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I cannot forget:  Pages 548 of Alice Ann Bailey's EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY (Lucis Publishing Company)

As shown in my well worn since 1981 copy of this oft quoted passage about the plans for the globalized atomic bomb in the hands of the United Nations to inter alia, control religious groups:

Time to run?  Looks that way from today's headline!




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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We never heard this being reported. Thanks for keeping watch, Constance!

Susanna said...


Republican senators -- joined by at least one Democrat -- ripped the international arms trade treaty approved Tuesday by the U.N. General Assembly, calling it a "non-starter" and vowing to oppose Senate ratification.

The treaty approved Tuesday was the first of its kind. The resolution was approved at the U.N. by a vote of 154 to 3 with 23 abstentions.

But in the U.S. Senate, which must ratify the treaty in order for the United States to be a party to it, opposition is much stronger.

The Senate already voted for an amendment last month to prevent the U.S. from entering into the treaty. The sentiment among conservative and moderate senators concerned the treaty represents an infringement of Second Amendment rights had not changed in light of Tuesday's U.N. vote.

"The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty that passed in the General Assembly today would require the United States to implement gun-control legislation as required by the treaty, which could supersede the laws our elected officials have already put into place," Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., said in a statement. "It's time the Obama administration recognizes it is already a non-starter, and Americans will not stand for internationalists limiting and infringing upon their Constitutional rights." more......

Susanna said...

Sen. Cruz: UN Arms Treaty 'Must Never be Ratified'

While the U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved the first international treaty attempting to regulate the $60 billion global small arms trade on Tuesday, the measure is likely to be dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate as Republicans have repeatedly voiced concerns that such a measure is a backdoor attempt to usurp Second Amendment gun rights.

"UN Arms Treaty should be rejected outright by US Senate," tweeted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday. "It is international gun regulation, plain and simple & it must never be ratified."

Even before the international document was drafted, the Senate last month voted to prevent the United States from entering into such an arms treaty with all 45 Republicans and eight Democrats, supporting an amendment drafted by Oklahoma Sen. James M. Inhofe. The measure would require two-thirds approval for ratification by the upper chamber, which has a total of only 100 seats.

“The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is another attempt by internationalists to limit and infringe upon America’s sovereignty,” said Inhofe in a statement. “Such a treaty would require the United States to implement laws as required by the treaty, instead of the national controls that are currently in place. This would also disrupt diplomatic and national security efforts by preventing our government from assisting allies like Taiwan, South Korea, or Israel when they require assistance. I will continue to mount strong opposition to any effort by Secretary Kerry and the State Department to ratify this treaty."

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry called the U.N. document a "strong, effective and implementable" treaty and stressed that it applies only to international deals and "reaffirms the sovereign right of any state to regulate arms within its territory."

The treaty prohibits countries that ratify it from exporting conventional weapons if they violate arms embargoes, or if they promote acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes, or if the weapons could be used in attacks against civilians or schools and hospitals.

In addition to stiff opposition in the Senate, the powerful National Rifle Association has vehemently opposed the measure more...

Susanna said...

What Americans Need to Know About the UN Gun Control Treaty

Today the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a global gun control treaty called the Arms Trade Treaty. Now the fight begins here at home. There are several things gun owners need to know to protect their constitutional rights.

Now that it’s been proposed, the treaty goes to all the member states to decide on whether to join. Per the U.S. Constitution, in America it must first be signed by the president (which it will), then be ratified by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate (which it won’t). The United States is not likely to join the treaty as a nation, though President Barack Obama will likely push for it.

The General Assembly can’t do anything at the United Nations except propose (not establish) treaties and admit new U.N. members. Most of the power at the U.N. is in the Security Council, which consists of five permanent members (including the U.S.) and ten rotating seats among all the other U.N. members. So the General Assembly did one of the only things it can by recommending this treaty to its member states.

However, the first danger is that U.S. courts have held we’re bound by “customary international law,” sometimes called the “law of nations.” If enough U.N. member states were to adopt this treaty, a liberal federal court could rule it has become customary international law. The current Supreme Court would never affirm such a ruling, but there is a real danger if Obama changes the balance of the Court over the next three years.

Because federal statutes and treaties are of equal force under the U.S. Constitution, whenever they are in direct conflict, the most-recently passed of the two prevails. So, if somehow this treaty were ratified by the Senate, if Congress were to later pass a statute taking the opposite position, it would trump the treaty.

Of course, you need a president’s signature to pass a statute or two-thirds of Congress to override a presidential veto, so we would need a president in 2016 who supports the Second Amendment to pass such a law.

And if we have such a president, you don’t even need a statute. The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that a president’s primary authority in directing foreign affairs under the Constitution means that any president can withdraw us from any treaty. If we elect a pro-Second Amendment president, he can just rescind our participation in the Arms Trade Treaty and can literally strike Barack Obama’s signature from the treaty paper.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, it’s our last resort. As the Supreme Court has repeatedly held, Congress cannot do by treaty anything that would be unconstitutional if it were a statute. Treaties have no more power than statutes.

So a pro-gun majority on the U.S. Supreme Court can strike down this treaty, just as they could an unconstitutional federal law. Such a thing would not happen unless the treaty was used to make some sort of major gun grab, but it’s still a tool in our arsenal if this treaty is used to violate the Second Amendment rights of the American people.

The dangers are obvious, however. If Barack Obama manages to get an anti-gun politician like Hillary Clinton or Andrew Cuomo to follow him in 2016 as president, and changes the balance of the Supreme Court over time, then the Arms Trade Treaty could open America up to a worldwide U.N. gun control regime. That could lay the groundwork and set up a system that a decade or two from now could restrict lawful firearm ownership in this nation.

That must never happen. Second Amendment supporters need to step up, get involved in the electoral process, and make 2014 and especially 2016 banner years for supporters of the Constitution. The right to bear arms may depend on it.

Breitbart News legal columnist Ken Klukowski is on faculty at Liberty University School of Law.

Tension said...

Not to take away from this discussion, but North Korea is threatening to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons. What will be the outcome if we end up obliterating North Korea? How would such a thing shape the new world order?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

we'd have China and Russia on us, with backup from other BRICS nations

that's Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

China has already moved troops near the NK border.

Anonymous said...

"Mother of God: The division in the world, to be brought about by Gog and Magog, will split families in two"

March 18, 2013

On another note, we should be concerned because if the Supreme Court fails to honor traditional marriage, America will be destroyed. Acceptance of homosexuality was the last step for the Greco and Roman civilizations, we are potentially facing the same fate.

I guess the question remains, who will finally bring us down? Iran? North Korea with China's help? The Russians?

Anonymous said...

WND has a story wherein military warns of the threat of fundamental Christians. I can't post link. I am on Iphone.

John Rupp said...

Here is the WND link on the story about military warning about evangelical Christians from Anon 9:24 PM.

This is a very disturbing article however it seems to be an isolated case with an army reserve unit in Pennsylvania.

John Rupp said...

Here is another link from the Washington Times. This article seems to indicate that the presentation is from the Department of Defense.

Anonymous said...

They have the patience of Job. Decade upon decade of planning and scheming (networking, marketing, law changing) is coming to fruition. I'm sure they must be salivating right about now.

We hear that from Chaos, comes Order but they don't say that the Chaos is created deliberately to impose their own ORDER.

God help us all.

Concerned....from Oz

Mimi's Busy Books said...
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Anonymous said...


I know you had some disappointing history with Dave Hunt. But thought you should know that he passed away.

Anonymous said...

This is Dorothy Margraf. I've stayed away for a very long time from posting here under my name because I'm Jewish and every time I posted Judaism has been slandered even though those who understand New Age know it is very antisemitic and antiChristian, let's say antimonotheistic. As Constance knows, I have been a serious researcher for the last 30 plus years, unlike many who post, provide no information and disappear after their attack. No surprise. Even on a neutral blog attacks like this happen and are not addressed. Here is probably the best piece that talks about why homosexualistic views are a attack on our freedoms.

If you want to gather more information and are on Facebook, go to my timeline, Dorothy Margraf.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Great article Dorothy, glad to see you back. I was one who pointed out that Kabbalah isn't all that simple and therefore not grounds to dismiss you as New Age in sheep's clothing.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

It seems to me that in the following I posted to my blog, and some egroups, there is a lesson for those who would condemn people like Dorothy Margraf. It is possible to be a good campaigner against terrible error, and still hold to some flawed ideas, but that does NOT invalidate the person's opposition to error as far as that opposition goes, nor is it any reason to ignore her research.

St. Eutychius and his opposition to heresy

Today is the Third Saturday in Lent, leading up to
Julian date Pascha aka "Easter." The Revised Julian
Calendar aka New Calendar celebrates Pascha on
the Julian Calendar, ergo Lent leading up to this
is not the same schedule as western Lent.

And today is memorialized St. Euthychius Patriarch
of Constantinople. Seems he was banished for a
time due to the scheming of the Origenists, but was
restored. Born c. AD 512 died AD 582.

Orthodox Wiki trying to keep the emperor Justinian,
revered as a saint, from any smear, claims that the
latter's acceptance of apthartodocetism is a lie and
his decree in its favor not to be found, only mentioned
in a history, but it seems that St. Euthychius was
arrested Jan.22 AD 565 because of his opposition to
the emperor's support of this heresy.

this heresy held "that Jesus Christ was imperishable and
was not able to suffer while dying on the Cross,"

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

This was originated by the Monophysite Bishop Julian
of Halicarnassus, and opposed by the Monophysite
Severus on the basis that our redemption was not
effected on the Cross if Jesus Christ's Incarnation was
not fully human.

"Toward the end of his life, Eutychius maintained an opinion
that after the resurrection the body will be "more subtle than air"
and no longer a tangible thing.[3] This was considered heretical,
because it was taken as a denial of the doctrine of physical,
corporeal resurrection. The future Pope Gregory the Great,
then residing at Constantinople as Apocrisiarius, opposed this
opinion, citing Luke 24:39. Emperor Tiberius talked to the
disputants separately, and tried to reconcile them, but the
breach was persistent.[3]
Eutychius died quietly on the Sunday after Easter, at the age
of 70. Some of his friends later told Pope Gregory that a few
minutes before his death he touched the skin of his hand and
said, "I confess that in this flesh we shall rise again",[7]
(a rough quote of Job 19:26)."
late beliefs and death.

While St. Eutychius opposed Origenism in its
forms condemned in the Fifth Ecumenical Council,
variant ideas that are totally compatible with
Origenism were also around. The most obvious
stuff was that the fall of various spirits and even
the heavenly bodies from contemplating God
led to their either in the case of spirits incarnating
as humans or other things, and in the case of
the heavenly bodies becoming physical.

Another Origenistic doctrine was the apokatastasis
or restoration of all things, in modern protestant
terms when condemning this sort of thinking,
universalism or universal salvation of all, even of
the demons and of the devil himself. (Origen
protested he didn't go that far as claiming the devil
would be saved eventually, but already this idea
was being promulgated as part of his kind of
thinking in his time or he wouldn't have been
accused of it, some of his students must have
taken this next step.)

Unfortunately, the excess of allegorization that
led to all this, and could take Scripture that
opposed something and argue it supported it,
was not condemned.Though the idea that Adam and Eve did not have
the dense physical bodies we have now until
after the fall is not mentioned, this is obviously
the same kind of thing as saying the heavenly
bodies were not densely physical until they, as
supposedly conscious or semi conscious beings,
abandoned contemplation of God and fell and
became physical. And of course the preexistence
of souls, whose various degrees of sin prior to
incarnation dictate what kind of bodies they will

some argue that the condemnations against
Origen were not part of the Fifth Ecumenical
Council, but there is also evidence of some
tampering with its record, and besides these could
have been signed off on by the assembly before
its formal opening.

Now, the error that St. Eutychius opposed, is
that of claiming that Jesus' human nature including
even His Body, was prelapsarian to the point of
being incorruptible, unable to suffer, unable to be
killed. This presupposes that Adam's was also,
by his created nature not by some grace that
protected him, not to mention access to The Tree
of Life. Even after The Fall he would have
continued immortal if not removed from access to
it, hence the expulsion from Eden.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Origen had tremendous influence on The Holy
Fathers, especially The Cappadocians and St. John
Chrysostom so various notions either explicitly
condemned later, or just compatible with them,
have tended to continue within Orthodoxy when they
should not have done so.Nowdays the patristic consciousness scene, and
Fr. Seraphim Rose' unquestioning acceptance of
their writings as practically continuation of Scripture,
has caused these ideas to come into focus. Including
notions like the heretical idea St. Eutychius entertained
for a while, but rejected on his dead bed, that our
resurrected bodies would be more intangible than air.
(If so why bother to resurrect us? this condition
described is that of the spirits of the dead anyway!
Indeed, this could hardly be called a resurrection,
except perhaps in the sense of better access to the
physical world, but supposedly that is going to become
intangible also. Sounds like destruction rather than

what I notice about Orthodox writers is, that the farther
back we go in time, the more they sound protestant,
in that they constantly harp on the Scriptures peppering
their homilies with Scripture cite after Scripture cite.

This is aside from the issue of whether the application
is always correct, though it seems to be mostly

The point is, if we are going to focus on and imitate
The Holy Fathers, what then do they do? They do NOT
refer to each other's writings as Scripture, like St. Peter
referred to St. Paul's writings by referring to them "and
the rest of the Scriptures."

They constantly go to The Bible. St. Cyril of Jerusalem
in his Catechetical Lectures even told his catechumens
to go to The Scriptures, and check everything he taught
them and if there was conflict with the Scriptures, reject
what he was teaching them that was in conflict with
The Scriptures.

So what do The Scriptures say? God created things
needing to eat food, and provided food for them. God
put coats of skins, the term used being for a tunic,
on Adam and Eve who were already naked not clothed
in glory and their bodies invisible, that notion was
read into The Scripture, and not ashamed, and having
fallen had become ashamed. These skins are much
more reasonably and Scripture consistently understood
by some as the skins of the first animals used for
sacrifice, certainly Cain and Abel were bringing
sacrifices the first generation after the Fall.

And Jesus' Resurrected Body, though capable of
remarkable things, was densely physical with flesh
and bones as He said, "handle Me and see, that I
have flesh and bones, not like a spirit." Those who
have touched ectoplasmic semi solid spirits have
reported a feel rather different than that of a normal
human being. That some might rarely be able to
get solid enough to give a hug during a deceptive
meeting when a woman hugged her dead son
conjured up by a medium, only to find later he was
not killed in action in Viet Nam only missing in action
and came home, is irrelevant, a hug is not like
feeling the bare hands and arms and face. And it
is momentary. not consistent. Also that might have
been a deception involving a living human that faked
being a spirit.

solid enough to attack and do harm is still not like
having the flesh and bones of a human being.

So we need, as one priest warned, read The Fathers
with caution.

St. Gregory of Nyssa held to the apokatastasis, which
was later condemned, and his Philokalia of Origen
incl. all the stuff later condemned.

And that stuff is unscriptural.

St. Eutychius opposed a heresy that was part of a
larger picture he didn't quite understand, but when
he fell into another part of that picture, rejected it


John Rupp said...

