Sunday, November 20, 2011

World War Four and the Occupy Movement's December 10th planned day of action

The New Agers see what is happening as "World War Four" -- Theosophist / Salvador de Madariaga student / World Citizens leader / Lucis Trust activist Rene Wadlow is connected with this "World War Four" site.  We'd better start taking it more seriously ourselves!

October 15th was an international "Day of Action" for the "Occupy Movements" around the globe.  Looks like another one is planned for December 10th.  As 2012 approaches and begins, I expect all of the "Occupy" movements to further broaden.




Sapphire said...

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

Day of inaction more like. Rich kids who don't need to work for a living. In view of the mess the bankers have got us in, a few demos are not surprising and I would not wish to use inflated hyperbole like "New Age revolution". The word Revolution would begin to be appropriate if it caught on with the masses; remember that the 1968 turbulence in France failed to become a revolution because the workers didn't follow the students. In any case, many of them are old-style dialectical materialist Left, not spiritual weirdos. They won't last a winter out of doors.

amanda said...

Violence breaks out at Egypt's Tahrir Square (BREAKING NEWS),

Marko said...

I think there will be some crisis (or series of crises) that will cause people to fall off their complacency fence and have to choose sides.

I don't know if it will be a man-made crisis, or something from God, or something from our enemy, or maybe a combination of all of those.

OWS is part of it. There are other alignments and convergences happening as well - many things are reaching a point of crisis, imagined or otherwise, and the "magic" year of 2012 carries with it a mystique that will not go away.

Anonymous said...

We were watching a program on MNet her in South africa called `Carte Blanche` on Sunday evening and a Jewish Holocaust survivor was featured. Firstly he was mentioned to be active establishing tolerance and peace between Israel and Palestine-The usual jargon of Israel practicing `Apartheid`towards the Palestinians was mentioned along with some genocide documentary visuals. What made me sit up straight was when the book he has written was mentioned...... INDIGNEZ VOUZ by Stephan Hessels (I only heard the surname -might spell differently).

He helped to draft The UN `s Human Rights Charter. (in his 90`s now)

coincidence? Indignez/ indignants-makes one think? His praises was sung by Jewish communist and ANC member; Kassrils.

Constance drop in at the website of seeker401 follow the money. (he is pro islam.)but he also keeps an eye on the OWS and much more.

Anonymous said...

"Stéphane Frédéric Hessel (born 20 October 1917) is a diplomat, ambassador, writer, concentration camp survivor, former French Resistance fighter and BCRA agent. Born German, he became a naturalised French citizen in 1939. He participated in the editing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948."...

Anonymous said...

"Ronald Kasrils (commonly known as Ronnie Kasrils) (born November 15, 1938) is a South African politician. He was Minister for Intelligence Services from 27 April 2004 to 25 September 2008. He was a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC) from 1987 to 2007 as well as a member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party (SACP) from December 1986 to 2007."

"His wife Eleanor Kasrils was also a prominent anti-apartheid activist"...

Follow The Money

SmallFarm said...

The "white house shooter" is claiming to be the "modern day" Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

Foreign cyber attack hits US infrastructure. November 22, 2011

A cyber strike launched from outside the United States hit a public water system in the Midwestern state of Illinois, an infrastructure control systems expert said on Friday.

“This is arguably the first case where we have had a hack of critical infrastructure from outside the United States that caused damage,” Applied Control Solutions managing partner Joseph Weiss told AFP.

“That is what is so big about this,” he continued. “They could have done anything because they had access to the master station.”

The Illinois Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center disclosed the cyber assault on a public water facility outside the city of Springfield last week but attackers gained access to the system months earlier, Weiss said.

The network breach was exposed after cyber intruders burned out a pump.

“No one realized the hackers were in there until they started turning on and off the pump,” according to Weiss.

The attack was reportedly traced to a computer in Russia and took advantage of account passwords stolen during a hack of a US company that makes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software.

There are about a dozen or so firms that make SCADA software, which is used around the world to control machines in industrial facilities ranging from factories and oil rigs to nuclear power and sewage plants.

Stealing passwords and account names from a SCADA software company was, in essence, swiping keys to networks of facilities using the programs to control operations.

“We don’t know how many other SCADA systems have been compromised because they don’t really have cyber forensics,” said Weiss, who is based in California.

The US Department of Homeland Security has downplayed the Illinois cyber attack in public reports, stating that it had seen no evidence indicating a threat to public safety but was investigating the situation.

