


Plus, I have read, elsewhere, someone's assertion that Creme claims the Maitreya is a clone. Does anyone know anything about this? I'll research it myself to in a moment. And lastly, if this is assertion is affirmed, what about the claims of Obama being the clone of a Pharoah that are circulating the net? Could these have validity? Does this then lend weight to the claim by some that Obama may very well indeed be the vile Maitreya (who, according to Creme, will not use the name Maitreya straight away)?

God bless,

Rob in London.
Sorry about the plethora of spelling and grammatical mistakes in my last post. I hope it is legible.

Rob in London.
Google must be watching this! Yesterday and past few days fewer than 300,000 google hits on Javier Solana. With my name (and 9800 hits when his name and my name were combined) he had close to 6 million hits (NEW MATH, GO FIGURE). We posted this story last night and miraculously, stories on Javier Solana are 1,330,000. With YOURS TRULY subtracted, however, we have NO, no 1,220,200, we have 5,650,000.

Yahoo! has 6,960,000 hits on Javier Solana.

Obviously, Google is helping Solana remain relatively low profile, nearly invisible, for whatever nefarious purposes he has up his sleeve.

My guess -- absolutely, he continues to run the EU. Rompuy's statements are exactly what Javier Solana already long since said. It is my guess that Solana may have even composed the speeches or dictated their content.

Solana wil be doing as much as ever, but will be harder to detect.

Susanna and others interested,

Van Rompuey's appointment is both significant and insignificant respectively. It is significant due to his pension to pursue the aims of Barroso, Solana, Zapatero and others. In others words he WILL follow lock step. It is insignificant in the issue of his seat holding no real power. His presidency will simply act as a relay between what the council wishes to be done, and bringing said desires in front of the people. He will act as a median between the new foreign policy chief and the council, making sure all marching oreders are followed and that they fall favorably amongst the people.

Ashy on the other hand, will be handling all major decisions as it pertains to EU business, both at home and abroad. Given Solana's statement that he will quietly be advising Ashy, tells me he will still hold the real power, while Ashy will be the face that gets condemned if the policies fall flat amongst the people. This will most probably happen, as the climate is ripe for a "crisis" which few would have the capacity to favorably handle.

My guess is Solana has went stealth, so that he can make decisions which may be seen as unpopular, and have a scape goat to pin the unpopular decisions on. The open seats at the council and UN speak volumes to this end. As it sits at this moment, the WEU are still the controlling majority of the EU, the Libson has upheld this, and Javier is still their guy.

Lets also try not to forget the Armaggedon Script if followed requires them to bring about a false AC of sorts, in order for their "saviour" to come and overthrow this false AC. This could possibly be preperation for this event. Only time will tell, for all I know Solana could be the fake AC, but given the hour, all aspects need to be watched very carefully. This could play out multiple ways, and since we were warned that if possible even the very elect would be deceived, this tells me even some who are following the events closely may fall into the trap.
Another step in those behind the NWO setting up WWIII?

"Iran war games to defend nuclear sites

The war games will test responses to a possible attack on nuclear sites
Iran has begun five days of large-scale war games to simulate attacks on its nuclear sites, officials said, warning it will retaliate if provoked.

The head of Iran's air defence said the aim of the exercises was to thwart aerial reconnaissance and air attacks.

Another official warned Tehran would retaliate with a missile strike on Tel Aviv, if it was attacked by Israel."

Heres the link:


God bless,

Rob in London.
"Mr. European Union is Mr. Bilderberg"

Rob in London
Rob, that's not a Humanist Manifesto. Even the one from the 1930s is more detailed. The last one was in book form in 2000 by Paul Kurtz. Humanist Manifestos are connected with the Humanist Society.

No problem Dorothy, I think the thing is still rather dodgy though. I perhaps should be weary in future of putting Humanist there ... but essentially, humanism is of the devil anyway, and I don't know about over there, but Humanist ideas have infested UK acedemia etc for sometime now.

Anyway, what do you think about the charter? The point is it is a strong instrument for ushering in a One World Religion, is it not?

God bless,

Rob in London.
Billboard Warns: “Prepare For War” Against Government
November 20th, 2009, 6:01 PM EST
A new billboard off of Interstate 70 in Missouri provides a short “citizens guide to REVOLUTION of a corrupt government” and issues a call to “PREPARE FOR WAR.”

This billboard replaces one that warned that the socialist “Obama-Nation” is “coming for you.” It’s unclear who the owner of the billboard is, but the first one was the work of a “Missouri businessman.”

While it’s unclear who owns it, the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee seems to endorse it.

Anyone here from Missouri that can lend a hand on this one? I am curious as to if there are more of these. I also would like to know who is running them. It has been stated multiple times that the plan for societal change within the USA is a controlled revolution that would effectively tear down the current structures of government, leaving in its place the preset international governing bodies. In other words they are going to let free americans destroy what is left of their civil rights. We are seeing this in many aspects now, and unfortunately many are falling into the trap.
Any help would be appreciated.
Several blogs back, I expressed similar fears over those pushing for an NWO pretending to be 'of the people, by the people, for the people". I did this in response to 'Lord' (the Norman's) Monkton address. Olde Monkie was riling people up at the end of his speech, filled with pomp and poetry and utilising Churchill/Roosevelt relationship nostalgia, to rise up at 'this last hour' etc.

Monkton is a high-ranking freemason of the Royal Order of the Knights of Malta for goodness sake! It is from the the higher degrees of Masonry and its marriage with Theosophy that the main thrust of this new age movement has come. Look at the psychodelic Maltese Cross he has in the pdf of his power-point presentation used in his speech, referenced some blogs back. The way to fight this is through prayer, meditating on and memorising God's Holy Scripture (The Bible, before it is confiscated!), and obeying God's Commandments, living in the spirit and putting on the full armour of God. (see Ephesians 6:10)

This cannot be defeated by taking up arms, anyway it is too late for that! Look at the sophistication of their weaponry and infrastructure! No chance! Unless you want to all go out all guns blazing.

God bless,

Rob in London.

God bless,

Re:My guess is Solana has went stealth, so that he can make decisions which may be seen as unpopular, and have a scape goat to pin the unpopular decisions on.

That is indeed a very real possibility.

Another is that Solana and his socialist confreres may look to become a force to be reckoned with here in the United States vis a vis our underbelly.....Mexico..... and other socialist - dominated countries in Central and South America - possibly with the help of Cuba and even Russia and/or China.

While I didn't always agree with everything the late Father Malachi Martin had to say, I believe he spoke truly in his description of the situation in Nicaragua in his book THE JESUITS:

Liberation Theology was the perfect blueprint for the Sandinistas. It incorporated the very aim of Marxist-Leninism. It presumed the classic Marxist "struggle of the masses" to be free from all capitalist domination. And above all, the Marxist baby was at last wrapped in the very swaddling clothes of ancient [Roman] Catholic terminology......

..... . . by the early seventies, at least seven years before their grab for power, the Sandinista leaders openly proclaimed their ultimate aim: to create a Marxist society in Nicaragua to serve as the womb from which Marxist revolution throughout Central America would be born. "Revolution throughout the Americas" was the slogan....

...Fernando Cardenal, Ernesto Cardenal, Miguel D'Escoto Brockman, Edgar Parrales, and Alvaro Arguello were the showcase priests of the Sandinistas, the intended and willing legitimizers of this new "People's Church"...
Dorothy I am glad I am no longer in the educational field. (referring to the Singleton "diversity training").

However, I suspect ANYONE who is employed by the Hoover Institute at Stanford. As Thomas Sowell is, according to you.

My distrust of Stanford is based not only on being very unhappy there many years ago, but on everything I've read about it since then. It has a reputation for being into the most advanced occultic thought, hiding under Ph.D.
degrees. When there I had to fight to maintain my individuality on the most basic levels; I am not talking about wildly advanced levels, just had to fight to remain human. It is a university for promoting elitism, regardless of whether the elite is white or black. The only group of which I am still a default member from Stanford is a group which promotes "Mind-Being" research and syncretism. Hard to explain if you haven't been in it.
I am of course completely not there now, except for the bulletin of the Association for Mind-Being Research.
Which I still receive because I wrote something for them many years ago on kundalini crisis. Back in the day. They thought I was really smart then. Yes, I was. Now not so smart but belonging to Jesus.

'Several blogs back, I expressed similar fears over those pushing for an NWO pretending to be "of the people, by the people, for the people". '

I should have written: Several blogs back, I expressed similar fears over those, covertly (in their role), pushing for an NWO, whilst these very same people are similtaneously pretending to be, 'of the people, by the people, for the people'.

Rob in London.
For anyone who gets hot-headed over the notion of the U.S. surrendering it's sovereignty,'s already a happening thing. It's not something in the future; it's happenning now!

Reading the morning paper here in Battle Creek I came across an AP article concerning Obama's recent trip to Asia, namely to China in particular. Read about it here:

What struck me most about this article is this paragraph:

"The Chinese government is the United States' biggest foreign creditor with $800 billion of federal U.S. debt, which gives it extraordinary power in the relationship. And Beijing feels the global recession, sparked by U.S. financial industry excesses, vindicates its authoritarian leadership."

Microchip for Brain Control and ADN Mutations


Rob in London.
JD, Constance & All,

Here is a very infomative essay by Robert chandler, author of SHADOW WORLD. It includes an introduction by Cliff Kincaid.

As a Catholic, I don't always agree with every jot and tittle of what Cliff Kincaid has to say, but I must admit there isn't much I would argue with him about here:


Bishop Roger Morin of Biloxi, Mississippi, the chairman of the US Bishops' Subcommittee on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is having a major hissy fit over exposes of the CCHD:



By Phil Lawler

A coalition of Catholic and pro-life groups-- including Human Life International, the American Life League, and the new Bellarmine Veritas Ministry-- has joined in a call for the American bishops to reform the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

The Bellarmine Veritas Ministry burst on the scene this year with a carefully researched critique of the CCHD, showing that the organization supports a number of groups whose purposes are at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church: groups that support legal abortion and same-sex marriage. Why, the group asked, does an arm of the Catholic bishops' conference make common cause with such groups?

It's a good question-- but not a new one. Thoughtful Catholics and conservative non-Catholics have been asking that question for at least two decades. In the 1980s I produced my own exposé on the many ties between the CCHD and radical activist groups. The individual groups supported by the CCHD may change, but the fundamental orientation does not.

Recently, however, things have heated up, with the revelation that the CCHD has supplied $7 million in subsidies to ACORN, the group that has been in the headlines so much this year, accused of voter fraud, massive misappropriation of public funds, and such grotesque improprieties as providing consulting help for people who said they wanted to set up a brothel. It's true that the CCHD cut off funding for ACORN last year, but again the question arises: Why was the bishops' agency involved with that group in the first place?..

....The CCHD is dedicated to helping poor people organize self-help efforts. There's nothing wrong with that goal in itself, but from its early days, the CCHD has been wont to politicize the process, forming alliances with leftist community organizers (such as, years ago, Barack Obama!) and often giving those organizers financial support.

There's something seriously wrong with this approach, I believe. Each November, as Catholics across the US are asked to contribute to the special collection for the CCHD, the promotional materials portray the CCHD as an anti-poverty program, not specifically as a community-organizing program. That fundraising approach is misleading, I submit, because the CCHD does not provide poor people with food and clothing, but with organizational support-- a worthy effort, perhaps, but a different one..... more...

Don't Let Your Money Work Against the Church

See also
Leaked FOIA files 62 mb of gold

Posted by Jeff Id on November 19, 2009

This is the biggest news ever broken here. The first thing I have to say is that I have no connection to the source of these files. It was left as a link on my blog while I was hunting for cloaked deers (fruitlessly) in the Upper Penninsula. These files are real IMO but they cannot be one hundred percent verified as such. How can we be certain but IMO, real. They were potentially scraped from multiple computers in my opinion by a hacker or an insider involved in some of the endless FOIA requests.

I’ll say this delicately – this person risked one f..k of a lot to show us this data.

I need some legal advice regarding the files received today. I’ve verified that the data seems to be true, simply due to the volume of it and knowing the issues – currently the link is offline, I took it down the minute I realized what it contained. I need to understand the legal ramifications of making some of the emails public. In the meantime, a summary of the 62 MB of data is – personal email correspondences between some of the major players Santer, Briffa, Mann, Osborne, Wahl. Data and code, the data SteveM and I will enjoy but I can’t load CA now. The code or a version of it for HadCRUT was released also. The tone of the emails is quite interesting Steve McIntyre is the focus of much of them but there are quite a few references to obstruction and making things difficult for the ’skeptics’. There are also budgetary items and grant monies- you wouldn’t believe how much money these boys play with.

There are several comments about scientists wanting to hide their environmentalist views to promote the best results. Also, some about people being happy with the death of skeptics as well as a lot of rubbish about the latest Yamal results at CA.

What I need to know is what are my legal obligations as to posting a link to this file and what is allowed to be shown from it. In the meantime I see Anthony at WUWT who has more experience than me with media has posted several emails, so in this case there is one particular letter which deserves to see the light of day because of it’s amazing nature.

One of the biggest criticisms of skeptics is non-publication. I think we can put an end to that charade here and now. If someone can find me a lawyer to let this loose I’ll add the rest of the names but let’s just say it’s our favorite ends justify the means group.
Rob in London

At times I enjoy reading your posts but you seem almost manic in your insults and apologies. The last thread was nothing short of strange. Your comments on this one regarding the last one are odd, as well.

I tend to want to read what you have to say but I'm having a difficult time figuring out where you're coming from or what you're trying to accomplish with your rants. Forgive me but I'm suspicious of you.
Whatever happened to Joyce?
Rob in London --

Unlike Reformed, I have no real problem with you, in fact I find you very sincere and even charming.

Reformed, when he posted under a different screen name, I found haughty and cold-hearted toward posters he didn't like. I confess, he was sometimes insightful but overall I found him "strange."

I understand your points about the excesses of American materialism, Rob, where money and individualism have become false gods. Americans don't like to see this about themselves.

I hope you stick around.
More New Age in the schools
Last item. Earlier I documented how your children are being manipulated to be ashamed of themselves if they are white and how they can feel entitled to special treatment if they are one of the members of certain minority groups. These indoctrinated children will soon be moving into positions of power in schools and business and will hold on to these views because there is no balancing information. Singleton's group is not the only one working the school systems. It's straight Marxism...lower the expectations of one group and raise the expections of another. From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.

How your kids are becoming little Marxists.

From Laurie Higgins:
"Until a few years ago when parents found out, Deerfield High School taught all of its freshman that Whites had "power over" Blacks, that Gentiles had "power over Jews, that heterosexuals had "power over" homosexuals, and that adults have "power over" children (that's called adultism). The "power overs" are the oppressors.

"One of our premier critical social theory proponents, Dan Cohen, teaches American Studies. Three years ago, I was working with one of his students at the end of the year. I was very good friends with her. She's a delightful young Jewish girl, named Jen. She had written a scathing criticism of the U.S. She told me that by the end of first semester, she hated America and hated being white. I asked her about all the good America has done for its own citizens and the world. I asked her about the remarkable racial, ethnic, and religious diversity in our country and how well we integrate all these disparate groups. I asked her about what America did in WWII. She told me that the only reason the U.S. entered WWII was to preserve its financial interests driven by capitalist greed. That's what critical social theory proponents use our money to teach the nation's children. And then we expect kids to love and serve our country and as immigrants to want to integrate as Americans."
From June.
This was posted over at, that brand new organization for moms that was suggested by Glenn Beck.
"My daughter is home upset. She attends high school. Her environmental class had to watch a video that was pro-communist. It discussed the environment and taxes and when it was over the kids were cheering for Communism. I think in part jokingly but still. The kids had a test as well and there were questions that she knew how the teacher wanted her to answer or she'd get it wrong. She said every single class today had 'something' about Obama, his administration or communism. If you have older kids, I'd ask them if they saw any movies or discussed anything about politics. You may be surprised. She's quite upset right now because she is a very conservative young lady.

More New Age in the Schools

"I cannot call the school because she is in her last months and I do not want to cause trouble for her at this point. I do without a doubt feel this WILL cause problems for her. -Lexi"
And if you thought that there was only one or two books pushing acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle on grammar school children, check out this list of books. (Laurie provided the list.)

Yes, this has been going on for decades. Over 20 years ago I told my sons to tell me whenever a teacher or a counselor started fishing for personal information about them or the family. There were many instances of that which I never would have heard about if I hadn't told them to let me know.

Not all teachers are deliberate propagandists. Some are that way because of what they were taught as children. Some just want to be trendy. Some believe in Marxism. You won't believe what is going on until you get a look at some of the textbooks and ask your children every day what they talked about in school.

The nanny welfare state will take care of your food, shelter, clothing and entertainment. All they ask for in exchange is your soul and brain and maybe the freedom to dissent from group think in public. The welfare state only cares about providing material things in the same way a zoo keeper takes care of his animals while he keeps them caged areas. All they have to do is obey. or

Indoctrination of Our Youth
by Walter Williams (February 22, 2006)

I'm aware that this is not news to many of you. However, we must never forget it is happening.

Anonymous 5:29 Since you are concerned about Joyce, ask her. Oh, I forgot, she remained anonymous, probably for a good reason.

Whatever happened to Setterman?
This cannot be defeated by taking up arms, anyway it is too late for that! Look at the sophistication of their weaponry and infrastructure! No chance! Unless you want to all go out all guns blazing.

God bless,

Rob in London.

