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Today I submitted the following article to for publication.  I have made an executive decision to give my own blogspot participants the first look.  LCWR, "Leadership Conference of  Women Religious" was featured as a victim of "persecution" by a "new inquisition" on this past Sunday night's 60 Minutes.  Let me know what you think.  I am particularly interested in Susanne's always relevant opinions on subjects involving Catholic issues.

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This immediate past Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, 2013, CBS' 60 MINUTES (Sixty Minutes) presented a portrayal of American Nuns, or at least those represented by the LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) as allegedly 'persecuted' victims of a new Catholic Church "Inquisition”.  It featured LCWR President Pat Farrell talking plaintively with correspondent Scott Pelley.  The American nuns were being "persecuted" for alleged lack of religious orthodoxy.  The Vatican office "persecuting" them was one and the same, under a changed name as "The Inquisition" ("Supreme Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition).   In 1904 the name was changed to the "Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office" for the Doctrine of the Faith .   The present name of the office charged with maintaining religious fidelity in the Roman Catholic Church is the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidel).[1]

A new inquisition?  Well, since nobody I know particularly wants that old medieval bloody spectacle, I thought I would look into it.  What I discovered was something particularly different.  If anything ever justified an "inquisition," apart from the extreme teachings of excommunicated Catholic priest Matthew Fox, this scene just might.

What is the LCWR and just what do they stand for?

"LCWR" is the acronym for Leadership Conference of Women Religious." [2]  It purports to represent Catholic women religious, e.g. Sisters or nuns of various religious orders.  Its president appeared on that 60 Minutes program this past Sunday, March 17, 2013.  I suspect Saint Patrick himself would have cried in dismay at what was said there on his feast day.

The nuns were, per Farrell and Scott Pelley "persecuted" e.g. criticized and asked to reform, because of their alleged lack of religious orthodoxy.  Just what was this lack of alleged religious orthodoxy?  Was it failing to say rosaries?  No!  Was it for eating steak on Lenten Fridays?  No!

It was instead for their blatant radical feminist as well as New Age agenda and theologies.  It was for having openly New Age leader Barbara Marx Hubbard as their 2012 Convention speaker telling all that "God is not 3 Guys in the Sky".  The theme of that convention was  “MYSTERY UNFOLDING:  LEADING IN THE EVOLUTIONARY NOW.”  It was further for taking Barbara Marx Hubbard as a religious mentor, indeed as the keynote speaker for the 2012 St. Louis, Missouri convention.  You can watch segments for yourself by going to this link.  I suggest you use an appropriate saving program and/or your video camera to record it.  I suspect it might rapidly disappear upon the publication and dissemination of this article.

This deviation from religious orthodoxy was indeed deep and fundamental.  It was truly not orthodox Roman Catholicism, but instead was a form of promotion of a New World Religion.  Under Pope John Paul II, the Roman Catholic Church took official stands against New Age religion as utterly incompatible with Christianity.  Pope John Paul II  made his first public pronouncement against it to American bishops meeting at the Vatican in June 1993.  Official provisional Vatican documents warning against it were released against in in 2003.  Here is a link to reading JESUS CHRIST THEBEARER OF THE WATER OF LIFE:  A CHRISTIAN REFLECTION ON THE “NEW AGE” I

I'll say this for that bunch.  They never quit.  This reminds me of an earlier equally disgraceful 1985 event in St. Louis, Missouri.   That was the April 8-11, 1985 NCEA Convention  (National Catholic Education Association).  Prominent New Age activists starred and ran that convention under the blessings of its then president, also a nun.  The theme that year was "Catholic Schools:  Sharing Vision, Teaching Values."  The “vision” they were sharing and the values they were teaching were distinctly New Age ones.  They came in no small part from Lucis Trust itself.  For the benefit of the "uninitiated" Lucis Trust started life under its founders Alice and Foster Bailey as Lucifer Publishing Company.  I have three books in my personal library under that Lucifer Publishing imprint.  Robert Muller, one of its activist members also serving opportunely as the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations in charge of 37 agencies, including but not limited to UNESCO was the keynote speaker for that convention.  Global Education Associates (founded and headed by Gerald and Patricia Mische) conducted workshops openly praising and recommending Lucis Trust books and sources.  New Age writer Robert Theobald presented workshops.

I was asked to come to that convention by now deceased Elaine Beckers-Braun, a Kansas City early supporter of my expository work against the New Age Movement.  She bought an airline ticket, paid my entry fees and arranged for my presence at that event.  Early in the morning of my first day there, still nursing a headache, I was awakened by Elaine grumbling that they needed a "Resolution."  She then said, “there's a typewriter.”  I mumbled back, “that's a nice typewriter.”  Elaine barked,”get up and start writing.  I did.  Elaine had it typeset, published and circulated while I was away later that afternoon doing a radio interview.  When I  returned, people were clutching their sides and laughing.  The conference organizers were not laughing.  They were distinctly embarrassed.  The resolution circulators were threatened with unexecuted threats for convention expulsion and even arrest.  The conservative Catholic paper THE WANDERER made it their feature story for the next week.  Needless to say, the 1986 convention was relatively "toned down" at least from an overt New Age sense.  If you would like your personal copy of that Resolution which I recently found and scanned to disk, email me at with the subject line "1985 NCEA Resolution."  I'll email it back to you as a .pdf attachment.

Well, the same Catholic with a very small “c” New Agers are emboldened and they are back.  It is amazing how many of the same old players are in the game.  Now they are "much longer in the tooth" and angry at their nearly 30 year delay of their plans for inaugurating their "New World Religion" with its "New Christ" for "the New Age."  As before they are attempting to use the Roman Catholic Church as well as evangelical subverts and cohorts to do their business.

The LCWR has been greatly used by its NewAge factions.  Barbara Marx Hubbard was the lead speaker for the 2012 Convention.  You can view the photograph montage video for yourself by visiting the LCWR website  That will give you an option to go to this link: .  A handy "tinyurl" address is  As these and the other New Age fellow travelers play a delightful little game of "Now you see us, now you don't," I recommend you save it or video-photograph it for yourself.  For only $50 you may order the actual DVD of Barbara Marx Hubbard's entire LCWR presentation.  Of course, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is FREE and definitely a much better bargain than the LCWR spectacle.

Keynoter Barbara Marx Hubbard tells these theologically renegade nuns "you are the best seed bed for evolving the Church and the world in the 21st Century."

I'm happy I've had the privilege of meeting so very many fine Cathoic nuns who definitely do not share their opinions and would recoil at the prospect of Barbara Marx Hubbard advocating at their meetings.

I note for the record, as I did in my past NewswithViews series that Barbara Marx Hubbard performed similar “honors” for a conference held with Evangelical leaders at Gold Lake, Colorado on October 23-26, 1987.  She co-chaired that meeting with none other than Doug Coe.  The event was underwritten by Fellowship Founder core group member Paul N. Temple, his daughter and his son in law.  Paul Temple is also known as the co-Founder and President Emeritus of the decidedly New Age “Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).The theme of that meeting was “Bridging through Christ.”  I note cynically that they failed to tell the Christian participants, “which 'Christ”.  You may review that equally sorry situation by visiting my old NewswithViews archives on “The Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism.”

Well, since 60 Minutes raised the subject of "Inquisition," I thought we might explore what Barbara Marx Hubbard whom they sponsored and endorsed had in mind as inquisition punishments for those not accepting her own "New Gospel."  Selected passages definitely read in context from her book THE BOOK OF CO-CREATION, THE BOOK OF REVELATION are telling.  First of all, the old serpentine lie of thumb your nose at God and thou shalt be as gods is presented:

Believers in your potential to be me, listen now. You have nothing to fear. Eternal life is already yours.  An irreversible process has begun in you which can no more be turned off than the mechanism of puberty.  You will go the whole way to become co-creative.  You may be killed, but you shall not die.  You shall be resurrected, as I was . If you are called upon to suffer and die during the tribulations, you must keep in mind at all times that the suffering of the present cannot compare with the glory which shall be revealed in you.  Yours the glory, yours the power, O believers in your potential to be Christ-like humans.[3]

She (and the obvious demons speaking through her) project a very unpleasant fate for those who do not accept that very newest version of their peculiar version of Revelation:

Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend with all their heart, mind and spirit. One -fourth is ready to so choose, given the example of one other who has made the commitment. One-fourth is resistant to election . They are unattracted by life ever-evolving . Their higher self is unable to penetrate the density of their mammalian senses. They cannot be reached.  They do not ask ...yet they are good . They go about their business, eating, sleeping, reproducing and dying . They are full-fledged animal/humans. One-fourth is destructive.  They are born angry with God.  They hate themselves.  They project this hatred onto the world . They are defective seeds.

There have always been defective seeds.  In the past they were permitted to die a "natural death." Their bodies were recycled to new life, and their souls reincarnated in bodies capable of receiving signals from the higher self.

Well, in the past we "one-fourth defective seeds" were permitted to die a "natural death."  Not so in their "New Age" projected future.  Read on:

Now as we approach the quantum shift from creature-human to co-creative human  . . . the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body.  We have no choice, dearly beloveds.  It is a case of the destruction of the whole planet, or the elimination of the ego-driven, godless one-fourth who, at this time of planetary birth, can, if allowed to live on to reproduce their defective disconnection, destroy forever the opportunity of Homo sapiens to become Homo universalis, heirs of God . . . Before this stage of power can be inherited by the God-centered members of the social body, the self-centered members must be destroyed. There is no alternative.  Only the God-centered can evolve.  Only the good endures. [4]

Why are they doing it (killing us 'defective seeds, i.e. those not accepting their theological babbling)?  Why for the 'sake of the world, of course.  Read on:

We come to bring death to those who are unable to know God.  We do this for the sake of the world.