Thank you for posting and I completely understand what you are saying. I am a Gentile Christian and I have all respect and love for the Jews. I believe the entire Bible and I try to listen to what God is telling us in all the scriptures. Genesis 12:3 is an everlasting promise to Abraham and all his seed and that is "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you". I take that promise to the Jews seriously. I support Jews and all who are going back to their homeland in Israel. Jews and Christians are under the same threat by those with New Age ideology. We are in the same boat. If I would have lived back under the Nazis I would have aided the Jews with hiding and escaping. But God was true to His promise to you. Look what happened to Hitler and Germany and look where the Jews are today. You are being gathered to your homeland. I pray that those of us here in America always support and bless the Jews and your homeland Israel.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think everyone here should watch this. It is about how media is conditioning our children to be receptive to aliens.

Interesting in this is that the Boo Bahs, who feed off the laughter of children (can you spell vampire?) were invented by the wife of Ryan Wood, who with his father Robert Wood investigated the Majestic 12 documents and received a passle more of MJ12 (Majic, Majestic, whatever) documents, and decided to submit these to a psychological warfare expert, ex of the US Army, for evaluation as possible psy ops.

The expert's opinion was that they are not psy op materials.

The expert in question that they chose, and why that person? was Lt. Col. Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set and Presidio scandal fame.

The Setians were moving to infiltrate the neopagan scene (which is a bit different but moveable towards overt satanism of Setian sort and other sorts) back in the 1990s. Why not be even slicker in infiltrating elsewhere and have followers and agents whose relationship to the ToS is secret?
Like the Woods?

Christina Reyes said...

Latest idea: planetary boundaries no
Ultimately, there will need to be an institution (or institutions) operating, with authority, above the level of individual countries to ensure that the planetary boundaries are respected. In effect, such an institution, acting on behalf of humanity as a whole, would be the ultimate arbiter of the myriad trade-offs that need to be managed as nations and groups of people jockey for economic and social advantage. It would, in essence, become the global referee on the planetary playing field.

Anonymous said...

Skip it Christine. You have destroyed the anti-New Age movement that existed on this blog prior to your appearance. You are a destructive twit. You have done more damage than any full time communist New Ager could have done. Nothing I say will affect you so I'm not bothered by your feelings.

Thanks John. You, Susanna, Savvy and the physicist care but have more patience than I've been able to pull together lately. Thirty plus years of research, warnings, sharing and work have left me drained. I only popped on to make sure the Pager article got some credence.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Dorothy, my statement was in defence of you and in any case not addressed to you so much as to your detractors like Frank I think it was and anyone else who wanted to make a big deal of your Kabbalah interest and try to smear you as a New Age agent which occurred a while back.

I notice the anonymous, maybe Frank maybe not, used to attack someone who did excellent work on the connections between various individuals and occultism and so forth in the political scene, attacked her because the posts were not narrowly limited to euro politics.

I should think that with your length of experience and research, you should know by now that the New Age scene is not merely politics. I have always dealt with stuff that had some bearing on parts of the New Age scene, incl. the wierd physics and chemistry stuff. It is highly complex.

The transhumanist thing is a mix of legitimate concern to mitigate genetic problems, money and power games, and plans to create a superhuman new species, and splits on this in two directions, one which is to merge humanity or its elites with machines, the other to reengineer us with animal and maybe insect DNA the immediate goal a supersoldier, the farther goal a new species outright.

The focus on euro politics and possible WW 3 is not altogether a waste of time, even though there is reason to question the usual take on the ten headed beast as the revived Roman empire and that in Europe instead of in its Asian section. But the rest of the picture needs to be kept in mind also.

Susanna said...

This treaty strategy is mentioned by Hannah Newman in her piece entitled




5b. Mouthpiece of the Hierarchy: a "New" United Nations. This world body as it functions today is only a shadow of what NA leaders envision for it. Robert Muller, who invested at least 30 years of his life there, loses no opportunity to sing its praises, calling the UN "the meta-organism of human and planetary evolution." ("A Letter to All Educators in the World") He dedicated his landmark book, _New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality_, to "the United Nations, the first universal organization of this planet." Muller expects the UN to bring nothing less than "a moral and spiritual Renaissance." (_The Temple of Understanding Newsletter_, Spring 1995) Both he and the Hindu mystical teacher-in-residence at the UN, Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, go so far as to speak of the UN as a spiritual entity, or perhaps the collective channel for the Spiritual Entity expected to arrive: "No human force will ever be able to destroy the United Nations, for the UN is not a mere building or a mere idea; it is not a manmade creation. The UN is the vision-light of the Absolute Supreme.... The divine success and supreme progress of the United Nations is bound to become a reality. At his choice hour, the Absolute Supreme will ring his own victory-bell here on Earth through the loving and serving heart of the United Nations." (Muller quoting Chinmoy, "My Testament to the UN") But Muller is aware that the present UN does not have the power needed to fulfil its mission: "The world's survival requires an enormously strengthened second generation United Nations." ("Fifty Years Later: A Testimony", 1995)

At some point, Robert Muller himself may be tapped to head this New UN, an event which seemed close to happening in 1995. [His decision at that time to withdraw I suspect was a matter of timing; he is slated to head the "second generation", which was not fully ready in 1995.] But even if Muller never officially leads the UN, his leadership in it is assured. As his NA colleague Barbara Marx Hubbard writes, Muller "has a full scale plan of action to carry us into the 21st century. He 'wins' in influence, no matter whether or not he is elected [to the post of UN Secretary General]. He activates the support of the critical mass... to support the advanced United Nations that he advocates." (_The Social Potential Movement_, p.18) [For a taste of what Muller has already activated, see his role in New Age education.]



Susanna said...


One key group, the "UN Commission on Global Governance", called a World Conference in 1998 "for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification and implementation by the year 2000." [The attempt to obtain ratification in 2000 failed, but the patient NA Planners have merely scaled down their incremental progress accordingly.] In their 1995 report to the UN, "Our Global Neighborhood" (available on line), this distinguished panel outlines the results of over 7 years of careful work. In the Foreword, the Co-Chairmen go to great pains to reassure the reader that global "governance" is "not global government", lest we think a worldwide police-state is in the making. And yet, they admit that governance cannot function without "systems and rules", and must in fact enforce them: "The very essence of global governance is the capacity of the international community to ensure compliance with the rules of society." (Chap. 6, "Enforcing International Law") We are also promised that national sovereignty will be respected; however, a nation's sovereignty is "limited by the fundamental interests of humanity, which in certain severe circumstances must prevail over the ordinary rights of particular states." (Chp. 2, "Adopting Old Norms") [The circumstances which override national self-determination are not specified, but according to UN-supported philosopher Alice Bailey, it is in the "fundamental interests of humanity" to eliminate both territorial nationalism and the "Jewish problem" which gave rise to the sovereign Zionist state.]

To "ensure compliance" there is a "UN World Constitution" which includes an agreement by "the governments of the nations... to order their separate sovereignties into one government, to which they surrender their arms." Other arrangements include: A UN Trusteeship Council which will take control of the "global commons", or all international waters and air space; a UN Economic Security Council to set up a global funding and barter system, with the power to withhold funding from uncooperative nations; a single monetary and taxation system that will require all commerce to be conducted via a universally registered credit number for each earth citizen; and a standing UN army to assume peacekeeping responsibilities in areas of conflict (pinpointed by Dr. Henry Lamb, Executive VP of the Environmental Conservation Organization and Chairman of Sovereignty International). [See also the research of government insider Gary Kah, _En Route to Global Occupation_, which documents the early covert activities of the "World Constitution and Parliament Association" during the early to mid 1980s.]

Susanna said...

To All:

I am not in agreement with everything Rick Warren has had to say, but I want to let everyone here know that he needs our prayers because his son, Matthew reportedly committed suicide Friday.

Matthew Warren, Son Of Rick Warren, Commits Suicide

Posted: 04/06/2013 5:43 pm EDT

Anonymous said...

I'm not anti-semitic but Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism and is occult. I don't want to start any disagreements here but I'm going to state this and let the evidence speak for itself.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the deep things of Kabbalah are occult, and there are notions involving the shekinah as female etc. that do not fit the Torah at all. However, the kind of pop shallow Kabbalah elements that turn up in pop Judaism are mostly harmless. The Rabbis say that no one should study Kabbalah who is under a certain age and hasn't studied Torah first and is pretty stable. Obviously in Kabbalah there
is a body of literature that has been unfortunately accepted as sort of okay because of some high profile types like Rabbi Akiva being into it, and some medieval rabbis of note in Prague, but which is loaded with problems, and some are concerned about the problems, but can't see their way clear to just dump it.

I don't think we can label Dorothy an occultist. There are rabbis who oppose kabbalah, but apparently not in her synagogue.

That said, the deceptive spirits who are back of Kabbalah and exploit those they can through it, wouldn't hesitate to promote antisemitism on the side out of sight of Jews. The proliferation of Jewish ascribed magic in Europe, for instance, among the non Jewish sorcerors, didn't help Jewish reputation any.

The Frankist Jewish heresy, based in part on false Messiah Shabbatai Zevi (who converted to Islam eventually), would be an example of Kabbalah run amok, and is detailed in Rabbi Felix Antelman's TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE.

Anonymous said...

Christians talking about Judaism as if they know what they are talking about. Even more stupid, Christians talking about mysticism as seen through the eyes of another religion and comparing it with the occult as if they know what the two things are or what they have in common. Maybe we should let Humanists, atheists, Muslims or witches teach children about Christianity. The Kabbalah has not caused any destruction in the world. Go find something else you don't understand and get a tirade going. Maybe you can convince someone you are an expert in chemical engineering without making Christians look stupid.

You talk about Kabbalah as if you know what you are talking about. It is the foolishness of someone talking about nuclear physics to first graders. You, who don't understand what the New Age movement involves and can't tell your neighbor in a way that makes sense what the New Age movement is about all of a sudden are experts in the supernatural. You who know so little about the New Age movement you can't stay on the topic of the New Age movement for two days in a row yet still have the arrogance to believe you can teach about the supernatural. You are ready to take the word of a self-proclaimed expert about the supernatural because the expert can put words together in a way that makes sense to you who knows so very little about the supernatural to begin with.

Did it ever occur to many people reading this blog to say "I better learn more before I give an opinion."

Anonymous said...

Christine and others, I have a wonderful idea. Clean up the Christian establishment, Catholic and Protestant. When you've accomplished that, then go after the other religions with all of the experience you've gained. Don't bother with the theme "those are just exceptions and don't count."

I like Christianity as a whole. It is a valid religion that has benefited individuals and the community. Yet, there are some very dark spots that need a disinfectant. With your brilliance, I'm sure it won't take you more than a decade or two.

Anonymous said...

The Black Pope is the ‘President of the World’

He is the most powerful man on Earth, who rule over Maritime Laws (business) . He controls the banking system, Freemasonry and the Secret Services (CIA, FBI, NSA, SIS, MI6, Scotland Yard, Mossad, CSIS, DGSE, FSB). The Vatican owns 60% of all Israel lands and the Land of the Temple Mount for their Third Solomon’s Temple where they want their throne. Henry Breakspear and Pepe Orsini are in high control! Jesuit Assistancy Soldier, James Grummer controls the United States Corporation.

The ”NEW WORLD ORDER” is the GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM dream that a BANKER called Mayer Amschel Rothschild, helped revive in 1760′s to protect his private bank from global government regulation.
This plan is still sought after today by their family’s decedents.

The Jesuits are overlords of chaos. In a nut shell the Jesuits are Warlords, Assassins, Teachers, Infiltrators, and Tyrants. They tried their hand at global domination with the “League of Nations” but it failed, now they are trying again, under a new name…The United Nations, and its about to work!

“Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws.” [Even a 4 year old can understand that people with control of money...write the laws!] ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild

New World Order!

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with the MK Ultra program? If you are not, allow us a moment to fill you in. MK Ultra was a program, utilized and funded by the American government, which was based around intense mentalism techniques and psychological programming necessary for brain washing and mind control. The government also used LSD and other drugs to help further “break” whoever was involved, making them that much easier to program. While that may sound like an idea straight out of a Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi novel, rest assured, this has been going on around you for years and years. To help further acclimate you with just how deeply rooted the MK Ultra program is in our daily lives and in American history, we have decided to put together a list of the top ten people who obviously acted (against their will) under mind control. A few of the entries on this list may surprise you, but that is the whole point of putting together a list like this. To shift the way we all think, so that it CAN’T happen to us. Free will and free thought are the first steps for prevention.
James Eagan Holmes

Note his massive pupils and empty eyes. This will be a recurring theme for this list.

Note his massive pupils and empty eyes. This will be a recurring theme for this list.

That’s right, the Batman shooter, James Eagen Holmes was OBVIOUSLY “activated”. Anyone even slightly familiar with Mk Ultra techniques can see it clearly in his face, but on top of it, read testimonials from other people there and it is quite clear he wasn’t the only shooter, and some even say he didn’t do the shooting at all, and was in his car the whole time, set to take the fall. Proof of this is his three week blackout prior to the massacre.

The kicker here is James Eagan Holmes father was tied up with some very strange happens with a US banking scandal. You know who else’s father was involved with the very same scandal?
Adam Lanza

All the signs are right under our noses regarding how brainwashed the Sandy Hook shooter really was.

All the signs are right under our noses regarding how brainwashed the Sandy Hook shooter really was.

Wow, how strange is that, huh? Some like to call things like this a coincidence, but the reality is, we call something a coincidence when we are all collectively too scared to call it what it really is. This is ANOTHER case of a kid who was from a broken home, had pre-existing mental problems and conditions, and had family tied up in a major case that could cost the U.S millions of dollars. Wake up, people, before they activate you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:09 You little thief you. Stealing material from another site and not giving them credit hardly give you credibility. I'm not going to name the site because no one should go to a site that uses David Icke material. Get your hand out of that garbage pail. This is not supposed to be a dumping ground for nutters.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

if you are referring to the post just before yours, he may have gotten the content from Icky Icke, but the information is valid, Icke got it from other sources. I was seeing this in a few days of the events, before Icke could havegot ahold of it. A lot of Icke's stuff is valid, but he exploits it for his own agenda.

you can google up all this stuff and find it without Icke.

Anonymous said...

Christine, the entire piece was stolen from another site. Please, no excuses for crap bags. It wasn't an Icke site. They just use Icke material. Tell me how you differentiate when a liar is telling the truth. Is there some kind of magic wand you wave over the words and maybe they become italics if they are the truth. No one should be so desperate for information they are willing to listen to known New Agers, Christian haters or any other scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Occasionally someone can learn something at this blog about the New Age movement, primarily from a front page piece. Anyone new here should go back to the beginning of the blog when really valid material was being shared by many.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

first off, it doesn't matter if he gave credit or not, you need to check the information content from valid sources. If you don't recognize it as already proven more likely true than not to your standards, then go and investigate.

The information content - MKULTRA, programmed assassins and other functions, all this has been uncovered in government documents already. "mind control" is a subject that lends itself to nutty presentations, but you can get to the solid truth easy enough.

As for the connections to the Libor scandal of these people, again, its in the news.

just check for yourself instead of complaining. THAT is what is important, not who is now repeating it. Such complaints as you make misdirect attention away from the real issues.

a lot of new agers hate the political side of the new age because of its conflicts with their agendas, and also they can pretend to hate it to gain more adherents to their personality cults and more money for their products, but they usually present valid information in the process. Same facts you will find on non new age sites.