I believe some English Folks told those in the New England states that, once before. How did that turn out??
Constance, what does he mean, 'before I was born?'..and I'll be working from 'another position'? Has he been reincarnated?..coming into a 'new' life? What's all this mystic talk?
Rob, Here's another article on the brain chip.
Just found this interesting analysis by one Dr. Greg Austin:

". . . A precedent from 1987 gives us another hint. In that year, the Western European Union – a defence alliance more or less moribund before that time – was revived in order to permit its members to send warships to the Persian Gulf and Northern Indian Ocean in response to the war on shipping between Iraq and Iran. In some respects, such a move would not be necessary today: NATO is now comfortable with out of area operations; and its members have become comfortable with the idea that “coalitions of the willing” from within the alliance can assemble ad hoc task forces without full endorsement from all members.
The political lesson though from 1987 is that circumstances can arise where the most active, formal alliance structures are not appropriate and where dormant, under-exploited constitutional realities will be used. . . . "

From WEU site:

"The transfer of the WEU Headquarters to its present address (see left) and the parallel closure of the WEU Military Staff were the main measures taken in the context of the ending of WEU's crisis management responsibilities following the decisions taken, since its meeting in Cologne in June 1999, by the European Council, aimed at strengthening the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) within the EU.

Le déménagement du siège de l'UEO à son adresse actuelle (ci-contre) et la dissolution de l'État-Major militaire ont été les principales conséquences du transfert à l'UE des responsabilités de l'Organisation en matière de gestion de crise, suite aux décisions prises par le Conseil européen depuis sa réunion de Cologne en juin 1999 en vue de renforcer la Politique européenne de sécurité et de défense (PESD) dans l'Union européenne.

As called for by WEU Ministers in Marseille in November 2000, the necessary WEU functions and structures are in place to enable the Member States to fulfil the commitments arising from the modified Brussels Treaty, particularly those in Articles V and IX.'

Since 2004, Javier Solana has also been head of the European Defence Agency.

View it, save it

by going here:



A little food for thought, my apologies if this has been posted in the past:

Franklin D. Roosevelt
“The Economic Bill of Rights”
Excerpt from 11 January 1944 message to Congress on the State of the Union.

"It is our duty now to begin to lay the plans and determine the strategy for the winning of a lasting peace and the establishment of an American standard of living higher than ever before known. We cannot be content, no matter how high that general standard of living may be, if some fraction of our people—whether it be one-third or one-fifth or one-tenth—is ill-fed, ill-clothed, ill-housed, and insecure.

This Republic had its beginning, and grew to its present strength, under the protection of certain inalienable political rights—among them the right of free speech, free press, free worship, trial by jury, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. They were our rights to life and liberty.

As our nation has grown in size and stature, however—as our industrial economy expanded—these political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.

We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. “Necessitous men are not free men.” People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all—regardless of station, race, or creed.

Among these are:

- The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;

- The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

- The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;

The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

- The right of every family to a decent home;

- The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

- The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;

- The right to a good education.

All of these rights spell security. And after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being.

America’s own rightful place in the world depends in large part upon how fully these and similar rights have been carried into practice for our citizens."

source: The Public Papers & Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt (Samuel Rosenman, ed.), Vol XIII (NY: Harper, 1950), 40-42

12 How. 152: “Necessitous men,” says the Lord Chancellor, in Vernon v Bethell, 2 Eden 113 (1762), “are not, truly speaking, free men; but, to answer a present emergency, will submit to any terms that the crafty may impose on them.”

Situations appear to be pretty well outlined as such, and on track.

take care,
It appears the current local and international situations intend to make us all "necessitous men".

take care,
To J. D. @ 2:55 PM asks:
Re: Billboard Warns: “Prepare For War” Against Government
A new billboard off of Interstate 70 in Missouri provides a short “citizens guide to REVOLUTION of a corrupt government” and issues a call to “PREPARE FOR WAR.”
This billboard replaces one that warned that the socialist “Obama-Nation” is “coming for you.” It’s unclear who the owner of the billboard is, but the first one was the work of a “Missouri businessman.”
. . . Anyone here from Missouri that can lend a hand on this one? I am curious as to if there are more of these. I also would like to know who is running them.
While it's unclear who owns it, it is widely believed that the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee appears to endorse it.

Also, the far right Militia Movement (e.g. the 51st Missouri Militia) is very organized and active within the state of Missouri. So, do your own research (homework) on this subject and draw your own conclusions.
"Anonymous said...
Rob in London --

Unlike Reformed, I have no real problem with you, in fact I find you very sincere and even charming.

Reformed, when he posted under a different screen name, I found haughty and cold-hearted toward posters he didn't like. I confess, he was sometimes insightful but overall I found him "strange."

I understand your points about the excesses of American materialism, Rob, where money and individualism have become false gods. Americans don't like to see this about themselves.

I hope you stick around.

6:00 PM"

Thank you Anon at 6:00 PM, for your kind words and support here. The point about my last threads is I don't believe I was the only one 'ranting', but, as a Christian I must be outspoken but remember not to allow pride and lack of understanding of others lackof understanding to get in the way.

Reformed may find me 'suspicious' all he wants, but as I'm not a Commie, and don't yet live in a Communist society, so he can take his suspicions to the pit of Hell whence they came.

SATAN IS THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN, remember that please 'Reformed'. Still, we must be born again in Christ Jesus, not merely 'reformed' (I guess that is something the murderous Calvin didn't get!).

Once again anon at 6:00 PM, thank you for your courage, CHRISTIAN APPROACH, and kind support.

God bless,

Rob in London.
According to Wikipedia --

The list of Private Militia:

Colorado State Defense Force (Provisional)[55]
Michigan Militia[56]
Indiana Militia[57]
Texas Emergency Reserve
Ranch Rescue
Kitat Konenut New York[58][59]
51st Missouri Militia Private army in Missouri
Illinois State Militia 13th IMF[60]
Illinois State Militia 167/21 FF
Rogue Nation Eternal Militias
Washington State Militia
"bookofblue said...
Rob, Here's another article on the brain chip.

8:58 PM"

Thanks bookofblue for the link. To say it is 'scary' is an understatement.

Incidentally, (as I'd known for sometime they were going to put chips into soldiers brains) what struck me about the brain-chip article I found yesterday, it that it mentioned about the transmissive intrusion directly into our brains of thoughts created outside of our brains (eg, H. Clinton sick point that it could be used for more effective advertising). So, in effect, anyone with this awful device implanted into them would be totally at the whim of those controlling his thoughts.

The other thing that struck me about it was this interfacing of people's thoughts in a borg-like manner, taking away the God-given unique personality of any person stupid enough to surrender themselves to this.

This reminded me of the evil beliefs of people such as Peter Joseph, who believe in this rubbish that humans have 'collective consciousness', and Spangler's Satanic ideas of everyone undergoing a 'Luciferic initiation'.

This thing is, to state the obvious, totally evil!

God bless you,

Rob in London.
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An interesting question...

Last night my hubby and I watched the 1995 version of A Little Princess.
In the movie, an East Indian man and the little girl each bow to one another. I told my hubby that is called "namaste" which means "the god within me greets the god within you".

When the movie was over, he had an interesting question. In light of Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince and the Japanese Prime Minister, he asked, "Is that what Obama is doing when he bows to these people?"

Where the Global Warming Hoax Was Born

“Global Warming” is, and always was, a policy for genocidal reduction of the world’s population. The preposterous claim that human-produced carbon dioxide will broil the Earth, melt the ice caps, and destroy human life, came out of a 1975 conference in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, organized by the influential anthropologist Margaret Mead, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in 1974.

Mead—whose 1928 book on the sex life of South Pacific Islanders was later found to be a fraud—recruited like-minded anti-population hoaxsters to the cause: Sow enough fear of mancaused climate change to force global cutbacks in industrial activity and halt Third World development. Mead’s leading recruits at the 1975 conference were climate scare artist Stephen Schneider, population-freak biologist George Woodwell, and the current AAAS president John Holdren—all three of them disciples of Malthusian fanatic Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb.
YesNaSpanishTown @ 9:32:

Your point makes perfect sense.

I agree.

Re: I M P O R T A N T


In the article you posted, we read:

The EDA has certainly developed as a key player, sometimes even a catalyst, in the broader area of European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) developments. It is too early to judge properly its real added value, however, or its potential as a cornerstone in the process of an increasingly militarised role for the European Union. Doubtless, structurally diverging national interests will continue to be a major barrier.

The fact that the EDA has remained largely invisible to most people is deeply problematic. The referenda rejecting the Constitutional Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty showed the ambiguity and widely diverging, often negative, views of European citizens on the current state and proposed future of Europe -- including its rapidly developing security and defence policies. Continuing on the road to further EU military integration, including the special role for the EDA, without broad public consultation and a serious public debate, risks further undermining trust in the wider European project....

Certain EU kleptocrats - especially in France and Germany - have never quite recovered from their hissy fit over those countries that sided in with the US in the war against Iraq after 9/11.

In fact, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's siding with the US in the war on Iraq is believed by many to have cost him whatever chance he may have had to be appointed to the EU Presidency.

I guess the war must have interfered with the oil for food scam and other EU looting enterprises that were being carried out beneath the radar.

One of the objectives of the EU is to structure itself in such a way as to prevent member countries from forming other "coalitions of the willing" in order to fight shoulder to shoulder with the US for causes that do not meet with the approval of the kleptocrats in chief.

We can't fight God's plan! Israel and Judah could not stop Babylon because it was God's plan! Many prophets advised against fighting Babylon, especially Jeremiah, but they did. They were not successful because God had a plan.

When Jesus was arrested, although the Apostles were ready to fight with swords drawn, Jesus rebuked them, reminding them that God's will must be done. Without Jesus' suffering, there would be no salvation and no resurrection.

Fighting against God's will is a losing strategy.
Since there is no prophet today to warn us against anything, And we know God's plan is God's plan, then all things will take their course. Abortions, Starvation, killing. It is all part of God's plan. Taking up arms to rid the world of evil leaders, groups, etc. would also be considered part of the plan. Unless we have a prophet to warn against it?

By Greg Evensen

November 21, 2009

The term revolution is defined as sudden change. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it is violent. It can manifest itself through unrelenting political tyranny, military and police oppression of the populace, or as a result of the government’s failure to govern as the people have expected and demanded. Although the reasons can be many and the results can vary, the result is usually the same. The people are forced into moving against their rulers. Not because they got up that day and decided to revolt, but because they simply could not face another day of torment, turmoil, and defeat at the hands or their tormentors. Leaders--who consistently and continually sacrifice good government, sound politics, real justice, common sense writing of the law for a “greater good for the world” mentality, and outlaw the sense of openness of the process and the ultimate rightness of government for the American people--have abdicated any legal authority they might have once held, and have forced the remaining option for real change upon their people, impending revolution.

In many ways, the past one hundred years of breathtaking kingdom building in America by banks, industry, the political machine, and compliance by government in assisting the takeover of our civil authority, is a study in personal power elites shamelessly securing a selfish wealth of authority under the guise of “law.” Americans revere law and know so little about constitutional government and the legal premise that has been ruling us in the last century alone. We have been victims of “admiralty law” in the courts, bogus and unconstitutional taxation, money laundering/extortion by the Federal Reserve Bank and of course thousands of entitlement programs bestowed by socialist regime builders from Wilson to Obama. We have allowed our state governments to be subverted by, intimidated by, and used by, the whorehouse on Capital Hill. Elected rather than appointed senators sealed the deal.

God’s viewpoint makes it clear that to wage war one must have justification. Thus a “just war” must have several elements to be claimed as righteous and therefore acceptable to the people who find themselves at war. It could be argued that that viewpoint is reserved only for people of different nations who are at war with each other. I do not think so. I believe that any time individuals take up arms against another faction regardless of its location, then the “just war” doctrine comes into play. I believe that is one reason hostilities have not already broken out in America. Many do not believe the time is at hand. WAKE UP< AMERICA, WE HAVE ARRIVED!

So how then will history look upon those of us who believe that the people who have trusted their lives to the Constitution have suffered enough and that as a result of the government’s refusal to govern with morality and a sense of constitutional correctness, and that their ultimate survival depends on revolution judge us? Based on the facts alone, very well, I believe. It has now become a matter of survival. To Americans who know what I am talking about, survival here means literally their lives, fortunes, and honor as American citizens to chart their own course towards a destiny of their own choosing, not that mandated by a socialist or communist in Washington.
To Yvonne @ 12:17PM
Re: " . . .Abortions, Starvation, killing. It is all part of God's plan . . "

The list of egregious actions against the America citizenry is far too great to be repeated here, but includes just these few examples to make the point that this is but the preamble for a manifest of charges that would justify a declaration of war against any criminal enterprise including that which is killing our nation from Washington, D.C.


* The unbridled killing of our children by Nazi’s at Planned Parenthood.
* The raiding of our nation’s treasury and the ruination of our currency.
* Financial support for a world government seat of power in New York.
* Use of our military as mercenaries/illegal service overseas and in the USA.
* The militarization of the American civilian police agencies by Washington
* The tolerance and re-election of oath breaking elected representatives.
* The financing of government indoctrination through public school systems
* Encouragement of illegal criminals to subvert local programming/services. (Criminal means just that. If you enter illegally you are a criminal!)

• Government programming decrees that we cannot afford nor want.
• Government programming laws that are unconstitutional.
• Government edicts that are destroying our state’s sovereignty.
• Acceptance of government censorship of truth and freedom.
• Allowing the CDC and drug giants to dictate our health choices.
• Use of our military as enforcers against Americans who protest.
• Control of media outlets by government to lie to the American public.
• The destruction of our personal sovereignty as state citizens to resist.
• Taxation hidden in legislation to cripple or destroy America’s wealth.
• The destruction of small business by regulators within government.
• The destruction of family trusts by confiscatory taxation

This list is just the beginning. I intentionally left out the many abominable practices of government that allow death to infants, promotion of perverted and detestable lifestyles, the dismal failure of the church to teach the citizens about the way of God and the Holy Scriptures. The politics run amuck and speech correctness at its worst to even publicly discuss the issues surrounding the evil and sinful practices of those in charge of the governments in Israel, Great Britain (the communist embodiment of the seat of Illuminati power) and of course the failed “democratic” nations that include the Vatican, Canada, Mexico, France, Japan, Russia, Germany and so many others on the so-called “good guys” list. Good guys, my ass. Partners in crime is more like it and heading the list is the government being rammed down our throats by Pelosi, Reid, Shumer, Biden, Feinstein, Boxer, Graham, Levin, and the other roughly 515 out of 535 serving the dictator-in chief.
Based on available data, who allowed the Islamic bastard at Ft. Hood to bring havoc to so many? Where were the military police? No one on base with a loaded weapon?? Police from Killeen had to do the dirty work. Islam is a wretched, Satan inspired movement worldwide that has no justification for existence, let alone soothing words of “understanding” by Obama, military leaders and “don’t jump to any conclusions” morons in the Pentagon. Well, Secretary Gates, I jumped to a conclusion and it is real simple. I do not choose to “co-exist” with Marxists, socialists or Islamic Jihadists. Confronted with violence from them or any further attempts to eradicate this nation’s historic Republic status will result in an historic summoning to a call to arms. My nation, my state, my community, my home, my family, my friends, and my defenseless neighbor’s lives and well-being are at stake. If you can’t defend Ft. Hood, Mr. Surrender-in-Chief, I don’t expect you to do anything well except prance down the steps from Air Force One like a Harlem Globetrotter.

The recent and historical statements by several leading government czars extolling the virtues of Marx and Mao are proof indeed that this is not just an emerging battleground of politics and the destruction of the American nation and its civilian infrastructure, this is indeed a battle for the very life of a nation that has been infiltrated by and being forced on the people by traitors in every sense of the word. My argument needs no hyperbole to make its case. All one needs to do is read the public statements by those in power and the case is made on its own. The enemy has clearly distinguished himself to the eyes and minds of the subjugated people. Augustan’s manifest has been understood, accepted and is now ready for use as justification for what must come.
As many of you know, I have been actively working with groups across the nation in an effort to help them be fully ready to defend what is theirs to defend. The response has been reassuring, but more needs to be done. Please follow our efforts at If you cannot come to a two day training session, then the combined 9 hour Castle Defense 1 & 2 DVD’s will take you through much of what you could have received. Time is so perilously short. Because many of the groups do not want publicity, we are not posting their locations. We will hold at least six camps in Michigan next summer for 40-50 each camp. More details will follow at my web-site.

Additionally, as a leader in a 24 state movement (so far) to unite those who wish to work with me and others to prepare support groups to work for “republic values” and to ready a populace to face “all enemies, foreign and domestic,” our national effort will soon gather its leaders to accomplish goals necessary to insure that our children and grandchildren have hope for a future free from the evil that surrounds us at every turn.

I hear from legalistic religious people who are satisfied with “God’s judgment” and care little for a common response from the people. I hear from socialists, communists and sodomites who are THRILLED that the USA has been sold our and is being Obamaized (“change” we can live with? No, die for!) into the pitiful mutant of a nation that our founders envisioned. I hear from people who are content to revel in their situation, unwilling to prepare, resist, or do anything accept watch soaps and “Willie the WonderPreacher.” Save me the drivel and time. Do something, do ANYTHING to save our butts from a kickin’ like you never saw if we continue to do nothing. Oh, and for that last group who complain that all I do is rant and talk, you would need a change of undies if you knew what we have and continue to do while you just complained. “Let history know, that you were not our countrymen…..”