Well, now if executed as promised, that's the real Inquisition.  A bloody one at that!

Maybe the good sisters of the LCWR didn't know what Barbara Marx Hubbard really stood for.  Maybe they, the educational elite of the various religious orders were merely guilty of sloppy scholarship.  Is that what Catholic parents really want as education for their children?  I suspect not!

Cardinal Levada, Pope Benedict's successor as head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, himself theologically liberal enough to sponsor and endorse United Religions unsuccessfully remonstrated with these renegade nuns over their theology.  If it was bad enough to shock Cardinal Levada, it was bad indeed!  Levada threatened in his correspondence with LCWR to have it de-certified as a Catholic organization.  Plans were allegedly discussed to create and authorize a new organization more representative of traditional Catholic Church theological views than this organization, even radical by Cardinal Levada's relatively relaxed standards.   For more information on “United Religions Initiative, read Lee Penn's excellent book, FALSE DAWN.

Well, if the LCWR women 'religious' win this battle, they might consider a new name more indicative of their own new "evolutionary theology."  I respectfully suggest this:  “THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD RELIGION."

The "persecuted nuns" of the LCWR had as their 2012 convention theme:  "Mystery Unfolding:  Leading in the Evolutionary Now."  They may well want to consider instead, the old discarded Scriptural definition of "Mystery" which is closer to the Revelation 17th definition of "Mystery Babylon" which corrupted the entire world -- the original serpentine mysteries which Barbara Marx Hubbard glorifies in her book THE HUNGER OF EVE.  Those mysteries are the original two lies of the Serpent to Eve about those willingly in disobedience to God:  (1) Thou shalt not surely die; and (2) Thou shalt be as gods.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  I'll bet that many more Catholic sisters than the nuns LCWR purports to represent feel that way too!  I pray they do!

[1] Source Wikipedia article "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" March 21, 2013.
[2] Source 
[4] Hubbard, ibid, page 59.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

evolving the church and the world -
reminds me of

latest warning, Accommodating the Culture. That's part of what these nuns etc. are doing.

Terry said...


What's a "PRE-PUBLICATION MANUSCRIPT EDITION"? Where exactly can it be consulted and what is its provenance? Also, you haven't cited a source for quotes two and four in the series.


Constance Cumbey said...

Barbara Marx Hubbard sold her book in a thick blue paper binder labeling it exactly as written "pre-publication manuscript edition." I have owned mine since 1983. She sold it extensively in that form for approximately $30 as I recall from 1983 until a later trade paperback edition was published that was financed by Laurance Rockefeller. The quotes from Barbara Marx Hubbard are from that edition which is in my personal library. She sold several other books of her own also in that same "pre-publication manuscript edition" including books of hers on "resonating core groups."
She falsely told me that she had discontinued that book when I met her in Boulder, Colorado in 1986, shortly after their "Harmonic Convergence." HOWEVER, I discovered that she was very much continuing to market and sell that book when I was in Seattle speaking in 1987 and easily bought a new copy of it at her friend's home working on Barbara Marx Hubbard's Soviet American Dialogue Project. All the quotes from BMH are from this "pre-publication manuscript" which she labeled as "THE REVELATION, Alternative to Armageddon, Barbara Marx Hubbard, from THE BOOK OF CO-CREATION, an Evolutionary Interpretation of the New Testament.
The "Out of the Full Spectrum" quote is from page 59.
The "Now as we approach the quantum shift . . ." quote is page 60.

The "defective seeds" permitted to "die a natural death" quote is from page 60.

The later edition was called "THE REVELATION - A MESSAGE OF HOPE FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM." That was the one "generously financed" by Laurance Rockefeller. That was labeled on the copyright page as "Second Edition copyright 1995 by Barbara Marx Hubbard". It indicated that there were 4 printings between 1993-1994 of the "first edition." I own that also and probably have the first edition of it. I have a very large library and sometimes locating it can be something of a needle on a haystack, but the Amazon page selling the later Laurance S. Rockefeller publication funding is on the Acknowledgment page.
I obtained my initial copies of the book in the blue 8 x 11 format in the 1980's. All quotes and much, much more are from that "manuscript" which frankly was a little wilder than the Laurance Rockefeller funded edition.


Anonymous said...

Dear Constance:

As a devout Catholic, who was taught by traditional God-fearing nuns for 12 years of Catholic school back in the late 1940s - 1950s, I am absolutely horrified and disgusted with what is happening in many (but thankfully not all) of the convents within my Catholic Church.

It is unfortunate that dear old St. Patrick isn't around today to drive 'the snakes' out of these renegade New Age feminists groups who dare to thumb their noses at God and call themselves 'religious' orders of nuns represented by the LCWR.

Their manipulative tactics are quite transparent, as they portray themselves as victims, by crying 'new inquisition' directed to anyone who has the courage to stand up to them and question their radical motives and agenda.

Many years ago, EWTN's Mother Angelica was asked by a young woman in her television audience, who felt that God was 'calling' her to a vocation in the religious life, if she had any advice to give her. Mother Angelica said yes, to please take her time and do her homework to investigate and research the various religious orders in the United States, to make sure that she was entering one that was both traditional and orthodox.

May God have mercy on the souls of those who dare to deviate from their religious orthodoxy....and who persist in leading others on the path that promotes a New World Religion!!! They will have to answer to Almighty God!!!

Unfortunately, Satan is alive and well. He knows his time is short. He is stepping up his game to accept 'the big lie' (we are all gods)....which is as old as Adam & Eve. So, the battle between good and evil will continue until the end of time....both inside and outside of the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Wow...the old Constance Cumbey is back, I hope for at least a period of time, with this information.

We need more from this Cumbey which would be superceding the yadayadayada from a person who has thought this blog was her domain.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 7:19 a.m.

You are so very right. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

7:19 I am so glad to see that there are those who understand what is going on are still around, hoping for more detail on what changes are taking place.

Terry said...

It would be great to have a scan of those two pages then, especially if it's not - purposely - in later print editions. What about the "bring death to those who are unable to know God" quote? Is it from the same manuscript?

Constance Cumbey said...

I just added another picture of "The Shift Network" website prominently featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard with a boast that "We're Co-Creating the Catholic Church."

God forbid!


Constance Cumbey said...


The "We Come to Bring Death" quote is from page 61 of the same "Manuscript." I've scanned the cover sheet, copyright page and will show them in .png file form at the bottom of the story for your benefit. If you click on it, they should blow up to full size.


Terry said...

OK. That's part of the famous quote: "We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death. We come to bring death to those who are unable to know God. . . . The riders of the pale horse are about to pass among you. Grim reapers, they will separate the wheat from the chaff. This is the most painful period in the history of humanity." Lee Penn cites it as well, from the same manuscript (in 1980).


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

John Paul II was scarcely resolute against New Age given what went on at Assisi with his blessing when he was Pope.

Constance Cumbey said...

The Assisi Meeting was 1986 and it was clearly bad. He later changed course and started speaking out against the New Age Movement in 1993 and thereafter. It was said that he was writing an encyclical against it. The New Agers (Benjamin Creme) used to boast that "the Pope will bend his knee." However, in a later book, Creme bewailed that the Pope had totally rejected the teachings about "Maitreya" and that acceptance would not come with JPII. That Creme book is part of my library.


Anonymous said...

Didn't JP2 do it again at Assisi in 2002?

Constance Cumbey said...

I'm not familiar with the 2002 meeting. Can you give me a link? I'll do some "googling."


Constance Cumbey said...


Constance Cumbey said...

Does look like a whole lot happened there, ostensibly for "peace" and not "New World Religion." I'm glad God is judging and I don't currently have the job!


Constance Cumbey said...

I noticed that somebody has attached this article and/or the NewswithViews one to many porn sites. For sure, somebody doesn't want this article read.


Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

In 1995 the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life established the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR), an organization parallel to the LCWR, whose 168 members of the level of provincial or general superiors represent some 20% of the country's women religious.

In the 1980s, several religious communities saw the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which had been established on December 12, 1959 under the name "Conference of Major Superiors of Women in the United States", as turning towards secular and political interests and as supporting dissent from the Church's teaching. They asked to be authorized to form a parallel association clearly loyal to the Magisterium, and the Holy See finally granted their request in 1992 with provisional approval. It obtained definitive approval on October 26, 1995 under the pontificate of Blessed Pope John Paul II.

CMSWR members differ from those of the LCWR in having "major superiors" rather than "leaders" and in wearing recognizable religious habits. Their institutes have only 20% of the women religious of the United States, but they are younger, and growing in numbers.

When the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life announced it would conduct an apostolic visitation of American women religious to examine their quality of life, ministries, and vocation efforts in January, 2009, the CMSWR - unlike the LCWR - welcomed the visitation and encouraged members to cooperate fully.

