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After I wrote the foregoing, I had the opportunity to read about still another powerful aspect of Javier Solana's powers. You may read about another apparent addition to Solana's cabinet here:

I discovered last night that I'm not the only person noticing the ominous and growing powers of Javier Solana. I'm not the only person concerned about SqueakBox's attempts to marginalize as 'fanatic' all who oppose SqueakBox's frantic attempts to delete each and every negative internet reference to Solana. Particularly note the COMMENTS under the following link:

I've had a busy week in court and an equally busy week monitoring all the postings to my board stirred up by my necessary comments on the Eric Jon Phelps book and its New Age publisher Spectrum Press. Last night I decided to do a search to see what our old 'friend' SqueakBox was up to. 'SqueakBox is a self-proclaimed Rastafarian believer in Haile Selassie as God. (I am told that Haile Selassie himself didn't believe that and begged those labelling such to repent from such untoward idolatry!) But SqueakBox has shown himself to be an even more apparent believer in the divinity of Javier Solana.

Those reading me or viewing my CD Rom PowerPoint Show presentation know I have never proclaimed Javier Solana is the beast. I do confess to saying that he could well be an educated guess. I guess the only person the evidence truly convinced is SqueakBox who then proceeded to remove the evidence because he thought (with the help of his New Zealand Wikipedia ally, "One Salient Oversight") that if that evidence were true, than he had to be the Christian 'beast' of Revelation. So, SqueakBox proceeded to eliminate all references to the Barcelona Conference (where Solana declared war on all religious fundamentalism, worldwide), to the ten nation Western European Union, to Solana's job being established in the Europa documents as "Section 666", and to Solana suggesting and receiving proposed near dictatorial powers over Europe for himself with "Recommendation 666," and last but not least references to Solana's long family history of anti-clericalism, his mother's affiliations with the Rajneesh/Osho cult, and Solana's taking hegemony over the Israeli-Palestine-Jordan neighborhood. SqueakBox proceeded to remove all of these and many others and then, inter alia, went on to publish a near libelous and inaccurate Wikipedia article on Yours Truly saying that she and Herb Peters were the originator of the "Solana is the Beast" theories. The truth is the only person who ever publicized it so extensively is 'Squeakbox' which to me either proves that:

1. SqueakBox is persuaded that Solana is THE BEAST and is using reverse psychology to publicize it while getting himself out of harm's way by suggesting it was somebody other than himself who gave the final word on Solana's presumed future and final future;

2. Maybe Solana is THE MAN and SqueakBox's groupie rantings prove that despite his meek and mild appearance that he has hypnotic powers over otherwise intelligent writers of stories about Honduran cathedrals.

I note with interest that the comments on "Discarded Lies" blogspot accuse SqueakBox of helping to diminish Wikipedia's reputation. That has been precisely my opinion -- SqueakBox's handling of serious evidence about Solana -- either trying to suppress it or counter it with slavishly sycophantic recitals about Solana's accomplishments as a little boy suggest to me that something is happening somewhere.

One "Discarded lies" commentator referred to Solana's power grabs as "a black hole". Another said in response to SqueakBox, "what if it turns out he isn't a good guy after all?"

Maybe we'd all better pay closer attention! I welcome everybody's comments -- including "One Salient Oversight" and yes, even dear old SqueakBox!

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What's this? Squeakbox hasn't shown up yet to tell everyone that Solana is The Best Man in the World?

Must be busy posting his "I Love Solana" article elsewhere.

Kinda funny how his blind defense of Solana's "reputation" is causing him to sink his own.

Well here, I'll help Squeakbox out:

"Europe needs to unite, or...not sure what will happen, but it SHOULD unite because...not sure why. It just SHOULD. Oh yes, to stop Bad America, the Superpower. As we all know, if an entire continent unites behind one man and gives all authority to that one man, they become stronger, and besides, giving all power and authority to one person always works out so nicely.

I think it should be Solana because he is smart, and also because he is a socialist. A smart socialist. And give him the keys to the EU moneybox and EU space program too, because I think he is swell.

Later on, I will save Solana's reputation some more, because that is my hobby. Some people like cooking, I like defending a complete stranger because I think I can read his mind and I know he is nice. Did I mention that I have a secret identity and am actually a famous author? I will roll some dice later to figure out if I like Solana more than I hate the US, or vice versa.
I might look like I am willing to see Europe glued together under a tyranny they can't get out of just to spite and stop the US, but it's not that - I really just like Solana THAT much."