It is my honor and highest privilege to have served with so many of you on several fields of combat and you kept the faith and your oath. Our work is not over yet by a long shot—so to speak---and I will be most proud to meet you on the next field of battle at a time that is part of our destiny. God bless each one……..steady boys, steady…..

© 2009 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved
Anon 12:50
God goes by many names, or are you saying Satan is indeed equal to God?
Either God rules satan and allows him or he is not in Charge of the Plan.
I've not posted under any other name than 'reformed'. And I am born again in Christ.

It seems odd that the two of you (Anonymous and Rob) jump to conclusions about who I am, where I'm from or whether I am male or female or whether I have ever posted under other names or not. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything at all. I certainly never accused Rob of being a commie or living under a communist government. My great concern is that we all will soon.

My concern regarding you Rob comes from the following postings:

Get you real Red necked hard hearted parrot!

Rob in London.

Dear Anonymous at 4:19 PM,

I have not been as patient as I could have been, and this is laid out in the often undiplomatic approach to my points, I am sorry for offending you. We Brits can be just as greedy as anyone, it's a disease common to of us you know. I still do not, however, see how LIMITED state intervention, in a freemarket economy, when others will not perform their duties to their fellow man, to help others equals communism. DON'T TRUST THE OBAMA PLAN THOUGH!

God bless,

Rob in London.

Have you ever left your outback village?

Rob in London.


I like you brother! You are a nice guy, I just wish you'd clarified, or I'd held my cool and asked you for clarification. I'm sorry for jumping down your throat.

Marko, stop speaking out of your proverbial backside! About Euroweenies... how would you like it if I called you a big mouthed empty headed Yank? There is no way the Russians would have invaded us, because we would have nuked them back to the stone age! Yes, they would have done so to us too. That's why the policy was called M.A.D. because it was bloody mad, but was the option on the table. Mutually Assured Destruction. Now, put down your tv handset and stop watching too many re-writings of history by Hollywood, and get educated you red-necked hill-billy numbskull!!!!

Rob in London .

Anonymous said...
Yesterday I was overly defensive and at points unnecessarily rude, although there were differences of opinion ( I do think much of it is down to cultural difference and different history ) and sometimes I felt under pressure, and at points offended, I should have behaved as I believe a Christian should behave, and I did not always do this. To those offended, even if you offended me too, I am sorry, and to those who offended me, I forgive you. Thank you for your patience in reading this.

Anonymous said...
Sorry about the plethora of spelling and grammatical mistakes in my last post. I hope it is legible.

Rob in London.

Reformed may find me 'suspicious' all he wants, but as I'm not a Commie, and don't yet live in a Communist society, so he can take his suspicions to the pit of Hell whence they came.

SATAN IS THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN, remember that please 'Reformed'. Still, we must be born again in Christ Jesus, not merely 'reformed' (I guess that is something the murderous Calvin didn't get!).

Manic. I have nothing more to say. Just expressing my concern. And Anonymous, you chime in every time anyone has a criticism of anything. You're still nothing more than a minor pest.
Rob in London --

I think you touched a nerve with some of the American posters here which is why Reformed went after you.

I realize my words to him were less than charitable--I flew off the handle I guess because I was angry at the tactless way he insulted you. If I hadn't been provoked by that, I would have had no reason to post about my general dislike of him. I would have kept it to myself, and probably should have. Reformed, I ask your forgiveness.

Rob, I haven't followed all your posts but I have noticed that you are very warm toward all people here, and have taken correction from Dorothy and a few others without letting your "ego" get in the way. From what I have seen, you are a "class act."

There is a famous saying, attributed to Tocqueville (wrongly) "America is great because it is good. When America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great."

I believe this relates to the point you were trying to make. The capitalist system is only as good as the people who live within it. Unless Americans embrace an attitude of moral responsibility to those around them, the system on which she is built will rot from within. Tocqueville saw this coming nearly 200 years ago.

Some of the flag-waving jingoism on the previous thread shows how unwilling some Americans are to look critically at themselves. Instead, they set up a false dichotomy of capitalism vs. socialism. Pointing to the evils of "socialism," "capitalism" must surely be superior, the argument goes. How dare you criticize this great country where we have "equality of opportunity" hitherto unknown? America has the best system in the world, etc. etc.

This is the false dichotomy that Susanna has recently described in action, right here at this website.

Although I have been chastised as unpatriotic for saying so, the beauty of the American system is dependent wholly on the "goodness" of those who live under its protection.

You are outnumbered here Rob, but I am one American who loves my country but is NOT offended by what you have to say.

"America! America!
God mend thine ev'ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law."
Prisoners the new workfore of the New World Order

Whats happening to our jobs? going out of the country or is the new privately owned prisons using prisoners to decimate job markets with wages of less then 1.50 per hour?
I read the post re Margaret Mead with great interest. She was personally a NEW AGER married to one of the all time powerful NEW AGE theoreticians and strategists, GREGORY BATESON. Their daughter together is CATHERINE BATESON, a close associate of NEW AGE leader JEAN HOUSTON. She is also close to Marianne Williamson.

"Some of the flag-waving jingoism on the previous thread shows how unwilling some Americans are to look critically at themselves. Instead, they set up a false dichotomy of capitalism vs. socialism. Pointing to the evils of "socialism," "capitalism" must surely be superior, the argument goes. How dare you criticize this great country where we have "equality of opportunity" hitherto unknown? America has the best system in the world, etc. etc."

What's this Anonymous, we have not appologized enough to the world? Aired our dirty laundry enough for you?
Where, pray tell is the appologies of England, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and all other countries?
You appear to be suffering from critical social theory as described by Dorothy.
American's have every right to consider our country great, without distain for not looking only at our faults.
Deare Sarah,

Re:And if we're really getting all the information available, that's anyone's guess. How much are we being allowed to see, how much is controlled "feeding"?

At this point, I don't think the "powers that be" have the kind of control over information that they would like.

Otherwise, the information about so-called "devout Catholic" Herman Van Rompuy's scandalous support in 1989-1990 for an extremely liberal abortion bill in Belgium would probably not have seen the light of day.

Paul Belien, Flemish journalist and founder of the conservative-libertarian blog The Brussels Journal was FIRED in April 1990 from his job as editor at the foreign desk of the Gazet van Antwerpen for reporting the story of the refusal of Belgian King Baudouin's refusal to sign the new liberal abortion law in the Wall Street Journal dated November 1, 1989 and later in NRC Handelsblad.

The story about Herman Van Rompuy's sell out to pro-abortion forces is included in this Hudson New York article that was also published in the Brussels Journal.

I posted it on a previous thread, but I think it is worthy of being reposted here.

In the article Paul Belien is describing his own personal experience!


A closer look at Belgium, the laboratory of Europe, shows, however, that the country lacks more than patriotism. It also lacks democracy, respect for the rule of law, and political morality........

.....Our (Belien's and Van Rompuy's) paths crossed at intervals until 1990, when the Belgian Parliament voted an extremely liberal abortion bill. The Belgian King Baudouin (1930-1993), a devout Catholic who suffered from the fact that he and his wife could not have any children, had told friends that he would “rather abdicate than sign the bill.” The Belgian politicians, convinced that the King was bluffing, did not want the Belgian people to know about the King’s objections to the bill. I wrote about this on the op-ed pages of The Wall Street Journal and was subsequently reprimanded by the Belgian newspaper I worked for, following an angry telephone call from the then Belgian Prime Minister, a Christian-Democrat, to my editor, this Prime Minister’s former spokesman. I was no longer allowed to write about Belgian affairs for foreign newspapers.

In April 1990 the King did in fact abdicate over the abortion issue, and the Christian-Democrat Party, led by Herman Van Rompuy, who had always prided himself on being a good Catholic, had one of Europe’s most liberal abortion bills signed by the college of ministers, a procedure provided by the Belgian Constitution for situations when there is no King. Then they had the King voted back on the throne the following day. I wrote about the whole affair in a follow-up article for The Wall Street Journal and was subsequently fired by my newspaper “for grievous misconduct”. A few weeks later I met Herman at the wedding of a mutual friend. I approached him for a chat. I could see he felt very uncomfortable. He avoided eye contact and broke off the conversation as soon as he could. We have not spoken since...

It occurs to me that if King Baudouin had been as "pro-life" as he apparently wanted everyone to think, he should have threatened to abdicate publicly and permanently until the pro-abortion forces in the Belgian Parliament ceased their attempts to impose their "extremely liberal abortion bill" on the Belgian people.
REFORMED, just because I am willing to acknowledge when I may have misjudged, misunderstood, or hurt someone does not make me manic. I urge you to look at your first 'suspicious' post, which was in response to my apology to others and my forgiveness to others over the multiway rant yesterday.

The reason I stated that I am not a communist in my post thanking Anon at 6:00 PM for his/her kind words was because much of my defence was in defending our wonderful National Health System, for which views I was a called a Communitarian amongst other things.

Don't worry, by the views expressed here I gather I have outstayed my 'welcome', and so the time has come for me to 'wipe the dust off my feet'.

Well, peace be with you and may you seek after the Lord with all you heart. I am angry with you, but I will hold that, I forgive you Reformed and all here that have implicitly and expressedly offended me.

I also offer my sincere thanks and say farewell to all those that have been of a gentler persuasion towards me.

I offer my heartfelt apologies to all here that have been or have felt offended by me.

God is my Judge,

Peace be with you,

Rob in London.

REFORMED, just because I am willing to acknowledge when I may have misjudged, misunderstood, or hurt someone does not make me manic. I urge you to look at your first 'suspicious' post, which was in response to my apology to others and my forgiveness to others over the multiway rant yesterday.

The reason I stated that I am not a communist in my post thanking Anon at 6:00 PM for his/her kind words was because much of my defence was in defending our wonderful National Health System, for which views I was a called a Communitarian amongst other things.

Don't worry, by the views expressed here I gather I have outstayed my 'welcome', and so the time has come for me to 'wipe the dust off my feet'.

Well, peace be with you and may you seek after the Lord with all you heart. I am angry with you, but I will hold back from expressing that too much, I forgive you Reformed and all here that have implicitly and expressedly offended me.

I also offer my sincere thanks and say farewell to all those that have been of a gentler persuasion towards me.

I offer my heartfelt apologies to all here that have been or have felt offended by me.

God is my Judge,

Peace be with you,

Rob in London.

Rob in London,

I hate the back and forth arguments. I perceive that you are young and truly seeking after truth. Also, I feel that your English perspective is valuable here.

I am deeply interested in what you can tell us about Catherine Ashton.

The Scriptures clearly tell us that we are to go neither to the left nor to the right, but strictly in the paths of the Lord.

I believe reasonable minds can differ over government sponsored medical programs.

Let's stop jumping on Rob of London for his views on same.

How does one know we have no prophets around warning us today? Maybe we have and like the Israelites today just plainly failed to heed the warnings.

Just received this from interview of Solana

"Javier Solana. Outgoing EU Foreign Policy Chief: I happen to know both, the president and the high representative, well. You are talking about the high representative, Catherine Ashton, I know her well from some years back and I have followed her the last period of time here in Brussels, where she had a very important portfolio in the commission, trade. There is no doubt that today the economic component of the foreign policy, the trade dossier, is a very important one. It’s true that the other parts of the foreign policy dossier, the crisis management is going to be at the heart of the job, but this something that you learn as you learn some other things.

euronews: One of the most important challenges for the EU is the Middle East, the situation there is still very difficult.

Javier Solana: We have not been able, even at this moment in which things were prepared to move, because the Israeli government has not stopped the settlements, for instance, and that has created a dynamic counterproductive…

euronews: So, it’s up to the Israeli to take the first step, according to you?

Javier Solana: I was reading, last night, a long part of a new tape that has come out from the conversations of president Clinton analyzing Camp David and it has a line there, which I take: “the strong is the one who has at last to take the most difficult step”. Because he is the strong, because he has a country already. The other is weak and is not a country.

euronews: And what is the step that the Israeli should be taken?

Javier Solana: I think the step now should have been… and I hope that it is still done, to create the conditions to construct confidence and trust by stopping the settlements growth.

euronews: Do you think that the Netanyahu government will be able to do that?

Javier Solana: I have not lost the hope that there will be possible, now we have to be very tenacious, very stubborn and at the same time we have to accompany our Palestinian friends in order to get their governments, that’s very important, in place. And for that the primer minister Fayad, the PM of the Palestinian Authority, is doing a very, very good job."


Prophets have clearly warned us about these times! It's in the Bible. Read it. The most prophetic words come from Jesus himself.

If any chooses to ignore His words, they do so at their own peril (or shouldn't we be doers of His word). If you want to pick a fight with government, then you will probably get one. When is it a Christian's job to fight against the authorities? To raise our hands in violence? Our battle is not with our government or even necessarily with the new world order, new age movement. It's with Satan.

The best way to combat any of this is to spread knowledge. The pen is mightier than the sword. Isn't that what this whole blog really about. They can kill our bodies, but they can't kill the truth. Or our souls. It's all in the Bible. Read it and be saved!
Thank you Constance.

To be franky honest, I know little about her. I will see what I can find out about her for you over the next few days.

I shall not continue to participate in the blog however, because, despite the immense patience and kindness you have shown towards me, I do not think that I am welcome, especially as a foreigner, by others here.

I understand the great dangers posed by the EU and how this relates to Holy Biblical Prophecy. I know not even a fraction on the EU as you do, that is the truth. To others out there, however, I do live here in the UK and unfortunately under the monstrous and ever encroaching shadow of the Satanic EU's dictatorship, so there is no way I would dismiss the immense significance of it.

I do feel, however, that were I an American, I would not so easily be denied a voice by others' playground gang-mentality. I am convinced that this blogsite is the most valuable river of information out there, but if I am not to have a voice, or the right to disagree, or the right to say anything true about the US just because I'm not from there then I cannot continue to participate in all fairness.

We should all remain patriotic, as it is a necessary mental bastion against the NWO's destruction of national identity, the nation state, and individual freedom and preservation of Christian culture. However, we must also be truthful in that too.


(Rob in London.)


The UK is responsible for a great many historical woes and wrongs, it is also responsible for a great many good things in the World too. We were, for example, a major player in the disgraceful trade of the slave triangle, but we were also, historically, the first country to outlaw slavery.

We all have, for example our own perspective on the Second World War, and national pride too. Yet, that is down to our boys both British and American, and not wholly because our Governments were just and innocent during that period, although we were alot more innocent and on the side of Justice than, Japan, Russia, Germany, or Italy for example.

There is much evidence to show that Albert Pike drew up plans for a managed history that through the causing of World war, the plans of the New Agers/Luciferians could eventually bring about a New World Order (Ordo ab Chao in practice).

The UK and US have for quite sometime been run by dishonest men and women intent on destroying Christian culture.

Indeed, the Manhattan Project seems to have been planned back in September 1942 at the SATANIC BOHEMIAN GROVE. The decision to drop atom bombs on Japan was taken in part as a warning to Russia, which had invaded the northern islands of Japan by late 1945, but moreover, to destroy Christianity in Japan, as Nagasaki was the only Christian city in Japan, and Hiroshima had a large Christian population compared to other cities except of course Nagasaki.

The British Government WICKEDLY turned away ships full of Jewish refugees in World War Two and sent them back to the European continent and thus to their deaths.

I am still glad we fought against the Nazis, and thank God that Hirohito and Hitler did not win! The problem is now, the great fear that many of our boys died in vain, as it seems too late to stop what is afoot today.

We must be prepared to defend yet also be critical of our nation where truth is at stake. I do not believe, however,that such critique of a nation state is necessarily the unique property of those who make up it.

Otherwise, we should not criticise Russia, (which of course we should!!!) for its wrongs, for example. (I hope others recognise I have only made a comparative example here to make my point, and that in no way do I support Russia.)

All this being said, I am a Christian and a Lover of the Truth first before anything else. I have not always been as patient and diplomatic in my responses as I should, as a Christian, have been, but in all fairness, nor have others.

If I am afforded an equal voice here, I will contribute, if not, it only causes problems for you and RUINS THIS VALUED BLOG, which I do not want to be party to doing, hence my decision to refrain from posting here in future.

I will, however, as said, find out as much as I can about the ever-appointed 'Baroness' Ashton. (Her surname has something of the Sodom and Gomorrah about it too! Ash-Ton (etymologically, from town) = the City/Town of Ash.) lol.

God bless you Constance, may He continue to protect you in your highly valued work. I shall remain a reader of your blog.

Thank you, and may the Peace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be always with you.

Rob in London.

I was playground picked on as a child and understand fully how you feel. Please stick around. WE understand each other. Please continue to participate. It is my blogspot, after all!

I like Rob's sense of humor.

Rob please don't go.
I had not known that the terrible A Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki especially brutally impacted/decimated Japan's primary Christian communities. I googled the subject after reading Rob's post and found this article which may be required reading for all:

A few corrections on that last cite JONESTOWN and JIM JONES were distinctly NOT CHRISTIAN, but rather NEW AGE to the rotten core.

( Anonymous said...
This cannot be defeated by taking up arms, anyway it is too late for that! Look at the sophistication of their weaponry and infrastructure! No chance! Unless you want to all go out all guns blazing.

God bless,

Rob in London.)

I believe some English Folks told those in the New England states that, once before. How did that turn out??

6:49 PM"

My final point to Yvonne and on this blog, except finding information on 'Baroness' Ashton for Constance.

Do you not know that most of the American patriots were themselves either first generation Englishmen, or of English descent?