But that doesn't matter.

What matters is the black ops issue. and this dovetails to practical occultism a lot. the USA govt. not just elected but the entire power structure is contaminated, and frankly the whole history of the USA is peppered with popular occultism from the Colonies to now.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Constance, a question. From your April 2005 blog, "Solana's mother's 1996 book, however, still refers affectionately to Osho and reported that he had urged her to write her book on the life of Sir Francis Bacon and had blessed her efforts."

what was her take on Francis Bacon, why the interest? his likely Rosicrucianism?

Anonymous said...

Ike works for the New Age Movement.

He spins a mixture of truth and dissinfo to make the real Conspiracy Constance wrote about sound wacky.

Other dissinfo-ists are Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura.

Just trying to help.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Icke is irrelevant. the data in the post is accurate. Alex Jones has a patriot militia kind of mindset which he brings to learning on the job. Lots of stuff he has covered has been
mainstream admitted a few months or years later.

Jesse Ventura at least gets stuff to a public that wouldn't normally dig into anything. A lot of posturing, yeah. But frankly, a lot of the stuff these guys cover don't turn up regularly here, and the readership here is hardly in the millions of individuals I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please define "credible"?

Would that be CNN, or maybe NBC, both owned by banksters who are taking the country down?

Is a credible source from anyone with a Masters degree or a PhD?

If we cannot seek and know truth on our own and sift thrugh the mud of information we recieve ourselves, then we will become that incredible source when we give our opinion.

Does anyone think Constance Cumbey or any regular on this blog have ALL the answers and is right 100 percent of the time?

No one really knows everyting, and the wisest have always said "The more I know, the more I know I really don't know."

We all want to KNOW.

It is better to be good.

Let's treat each other with respect and love or we may unknowingly playing ourselves into the hand of a very cruel Dealer.
Wouldn't it make the New Agers happy to see we who are on to them bickering about common things?

Jesus is the Truth and the only Way to the Father in heaven. We must know Him as written in Scripture before we can begin to know anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous 1:59. The value of the academic world is that information must be documented and there is peer review. Some whack job can't just write oddball information, tell everyone else they must listen or go prove some cockamamie theory or disprove it because the whack job puts it in writing. Oh there are many whack jobs out there and they all have followers. LaRouche has his followers as does Farrakhan, Icke, Hoffman, Makow, Jones, Rense, Maars, as did Mullins and Ezra Pound. The communists and the Nazis as well as most New Age writers, cult leaders and other such money making propagandists on the left and right are skilled con artists.

The New Age movement is not some plaything. It is a dangerous movement that manipulates minds, operates behind the scenes, and is filled with liars. Only naive individuals and fools do not take it seriously. It should be studied seriously at the very least, not as some goofy outline that can be filled in with crap information.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the information that the whack jobs bandy about, specifically in that post, incl. material drawn from government and news sources that are more legitimate. As for peer review, well, considering the fraud and money driven stuff I am not all that trusting of those academic sources. I don't trust anyone. Consider Monsanto and its control of its researchers. Now it is coming out that GMO corn causes organ failure in rats raised on it, and sterility in the third generation. Fluoride is now being admitted to be bad for you, by scientists, despite the decades of denial. And global warming is looking more and more like a mere
fad hysteria with fraud type exploiters using and driving it.

Anonymous said...

Christine, and who do you think is exposing the fraud? People who post without documentation and say trust me because I can troll the internet and drag crap here?

Tension said...

Wow! We got it all wrong then. It's the Jesuits behind every thing evil. I thought it was George Soros. Unless...oh no! George Soros is secretly a Jesuit. Just take what I say as true. I have very little facts to run on, although I watched a You Tube video that was pretty convincing. It feels true, so it must be true. Wait, that's Stephen Colbert's definition of truthiness, which means...oh no! Stephen Colbert is a Jesuit, too. Hey, he has a sister running for Congress. And all of this comes down to one thing...the UN. How you say? Just take my word for it...I'm a self-declared expert on these things.

Tension said... goes beyond just Adam Lanza. Anytime you think some nut is acting on their own crazy line of way! They've all been in the "Naked Gun" movie. I knew there was something in those eyes. Not a blank stare of someone with a mental way! How do I know this is true? Well, I feel it in my gut. I believe all the posted comments everyone leaves here, anonymous or otherwise. Only experts post information here, no matter how utterly fantastic or ridiculous it is. Is 007 working on this? Hey, I've seen that look on Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. Oh, no! Quick...these gals need an intervention. Someone get Stephen Colbert! He'll know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Tension, your truthiness is refreshing. And I didn't know all of those people were Jesuits. Are there any women Jesuits?

Anonymous said...

Now only 33 years after it was exposed by Constance Cumbey, Limbaugh today was talking about the attack on Christianity and the other major religions. Now that it is too late to do anything serious about it, he so bravely bellows and acts shocked. Well maybe the weak knees people will say something now that Limbaugh has led the way for them.

Anonymous said...

The atomic bomb's "potency is predominantly etheric"? It "emerged from a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group"?

I hear the first cuckoo of spring!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

etheric atomic nonsense is irrelevant.

here's where you can check sources without icky Icke or anything like that involved.

one site debunked it by blaming the info origin on "the CIA and NSA controlled group anonymous," which strikes me as a disinfo effort in itself. More reason to believe the Libor connection then.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Even if the testimony schedule part of the story is off, and no one says anything except they are not under suspicion, which wouldn't keep them from giving testimony, what IS a matter of record is that the fathers of BOTH these shooters are connected to the LIBOR scene by nature of their employment positions, and at least one WAS questioned by the FBI so had some information or thought to have this, and the questioning would give credence to the scheduled to testify story.

The very fact that the next statement is that he was not under suspicion brands the writer of the debunk effort as either simple minded or a disinformation agent. Because being under suspicionor criminal acts, or not being under suspicionof criminal acts, is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to whether or not the person has information that should be heard in court. I think Constance would agree.

Anonymous said...

Physicist, don't jump too fast thinking to dismiss the book. It wasn't written for the scientific community. It was written for the occult New Age community. It came out in 1957 but since Bailey died in 1949, it must have been written before that. It is still in print, sold in some mainstream bookstores and has been translated into several foreign languages. However, unlike the Theosophical Society, Lucis Trust is quite secretive except for their bullcrap.

Check out the impact the Lucis Trust/Alice Bailey books have on what is going on. Much new information has been added.

Lucis Trust is closely tied to the United Nations. Robert Muller, second in command there, was very active with Lucis Trust. Before they pulled the most of the information off the internet, you would have been very surprised to see the power groups connected with New Group of World Servers, one of the subgroups.

The point here was not to describe atomic energy to the masses. It was to show a long term goal was to put that power in the hands of a world government group. And yes, they have that kind of political power.

Anonymous said...

So Christine, more interesting pieces of information to detour people from getting to the goal of understanding what New Age is about. Until they catch on, I do believe it works for you.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

obviously you don't understand that the New Age movement's political side, which this blog tends to focus on, depends a lot on specific smaller things, like disarming everyone (which these shooting episodes help along by giving something to argue for gun elimination though some more sensible are arguing for armed guards at schools and removing the no gun policy at schools, which makes them an easy scene for a turkey shoot so to speak).

Agenda 21 is a major important part.

Now, that's just the physical organizing of people and society angle, which can be accomplished without any New Age spirituality involved.

However, these things ARE supported by NAM spirituality types, and viewed as compatible with the love peace bliss nonsense. Other excuses are given to the unenlightened masses, of course.

The ultimate goal of the NAM is to cause a psychic connection to and contamination by even submission outright to and worship of their luciferic crap. But too much pop occultism of the ego driven power motivated individualist non communitarian sort works in that direction also.

The NAM in its form we discuss here, is both spiritual and political, and would eventually have a totalitarian nazoid situation, which takes a while to accomplish, and these little things are part of moving in that direction.

So are children's cartoons that acclimatize them to hypnotic greyskins chief characteristics, and highly regimented life styles.

the demons can play nice like fairies.

Of course NAM ultimately wants to get the antichrist in charge, and massacre all Abrahamic religions excepting those individuals willing to be coopted by false light etc., in general, and Christians in particular.

But this may be just another dry run. Two failures (Krishnamurti and Hitler) to date.

But to make it harder to accomplish the physical organizing efforts, we need to keep an eye on the stuff you simpler sorts think doesn't matter.

The Bible says that some parts of the world near Israel would not be under the antichrist's control. Maybe we can keep things like that in a few other places?

Anonymous said...

Dear 5.16pm

I'm aware that Alice Bailey is influential and that her writings are potentially dangerous. That doesn't stop her talking complete drivel about various subjects, such as the A-bomb. I'm sure that the physicists of Los Alamos would have been amused to hear the laboratory described as a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group.


Anonymous said...

Physicist, you've been following this blog long enough to know what New Age is about, so I didn't think I was teaching you anything. You do represent a kind of authority figure who posts here. Too often people look at something connected with the New Age movement and go "Ha Ha who could believe that junk" thus dismissing the entire picture and those who want to inform others what is going on. Since it is impossible to know who might be checking in, I thought it best not to let it pass.

Anonymous said...


Have you seen this.

Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism Labeled 'Extremist' in U.S. Army Presentation

If you read the document it least just "beliefs" as enough to classify someone as extremist.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"I'm sure that the physicists of Los Alamos would have been amused to hear the laboratory described as a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group."

While I agree that is ridiculous on the face of it and probably surprising to most who worked there, the thought crossed my mind a while back, that this should not be dismissed out of hand.

It might be a fairly accurate picture of the evil spirit influence behind it. After all, there is a lot of tinkering with occultism and occult philosophy in the whole secret research and not so secret research scene. This came out in public to some extent in the Church Hearings on the CIA but that only scratched the surface. declassified documents I have read show much more activities and for much longer than admitted.

Meanwhile, Los Alamos is part of the scene connected to rumors (and some proven facts) about deep underground military bases (aka DUMBs) and aliens or genetic engineered humans and hybrids and God knows what all.

Anonymous said...

OK Christine, what is a First Ray Ashram and a Fifth Ray Group? Put them both together and what do you get - Nothing. We know, you have a feeling about this. Physicist is right. Occultists can be people who stretch strangeness and teach it to coocoo birds.

"The First Ray Ashram is of the Master Moyra, of men of Good Will."

"The Fifth Ray is the energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science. Its right expression is strictly accurate statements, common-sense, uprightness, independence, keen intellect, sensitivity to Deity to light and to wisdom; its distortion is prejudice, harsh criticism, narrowness, arrogance, an unforgiving temper, lack of sympathy and reverence, and intense materialism. "

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

adds up to the usual luciferian make nicey nice sort of deception. the fifth ray description of course would be relevant to the science side of the atomic and genetic scene Los Alamos is heavily into.

the first ray ashram is defined as "of men of good will." how does one define "good" in all this? coming from those people, whatever suits their interests incl. one world government.

and what was the biggest propaganda device to push this as needed for survival (before global warming)?

the atom bomb.

go figure.

Craig said...

It may be instructive to gain an understanding of what the ‘ether’ is in the Bailey/D.K. schema. In Alice Bailey’s Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, she describes the etheric realm as the panentheistic realm – that substance of ‘god’ which is within all matter. She uses the term omnipresence to describe its nature:

…Omnipresence has its basis in the substance of the universe, and in what the scientists call the ether; this word “ether” is a generic term covering the ocean of energies which are all inter-related and which constitute that one synthetic energy body of our planet. [Telepathy, p 2]

In panentheism, God is both transcendent (outside the cosmos) while simultaneously immanent, within all matter. This immanence is the ‘god within’ (or “Christ within”, seed, divine spark) which inter-connects with all others; i.e., the ‘god within’ one person or thing is of the same essence as the ‘god within’ another, and all are inter-connected. This ‘divine immanence’ is the etheric realm, and since omnipresence characterizes the nature of the entire etheric body, this then makes omniscience possible to all:

It is a fact that omnipresence, which is a law in nature and based on the fact that the etheric bodies of all forms constitute the world etheric body, makes omniscience possible. The etheric body of the planetary Logos is swept into activity by His directed will; energy is the result of His thoughtform playing in and through His energy body. [Telepathy, p 7]


Craig said...


The “planetary Logos” is, as I see it, in essence, Sanat Kumara, or Satan. Satan directs all the ashrams. Bailey asserts that this inter-connectness of the panentheistic, etheric realm makes collective omniscience possible since “divine thought” permeates this realm [p 7]. Through “concentration and meditation”, individuals become “inspired Thinkers” with the power to direct this energy thereby acquiring “the clue to ultimate world salvation” by ‘telepathy’ [p 6]:158

The thought-directing energy has for its source a Thinker Who can enter into the divine Mind, owing to His having transcended human limitation; the thought-directed receiver is the man, in exoteric expression, who has aligned his brain, his mind, and his soul. [pp 6-7]

‘Telepathy’ between the “Spiritual Hierarchy” (demons) and humans can be effected by/through “overshadowing”, or ‘expanding one’s consciousness’, or, in other words, possession. Increased levels of “overshadowing” brings increased telepathic powers. Even the atom itself has a consciousness, as the title of one of Bailey’s other books illustrates - The Consciousness of the Atom.

The Ashram’s are all guided by Masters (former humans who’ve achieved divine status having earned the ‘fifth initiation’ or higher), and these Masters guide the adepts – humans who’ve taken at least the first initiation. And, each Ashram has their own function, and some of these functions overlap.

Hannah Newman, in her work The Rainbow Swastika states that the Bailey doctrine synthesizes fairly well. It may not align with scientific models, but it does harmonize to a degree.

Craig said...

Here's more from the Agenda 21 rewilding:

Anonymous said...

Craig, you describe how they rationalize it very well. The thinking is so upper level that it can make sense to those who want to believe it, but when it comes down to the actual work with one's mind and hands, all of it has nothing to do with what goes on in the laboratory. No supernatural force takes over the physicist's body for example. Oh they can say they plant the seed, the idea, but since individuals have free will and I doubt the laboratories are filled with Lucis Trust followers, it isn't going to happen.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

you don't need a single Lucis Trust member on staff, in a lab, or even on the board of directors. All you need is a mindset with a drive to do something because it can be done not because it should be done or even think maybe it shouldn't be done, and the influence of people who are themselves under the influence of evil spirits they picked up God knows where or how.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your truthiness Christine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11.55pm, I agree with your respectful critique of Craig's comments.

Alice Bailey's comments about the A-bomb being primarily etheric probably relates to her fixation with light; Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14) and nuclear weapons produce a blinding and, close enough, a vaporising flash.

The physicists at Los Alamos were a diverse bunch, mainly secular materialists with a touch of mysticism and/or nominal Christianity. They were united in just one thing: the project to build the A-bomb. At that stage, they alone understood what they were unleashing and it led (in summary) to a certain amount of moral agonising. To the military and the politicians the issue was simple: there was a war on and this was a bigger and better bomb - Go for it.

If Bailey wants to impose crazy categories on this activity then she is free to, and I agree that she is insidious, but she's still talking nonsense about it. Evidently she is still capable of deluding people even at Constance's website.

"Los Alamos is part of the scene connected to rumors (and some proven facts) about deep underground military bases (aka DUMBs) and aliens or genetic engineered humans and hybrids..."