Of course, the LCWR habitually tries to shift the focus of attention away from their dissent by bringing up the issue of sexual misconduct on the part of the clergy which was primarily of a homosexual nature and perpetrated against pubescent boys. But the hypocrisy of the LCWR was exposed when LCWR member Sister Margaret Farley drew public disapproval from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for herself and her book, Just Love, which emphasized a toleration of homosexuality, feminism ( read New Age spirituality ) , and masturbation contrary to the Catholic teachings. In the statement, he ( Levada ) maintained that Farley's teachings were a "defective understanding of the objective nature of natural moral law" and were "in direct contradiction with Catholic teaching in the field of sexual morality"

Among the other issues near and dear to certain renegade members of LCWR has been the issue of women's ordination. Sister Theresa Kane is one of the more notorious examples because she had the nerve to take her whining performance straight to the Pope ( John Paul II ).


Susanna said...


Last but not least is the incident in which Barbara Marx Hubbard was invited to speak at the opening of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious assembly in St. Louis just last August. It was reported in the National Catholic Register which is now a service of EWTN. Hubbard must have been channelling her inner Pierre Teilhard de Chardin because she certainly combined a lot of his neologistic terminology with her own New Age twaddle. Emphasis mine in the following exerpt.........

Futurist Addresses LCWR Assembly

by ANN CAREY Wednesday,
August 08, 2012

....In the first open session, the featured speaker, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, was led through the assembly hall at the Millennium Hotel by several sisters who were waving orange scarves draped over their arms.

Once on the stage, the sisters moved in a circle around Hubbard as they raised and lowered the scarves, and the assembly was asked to extend their hands in blessing while singing, “Spirit of vision, Spirit of life! Spirit of courage, be with her now! Wisdom and truth be on her lips!”

Hubbard is an engaging speaker, and she knew how to connect with her audience, though the futurist terminology she used left this journalist reaching for a dictionary to look up “noosphere,” “cosmo genesis,” synergistic convergence” and “Christification.”

Hubbard believes that we are at a critical time in humanity, a “tipping point” that will lead to either breakdown or evolutionary breakthrough. She made vague references throughout her talk to the “crisis” the LCWR was facing, and she encouraged the members by saying that breakthroughs often happen only after chaos or crisis. Furthermore, she proclaimed, the LCWR members were just the kind of people to lead humanity to this breakthrough because of their “evolutionary capacities” that had guided the organization over the past 40 years more.....


Susanna said...


The following article by Rod Dreher is a gem.


By Rod Dreher August 10, 2012


Photos in the following..........including the "orange scarf dance."

LCWR keynote speaker's remarks on evolution, cocreation cause concern

Submitted on August 08, 2012

Jennifer Brinker |
Updated at noon on Aug. 9.

Barbara Marx Hubbard told those attending the Leadership Conference of Women Religious Aug. 8 that the meaning of using power for good came to her after reading "The Phenomenon of Man," a book written by 20th century French philosopher and Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

In that book, she learned how Teilhard discovered God in evolution and the entire evolutionary process as being inspired from within. Over time, Hubbard said, "I found myself shifting from my role as the procreator towards the role of cocreator."


LCWR Keynote Speaker – A new age quack

So as you can see, Constance, we are in agreement about the situation with the LCWR. You have pretty much nailed it!

It will certainly be interesting to see how Pope Francis deals with the situation. While he is known to be tender and caring when it comes to the poor and downtrodden, he doesn't seem to be the kind of man who suffers fools gladly.

Constance Cumbey said...

Thank you Susanna! Your comments and information were nothing short of brilliant!


Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

Just a couple of comments about Pope Francis.

FYI Pope Francis is against globalization. He is insistent that globalization is "detrimental to the poor."

His own humble devotion to the poor combined with the stand he took as Jesuit provincial against his own fellow Jesuits who were peddling Liberation Theology is a statement to the world that Marxism/Communism/Socialism is not the way to go if a Christian wants to really help the poor and not merely exploit the poor for the sake of political gain.

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

Thank you for your kind words.

Catholics who are faithful and loyal to the teaching Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church are not going to give "nuns" such as these the time of day.

I know I don't.

Constance Cumbey said...

I'll be sharing and discussing this content tomorrow morning. My voice is still very raw so I could use call-in help to The toll free number to call is 888-747-1968.
Time will be 7 am to 9 am Pacific time, 10 am to noon, Eastern.

Anonymous said...

Barbara promoting Sistergiant a few months back.
Barbara promoting Marianne Williamsons feminine political group. Dangerous women.

Deepak ChopraVerified account‏@DeepakChopra
My friend Barbara Marx Hubbard has a new book out, "Birth 2012." I highly recommend reading it

Another of Barbara's friends, Deepak Chopra. Another very dangerous individual.

Barbara's message about OCCUPY WALL STREET.

The new media setup to promote better television, media etc. The likes of Eckart Tolle and Jim Carey, Barbara and friends are promoting this new group. Very dangerous.
(Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walshe) and Barbara.

I won't leave anymore but suffice it to say that I know Barbara Marx Hubbard to be a most dangerous woman and unfortunately she and her massive network of friends are pulling in alot of lost souls. I have driven some online friends mad with all my worries and complaints about Old Mother Hubbard. How did the interviewer from the 60 minutes show FORGET to mention that Barbara was the Keynote speaker at the LCWR? and people wonder why the VAtican is so concerned about these nuns? I followed the Barbara Marx Hubbard / LCWR drama last year. It was just as terrifying as Barbara's old speech....

Its interesting to note too that many of Barbara's friends and those of that ilk end up on the Oprah version of Sunday Mass (Super Soul Sunday). Almost every person she interviews on that show are new age / anti christian 'people' trying to promote the opposite of what God has shown us.

I'm a concerned CAtholic wife and Mum from Australia.

Your Mother named you well, she must have had an inkling of what was in store for you (important work). Thank you Constance.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 12:12

All the way from Australia! Thank you for your kind and insightful comments.


Anonymous said...

Deepak Chopra talks unmitigated nonsense about quantum theory. He was finally skewered about that by Richard Dawkins, of all people.


Anonymous said...

I have thought that something had crept into our local community that has a very New Age feel to it. Their community is called the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in Donaldson Indiana. They have recently built an art center that has the name of "Moon Tree" and a logo to go with it. You can see that site here It has their moon tree logo and note the black background. I did some research and found that sure enough they have members in the LCWR and promoted the video on their facebook page here The area has also been renamed recently. Apparently we no longer need the poor handmaids of Jesus Christ portion. So sad... but you have confirmed what I suspected.

Anonymous said...

How good it would be if there were multiples of Physicist around!!! Intelligent, patient, aware of what is going on in the world. If there is fundraiser in your area Physicist, offer a dinner with you to the highest bidder. It should bring in a good amount of money. I know I would bid on such a thing.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I understand that some politician who was against gay marriage changed his tune on learning that his daughter or son I forget which is homosexual. (I just overheard this on TV a while ago while busy with other stuff, and this isn't the first time I note that supporters of this stuff have gay kids or relatives.)

Seems to me that this is an example of what St. Paul called "inordinate affection," not to mention misapplied family loyalty, something that overrides morality.

There is a lot more of this stuff than you would think in the supposedly conservative scene. double lives on the one hand, and soft on sin because a loved one is into it.

an interesting list of just some of the people into homosexual teen prostitution in the Reagan and Bush years, mostly Republican, can be found in
"Programmed to Kill" by Dave McGowan, drawing on published news sources. These scandals got swept under the rug.

At least with the liberals you know what you are getting.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 2:26

Donaldson, Indiana? Appears to be close to Plymouth, Indiana. I lived there and worked at the local hospital from October 1962 to about the same time in 1964 when we moved to Tiffin, Ohio. Many memories in that town. I'm still looking over the material. The "Earthworks" probably concerns me the most -- a lot of what I see there looks tame compared to a lot of what I have seen elsewhere. I haven't seen enough of the artist's work to make up my mind. She could have well once been a student of the sisters and they could be encouraging her business -- maybe she is donating some of the proceeds, I don't know. I'm studying the site and the links, but it sure brings back memories: Plymouth, LaPaz, Culver, Howell, South Bend, Mishawaka, etc.
I grew up, BTW, in Fort Wayne, Indiana and graduated from High School in Roanoke, Indiana.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

China gets on the eugenics bandwagon.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Academia is eating its young. check links on fraud in research also in this article.

Constance Cumbey said...

I filled several requests for the 1985 NCEA Resolution which also has an attached copy of Robert Muller giving a New Group of World Servers presentation at Lucis Trust at the end of 1984, very close in time to when he went to NCEA in St. Louis in 1985 to be the keynoter speaker.

Just email me with "1985 NCEA Resolution" on subject line, and I send the scanned copy to you. It does contain valuable information. I'm toying with the idea of posting all content here on the blogspot. What do you think?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

post it! and what about naming names discussed on a previous blog thread?

Anonymous said...

The New Age movement is a resurgence of Nazism. See how.

Kitty Werthman is now in her late '80s. She has been speaking at Eagle Forum meetings around the country. She lived through the takeover of Austria by the Nazis and speaks of the parallels between then and how. Here are two of the videos.

There are others.

Here are some responses.
Interesting that it remains undetermined at Snopes which would normally jump at a chance to debunk it.

Here a young twerp can't debunk it but is sure that those times and now are very far apart.

It is fascinating to read the comments and see how different people view things. In addition, it is so clear that information about the New Age movement is so very missing where those who are so proud of their brains are.

Craig said...