Word also circulated on Friday that a water supply network in Texas might have been breached in a cyber attack, according to McAfee Labs security research director David Marcus.

“My gut tells me that there is greater targeting and wider compromise than we know about,” Marcus said in a blog post.

“Does this mean that I think it is cyber-Armageddon time?” Marcus continued. “No, but it is certainly prudent to evaluate our systems and ask some questions.”


"did this get much media time?"

“”They could have done anything because they had access to the master station.”

"and traced to russia..of course..wonder if they have heard of proxys..just becuase its traced to russia doesnt mean it came from there..."

Marko said...

"Just because it's traced to Russia doesn't mean it came from there..."

And just because it is from a proxy server in Russia doesn't mean it DIDN'T come from there either.

Anonymous said...

could've just as easily come from a proxy server in the USA then tar Russia once again as being the bad guys...

Anonymous said...

... and the real server could be anywhere!

paul said...

I don't know if it's Cybergeddon time
yet, but it seems to me that we're in
the midst of Pharmageddon.

But seriously, I've been reading
Revelations chapter 7 ( over and
over ) and there's stuff in there that I
never really noticed before, at least
not in context; that is, following
chapter 6 and preceding chapter
eight. Namely the way that the
7 seals are opened, beginning
with the so-called four horsemen,
and how, in chapter six, the 144,000
Jews have to be sealed in their
foreheads ( the antithesis of the
mark of the beast? ), and how the tribe
of Dan has been replaced by Manassas,
yet Joseph is there, not replaced by
Manassas and Ephraim, and how the
tribes are in a different order;
( Judah is first ), and how the
innumerable Christians are all standing
in heaven around the throne of
God, having come OUT OF the
Tribulation ( it has to be mid-
tribulation ), and all this before the
seventh seal is opened an the wrath
of God is poured out.
I also noticed that the four winds
of the earth are held still, calm by the
four angels preceding the seventh seal.

Anonymous said...

Constance... curious if all of this QE3 crashing the dollar and the OWS is about bringing in Jaques Fresco resource based economy aka Venus project? I'm pretty sure he is involved with UN and has ties with Gorbachev and the Earth Charter.

paul said...

The seven years of tribulation has
a calm at the very mid point, just
like the eye of a hurricane. In fact it's
so calm that it's a weather phenomenon
that has never happened before. There
have been doldrums before, as in the
Greek myths like Iphygenia, but this
is a worldwide complete lack of wind.
No wind on the land, no wind on the
seas, and no wind on the trees. Imagine.
I wonder why I've never heard or read
any commentary on this prophesy ?
There it is at the beginning of chapter
six. And there it will be just before
God's fury is poured out on the
earth and the remaining people,
who are referred to as the "inhabitants
of the earth" and who are clearly not
the redeemed of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
Revelation 7:1

"And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree."

Revelation 7 - Matthew Henry Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible

Chapter 7

A pause between two great periods. (1-3) The peace, happiness, and safety of the saints, as signified by an angel's sealing 144,000. (4-8) A song of praise. (9-12) The blessedness and glory of those that suffered martyrdom for Christ. (13-17)

Verses 1-8 In the figurative language of Scripture, the blowing of the four winds together, means a dreadful and general destruction. But the destruction is delayed. Seals were used to mark for each person his own possessions. This mark is the witness of the Holy Ghost, printed in the hearts of believers. And the Lord would not suffer his people to be afflicted before they were marked, that they might be prepared against all conflicts. And, observe, of those who are thus sealed by the Spirit, the seal must be on the forehead, plainly to be seen alike by friends and foes, but not by the believer himself, except as he looks stedfastly in the glass of God's word. The number of those who were sealed, may be understood to stand for the remnant of people which God reserved. Though the church of God is but a little flock, in comparison with the wicked world, yet it is a society really large, and to be still more enlarged. Here the universal church is figured under the type of Israel."

Marko said...

Anon. 4:41 & 4:42....

You sound like an apologist for Russia, who in my book is an enemy of the United States.

I fully expect an increase in cyberattacks immediately prior to an actual physical attack, which I believe will happen at some point. The plans that were laid in the Kremlin long ago have not been laid aside, they merely took on different tactics. The strategy is the same.