It wasn't in the A-bomb era, which is when Bailey wrote and is the only point of relevance here.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"The physicists at Los Alamos were a diverse bunch, mainly secular materialists with a touch of mysticism and/or nominal Christianity"

which is a good description of the sort of population that can be used to channel an influence. It is interesting that Oppenheimer chose a line out of the Bhagavad Gita ("I am now become the destroyer of worlds") to express his feelings on seeing the bomb go off, so obviously was steeped in this stuff. And nowdays that influence has probably shaped and drawn together those who are good for the evil being worked there. Especially when things are compartmentalized those who won't go the next step, can be used on lesser stages or less obnoxious activities.

As for agonizing, maybe a few, but the opinon of one of them in a documentary on TV was that they were more concerned with do it because it can be done.

Japan, Germany and US were all on this track. Germany had apparently developed tactical nukes they used on the eastern front, but had no intention of using on Aryan bloodlines. NYC however was mapped with concentric rings....nuclear blast pattern. A dry run had been done seeing if a heavy hauler plane I think the Ju-something or other could get across the Atlantic and back. source, declassified government records and stuff recovered from Germany after the war as part of Project Paperclip and other projects of like nature.

A good possibility exists, that Himmler was allowed to escape in return for atomic secrets and location of a stash of properly purified uranium. The second bomb dropped on Japan was pure experiment. Unconscionable. Deliberately short time, not enough for them to decide this was nuclear and not a fire bombing run. Should have waited a week, not three days.

The mentality was a mix of barely semi good and evil. All sides in that war were dabbling in the occult, and that and racism and eugenics got a bad name though much effort was made to suppress evidence of Nazi occultism. Didn't work forever, though.

Anonymous said...


You have a model of theodicy that does not seem to be to match the Bible's very well. Granted that all fallen humans are Satan's "useful idiots", but what do you mean by "channeling" in the context of Los Alamos bomb research, rather than in a seance? The devil solved their equations for them?

If you cannot prove that Los Alamos wasn't such a "channel" then you cannot prove it was either, because as the same sort of reasoning is involved in either case.

JR Oppenheimer was well read in the poetry of many cultures, and simply chose a well known quote from the Bhavagad Gita (which you render inaccurately, incidentally - it mentions death explicitly).

"A good possibility exists, that Himmler was allowed to escape in return for atomic secrets and location of a stash of properly purified uranium."

Where did you read that tattle Christine?

"The second bomb dropped on Japan was pure experiment. Unconscionable. Deliberately short time, not enough for them to decide this was nuclear and not a fire bombing run. Should have waited a week, not three days."

The Japanese had no idea what a nuclear weapon was. Certainly the Nagasaki bomb was a more complex design than Hiroshima, but the same design had worked on test a few weeks before in the desert. Do you not know that Stalin had just opportunistically declared war on Japan and it was important to end hostilities quickly before the Soviets got a foothold in Japanese territory?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

channeling is not a classical seance, but I am not using it in either sense. I mean an atmosphere of influence egging stuff on, subtle. easy compatibility to a next step and so on. Somewhere in the brew if it is recruitment by demons or by a society, there are those who take the next step, and out of them those who take another step and so on.

Also, this means a compatibility and a kind of instinct may develop for directing personnel in the right direction, odd coincidences and convenient situations start developing.

as for the Himmler thing, there is a lot of evidence for his continued survival, incl. a photo in one book on the subject of a check he signed in Argentina in I think the 1970s. Context means it wasn't an accidental similarity of names either, going from memory the bank account was shared with or the check related somehow to either Peron or someone of his bunch.

Japan was working on the atom bomb, though it was the farthest behind of the bunch. Maybe got the idea from the Nazis.

the sources on all this are numerous, I wouldn't know where to begin. but here's a start for you on the Japanese thing. As for Himmler, he and one Kammler had an odd way of racking up multiple and conflicting versions of how they died. Which means they didn't.

If you study the arts of deception in war and intelligence, then interpret stuff you already know in light of this, things start looking ominously different. If you want to sleep comfortably at night, don't try it.

As for Hitler and his survival, there is some nut job out there online who has a web page arguing for his being part of the Bush relatives or something. But his supposed skull is now known to be that of a woman.

And no one of those in the bunker actually saw him pull the trigger, he went into another room to do this, and everyone questioned were good nazis who if they did know something would have lied. A peculiar coincidence of a plane going into and out of Berlin at that time makes no sense except in terms of getting someone important out.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

oops forgot the link to starter info on the Japanese nuclear bomb program.

Anonymous said...

Yes careful how you sleep Christine, Hitler and Himmler are living either side of you.

Anonymous said...

I asked for evidence about German atomic secrets and enriched uranium making it to the West via Himmler, not claims about his survival. I don't believe he survived but that doesn't interest me. Claims about German enriched uranium and atomic secrets being traded do, as they run counter to every reputable account and are, in particular, inconsistent with the bugged conversations of the German nuclear scientists when they were interned at Hall Farm near Cambridge immediately after the war. If you cannot back up your assertion with a reference, would you please withdraw it?


Craig said...

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear with my comments. I wasn't trying to state that the Bailey model is actually how the making of the A-bomb came about. I was illustrating how Bailey/Master D.K. explained that it did.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

actually you did not ask for proof of German atomic stuff, you asked about the escape of Himmler as part of a deal, and no I am not talking about thinking Hitler and Himmler are alive making one not sleep easily. They are dead of old age.

I am talking about your whole comfortable WORLD VIEW, incl. both blind trust of either regular news and history, and blind trust of "alternative" research goes down the toilet.

Now, I hate to reference Joseph P. Farrell, who in some respects is a bit out there, and has more recently gone off the deep end theologically. This fellow has a PhD from Oxford, I checked his references with them and that is correct. (despite someone's claim they never heard of him over there, posted on Farrell's blog, and evidently a lie.)

so you can't argue about him being some ignorant fringe nut.

For the best job of dot connection with a lot of sources cited, from someone who has been a WW 2 buff since his early years, you need to go get Brotherhood of The Bell;
The Nazi International; and Reich of the Black Sun. These three books are excellent, and include research from others and builds on it.

For more bits and pieces and odd hints here and there, you need to troll through piles of books and tons of articles but since he gives references you can pursue those. Some are from government sources, you can probably get your own copies. Other people have worked on these various subjects but he strings them all together. dealing with things too separately, leads to missing a lot of stuff.

Check and you can get at least one of those titles downloaded free. There might be kindle editions dirt cheap on amazon, and maybe by now you can preview parts of them there.

Craig said...

I’ll go further. To accept the Bailey view, one must believe in panentheism. As a Bible-believing Christian, I deny that on its face. To go along with panentheism is a belief in reincarnation, for this is how it is purported one can continue to ‘evolve’ and eventually make “Master”, an impossibility in merely one incarnation. Even Jesus of Nazareth was in his fourth or so incarnation and underwent yet another, as Apollonius of Tyana, before He made “Master”, in the Bailey/D.K. tale.

However, Bailey states she was a willing vessel (reluctant at first), allowing Djwhal Khul to channel through her in writing the Lucifer Publishing/Lucifer Trust books. Do I believe that? You bet! I don’t believe any one human could have systematized those teachings so well. The source is clearly demonic.

So, Bailey was “overshadowed”, aka “soul-controlled” - euphemisms for possession. There’s an element of truth in the Bailey writings – as, I believe it was Cumbey who wrote – a photographic negative to Biblical Truth. Here’s the ultimate goal:

Emphasis should be laid on the evolution of humanity with peculiar attention to its goal, perfection…man in incarnation, by the indwelling and over-shadowing soul…The relation of the individual soul to all souls should be taught, and with it the long-awaited kingdom of God is simply the appearance of soul-controlled men on earth in everyday life and at all stages of that control…The fact will appear that the Kingdom has always been present but has remained unrecognized, owing to the relatively few people who express, as yet, its quality…. [Bailey Externalisation, p 588]

The “kingdom of God” in the Bailey teachings is the hierarchy of demons, with the ultimate goal of the “externalisation” of these demons on earth. This will include the “reappearance of the Christ”, i.e., the antichrist empowered by Satan, for those Bible believers who aren’t preterists [Rev 13]. And this antichrist figure will prevent anyone from buying or selling without “the mark of the beast” [Rev 13:16-18]. This seems to require control over the world monetary system.

Anonymous said...

"actually you did not ask for proof of German atomic stuff, you asked about the escape of Himmler as part of a deal"

As part of a deal in exchange for German atomic stuff, you said. I am personally uninterested in Himmler but very interested in the trajectory of German atomic secrets. Please at least read your own previous posts accurately.

You say I have blind trust in holding certain mainstream views. In physical science I can read the primary research literature for myself. In politics I am sceptical of plenty, but time generally winnows out the obvious rubbish and throws up alternative explanations which a community of scholars and nowadays bloggers can criticise, and I read the fruits of that. Re NWO stuff I operate mainly by deciding which authors to trust, based on whether their writing is self-consistent and is also consistent with what I believe to be true in other areas I can check for myself. You, in contrast, appear to have blind trust in internet trash. Perhaps you have some kind of emotional investment in being anti-establishment?

Farrell spectacularly fails my "check him out in areas I know for myself" test, talking nonsense about physics. And EVEN YOU say he is a bit wild, talking about interplanetary warfare and (inevitably) The Pyramids. And he's the best and most reliable reference you can give!


Perhaps Hitler and Himmler discovered the secret of eternal youth in which case they still might be living next door to you...

Anonymous said...

Hard to disagree with what Alice B says here about the Church of Rome.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

no he isn't the most reliable as primary source he is the best at putting it all together what is in primary sources. and I said, this is his real area of expertise, Nazi Germany and WW II since he was a teen something.

and if you want the primary research material, you go check his footnotes as start.

Farrell isn't talking nonsense about physics, he's talking about the kind of physics you get when you don't limit yourself to the direction it took around the turn of the 20th century.

I have some doubts about the pyramid as (effective) weapon, but I did some experiments with pyramid energy in the 1970s that shows yes, it will turn a chunk of raw meat left on it out in a garage into pliable jerky without rot, smell or application of spices, over a few days, late spring or summer. I don't recall if I tried the sharpen a razor thing.

your understanding about physics is comparable to that of a person who is used to the standard combustion engine, and can't understand how an inline (sterling?) or a rotary wrankel engine could exist. Both are legit, both work, and neither resemble the others except at a core function point that won't be recognizeable at first glance.

meanwhile, go ahead and preen. don't even bother to look into the eyewitness reports of stuff on the eastern front that can only be tactical nukes. Ignore the Berlin telephone system being mysteriously knocked out for no reason. and above all ignore the reports of slave labor survivors about Die Glocke, and the implications of that map and the stuff on that submarine and the inexplicable massacre of lower level Nazi scientists which only makes sense if something was being hidden so that only the top level scientists could strike a deal.

And no, DO NOT rely on Farrell for any of this, use him to get to the primary sources on this.

One advantage to your view of physics, at least we are less likely to create even more user unfriendly and environmentally unfriendly systems than the other kind of physics can produce.

Something I don't think Farrell even deals with, is the use of beryllium to lower the size of a nuke, making the suitcase nuke possible, but I don't think that
was an issue at the time.

The reason for this is pretty simple and not really wierd once you know the stuff kicks loose extra neutrons when irritated enough, but might appear mystical if you didn't.

as for reading my own posts accurately, you
responded to an entire sentence the lead of which was Himmler's survival, without specifying atomic issues. Given that the survival of Nazi bigwigs is considered a nonstarter by standard history, I could be expected to think absent your specifying atomic stuff, that the survival of Himmler was the issue not why.

And you dismiss the idea of Japanese nuclear weapons research in WW II out of hand without even checking first, a guick google, get wikipedia for quick start and check their references, or go to any of the other articles on this, just fire off that it couldn't have happened they didn't know anything about atom bombs.

It is excuseable that you didn't know this, most history doesn't talk about it. but not that you are so quick to reject without checking.

I see you are now relying on what's wrong with Farrell, which I ALREADY specified, ignoring the one area of expertise, historical research, that he has developed since his youth.

Igor Witkowski was I think the one who first cued him to looking into The Bell, and is not on a par with Terszinski and some other guy who Farrell rejects out of hand for good reason. (I am not dead sure they were totally off, however.)

The Nazi International draws on material you would take months to wade through which I already knew in the 1990s before Farrell was on my radar.

Anonymous said...

A future evolution of the bitcoin cryptocurrency will probably be the end times money.

Anonymous said...


LGBT politics is a major part of the New Age movement. The new argument is that Jesus was not male, but just human. This opens the way to fit Jesus into the LGBT narrative, ending up with an androgynous, Jesus, who is basically, neither one gender or the other.


Anonymous said...

Christine, you wrote:

"Farrell isn't talking nonsense about physics, he's talking about the kind of physics you get when you don't limit yourself to the direction it took around the turn of the 20th century."

Your words are ambiguous but I presume you mean 113 years ago rather than 13 years ago. What happened since then is that experimental technology got a lot better, so that century-old observations right on the limits of what could be detected, which might back then have been regarded as the first sign of new physics, are now known either to actually be new physics which, a century on, is understood and assimilated (ie, relativity and quantum theory); or proved to be spurious effects due to the limitations of the technology. But a few people today point to those spurious effects and say Hey, they missed something 100 years ago and physics took a wrong turn 100 and has never bothered to look back since. Wrong! Whenever experimental technology improves we revisit the basic experiments to test our theories to another few decimal places. You, Christine, are a century out of date in your understanding of experiment, and several years of intensive study short of the understanding you need to discuss the things you are talking about competently.

"your understanding about physics is comparable to that of a person who is used to the standard combustion engine, and can't understand how an inline (sterling?) or a rotary wrankel engine could exist. Both are legit, both work, and neither resemble the others except at a core function point that won't be recognizeable at first glance."

Both are internal combustion engines that run on gas/air mixes to produce work in the form of a rotating axle. Much in common.

"meanwhile, go ahead and preen. don't even bother to look into the eyewitness reports of stuff on the eastern front that can only be tactical nukes."

I won't, because the radioactivity would have been picked up and commented on. Why not throw a few fascist aliens in on the side of the Germans too, and perhaps some communist little green men fighting for the Soviets with laser swords?

"Ignore the Berlin telephone system being mysteriously knocked out for no reason."

Ever heard of power cuts? In case you had forgotten, there was a war on and Berlin and its power stations and its railways used to transport fuel to them were regularly bombed.

"the inexplicable massacre of lower level Nazi scientists which only makes sense if something was being hidden so that only the top level scientists could strike a deal."

Documentation please.

"One advantage to your view of physics, at least we are less likely to create even more user unfriendly and environmentally unfriendly systems than the other kind of physics can produce."

There is only one kind of physics because there is only one set of laws of physics.

"The reason for this is pretty simple and not really wierd once you know the stuff kicks loose extra neutrons when irritated enough, but might appear mystical if you didn't."

Same differential equations, different coefficients. I've solved them as part of an advanced student exercise.

Thank you for the correction about the Japanese nuclear weapons investigations. All physicists knew it was possible by then in principle, but the Japanese were an enormous distance from translating physical theory into technological practice. Look at the quality and quantity of physicists at Los Alamos and the time and money it took them, and then compare with what went into the Japanese program by 1945.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

just get the books and read them then check the references cited and go after their sources. It is too difficult to compress all that stuff and post here. I would add to locate the reference to the massacre, check Roswell and The Reich, and Saucers, Swastikas and Psy Ops.