How was that? Did that sound Squeakbox-ish?
"As a scholar on Solana, at this point, I may be without peer." This is my favourite Cumbey quote; and she doesn't even speak Spanish. Me, I just like Spain and Madrid and PSOE, not so unusual. Oh yes, European unity, Latin American unity, African Unity; I like these too. Taking lessons from the USA, clearly the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth right now. What I don't understand is why, instead of debating my Solana edists on the talk page, you do pretty much everything but that. Connie, you have an equal right to my right to edit the Solana article, but we need an encyclopedic neutral point of view article, and we need to discuss changes on the talk page. Which we can still do. You agreed to work with me before the Global Elite charade. Why don't we make a truce, let bygones be bygone, and start again. Please prove that all this barrage is not just a cover up for being too lazy to engage in process around the article on the talk page. I want a neutral article on Solana, not a pro Solana article or an anti Solana article. I want an article that gives clear, reliable information to everyone, Christians who believe there is an antichrist, and recognise Solana may fir the bill, astheists, and everyone who can read English. I don't bellieve Solana is the Beast or divine, so put that idea to rest. I am concerned with the politics of Solana, and not with the spiritual aspects (which I don't believe exist anyway). Yes, I do think the EU foreign minister is not being given enough power, and I fear that the EU constitution will not be ratified, esp by the French (that would be truly shooting themselves in the foot). I also think the EU structure lacks democracy, but that this issue goes much deeper than Solana. I certainly believe it is still the heads of state of the 25 members who wield the real power in the EU, not Solana or Barroso or Borrell or any EU official. I am now getting better sources of info on Solana, and really want it to become a featured article of the week at wikipedia. i hope you can join me in that challenge, and get the article on the front page of wikipedia. I have been putting into the article bits of info you have been giving out about him in other places, such as the external link about sending gunboats to Canada, so I am trying to be inclusive. BTW I did not start the Constance E. Cumbey article, that was a fan of yours, I believe, but it clearly isn't libellous. you can edit it, but in an encyclopedic way, and remebering that you are a primary source about yourself and cannot just make unsourced statements about your beliefs.|lang_es&client=firefox-a if you want to read Cumbey's first link as an html not a download
Thanks for the satire. It was very funny.

The only thing funnier is that so many in leadership around the world meet with Solana; he tells them what they must accept. The citizens in Europe and the US have no idea how much or how little of their future depends on this almost complete stranger. There exists huge numbers of books and magazines in the stores; the internet gives quick access to websites and blogs by the millions; we have the ability to communicate with others around the world; we have access to radio stations on the internet and cable stations in huge numbers; seminars and conferences take place by the dozens daily in think tanks and at universities. If Constance had not started researching Solana and sharing that information, we probably wouldn't even know what we now know. And yet we are still supposed to learn about someone who appears to be extremely politically powerful from one anonymous individual with the help of friends at Wikipedia.

Now that is extremely funny. Why am I not laughing!
Squeakbox, I hope others check out the ugliness you put Cumbey thru at Wikipedia. She had done the research on Solana. You came in and took everything out that disagreed with your thesis and insulted her when she tried to put it back. You added a few little details and did some grammatical editing to the basic article and your own contributions. Then you had the gall to keep referring what was left as your version. I've followed thru to many of the pages where you attempted to silence her by deliberately publicly lying about her. I don't know what she will do, but I wouldn't trust you to carry a glass of water one foot.
Squeakbox said:

"This is my favourite Cumbey quote; and she doesn't even speak Spanish."

A person doesn't need to speak Spanish to properly conduct research on Solana, any more than speaking Spanish would guarantee a good neutral commentary ON Solana.
It's irrelevant. The character of the researcher is more important than whether or not they speak Spanish.

Besides, that's what babelfish is for. It even does fun things with grammar so as to keep you entertained!
Squeakbox also said

"Oh yes, European unity, Latin American unity, African Unity; I like these too. Taking lessons from the USA, clearly the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth right now."

The US is not an assortment of countries each with their own rights of sovereignty and self-determination. Erasing countries to create a BIG country is no guarantee of "good things to come", nor does it guarantee power, nor does it guarantee - in the case of power - that any power created will be benign, even within its own newly created borders.

Eliminating individual countries and putting them all under central CONTROL is no guarantee that European life will do anything but decline. History says they will suffer. Central control over the continent of Europe? Tell me when that has been a good thing.