Anyone who thinks the dangers from Russia disappeared when the collapse of the Soviet Union happened, please read the following article several times, and let it soak in what is being said. It is quite unsettling:

[Wed, Nov. 23]

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

to the rich hippie commenter, stats show the majority of the OWS crew are employed and some protest after work, it is the Tea Party that is rich.

to Marko, don't be simplistic. the USA is its own worst enemy and is run by pseudo Christians pursuing a satanic and/or fleshly agenda. We have been provoking the hell out of Russia in eastern europe with that
NATO encroachment of missile sites, and the whole cold war was created by the nazi war criminals both sides took in as advisers and scientists and whatnot, while they worked to make their fourth reich.

frankly, we would probably be British subjects today if it weren't for that Russian tsar who told England to back off supporting the confederacy in the civil war or face blockade and maybe war. I suspect our destinies, if there is such a thing, are linked somehow.
meanwhile, cybercrime ROUTINELY uses taken over computers (might even incl. yours) as routing points unbeknownst to the owners to hide origin, and the authorities know this, so don't bother with the first few on the source list of an attack.

Susanna said...

Dear Marko,

Check out the following.

Sergei Tretyakov was a career KGB/SVR officer who defected to the United States in 2000 and was known as "Comrade J." He died in Florida in 2010 after "choking on a piece of meat" according to one story and from "massive cardiac arrest" according to another " - after the publication of his tell all book entitled "COMRADE J."

Many suspected the cause of his death was foul play.

In his book, Tretyakov described Putin as "an insignificant KGB officer who later as president surrounded himself with thugs. Their primary goal has been to enrich themselves, he charged."

More on Tretyakov.......


In the following article, Tretyakov mentions Strobe Talbott describing him as an "extremely valuable intelligence source" who had been "tricked and manipulated by Russian intelligence".


Let us not forget, too, that Strobe Talbott has fairly recently become Javier Solana's "new best friend" and they began their "honeymoon" hobnobbing in former eastern bloc countries revisiting the Yalta scene. Currently, Javier Solana is involved in calling for the release of former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko from jail.



Susanna said...


Since May 2010 a number of criminal cases have been opened against Tymoshenko. On 11 October 2011, a Ukrainian court sentenced Tymoshenko to seven years in prison after she was found guilty of abuse of office when brokering the 2009 gas deal with Russia. The conviction is seen as "justice being applied selectively under political motivation" by the European Union and other international organizations.


In the following article, Catherine Ashton put in her two-cents worth. Note the hints that indicate Tymoshenko is more pro-Putin than her political rival who is pro-European!!!


October 11, 2011


Too bad the EU crooks involved in the "Oil for Food" fiasco didn't get any time in the slammer!!!

According to the following article, it is believed that Sergei Tretyakov ( Comrade J ) may have given the tip to the FBI that led to the Russian spy roundup in the 2010.


Do you recall the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London? Check out the following:



WikiLeaks cables: Alexander Litvinenko murder 'probably had Putin's OK'

Senior US diplomat doubted former KGB agent could have been poisoned without Russian president's approval

Litvinenko believed that Putin contracted the assassination of journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya who was very critical of Putin and his policies.



I hope you find this information helpful, Marko.

Anonymous said...

10 ... 12 ... 11 ..... hmmmm

Marko said...

Christine / others:

Sometimes the simpler explanation is the most preferred, and the closer to the truth. Not everything is a conspiracy, and some conspiracies are real and others are contrived (disinformation). It really is a Wilderness of Mirrors:

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

And not all conspiracy theories should be given equal weight:

These are from the writings of Jeff Nyquist, a geopolitical analyst who I believe has gotten it "most right" as far as the dangers we face as a nation in the geopolitical realm. His perspective does not often include the spiritual side however, and that's why I post here, because Constance's blog is probably the closest to what is "most right" regarding the spiritual threats to the Christian (Universal) Church.

As I've written before, there are dual threats we face - one mainly physical (Russia et al), the other spiritual (New Age world religion, and Dominionism). Where they intersect (if they do), and how, is where I am focusing my research now.

While there are obviously some dark spiritual elements in our government, a la Masonry, Illuminati, or whatever, I do NOT believe these are the primary hands or forces that shape history, either in the past or in the present.

There is not some evil Cabal that runs the world, generation after generation. (See the last article linked above for an explanation as to why that is so.) There is only Satan, the ruler of this world, who uses whomever he can divert to do his bidding. I'm not saying he hasn't used groups like the Illuminati - he has, of course, and will increasingly do so.


Anonymous said...

Marko, Russia & America are run by freemasons. Rather, we should not be enemies of God.

Marko said...