One error of mine, skimming through these to locate the massacre bit it seems it was not Himmler but Bormann who survived.

As for the internal combustion stuff, of course they are all internal combustion machines, however when the Wrankel Rotary Engine was tried by Mazda, the average person couldn't understand this. I remember Alan King joking
"it has three moving parts, you and the two guys who help you push it back to the dealer."

Rearrange something and acts better, or worse. Whatever. Parallels to this exist in chemistry, where the sole difference between drinkable alcohol and deadly alcohol is only the structure not the content of the molecule.

Craig said...


You wrote, LGBT politics is a major part of the New Age movement. The new argument is that Jesus was not male, but just human. This opens the way to fit Jesus into the LGBT narrative, ending up with an androgynous, Jesus, who is basically, neither one gender or the other.

While I’ve not heard this yet, I can’t say I’m surprised at all. Many do not know (and I’m not stating that either you do or do not) that androgyny is not necessarily appearing as having no defined gender, but also having both:

The bi-gendered and ambiguous androgyny ideas seem to fit well into an LGBT theme. But, also, note the Baphomet which is both br*asted yet having no genit*lia (I’m trying not to spell out terms which may attract spam).

In addition, the Adam Kadmon, which is recognized in some forms of Kabbalah, Midrash, and early Gnosticism, was bi-gendered. When Eve was taken from Adam, Adam became male, while Eve was female. I suppose perhaps each may have retained some of the other gender to a degree (it’s been a while since I’ve really looked into this, so I’m not sure). In some Gnostic texts, the goal appears to be a reintegration of the two genders. This makes sense when one views the New Age idea of non-duality.

Jesus is also known as the second Adam, both in a correct sense and in more than one incorrect sense (He was merely man which is not correct! – as but one example).

Trouble said...

Anonymous 12:00 and Tension

The only woman I KNOW to be a Jesuit is none other than Constance Cumbey who, back in 2005, was exposed by Eric Jon Phelps as "Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey."

Constance, have you had your super secret meeting yet with Pope Francis ( a.k.a. The Black Pope )?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:53 - Thanks for your comment. Freedom of speech does allow idiots to go on the internet stage and amuse us. It's cheaper than comedy clubs and easier to get to. Not that you are an idiot. You obviously are only pretending to be one to amuse us.

Anonymous said...

That should be 10:53. Only fools would go searching for a 12:53 quote to match your silliness.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter whether it was Himmler or Bormann (to whom indeed no dead body ever clearly corresponded); the point is your claim that some allegedly surviving senior Nazi traded German atom secrets. Your inability to cite any reputable references for this, or give any names of less senior Nazi scientists who were allegedly mass-murdered, closes these matters so far as I am concerned. Your repeated wild claims followed by inability to back them up makes you an intellectual analogue of women who lead men on and then say No.

"As for the internal combustion stuff, of course they are all internal combustion machines, however when the Wrankel Rotary Engine was tried by Mazda, the average person couldn't understand this."

The average person probably understood the notion of the internal combustion engine a lot better back then than today, because (1) the public education system hadn't been wrecked and (2) you could usefully do your own minor under-the-hood repairs in those days. NB it's WANKEL, not WRANKEL.

"Parallels to this exist in chemistry, where the sole difference between drinkable alcohol and deadly alcohol is only the structure not the content of the molecule."

I think you may be a little confused here. "Alcohol" is actually a word for a generic set of chemicals (hydrocarbons with an -OH group attached); there is methyl alcohol (CH3OH), ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH), propyl alcohol (C3H7OH), etc. Ethyl alcohol is the one in whisky, wine, beer etc and is the only one customarily consumed by humans - for which reason it is generally called just "alcohol" by non-chemists. Methyl alcohol is poisonous and has led to blindness among people who have inadvertently drunk it when an illicit still was run and tapped under the wrong conditions, producing ethyl alcohol polluted with it. Propyl alcohol and other larger-hydrocarbon-chain alcohols can have branching chain structures, and it is possible to have two molecules with the same chemical formula but different branch structures (eg, straight-chain regular propyl alcohol and branched 'iso-propyl' alcohol). This is not the case with ethyl alcohol, however, as you seem to suggest.


Anonymous said...


I do agree that androgeny refers to both. The argument is that if we are made in the image and likeness of God, then, so are LGBT people.

So, God can be male and female. Hence it's narrow to fit Jesus into one sex.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Your inability to cite any reputable references for this, or give any names of less senior Nazi scientists who were allegedly mass-murdered, "

my inability consists of having to re read three or four books.

so you will hear from me later on this. too cheap and too lazy to study the matter with TONS of references to the results of interviews of various German POWs and others, and several books.

I gave you a source you can find lots of source material from in his footnotes. now you expect me to reread three or four books.

okay, why not. see you later.

But what I have always read is that the real difference between the alcohols is their structures.

so I goofed on that one, due to relying on pop info instead of digging deeper. My bad.

and you are doing the same thing, relying on pop info instead of digging deeper.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

here's one thing for you
German researcher Friedrich Georg dug up an interview with a POW which contained this account of a weapon in use.

an Allied formation (Russian apparently) was approached by a small extremely fast plane, which was either a suicide mission or a bomb loaded drone. It got into the midst of the other planes, then

"Suddenly there appeared, where the 'fighter plane' had been before, a red ball of fire, somewhat larger than the plane itself. A plit second later, the ball of fire turned into a rapidly expanding red circle (parallel to the ground). This circle was bluish red at its edge, and as it diamter increased, the interior of the circle became an empty space. As the circle enveloped the planes, they just seemed to disappear. In a matter of seconds the entire formation of Allied planes had disappeared,and the sky was just as it had been before." several others witnessed this. SS BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL p. 233 citing Friedrich Georg Hitlers Siegeswaffen, Band 2: Star Wars 1947, Teliband B: Von der Amerikarakete zur Orbitalstation- Deutschlands Streben nach Interkontinental waffen un dar erste Weltraumprogramm. published Schleusinger, Germany Amun Verlag, 2004 page 116.

Farrell assumes this was "scalar weaponry," while I think it sounds more like a tactical nuke. A fuel air bomb (which they were experimenting with) would leave more wreckage I would think, not just vaporize the planes nearby.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

here's one thing for you
German researcher Friedrich Georg dug up an interview with a POW which contained this account of a weapon in use.

an Allied formation (Russian apparently) was approached by a small extremely fast plane, which was either a suicide mission or a bomb loaded drone. It got into the midst of the other planes, then

"Suddenly there appeared, where the 'fighter plane' had been before, a red ball of fire, somewhat larger than the plane itself. A plit second later, the ball of fire turned into a rapidly expanding red circle (parallel to the ground). This circle was bluish red at its edge, and as it diamter increased, the interior of the circle became an empty space. As the circle enveloped the planes, they just seemed to disappear. In a matter of seconds the entire formation of Allied planes had disappeared,and the sky was just as it had been before." several others witnessed this. SS BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL p. 233 citing Friedrich Georg Hitlers Siegeswaffen, Band 2: Star Wars 1947, Teliband B: Von der Amerikarakete zur Orbitalstation- Deutschlands Streben nach Interkontinental waffen un dar erste Weltraumprogramm. published Schleusinger, Germany Amun Verlag, 2004 page 116.

Farrell assumes this was "scalar weaponry," while I think it sounds more like a tactical nuke. A fuel air bomb (which they were experimenting with) would leave more wreckage I would think, not just vaporize the planes nearby.

Craig said...


The argument is that if we are made in the image and likeness of God, then, so are LGBT people.

It seems their argument is built upon a faulty conception of humanity from a Biblical perspective. ALL are made in the image and likeness of God. Yet, all of us are flawed and with original sin (and various sinful dispositions) as a result of the Fall in the Garden.

The difference is that Christians are justified and sanctified by Jesus Christ's shed blood (the One identified by the Council of Chalcedon as being both fully God and fully man), and we have an understanding of our inherent sinful condition, while the LGBT crowd wishes to stand proudly in their sins - just like most any other non-Christian, I might add. Of course, they don't see it that way; but, their want to redefine Christianity, especially the Person of Jesus Christ, in order to suit their own agenda - an attempt to assuage their own guilt - is plain to those 'with ears to hear'.

Anonymous said...

I give up. People, you have to know Christine is here as Onion style comic relief for serious people looking at the New Age movement. UFOs, hidden civilizations? By now I hope most of you have caught on.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Edgar Meyer and Thomas Mehner, Das Geheimis der deutschen Atombombe: Gewann Hilters Wissenshaftler den nuklearen Wettlauf doch? Die Geheimprojekte bei Innsbruck, im Raum Jonastal bei Arnstadt und in Prag. (Rottenburg: Kopp Verlag, 2001

major source for Farrell's discussions of likely Nazi A bomb tests, Reich of the Black Sun.

as for hidden civilizations, aren't you forgetting that the New Age is heavily Nazi in nature, that the mysticism of the new age and of Nazism involves a lot of similarity, even peace love and brotherhood (applicable of course only to fellow Aryans and those who toe their line)?

the New Age Movement is not the UN or the EU, that is only part of it, and perhaps the most dangerous part in terms of possible physical actions later against us.

Our own government (meaning not merely pres and members of congress but the whole power structure aside from the socio economic big wigs even more in the shadow and no I do not mean Jews, are a part of this and drive to use the USA for all this has been in play for 200 years.

The Revolution was a good thing, it was more Christian culture centered than the revolutions in Europe, and anticlerical tendencies here were Protestant instead of atheist and pagan. So still Christian.

But the break from all possible controls (and the freedom of association clause in the Constitution) meant secret societies could run amok.

Anonymous said...

"I gave you a source you can find lots of source material from in his footnotes. now you expect me to reread three or four books."

Yes I do. It's called having standards. You made specific claims, so it is up to you give the precise references that back them up. And I mean contemporary eyewitness accounts, not the first step in a paper chase from wacko author to wacko author. Academic historians understand that they must cite contemporary ('primary') accounts in order to have credibility.

"and you are doing the same thing, relying on pop info instead of digging deeper."

I'm not sure where you believe I am doing this (theoretical physics??) but I await the references.

As for that eyewitness account: more detail needed! Was the eyewitness himself in a rapidly moving plane or on the ground? Could the detonation flash not have temporarily blinded him and prevented him seeing small objects such as enemy planes, while still seeing the sky? Or maybe the bomb - which sounds very like a fuel/air device - simply caused the enemy formation to scatter? As for it being a nuke, you needed a 4-engine bomber to carry the smallest first generation nuke.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

why don't you just get the books and read for yourself.

you are as usual thinking inside the box. forget 1st gen nuke. think along the lines of making things smaller and starting there not getting there later. all you need is the neutron spew of beryllium or boron or maybe lithium to reduce the needed weight and critical mass.

and use psychological analysis not psycho analysis THINK....they didn't have enough uranium to think big they had to think small, they were working along totally different lines than "Jewish science" though allowed that at times.

Concerns about this line of research in Germany were in some allied newspapers back then, read the book you get more than I can easily pack in a small post space.

It MIGHT have been FAE. More likely a tactical nuke of the near suitcase kind.

Some idiot of the regular science research approach once said that you do not just scattergun seeing what will work. On the contrary. A description given by a visitor to I think was Bayer working on developing antibiotics showed they were doing exactly that. grab every mold and see what it did.

If you think in terms of graded development, a step at a time, you won't get as far as fast as those who don't think like that except where necessary.

Anonymous said...

All kinds of spoof writing is on the internet. If you want to keep doing that, you can improve on your style by looking at them. Their writing style is more polished than yours. Many things connected with New Age can be great subjects for spoofs, but your style is just too amateur right now. Here's a link to the Onion.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the style and quality is different, because I'm not spoofing. I'm serious. the onion is funny, however, is there a specifically new age relevant parody link there?

Anonymous said...

No Christine, they don't do spoofs like yours on the New Age movement. They deny they do spoofs in the same way you deny. They claim to be the world's finest news source, just as you claim to be. The Onion probably could use your posts so why don't you contact them after you improve your writing skills. Other than writing skills, you both sound very much alike.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

well I suppose knowing this stuff isn't essential to fighting the New Age. Its local manifestation, Agenda 21, doesn't need deep analysis to combat. Nor the cartoons our kids are fed that acclimatize them to magic and alien like critters.

But The Onion in calling itself the finest news service is also being funny. Many of its bits are really obvious parody others are not.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon a new defense company formed in 2009 and headquarted in McLean, VA.

Six3 Systems


Anonymous said...

In fairness to Christine it's fine to be interested in why New Age people believe in UFOs and hidden civilizations; that does not necessarily mean you believe in those nonsensical things. But her constant ambiguity and teasing hints and refusal to give decent references don't look good.

"you are as usual thinking inside the box. forget 1st gen nuke. think along the lines of making things smaller and starting there not getting there later. all you need is the neutron spew of beryllium or boron or maybe lithium to reduce the needed weight and critical mass"

Easy to say with HINDSIGHT.

If small nukes were available in the European theatre of WW2 then there would have been multiple radiation casualties, and geiger counters in countless labs would have been going crazy. But they would never have been used in air-to-air combat, as you suggest, as enemy aircraft can be destroyed by a bullet or two or a conventional missile (although homing missiles were right on the edge of technology late in WW2). Moreover the German atom scientists never mentioned any of this when bugged (and were obviously speaking freely if you look at the transcripts) at Hall Farm, after their capture.

It didn't happen.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I gave two references to original sources Farrell drew from. They are in German, he translated. Stop lying.

As for geiger counters going off everywhere you are either lying or ignorant. Geiger counter only go off when radiation is nearer than hundreds of miles away, and in the pre nuclear age they weren't around outside a few labs anyway.

One reason Farrell doubts the alleged test at Rugen (sp?) is lack of background radiation. But one place I forget the name has the highest background radiation in Europe. Go read the titles I gave you and check the sources he gives. Do your own work.

I don't give teasing hints, I am not prepared to write a whole essay here.

those sources also mention a sub that suddenly surrendered for no good reason, hauling cannisters lined with gold - appropriate for a uranium compound important to all this.

put two and two together you get four.

Now, like I said, you don't need to bother with all this to fight the New Age.

But a lot of people have a bad habit of buying bad philosophy if some history or archaeology or technology connected to it turns out to be real. THAT has to be countered.

Just because a lot of science has its origins in alchemy doesn't mean you have to go pursue alchemy, and just because there may indeed be a human aura and energy system does NOT make you a god.

If there is some paraphysical substratum to the whole creation, that does not make it the Creator.

This is the distinction that has to be made in dealing with New Agers (used to be called metaphysical philosophy or something like that).

If one can bilocate out of one's body that does not prove reincarnation only that something exists that is more than physical about us, duh, like The Bible says.

If some aliens turn out to be physical that doesn't mean they aren't themselves deceived by false teachings especially since
a. if they originated as pre Flood mad scientist projects of genetic reengineering of humans for extreme environments off world, then they reflect pre Flood culture which was evil, and b. if the ancient east Indians got offworld then they reflect that kind of philosophy which is back of the New Age anyway. And c. if the "nordics" and "pleiadeans" are just Nazis third generation, well, you can expect the usual metaphysical nonsense.

d. if there is a breakaway civilization like Richard Dolan speculates (on good grounds) about, it is part of this military industrial nazi and illuminated elitism stuff so also evil.