Do you not also know that the Whig party (later the called Liberals ((yes, that lot you so hate)) ) refused to agree in parliament to sending more troops to fight what it considered was against other Christian Englishmen, and therefore, at that time, considered by them a wholly unjust war provoked by the corrupt and greedy British Government of the time. Another point of fact is that the King, George III, was insane and there was more than enough problems at home.

If it turned out the way you believe, and you're entitled to that, then let me ask you, why did British troops not leave America until 1783? Research it please if you do not believe me.

Then there was the 1812 to 1814 Industrial War of Great Britain against the US, fought on US and Canadian soil, which we won!

Have you any idea how much more unscrupulous and much more in motive the people intending to implement a New World Order are? They are Satanists, and ultimately, this is a spiritual war. We have to become Christians to our core. For we fight not against flesh but against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Have you seen the weaponry these people possess? They have no qualms, either, against dropping nuclear bombs on out of hand British or American cities and blaming it on some supposed terrorists of Al Qaida, indeed they may use such to implement their plans!

They have high-frequency sonar weaponry, weaponry to alter the weather and cause hurricanes and the like (HAARP), Tesla weaponry to cause earthquakes. Insects which, through nanotechnology, have been turned into cyborgs, with the ability to kill. Plasma weaponry, lazer (speed of light) weaponry, and also Project Bluebeam technology. Let alone stealths etc. They are soon to equip soldiers with brainchips.

No Militia, nor the storming of Congress, burning down of the White House or the UN, with a handful of is
going to stop them.

I understand why you say what you say here, we too had a scorched earth policy if ever the Nazis had managed to set foot on England. We are now up against something much more powerful.

My last and final post,

God bless, and peace be with you,

Rob in London.
Anon 12:54,

I feel your judgement of the Ft Hood incident may be misplaced. If you have read my posts over the last few threads, I believe I have painted a picture that shows at least in some details, we were lied to regarding the incident and how it unfolded. Several witnesses, Rick Perry, and the earliest reports all indicated multiple shooters.

This was revised hours after the incident. Only then was the picture painted of a american gone jihad. The math doesn't add up when one places the actions onto one individual. One must under stand, if actions like this are blamed on radical Islam, and actions are taken that curtail their ability to spread such a "message", christians, jews, and everyone else WILL lose the same abilities. They are pitting monotheists against one another through these type of operations and few are paying attention.

Many are willing to do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their families, this includes letting the government snoop, and violate every civil liberty one has. The same people seem unaware that once this "threat" is exterminated, the same instruments will be turned on them. If one believes the lies the major media has been paid very well to tell, then they are in deep trouble.

While I have my own issues with what some sects of Islam espouse, Islam itself neither moderate or radical are the enemy. It is ones free will or freedom to practice whatever faith one wishes. These are God given rights! Anyone who wishes these elements be wiped from the earth, I believe to be in err. By supporting any action which claims such as its goal, you are violating someone else's freedom of religion. Remember as an american these are God given rights. So place of origin should matter not. These are the slopes as a country we are sliding down. Much of this can lead to confusion, but one must always remember, when a country proclaims freedom of religion for all, then wages war against any sect of any faith, they wage war against all faiths through their hypocrisy.

In short, and remember this is simply my educated opinion on the matter, 9/11, the Ft Hood shootings, and any other "terrorist" act commited under the banner of Islam, are the precursors to the deaths of millions of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and any one else who will be deemed intolerant.
Thank you Constance. I am a little 'strange' at points, perhaps, as I am a survivor of severe child abuse, which was probably (although I do not expect others to beleive me) ritual abuse.

I have been told by doctors and siblings, who were also abused to a large extent themselves (my sister had her arms broken over the back of a chair when she was 13 by the man supposed to be my stepfather), that I am very lucky to be alive and that it is a miracle why I am not totally insane. I know that it is because of Jesus Christ that I am here and that I am, at least considering the trauma I have been through,
sane. I am not looking for sympathy, and would be more than offended if others stopped being prejudiced, or getting angry with me because of what I have said here now. It may, however, go someway to explaining to people my defensiveness at points, though I would NEVER insult the child that I once was by playing on this. It is merely an explanation, and I ask that it be taken as such.

God bless and peace be with you,

Rob in London.
Rob in London,

Re:We all have, for example our own perspective on the Second World War, and national pride too. Yet, that is down to our boys both British and American, and not wholly because our Governments were just and innocent during that period, although we were alot more innocent and on the side of Justice than, Japan, Russia, Germany, or Italy for example.

Just for the record, my father was a World War II Veteran and the way I learned it, it was the British who virtually stood alone against Hitler before we Americans were forced out of our position of isolationist-leaning neutrality by the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

However, before the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt risked impeachment when he "modified" America's neutrality policy by giving aid to the British vis a vis his now famous Lend-Lease program.

He was also in close contact with the late Sir Winston Churchill when the covert war was being waged against the Third Reich.

ROBERT DALLEK: Well by the winter of 1940-41, Churchill had come to Roosevelt and told him that the British were out of money, they were busted. They had no way to continue paying for the supplies which they so desperately needed from the United States. Also there were still on the statute books those neutrality laws which said we couldn't lend the British the money to buy the supplies from us.

So Roosevelt needs to find a means to keep supplying the British without antagonizing the isolationists and particularly the Congress of the United States. The idea that he would go through the Congress was unacceptable to him because he knew it would be hung up in some kind of long-winded and painful debate. And this would demoralize the British more than help them. So he invents this thing called Lend-Lease. And he's marvelous at selling it again to the public.

In essence, Lend-Lease was a way to give the British planes, tanks, guns, artillery, ammunition without them really paying for it. And Roosevelt calls it Lend-Lease. And reporters at a press conference ask him, what does this mean? What does Lend-Lease mean? Well essentially what it meant was we were simply giving them the supplies and they were going to use it to defend themselves and Roosevelt felt it was in defense of the United States.

But Roosevelt invokes a marvelous homily. He says, well you know it's like you have a neighbor whose house is on fire. And the neighbor comes running to you and shouts over the garden fence, "Neighbor, neighbor, my house is on fire, help me out, lend me your garden hose." Well of course you're a good neighbor, you lend the garden hose to your neighbor and he puts out the fire and then he gives you the hose back.

Well of course it was patent nonsense. What were the British going to do, give us the tanks back that were blown up, the planes that were shot down, the ships that were sunk? I mean there was no way they were going to be able to resupply us or return this materiel to us. But Roosevelt's invocation of this homily about the neighbor and the garden hose is a wonderful way for him to sell it to the public and that was his political genius. That was something that he had a kind of sixth sense for....

One of my favorite accounts of the covert war waged against Hitler by the US and Great Britain is A MAN CALLED INTREPID,(still available used at Amazon for $5.90) which is the story of Canadian spymaster, Sir William Stephenson. Stephenson was the man appointed by Winston Churchill to be the Allies' go-between; the man who established the British Security Coordination secret service agency in New York City; the man who was the architect of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and served as consultant to the CIA until his death.
P.S. Rob,

On one of my trips to London, I visited St. Paul's Cathedral and saw the memorial window to the American forces who made a substantial contribution to the victories in two World Wars. There is a stained glass for every state of America, and a book that has every American soldier that came through London during WWII. Every day, an individual opens the case and turns the page with his gloved hand.




This is the latest Drudge headline.

The American Revolution began on April 19, 1775 with the Battles of Lexington and Concord (Massachusetts) and ended on October 19, 1781 with the British surrender at Yorktown (Virginia). The preliminary Treaty of Paris was signed on November 30, 1782. On December 2, 1782, King George III of Great Britain announced the recognition of the 13 United States, formerly the 13 British colonies.

The estates and property of British subjects that had been confiscated would be returned to them.

America and Great Britain would pay each other's respective pre-war debts.

America would not persecute those who had been loyal to Great Britain and would allow them to return to their native lands.

All prisoners would be freed.

"I suspect that The United States had mercy"

As to the Liberals, we do not hate them! We simply remember the Neville Chamberlains, of history,
(and by the way he was actually a direct relative to myself.) And know they are not up to the task of leadership. And at this time in history choose either to stay asleep, or to try whole heartedly to stop any actions, by telling us that it is impossible to stop now.
They are to big, they have to big an army, to many weopons. The same who stood against Moses telling the people to make idols and worship them... The same who were sent into the lands and came back with only fears, saying we cannot defeat these,.. to Moses and to God.
As to the War against Japan, it was of course the Christians that were used to protect the Underground factories, it was even the christians that were used to make war machines in those factories. How do you suppose that US knew of the factories? Of course from those very very brave christians. There is still no doubt that the Atom bombs saved millions of lives.
There is nothing worse then the fifth column who works from within to cause doubt and confusion and fear while aiding the enemy. King David wrote many a psalm about just that. There is not greater cause then to fight along side God against evil. Whether we be christian, or Jew or Noahide. or other.
To J.D.

I am in total agreement with you regarding the Fort Hood shooting.

It is very important that we pay close attention to the initial reports that had very specific details.

From CNN (11/05/09) - Surviving Fort Hood shooting suspect arrested at golf course, officer says.
A senior officer who was playing golf Thursday near Fort Hood, Texas, told CNN he witnessed the arrest of one of the two surviving suspects of the shooting at the Army installation. Shortly after the shooting, the officer said, military police told him to clear the course and he saw other MPs surround the building that held the golf carts, he said. The senior officer said he ducked into a nearby house for cover as 30 to 40 cars carrying MPs approached. He said he saw a soldier in battle-dress uniform, his hands in the air. The MPs ordered him to lie on the ground and open his uniform, presumably to ensure he was not carrying explosives, the senior officer said. He said an MP told him that authorities considered the man to be a suspect in the shootings after having overheard the man say he was with the shooter.. The man was surrounded for 25 to 30 minutes, until a convoy of vehicles arrived, led by a Ford Crown Victoria and carrying men in suits, and he was taken away, the senior officer said. The golf course is about 2.5 miles from Fort Hood, the officer told CNN.

From Dow Jones Newswires (11/05/09) - Second Gunman In Custody At Army’s Fort Hood -Report
A second gunman is in custody after a shooting at the Army’s Fort Hood in Texas in which at least seven people were killed and 12 wounded, reports KCEN-TV of Waco. The report comes about two hours after a first suspect was captured, shortly after gunfire broke out.
Authorities say the gunmen were dressed in fatigues, though it’s not confirmed whether they are military personnel. It’s also not known if the victims were military personnel or civilians. The incident reportedly began at Fort Hood’s theater and then moved to the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, Killeen City Public Information Officer Hillary Shine told Fox News. A graduation ceremony was scheduled to take place Thursday.

Now, the "official" story defies logic and common sense - that one person could have fired two hand guns multiple times and hit 42 people by himself, without any help. Also, when you have to establish a "magic bullet theory," that indicates a huge "red flag" that there was a cover up.

There had to be security cameras at Fort Hood. So, where is the video tape? If there is nothing to hide, then show it.

A POSSIBLE THEORY of what MAY have happened: an uprising / or mutiny occurs in the ranks (of anywhere from 3 - 5 soldiers) at Fort Hood. This, of course, can not be tolerated. What if this spreads to other military bases? So, a convenient opportunity presents itself to create a "patsy" in the form of one lone gunman.

Either way, isn't it strange that we never hear another word about the theater, the golf course, the men in suits, or that Ford Crown Victoria?.
Dear Rob in London

I ask you to stay as you contribution is valuable, There will always be ppl who don't always agree with us. My mom is from Hull and believe me, as an Aussie have difficulties in understanding the way she speaks.

Chuckles out....

I think u understand me here...

You have a wealth of knowledge which gives this blog a new and fresh insight from someone that in the thick of it... no offense Constance...

Rob as you said we don't war with flesh and blood but Satan's wiles and that means us/Christians to if we let him. We all are not immune.. but greater is He that is in the Lord than He that is the world. We will over come and win the race for God love is abiding and everlasting Amen!!

So Hun.. stay and bless us/them AND DON"T Give The enemy the victory by stay away not posting yah!

Remember hun we are all at different stages in our walk with Jesus. Think of it like this, you have a loaf of bread, you got crust and the ends and crust on the our side and very soft inside and slices how many? but we are all at different stages yet one loaf ... and you know the smell of bread when it comes out of the oven is ... well you guess it sweet aroma going up to the Father nostrils.

Constance want you to stay also and i'm sure other do to,

God Bless everyone here and protect your hearts from grievances, in so, Satan can't win. Amen!!!
"....The CCHD is dedicated to helping poor people organize self-help efforts. There's nothing wrong with that goal in itself, but from its early days, the CCHD has been wont to politicize the process, forming alliances with leftist community organizers (such as, years ago, Barack Obama!) and often giving those organizers financial support."

This critique seems right on the mark - and from my reading of the Pope's newest encyclical, seems to go against the principle of subsidiarity which he emphasized in that document - that is the principle that promotes charity towards those who are in need at the most immediate levels of community action - in other words - those believers, priests, Bishops, and religious who live in the community and are closest to the pulse of life in the community should strive to meet the needs of charity, education, and so forth before going to bureaucracies and political organizations outside the immediate community like the state and federal government agencies to partner in having those needs met... plus there is a process of discernment in deciding which community organizers and agencies best fit the traditional Catholic approach without compromising the teachings of the church - and right now the discussion on this has started to heat up from what I read in the Catholic journals.
By all accounts it seems that the CCHD has over stepped the guidelines given it - and this is nothing new but has been growing for a very long time - so it will be a bit of a fight to reclaim a right direction, to put it mildly - I am no expert and do not mean to demean the council - I know there are some righteous and good men involved with the CCHD but I think they have a real battle on their hands -

I also apologize if I have over simplified a complex issue but it seems to boil down to the very struggle we are all facing when we allow the culture to determine our direction, putting the world first, instead of seeking first the kingdom of heaven.

God Bless
And Rob: Let me add my own voice to those who are asking you to stay with us here...Its important to have your input here and I have found it valuable... and when the discussion gets heated and tempers flare,that's just a temporary state that passes quickly and we all learn something in the please do not take your voice away from this discussion...

by the way - in regards to your explanation of certain childhood experiences - I believe you - I and my brother experienced a similar situation when we were children is difficult for most people to wrap their brains around because folk find it hard to accept that human beings could behave in such a depraved manner but sadly they can and do...
God Bless you sir and you simply must return to us...
Dear Rob in London,

I would like to speak with you but not on the blog.

Would you please contact me at:

Your American friend
Thank you to Aussie girl and Constance for your kind encouragement, thank you also to Susanna for your fairness.

Yvonne, I think the current over-riding problem is that the vast majority of people are not only ignorant of what is truly afoot at present, both here and over there, (indeed, we ourseves only know a fraction of it) but moreover, that the general populace of the UK, US, and elsewhere are under mass-hypnosis/brain- washing. This is due to the corruption of the education system including university level education and the media.

This hypnotic brain-washing (actually brain and heart sullying) is then further strengthened in its propagative dissemination by social interaction amongst people in everyday society, including into our places of worship.

Most fill their days with working, and looking after families which is right and natural, but is often used as reason to excuse themselves from researching, because of adverse fear of the unknown and defense. They are, at present (as part of the planned transitional conditioning by those in power) , taught to want the latest brand of this clothing item, or that gadget, eat this food, or be seen at such and such establishment (club/pub/hotel/restaurant/cafe/pool hall, etc). Then there's sports, go to the game ((spend a fortune)), 'relax' or 'switch off' in front of the TV, see the latest film 0n 2012 (nonsense) or such like. Learn to be Republican, or Tory, Labour, or Democrat (not realising the political parties are merely a false-front, the leaders of all respective parties having the same goals all in it together with the same objectives, i.e., NWO & NAM agenda). This was planned. Huxley, in favour of it and himself into witchcraft and drugs such as opium and LSD, based his book, 'Brave New World', anticipatingly on it.

Please also read Orwell's warning,'1984', again.

The vast majority of people, even when they are a little aware, are too afraid, too comfortable, and too blind & deaf to see or to want to really see what is happening.

Even the Churches are infiltrated with nonsense, and woe betide anyone that upsets the apple-cart by speaking out in earnest against the lies of prosperity teaching, false miracles and blasphemies, and pre-trib rapture nonsense that leaves Christians totally unprepared for what is unfolding.

Of course we should do our best to awaken and inform people, but the process of de-hypnosis is often arduous and people do not want to face that fact. Those that begin to search are often like seeds that fall by the wayside.

One the one side of the path, David Ike, or the Zeitgeist brigade come along with their lies, to anyone with itching ears seeking after a sign, and fast track such people into the deception (with a bit of added flavour now and then, e.g., Ike's nonsense about people being alien reptiles. Such people may often be possessed by devils, as Ike himself I should suspect is, but they are not physical alien reptiles in human skins like something out of 'V').

On the other wayside of the path lurks Alex Jones et al (really, the wayside is the wayside and is away from the Truth.), unsurprisingly pally with Ike and the Zeitgeist crew that have given themselves over to the counsel of devils.

Rise up! Says Jones, for example, filling his airwaves with as much agression and humiliation of others (calling in with genuine questions), and hatred of persons as he can muster. Why? To get a handful of others to rebel! But why? So that UN martial law can be declared and the US can be stripped of its remaining sovereignty more quickly and effectively (don't forget they own the TV stations, which there is no point storming, as the controls are digital (not analogue anymore), are on a time delay, and can be switched off from outside the station (through satellite), before you've a chance to broadcast a thing.