Here is a major point of what I believe:

Russian designs to destroy America and the West (but particularly America) have never gone away. Hence, they will continue to weaken us in any way they can. The massive influx of drugs in this country in the 60s was in large part orchestrated by the KGB. See the book "Red Cocaine", by Joseph Douglass. The KGB planners used that, plus many other methods of influencing our society, to weaken us internally. The current uprising of the OWS protesters is largely a direct (albeit long-term) result of Marxist education permeating our schools and universities that took a generation to show its fruit. They think and plan using LONG term strategies, and are patient to wait for generations, if needed, for their "active measures" to come to fruition.

The OWS uprisings are also being looked at by prominent New Agers who are, as Constance said, "coming out of the woodwork", and trying to co-opt them to further New Age goals. Opportunities for global revolution like this only come about every once in a while, so all the fellow travelers who see it happening fall all over themselves to stir the fires. Many who get involved in these kinds of movements don't see the danger in the fire they play with, and end up getting burned, along with all the intended victims.

Anyway, at the right time, Russia expects us to fall into their hands like a ripe fruit. They may not even have to fire a shot. But they are prepared to do so, if it comes to that.

Part of their strategy is to create internal chaos and even another civil war, if that were possible. A people actively fighting against and even raising arms against its own government... what better setting for an invasion! Therefore, even well-intentioned people (OWS; anti-government sites like Alex Jones; etc.) can end up doing the bidding of a dangerous enemy. Dangerous, because they are either unaware of it, or are focusing on the wrong entity as the enemy.

I hope that explains some of why I am distrustful of sources who try and paint too black a picture of our own government. There are bad people there, yes, but there are even worse people who would love to have you contribute to the coming chaos, to make their job of invading the US easier.

Currently, I think a surprise attack by Russia and Co. is higher in probability than the rise of the Antichrist and the world government and world religion that comes with him. But.... I could be wrong. Maybe the Russian threat will somehow disappear, and then I'll reassess things.

So that, in a nutshell, is "Marko's perspective". :^)

[Wed, Nov. 23]

Anonymous said...

Russian Overture

Anonymous said...

"The Russians had long prepared something known by the General Staff as "the overture," "

paul said...

This just in:
The OWS movement also has a
direct connection to the
right to lice people.

John Rupp, Jr. said...

This just came out this morning. The Russian President has issued a military threat against the U.S. They are in protest of our pentagon building the missle defense system over Europe. He says he will aim missles at our defense systems if we don't stop working on that shield over Europe. You better go to this news flash quickly at huffington post since this is dissapearing off the news media just as fast as it was released.

Anonymous said...

Russia doesn't like its enemies defending themselves? Tough, Ivan. And, speaking as a European, thank you America.

Marko said...

A good demonstration of how well Russia has propagandized American thinking is the prevalence of the idea here in America that Russia is justified in such talk (aiming missiles at America) because we "provoked" them into such an attitude.

They (Russian KBG and Kremlin leaders) have always hated America, and they are now (and have been since Putin's rise to power) trying to "pre-justify" in the eyes of the rest of the world an attack on America, so they don't look like the bad guys.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Just what was Russia doing that qualifies this western activity as defending itself? Everything was nice and quiet, and then we start wanting to put missiles near them.

Bear in mind this crap started on Bush's watch, and he as satanic as you can get away with without anyone but a few noticing, he is sold out to the people who WANT war because it makes money, his whole family always has been, granddaddy or great granddaddy Prescott Bush was doing so much wartime business with the Nazis in WW II he almost got prosecuted for it.

Marko said...

War - especially nuclear war, which is likely to be the next big one - does not make money, it destroys it. War destroys, period. It destroys people, buildings, wealth, commerce, industry, infrastructure, land, the environment - everything! How can you say that certain people want wars because it makes them wealthy?

Because, Marko, a handful DO get wealthy. we are. Because a few get wealthy and might benefit from a war, that somehow *proves* that wars are created by those few who get wealthy.

That is circular reasoning, and it is addressed in the 3rd tinyurl link in my above post (12:27pm), but for the sake of ease, here it is again:

I know that many of you think otherwise, so I guess we'll just agree to disagree. But please, read through the above article a couple of times before dismissing the perspective I've presented altogether.

Marko said...

I will say, in reference to the above article, that I don't know Jeff Nyquist's position on prophecy, but one thing I *do* disagree with in the above article is where he says the following:

Rather than seeing organizations and movements inspired by liberal and utopian notions, the conspiracy theorist see[s] a nefarious plot to enslave mankind under a global totalitarian state.