It has been observed that the only religion aliens go out of their way to contradict is Christianity. They may or may not be all demons, or some demons, or physical with or without demon partners. But they know that something in Christianity, when the Christian is serious not nominal, is bad for their boundary violation mental games whether done by demons or demon empowered telepaths or trained telepaths.

Nothing you find out there should shake your faith, but somehow, whether it is evolution or wierd physics or alternative history for some people this rewrites everything.

And, should it turn out that a day with The Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day, and that therefore it is a thousand years to go before The Second Coming when things start to get tectonically and extreme weather and asteroid impact active, well, no reason to sweat that either.

Just don't expect to get raptured out of the way. We are not appointed to the wrath of God, but that has nothing to do with whether we will face the unrighteous wrath of the devil or not. That has happened lots of times in the past and in some parts of the world is going on now. The whole pretrib rapture deception is based on precisely this confusion.

Anonymous said...


I'll leave the stuff about aliens and UFOs to you as I have very little interest in it.

"I gave two references to original sources Farrell drew from. They are in German, he translated."

But you didn't say that before or give page references to Farrell. That's what I mean by citation. It seems that you do not wish people to follow your leads.

"As for geiger counters going off everywhere you are either lying or ignorant. Geiger counter only go off when radiation is nearer than hundreds of miles away, and in the pre nuclear age they weren't around outside a few labs anyway. One reason Farrell doubts the alleged test at Rugen (sp?) is lack of background radiation"

Aren't you contradicting yourself? You say that any such radiation wouldn't have been detected, but the author you quote regards the absence of radiation as a good argument.

Some isotopes decay rapidly whereas others have much longer halflives, and radioactivity detectors became commonplace after the war - most high schools had them in their physics laboratories. Also, there was not a glut of casualties with symptoms of radiation sickness. It didn't happen.

I agree with you about the timing of the Rapture.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

no I am not contradicting myself. you talk as if some nuke in the eastern front would have geiger counters all over europe and america reacting. I refer to onsite checking of alleged locations.

Farrell isn't such a great credible source in himself, why bother with his pages? it is HIS SOURCES that are the issue.

Anonymous said...

"Farrell isn't such a great credible source in himself, why bother with his pages?"

Here's why: Hey everybody, I've just read a really interesting claim. It's in a book written by a rather strange author and I don't go along with a lot of what he says but the claim itself is really interesting. but I'm not going to tell you where to find it in the book page in the book; you'll have to read the lot - good and bad - for yourself.

It's a little offputting.


Anonymous said...

No kidding Physicist. Off-putting. To use a Biblical example-like a wheat field full of enemy-sown tares in Matthew 13:28.

This blog is overrun by such "contributions" from Christine. I still come, but, sporadically and infrequently, to this site because even collapse comments does not make it easy to get to the intended info for which this blog was created. Constance posts when she can and others attempt with real news worthy pieces but mostly this place is flooded with that one person's overreach for attention (even bad attention-like "bad love"-is better than no attention "love" at all).

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Reich of the Black Sun
pp 77- 86 hows that? but the whole purpose is to check HIS source, which I gave. end of subject. complain complain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christine. It is possible to read most of those pages at the book's entry using the search-inside facility.

Farrell got his doctorate in theology at Oxford under the Orthodox theologian, Bishop Timothy ('Kallistos') Ware. However it seems that Ware does not regard Farrell as one of his successes, for here

Farrell praises him as a teacher but is permitted to give only his initials. So his doctorate is not in physics, and it shows - he talks nonsense about theology as you have admitted, and nonsense about physical science, including Einstein's unified field theory which proved not to be a way forward in making and improving testable prediction many years ago.

A man who talks nonsense about Christian theology and physics and who writes of interplanetary wars and is obsessed with the Pyramids does not inspire me with confidence when he says that the Nazis had nukes although their best nuclear scientists, recorded clandestinely, said no such thing.

From an Amazon review of the book you cite: "this is a guy who believes there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter called Krypton and the Egyptians used the Great Pyramid to blow Krypton up. Krypton's oceans then flew through outer space and struck the Earth, thus causing the biblical flood"

From another Amazon review by someone who has apparently followed up:

"rimary to his thesis of the Nazi Atomic and maybe Hydrogen bomb is the Buna facctory at auschwitz. It is his theory that this massive site which was over run by the Russians in 1945, was a secret facility such as our Oak Ridge. In tracing down the history of the Farbin Buna plant, I find absolutely no evidencce to support his conclusions. That fact that the plant did not get into operation producing synthetic rubber does not mean, ipso facto, it was a nuclear facility. You would think with a plant that size and an investment of huge amounts of money, that there would many people connected with the " nuclear secret". There are none presented."

Here is more on Farrell's star witness:

It is conceivable that Hitler wanted to shower Soviet troops with radioactive material, but the bomb spoken of simply used conventional explosive to disperse purified radioisotopes without initiating a nuclear explosion. The bomb test that Romersa speaks of could perfectly well have been a fuel-air bomb. Above all I simply do not believe that the physics community in Germany was sundered into two that did not interact at any level, or leak this alleged secret amongst itself. For anybody who wishes to go further, look at the 2005 debate and Karlsch's book, not Farrell.


Anonymous said...


Here is a quick summary of the Hitler's-nuke claim:

The author himself has acknowledged that he does not have decisive evidence, and his lack of understanding of the physics involved has been cited, by a physicist who has written about Hitler's interest in nuclear weapons, as limiting his historical research. The external links at the Wikipedia page above are also worth reading. The first of these links, at the UK Institute of Physics website, is

although it might be behind a paywall to non-members of the Institute. (I am a member.) As I recall, this 2005 article stimulated some letters giving powerful reasons for scepticism in the Institute's monthly magazine, but these letters are not online.

The physicist in charge of the nuclear weapons project, Kurt Diebner,

was confined with Heisenberg and the better known school of German physicists at Farm Hall near Cambridge just after the war and secretly bugged. Nothing was overheard that matches these claims.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

why would they not assume they were bugged? and why talk about it?

Farrell's nonsense about theology developed much much later. God History and the Dialectic, which you can get a lot of at is excellent, the theology problem developed after he started getting ticked off about discipline (was an alcoholic for some time) and wrath issues, and then got into this new age potential angle about hermetic cosmology and the possible underlying ether substratum of the universe. In the process decided that The Holy Trinity doctrine is a heresy from the original tripartite math of the cosmos thing (which is merely an example of non exact analogies God would write into His creation about Himself) and so forth.

That link only goes to the latest article where is the Ware comment?

Granted the Buna thing is not ipso facto nuclear because not rubber, but what was it? perhaps more on the category of The Bell.

But the known Nazi interest in heavy water long ago cued me they were onto something more than a normal uranium bomb, since that would have more to do with a hydrogen bomb.

If they were thinking along the lines of triggering that sort of thing without much of a nuclear critical mass you would have a lot less radioactivity in the long run.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I myself pointed out that the only stuff he is ultimately reliable on is WW II history since he has been into that since early teens. falling into the Sitchin trap (which one of his favorites Jim Marrs has repudiated lately for a good refutation see ) and following some researchers who are more dreamy than accurate was not a good idea.

I think it is more likely that the Pyramid was less of a weapon than partaking of both energy and tomb features. Something about that shape seems to gate energy in an odd way. As I said, I saw a small multi pyramid setup mummify a piece of meat and the razor sharpening phenomenon is well known.

Craig said...

Farrell's nonsense about theology developed much much later....

The same was said of William Branham, and he believed in pyramidology to go along with his Scripture, denied the Trinity, espoused the heretical 'serpents seed' doctrine, etc.

I'm reminded of the Apostle John:

19 They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us. [1 John 2:19, NIV]

Anonymous said...


"That link only goes to the latest article where is the Ware comment?"

It's there on the frontpage of Farrell's website
where Timothy Ware, who was Farrell's research supervisor at Oxford, is obviously the "T.M.W." mentioned. But I have no interest in Farrell and his strangenesses now that I have found decent sources for the Nazi-nuke claim - this debate is based on Rainer Karlsch's book "Hitler's Bombe" which is clearly where Farrell got it from. My post at 6:28 AM discusses Karlsch's historical research.

"why would they not assume they were bugged? and why talk about it?"

They were thrown together in loose confinement in a rural part of England in the second half of 1945, after Germany had surrendered. They were all physicists who, although in distinct schools, had shared the intense experience of the war on the same side, for which they pursued atomic research - a subject about which there was nobody else to talk to. The subject would - and did - dominate the conversation. Early on they considered whether they were being bugged and concluded that they were not. You can say that that conversation was itself manufactured just-in-case, but the transcripts read like normal conversations not stilted playwright stuff - which it is impossible to keep up for 6 months even if you are a trained actor, which these guys weren't.

They were a zillion miles from a FUSION bomb ('H-bomb' rather than 'A-bomb', although using an A-bomb as a trigger). H-bomb implementation turned out to require an electronic computer to solve the more complex equations involved. That is why the Americans and Russians took another 7 or 8 years to develop it. No clever shortcut of those calculations is known.


Anonymous said...

"I saw a small multi pyramid setup mummify a piece of meat and the razor sharpening phenomenon is well known."

Well known to be rubbish!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I PERSONALLY did the meat experiment. it worked. re examine the biasses of your sources. It was warm weather, out in a garage, on a 12 mini pyramid setup they used to sell. no rot, no odor, just a kind of flexible dry condition.

Anonymous said...

Re rubbish - I was talking specifically about the razor sharpening. As a physicist I don't comment on the biological sciences, although I don't believe anything supernatural was taking place.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"supernatural" is often just a range of stuff we don't normally deal with, and perhaps shouldn't for our own good, but is a more attenuated kind of physical (like light is). For instance, take animals watching things move around we don't see. A few humans can see them, can see farther into the UV and IR range than the normal can. Balaam's donkey is a case in point, she could see the angel who was invisible to Balaam, but not to her, until it "uncloaked" so to speak, made itself visible in the normal light range. paranormal researchers often us IR equipment and other electrical sensing things. A person I know who can see stuff, apparently is seeing into UV because he could see the urine trails rats leave in a house. These are not visible until supercharged with a lot of UV light, then they fluoresce, but in the normal amount of UV from daylight they were visible to him. This cued me that his inherited objective clairvoyance was a physical thing, though it is subject somewhat to mental augmentation and mental suppression and works less when he is sick.

perhaps this is something we all used to have, and God cut it down to cut communication with demons, that Tower of Babel thing was a classic example of cutting lines of communication, in that case making the people unable to understand each other.

Other styles of communication cutting, especially telegraph line cutting and radio jamming later on and of course limiting contact between people on opposite sides is a feature of war to this day.

Anonymous said...

""supernatural" is often just a range of stuff we don't normally deal with, and perhaps shouldn't for our own good, but is a more attenuated kind of physical (like light is)."

Nope. If it's physical then it's natural rather than supernatural. Physicists are able to say what is impossible (ie, if it happens then it's supernatural) with a lot more confidence than biologists, because physics is an easier science than biology and more developed. Your friend who could see urine trails because his eyes were sensitive to UV light is a case in point - there's a scientific explanation for it.

First question then is not "What is the explanation?" but "Is this REALLY happening?" In the case of razor blades you need to do something like have a guy shave with 2 blades, one each on alternate days, and have him hand over the blades each day to someone who then gives them to a third party, one blade for storage between usage inside a pyramid, and other next to that same pyramid. The courier must not be informed by the storer which is which, so that the storer cannot subconsciously 'leak' such information to the shaver; this protocol is known as "double blind". After at least one of the blades is getting blunt you ask the shaver which blade he thinks is the one stored under the pyramid. Then you repeat the experiment many times and see if the shaver is guessing consistently better than 50:50.

A similar protocol can be developed to test the meat-rotting claim although it's a bit more complicated if the pyramid is closed and therefore excludes spores and bacteria. You need to store one specimen in a pyramid and the other (the 'control') nearby in a sealed container of another shape.

I hope that you can see, from these descriptions, the care needed to test such claims properly and why a single anecdotal claim done without any 'control' is far from decisive.

And I know what I'd bet on: nothing special going on inside the pyramid.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

nobody makes supernatural claims for pyramids. however, the meat thing was done in the open air, not inside a pyramid but as I said on top of a 12 mini pyramid flat pack set they used to sell when this first took off back in the 1970s. No rot, no maggots, just a flexible kind of jerky. I never got around to trying to eat it, got distracted to something else. But I noticed how it went. Eventually it just disappeared, someone threw it out or a cat or a rat ate it.

The accounts of razor blades involve DULL blades resharpened. A dull blade is one that snags and pulls while it cuts and takes a longer time to shave.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

you could argue the angels are "natural" by definition since they are creatures not God.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I continue to believe you are into a spoof of New Age themes. I have to give you the benefit of the doubt. No one with a normal IQ could spend so many years chasing down all of the possibilities presented that have no relation to what is going on around all of us. Big mention Agenda 21. That shows no intellectual curiosity. Anyone a week into New Age seriousness would mention that. Razors and meat under pyramids? Hitler nuclear power? Hitler UFOs? Good grief woman! Our country and freedoms are being destroyed daily by a political agenda which started over a hundred years ago and you fill up the blog, chasing people away, with strange theories for which there is no proof. It is only pride on your part to present yourself as someone who knows more than anyone else about obscure things. Have you no idea how destructive you have been? How much time you have wasted, how many people you have hurt in order to fill some emotional need? I can only hope that you are writing these things as a spoof because if you are not, you will have a very high price to pay in the afterlife.

Anonymous said...

Christine, the physicist is your therapist. We are in the viewing audience. Helping you get to emotional stability is a very high price we are all paying. We are sacrificing our freedoms to save one person. Is it worth it? I don't think so.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Big mention Agenda 21. That shows no intellectual curiosity. Anyone a week into New Age seriousness would mention that."

oh, really? that isn't the impression I got from the reaction some blog threads back. Not only that, but Constance seems to have just discovered it.

And it is the ONLY thing regarding the New World Order we can do something directly about, AND GET THE MAJORITY POPULATION TO HELP.

The majority is not seriously Christian, and of those who are, most are not savvy to this NAM=NWO stuff. And forget about voting Republican, both parties are obviously by their actions, and by following the money, controlled by the same globalist elitists at the top.

The Repulithugs just take us there slower, which is more time to act.

Now, Agenda 21 is using zoning and comprehensive city planning to reorganize everything so that eventually there will be no more single family detached homes built (they are already working on legislation in that direction in CA somewhere) and everyone will be crammed in high density housing over shops with very few cars (and forget backyard veggie gardening) lots of public transit - doesn't look like much room for pets either, in case you didn't know, PETA's ultimate goal is eliminate of ALL keeping of animals, and their initial phase of attacking abuse is good but the ultimate goal is bad - and most of the country off limits to humans.

This dense population will easily fall victim to a pandemic or two, now won't it? Remember the depopulation program? The Georgia Guidestones?

Right now, a lot of gaia focussed tree huggers are fighting GMO (genetically modified organism) food, and guess what the same big money big pharma and so forth who are part of the NWO are for GMO.
GMO causes organ failure in rats raised on it, and sterility in the third generation. Fluoride is now being recognized by some scientists as bad for our health and making us stupid.