And don't misunderstand - elimination of individual countries and their sovereign right is, effectively, what the EU will do. Not only is this an obvious fact, there are even EU proponents that have gone on record admitting it.

The US is A republic, one country - with one constitution. You are trying to say that sovereign and separate nations that happen to be on the same continent as OTHER sovereign nations are the same as states within ONE COUNTRY.
Sounds like you are basing your assumptions of the unity of nations sharing the same continent on a "success model" that doesn't exist - the US is ONE country, not many.
Aren't you aware of the difference between a state and a sovereign nation?
And quite frankly, the individual states within the US have more power and control than the EU (formerly individual) countries who will be represented only in the parliament. The parliament, as you may know, has no authority. They have the right to meet and yell and jump up and down, but no power to DO anything.
Those are nations who will have only a ceremonial voice.
No real power.
The power is centralized primarily in Solana, and secondarily in the 10 (for now) members.

Being lumped together into what will effectively become one country and then being ruled by one man is not a sign of unity and enlightenment. It is a sign, all right. But not of "unity" in the sense I think YOU might mean it, Squeakbox. Perhaps you have fuzzy warm visions of everyone getting along and being the same. As we know, when enormous power has, in the past, been concetrated in one person - warm & fuzzy get-along-ish-ness was NOT the result.

The rights of many European opponents of the end of their sovereign nation and its indidivual rights are going unheard. They may be on the brink of being steamrollered into the EU, and you've spent your time cheering on the man behind the motion.

You do realise, Squeakbox, that many Europeans are NOT thrilled with the knowledge that their country is being absorbed by the EU? They know what this will mean to their countries, even if you do not.

Do you even LIVE in Europe? If not, it is strange in you to advocate the erasure of countries you do not live in just because YOU think it sounds good.

Just remember, when they tell you that you must take the mark in order to buy or's a BAD thing.

We'll be praying for your eyes to be opened.

Reference Revelation
Now that is something interesting - Squeakbox, it appears, doesn't really believe in any "prophecy mumbo-jumbo".

What if he had a knowledge of what the prophecies were, and could see them unfold for himself? If he saw them happening, would this cause him to reevaluate? Or would he blow off even the evidence of his own eyes?

Just wondering!

So Squeakbox, which is it? You obviously reserve the right to have and keep your own opinions.
If you were told of a sequence of events - rather UNLIKELY events - and then you saw them actually happen in a very obvious manner, would you reevaluate the possibilities? Namely, the possibility that the bible IS the word of a God you may not have believed even existed?
Would this be proof? Or would you close your eyes and run away and hide from any such belief?
Well, SqueakBox, and the brilliant commenters on this site (I doubled over with laughter on the first anonymous -- it was BRILLIANT). One of my good friends just passed on to me another Wiki "I Love Solana" article from our very good friend SqueakBox, and since he is a preacher/advocate for what he calls "neutral point of view", I thought everybody would like a good look see at this 'neutrality':

Here's the link as well. I would post ONLY the link, except that my long experience with this crowd is that they play a most brilliant game of "now you see us, now you don't":

Javier Solana
From GreatestWiki
Professor Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga is unquestionably one of the greatest of men in both the physics and the political world. He was born July 14, 1942 in Madrid, Spain, is a great European statesman and the honourable High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). He is also the honourable Secretary-General of both the Council of the European Union (EU) and the Western European Union (WEU), essentially Europe's much needed foreign policy chief who can give Europe a real weight in world affairs, preventing the domination of the USA. He was a well respected and well known physicist who became a politician, before serving as NATO Secretary General 1995-99. He has been designated EU Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2006 in a move that will hopefully allow him to become the one voice in Europe to deal with what Henry Kissinger (himself a former European) had long dreamed of. He is widely considered the brightest political mind of his generation, and a brilliant diplomat and admimistrator.

Table of contents [showhide]
1 Family history

2 Student and Physicist

3 Spanish politics


5 EU Foreign Affairs

6 Personal life

[edit]Family history
Solana comes from a famous and highly distinguished Spanish family, being the grandson of famous, highly distinguished and great Spanish League of Nations disarmament chief, diplomat, writer, European integrationist and anti cleric Salvador de Madariaga. His older brother Luis was imprisoned for his heroic political activities opposing the US sponsored evil dictatorship of Franco.

