Wednesday, November 16, 2011


And now, even "Occupy Antarctica" -- for PAST MONTH!

Today I did an internet radio program for Southwest Radio Church of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.  Dr. Noah Hutchings introduced me by saying that this movement was spreading and if we didn't watch out, pretty soon it would be "occupy America" and then "Occupy the World."  I had to gently tell him and his 3 man panel that we already had both -- "Occupy America" AND "Occupy the World."  I then jokingly said that the only thing I didn't know to be yet "occupied" was the continent of Antarctica.  And then, just now, I just found this!

They're everywhere!  I'm not sure when the SW Radio program will be available online, so check their website for information.  I will be continuing coverage of this on my own internet radio programs on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  

Please tune in and Stay Tuned!



Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"They're everywhere!"

like cockroaches!

Constance Cumbey said...

Well, maybe they're just "chilling out" in the jargon of the 60's. LOL


Constance Cumbey said...

Latest -- tomorrow they intend to "occupy bridges":

November 17 – National Day of Action for the 99%. Occupy bridges to demand infrastructure-repair jobs, join solidarity marches, community events, and online actions. Watch this space or for details. You can use this video call to action to help get people involved.



Constance Cumbey said...

Another thought just occurred to me besides the obvious "chaos" agenda of the New Agers and their OWS confederates:

This global movement could well give justification for 'global governance' to control the borderless mobs.

Borderless mobs or borderless world government. Either or is equally scary to me.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
the sign some antipas ministries leaders are flying in OWS NYC. At last
someone is getting some Christianity into the mix!

I do worry that this Occupy movement could be used as an excuse for martial law especially if someone is idiotic enough to killor wound an elite.

Marko said...

You need to add a third possible outcome to this chaos - invasion by Russia, et al.

There is a well-established-through-research long-range plan that was set in motion long ago by the rulers in the Kremlin to do just that, and from what I can tell, it is still in place.

The KGB has been influencing the far left AND the far right (ie, conspiracy groups who hate their own government) for quite some time. They use as many instruments as they can to achieve distrust, division, and finally revolution. Russia Today I believe is one of those instruments. Alex Jones is another. There are many more.

It's not *just* the New Age that is behind the chaos.

[Thu, Nov. 17]

Anonymous said...

Marko said: 'It's not *just* the New Age that is behind the chaos.'

It doesnt make a difference. Either way; knowingly or not, they are all doing the one work.

Anonymous said...


Are you aware that there is also an 'Occupy Australia' movement?

Constance Cumbey said...

To Marko:

It is perfectly obvious that what is happening is an alliance / teaming up between the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, the Communist movements / the anarchists / the "free thinkers" and the just plain frustrated about the economic situation. This is a lethal cocktail which the New Agers hope to ride to the chaos which will allow them to be the "phoenix arising from the ashes." This is the combination which was lethal to Christians in the past, e.g. Mexico 1926-1935. Remember, the occult world was then also awaiting the "Reappearance of the Christ" in the form of Jiddhu Krishnamurti.

Please do not forget that Mikhail Gorbachev is a disciple of Benjamin Creme and his Maitreya, Wayne Peterson spoke to this in his book.

Barbara Marx Hubbard who led the Soviet American Dialogue process bragged in 1988 that they had made an "end run against national sovereignty". In the same speech (to Seattle Unity Temple in April 1988) she said that the higher up one went in the Soviet Union, the more likely they were to be involved in the New Age Movement. Remember, Putin was right up there with Gorbachev at that time. She said the Soviets were ready to lead the world into the New Age.

Remember, the Bible did not say that the end world would be atheist. Lucifer, whom the New Agers adore, always aspired to be worshipped as God and to take adoration away from our true Creator.

That is exactly where all of this is headed. The chaos is designed to lead to instigation of global governance and earth worship.



Constance Cumbey said...

To our Australian friend,

Yes, I was aware of your own OCCUPY movement which is part of the OCCUPY THE WORLD movement. With the Anarctica, they laughed that they were not on all 7 continents.