Are you aware that your first book is available on Internet Archive aka The Wayback Machine?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think the twerp without reading it yet probably thinks that the context nazism came in made possible stuff in those days, that could not develop in this context, these days far from those days, and we can all benefit from the good in nazism.

well, the trouble is, enough of those influences soaking into these days, will bring them closer to the context of those days, and yes, the whole damn thing can break loose again.

aside from the issue, that the twerp probably doesn't acknowledge, that the New Age is problematic spiritually in itself.

Anonymous said...

Great first paragraph Christine. I think there are a lot of people around who believe "we can all benefit from the good in Nazism" and the bad will never happen. The part I put in quotes should be the slogan for the New Age movement.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting article on the popularity of digital money in light of the Cyprus situation-

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Anonymous said...


I think we need to be careful of painting a broad brush on both sides. For example, Sister Sara Butler is also a member of the LCWR and is the polar opposite of these nuns.

Individual views do not always represent the mission statements of the communities they belong too, and there are many communities in the LCWR, that do not share these views.

The issue is these nuts are just very vocal.

And the things they brag about caring for the poor etc. ALL nuns do these things!

Someone remind them that they took "voluntary" vows of obedience.


Constance Cumbey said...

Savvy's comments are very good. Sister Sara Butler, hmmm. Well,I'm a Butler by birth -- had to be a good lady!! (rofl)

Happy Easter to all.


Susanna said...

Dear Savvy,

I hear what you are saying and I agree that we need to be careful about painting everyone with the same brush.

Unfortunately, however, the LCWR dissenters, like the devil, are usually the ones who make the front page.

It seems to me that the sisters who are members of LCWR must surely know about the parallel - and more loyal - organization CMSWR and why it was established with provisional - and then definitive - approval under the pontificate of Blessed Pope John Paul II. If they DO know about it, why would they want to remain with LCWR?

This is not to say that every single religious affiliated with CMSWR is necessarily simon pure, but I have not seen any specific evidence to indicate significant corruption in CMSWR.

As for LCWR, even if all members are not corrupt, it is nevertheless true that if you lie down with dogs you put yourself in danger of catching their fleas."

Susanna said...


Susanna said...


More to your point, the following article from the New Oxford Review extensively quotes and refers to Sister Sara Butler, who also happens to be a respected theologian.

A Personal & Ecclesial Tragedy of Immense Proportion

October 2012By Anne Barbeau Gardiner

.... By 1971 feminist nuns were in control of LCWR, and by the
1980s were able to co-opt John Paul II’s “attempt to assess the state of religious life” in the U.S. The secular media offered protection from the hierarchy, for whenever the Magisterium intervened in matters related to the sisters, it was “an immediate media cause célèbre.”

Today leading feminist sisters often take public stands against Church teaching. Some claim to have a “prophetic” vocation to eradicate injustices in the Church. Sr. Sara (Butler) responds that “it cannot be the prophetic vocation of apostolic religious to repudiate the ministerial priesthood and the hierarchical structure of the Church.” Ironically, the LCWR leaders charged with main­taining ties with the hierarchy themselves support the “anti­hierarchical option” and give their allegiance to the People of God, a chimerical Church that is a “discipleship of equals.” Sr. Sara notes that while many women religious are influenced in their thinking by these ruling feminists, others remain aloof and silent like Cordelia, fearful of speaking out. Sr. Elizabeth writes that “the ongoing, functional tutelage of LCWR” has brought “community after community” under the control of “progressive leadership who belong to that conference, which systematically co-opted the entire course of renewal by effecting a ‘corporate transformation’ into a liberal-feminist-ecological-social-justice-oriented agenda.” These leaders live a “corporate executive lifestyle” while publicly challenging Catholic doctrine and worship; they seem not to be accountable to anyone for squandering their religious orders’ physical and spiritual heritage.

I for one was especially interested in learning what some of the more radical LCWR nuns meant when they spoke about "moving beyond Jesus." Here is what I found:

Vatican to sisters: Enough moving beyond Jesus

April 19, 2012 By mollie

During this era of crisis and decline, some Catholic religious orders have chosen to enter a time of “sojourning” that involves “moving beyond the church, even beyond Jesus,” Sinsinawa Dominican Sister Laurie Brink told a 2007 national gathering of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

“Religious titles, institutional limitations, ecclesiastical authorities no longer fit this congregation, which in most respects is Post-Christian,” added Brink, a former journalist who is a biblical studies professor at Chicago’s Catholic Theological Union. For these women, the “Jesus narrative is not the only or the most important narrative.

Now my problem is not that these sisters are sincere in their beliefs.

My problem is that these sisters continue to call themselves Roman Catholic Christian religious - or Christians period -at the same time they continue to sincerely hold such beliefs.

St. Thomas Aquinas would have described their self- professed "sojourning" status as "adding hypocrisy to their heresy."

Susanna said...

FAU Professor In “Jesus Stomping” Incident Placed On Administrative Leave

March 29, 2013

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Jesus narrative" - I strongly suspect that they view the history of Jesus as a mere storytelling thing, you get in a mood listening to that narrative, maybe take it as involving models to immitate or learn from like some mythology thing, or some fairy story or some fiction out of McGuffy's Readers, but not take it seriously as REAL.

John Rupp said...

Happy Easter to you too Susanna! Thank you for everything you share in this site. You are a great contributor here and I have learned some good information from you.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Happy Easter to everyone here, and happy Pascha (in May this year) to any EO on board here.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Susanna and All.

He is risen indeed - Hallelujah!

~ K ~

Anonymous said...


The issue here is the ones in leadership. The Vatican needs to replace the leadership, rather than go after the whole community. And also appoint other women to oversee the reform. This way they cannot claim they are being oppressed by men.

I also have to laugh at what she calls the "discipleship of equals."

Equality treats similar things similarly. Men and women are equal, but because the differ, they have separate restrooms.

Only a crazy person would argue this is inequal, sexist, etc.

The whole purpose of this to push LGBT politics.

They want the kingdom, because they know the Catholic church has influence, but they do not want the King, which is Christ.

One of the reasons, they refuse to leave and think they can stay to change the church to suit them.

And Happy Easter to everybody!


Susanna said...


Of course you are right, but I am curious as to why more LCWR nuns are not speaking out against an organization that claims to be speaking for all nuns in America?

The Nastiest LCWR Reaction Yet

May 6, 2012

This interview with Sister Brigid McDonald (no relation) of The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet is a perfect snapshot of everything wrong with a certain strain of American religious life. The woman is alternately nasty, ignorant, arrogant, and contemptible. She’s a dissident, pro-abortion, pro-Occupy Wall Street shrew who spits venom at the Pope and the Church, yet seems offended and shocked that this same Church dared to try to restore order to the religious life of American women. There is no charity, no faith, no love in any of her words. After a lifetime of religious life, this is what she has to show for her faith? Anger, bitterness, and hubris? How very sad.......

Sister McDonald:

I can’t even begin to imagine what he could say or do that would change religious women’s beliefs. I don’t know how he plans to change that. That is of concern. That could be scary — what will he do to change our beliefs. You know, that scares me.


[“What will he do to change our beliefs?” What are you raving about now? What beliefs? The report says it clearly: “On the doctrinal level, this crisis is characterized by a diminution of the fundamental Christological center and focus of religious consecration which leads, in turn, to a loss of a “constant and lively sense of the Church” among some Religious…. It arises as well from a conviction that the work of any conference of major superiors of women Religious can and should be a fruitful means of addressing the contemporary situation and supporting religious life in its most 'radical' sense—that is, in the faith in which it is rooted." They're trying to return Christian nuns to Christian orthodoxy. It's what you professed to believe when you took your vows. If you no longer believe it, why are you still a nun?]

Sister. McDonald

Other than control, I don’t know what his ( Pope Benedict's ) motivation is. I think it is pretty impossible for us to all change our beliefs on these issues to coincide with his beliefs. That sounds impossible.


[Once again: what are you talking about? Change what beliefs? Are we talking about fundamental dogmatics? Or are we talking about the fact that you support abortion and gay marriage and a radical socialist agenda? Because, you know, those beliefs are wrong. Your inability to understand that proves that report was, in fact, correct.]

Susanna said...


Sister McDonald

When I am speaking, I am not giving an official stance of The Sisters of St. Joseph. I wouldn’t. Mine always is my personal reaction of what he is doing. Nobody is going to speak for the whole community. It is too hard to speak for hundreds of women. They aren’t all going to talk alike anyhow.


[Really? Because someone is speaking for all the nuns in America, and it’s the LCWR, which long ago exceeded its mandate and started issuing "position statements" on controversial political issues. And when the USCCB was trying to get a concession on the contraception mandate from HHS, the LCWR was busy cutting them off that knees by issuing a statement of support for Obama’s BS compromise. That’s the entire heart of the problem: the nuns have set themselves up as an alternate magisterium, which confuses people and gives the enemies of the Church a way to divide and conquer. The LCWR, the Catholic Heath Association, and other groups were useful idiots throughout these debates, doing great damage to the Church and sowing confusion. I don’t know why I have to tell a nun this, but your vows do not give you teaching authority in the church. That authority resides with the bishops alone. You’re meddling in issues you shouldn't be and making the work of the Church harder.]

Sister McDonald

The nuns that I talk to aren’t really afraid, because they can’t see or they can’t imagine what he (Pope Benedict )would do to change us.I mean, like, excommunication? That is a thing of the past.

Excommunication a thing of the past?????


Stay tuned........

Susanna said...

Important background information about the CDF-LCWR situation

April 21, 2012


Post-Christian Sisters

May 12, 2011

The Vatican’s investigation of women religious in the US was a long time coming.