[edit]Student and Physicist
He was an outstanding pupil at school, and even at an early age his natural leadership abilities shone. He was known as both the friendliest and the most intelligent pupil in the entire school. In 1963 as a 3rd year undeergraduate student he was unjustly sanctioned by the Franco puppet university authorities for organising an important and well attended opposition forum at the Complutense University called The Week of University Renovation. He bravely and clandestinely joined the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) in 1964, which had been an illegal party under Franco's USA sponsored dictatorship since 1939, thus running the serious risk of imprisonment. In the same year he graduated top in chemistry. He spent a year furthering his studies in the prestigious Oxford University in the United Kingdom until in 1965 his brilliance led him to the United States of America where for six years he studied at various universities on a Fulbright Scholarship. He so impressed his teachers with his quick mind that he was given a job teaching physics at the University of Chicago. He joined in the protests against the horrific United States participation in the Vietnam War. He received his doctorate in physics in 1968 from the University of Virginia with some highly original and impressive work, where he again taught and did some furhter important researched until 1971. Returning to Spain he was immediately invited to become a top lecturer in solid-state physics at the Complutense University. He was quickly promoted to Professor thanks to his quick grasp of knotty physics problems and his natural teaching style. During these years he published more than 30 important and profound books, showing a highly original and very concise mind.

[edit]Spanish politics
On returning to Spain in 1971 Solana joined the Democratic Co-ordination of Madrid as the PSOE representative. In 1976 he was elected to the very important post of PSOE's Secretary (where he remained for five years) in its first national congress inside Spain since the civil war. This assembly marked a fantastic victory to those like Solana who had risked life and liberty in order to restore freedom, justice and equality to Spain. Solana's tireless personal efforts were considered an important part of the process of bringing democracy to Spain. Solana quickly became a leading PSOE member, and was a close personal friend and trusted advisor of their leader Felipe González, which he remained throughout the many long and difficult years of what was one of the most successful governments in modern history. He became a representative of a teacher's union in the Complutense University, and was so popular in this role that he won a parliamentary seat for PSOE on June 15 1977. Solana also attended the slightly left of centre, social democratic Socialist International conference in France in 1976 and 1977, paving the way for his great friend Felipe González to become Vice President of the organisation in 1978.

On October 28 1982 PSOE won a historic victory with 202 seats, thanks in great part to the vigorous campaign that Solana conducted. On December 3, along with the other members of González' cabinet in a ceremony of great dignity, Solana was sworn in as Minister for Culture by His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain in the first left of centre government in Spain since Franco initiated a bloodbath with his illegal coup d'état against the legitimate Republican government of Manuel Azaña in 1936. He was seen as one of the new lights of the government, which was met with tremendous expectation by the people of Spain. On 5 July 1985 he was also made the Official Spokesman for the Government, a very important post, where he basically became the voice of the government in Spain, until 1988. On July 19 he left the Culture department to become Education Minister. He was given the vital role of Minister for Foreign Affairs on July 22 1992, the day before the opening of the II Ibero-American conference of heads of state in Madrid, replacing the terminally ill Francisco Fernández Ordóñez. On November 27-28 1995, with Spain heading the presidencies of both the EU and the WEU, Solana convened and chaired the Barcelona Conference. A treaty was achieved between the 27 nations in attendance with Solana gaining full credit for what he called a process to foster cultural and economic unity in the Mediterranean region, and what others called the first step on the path towards a United States of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin nation. Many consider that as the temporary EU foreign policy chief (it was Spain's turn in the rotating presidency) he was entirely responsible for the great success of this remarkable conference. It launched him as one of the most highly respected of modern international politicians. The conference was so successful that it developed into the Barcelona Process, a vital part of the longed for European and Mediterranean Basin integration. Optimists talk of all the Mediterranean countries, including Israel and Palestine, one day belonging to the EU, or, as some imagine, the United States of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. It was during these 13 years as a cabinet minister that Solana's reputation as a discreet and diplomatic politician grew and grew. He was the confidant of all. González administration was considered responsible for transforming Spain into a modern, industrial nation, and there is no question but that Solana played an enormous part in this process. By going to the foreign Ministry in the later years of González administration he showed his honest and impeccable nature by avoiding the political scandals of corruption, and the dirty war allegedly being fought against ETA, that characterised it's last years.