A lot of people in the nominal Christian, non Christian, immoral, half crazy but individualistic type new age and so forth gladly oppose things like Agenda 21, GMOs, and the more obviously violent and control freak tendencies of the NWO.

USE THEM. And while you are working with them - a far larger population than we are, lets face it - you can evangelize them also or at least counter some of their misinterpretations and lies they've been taught.

No, physicist is not my therapist. And I am going to go back to my policy of ignoring him.

Craig said...

...Not only that, but Constance seems to have just discovered it.

Now THAT is the height of hubris!!

You apparently have not read much here.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christine - I'm not her therapist. I would regard it as improper to think out loud in public here about what is going on inside her head (although others have been less inhibited). We do not know each other personally and have not given each other permission to ask probing personal questions.

It is not too hard to modify the protocol I proposed to do a similar experiment with two initially dull razor blades. And that is the only reliable way to test the claim. As for the meat experiment, decay rates depend on humidity, temperature, even wind direction if a reservoir of bacteria is nearby. Without a 'control' sample and repeated trials there is only anecdote.


Anonymous said...

"nobody makes supernatural claims for pyramids."

Did you REALLY say that? O how I wish it were true!

Anonymous said...

Physicist, you may not know each other in person, but over time you have listen patiently and responded in a professional manner, attempting to get her views of the world back to a logical level. That's what a therapist does.

I do understand Christine's attempts to give information here. We all want to contribute our knowledge to the community and to be respected for our contributions. Some do it through monetary contributions. Some do it through volunteer work. Others do it through sharing what they have learned about the world around them.

Unfortunately, not all information is of equal value. Christine has been suckered into the disinformation world and over and over she has attempted to share it here. Many have been. She is not unique.

She has learned nothing from what others have posted because she is very bullheaded. She has disrupted what could be a valuable tool in exposing the workings of the New Age movement.

If a bull appears in a china shop, do we just allow it to go about it's natural ways? How much damage has to be done before someone tries to stop it?

Anonymous said...

Dear 6.37pm,

That's what I tried doing for Christine some time ago, but she declined the opportunity to learn some basic physics and now I mainly write to prevent her misleading others about topics which have a physics overlap. It's Constance's blog, and we should address any requests regarding management of her guests to her.


Craig said...

Constance did provide a subtle hint about excessive posting a while back, though I don't recall the precise wording and I'm sure she was much more polite in her phraseology that what I'm rather clumsily stating.

So, this comment does provide something of relevance, I'll repost the link to OMOTs article on rewilding - which is part of Agenda 21:

Anonymous said...

By being public, it's no longer a private blog. Anyone can go here and post. I've tried to contact her, but what I get is how tired and busy she is. Has anyone else got any other answer?

Anonymous said...


The biblical worldview is binary. Male/female. Christ as bridegroom, church as bride, etc.

These distinctions help us see Christ, who is the saviour of both.

This is a major threat to the LGBT views. They are simply not compatible.


Anonymous said...

Craig, Savvy, please tell others how this relates to the New Age movement. I understand these are discussions that might take place in many other contexts, but how does this relate to New Age.

Craig said...


I suppose what I don't understand is how the LGBT crowd which wishes to conform to Christianity in some way (by distorting it) can get around Jesus' words in Matthew 19:4-6 which explicitly affirms marriage as consisting of a man and a woman by citing Genesis 2:24. It implicitly denies any other kind of union as constituting a marriage. And, given that Jesus specifically affirmed a marriage as a union of a male and female (and not androgyne and androgyne), how would making Jesus into an androgynous being help the case for same-gender marriage?

Craig said...

Anon 8:29,

Here's a portion of a comment I made earlier:

In addition, the Adam Kadmon, which is recognized in some forms of Kabbalah, Midrash, and early Gnosticism, was bi-gendered. When Eve was taken from Adam, Adam became male, while Eve was female. I suppose perhaps each may have retained some of the other gender to a degree (it’s been a while since I’ve really looked into this, so I’m not sure). In some Gnostic texts, the goal appears to be a reintegration of the two genders. This makes sense when one views the New Age idea of non-duality.

The New Age movement comes, in part, from a revived Gnosticism.

Anonymous said...

Physicist, you have contributed so much here. Thank you. A friend on my email list sent me a link to this which you might find of interest.

Craig said...

Anon 8:29,

It’s also important to understand that, according to New Agers, the only sin/evil is the sin/evil of separatism. All monotheistic religions are, by definition, exclusivist which to New Agers means separative. Hence, the New Age goal is to destroy all of monotheism. One way is to attack from within. By “redefining” Christianity to make it more acceptable to the larger populace, those steadfastly adhering to orthodox Christian tenets will be seen as even more separative than before this “redefining”. It’s the Hegelian dialectic in action. They’re pushing for a ‘new normal’ in Christianity. This is an obvious part of preparing the world for an all-inclusive religion.

I hope this satisfies your query.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Craig, you have done an excellent job of explaining how multifaceted the NAM is, how we need to notice all the parts not just politics across the pond. As for physicist's remarks, I already know about basic physics, what he keeps sidestepping is that I am saying there is something more out there. We are simply talking past each other. And I see no reason to engage him in arguments any more.

The NAM and NWO all target Christianity in different ways. The present scene in NWO is take down Arab regimes that were tolerant of Christians and put extremists in place. These having shaped public opinion a lot in several lands, once you have "democracy" you have extremism voted in.

there are neo gnostics who don't like totalitarian govt. but if they had their way, Christianity would be redefined and as far as they were concerned we could keep our liberty provided it is defined as exalt the individual as being a god. (Ayn Randians take note.)

others prefer to keep that god status for elites and crush everyone else.

Neither position is good for Christianity, the former would eliminate its doctrines and the latter would eliminate by coopting the doctrines in right wing Christianity that so anti communist it will sanction anything, and then secretly eliminate the doctrines in the private world of the often cultic elite.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9.04pm

Identifying climate change as a core scientific concept is nonsense. Climate and climate change are important to human life - think of the ice ages - but the physics concepts involved are not elementary. To teach physics properly you build from simple concepts to more complex ones. If you pitch in with such a complex multifactorial study early on, there is no way the children will be able to reason about it for themselves. Inevitably they will have to take what is said on authority. This is politics, not science.

Carbon dioxide IS a greenhouse gas. If the atmosphere were perfectly dry then calculating the warming due to a given increase in its atmospheric concentration is straightforward. This was first done by Arrhenius about a century ago and today is an undergraduate calculation. BUT the atmosphere is not dry. Water vapour itself has greenhouse effects, and it also evaporates from the ground and condenses into cloud, transferring latent heat from ground level to the atmosphere. (Evaporation cools - remember putting alcohol on your skin and blowing on it?) Moreover cloud cover reflects more of the sun's radiation into space (it's cooler when the sun goes behind a cloud). Despite claims to the contrary, the best models of the atmosphere today can do little more than guess at the combined effects of CO2 and water vapour, and that's before taking the ocean into proper account and incorporating the cosmic-ray theories of cloud formation, at a strength of influence to be determined statistically by the data. All in all, the only sensible way to proceed, in considering the claim that man-produced CO2 is causing significant and politically potentially catastrophic global warming, is to forget about the theoretical models and compare rises in CO2 concentration with the global temperature data. When you use satellite data ('remote sensing'), which are more reliable than terrestrial thermometer readings and have been available for a few decades, the correlation is frankly rather poor. I have also been shocked at some of the manipulation of the terrestrial temperature data (see the exposees of Anthony Watts). There appears to be a political agenda which is polluting the science and I regret that. Scientists should give politicians expert unbiased advice, and politicians should make the decisions, but the advice they are getting appears to be biased. Politicians are responsible for most science funding and get the answers they want no less than oil companies do when they fund it. This is NOT to say that most climate scientists are acting dishonestly (the stuff Watts exposes are exceptions), but if you fund one side of an argument with hundreds of times the amount of money more than the other, you will inevitably get a bias in the scholarly literature. What is perturbing is why the politicians want the answers they do, which is where the subject of this blog comes in.


Anonymous said...

Christine, you wrote

"As for physicist's remarks, I already know about basic physics"

You have shown that you do not in many comments here containing elementary errors.

"what he keeps sidestepping is that I am saying there is something more out there."

I am not sidestepping at all. I am but disagreeing with you. You are not competent to make that call. For details see my post of 6.14pm a few days ago higher up this thread.

"We are simply talking past each other."

No, you are ignoring the chance to learn from your mistakes.


Anonymous said...

"What is perturbing is why the politicians want the answers they do, which is where the subject of this blog comes in."
Yes Physicist. Thanks for the great summation. Which also begs the question.......What answers are you wanting Christine? And why use this blog for that unintended purpose by manipulating the subjects and your proported "science" to get feedback you alone seem to need? Think I'd rather chew sawdust than entertain your "inquiring mind" Christine that relentlessly wants to "know" what is not expedient or truly useable in the real world. Time is getting away on big issues and you, my dear, are good at wasting it.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I don't seek feed back. I seek to get people to look at the big picture, and

"but if you fund one side of an argument with hundreds of times the amount of money more than the other, you will inevitably get a bias in the scholarly literature. What is perturbing is why the politicians want the answers they do, which is where the subject of this blog comes in."

the answer to YOUR question there is to be found in the big picture stuff that Alex Jones in his inadequate and hysterical but often providing good info and interviewees to follow up on, and other stuff you can find online will answer.

A long term plan to put a major "change" in place, an octopus with tentacles everywhere, is the answer, and this blog gets part of it but only part.

follow the money, follow the cultic connections (which if you read Constance's books goes back to the Nazis as well as Blavatsky, whose stuff partly inspired them or their inspirers, and involves other stuff as well to the present time incl. co opted evangelical and other Christian organizations and individuals, you can see some of this action analyzed and answered at which you can find linked on her front page) and buried in the mire of alternative news sites like beforeitsnews, consortiumnews, endthelie, and others (I say mire because you will often find dubious stuff there also) and the research links you can find at my blog,

Anonymous said...

Then cut to the chase, Christine, in that big picture view and stop with the endless rabbit trails that generally lead nowhere and eat up time. You can make good points sometimes but the flood of near junk to get to it is annoying. If we want that, then yes, we can zip right over to your blog. Comprende? Sheesh--why don't you see that (!) as a big picture issue?

Anonymous said...

Christine, you are entitled to your opinion that, regarding these issues, Constance "gets part of it but only part", but it is offensive of you to say so on her blog, as well as hubristic and patronising. It is also the reverse of the truth, in my opinion, based on your online writing and hers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 5:29. Constance can say little and say much. She keeps the main thing the main thing with regards to what this site is meant to do--certainly at times with no help from Christine.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Constance is employed, I am not employed, been on disability for years. Constance does irreplaceable work, and The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow and A Planned Deception together present a big part of the big picture, and present leads to pursue. I have time on my hands she does not have. No insult need be inferred. None intended. I can chase blind leads and go down rabbit holes and sort through mire she doesn't have time for. neither do a lot of you.

My bias of interest brings me into some different directions supplemented by hers.

If you have some upper level co option by either nazis gone offworld, or just hiding in the jungles of south america, and pretending to be aliens, or the real thing, or a mix, and of course demons, and if transhumanism is indeed a threat, these need to be looked at. And not in terms of hysteria about one non human gene (which we probably got anyway due to spontaneous gene lateral transfer google that one due to viruses) makes one non human, none of that nonsense, which you will find on a lot of Christian sites that discuss this.

Now, lets look at Chuck Missler's specs, his bio and resume put him bang in the middle of the worst of the evil running this country from behind the scenes. Sure he gives some good teaching. But while his background means he is in a position to know what is going on, it also means his worldview can be corrupted.

Rule no. 1, trust no one. or, as W. C. Fields said in some movie, "trust everyone but cut the cards."
Intentions, judgement, adequate information, anyone everyone can be off base in one or more of these.

Anonymous said...


That's a great article by Dennis Prager about homosexuality and religions. Here's another:

Civilisations fall within a generation or two of becoming sexually promiscuous. This pattern was verified by the scholar JD Unwin, who looked at more than 80 civilisations across human history and geography (Sex and Culture, 1934; Unwin posits a Freudian explanation but keeps it separate from the evidence). Socialisation – how to get on with others – is learned earliest and most deeply in families, so that if the family becomes dysfunctional then society will follow. In this rule we may also discern an element of divine judgement on a society.

Anonymous said...

Christine, your spoof material is just what I needed today. I was taking New Age too seriously. Just keep gabbling away. Don't try to get serious. You aren't ready for the big time.

Anonymous said...

How gracious of you to think Constance is at your level of research Christine. I'll bet Constance is really flattered. As you say, she could be there. She is just short on time.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Constance has one focus I have another, they overlap, you people need both.

Anonymous said...

"You people". There it is. Your superior attitude-you really come here and do us all (including Constance) a huge favor don't you Christine? I am assured that my prayers for Wisdom from the Lord have all the favor I need to understand unfolding plans and agendas-to cut through the lies of the current age we are living in without your snide comments. We can accept information from this site and a host of other sources to process without your constant spin on these subjects. If any of you lack Wisdom let him ask of God that gives to all men liberally and does not upbraid, and it shall be given to him. James 1:5. (unlike your attitude toward "you people")...

Anonymous said...

Christine, you are right. Us people need both of you. Constance is needed to provide some serious research and you for the wonderful fun you make of those pretending to tell the world about SECRET information only allowed to the privileged and your infiltration of these secret sources so you can bring the information to us. Christine, I know you are having fun because you are too smart to be a Lyndon LaRouche wannabe.

Anonymous said...

"Constance has one focus I have another, they overlap, you people need both."

I NEED your focus? I've had far too much of it on this blog already. Please do the increasing number of people who say they are sick of you here a favor and confine your comments to your own blog. We know where to find it if we wish.

Anonymous said...

I simply regard Christine's comments as a cross I have to bear at Constance's website.

Anonymous said...

"Constance is employed, I am not employed, been on disability for years."

We're actually subsidising the stuff you write???

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

given the population figures, its only a fraction of a cent from you.

Anonymous said...

Is that all I'm paying for your comedy routine. Wow, well spent money.

SamllFarm said...

Just a reminder:
Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, pray for them that hatefully despise you, and persecute you.
God bless you all. =)

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

good subject study links on the right side of the page.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the ongoing powers behind the thrones.

Anonymous said...

The Pope has approved a report criticising the leadership of the largest group of American nuns.

This was discussed in the last blogtpic....seems Pope has agreed with findings etc.

Concerned from Oz

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anybody want to research connections of these people named in this article to the NAM?

Anonymous said...
Occult Roots of the Russian Revolution

Anonymous said...

"Constance is employed, I am not employed, been on disability for years."

Are you willing to say more, Christine?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

am I willing to say more about what?
my situation may change in a couple of years, I have been getting a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Big earthquake felt throughout Asia

Anonymous said...

More about what your disability is, Christine. Glad it's getting better.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


on that earthquake in Asia, this is interesting clocks how earthquakes are getting worse and more frequent. The time frame's earlier end can be written off as less reporting and equipment to monitor, but not the middle and current.

Bear in mind that the Richter Scale was altered in the 1980s, and while it is not a straight point to point downgrade like some say, the general rule is you think it was a 6.0? nope, closer to a 7.0 by the original scale.