He makes it sound like such a plot couldn't possibly exist. I guess he would consider me a conspiracy theorist then, because I do believe in such a plot: the plot by Satan to destroy God's creation, which just happens to include exactly that - a nefarious plot to enslave mankind under a global totalitarian state.

But not even the Bible states that such a plot will succeed. It says it will be attempted, and for a time it might look like it will succeed, but I don't believe for a second that the enslavement will be total and complete. There is always a remnant, and usually larger than it sees itself, who never bows the knee to another god.

So take heart in that, my friends!

Anonymous said...


These are anti-missile missiles to shoot down incoming ICBMs. They are not themselves ICBMs (although it takes a minute or so for the difference to show). So Russia doesn't like its friendly ICBMs being shot down in flight. What motive does that expose?

Anonymous said...

Tut tut! Naughty Russia wanting to point its missiles at the US missile defense system. What Russia should do is put an equal missile defense system along the US-Mexico border facing over the US.

Fair's fair, NIET?

Marko said...

THANKS mucho, Susanna, for the info you posted! Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Christine... ты из Москвы почему пишешь на Буржуй?

Anonymous said...


Russian Plasma Tesla Experiments ( New Weapons ) / Armas de plasma de Rusia

Anonymous said...

Top Secret Water Jet (Hidden since 1983) So nearly 30 years pass already! What dangers hide waiting along US Atlantic and Pacific shelf!

Anonymous said...

Flying submarine - Russian Concept

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anonymous, I can't read or speak
Russian. I picked up a couple of
Church Slavonic phrases in the Russian Orthodox Church I used to go
to, i now attend a mostly English
speaking Greek Orthodox Church, so I
have no idea if you posted gibberish
in Cyrillic or an actual statement.

Please translate.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

re Russian plasma weapons, take a look at the rest of the videos
on the side of that page. Russia
and China are lining up to back Iran, which will get into the mix
if we attack Syria. (The Russian
presence there in the sea just
might prevent all this.)

If we go to war with these people,
we WILL have our asses kicked, and
we will probably be occupied.

If you are such a friend to America, do not encourage such a
situation. That includes our
rattling of their cage in eastern

Meanwhile, Bush and Blair have
been convicted of war crimes in a
Malaysian tribunal, which has sent
this on to the international court
to request action incl. a warrant.
Bush has cancelled a speaking
engagement in Switzerland, fearing
I guess that he will be subject to
a "rendition" or normal warrant.

Anonymous said...

President Medvedev is posturing against the missile defenses in Europe because Russian Parliamentary elections are on December 4th. Medvedev and Putin want to be sure that United Russia party controls the Duma with a large majority once again.

This is why the tough defense minded rhetoric is in the news. The Russian people want to feel secure above all else, and the elderly voters remember the cold war when missile defense was a destabilizing factor in the nuclear balance. Standing against the Western effort for missile defense is seen as a method to gain the votes of elderly citizens according to the Putin - Medvedev tandem.

Anonymous said...

North Korean Video of Kim Jong Il and Dmitry Medvedev in Russia (2011)


Anonymous said...

­Did US 'climate weapon' knock-out Russian probe?

24 November, 2011

Marko said...

One last post here that is off-topic, and I promise I won't do any more. (This Troll suit is kind of itchy... :^)

Thanks for the RT post, Anon. 7:26. It gives me the opportunity to demonstrate what I'm talking about regarding Russia and her preps for war against us.

RT is a known KGB mouthpiece, spewing anti-US propaganda whenever it can:

The following paragraphs from the article you posted are particularly instructive:

General-Lieutenant Nikolay Rodionov, who used to command the country’s ballistic missile early warning system, told Interfax that “the powerful electromagnetic radiation of those sites may have affected the control system of the interplanetary probe.”

The general was apparently referring to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) site located in Gakona, Alaska. The facility’s stated purpose is the study of the ionosphere and its use for communication. But several popular conspiracy theories say it is developing a superweapon with potential to cause natural disasters on a global scale, including earthquakes, climate change and reversal of the magnetic poles.

Note how blame is not only placed on the US for something that was probably Russia's own fault, but confirmation of the idea that HAARP is being used to destroy the planet is stuck in there as well. Why? So that RT (and by extension Russia) can justify in the minds of its readers any future attack on the United States. "They deserved it! After all - they posed a serious threat to the planet's very survival!"