Four months before the end of the PSOE era, and amid rumours in the Spanish press that Solana would run for the premiership in those elections (which would have had a different result had he done so), he became new Secretary General of NATO on December 5, replacing Willy Claes who had been forced to resign. NATO needed someone trustworthy, and Solana was the natural candidate. He was the last Minister to leave González' original cabinet, and was sorely missed by the latter and all the members of his government. His appointment created controversy as he had been an opponent of NATO in his past. He had written a pamphlet called 50 Reasons to say no to NATO, and had been on a US subversives list, but as he himself said, the character of NATO and the world had changed in a post cold war world. In March 1986 Spain held a referendum on whether to join NATO, with the government and Solana successfully campaigning in favour. When criticised about his anti NATO past Solana argued that he was happy to be it's representative as it had become dissassociated from it's cold war origins. Solana immediately had the almost impossibly difficult job of taking command of the peacekeeping NATO mission called Operation Joint Endeavour that consisted of a multinational Implementation Force (IFOR) of 60,000 soldiers which took over from a United Nations mission on December 20. This came about through the Dayton agreement, after NATO had bombed selected targets in Bosnia and Herzegovina the previous August and September. In incredibly difficult circumstances, and with no-one believing he would do so, he made the operation a success. In December 1996 the Implementation Force was replaced by a 32,000 strong Stabilisation Force (SFOR) under first Joint Guard and then (in June 1998) under "Joint Forge". Under Solana's guidance and direction, and in response to a new post cold war era, Solana totally reorganised NATO political and military structure and changed it's basic strategies. He did it in such a way that european interests were always considered. Solana did such a good job that even his critics were amazed at how well organized and well thought out was everything he was involved with, and every move he made. Solana gained the reputation of being a very brainy, capable, successful Secretary General who was capable of negotiating between the differing needs both of the members of NATO and those with whom they were negotiating, itself an almost an almost unbelievably difficult task. Everyone respected Solana, and many were in awe. Even the suspicious Americans thawed under his warmth and charms, and gave concessions that they would very probably have done to a less able leader. In December 1995 France returned to the military structure of NATO, while in November 1996 Spain joined it thanks to the personal efforts of Solana. On May 29 1997, in Sintra in Portugal an amazing (and unimaginable only a few years before) agreement was reached with Russia, after long and complex negotiations conducted by Solana personally, that was considered a considerable and remarkable diplomatic achivement as it formally ended over 50 years of hostilities between Russia and the NATO axis. On the same day he set up the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council to improve relations between European NATO and non-NATO coutries. In July in Madrid, in a move that amazed the world and gladdened the hearts of all Europeans, the former Eastern bloc nations of Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland were invited to begin talks to enter NATO. Keeping the peace in the Balkans continued to be both difficult and controversia in spite of Solana's best efforts. IFOR had received a lot of criticism for their inability to capture the evil Serbian and Bosnian leaders Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. Then on March 24, 1999 Solana, having repeatedly tried to negotiate with Serbia to stop it's repression of the Albanian poulation in Kosovo, and failing that then demanding that it do so, and having been given authorisation by NATO member states to do so, he launched air attacks on military and civilian targets in both Serbia and Kosovo province. These attacks were made without the authorisation of the UN Security Council because of the opposition of Russia, a traditional ally of Serbia. Solana rightly and brilliantly justified the attacks on humanitarian grounds, and on the responsibility and duty NATO has to to keep peace in the region. He said he wanted to avoid the horrific ethnic cleansing seen in Bosnia. Solana and NATO were criticised for the civilian casualties their bombings caused, but Solana's actions were justified in his ridding Europe of some very evil men who would undoubtedly have engaged in brutal ethnic cleansing had he not stopped them. Many Europeans are of the opinion that he avoided another European holocaust with his courageous and firm actions. On April 23 - 24 the North Atlantic Council met in Washington D.C., where the Heads of State of the member nations changed the basic defensive nature of the organisation to allow for humanitarian interference, as well as giving greater military control to NATO. There were also many other profound changes that he personally initiated. On June 10 Serbia withdrew from Kosovo, and Solana stopped the attacks, which ended the Kosovo War. He had achieved his humanitarian goals and stopped Europe from descending into another bloodbath such as occurred in the second world war, and received a huge amount of praise from all quarters for this tremendous achievement. The same day Security Council Resolution 1244 allowed a NATO Kosovo Force to launch Joint Guardian and occupy the province on June 12. He left NATO on 6 October two months earlier than scheduled, and was replaced by George Robertson.