This is from the National Organization for Marriage:

Last week at the Press Club in Washington, Chuck Colson, Cardinal Rigali and Archbishop Wuerl, as well as NOM's Chairman Prof. Robert P. George and others, gathered to release a document and make an urgent request: Would every Christian (and others of good will) please stand up and be counted by going to and signing The Manhattan Declaration?

Sounds like a good thing, but Chuck Colson smells like The Family--he is The Family. Hmmm....

And, Yvonne, Maybe they'll let you storm Congress and the Whitehouse and even the UN building without using high-frequency sonar and microwave immobilising weaponry on you, just so an international emergency can be declared, or the US Government is seen as no longer able to function, and then the Russians & Chinese will launch a barrage of intercontinental ballistic missiles, (or shorter range ones, they've been filling up Venezuela with them recently, and their test flights of nuclear bombers by the coast of the US and submarines frequenting international waters very close to US waters is higher than anytime now since the end of the Cold War.) They could, whilst all the mayhem is happening, explode an elecro-magnetic pulse bomb over the US, rendering all electrically dependent equipment defunct.

Or, foreign troops could truly be brought onto American soil to help 'restore order' first. Once it is shown order cannot be restored, the Russians may drop nukes, the cry will go out to the World (through controlled media)that a bunch of crack-pots in the US are about to take over the nuclear facilities and launch attacks upon Russia et al, and then Russia will claim to have done so pre-emptively in self defence.

If you are unconvinced about such microwave and sonar technology, please check out the Monarch Project, as well as checking them out individually.

In the first gulf war it is said that such weaponry was used against the Iraqi army in occupied Kuwait. This would make sense, if we remember the pictures often beamed back to us of Iraqi soldiers cowering and begging in surrender before US and other allied soldiers without even really putting up a fight. Don't forget that these Iraqi Soldiers were extremely battle-hardened from just having fought a 10 year war against Iran and its million strong Revolutionary Guard, and were not about to just roll over.


The fact is, that unless you can awaken large swathes of the population very quickly indeed, and without you being martyred first, (without the mainstream media tools, and without being taken out by the CIA / DARPA ? Homeland Security etc, which these rogues control), then you stand no chance. Many of the peoplein power are demonically possessed, into channelling, and at the least, strongly demonically influenced. They do not care about us. That is it, we are expedient to them, and therefore in their view, the easier and quicker it is for them to murder Christians and Jews, and also stop the spread of the Holy Bible, then in their eyes, so much the better! They have no morals, qualms nor care, and do not mind taking out in the most brutally effective manner, even nuking anyone, as they will only be, according to them, getting rid of those people who were not 'ready to evolve', and 'were holding others back form doing so'.

Ephesians 6 (King James Version)

10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel,

20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

21 But that ye also may know my affairs, and how I do, Tychicus, a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord, shall make known to you all things:

22 Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose, that ye might know our affairs, and that he might comfort your hearts.

23 Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

24 Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

Hear the Word of the Lord, for such that do so and obey it are saved!

The only way this war can be fought now is spiritually. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

God Bless you and peace be with you.

Rob in London.
This is off topic a appears that a hacker has got into the records of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU)at the University of East Anglia and stolen lots of emails from prominent climatologists. These emails supposedly show a tendency to the figures so to speak.

Here is the first link I found about it -

Or read about it here at The Cutting Edge Newsletter, item II

Good timing - just before Australian Federal Government decides on their anti-CO2 policy and also the imminent Copenhagen Conference.

Keep tuned and spread the word.

Hey man, do not let the loud few send you scampering. Also feel free to swing by and see if that is to your liking.

And for those calling for a "physical revolution" that is misguided.
Rob in London,

Quote - "Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Thanks for reminding us.

"spiritual wickedness in high places." Indeed! We sure have a bucket load of that right now! Copenhagen Conference in particular.

Keep up the good work, brother!

God Bless and keep you.


Not to nitpick your post, but Jones has "rebuked" the zeitgeist camp. He did so only after a very large section of his audience was able to disect and destroy the information presented in the film and show its true origins. Sorry, I am anything but a fan of his, however I think it only fair if one is going to level charges against someone that the charges be fair and accurate. Now if you want to run him up the flag pole for his relationship with Icke, be my guest.
Thank you P., and yes we sure do.
But fear not, remain faithful to the Love of the Truth found only in Jesus Christ, and remember

Luke 10:18-20 (King James Version)

18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

And remember though, that,

John 15:19-21 (King James Version)

19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

21 But all these things will they do unto you for my name's sake, because they know not him that sent me.


Mark 13:11-13 (King James Version)

11 But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost.

12 Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.



1 John 4 (King James Version)

1 John 4

1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

9 In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.

12 No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

13 Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.

14 And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.

15 Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.

16 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.

17 Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

19 We love him, because he first loved us.

20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.

God bless and keep you to my brother in Christ,

Your brother in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour,

Rob in London.
Rob and Anonymous 137 PM,

I realize my words to him were less than charitable--I flew off the handle I guess because I was angry at the tactless way he insulted you. If I hadn't been provoked by that, I would have had no reason to post about my general dislike of him. I would have kept it to myself, and probably should have. Reformed, I ask your forgiveness.
JD, Alex Jones has rebuked the Zeitgeist camp only superficially, otherwise he would expose Peter Joseph (the producer of Zeitgeist), whom he regularly has on his programmes, which he has not done. Nor has he exposed Michael Tsarion, as far as I know, for the Rosicrucian & Satanist that he is. He has also not exposed the root-demonic teachings of Zeitgeist as coming often word for word out of the mouths of Blavatsky, Bacon, and Bailey. Nor has he linked it to the Lucis trust. He is white-washing, surface skipping, and keeping people convinced he's not a shill after all.

God bless and peace be unto you,

Rob in London
CONTINUED FROM LAST POST: That's why, JD, and I really don't mean to sound sarcastic in being pedantic, that I said Zeitgeist Crew and not just Zeitgeist or Zeitgeist the movie.

God bless you,

Rob in London.

Good timing - just before Australian Federal Government decides on their anti-CO2 policy and also the imminent Copenhagen Conference.

Rudd is pushing hard on this ... It's up to the Liberals not to sign the policy.

Not holding my breathe, as so with the Rann saga...

An other point also apparently Western Aust.. is implementing a police state according to "The Australian" news paper. The police can stop you any time in the car for no reason or can knock on your front door with out a warrant and enter.
"reformed said...
Rob and Anonymous 137 PM,

I realize my words to him were less than charitable--I flew off the handle I guess because I was angry at the tactless way he insulted you. If I hadn't been provoked by that, I would have had no reason to post about my general dislike of him. I would have kept it to myself, and probably should have. Reformed, I ask your forgiveness.

8:20 AM"

I do not fully understand your motive for re-publishing this extract from Anonymous's post at 1:37pm here, Reformed, if you are asking for my forgiveness, I have already forgiven you. If this is not your motive, then I still forgive you, but cannot respond to you again here.

God bless you,

Rob in London.
"peacebringer7 said...
Hey man, do not let the loud few send you scampering. Also feel free to swing by and see if that is to your liking.

And for those calling for a "physical revolution" that is misguided.

7:43 AM"

Thank you Peacebringer,

God bless you,

Rob in London.
Anon 12:42,

Thanks, happy my point was illustrated well enough for someone to agree with. Not to say your hypothesis about a mutiny isn't plausible, I believe the more obvious reasons are more plausible. The actions of multiple gunmen had been prearranged, with a back story already in place regarding a muslim major. The more I look into Hassan himself, the more I find this to be the more credible of theories. Not to get too long in the post here, but I have my doubts that Hassan is even Muslim at all. The only evidence that he is, is a mosque he attended infrequently, in which he took no active role, and the witnesses claiming he shouted allah akbar before going on a rampage. His training tells a very different tale. Including but not limited to, special ops, crowd psychology, and crowd and crisis managment.

As I said before, I expect events like this one to continue to happen, probably becoming more frequent as time goes on. I also expect there to be a shift from Islamic terrorist, to constitutional terrorist, christian terrorist (which is already happening) and probably some jewish terrorists to make the group fair and balanced. This doesn't take into account any other sub group which they may wish to wage war on.
"Anonymous said...
I like Rob's sense of humor.

Rob please don't go.

5:57 PM"

Thank you Anonymous. (smiles)

God bless you,

Rob in London.

Point taken. Thanks for explaining your comment a little better. I don't follow Jones regularly, I will periodicly check to see what type of manure he is spreading, but as to his day to day operation I don't know. If as you say Tsarion and Joseph are still regulars on his show then I have to agree with you. Someone needs to teach Alex that you can't condemn a project as new world order as he likes to call it, then buddy up to the creators. This is a conflict of interest Alex!
JD, your post at 8:52 AM is very interesting and speaks volumes indeed of what unscrupulous tactics we are facing on both sides of the pond, and indeed, throughout the World.

God bless,

Rob in London.
It is true what you say of the people (sheep), but I still hope they will awaken, slowly I'm sure. but many many are now awake, It is hopeful that it will not be too late in the US as it is in so many other countries.
But what is taken from your posts is give up we are out numbered, outgunned, there is no hope. Much like the propaganda that comes to us from China in products, everything is covered with words to make us go back to sleep. peace, welcome, quiet, love, relax, sleep. and is riddled with their sun gods and idolotry that we place all over our homes. Most without knowing what it is, or what it means, or what it says to God.
There are many ways to fight, through watching, through pen, through exposure of those in positions of power. Through voting, through changing the laws,and through protest. through suvivalist techniques and yes even through violence.
Lulling us back to sleep or portraying the enemy as so powerful, unstopable, these are propaganda. IMHO It was done before in the last battle against evil. As the Jews say "NEVER AGAIN"
Thank you JD, Well, I am saying that P. Joseph has been a regular on his shows, Tsarion I'm not sure is regular, but I do know Jones exposes neither of them for who they really are, in terms of their beliefs, goals, and who they follow, ie, Blavatsky, Crowley, Bacon, and Bailey's teachings, which are really those of Satan.

God bless you brother,

Rob in London.
Rob and Anonymous 137 pm

I realize my words to him were less than charitable--I flew off the handle I guess because I was angry at the tactless way he insulted you. If I hadn't been provoked by that, I would have had no reason to post about my general dislike of him. I would have kept it to myself, and probably should have. Reformed, I ask your forgiveness.

You have my forgiveness and I ask for yours as well. I read here because I see what is happening. Many of you search out and post news that is difficult to find. I highly value it.

I never asked Rob to leave the blog. I just wanted to know his angle regarding his comments. I realize that all here post because there is a strong attachment to what is going on in our world and I've seen many invasions on this blog over the years. I mostly read and seldom comment but when I have commented, I always find harsh judgement of my postings. I won't apologize for anything I've said in the past.

Rob...if you'll go back through the threads, you'll find that I have agreed with you on most everything you have posted. I was only looking for a reason for your angry comments and your subsequent apologies. I'm sorry, it makes me a bit suspicious. You must agree or you wouldn't have decided to call it quits here. I even told you when this started that I enjoy reading what you post.

I may seem rude and abrupt but I know my questions will be met with much the same.

I am a Christian and I am a Calvanist. I do believe that the reformation period was a revival of the Church and the foundation of western culture. I very much enjoy the smartness of the reformers and particularly enjoy Dutch reformed theological literature. For the past year I have been reading and studying Wilhelmus a Brakel 'The Cristian's Reasonale Service'. I am not dispensational in my eschatology and that is where I connected with you to begin with and why I was complimentary towards you with my limited postings here.

I think most of us recognize the times. Regardless of our understanding of what is to come, we all have the same hope and we all see the same signs. That's why we're here. And we're all a bit defensive regarding our views on such matters. That's why we question. I tried to do it as kindly as I could, as I'm sure you did.

I saw you as a person who flies off the handle frequently. As I have said, I enjoy your postings. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings by bringing up your previous points. I just wanted to know what it was all about. If you're emotional and easily offended, fine. If it's nothing more than a strong sense of national pride, so be it. I have that too. But realize that as bad as it hurts to lose national pride, it's gone. We're all actors on the same stage now and there isn't room for emotion anymore regarding where we were reared.

If anyone dislikes me or what I have to say, I apologize for that. I am upfront with my thoughts. I'll work on being more soothing in the future.

I'm sure I'll 'get it' for this posting, as well.

God bless.


I have stepped in enough bull in my short time, to know what it looks and smells like. Once one knows the various colors and smells of said bull, it becomes easier to spot, even when it is sold as perfume. Your level of knowledge regarding bull, appears to be larger than what I had initialy thought. I want to echo the sentiment of some of the other posters, in that, I hope you do stick around. As I have found, youth,(like you and I appear to possess) can be a hinderance, especially when communicating across a generation gap. However youth can also add a different and fresh perspective, which can be of great use when dealing with generation gaps like we have here.

Classy, well stated explanation.

with the greatest of respect, it has infiltrated the US as much as anywhere else. We are already in the NWO, they are just putting the pieces together and externalising it for us.

I too say NEVER AGAIN, yet prophecy tells us that it will happen again, and the way things are going and have gone, I am convinced that the prophecies of Daniel and St. John of Revelation are unfolding.

Please, with all respect, swallow your pride and research the weapons and infrastructure these people have, I have posted alot of them for you to research. Then, with this in mind, tell me exactly how we are going to fight against such. What are your strategies specifically, firstly against such weaponry, and, specifically, secondly against such highly organised media? This must be my last response on the matter until then.

Yesterday I posted about the use and covert purposes of the two Nuclear bombs on Japan in WW2, which Constance kindly provided a link for. Do you honestly think that the Japanese, despite the covert reasons that the bombs were dropped, could have actually held out against the US and the atom bomb, if Hirohito had not called an end to it? How much less can we hold out against those with far more sophisticated weaponry and infrastructure than 64 years ago? Do you know a few hundred thousand american soldiers were tested on by your infiltrated Government, deliberately left without protection and exposed to high-levels of radiation through deliberately being made to stay on nuclear testing grounds? It may not be told on CNN these days, or ever, but it did happen!

(youtube/google Monarch Project, etc). Look at the post JD has just put up about the at Fort Hood tragedy. If JD's hunch is right, and I fear it probably is, then what do you think they'll concoct to get rid of any roudy militia?

Will you be painted as though your another lot form the same Timothy Mc.Vey, Jim Jones, and David Koresh? I'm certainly not defending any of these three here, and I'm certainly not equating you with them, but those in power and contol of the media will or worse. The NWO controlled infiltrated US Government could then carry out terrorist attacks and blame it on you and your militia, turning the people you so want to awaken against you.

I suspect they'd also be far more careful not to let the World know that they are really behind it, hiding much more effectively than they did 911 or 7/7, their role in it. They've allowed us, that begin to search, to discover alot about the parts they played in these events, because they want to destroy the last residue of 'the Old Order', through chaos. Then the NWO/NAM false peace will be brought in, and Christians and anyone else exposing the false peace for what it is will be murdered by them in their multitudes. That is the truth behind this as I understand it.

This is a spiritual battle. God bless you,

Rob in London.
I agree with your post.

I read here because I see what is happening. Many of you search out and post news that is difficult to find. I highly value it.

I think most of us recognize the times. Regardless of our understanding of what is to come, we all have the same hope and we all see the same signs. That's why we're here.

I appreciate you informing me there is no alternative but to lay down and comply.
"JD said...

I have stepped in enough bull in my short time, to know what it looks and smells like. Once one knows the various colors and smells of said bull, it becomes easier to spot, even when it is sold as perfume. Your level of knowledge regarding bull, appears to be larger than what I had initialy thought. I want to echo the sentiment of some of the other posters, in that, I hope you do stick around. As I have found, youth,(like you and I appear to possess) can be a hinderance, especially when communicating across a generation gap. However youth can also add a different and fresh perspective, which can be of great use when dealing with generation gaps like we have here.

9:31 AM"

Thanks JD mate, and God bles you brother. I find what you, as I do what many others also, have to say in your many threads, of great contribution to unravelling much of this Conspiracy. This is very useful in terms of educating us what to beware of in our watch of the wiles of the NWO/NAM behind which, are the wiles of the enemy Satan.

God bless you and peace be with you,

Rob in London.
JD said...

Classy, well stated explanation.


Thank you. I do well professionally but personally I don't. I could stand to soften my approach but I'm just not an emotional creature. I'm working on it, really.

This was in the news Sunday on

I'm surprised no one has posted it. It doesn't seem to be causing much stir, yet. Maybe Ashton isn't ready to do anything, yet.

Why haven't we heard about the 270 rockets from Gaza since the so called cease fire? But now we hear about Israel's retaliation?
Anonymous said...

I appreciate you informing me there is no alternative but to lay down and comply.

9:59 AM"

I understand your frustration. I certainly do not mean that you should lay down and comply, but we cannot do it through the bullet. This war is, just as those of the enemy have also declared, a war on the mind, on the heart, and on the soul. It is a war which we must stand firm in by exposing it verbally and with courage and discernment.

Matthew 10:16 (King James Version)

16. Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

We must expose the Devil and the Satanism behind this, and defend the truth of Biblical Christianity and Biblical Judaism.

We must be truthful, fight against the coldness of heart in the World by loving and helping our brothers and sisters.

We must warn truthfully, not leading people into blind alleys or unseen set-ups, the danger of that which faces us all, and we must spread the Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, in truth, love, compassion, faith, mercy, peace, and in all boldness!