And the extremist, conspiracy-theory-drenched far Right in this country eat that stuff up. Far Right... far Left... there is more in common there than one might at first suspect. Anti-Americanism runs high in both camps, and that will be used - correction, is being used to create an atmosphere of distrust and eventually revolution here in America. Anti-government extremists on the far Right are just as bad as the OWS groups, in my opinion. They all have the same goal - eventual overthrow of the current US government. And the KGB helped create those groups, by planting seeds long ago through disinformation channels like RT and others, and are keeping the anti-government attitudes alive and well by the stuff they broadcast.

Be careful where you get your information and who you listen to.

Anonymous said...

Zionist Extremist: Iran vs. Israel, Dual Covenant Theology NOT of God!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marko, you say RT is propaganda ... sure! But so is Fox News CIA/CNN News... ABC, BBC, Al Jazeera, etc...

However, there is much useful information in the news put out by them all(including Russia Today)... it is a matter of viewing and reviewing facts and seeing beyond opinion or conjecture.

Kind Regards,


Anonymous said...

End Times Tabernacle Awaits: Defiled Garments & False Worship! **A Message To The Church**

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Interesting and disappointing article says plans for new Temple in Jerusalem reflect the universal one religion ideas of Blair's "everyone monotheistic is invited" plan, I'm pretty sure is not going to meet with God's approval:


Steve said...


Your analysis is good and much appreciated. I agree with almost all of it. Strangely enough, we've studied the same things...apparently for a long time. You've shown me some things I haven't looked at. Nice work.


Anonymous said...

readers might want to visit:
Herescope and read the post from a week ago (Nov. 17) regarding the Vatican and The New World Order.

Anonymous said...

9:54 It certainly makes an exceeding strong case for the beast being a euro system of government, the prophet being antichrist, and the Vatican being the harlot...and all in the Vatican's own words. Striking! Nkosazana

Constance Cumbey said...

Personally, I don't think it is so much "rich kids who don't have to work for a living" as it is angry young people who have been squeezed by the tuition and lack of jobs. To think it was my generation who got our education cheaply enough who now squeeze the younger generation into rebellion by raising the costs, thus angering them and others into joining the New Age / Anarchist / Socialist mobs.

Remember the dialectics!

Constance Cumbey said...

To John Rupp,

The Russian military threat is sobering. Thanks for watching this for us!!!!


Anonymous said...

United Nations link to Occupy Movement.

Anonymous said...

If you watch the uploads by the woman in the previous post, she appears to be a new ager who is now concerned with the Occupy movement. She is not friendly towards religion.

Anonymous said...

more UN linkages

Susanna said...


Check out the following:


MOSCOW - Vladimir Putin's decision to reclaim the presidency next year sets up the possibility that he could rule Russia until 2024 and foreshadows a continuation of the strongman rule that many in the West have called a retreat from democracy.........

....Putin's return to the presidency would be unlikely to ease Russia's dispute with the United States over the building of a European missile-defense system and other issues. Economic pressures, however, could push Putin to pursue reforms aimed at attracting more foreign investment, analysts said.
During his presidency, Putin ruled Russia with a steely command, bringing about a system known as "managed democracy" that saw opposition politicians all but eliminated from the national eye. His personal popularity aided his maneuvering. Many Russians view Putin as the strong, decisive figure needed by a sprawling country troubled by corruption, an Islamist insurgency and massive economic inequality.......

.....Many connect Putin with Russia's turnaround from post-Soviet poverty to prosperity, largely driven by high prices for Russia's vast supplies of oil and natural gas. But growing awareness of the need to move beyond a natural-resources economy could force Putin in a new term as president to pursue reforms, some analysts say......

Anonymous said...

Constance @11:53

My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Solid Proof That Weather Modification Projects Are Being Conducted All Over The United States

suomynona said...

Cloud seeding caused severe drought in Texas? Not consistently hot, dry weather? You believe this? Anonymous, you must have a lot of faith in the abilities of mankind. If you claim that anything that's published by Liberty Roundtable is the Gospel truth, then it's living proof our education system is truly a failure. Didn't your father ever tell you not to believe everything you read? If so, you should listen to that advice. By the way, about Santa Claus being real...well...if it was published by Liberty Roundtable would you believe it's true? Crazy.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

cloud seeding does not cause drought, and that article doesn't say it does, but when this began 30 or more years ago, someone suggested that when water is got from clouds that would normally dump it elsewhere, they cannot dump it where they normally would.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here heard of this org.? It is gaining momentum and fits right alongside the OWS groups/new age. Based on what I could check on, it sure appears to be part of the NA.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 3:48

You bet it's "New Age" and most militantly so. Thank you for bringing this important New Age initiative to my attention!