[edit]EU Foreign Affairs
On June 3-4 1999 Solana was, to the joy of all, appointed foreign policy chief of the newly created CFSP, which had been established as the second of the three pillars of the EU in the Maastricht Treaty. He started on October 18, also becoming Secretary General of the Council of the EU, in which role he presides over the EU's Political and Security Committee (PSC). On November 25 he also became Secretary General of the WEU, a partially dormant European defence and security organization that is being integrated into the EU under his delicate but sure hand. Though much of the WEU has now been integrated into the the WEU has also seen an increased activity, particularly in the area of military planning, during his tenure there. These posts were extended on June 29, 2004 when he was also designated the EU's first Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2006 (if the new EU constitution is ratified). He has received praise for the extent of his new powers, but criticism that they are not enough in the face of US world dominance, based on it's being the only superpower, andothers dangers that threaten the security of the EU such as terrorism and the rise of a possible Chinese superpower. He has said that even under the new constitution the minister can only act when there is unanimity amongst member states. He has a €26 billion budget, though there are many criticisms that this is simply not enough for the enormous new responsibilities that the EU establishing itself as a superpower requires. In December 2003 Solana released the vital new European Security Strategy, a profound document concerning and ensuring the future safety of the 300 million European Union citizens, and the further 300 million people that constitute Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. In March 2004 in response to the 11 March 2004 Madrid attacks he went on television saying that he thought ETA was responsible. He later said he felt he had a duty to believe what the government had told him as a patriotic Spaniard even though as an active member of PSOE he naturally wanted the militantly anti terrorist José Luis Zapatero to win, which happened. There are rumours that the ETA allegations came from the US government, and that they were deliberately playing on the fact that Solana's weight carries so much importance in Spain, hoping to deceive the Spanish people into voting for the José María Aznar, their ally in their illegal invasion of Iraq. The same Americans then had the cheek to call Spain a country that gives into terrorism, a claim that was met with hilarity throughout Europe as it was Spain, and the González government, who had been the most firm opponents of terrorism during the long years when Solana served as a cabinet minister. Fortunately Solana had emergency powers, as EU foreign policy chief, which he immediately and correctly enacted to the relief of all to ensure the safety of the European people. Thus the truth was discovered: it was not European ETA terrorists but Islamic fundamentalists (originally sponsored and encouraged by the USA government, and determined not to see the Mediterranean basin countries like Morocco eventually join the European Union and projected United States of the European Union and the Mediterranean Basin. Thus the Spanish were saved by Solana from the lies that could have resulted in 4 more years of misery and suffering under the PP's new charismatic leader Mariano Rajoy. On 21 January 2005 Solana excited many when he invited Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko to discuss future EU membership. He has negotiated numerous Treaties of Association between the European Union and various Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. He has played an important and heroic role working with his great colleague and personal friend Kofi Annan from the UN, and with Russia and the USA quartet in the Middle East. He continues to be a primary architect of "The Roadmap", playing a central and vital role working towards a peaceful end to the conflict in Palestine. He met Sharon on July 22 2004 in Jerusalem, where Sharon said he believed that only Solana could lead this troubled region to peace. Solana played a pivotal role in unifying the remainder of the former Yugoslavian federation. He cleverly proposed that Montenegro formed a union with Serbia instead of having full independence. Solana rightly stated this was done to avoid a domino effect from Kosovo and Vojvodina independence demands. His critics taunted him that this new union would only last 2 or 3 years, yet 3 years on it is a peaceful, stable and increasingly prosperous country, thanks almost entirely to Solana. In November 2004, he brought his great skills and experience to successfully assisting Britain, France, and Germany in negotiating a nuclear material enrichment freeze with Iran. The EU has stated it hopes to avoid another invasion like the Iraqi one through this and future negotiations, and Solana has said the most difficult moments of his frankly very difficult job were when the United Kingdom and France, the 2 permanent EU Security Council members, were in disagreement. It is only thanks to Solana's tireless efforts that these 2 fellow European countries are making up after the successful and malicious campaign by the USA (which Solana is aware of) to divide these 2 great and firm allies. Solana is a frequent speaker at the prestigious US based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Solana is likewise active with the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) as well as the New York City based East West Institute.