Ann Carey


The doctrinal assessment of the LCWR is said to be unrelated to the apostolic visitation of the women’s orders, but in fact, much of the disorder in women’s communities today can be traced directly to the influence of the LCWR. The leaders of about 90 percent of the women’s religious communities in the US belong to the LCWR, which has a powerful influence on its members and their religious orders through its workshops, publications, and affiliated organizations.

Lora Ann Quinonez and Mary Daniel Turner, two sisters who were executive directors of the LCWR between 1972 and 1986, related in their 1992 tell-all book, The Transformation of American Catholic Sisters, that, “The 30-plus years of the Conference’s existence coincide with a major transitional period in society, church, and religious communities. Whether one celebrates or deplores the fact, it is widely acknowledged that the LCWR has been a force in the transformation process.”

Thus, the back-to-back occurrence of the two assessments is not just a coincidence, and a look at the record of the LCWR sheds significant light on the Vatican decision to undertake both of these initiatives at this more...

Susanna said...

More on LCWR...

In an unprecedented move, in 1992 the Vatican canonically erected an alternate superiors’ conference for US women superiors who were increasingly reluctant to maintain any formal connection with the LCWR. The LCWR was quite unhappy about approval of the new Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, and complained to the Vatican that approving the alternate conference was “contrary to a primary function of leadership—to promote unity and understanding.” (Superiors from about 10 percent of the women’s orders now belong to the alternate conference.)

Susanna said...

More from the same article....


Perhaps the most startling talk at that 2007 LCWR assembly was the keynote address by Sister Laurie Brink, OP. Sister Laurie said that some religious communities were “sojourning,” and such a group is “no longer ecclesiastical,” having “grown beyond the bounds of institutional religion.… Religious titles, institutional limitations, ecclesiastical authorities no longer fit this congregation, which in most respects is Post-Christian.” And she went on to observe about this kind of community: “Who’s to say that the movement beyond Christ is not, in reality, a movement into the very heart of God?”

Sister Laurie also predicted a “coming conflagration” for the American Catholic Church because of a hierarchy out of touch with the faithful: “Lay ecclesial ministers are feeling disenfranchised. Catholic theologians are denied academic freedom. Religious and lay women feel scrutinized simply because of their biology. Gays and lesbians desire to participate as fully human, fully sexual Catholics within their parishes.”

A keynote speaker for the joint LCWR-CMSM 2008 assembly was Sister Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, who complained about “patriarchal values that, by any objective measure, relegate women to second-class status governed by male-dominated structures, law, and ritual.” And she went on to compare the Church hierarchy to the prodigal son, saying that Church officials should apologize to dissident members who reject the teachings and authority of the Catholic Church.

In her presidential address at that assembly, LCWR President Sister Mary Whited, CPPS compared the institutional Church to the Old Testament Pharaoh who enslaved the people and led an oppressive regime. And she compared the LCWR to Old Testament midwives, who refused to act on Pharaoh’s orders so that they could bring new life and hope to the people.

The Vatican obviously took note of these public declarations, and the LCWR leadership reportedly received the letter from the CDF notifying them of the doctrinal assessment on March 10, 2009. Yet the LCWR leadership did not inform their members until April 2. In a public statement later in April, the leadership indicated surprise and disappointment with the Vatican decision, and insisted they want to continue to “dialogue.” ( weasel word for "stonewall" )

However, with sisters openly saying that some religious orders are post-Christian, with some sisters boycotting the Eucharist, and with LCWR leaders insisting that they have a role in determining Church teaching, the marathon dialogue may be reaching the finish line.

Anonymous said...


Thank You. The thing is the liberals are all giddy, thinking Pope Francis is one of them.

The media is documenting the radical traditionalist reactions to him. Wait till the Liberals pounce on him.

A pox on both their houses.

They are more alike, than they are like the rest of us.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"but in fact, much of the disorder in women’s communities today can be traced directly to the influence of the LCWR. The leaders of about 90 percent of the women’s religious communities in the US belong to the LCWR, which has a powerful influence on its members and their religious orders through its workshops, publications, and affiliated organizations. "

ah, yes. infiltration and networking.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"and complained to the Vatican that approving the alternate conference was “contrary to a primary function of leadership—to promote unity and understanding.”"

since when? the primary function of leadership is to make sure that the led are going in the right direction.

If there is an organization, for example, whose proper function is study and education re car maintenance, it is hardly good leadership for the director to go, okay, a lot of people want to study boats instead, or hotair baloons, and to keep unity and understanding we must focus on these and minimize with a view to eventually eliminating cars.

Susanna said...


I am glad to see you noticed the portion of the article I quoted which indicates that the LCWR had a major hissy fit when the Vatican approved the parallel organization known as the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR) and actually had the nerve to complain to the Vatican about the "alternative conference" which, by the way, adheres to the traditional elements of religious life and is attracting the bulk of young vocations today.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Their comparison of tradition defence by the Vatican to Pharoah, and their own efforts to those of the midwives who helped bring forth new life, is an appalling misapplication of Scripture.

Thinking further, however, I noticed it is also a manifestation of reducing Scripture to mere allegory, which once done can be used to back up anything. Origen
developed this wildly, though he remained Trinitarian and moral, but while allegory has a role sometimes, it cannot properly be used to erase the historical reality the Scripture speaks of. St. Paul said certain things happened for our edification. you can extract general principles and analogies and use them, but he did so sparingly.

Here, this group equates their birthing of new death with birthing of new life, anything new is life I suppose.

Here we get two strands, radical allegorization, whether to support orthodox (small o) teaching or to support heresy, plus secular modernism presupposition, what is new is what is alive, no matter how wrong it is.

And a third strand. Being in love with institutions and forms and organizations and relationships within them, rather than the content they are to preserve.

St. Paul says the church is the pillar and ground of the truth, in other words, the house of truth, and often speaks of the church in terms of it being the general body of believers, not just a building or an organization.

All the categories of gifted people and clergy are there to support the laity in growth in truth, which is not new but ageless.

So here, we have nuns etc. who like the externals of Christianity like Catholicism, but dislike the content. So they would keep the externals, but throw out or warp the content.

Susanna said...


It isn't even a matter of LCWR dissenters "liking" the externals of Roman Catholic Christianity except insofar as they can serve as a front to disguise their heretical,radical powermongering, agenda.

Where such dissenters are priests or bishops, such betrayals of Christ and His Church are sometimes referred to as "the Judas Syndrome" on account of the way that it is so often signified by the symbolic equivalent of a "kiss" and "thirty pieces od silver."

The infamous weasel word "loyal dissent" comes to mind - an oxymoron if ever there was one!!!

Constance Cumbey said...

I've just read most of Robert Blair Kaiser's book CLERICAL ERROR. He is unquestionably a theological liberal - pro Teilhard, "reform" of theology in a liberal more syncretistic fashion, modernism, etc., ad nauseum. HOWEVER, he raises most disturbing questions about Malachi Martin's honesty and character. It looks to me as though Malachi Martin may have caused Kaiser to even lose his faith. Extremely sad. I do note the book was written post-Malachi Martin's death and Martin has no chance to respond to the allegations, which, if true, are devastating. I have no idea where Malachi Martin ended up with God, but I cannot ignore Robert Blair Kaiser's allegations. You might want to consider ordering and reading the book. I found it on


Constance Cumbey said...

Susanna, Savvy, and Christine's last two posts: Good information and input, thanks! No, GREAT INFORMATION Susanna!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Re Malachi Martin, I read the book, and even before that I was distrustful of him. Two reasons. in a TV interview when asked why some people serve the devil, he said there was a kind of, I forget the word he used call it a thrill, and he had a kind of silvery vibe to him I am not sure of, and his tone and so forth. Also in that same interview he mentioned the allure of getting to talk to something
that had been alive for thousands
if years and knew all the historical stuff.

I think he was strongly tempted. And this can operate at a strictly spiritual/psychological level without doing formal actions like rituals, and be a problem. A temptation. An occasional cooperation to some extent which while not enough to get you possessed is enough to be (a) sin and (b) influenced, judgement compromised, morals undermined, etc.

The second reason was his book Hostage to the devil.

This gave altogether too much information, about the beginning and transitional stages, incl. from the perspective of the person going through it, so written that it is like you are experiencing all this, like any good writer can do with a subject except....this is not a good subject for this kind of treatment.

Online there is an egroup, run by a person I forget his handle right now, who I also find very suspicious. While he is supposedly Roman Catholic and pope loyal, there is something peculiar about him. The one time the shark fin broke the surface of the water, so to speak, was when the movie The Exorcist was being discussed.

I pointed out, that the priest killing himself by throwing himself out a window, as if offering himself to the demon, was not a good Catholic or Christian in general approach. Suicide and trading with the devil? not cool. not normal exorcistic practice either.

The egroup moderator/owner responded that he thought it was very Catholic and focussed on the self sacrifice thing.

This egroup is

and I started an egroup

which I banned whatsisname from and started out with the important information posts from various people that were on the other egroup.

I would suggest signing up on both, and reading the archives. These incl. posts from people who knew MM himself, and incl. comments like he would be honest with other priests he couldn't bullshit, but play games with outsiders. Definitely seems to have kissed the blarney stone as the old saying goes, but this in itself as a practice goes back to some kind of pagan stuff. I don't know if he did or not, but screwing with people's heads is not righteous.