Some figure this change was done with the intention of keeping people from getting too nervous. But here in the USA some have been puzzled how a 4.0 could do so much damage in some places. Well, it was really a 5.0.

A new tectonic plate boundary may be breaking in the eastern Pacific, and several buoys keep showing decreased water depth, which means higher lifting of the ocean floor out near Indonesia.

Constance Cumbey said...

Sorry I was gone so long -- April 15th is always my worst time of year, but I did get the taxes done on time this year for a change. Now I can return to the land of the living.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

interesting book. "far from being a novelty, cults and cultlike groups have a very long history on American soil." p. 5

use arrows at upper left of text screen to navigate.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

disproving the pre trib rapture in 3 easy steps.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

this new GMO wheat turns off some genes in the wheat that are a match to genes in humans, which means it could turn them off in us also, resulting in death in childhood to the children of people who eat this stuff (or eat it regularly). New development in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Concerned from Oz,

The LCWR is playing the victim game, by claiming the accusations in the document about doctrine are not accurate and that their views are being taken out of context.

Even read in context, their views are problematic.

Sister Sara Butler and Sr. Elizabeth Mc­Donough,, both members of the LCWR, have confirmed that the report is accurate.

I do not bring up the New Age in discussion with the average person.

I do bring up the fact that the church has drawn a line between the civil and the sacramental, and that "progressives" are trying to undo this, to advance their politics.


Anonymous said...


The LGBT claim is that Jesus, said nothing about same-sex marriage or homosexuality.

And that his words on marriage were about divorce.

The point they are missing is that Jesus restored marriage to in the beginning, between a man and a woman, which excludes divorce.

The revisionist argument on Romans 1 is that Paul was talking about rape, not homosexual sex etc,

Sexual orientation is a recent concept. So there is no way anybody could have known about it as an identity, or know something called a homosexual couple.

It was referring to actions.


Anonymous said...

"how would making Jesus into an androgynous being help the case for same-gender marriage?"

Marriage is seen as an icon of the covenant between Christ and the church. Christ representing the groom, the church representing the bride, hence marriage is between a man and a woman.

If they can downplay the fact that Jesus was male, then it makes gender not relevant to marriage in Christianity.

All that matters is that we are all human, made in the image and likeness of God.


Anonymous said...


Another argument is that the church as bride would include men too, so if the man can represent the bride, why can't the woman represent the groom?

Christ's death brings us new life. Women naturally bring forth new life, men do not. So reversing this, would not make a difference if new life comes from Christ or from the woman.

The atonement would simply not be relevant or unique.

It would not matter that Christ's blood is the one that saves us.

This explains why the incarnation was male.


Anonymous said...

The basic page a place to check out Christine's postings as it deals with hundreds of conspiracy theories and sites which are fraudulent.

The section dealing with religious conspiracies should be of interest to many posting here.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Jesus didn't have to say anything specific about homosexual acts because He spoke to Jews who already knew that that is sin, and said to repent of your sins. Paul had to get specific, dealing with people with pagan baggage. That I think is an important answer to those people.

Lusting in one's heart as an issue regarding adultery and sin in thought even if not in deed, would therefore also apply to those who are cultivating lust towards members of their own sex.

As for bride of Christ, and men in the Church etc., analogies are not exact. Pope Gelasius in the 4th century was complaining of women being made priests, even a bishop possibly in one case, among non heretical churches due to lack of suitable men. Obviously the hardline concept (which the LGBT then take too far) was not that much in play. In the early liturgies, you don't find the priest being said to represent Christ but that he and the rest represent the cherubim who liturgically worship God in heaven.

anon. 4:10, it doesn't matter what the SITE is about, what matters is the validity of the particular article, the particular research detailed, the particular issue. Not the whole site.

I don't buy extreme Calvinist predestination, nor the attack on sacramentalism you find on many Christian internet sites, but that doesn't stop me using them on the points they are correct.

Just like when some environmental or other site has a petition us. Like, They will have a petition with option to sign or skip others. So I sign the one that is worthy like make BP pay up or support some people being persecuted for being a labor union or label GMO products, and skip the gay marriage, pro abortion or other trash petitions they have up.

Same with voting. Never mind the party, what is the record of the individual? If both options are equally bad what is preferable given the situation they will affect? if necessary, vote for neither.

Last two presidential elections, I didn't vote for either candidate. The last one I voted my cat Bill as a write in candidate and added "vote for Bill the cat, he's where its at."

Sure Jones and others go overboard. Some weeks I listen to most of his youtube stuff, others I don't listen to any of it.

But McVeigh had a peculiar bunch of associates and a good case can be made that there was at least prior knowledge and it was allowed to go through. Ditto the Twin Towers, which has a welter of occult numerology "coincidences" pointing to something other than radical islam being the real driver, even though I don't doubt they piloted the planes.

A lot of interesting coverup by destruction of evidence was accomplished in destroying those buildings also. But the planes alone couldn't have done that much damage.

I think the 9-11 truth movement has been hijacked by the coverup crew by encouraging really nutty stuff, plus keeping the arguments on HOW it was done and less focus on WHO was back of it.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
"Our resident epistemologist explains why the displacement of observational and experimental science with mathematics is a formula for disaster."

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited this blog for 6 months and just checked the comments to see if things have improved. Within 5 minutes of being here I read this...

"Constance has one focus I have another, they overlap, you people need both."

More of the same old crap. Time to exit permanently.

Anonymous said...

Being forced to ignore the opportunity to learn more about the New Age movement in order for Constance to continue to use time to support non-professional positive support therapy for Christine is a high price the rest of us have to pay. One soul saved and all of that taken to an extreme. Please people, respect Constance's charity.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

All you need to do to learn about the NAM while she's not posting is to read the archive posts and her books both downloadable. you can also learn a lot from the stuff I dig up. They are all part of the same thing. you can also learn a lot without either of us. you aren't providing any support therapy. just making me see how easy the octopus tentacles pass unnoticed by some of you even when pointed out, while you focus on one.

HOWEVER as long as some people are dealing with one tentacle, some another, others yet another, even if they denounce each other as ignorant or distractive, there is some hope to cripple the octopus.

you would all do well to keep an eye on the link which is on Constance's link list on the right hand side of her links page and read the articles and links to keep track of what NAM type stuff is going on in evangelicalism.

Anonymous said...

That video of Mel Acheson's is a real mix of sense and nonsense. You trying to wind me up, Christine?

He uses a straw-man definition of mathematics. It is actually a powerful SHORTHAND. Right at the start he misquotes Galileo, the first to make the famous comment he mentions, and who actually wrote (in translation from Il Saggiatore, The Assayer): "this grand book - I mean the universe - ...cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language... in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics...'' Acheson bases his critical comments on Karl Popper's philosophy of science, which is mistaken because it rejects inductive logic, which (done properly) IS probability theory and which gives the only way of comparing theories, by seeing which are more probable in light of the experimental evidence. (Popper was debunked by another philosopher of science, David Stove.) Acheson says that there is no paradox in the wave/particle duality of quantum mechanics. Perhaps he would graciously come down from his philosophical pinnacle and explain it to many thousands of physicists, identified by a stringent process of educational selection as the best on the planet, who without exception find duality utterly mind-boggling but accept it because the experimental evidence implies it. And Acheson, without realising it, uses science and physics interchangeably in his talk, insulting the biological sciences for which mathematics is not the appropriate language.

I had hoped I was going to get a decent lecture on how dangerously far from experimental testability the latest trend in quantum attempts to unify the forces of nature, known as string theory, has gotten. (See the books of Lee Smolin and Peter Woit.) I had hoped that Acheson might rant a little against how certain scientists now call the running of a complicated simulation of a physical system, on a computer, and "experiment". (Climate scientists and lattice gauge theorists, repent!) But no, I found nothing of value. Like yourself, Christine, Acheson needs to heed Alexander Pope's couplet: A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring. Please ponder whether the things that, unhappily, blight your emotions also blight your understanding.


Anonymous said...

PS Christine, WHY did you post that YouTube clip about the role of math in science on Constance's blog? What possibly can it have in common with New Age?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

well, re the New Age, quantum this and quantum that are often NA jargon, and recognizing that mathematics is only a relative not absolute reference point (and there is reference in that to a problem in quantum physics which makes it look less absolute) is a good sobering point. fibonacci series and fractals are real enough, but just because they are both physical and mathematically expressable
doesn't make them what the New Age and similar "philosophy" of the past makes them out to be.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

here's a good one from

you can listen to the video Standing Fast in the New Age there or at

Anonymous said...


To every mathematical calculation there is a corresponding image or picture, and visualising this internally is the key to success in mathematics. Sometimes those pictures are ones that occur in nature, eg the Fibonacci series, and theoretical physics generally wherein math is used to generate predictions that can be tested experimentally.

"mathematics is only a relative not absolute reference point (and there is reference in that to a problem in quantum physics which makes it look less absolute)"

I have explained that math is a very powerful SHORTHAND. What on earth are you talking about?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

listen to the points in that video for starters. then reconsider your pictures to include that the thingy treated in Heaviside math as a mere nothing is in fact a something, and can be engineered. For extreme and dangerous results check out Hutchinson and then avoid his stuff and go for Searle and Valone. Somewhere in this mess is probably an overlap to the physics of the paranormal, watch out for that, to judge by some frequencies having reportedly played a role in getting stuff like that done. Col. Bearden's book he advertises a signed copy of has, buried in the text some reference to some experiement that he didn't want to talk about, and tulpoidal entities is the larger context. This appears in other books. Tulpas are a kind of semi solidified thought form. My guess is he crossed paths with a demon.

Col. Bearden mentions he was one of those who revealed the existence of WMD in Saddam Hussein's hands, which since we now know that was a lie, tells me is part of the problem side of the politics and military industrial complex network.

But apparently he has gotten wind of potential disastrous application of wierd physics stuff, and is having second thoughts, but still full steam ahead on some of it. I notice he looks like a bit of a four flusher and his books tend to blather more than inform, so he may be playing both sides of the game, get money for his blather and minimally give something useful. I don't think he wants the average person to be able to run their homes free of the electrical grid, all that much, but may be a bit worried about his dark side buddies having weaponized versions of this stuff.

Apparently it is pretty delicate and not as easy to work consistently as the regular kind of stuff, so he may not have that much to worry about. But Hutchinson Effect people have reported minor explosions doing this. Gate enough energy from the substratum of the universe without putting it to work, it keeps up until it blasts the gating device. ergo, bomb.

one rumor about black budget projects in at least one underground base (yes they exist the more famous ones being Cheyenne Mountain of NORAD and Mount Weather but they are all over the place China Lake has one and I think this was where the rumor came from) that they had or were working on stuff that make atom bombs obsolete. Well, God help us.

Basically, do the math AFTER you see if it works, adjust the math to fit the reality. Actually I WAS THE ONE pointing out that math only is a picture of a reality and you have to know something about the reality to paint that picture. If some other reality exists the math you are used to doesn't deal with, you can't rely on the math to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Christine, you are throwing words and concepts around that you only half understand - I've learned that from detailed interaction with you about various aspects of physics on other threads - and I'd prefer to spend my time getting on with my own research than look into the stuff you mention. Some at least of the people you mention at 4.07am (and throwing out surnames without initials or a URL or essay title is poor protocol), are merely clinging to discredited results from physics's history. As I've explained, we redid the experiments with better apparatus as technology improved, and learned more about physical law from the results. You cling to what statisticians call outliers in ancient experiments, and insist that they point to new physics which a juggernaut establishment has arrogantly ignored and ridden over, but can you prove that those never-repeated outliers were NOT due to experimental goofs? How would you test that? By repeating the experiment with better technology, of course. And when we did that, what did we find? Nothing new. You are not ahead of the pace as you obviously like to think, but decades behind it.

In the military the Special Forces guys are men who undergo special training. At each level some of them find that they do not have what it takes to benefit from the training and drop out. You end up with a very highly trained elite. There is no element of bodily hardship in the scientific training needed to reach the research frontier, but the analogy is valid. You think you are ahead of the front line, but are barely beyond the starting line.


Anonymous said...

Anyone new checking out this site, please know that because Constance Cumbey lets anyone post who wants to and does not evaluate what they post, Kook Christine has taken over this website. What she posts has nothing to do with the New Age movement. It would be nice if Constance was a conservative with standards, but she prefers to be an accommodating liberal who wants to make nice with everyone. It must come from living in the Detroit area.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

things that can still happen today prove the discrediting was an error. someone missed something. perhaps someone saw a bad potential and deliberately worked to get stuff suppressed. accommodating this move would be anyone who wanted it off the books and in secret hands, whether a society or military.

Throwing around initials without a surname? what are you talking about? I don't do that. A URL is called giving a reference to study.

this is an example of your slipperyness. or ignorance. If you are talking about WMD everyone knows that means weapons of mass destruction, especially when used in context of Iraq etc. and are common parlance today. NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command, a joint USA and Canada operation for many decades, again, a commonly known acronym. try not to display your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Searle, Valone, Hutchinson. Surnames with no further details given in your post. I'm content to let Constance's readers decide which of us is sliding. I was not talking about WMDs and Saddam but specifically your poor understanding of physical science.

Take a look at a sophomore physics exam. If you can't begin to answer the questions on it, show some humility.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

your complaint was initials WITHOUT surnames. you can google these surnames especially add alternative energy to it and ditto on youtube and get a lot of stuff.

you need to take a course in library science and data mining.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

getting back to philosophizing about fractals and fibonacci series stuff and so forth, which is done in a lot of New Age stuff, just because these exist doesn't validate the New Age take on them. Frankly they are totally compatible with The Bible, which by the way says the earth is round "the circle of the earth."

This is an important point to undermine New Age propaganda.

Whatever turns out to be the facts, Newtonian, Einsteinian, Quantum, or some kind of ether physics, doesn't matter. New Age and its occultnik predecessors has exploited ALL of these and still does. Yahweh made the universe and that's that. New Age is bunkum.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

The NAM as it moves into politics which is the focus of this blog, is like a pyramid. the occult practices put people in touch with demons, the philosophy unhinges the mind and the foregoing are both in play promoting a politics that is to be the outworking of all this "unity" garbage (whose real purpose in the philosophy and occult part is to break down individual boundaries and put you in a psychic soup of minds, in which the strongest minds rule, like law of the jungle, which of course appeals to the domineering types, but also is of use to the demons).

The political unity thing is promoted for other reasons to more practical minded people.

Meanwhile, a lot of world leaders are into the NAM occult practices.

Anonymous said...

Christine@4.07am: "For extreme and dangerous results check out Hutchinson and then avoid his stuff and go for Searle and Valone. Somewhere in this mess is probably an overlap to the physics of the paranormal"

Physicist@4.45am: "throwing out surnames without initials or a URL or essay title is poor protocol"

Christine@5.29am: "your complaint was initials WITHOUT surnames"

Do you wish to retract that assertion...?

Christine@5.29am, cont'd: "you need to take a course in library science and data mining"

Let's see if anyone else here agrees. You need to take courses in elementary logic and English grammar. And, if you wish to speak about them, math and physics, as at present you literally do not understand what you are talking about.


Anonymous said...

Christine what would you say to the many posters here who have commented that they wish you would post less, or more thoughtfully?

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