[edit]Personal life
Solana is very happily married to Concepción Giménez Solana, and they have 2 gorgeous children. He has been said to eat little and sleep less, surviving on a diet of organic fish and fruit. Solana is a gun collector, and enjoys studying military battles. General Wesley Clark, a man who greatly admired and respected Solana, once asked Solana the secret of his diplomatic success. Solana answered, "Make no enemies, and never ask a question to which you do not know or like the answer." He has been described as a "squarer of circles". Solana is a Knight of the Order of St Michael and St George, a member of the Spanish section of the Club of Rome, and has received the Grand Cross of Isabel the Catholicin Spain. Solana has also received the Manfred Wörner Medall of the Defense Minister in Germany.

This is atext modified from the original wikipedia article, and is released under their GFU agreement.

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You're getting muddled Constance. I never said my version of Solana, the one you kindly published, was neutral. It is a good example of a POV (point of view) article, as I believe the wikipedia article was POV on Feb 28. The wickipedia article is now, I believe, balanced and neutral, more or less, words I would never use to describe my "Javier Solana a great statesman amongst us" version. I look forward to reading your version at Global elite wiki. I found this tonight-Solana doing good fulfilling his grandfather's vision. Inspiring stuff:
Now, I don't know why, but something told me back in February 2005 to print out the Wikipedia article on Javier Solana--I did. I could, unless somebody else is or has done it, go and re-enter it as it was since February. Also, I wrote about it on my blog (warning if you don't like Pre-Tribulation Rapture discourse, then you'll want to skip over where I stop and give my diatribe between portions of Javier's wiki bio). I blogged it here.

Does squeakbox have a website or somethin'?

I traced down the complete url for the greatestwiki article on Solana and turned it into a tiny url so that everyone could see the article on site as well as the history of the item. The tiny url will work like an original url. Isn't love grand!!!!! It isn't a "point of view" POV article, it's a love letter out there for the world to see, maybe the greatest love story ever told. Too bad Solana isn't a woman.
And with the Madariaga European Foundation link being posted by Squeakbox, information that some of us have already checked out having learned how to use search engines, others can come closer to understanding why Squeakbox writes so lovingly about Solana. Not yet at the Rumplestilskin level, but closer.
Well, about the only way this week could get any better is for the final shoe to drop. Solana's a Jesuit, too!

Ah common Booch, you can't see a Jesuit conspiracy running the Catholic Church running the world!!! This would destroy almost every conspiracy website on the net. I saw the which said the editor of the Jesuit magazine was resigning. If the Jesuits were in control, there would be no resigning.
This Europe thing is important, but I'm afraid we are missing what is going on in our own government and our own country. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma, and now 9/11. I'd advise everyone to get their hands on some of Alex Jones's documentaries. (ignore Michael Moore, he's a white washer) Our own government is sinking into its own black hole of death. George Bush is probably an occultist and only pretends to be a Christian. The USA Patriot Act that Bush pushed through after 9/11 destroys the Constitution. The Patriot Act allows secret searches, searches without a warrant, and US citizens can be detained without a trial. I was a Republican. I voted for Bush this last election, but I believe that we've been deceived. Don't get me wrong. Kerry is Bush's cousin and a Skull & Bones member. They're both bad guys. The Democrats and Republicans are tools of the World Bankers and the Global Elite. I don't blindly follow either party. I believe in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The government classified the firefighter tapes. Engineers have said that burning jet fuel couldn't melt the steel of the Twin Towers. Firefighters have said bombs were going off when the buildings fell. I'm posting this here because I believe you folks are smart and will research this and then can get the word out better than I can. Alot of information is avalable at and Research FEMA and their prison camps in the US. We can't be too distracted by events in Europe that we can't control. We have to take back our own country. God bless you all.
Solana is hardly a Jesuit -- he's most likely not even baptized -- his grandfather was so anti-clerical that he did not permit Solana's mother nor Aunt Isabel to be baptized. I trust Booch was joking. As far as the USA and us having problems -- that's true. Ole SqueakBox might even be a better prophetic student than he thinks (and I haven't ruled out my SqueakBox is an anti-Solanist using reverse psychology both to get him and to hide from him) -- the prophecy was that the 10 kings handed whatever and whoever the beast turned out to be so they could equalize their power with the great prophetic whore -- not believed by many to represent the USA -- of course, the Jon Eric Phelps crowd would probably claim it was the Vatican, but then the prophecy of the destruction of Babylon was that the ships at sea bewailed her loss, saying "now, who's going to buy our merchandise." Squeakbox, when are you going to organize your own prophetic website, "Squeakbox Squeals on Solana" or something like that?
Correction to last comment: "NOW BELIEVED by many to be the USA" rather than NOT BELIEVED -- of course, there are both factions out there -- but the ten kings were brought together for one purpose only, to hand their power over to the beast so the words of the prophecy would be fulfilled, but then I'm waiting for 'Bible Scholar' SQUEAKBOX to amplify that for us after he seeks guidance from either Selassie or Solana, depending on whoever his 'spirit guide' of the week turns out to be! If I sound as if I speak in parables . . ., 'tis true!
Its important to discuss these matters and keep an eye on what is going on in the world. Hovever, I am a little concerned that Christians on this site are making fun of others. Should we really be expecting this person, Squeekbox, to adhere to our beliefs just because we say so. Our faith is built on a foundation of personal revelation, not because someone says we should believe but because we have encountered the Almighty.
The world is not supposed to understand the things revealed to the church.
We are supposed to love our neighbours and not damage their chance of salvation by following the worlds patterns.
Wikipedia or any other such reservoir of knowledge is a worldly thing, whereas we belong in a heavenly Kingdom, the one won't be reconciled with the other. I dont understand why we are asking people to change their beliefs on our say so.
This is an interesting theory -- that I'm beating up on poor old SqueakBox after all he has done to me NOT JUST ON WIKIPEDIA, but all over the web! An interesting point, but this is probably all that SqueakBox respects -- SqueakBox knows what he is doing and he has had Christian collaborators (hope one of them isn't you??), one a New Zealander graduating from a fine Australian Bible College helping him in erasing:
1. The agenda of the first Barcelona Conference now coming up on its 10th Anniversary with an open agenda of
- Battling religious fundamentalism, worldwide
- Favorable trading terms for EU vs the USA
- Get the USA out of the Mediterranean and/or greatly reduce its presence there.