MM seems to have gotten involved with the uber traditionalist sede vacantist scene and even claimed to be a secret cardinal. I forget the term for this, and it is supposed to expire with the death of the pope who does this anyway.

much is made by some of MM being laicized as distinct from defrocked, when they are the same thing, laicization is just the formal word for it. Granted he seems to have not been released from the oath of chastity so perhaps this was reduction from membership in the Jesuit Order to a non order connected priest status, but why would he only have "faculties" (permission) to perform the Mass in his own apartment?

I don't doubt his information in general about hanky panky in the vatican and elsewhere. Though I wonder if he knew so much because he got involved in some of it?

I suspect that he went way awry at some point, but towards the end of his life (or earlier) got a bad scare and turned back to Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Constance, you at one time had up a link to the book Lord of the World. What happened

Anonymous said...

Now who said this:

4. Regardless of the agendas of writers and so forth, you
can still get a lot of useful information from disreputable
and semi reputable sources. And when bad people have a
falling out all kinds of interesting stuff surfaces in the brawls
(verbal and occasionally physical).

It seems to me if a person is a liar, you never know if they are telling the truth. Maybe they are just saying something one wants to hear so you just want to believe they are telling the truth. It's a sucker's game.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

there is something to be said for this, but what you hear needs to be matched to other things as well.

I will give you an example. Two dopers one now respectable and Christian one now dead would conduct all kinds of accusations at each other. a. the fights over who owed who what underlined the fact that both were dopers, AND that they were stingey to ridiculous even by the standards of their peer group. b. adjusting for misunderstanding and exaggeration, both were doing all kinds of stuff to each other that added up to major lack of consideration, and both thought each other were doing these things on purpose, which was only partly true. c. both to judge by style and content were crazy as hell, but hard to pin as to how. In those days I blamed it on teenaged use of KJ aka angel dust, now that I know about asperger's syndrome I suspect that was the problem to some extent. Perhaps too much of the former triggered a bit of the latter.

I was close to this quasi married couple for years. I could tell you more stories.

I grew up with a damn liar for a mother, the extent of whose evil I didn't have the guts to face and some didn't really have figured out until some years after she died.

I learned early on to check and be wary of anyone who gets upset if you check on them. Also LOOK FOR PATTERNS.

If the preferred solution to any problem, no matter how different from each other the problems are, is always the same thing, then that solution is what they really want anyway, and the problems are an excuse.

Applying this to the Unabomber Manifesto, I spotted a thing or two showing his nasty as an end in itself streak, buried in the verbiage about economic and political reasons. I was not surprised to hear he killed a kitten someone gave him years before.

Anonymous said...


I did bring up the fact that rabid Catholic traditionalists can be a lot like modernists , in the sense that they are both their own self-appointed magisterium. Even, though the excuses are different.

It's getting the right information to others, who might be confused by media claims that any opposition to the New Age comes from the wacko Christian right.


Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

It is very likely that Malachi Martin was secretly a sedevacantist and was hooked up with a little sedevacantist clique in Monroe, Connecticut headed up by Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P. who was validly but illicitly consecrated a bishop by another bishop in the Ngo Dinh Thuc succession. This resulted in McKenna's automatic excommunication for schism.

Among the people in Connecticut with whom Malachi Martin was associated besides Bishop Robert McKenna were the famous so-called "demonologists" Ed and Lorraine Warren, their nephew John Zaffis and Rama Coomaraswamy whose attempt to conflate his "Traditionalist School" perennialist heresy with traditional Roman Catholicism was exposed by the late Carrie Tomko.


As a Catholic, I have to ask why the services of a "professed clairvoyant and a light trance medium" such as Lorraine Warren claims to be would be required in order to determine whether or not someone is demonically possessed.

The way I learned it, there is already a criterion for such discernment in place in the Catholic Church that does not require so-called "mediumistic" capabilities.




Coomaraswamy was involved with not only the Traditionalist Catholic movement, but also with Perennialism (also called "Traditionalism") whose main exponents were René Guénon, Ananda Coomaraswamy (Rama's father) and Frithjof Schuon. He was a member of the Foundation for Traditional Studies and was a regular contributor to the foundation's journal Sophia.
William Stoddart and Mateus Soares de Azevedo discuss Coomaraswamy's double involvement in an article for the Canadian journal Sacred Web (No. 18, 2007). The topic was also covered by a blogger, Carrie Tomko, specializing in investigation of the occult infiltration of Catholicism, and picked up by, among others, J. Christopher Pryor, a Lefebvrist who operates the Perennialism LeFloch Report. Interestingly, Rama Coomaraswamy had never broken away from Perennialism and propagating it, along with Frithjof Schuon and Coomaraswamy's own perennialist disciple, William H. Kennedy, even when he was associated with Lefebvre's seminary.

Anonymous said...

If a tenth of Robert Blair Kaiser's book is true, which I sadly suspect it is, Malachi Martin can only described as a philandering, conniving, bisexual adulterer. I hope he made things right with God before he died. He left much human wreckage in his trail. If true, Martin destroyed Robert Blair Kaiser's marriage and probably his faith as well.


Constance Cumbey said...

I apologize. I was the last anonymous!


Susanna said...




Alleged affairs

There were three allegations made against Martin of having affairs with women:
Martin was criticized most notably in the book Clerical Error: A True Story by Robert Blair Kaiser, Time Magazine's former Vatican correspondent. Kaiser, a former Jesuit, accused Martin of having carried on an extramarital affair with his wife during 1964 in Rome, and claimed that Martin fled to the United States as a renegade from the priesthood. Throughout the book, Martin is presented as a liar and fantasist.

A friend of Martin's, William H. Kennedy, published an article in the journal Seattle Catholic to dispute Kaiser's allegation and other claims made about Martin after his death. Kennedy points out that Kaiser admits in his book that he was diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia, and cites passages from Kaiser's book which he believes show that Kaiser was writing from a distorted and delusional perspective due to his mental illness. With regard to being a renegade from the priesthood, evidence is cited that suggests that Martin received a special dispensation in order to become a writer, while retaining his status as a priest with limited faculties.
In her 2008 book Queen of the Oil Club: The Intrepid Wanda Jablonski and the Power of Information, Anna Rubino wrote that Martin had a love affair with oil journalist Wanda Jablonski on a visit to Beirut, Lebanon in the 1950s. The book was published long after the deaths of both Jablonski (1992) and Martin (1999).
In a book called Disguised as a Man: Malachi Martin and Me (2012) author Sally Hawthorne claims to have had a sexual affair with Martin. However, "Sally Hawthorne" is a pen name for an unknown person thus making her claims impossible to verify and consequently suspect.

Laicization dispute

In 2004, Father Vincent O'Keefe S.J., former Vicar General of the Society of Jesus and a past President of Fordham University, stated that Martin had never been laicized. O'Keefe stated that Martin had been released as a religious from all his vows—poverty and obedience—save the vow of chastity. Martin no longer was a Jesuit but remained a (secular) priest during the rest of his life.

The Vatican, on the other hand, has a different view. In a letter from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, the following is stated:

"In 1965, Mr. Martin received a dispensation from all privileges and obligations deriving from his vows as a Jesuit and from priestly ordination." [Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, 25 June 1997, Prot. N. 04300/65].

According to the Vatican, it seems Martin was not only released from religious vows but also his vows from "priestly ordination" (which means laicisation).

It is claimed that attacks were mounted on Martin in retaliation for his book The Jesuits, which is hostile to the Jesuit order of which he had formerly been a member. In the book, he accuses the Jesuits of deviating from their original character and mission by embracing Liberation Theology.

Alleged ordination as a bishop

During a videotaped memorial entitled Malachi Martin Weeps For His Church, Rama Coomaraswamy, a sedevacantist cleric, claimed that Martin had told him that he had been secretly ordained a bishop during the reign of Pius XII in order to travel behind the Iron Curtain ordaining priests and bishops for the underground churches of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Coomaraswamy died in more........

Anonymous said...

Christine, I suspect the difference between laicization and defrocking is that in the former the guy requests it and is granted it and remains in good standing with the church, whereas the latter is equivalent to being fired. Perhaps one of the Roman Catholics here could comment?

Ruth of Exeter said...

Reading Malachi Martin's 'Hostage to the Devil' was a step in my journey to becoming a Christian, just as listening to you, Constance, and to Dr Stan, was. Although I am now very much a Sola Scriptura woman, I still enjoy listening to him. Sometimes I detect something odd in what he says, and wonder how that fits with being a Christian. I should imagine that being a Jesuit trains you in being something of a chamaeleon - all things to all men, which might conflict with the simplicity that is in Christ.

I would just like to say that the People of the Lie are often very good at what they do, and they would have hated Martin for what he exposed. So I for one will wait until I get to Heaven to find out the truth about Malachi Martin.

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Ruth, Susanna, Savvy and others,

I guess, as Ruth says, we will all have to wait for heaven to know the truth about Malachi Martin, Robert Blair Kaiser, et al.

Here is another perspective on Kaiser questioning his writings and motivations. My biggest issue is that Kaiser waited until Malachi Martin had been dead 3 to 4 years before writing and publishing his book. Needless to say, Malachi Martin could offer no defense at that time.


Susanna said...

Ruth of Exeter,

Praise God for your having become a Christian - even if through the reading of Malachi Martin's books!

So even if Malachi Martin used a lake of truth to disguise his drop of sedevacantist poison, that truth was nevertheless powerful enough to enable Malachi Martin to win you to Christ in spite of himself!!!