God bless you and peace be with you,


US, Iranian naval Red Sea buildup off Yemen. Debut for Iran's midget subs
everyone seems to be tied up in this.
Seems Israel's best retaliation has always been to build more.
Dear Melinda,

Re:By all accounts it seems that the CCHD has over stepped the guidelines given it - and this is nothing new but has been growing for a very long time - so it will be a bit of a fight to reclaim a right direction, to put it mildly - I am no expert and do not mean to demean the council - I know there are some righteous and good men involved with the CCHD but I think they have a real battle on their hands -

You are not demeaning the council at all. However, there are those who would like to manipulate you into thinking you are!

Radicals - including certain priests and prelates - tend to use an Alinskyan technique called "conscientization" which is a fancy buzzword that simply equates to "putting everyone on a guilt trip who does not agree with their socio-political agenda" - which is usually well - larded with all manner of "moralizing" terminology to give it a quasi-religious veneer.

One of the good bishops that I know of who is reportedly very careful about who receives CCHD funds is Bishop Charles Chaput - and I am sure that there are many more good bishops who are horrified at the idea that hard-earned money donated in good faith by members of their flock may be illicitly diverted to organizations that are out to DESTROY THE CHURCH in the name of their now well-worn mantra of "social justice" and "helping the poor."

Puh - lease!!!

Where I live, there are plenty of ways I can help the poor sans any CCHD "middleman!" Food pantries, soup kitchens, clothing collections, just to name a few.

But what really makes me want to vomit is the fact that some of these very same priests and prelates who are as quiet as mice (a.k.a. "pastoral") when they should be dropping the ecclesiastical hammer on sexual predators and dissenters among their own ranks as well as lay dissenters who promote evils like abortion and gay marriage, are all of a sudden full of holy zeal when it comes to accusing Catholic CCHD critics of "being against Church teaching" now that their corrupt "sacred CCHD cache cow," is about to be, not defended, but DEFUNDED by said rank and file Catholic critics.

Here is another interesting article. it is dated September 24, 2008, but it is no less relevant for being more than a year old.

Dear Rob:

Those of us who have come and gone - and come back again - to this blog realize that we are somewhat of a 'dysfunctional' family here. We agree; we disagree; we fight; we make up.

Please don't EVER think for a moment that anyone has a problem with you because you're a 'foreigner.' For that matter, we are ALL foreigners - since all of our ancestors came here to America from somewhere else.

We can always learn from each other - even when discussions become very heated.

May God bless you.

- From a long time poster of the past 3 years

Thank you. I have already forgiven you and others. I also reiterate here my sincere apologies to all those I wrongly offended, and I am sorry to you for the offence I caused you too. In my response to your 'suspicious' comment, I should not have said about the Born again thing. I do have a real and sincere problem with Calvinism, but I hope that subject can be left for another day, when we both agree to discuss it if you so wish. However, I should not have attacked you personally on this but rather should have merely asked why you were 'suspicious' when I swallowed my pride and apologised. I did fly off the handle, so did others, I was, for example, before I said the rednecked-parrot comment, for which I am sorry, already exasparated by then. I made this comment in response to having been called a COMMUNITARIAN in that fashion, for which I also forgive the person. This was after alot of barrage back and forth. After this I did apologise, but then got a second barrage, beginning with your comment, but not only your comment.

After a while of this second barrage, rather than respond I decided it was best to leave at that juncture. I was angry, especially with you, and close to being unChristian and was fast developing an intense dislike for Americans (this has subsided due to others later responses). I felt that I was in a place of irreconciliation, and that furthering my stay here would only damage Constance's blog.

God bless you and peace be with you, I hope you understand the motive behind these comments.

Once again, I forgive you, and am sorry for the nature of my earlier response and gladly accept your forgiveness.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Anonymous as 10:54 AM,

Well put (esp. dysfunctional family bit). Thank you. I too am mixed Irish-English, so for some idiots over here in England, I am a foreigner in the UK too.

God bless you and peace to you,

Thank you and too ALL here in reassuring me to remain.

God bless and peace to all here,

Rob in London.
To J.D. @ 8:52 AM:

Regarding my post at 12:42 AM on Fort Hood: the only reason I mentioned a POSSIBLE scenario of an 'uprising or mutiny in the ranks' on November 5th is that suicides in the military are at a record high and becoming an epidemic. Our soldiers are at their breaking point over multiple deployments overseas. Therefore, it is understandable why the military would want to try to suppress this.

However, IF a Muslim was 'cherry picked' to take the fall as the lone gunman to cover up this epidemic - than a far worse crime has been committed.
P. and All,

Regarding the bogus "Warm-mongering" scam, I thought this article which I just came across on The Drudge Report might be of interest.

It is written by British journalist Sir James Delingpole who is often a guest on the Glenn Beck program:


If you own any shares in alternative energy companies I should start dumping them NOW. The conspiracy behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming myth (aka AGW; aka ManBearPig) has been suddenly, brutally and quite deliciously exposed after a hacker broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka Hadley CRU) and released 61 megabites of confidential files onto the internet. (Hat tip: Watts Up With That)

When you read some of those files – including 1079 emails and 72 documents – you realise just why the boffins at Hadley CRU might have preferred to keep them confidential. As Andrew Bolt puts it, this scandal could well be “the greatest in modern science”. These alleged emails – supposedly exchanged by some of the most prominent scientists pushing AGW theory – suggest:

Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more.

One of the alleged emails has a gentle gloat over the death in 2004 of John L Daly (one of the first climate change sceptics, founder of the Still Waiting For Greenhouse site), commenting:

“In an odd way this is cheering news.”

But perhaps the most damaging revelations – the scientific equivalent of the Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses scandal – are those concerning the way Warmist scientists may variously have manipulated or suppressed evidence in order to support their cause.

I know why "warmist" scientists manipulated or suppressed evidence in order to support their cause. It is because their "cause" was never really about climate to begin with.

Former Vice President Al Gore building an oceanfront Mc Mansion after bloviating non-stop about rising sea levels is evidence of that

It was simply a pretext (a.k.a. politics of envy run amok) by which looters hoped to severly cripple and/or destroy capitalism by shaking taxing the crap out of.... businesses that didn't comply with their bogus "global warming" pronunciamentos.

The final RAT-ification of this scam was to take place in Copenhagen this coming December!

From the get-go, the "warm-mongering" cause has been about GREEN IS THE NEW RED!!!!

By Michelle Malkin
November 23, 2009

Here is a little "blast from the past" dated Movember 20, 2009


By Michelle Malkin
November 20, 2009

And now for a special treat......


Rob...if you'll go back through the threads, you'll find that I have agreed with you on most everything you have posted. I was only looking for a reason for your angry comments and your subsequent apologies. I'm sorry, it makes me a bit suspicious. You must agree or you wouldn't have decided to call it quits here. I even told you when this started that I enjoy reading what you post.

I may seem rude and abrupt but I know my questions will be met with much the same.


I accept your apology.

I just want to respond to two points. I have a pretty good feel for Rob's temperment, and I believe his initial decision to leave the blog was in response to your tactless chastisement of him, not a sign that he "agreed with" your assessment of him. I would have done the same if I had been the target of your insults.

To justify "rudeness" on the basis that you are "anticipating being met with the same" is illogical, and un-Christian. If anything, you should be gracious in the hopes that you are met with same. If you are not, you must address it as best you can.

You seem to feel somewhat victimized here. I don't read this blog all the time, but the only time I ever remember you being challenged was by "Unreformed" in response to a post about Len (one of the Jewish contributors). If I recall, it was not a pleasant exchange on either side. Perhaps I have missed other "firefights."

American Friend
Dear American Friend at 12:30 PM.

Thank you for your kind support here, and I do not want to dismiss your sentiment but I do want to add that I accepted Reformed's apology, even if I may not be in full agreement with his analysis in the self same thread. I have also apologised for my reponse to Reformed, and so for me it is now 'water under the bridge', or 'forgotten', if the former is a perculiarly British expression.

I did have a somewhat heated debate with Len myself, and though I did not agree with him on all points, even a little of what I had written being poorly referenced or out of context, which I ignored back then, after a little more study I have realised that Len was in the right, in terms of the material being anti-semitic in nature.

As I write this now, I have co-incidentally, and it really is, just come across a short video that, although not indepth in detail (I don't think this needs to be for my own studies that I have done lead me to understand and agree with it), but is clear.

The information I had posted on the noahide laws, then, which I had disagreed over with Len, (and as a Christian am theologically opposed to even their proper interpretation but no longer see them as threatening), but that is o.k., I have come to realise had been deliberately put up as a threat and twisted out of context by anti-semites. I believe that this could only have happened with Government involvement, including the seemed signing into US law by Bush Senior (whose father was a Nazi profiteer), which can be found at the Library of Congress.

I now believe it is a part of a ploy to get 'truth-seekers' off track and onto one where they end up following the NWO agenda in hating Jewish people. I also believe that a war, under the pretenses of defending Israel, is about to happen (a sort of fake Armageddon if you will) after which, the Jews, along with Christians, and possibly Muslims too, will be blamed for. A cry will then go out from the blind leading the blind, "see, we told you it was down to the Jews, the bankers, etc, all along! And the Christians are to blame too!" Then they will also talk about the so called Protocols of Zion baloney. It is a repetition of Nazism, where Hitler would never separate the fact that, Marx was of a Jewish background, yet refused to point out all those involved in Bolshivism/Communism who were not of Jewish origin. Besides, there is strong evidence that Marx was a Satanist.

I also believe that the Israeli government has been heavily infiltrated by NAM/Masonic people who definitely do not care about the Jewish people either.

Please see this video, its title is a little misleading, but I guess that is to draw people in to wake them up to the truth here.

I also apologise to all Jewish people on this forum because of my naive yet hurtful offence of having panicked and posted the aforementioned threads.

'Fake Jew World Order & 9/11 "Truth" Movement'


God bless and peace be with all here. I hope this posting does not cause offence, that is truly not my intention.

Rob in London.
Clarification of paragraph from my last posting: "I did have a somewhat heated debate with Len myself, and though I did not agree with him on all points, even a very little of what I had written then being poorly referenced or taken out of context by him, which I ignored back then, after a little more study I have realised that Len was in the right, in terms of the material being anti-semitic in nature.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Anonymous 11:10 AM
Medicated military in Afghanistan and Iraq

The other concern is that Hanan was indeed a DR and it is now being investigated as to how many of his patients committed suicide also.
Clarification on the second paragraph of my last posting above.

I did have a somewhat heated debate with Len myself, and though I did not agree with him on all points, even a very little of what I had written then being poorly referenced or out of context by Len (which was very minor and fair enough considering), which I ignored back then, after a little more study I have realised that Len was in the right, in terms of the material being anti-semitic in nature.

God bless,

Rob in London.
As a Noahide, I will consider your last post an apology for your attacks on the Noahide's. And do forgive.

You strike me as someone who would be quick to forgive, and I am glad that you and Reformed have settled your differences.

Just to be clear - in addressing Reformed I was speaking for myself in defense of you, not attempting to speak "for you."

I am hoping as a result of this incident Reformed will think more about his "communication style" in terms of how it can effect certain listeners - he has indicated he is aware this is an area of weakness and is working on it.

American Friend
Dear Constance,

I am immensely grateful to you and cannot thank you enough, not only for your support and encouragement yesterday, but for the enormity of patience which you have afforded me over my time here on your blog.

I will continue to post here, and in future, will do my utmost to ensure my posts are patient, less presuming, and hopefully put out there more in a 'what do you think?' manner to others here.

I am terribly sorry for not always having been as Christian in my approach as I ought to have done. I have learnt alot from you, of course in gaining understanding about the awful reality of the dangers we face, but also in how to approach things in a more Christian manner.

I pray that God continues to guide you mightily. I also understand why God has blessed you so greatly. Peace be with you and peace to all here, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your British friend, and to all

Rob in London.
Let me know when the group therapy session is over.
To my American Friend (1:42 PM)

I know you were speaking in defence of me and not for me. I am very grateful for this, I also personally know how difficult it can be sometimes to say sorry and to accept apologies, but Reformed did still do this, and I think that now it is best left and forgotten. I too was guilty in the whole affair, and I believe that Reformed has reformed (lol, please accept my humour here Reformed, it is not meant as a further dig at you, but as an expression of my letting go of our past differences.) as I have.

Anyway, God bless and keep you, I just want to get on with making useful comments now, and the greatest defence of me at this juncture, would be to accept that I have forgiven and been forgiven.

God bless you and thank you, peace be with you,

Your British friend,

Rob in London.
Anon 2:02

Well, so sorry that the struggles of individual human beings (like Rob) get in the way of your important researching, reading, and writing about the New Age movement.

It must really be tedious for you at the moment.
I forgive you too anonymous at 2:02 PM.

God bless you and may you be at peace,

Rob in London.
Thank you Yvonne. (1:40 PM)

Peace be with you, and God bless you too.

Rob in London.
Baroness Ashton is the British Commissioner sitting in the the council's statement on External Relations in

Brussels, 8 and 9 December 2008

Many other meetings are listed with their respective EU doc. links, here:

Rob in London.
I found this in the Daily Telegraph (a UK national broadsheet, for those not aware of this), posted by their political correspondent, James Kirkup, on the 12th June 2008.

'Lisbon Treaty House of Lords debate: Baroness Ashton's comments

By James Kirkup Politics

Last updated: June 19th, 2008

Winding up for the Government in the House of Lords debate on the bill ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, Baroness Ashton, the Leader of the Lords, has just estimated that during the bill’s passage, she has listened to 75 hours of their lordships’ debate on the treaty.

That has been a “privilege,” she said, somehow managing to keep a straight face.' (possible in-house joke?)

God bless,

Rob in London.

By Dr. Tim Ball and Judi McLeod
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Canada Free Press
Have you seen this:

New EU President says 2009 is the first year of Global Governance.
This is also from The Daily Telegraph, please see the link too as it has some interesting comments left by readers.

'Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton: the EU's perfect couple of nobodies.'

'The big winners in last week's EU carve-up may not have famous names or stellar CVs – but that's what made them ideal candidates for their new jobs, says William Langley.

By William Langley
Published: 4:40PM GMT 21 Nov 2009

Comments 110 | Comment on this article

Belgium's PM Van Rompuy and EU Trade Commissioner Ashton arrive at a news conference after being elected respectively as EU President and EU foreign policy chief Photo: REUTERS
After all the years of doubt and hesitation, the European Union's 490 million inhabitants were finally united last week, if only by the realisation that they were now being ruled by two people they had never heard of.

Herman van Rompuy, a serenely uncontroversial, 63-year-old Belgian centrist, became the EU's first president, but the big winner was Baroness "Cathy" Ashton, an obscure New Labour quangocrat who landed the job of High Representative for Foreign Affairs. From the far corners of the couple's unruly new empire came an encouragingly harmonious chorus of: "Qui?" "Wer?" "Chi?" "Who?"

In any language, this was a tough one to answer. Van Rompuy's year-long stint as Belgium's 66th prime minister has gone unnoticed even by most Belgians, while Lady Ashton's only previous triumph of note was winning the 2006 "Politician of the Year" award from the gay rights group Stonewall. "You would not believe," she said upon receiving it, "how much this means to me."

What her latest elevation might mean for the future of Europe remains anyone's guess. Frantic to shed some light on her trajectoire météoritique, the EU-friendly Brussels daily Le Soir was able only to tell its readers that since arriving in town a year ago, she had signed a trade agreement with South Korea, and was "sur le point" of ending a wrangle over customs duties on South American bananas. "She has no experience of foreign affairs," the paper reassuringly quoted a colleague, "but she probably learns quickly."

Back home, we didn't even know that much. As tends to be the case with those who have risen far and fast under New Labour, Cathy's curriculum vitae is a spirit-sapping recitation of posts held and causes served, far from the rigours of the real world. Born in Lancashire, she has been a "vice chair" of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, founded an organisation to promote equality in the business world, and served as vice president of the National Council of One-Parent Families. Given a life peerage in 1999 by Tony Blair, she was sent to Brussels last year as a replacement for Peter Mandelson. Married to the former journalist Peter Kellner, now head of a polling organisation, she has two children and three stepchildren.

"Baroness Ashton is ideal for her new role," says Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party. "She has never had a proper job, and has never been elected to public office."

Yet it isn't quite as simple at that. In terms of what the EU was looking for, both the baroness and Van Rompuy are spectacularly well qualified. "Neither has any sort of international profile or background," says Marco Incerti, the communications head of the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies. "It may look like the appointment of two nobodies, but this is what happens when the EU tries to please everyone."


'Behind the scenes, the Eurocrat elite had already established a detailed template for the two top jobs. One would be a man, the other a woman; one from the Left, the other from the Right. One would hail from the EU's inner realm, the other from the mutinous outer territories. Above all, both would be relatively unknown, and preferably nonentities, whose new powers – formidable under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty – would not go to their heads.

These parameters were essentially fashioned by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the German chancellor Angela Merkel, whose flourishing alliance is founded upon the sharing of real control between Paris and Berlin, and are the reason why Tony Blair, an early front-runner for the top job, never really had a chance. Blair was too big a name, too controversial, too keen to take it on.

So, instead, we have Van Rompuy, known to hardened Eurosceptics as "the Belgian waffler", a mild-mannered economist, consumed with Catholic piety, who spends one day a month in a monastery among an order of silent monks. In an interview earlier this year with Paris Match, he claimed never to lose his temper, but his sang-froid was tested when his sister, Christine, a member of a fringe Maoist party, helped to design a poster showing him dressed as a circus clown. They have not spoken since.