This conference was held precisely one week after Solana on behalf of EU and Shimon Peres on behalf of Israel concluded a Treaty of Association between the EU and Israel. This is the very same treaty that Solana is preparing to confirm. We had links to it on the Wikipedia site and SqueakBox and One Salient Oversight consciously deleted them because they felt it might cause some to believe that Solana was the prophesied beast of Daniel and Revelation, even though Yours Truly had only said that this might make him an 'educated guess' -- they didn't want you to do anything on an educated level. Here's the link to that story. Better hurry up and read AND DOWNLOAD IT before SqueakBox uses his evidently considerable influence to get that taken off the web too!
As someone ho works and alongside people with new age and postmodern views I have found that a confrontational attitide doesn't help in relating to them. I ceainly dont endorse compromising my beliefs but we are sent to help these people and we need to find the best way to do so. Nations and empires come and go but at least we can remain true to our calling without being so wound up by the world
James, do not assume everyone reading this blog is a Christian.
Next, understand that there is really no separation of church and state. There would be no governmental laws without a reason for laws. Now one could assume that those making the laws had no background and came up with laws based on reasoning. How silly.

SqueakBox and his friends live by a set of rules, but we really do not know what those beliefs are. We can guess and we can put forth the rules by which we live. That's how dialogue takes place. Community develops out of dialogue.

The other option is retreat into our own little communities, feeling safe and secure, but unwilling to face the world outside of our own little nests. However, that leaves us open to destruction if the other little pods of communities join together to destroy monotheists.
I rather suspect Constance has more than competence in dealing with New Age and post-modernist issues. She has dealt successfully and publicly with them since probably 1981!
I dont doubt Constance is a great authority on such issues. My main point which I lost sight of(!) was that sometime particularly if the message is important its equally important to put it across without resorting to quarrelling.
Connie, One Salient Oversight is an Aussie not a Kiwi. You must be confusing him with my Granny (doubtless you read I have spent 6 months in NZ and hence the confusion). Nor has OSO edited the main bulk of the Solana article (only the Beast bit when it was there). If you want to reinclude the Israel-Eu treaty at wikipedia bring it to the talk page there (signing your entry with ~~~~).
SqueakBox, did you ever explain to OSO that he was fighting against a theme you brought to the Solana article? No. You used him to help take out the information you wanted out. You are a manipulative little liar.
James, sometimes it is necessary to level the playing field. When an opponent holds himself so superior as not to respect someone who has another point of view, it is necessary to remind those like SqueakBox that the opponent can argue on for their point of view on many levels.
Dear James:

And sometimes it is so very necessary to remind people we are 'born again,' NOT 'born yesterday' - especially when they are people, such as SqueakBox who have had amply more than fair warnings and are seeking to prevent others from receiving word!

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