For that, I praise God the Holy Spirit, not Malachi Martin.

That said, I must admit that as a Roman Catholic Christian, I myself was at one time a great admirer of "Father" Malachi Martin - that is, until he started wandering off the Catholic Christian reservation - not only in terms of his casting doubt upon the authority of the Pope, but also in terms of his close association with known sedevacantists at least one of whom was embracing the pagan/gnostic "perennialist" philosophy while claiming to be a Christian.

Note my use of the word "CHRISTIAN" here - without any reference to denominational differences.

What many seem not to understand is that the Perennialist philosophy is NOT Christian. Period!

The late Carrie Tomko and I dubbed it the RIGHT WING of the New Age Movement.

This is because of the tendency on the part of Right Wing New Agers to larded their heresies with "traditional" Roman Catholic sounding terminology with a view to merging Roman Catholic Christian Traditionalism - which simply objected to many of the changes of the Second Vatican Council - with the Traditionalist School which is gnostic, syncretistic and pagan to the core!!!

Traditionalist School

The Perennial Philosophy (Latin: philosophia perennis), also referred to as Perennialism, is a perspective within the philosophy of religion which views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, universal truth on which foundation all religious knowledge and doctrine has more...

In other words, Perennialism is the right wing "traditionalist" version of the monist "all is one" philosophy as applied to religion.

This goes contrary to 2 Corinthians 6:15 which reads
...what harmony has Christ with Belial?......

In fact, the Perennial Philosophy blasphemously implies that Christ is "ONE WITH" Belial!!!

As for Malachi Martin, I am going to follow Constance's good example and not pass judgement on the man.

But I don't think it would be unseemly to note that it was the late great C.S. Lewis who once pointed out that in the end, ALL will be found to have served God. But by virtue of God's gift of free will, each and every one of us is permitted to choose whether we will serve God as His sons and daughters.........or as His TOOLS!

Susanna said...

Anonymous 6:23,

"Laicised" is the polite word for "defrocked."

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

You might want to check out the following IGNATIUS INSIGHT article on Robert Blair Kaiser.

That was very astute of you to note that Kaiser waited until Malachi Martin was dead 3 to 4 years before publishing his book, A CLERICAL ERROR: A TRUE STORY.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jesuit-trained novelist hopes to remake/rewrite the Church

Whatever Malachi Martin's faults may have been, it may just turn out to be true on Judgement Day that Martin still would have had to go some to top Kaiser who is very likely one of those disgruntled Jesuits who have made it their life's mission to spread defamatory rumours about Malachi Martin because of his book The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church

I would like to say one more thing that is of significance here.

If it is true that Malachi Martin was a participant in the illicit consecration of perennialist Rama Coomaraswamy as a bishop, Malachi would most likely have been ipso fact excommunicated for schism.

But schism notwithstanding, what is even worse is the notion of a "Traditionalist" Catholic bishop peddling Perennialism. A true instance of what C.S. Lewis once described as "the abomination standing where it ought not!!!"

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"My biggest issue is that Kaiser waited until Malachi Martin had been dead 3 to 4 years before writing and publishing his book. Needless to say, Malachi Martin could offer no defense at that time."

This always strikes me as a silly argument. And it may well have been held off because of legal issues. you can't get sued for defamation of the dead, only the living. And it might be hard to prove some of this without dragging people into court some of whom were dead, unwilling or unable.

Kaiser's own beliefs or lack thereof has no bearing on whether MM was guilty of all or some or not.

But the information on the egroup I mentioned from people who knew him, would tilt the balance of liklihood to Kaiser's side.

and in civil court it is more likely true than not, not beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt.

Ruth of Exeter said...

Susanna and Constance

Thank you for your comments. You both know so much more than I do about the extraordinary tapestry of intrigue in the churches and beyond, so I love to read and listen to you both.

At the moment, in my country, very terrible things are happening that make things very simple for me in some ways. Children are being stolen from their loving parents by Social Services and our hospitals have become killing fields - a planned genocide. I'll be putting a link up here to sourced information on this in a day or two.

What is really heart-breaking is that decent people, including Christians, who are fighting to expose this evil, seem to have little or no conception of the New Age, or Global Civil Society or whatever it is called this week, and how it will be presented as the panacea for all our present ills.

The Alpha Course plays a big part in UK at least, in what Father John O'Connor called, maybe quoting you, Constance, 'a programme of mass possession'. It seems to be there in all the little towns of my county, as well as the cities. The Alpha Course has links to Nicky Gumbel, big pals with recently-turned New Age 'Catholic' and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. I expect you have something similar in the US and Canada.

The Church of England is pure political now. A man I know phoned up the Bishop of Exeter to question some intervention he had made into government policy. He couldn't reach the Bishop, but found himself put on to a senior member of the British Labour party.

I wonder if anyone on this forum has had similar experiences?

Ruth of Exeter said...

Here as before mentioned - a harrowing foretaste of the Brave New World emerging in the area of healthcare on both sides of the Pond:

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

off topic but not entirely. Ian R. Crane, by the way, though a tad nutty, did dig up some serious occult timing issues about The Deep Water Horizon well, and getting curious I checked on the meaning of Macondo. that was an eye opener in itself. It means bananas, in the same sense as the English useage of the word to mean nutty, and is the title of a story situated in Brazil. This would lend credence to the idea that the whole thing was planned to go blamo from its inception. Just before this happened, the steady sort of guy in charge was replaced with a loose cannon, who was then kept out of the hearings.

now, for Greg Palast. this will be in two parts since posts are limited to 4,096 characters.

"Three years ago this month, on the 20th of April, 2010, the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blew itself to kingdom come.

Soon thereafter, a message came in to our office's chief of investigations, Ms Badpenny, from a person I dare not name, who was floating somewhere in the Caspian Sea along the coast of Baku, Central Asia.

The source was in mortal fear he’d be identified – and with good reason. Once we agreed on a safe method of communication, he revealed this: 17 months before BP’s Deepwater Horizon blew out and exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, another BP rig suffered an identical blow-out in the Caspian Sea.

Crucially, both the Gulf and Caspian Sea blow-outs had the same identical cause: the failure of the cement “plug”.

To prevent blow-outs, drilled wells must be capped with cement. BP insisted on lacing its cement with nitrogen gas – the same stuff used in laughing gas – because it speeds up drying.

Time is money, and mixing some nitrogen gas into the cement saves a lot of money.

However, because BP’s penny-pinching method is so damn dangerous, they are nearly alone in using it in deep, high-pressure offshore wells.

The reason: nitrogen gas can create gaps in the cement, allow methane gas to go up the borehole, fill the drilling platform with explosive gas – and boom, you’re dead.

So, when its Caspian Sea rig blew out in 2008, rather than change its ways, BP simply covered it up.

Our investigators discovered that the company hid the information from its own shareholders, from British regulators and from the US Securities Exchange Commission. The Vice-President of BP USA, David Rainey, withheld the information from the US Senate in a testimony he gave six months before the Gulf deaths. (Rainey was later charged with obstruction of justice on a spill-related matter.)

Britain's Channel 4 agreed to send me to the benighted nation of Azerbaijan, whose waters the earlier BP blow-out occurred in, to locate witnesses who would be willing to talk to me without getting “disappeared”. (They didn’t talk, but they still disappeared.)

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

And I was arrested. Some rat had tipped off the Security Ministry (the official name of the Department of Torture here in this Islamic Republic of BP). I knew I’d get out quick, because throwing a reporter of Her Majesty’s Empire into a dungeon would embarrass both BP and the Azeri oil-o-crats.

The gendarmes demanded our film, but I wasn’t overly concerned: Before I left London, Badpenny handed me one of those Austin Powers camera-in-pens, on which I’d loaded all I needed. But I did fear for my witnesses left behind in Azerbaijan – and for my source in a tiger cage in the USA: Pvt Bradley Manning.

Manning could have saved their lives
Only after I dove into deep water in Baku did I discover, trolling through the so-called “WikiLeaks” documents, secret State Department cables released by Manning. The information was stunning: the US State Department knew about the BP blow-out in the Caspian and joined in the cover-up.

Apparently BP refused to tell its own partners, Chevron and Exxon, why the lucrative Caspian oil flow had stopped. Chevron bitched to the office of the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. (George Bush’s cabinet member should not be confused with the 129,000-tonne oil tanker "Condoleezza Rice", which Chevron named after their former board member.)

The US Ambassador in Baku got Chevron the answer: a blow-out of the nitrogen-laced cement cap on a giant Caspian Sea platform. The information was marked "SECRET". Apparently loose lips about sinking ships would help neither Chevron nor the Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, the beneficiary of millions of dollars in payments of oil company baksheesh.

So what about Bradley Manning?

Manning has been charged with “aiding the enemy” – a crime punishable by death.

But Manning’s sole and only purpose was to get out the truth. It wasn’t Manning who wrote the cover-up memos, he merely wanted to get them to the victims: us.

And since when did the public become “the enemy”?

Had Manning’s memos come out just a few months earlier, the truth about BP’s deadly drilling methods would have been revealed, and there’s little doubt BP would have had to change its ways. Those eleven men could well have been alive today.

Did Manning know about this particular hush-hush cable about BP’s blow-out when he decided he had to become Paul Revere and warn the planet?

That’s unlikely, in the thousands of cables he had. But he’d seen enough evidence of murder and mendacity in other cables, so, as Manning, under oath, told a court, he tried to give it all to the New York Times to have knowledgeable reporters review the cables confidentially for life-saving information.