People who have met him in better circumstances, and can still recall the experience, use such words as "modest", "introverted" and "self-effacing", and point to the fact that while his better-known, more glamorous rivals for the job were glad-handing their way around the capitals of Europe, Herman and his wife Geertrui were chugging through the Australian Outback in a battered camper van.

According to Richard Whitman, an associate fellow at Chatham House, the London foreign affairs institute, Van Rompuy's main qualification for the EU job is "being a conciliator, and not being associated with anything that divides the states" – save, perhaps, his recent call for pan-European green taxes.

Certainly, politics would appear to be a secondary calling. Herman studied economics at the Catholic University of Leuven, found a job at Belgium's central bank, and later joined the centre-Right Christian Democrat party, progressing through the next two decades with near-invisibility. According to Geertrui, with whom he has four children, when King Albert II, begged him to become Belgium's prime minister last year, "he did everything he could to get out of it", but felt he had to accept. At the time, the country appeared to be disintegrating, riven by the long-running feud between French and Dutch speakers, and the sense, shared by both, that the EU's host country had no identity of its own.

When he isn't trying to hold the place together, Herman writes Japanese-style haiku poems and an agonised blog wallowing in solitude, pessimism, and mortality, leading Belgian cartoonists to portray him as an elderly black-robed cleric bent beneath the burdens of conscience and duty. "All human beings must, at some point in their lives, choose between mystery and absurdity…" he mused recently.

Happily, the EU combines both qualities in abundance. The mystery flows from its famously opaque workings – and the absurdity, from appointments such as last week's.'

Rob, London
Heres a short video of Baroness Ashton's EU High Rep. speech, on French News English language site.

Here, she can be seen being cuddled patted and kissed by Solana, all pally - pally. It also reiterates how little known, even in the UK, Ashton has been among the general population:

Rob in London.
My flag is outrageously, yet not unsurprisingly, and perhaps like something from a poetic durge, is flying at half-mast in the video from my previous post on Ashton. (112 / 140 )

And still, unsurprisingly, the people sleep on!

Rob in London.


By Patrick B. Crane

Monday November 23, 2009

LifeSite News
Dear Rob in London,

Good find on Baroness Catherine Ashton.

It certainly looks like she is on "cuddly" terms with Solana, doesn't it?

Were you aware of news stories to the effect that Ashton reportedly squelched the investigation that was about to begin into the activities of Lord Peter Mandelson?
Thank you susanna,

On Solana and Ashton, it sure does look like the pair of them are close and long term friends, with well scratched backs!

I was not aware of the quashed charges by her. It does not surprise me though. But I wonder why they're letting us know so much through mainstream media? We'll know in time. Heres something else on M.son & A.ton:


God bless,

Rob in London.
When the singer Bob Marley died,
there happened to be a documentary
film being produced right there and then
in Jamaica and the documentary makers
brought their cameras to the funeral.
The movie is called "Land of No Look Behind"
The following is a poem that was read by
a man, a minister, I think, at the funeral,
and while I don't subscribe to the Rastafarian
religion myself, I gotta like this poem.

"Wisdom and knowledge left college
Wisdom went east to a black feast
Knowledge went west in conquest
Technology became life's test

_Wisdon hid 'cause of what knowledge did
_Hid away till judgement day

Knowledge went on as far as the moon
Cracked the earth and took it's worth
Stole man from (his) lair;
Messed up the air, poison everywhere
Creative knowledge without wisdom
And bigger bombs were made
And dropped _on have-nots
Birth control became a bow
Knowledgable monsters gained control
Souls were stole for mere gold
Technique was in the minds of mankind
Floatin in d' wine,
Sailing through life in a theraputic way
Learning new technical tricks like
Slowly sliding away
Books, not feeling was mans' thing
Man checked a book on how to cook;
Took his light to a sight,
Into a book he would look
To label your brain; schizoid,paranoid
Or some other technical jive
_To make you look at you and not he
Remember, my brothers and my sisters
what I say...
For life has showed me all this PAIN!..
Label an evil thing
But raise your black heads high
Because knowledge without wisdom will die

Widom hid 'cause of what knowledge did
Hid away till judgement day
And that...ain't far away."
Rob, Susanna,

Depending on public opinion, it could lead to her downfall. Hmphh I would have thought it would have taken longer for something scandelous to happen.
Interesting point JD. And interesting poem Anon at 5:59 AM, I do not subscribe to Rastafarianism either, but do believe Bob Marley was murdered.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Sorry Paul (5:59 PM), I did not mean to 'anonymous' you intentionally. I should have paid more attention.

God bless you and peace be with you brother,

Rob in London.
Interesting point JD. And interesting poem Paul at 5:59 PM, (sorry for anon'ing you before) I do not subscribe to Rastafarianism either, but do believe Bob Marley was murdered.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Just for the record, we Catholics are NOT buying into the propaganda that EU President Herman Van Rompuy is a "devout" Catholic.

See article below.
GlaxoSmithKline pulls swine flu vaccines in Canada

Associated Press (11/24/09)

LONDON – Canadian doctors have been advised not to use a batch of 170,000 swine flu vaccines after six reports of serious allergic reactions among recipients, but there are no similar reports from other countries, pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline PLC said Tuesday.
Authorities routinely monitor vaccines for any signals of problems, such as the allergic reactions that do occur, rarely, every year. Company spokeswoman Gwenan White said that GlaxoSmithKline advised medical staff in Canada ast week to refrain from using one batch of the vaccine while they look into reports that that it might have caused more allergic reactions than normal.

Six people in Canada had suffered an allergic reaction, said Tim Vail, the spokesman for Canada's health minister. The batch contained about 170,000 doses. It was not immediately clear how many had been administered, although Vail said the majority had been.

"We're not seeing any thing wild or spooky or crazy about our vaccine at all," Vail said, arguing it may have been a statistical anomaly that the reactions occurred.

GlaxoSmithKline is only investigating the one batch of its swine flu vaccine in Canada. White said no other doses of its swine flu vaccine around the world are affected.

White said U.K.-based GlaxoSmithKline wrote to Canadian health care professionals advising them to stop using the batch on Nov. 18. She says a total of 7.5 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed in Canada.

Dr. Joel Kettner, Manitoba's chief medical officer of health has said they are being cautious and are following the advice. He urged people not to be alarmed, saying that any allergic reactions occur shortly after inoculation, don't last long and have not led to long-term health problems.

The provincial Alberta government was also holding back the vaccine, although it had not seen a jump in reactions.

GlaxoSmithKline is the world's second largest drug maker by revenue. Its shares were up 0.08 percent on the London stock exchange at 1,278.50p ($21.19)
They're certainly prepping us to accept the UFO Alien delusion as factual.


Rob in London.
Trilateralist Replaces Bilderberger to Chair Copenhagen Summit

The Danish government has appointed a Trilateral Commission member to chair the United Nations Copenhagen climate change summit. Lykke Friis, the former pro-dean at Copenhagen University, will replace Connie Hedegaard (a Bilderberg member) who has been nominated for the post of the European Union’s first climate commissioner. Hedegaard’s nomination will be assessed by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, who last month announced the creation of the new role to oversee the EU’s plans to cut emissions 20 per cent by 2020 and thus undercut modern civilization in Europe.

Danish Trilateral Commission member Lykke Friis will chair the United Nations Copenhagen climate change summit.

Lykke Friis attended a Trilateral meeting in 2005. “Lykke Friis is member of several committees and councils, for instance the Board of Sport Event Denmark, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council of the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association. She is also responsible for organizing the Research Congress on Climate Change in 2009,” a Zoom Info entry states.

The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association works with NATO and the Atlantic Treaty Association, an atlanticist organization (connected to the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations) consisting of the Atlantic Councils of NATO. The current president of the Atlantic Treaty Association is Robert Hunter, a senior adviser at the RAND Corporation, chairman of the Council for a Community of Democracies (supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund), and a consultant for the death merchant Lockheed Martin.

The Trilateral Commission is the brainchild of David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski (who served as the Commission’s first executive director) with help from the Brookings Institution, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Ford Foundation. The Commission’s agenda is to create a one-world government.

“If the Council on Foreign Relations could be said to be a spawning ground for the concepts of one-world idealism, then the Trilateral Commission was the ‘task force’ assembled to assault the beachheads. Already the Commission had placed its members in the top posts the U.S. had to offer,” writes Patrick Wood. “The philosophical underpinnings of the Trilateral Commission are pro-Marxist and pro-socialist. They are solidly set against the concept of the nation-state and in particular, the Constitution of the United States. Thus, national sovereignty must be diminished and then abolished altogether in order to make way for the New World Order that will be governed by an unelected global elite with their self-created legal framework.”

URL to article:

Exposing Faux Capitalism (11/24/09)

On March 6, 2009, Google CEO Eric Schmidt appeared on the Charlie Rose program, and made a profound statement about Google’s mission:

Charlie Rose: What was the original mission for Google?

Eric Schmidt: All the world’s information, universally accessible and useful.

Charlie Rose: And how we doing on that?

Eric Schmidt: Well, we’ve just started. And I would tell you that when you are 23 years old and you state that’s your mission, you’ve got a lot of years ahead of you. And Larry and Sergey still have a long way to go in that.

Google stores every single search, along with the IP address of the computer doing the search, and has done so since the beginning.

Google’s motto is “don’t be evil.” However, that didn’t stop them from cooperating with the communist Chinese government to further cement The Great Firewall of China, by restricting access to certain information deemed unacceptable by the regime. So much for their commitment to the universally accessible component of their mission.

While it’s falling behind in making the world’s information universally accessible, it’s moving ahead at breakneck speed in storing all the world’s information. This recent article talks about how much Google knows about you, and how their new tool, Google Dashboard, introduced this November, will show you exactly that.

It should be clear that Schmidt wasn’t speaking metaphorically when he said “all the world’s information,” he literally meant it. All the world’s information, stored by Google.
CCC boss queries stop and search powers

Giving unprecedented stop-and-search powers to police will increase the risk of misconduct by officers, the head of WA’s corruption watchdog said today.

Questioned on the proposed stop and search legislation at a parliamentary committee inquiry this morning, Corruption and Crime Commission chief Len Roberts-Smith said common sense dictated that any law which gave police extra powers would increase the risk of misconduct or corruption.

Mr Roberts-Smith told the committee that any law which gave police extra powers at a physical level was also likely to lead to more complaints, but it remained to be seen whether this would translate to an increase in the number of substantiated complaints.

The stop and search laws, which passed through the Lower House amid heated debate two weeks ago, are expected to be considered in the Upper House later this evening.

The laws will give police the power to stop and search people without proving any reasonable suspicion of criminal behaviour, in designated areas at specific times.

Outside the committee hearing, Mr Roberts-Smith said the proposed stop and search legislation had not been considered by the CCC.

“If you pass legislation which enables police officers or anybody to engage physically with members of the community, I suppose it is a matter of common sense that you would expect there would be more complaints coming out of those situations,” he said.

“If people are stopped and searched and no reason is given, they might well all feel that they ought not to be. And they may resist or not, but this is all speculative.

“One would hope that the police themselves would be mindful of the need to review their processes and oversight their processes in relation to how those powers are exercised. Laws of that kind do carry a greater risk of misconduct or corruption.

“From the commission’s point of view we would want to ensure that the exercise of those powers was appropriately oversighted, first within police and also obviously by us.

“Certainly, I think as a matter of common sense I think anybody might have a view that they don’t like being stopped and searched in circumstances where they consider there is no reason for it.”
American Friend,

I appreciate your acceptance of my apology. I actually forgave you and asked you to forgive me. I do apologize that in a discourse between Rob and I and between Len and I, you got offended. I would expect the two of them to be able to react without a voluntary mediator. Apparently you believe they can't. Water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. You can comment on my lack of Christian behaviour as you like but it doesn't change the fact of what I am. It was mentioned that we are a disfunctional family and we are. If we weren't opinionated and seeking confirmation of our own opinions, none of us would be here.


I would be interested in hearing more about your view on Calvin. I don't want to have a harsh debate but possibly you have something I don't and perhaps I should hear you out. One thing I won't debate is your sincerity.

It's a discussion I'd like to have privately, off the blog, if you would allow it.

As for the other posting, yes...the group therapy session has ended. You can now move on to whatever bigger and better things you have for all of us.

Dear Rob in London and JD

Here is the report about the quashed charges


The "yachtgate"-Deripaska" situation wasn't the only problematic relationship Mandelson was involved with. You will notice that nothing is mentioned in the above article about Mandelson's shady relationship with private equity tycoon Ernest-Antoine Seilliere.

By Jamie Lyons, Deputy Political Editor, 26/10/2008

PETER Mandelson faces an investigation over his links with a super-rich French aristocrat, the News of the World can reveal.
Private equity tycoon Ernest-Antoine Seilliere had "privileged access" to Mandy when he was EU trade chief, according to an official complaint by a Brussels watchdog.

It claimed that Selliere was effectively allowed to write trade laws - benefiting his clients - during a string of confidential meetings with Mandy.

The aristocrat is also said to have been given background information on trade talks and was able to "monitor and influence" developments.

The new row comes as Mandy is already under pressure in the tangled furore involving Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Tory shadow chancellor George Osborne.

The complaint has been made by campaign group the Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) which has put together a damning 6,700-word dossier.

The CEO has "expressed concern" in a letter to Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who is looking into it

THIS was when Mandelson was replaced by Catherine Ashton!

Here is an astute comment to the above quoted article:

By Big John B.. Posted October 26 2008 at 12:33 AM.

Now we know why Mandy was dragged out of Europe before he could clear his desk.
Did he have time to wipe his hard drive?


More on the Mandelson - Seilliere relationship.


PETER Mandelson faces an investigation over his links with a super-rich French aristocrat, the News of the World can reveal. A top Brussels watchdog last week made an official complaint to the head of the European Commission that private equity tycoon Ernest-Antoine Seilliere had privileged access to Mandy when he was EU trade chief. It comes as Mandelson is already under pressure over claims he was too close to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska who may have benefited from his rulings as EU trade czar. The EU watchdog that made the fresh complaint says Seilliere was effectively allowed to write trade laws - benefiting his clients - during a string of meetings with Mandy. Now a top Euro MP is demanding a review of all the decisions made by Mandelson before he quit Brussels this month. In a letter to Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso the Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) says: “We would like to express our concern over the privileged access and undue influence.” It claims Mandelson broke EU codes on impartiality by getting so close to Seilliere...

CEO has put together a damning 6,700-word dossier - seen by the News of the World - blasting Mandelson’s links with the group. Mandelson was officially rebuked last year after the CEO complained he had refused to reveal details of meetings with industrial lobbyists. CEO now claim Seilliere’s group helped Mandelson write controversial new laws which benefited its members.
And it says Mandelson routinely shared valuable information on trade negotiations with it.
CEO says they were so close Mandelson has let the group use his official Brussels HQ - free of charge - for a conference where they will rub shoulders with some of the most powerful politicians in Europe...

At the same time Swedish Euro MP Jens Holm, a member of the European Parliament's trade committee, has written to Mandelson's replacement, Catherine Ashton, asking her to reverse several decisions Mandy took. He said: "It's well known here in Brussels that BusinessEurope and its top people have had an intimate relationship with Mr Mandelson. “They were always tipped off at an early stage whenever there was a new EU directive being written on competitiveness or trade or other issues.”...

Mandelson has cancelled a meeting with Deripaska next week. The Russia trip was originally planned for his predecessor as Business Secretary, John Hutton, before he changed jobs.
And the delegation was scheduled to meet the Russian oligarch. But it has now been called off.
A spokesman for the department said: “As is usual in the preparation for visits there are changes to the itinerary and meetings are regularly added to or drop off the agenda."...


Ernest-Antoine Seillière
UNICE President

Here is an interesting letter written by Seilliere to several people including former President George W. Bush dated June 16, 2006.

For anyone who does not know what Doha Development Round is, here is an explanation.

I would expect the two of them to be able to react without a voluntary mediator. Apparently you believe they can't. Water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. You can comment on my lack of Christian behaviour as you like but it doesn't change the fact of what I am.


I believe in standing up for what is right, even when it does not effect me directly. According to my world view, "I am my brother's keeper." You were bullying Rob and I chose not to turn my back.

This has nothing to do with whether I "believe they can't" look after themselves. It has to do with my own sense of responsibility toward my fellow man. I try to evaluate each unique circumstance fairly when deciding whether or not to "intervene."

If your justification for acting un-Christian is that "I am who I am...." well, I'm not sure what school of theology you follow. I studied John Calvin in college, and I don't remember that axiom.

Your post is what I call a "back-handed compliment" and it doesn't fly with me.

American Friend

This begs the question as to how these shady ties have affected the economies of the United States and Great Britain.

Anyone who knows the story about the Cambridge Spies knows that this would not be the first time Great Britain and the US were sold down the river by traitors.

One of the Cambridge Spies, Michael Straight, was an American magazine publisher.

The economic "Third Way" (plantation politics) being peddled by the new kleptocracy in Europe translates into...
"Communism for the people-Capitalism for themselves!"

After learning about the Doha Development Round, it is easy to see how the Copenhagen Treaty fits into the picture with more developed countries like the US getting the fuzzy end of the lollypop after being fraudulently guilt-tripped by the looters into ponying up her taxpayers' hard-EARNED dough to finance - not the poor countries - but the kleptocrats in these countries who only PRETEND to be advocating for the poor. (As if the US hasn't already spent more than her fair share of blood along with her bucks to help those who were in need on a global scale.)

Said kleptocrats are the reason why these countries are poor in the first place. The solution to the problem of underdeveloped countries is not to send money to the kleptocrats. It is to get rid of the kleptocrats!

Speaking of kleptocrats, it is also easy to see how the "special deals" obtained by Seilliere vis a vis his conflicted, friendship with Mandelson may very likely be one of the factors that is waking up countries like the US and Great Britain to the scam called the Copenhagen Treaty (formerly Kyoto Treaty) for what it is - especially since suspicions are now being confirmed vis a vis the recently discovered e-mails (discovered by Brits) that are part and parcel of the CLIMATEGATE eruption that data on global warming has been manipulated in such a way as to present only the side of the picture that supports the fiction of global warming.

Tons more dots to be connected. Stay tuned.
November 25, 2009

......Obama planned to make a visit at the beginning of the climate negotiations in Denmark, an administration official told Reuters on Wednesday, before picking up the Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in neighboring Oslo.

Obama did not plan to return for the end of the December 7-18 meeting, when roughly 65 other heads of state and government are expected to attend, the official said.

Obama has made climate change a top priority of his administration, but a bill to cut U.S. emissions is bogged down in the U.S. Senate. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed its version of climate change legislation. (the Boxer fiasco)

Most nations have given up hopes of agreeing to a binding legal treaty text in Copenhagen, partly because of uncertainty about what the United States will be able to offer.

Environmentalists had hoped Obama would be present for the leaders meeting at the end of the talks to give legitimacy to a "politically binding" agreement that host Denmark still hopes to achieve....

Maybe this is why Obama isn't staying.....

EDITORIAL: Hiding evidence of global cooling

Which country has more people per capita
who are clinically depressed, Finland or
Denmark ?
Okay, I have to say it because I'm not sure it's been said yet. It looks like there's something rotten in Denmark.

Good question. I hope you are going to tell us the answer. :-)

David in BattleCreek,

I don't know the answer because it's
pretty much a tossup.
But another question might be, Which of
those two countries has a bigger pornography/prostitution
industry ?
Answer: Sweden

My last question is;
Why the heck would the rest of the world
want to institute world shaking legislation
which would in effect spell the end of
sovereignity for all countries, based on the
unsubstantiated lies of a bloated boarhog
like Al Gore, and do it at the behest of
a depressed and an amoral
country such as Denmark ?

David in BC,
That old ( Shakesperian? ) saying must
have been coined for just such a time
as this.

You know I'm just a shoot-from-the-hip
kinda guy. You're a real researcher, so
I'll leave to you.

God bless you too.
It gets pretty hot in this kitchen doesn't it?
November 23, 2009
Ahead if time, to those who observe the coming day, have a very Thankful, Thanksgiving!

In spite of the differences that are expressed here, I am very thankful for those of you that take the time to do research, leg work, brain-work, and pass that info on to the rest of us so we may do the same, and try to awaken others to what is taking place.

take care all,
While rereading the Jeff sharlet writings on the family, I happened upon the family's behind the scenes and seemingly blind acts across the world, one in particular would be with Family support ,overseeing regular fellowship groups in Indonesia, General Suharto (whose tally of several hundred thousand "Communists" killed marks him as one of the century's most murderous dictators) was presiding over a group of fifty Indonesian legislators.
Now in looking up General Suharto, who eventually became president
' Suharto wrested power from the politically weakened incumbent and founding president, Sukarno, in 1966. He became president in March 1967.
Under his "New Order" administration, Suharto constructed a strong, centralised and military-dominated government
Suharto's "New Order" —so-termed to distinguish it from Sukarno's "old order"—was committed to achieving political order, economic development, and the removal of mass participation in the political process. In place of Sukarno's revolutionary rhetoric, Suharto showed a pragmatic use of power, and in contrast to the liberal parliamentary democracy of the 1950s, Suharto headed an authoritarian, military-dominated government.[52] The "New Order" featured a weak civil society, the bureaucratisation and corporatisation of political and societal organisations, and selective but effective repression of opponents.[55]
Which indeed led to the visit of William Cohan who was secretary of defense under Bill Clinton,and singled handedly nearly destroyed the military might of the US.
This led me to thinking of Barack Hussain Obama, he was born 1960 at the tender age of 6 was taken to indonesia, So he missed the wars, and was raised under the New Order. Was he in contact with any of the 50 legislators? Was a fellowship training program put in place in the schools he attended?
YS Continued

Thank you for your kind words Paul.

You are spot on regarding the pornography and prostitution of Sweden as well as the amorality of Denmark AND lying weasel Al Gore.

Here are a few more tidbits. I hope I don't disappoint.

It almost looks like Babylon is least for the moment. She has indeed become the stronghold for every unclean and hateful bird.

The you-know-what is hitting the fan big time on CLIMATEGATE thanks to a few of our courageous British friends.

John Holdren is reportedly involved.

Science czar John Holdren and ClimateGate: Perfect together
By Michelle Malkin
November 24, 2009


The wheels are beginning to come off the Copenhagen Treaty.

The newly elected kleptocrats may have to vote themselves in a sizeable salary cut if they are unable to successfully shake down the U.S. and other developed countries. Van Rompuy's salary is reportedly going to be more than Obama's. Maybe that is another reason why Obama is not too pumped up about his upcoming trip to Copenhagen - Nobel Peace Bribe or not.


The cat is out of the bag on Baroness Catherine Ashton squashing the investigation into "Mandygate." (That is a story I am following with great interest.)

It is being shown that because of his pro-abortion past, Herman Van Rompuy is not quite the "devout Catholic" the kleptocracy in Brussels is making him out to be.

Another commenter posted the LifeSite News report earlier on this thread. (Anonymous 6:51 P.M.)
I have already posted the report from the Brussels Journal.

But were we really foolish enough to think that anyone would be appointed to the EU Presidency who was staunchly pro-life??? I don't think so.

Then there are the recent two big ACORN document dumps in San Diego and Oklahoma. ANOTHER BREITBART MOMENT!!!!

According to Breitbart, the document dump in San Diego suggests that California Attorney General Jerry Brown was only PRETENDING to investigate ACORN as he promised.

Otherwise HE (Jerry Brown) would have gone dumpster diving instead of the P.I. who retrieved the dumped documents and gave them to Andrew Breitbart.

Mr. Breitbart has made Attorney Holder and Jerry Brown an offer they might be wise not to refuse.

Breitbart said that if Holder and Brown want to do a clean honest investigation of ACORN, etc., he (Breitbart) will happily share his documents with them. Otherwise, he (Breitbart) will share said incriminating documents with the public come election time.

If I were Breitbart, I wouldn't give these clowns anything but certified copies of anything I had.

I know we have a long way to go to clean house, but right now, it looks like this may turn out to be a goooood Christmas after all! LOL


The term "New Order" in more recent times has become synonymous with the Suharto years (1965-1998).
Immediately following the attempted coup in 1965, the political situation was uncertain, but the Suharto's New Order found much popular support from groups wanting a separation from Indonesia's problems since its independence. The 'generation of 66' (angkatan 66) epitomised talk of a new group of young leaders and new intellectual thought.
Is there anyway to find the list of those from the generation of 66 and was Obama on that list?
all this from Wikipedia, I know bad reference material.

Obama could just as easily go early and sign first. Since I see no let up in the pressure for other countries to sign.

UK not to pressure India on CO2 emission level: Wadvani
Thanksgiving -- as you probably didn't hear about it

Thanksgiving As Seen Through the Lens of Critical Race Theory
by Laurie Higgins, DSA Director -Illinois Family Institute

Go to the link above to see the article which comes from the conservative point of view.

My comments: I know you've heard the information at the following link before. It's a standard piece of propaganda used to make white religious people feel guilty about celebrating Thanksgiving. If you've heard it, my guess is that you don't think twice about checking out the facts; you just assume it's true. After all, academics never lie to you. There are many websites on this topic. Just put in "thanksgiving truth" into a search.

The leaning to the left Snopes does take another slightly different stand.

What you won't see from the critics is the Mieses story of the Thanksgiving.

The early years of the Pilgrim/Puritan Society were failures because they colony tried to live by socialislm. "To rectify this situation, in 1623 Bradford abolished socialism. He gave each household a parcel of land and told them they could keep what they produced, or trade it away as they saw fit. In other words, he replaced socialism with a free market, and that was the end of famines...Thus the real reason for Thanksgiving, deleted from the official story, is: Socialism does not work; the one and only source of abundance is free markets, and we thank God we live in a country where we can have them.."

Well, until now.

Dear Paul,
Cool poem. :-)

Although I don't know the answer to the posed question, my vote goes with Holland.
Some close family friends just vacationed there, and due to the fact that they aren't religious in any way, they chose Holland because of the perfectly legal "natural herb" shops there. They brought back pictures, in spite of the "no pictures please" signs in the front windows, and these shops appear to be set up alot like a certain
31-flavors-type ice cream chain. The "red light district" style pics were also very enlightening.
I'd say that many folks around the world are obsessed with escaping from reality, depression, boredom...

By His Grace,
Gore a bloated boar hog.
And also a ManBearPig as I learned from watching South Park.
Dear Dorothy,
Just read your articles, with the exception of Snopes cuz' the url cuts off, and as usual, your research is so timely and it always amazes me.
I was recently watching a rerun of a show that my teenagers watch on Nickelodeon. It had a pretty, blond, caucasian girl talking to a diverse group of kiddos about her view of the "American lie". The dialogue was filled with her spewing out her bitterness, anger, and disillusionment with everything that represents this country. Since I was there watching it with my kids, I decided to discuss the propaganda that was being touted through this silly show.
The influences of "anti-nationalism", "pro-socialism", "anti-American", etc., are plentiful in every media targeting our kids daily.

Thanks for keeping us informed. It's making a difference in the decisions and the discussions that are generated within my family and outwards to others who do listen and learn.

By His Grace,
Dear Friends,
I wish you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

"I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations." -Psalms 57:9

By His Grace,
I am sorry to have seen Rob on London run off. He is a very insightful person. I mostly only observe on this blogspot. It breaks my heart when I see brothers and sisters in Christ bickering and attacking one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another. Please friends, walk in love toward one another. Our Lord said this was how the world would know that we are His disciples, by the love we have for one another. The Holy Writ also states that in the last days, the love of many will grow cold. This is referring to believers because the world does not know what love is, they do not have the One who is Love. Please do not let your love grow cold! Love is patient and kind, love SUFFERS LONG. A foolish man answers a matter before he hears it. I beg of you brothers and sisters, keep peace and treat each other with lovingkindness. Do not let this last few moments in history be a legacy of harsh words, but let us honor Christ Jesus with our words and actions. Remember, We will be judged for every idle or useless word spoken.

With love and in HIm,
Hey, everybody:

Just wanted to pass this on. This afternoon, I saw the Walt Disney version of "A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey in 3D on an IMAX screen.

I know; I know - most of you are thinking "been there; done that" (as most of us have seen so many versions of this classic over the years).

Well, all I can tell you is that I felt like I was seeing this story unfold for the very first time. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's like a Currier & Ives Christmas card coming to life - and then some. The lessons learned are also quite timely, considering the state of the world we now live in.

The only suggestion I would make is to leave small children at home (age 7 and under), as the dream sequences are rather dark and scary.

Anyway, if any of you plan to go to the movies in the coming days / weeks - I think you'll find this a thoroughly enjoyable experience which will really put you in a TRUE Christmas spirit - along with bringing back warm childhood memories of our own Christmases past.
Rob hasn't "run off" - we've all kissed and made up.
Sorry if that last comment was off in timing, I left my computer and did not refresh the page when I came back. I am glad to see that God's love in us still conquers. I hope I did not come off wrong in my last comment, I just hate to see children fight. It breaks my heart when I see my children fighting amongst themselves, and I know it saddens the Father when we fight and bicker with each other.

in Him

Bruno Waterfield in Brussels and James Kirkup

November 25, 2009

Baroness Ashton, the new European Union foreign minister, is facing questions over her role in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament amid claims that it may have had financial links to the Soviet Union.

Lady Ashton, who was last week appointed EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, was treasurer of CND in the early 1980s. She has said she had no contacts with the Soviet Union and had never accepted money from Moscow.

The UK Independence Party has written to Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President, asking him to investigate whether Lady Ashton was party to payments allegedly made to CND from the Soviet regime in Moscow.

The letter, based on allegations made by Vladimir Bukovsky, a former Soviet dissident, claimed that it is “very likely” that CND received “unidentified income” from Moscow in the 1980s.

“CND was notoriously secretive about its sources of funding and did not submit its accounts to independent audit; however, after public pressure they were audited for the first time in 1982-1983,” Gerard Batten, a Ukip MEP, wrote.

“It was found that 38 per cent of their annual income (£176,197) could not be traced back to the original donors. The person responsible for this part of CND fund-raising, from anonymous donors. . . was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain.”

Lady Ashton is likely to face questions about the issue next week when she appears before European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee next week, her first appearance as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

Nigel Farage, Ukip’s leader, was officially reprimanded for asking in the European Parliament whether Mr Barroso would to investigate whether Lady Ashton had received money “from enemies of the West”.

He said: “I do not think she is a fit and proper person to do this job.” more...

Gee Whiz! Is it possible that this is why Lady Ashton was so willing to quash the "Mandy" investigation which involved, among other things, past Communist Party member Peter Mandelson's problematic relationship with Russian aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska?
As I have already mentioned on another thread, Deripaska is married to the late Boris Yeltzin's daughter and is one of the few Nouveau riche Russian billionaires who is in like flint with former KGB member Vladimir Putin.......


Just for the record, one of the Cambridge Spies was Sir Anthony Blunt(1907-1983).

Blunt was a double agent working simultaneously for the NKVD in the Soviet Union and MI5 of the British government, Professor of History of Art at the University of London, Director of the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, and an art critic.

British sculptor Henry Moore was a public sponsor of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)and an associate of Anthony Blunt.

George Blake was the British spy who became notorious for betraying the Berlin Tunnel operation.

In 1961, Blake was arrested and after he confessed, he was sentenced to 42 years in prison.
After serving eight years of his sentence, he escaped from Wormwood Scrubs prison, London, aided by two senior members of the "Committee of 100" (a forerunner of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), who helped him get to East Berlin. From there the KGB took him to Moscow.

The CND was founded in 1958 by supporters of the Soviet Union including a spy for the East German Stasi, Vic Allen, and Michael Foote, later accused by KGB defector Oleg Gordievsky as being a KGB spy (Foote challenged the claim in UK court as libel and won.) Another member of the CND Granny Melita Norwood was the KGB’s top spy in the UK, passing secrets to them until she was arrested in 1999 at the age of 87 . She died unrepetant and free in 2005. The Mirror wrote at the time “she never regretted her betrayal and was committed to the Soviet cause and to ‘peace and socialism’ up to her death.” In 1982 Deputy CIA Director John McMahon testified before Congress that the Soviet Union had provided $100,000,000 to anti-nuclear groups including the CND.

High ranking CND members also assisted in the rescue of KGB spy George Blake, who participated in a KGB misinformation ruse that ” systematically misled the West about the economic strength of the Iron Curtain countries.” Had Blake been discovered earlier it could have shortened the Cold War by years. Blake was discovered and jailed but managed to escape to East Berlin with the help of two senior members of the CND.

While most of the rank and file members supported disarmament on both sides of the Iron Curtain, CND actions were focused solely on weakening the US and its Western European allies. CND protests and actions never targeted the Soviet Union, China or other authoritarian regimes seeking or possessing nuclear weapons. It did not protest the placement of nuclear tipped missiles in Cuba in 1961 that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. The group did not march against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia that brought winter to the freedoms of the Prague Spring. Instead the group sought the unilateral disarmament of the West....

But now, according to THE FINAL REDOUBT, the CND has greater battles to fight on our behalf.....LIKE CLIMATE CHANGE.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Constance hasn't posted for awhile. I trust she is relaxing and enjoying family and friends.

Blessings to all!

For the Lamb,
Dear Susan,

this is some very important information you've provided, and it shows the tyrrany we are up against here.

As I have pointed out in my earlier posts, Pavel Stroilov, a friend of mine, who co-authored with Vladimir Bukovsky the book EUSSR, shows how the EU was a Russian plan of immense cunning, to which your Vice-President Biden has most probably been aware of since the late 1970's on a visit to Moscow, in his capacity as a US Senator (Delaware). The documents provided by Bukovsky and Stroilov testify to this fact.

The Russians are still intent on conquering the West through the back-door, and the EU is that back-door. To find that the never elected Ashton is wrangled up so intricately in this Russo-EU Communist conspiracy is unfortunately of no suprise but highly valuable and informative, thank you for the posts.

Another thing, to also find Blair's and her husband's connection is very interesting.

Perhaps this too now sheds some light on why Tony Blair has been so
'happily' married to Cherie Blair, known to have done a Nancy Reagan, and consulted mediums etc,
(maiden name: Booth, which she often still goes by in a professional capacity ((lol)) Booth Witch project? ), her father being the long-time actor and Socialist(Soviet sympathiser?), Antony "Tony" George Booth. (Unfortunately, like myself, A. G. Booth comes from a working class background and had a mother of Irish descent. Here, however, is where our similarity stops. I am not a Commie sympathiser nor ever shall be!!!!)

Please see this link, which contains a 9 mins long video of a British MEP, Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party, take the EU Kremlin-Reichstag to task on this issue.

Vladimir Bukovsky Archive Raises Questions about Baroness Ashton


God bless you Sister, and thanks once again,

Rob in London.
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