The New York Times immediately seized on this extraordinary opportunity… to ignore Manning. The Times only ran it when the Guardian was going to scoop – and embarrass – the New York hacks.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Though there are limits. While reporter David Leigh put the story of BP’s prior blow-out on page one of the Guardian, neither the New York Times or any other major US news outlet ran the story of the blow-out and oil industry cover-up. No surprise there, though – the most “prestigious” US news programme, PBS Newshour, was sponsored by… Chevron Corporation.

Hanging their source while taking his applause
As a working journalist, and one whose head is likely to be in the foggy gun-sights of some jet jockey or a dictator’s goon squad, I have more than a little distaste for toffs like New York Times' former executive editor, columnist Bill Keller, who used Manning documents to cash in on a book deal and land star turns on television while simultaneously smearing his source Manning as, “troubled", "emotionally fractured", "vague", "inchoate” and – cover the children's ears – “gay”.

Furthermore, while preening about their revelations from the Manning documents, the Times had no problem with imprisoning their source. I do acknowledge that the Times and Keller did editorialise that a sentence of life imprisonment without parole would be “overkill”. How white of them.

When it was mentioned that Manning is no different from Daniel Ellsberg, the CIA operative who released the Pentagon Papers, Keller reassured that the Times also told Ellsberg he was “on his own” and did not object to their source being charged as a spy.

And the Times' much-lauded exposure of the My Lai massacre? My late good friend, the great investigative reporter Ron Ridenhour, who gave the story to Seymour Hersh, told me that he and Hersh had to effectively blackmail the Times into printing it.

Manning: aid to the enemy?
Times man Keller writes that Manning, by going to “anti-American” WikiLeaks, threatened the release of, “information that might get troops in the field or innocent informants killed”.


This is the same Bill Keller who admits that he knew his paper’s reports in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction were completely false, but that he – as editor – covered up his paper’s knowledge their WDM stories were simply bogus. Those stories validated the Bush propaganda and helped tip the political balance to invade Iraq. Four-thousand US soldiers died. I guess the idea is that releasing information that kills troops is criminal, but that dis-information that kills troops is quite acceptable.

Maybe I’m just cranky because I wouldn’t have seen my own sources vanish and my film grabbed if the Times had only run the Manning facts about BP and Caspian when they had the chance.

Look, I’m only picking on the New York Times and PBS Newshour because they are the best in America, God help us.

What other lives could have been saved by the Manning revelations? Lots. Watch this space: I promise more aid to the enemies of the state – which is YOU."

Susanna said...

Dear Ruth of Exeter,

It is policies like those you have referred to that lead to the rise of groups like the neo-Nazi GOLDEN DAWN organization in Greece......apparently named after the Golden Dawn of Aleister Crowley fame.

The Golden Dawn is becoming very popular in Greece and elsewhere by providing services denied to the Greek populace by corrupt, left wing governments.....but their services are only provided to GREEKS....certainly not to immigrants in Greece who are being blamed for a large part of Greece's financial problems.

Where there is a problem with criminal elements among the immigrants even the Greek police are referring people to the Golden Dawn for a "solution" to the problem.

Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn goes global with political ambitions

Buoyed by its meteoric domestic success, the far right party is planning to expand 'wherever there are Greeks'

April 02, 2013 12:00 PM
Greek Neo-Nazis, Coming Soon To A Country Near You

The Golden Dawn has reportedly set up shop in New York and Montreal and has its sites set on Chicago and Toronto.

Identity Politics
Thu Dec 13 2012

Greece's Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party is Coming to Chicago

By Jason Prechtel

In the wake of Greece's economic meltdown, several factions have jockeyed for power amid social unrest, soaring debts and austerity measures both complicated and controversial. Perhaps the most notorious of these groups is the increasingly popular far-right, anti-immigrant Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) Party, which won 18 seats in the country's Parliament back in June 2012, despite (or because of) their neo-Nazi imagery, hardline nationalism, and links to attacks on Asian and African migrants.

Not content to proselytizing in their homeland, Golden Dawn has started to expand worldwide.

Barely a month after their electoral victories, Golden Dawn launched a widely-criticized branch in Melbourne, Australia, home to one of the largest Greek populations outside of Athens. In October, several groups protested the opening of a Golden Dawn office in New York City, which had opened for the explicit purpose of building support for the party among Greek expatriate communities and collecting food and medicine to distribute in Greece -- but only for Greeks. And in Montreal, Golden Dawn is holding a Christmas food drive. The catch? They're only giving food out to Greek Christians.

But this quote near the bottom of the last story is what really caught my eye:

"Golden Dawn members in the United States have told CBC News they plan to open chapters shortly in Chicago, in Connecticut and in Toronto."


Susanna said...



Although Golden Dawn largesse "benefits" Greek Christians, Golden Dawn itself is pagan.

Golden Dawn has also joined forces with neo-Nazi groups in Germany.

While Golden Dawn is horrible to be sure, their popularity is 90%+ due to the fact that the government has proven itself completely unable or unwilling to deal with the illegal immigration situation–and according to Greek natiuonals, the illegal immigration situation in Greece is atrocious. Africans arrive by the boatload, and the ones who are caught and put in jail claim they are being “inhumanely” treated by Greek authorities, so then Brussels and the European Court of Human Rights sticks Greek taxpayers with the bill. The ones who aren’t caught, which are the vast majority, hang around the city centers in packs, harassing tourists and driving away customers. And of course they don’t pay any taxes, but when they get sick they go to the already-overstressed Greek public health care system… once again, sticking Greek taxpayers with the bill.

Given the meddling of Brussels and the European Court of Human Rights, it isn't hard to figure out why the Greek police are only too willing to allow Golden Dawn to handle aforementioned problems involving illegal immigrants and turn a blind eye so that it all remains "off the record."

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I read on alternet I think it was, that the Golden Dawn neo nazi group is trying to recruit foreign Greeks everywhere. This however is not being met with favorably by the foreign Greeks.

I would expect a few of the uber ethnic type Greeks in the Greek Orthodox Church would go for it, but most of the clergy would oppose and there should be some denunciation from a bishop eventually if there was a serious recruitment effort in Greek Orthodoxy abroad from Greece.

Chances are these neo nazis are also closet pagans, which would make more problems for recruitment in the Orthodox churches.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

re North Korea, the South Korean position is don't sweat it too much.
This sort of posturing is routine.
Like, every so often NK get PMS and throws a shit fit but nothing happens. Business as be devoutly hoped and prayed for.

Ruth of Exeter said...

Thanks for the information on the Golden Dawn Susanna. I see it established itself early on in the UK: according to Helena Smith in The Guardian on April 1 2013, the group established link with British Neo-Nazis almost from its beginning in the 1980s.

Susanna said...

Ruth of Exeter,

You might be interested in checking out the following:

Heiling a New Dawn - England's 'Patriotic Storm Troopers Targeting Invaders & Traitors'

by H.S. Lane

Texmom said...

Most people have no clue how involved the New Agers are in what is going on in the world and the powerful positions they hold. Thank God for pieces like this.
Barbara Marx Hubbard is also a backer of the University of Santa Monica, the New Age "university" where Roma Downey recently studied "spiritual psychology." It appears that Roma is very tight with the NA crowd,including Arianna Huffington, which makes me wonder why they produced the Bible series (noted that they call themselves "Lightbearer Productions.")Is it possible that the plan is to infiltrate Christianity gradually using tools like this? Or mold it to their vision? I don't know what other goal such a devoted New Ager would have.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

perhaps the answer is in the line put in an Apostle's mouth about the Resurrected Jesus Christ "He didn't die!" (should have said, "He didn't stay dead.")

But thank God, the film itself shows Jesus speared on the Cross and clearly dead, and no hints of some swoon or fraud.

There are minor tweaks with the history, perhaps buried in those is something perhaps not.

Anonymous said...


One website doth not a movement make. Anything evil can mushroom but the British are not currently as desperate as the Greeks. Also, extremist parties do well when mainstream parties do not address legitimate grievances of the people, and thankfully Britain has the UK Independence Party, which is rising rapidly and is run by sensible people rather than pagan fascists; it should keep the latter marginalised.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 2:03 P.M.

Re: One website doth not a movement make.

True enough. But with or without the English branch of the Greek Golden Dawn, Britain already has its own homegrown Neo-Nazis - many of whom are affiliated with Satanism.

David Myatt, chief representative of Nazi Satanism in Great Britain is but one example.

Re: Also, extremist parties do well when mainstream parties do not address legitimate grievances of the people,...

Your comment echoes C.S. Lewis who once wrote:

Fascism and Communism, like all other evils, are potent because of the good they contain or imitate.

And of course, their occasion is the failure of those who left humanity starved of that particular good.…One of the things we must guard against is the penetration of both into Christianity.…Mark my words: you will frequently see both a Leftist and a Rightist pseudo-theology developing – the abomination will stand where it ought not.”

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon a new defense company formed in 2009 and headquarted in McLean, VA.

Six3 Systems


Anonymous said...

Hello Consstance,
I appreciate all your good work over the last many years. I have been listening to you on radio shows, and wanted to check out your "Micro Effect" radio website.
I found it, and someone has placed a trojan on it. I tried it twice today, and my anti-virus goes nuts when the "" comes up.
Just thought you would want to know so you can do something about it.

God Bless You!


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