Marko said...

Good points, Constance.

Re: the Mexico situation / anticlerical revolutions:

In the chat room the other night, you listed some books that were good reference material. Can you list them here? I didn't get a chance to write them down.

Thanks in advance!

Marko said...

Constance (again):

You wouldn't happen to have a copy of Barbara's speech from 1988, would you? I know.... that's asking a lot. That was over 20 years ago.....

Constance Cumbey said...

Marko, I listened to it intently several times when I was in Seattle in June 1988. I remember the content very clearly, but it would be quite a chore to lay my hands on it right now. It was a talk at Seattle's Unity Church. She was introduced by Fritz Hull, the ordained United Presbyterian Church minister who was and is a big time New Age leader and close friend of David Spangler. Fritz said he had gotten the idea of bringing BMH to Seattle after participating the previous October in a conference with her on "Christianity and the New Age" in Boulder, Colorado. That was obviously referring to the Gold Lake Conference. Interestingly, in that same speech where so much was revealed, BMH also said that "now all the resonating core groups with outwardly different purposes are merging and blending and coming together to do THE ONE WORK." She was referring in no small part to the C Street Foundation of Doug Coe in Washington, D.C.

The tape may well be available from Seattle's Unity Church. I know they recorded it. For one thing, I had a copy of the tape from that evening which an alert supporter supplied me.


Constance Cumbey said...


Important references on Mexico 1926-1935 are:

5. THE LAWLESS ROADS by Graham Greene.

Also, you can pull up videos showing some of the carnage on Youtube.


Constance Cumbey said...

To Marko and others:

Many Youtube things on this, but here's the first one that came up on my search:

Anonymous said...

Putin was a fairly low-level bureaucrat in St. Petersburg and then Moscow after 1996 until Yeltsin elevated him quickly to power in 1999.

There is so much hate for Putin, I wonder if he is one of the good guys.

I think he is a true Russian Patriot, his mother was a devout Orthodox Christian, and Putin is not greedy even if those around him are.

Constance Cumbey said...

To the last anonymous,

You could well be right, especially if he was a low level bureaucrat in 1988, the year BMH spoke about the Soviet American dialogue process.

She did say, "the higher up you go . . . ." Now, I'm wondering about Yeltsin.


Anonymous said...

Here is a newly released comprehensive biography of Yeltsin.

Anonymous said...

Yeltsin was elected President of Russia in 1990; in 1985 he was brought to Moscow after serving as the first secretary of Sverdlosk Oblast for about 10 years.

In 1987 or so he had a major disagreement with Gorbachev and was put in a non-influential job for 18 months.

Yeltsin's act of running and winning the Presidency of Russia greatly undermined the authority of the communist party of the Soviet Union in 1990, and gave the ethnic Russians the courage to stand up against the communist coup in August, 1991.

Gorbachev and Yeltsin hated each other on a personal level.

Marko said...

Putin has always been with the KGB. I think he worked in E. Germany (Stasi) around the time of the Berlin Wall being torn down.

Once KGB, always KGB.

He is not one of the "good guys". He is a dangerous man, who would love to see America gone.

He does have a close connection to the Russian Orthodox Church, and if I'm not mistaken, even received some kind of official blessing from the ROC, in a way that made him look like Russia's "spiritual savior". There was quite an interesting article about that a while back. I'll try to link to it if I get time.

Maybe Susanna knows what I'm talking about? If so, perhaps she'll post something.

Anonymous said...

Good people can work in security services.

It is faulty logic to suggest otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Yeltsin and Gorbachev were bitter personal enemies. There is a new biography on Yeltsin called, "Yeltsin, A Life."

Yeltsin came to Moscow in 1985 after 10 years as First Secretary of Sverdlosk Oblast. Gorbachev removed Yeltsin from a powerful position in 1987 after a disagreement.

Eighteen months later, Yeltsin regained power, and in 1990 he won the election of President of Russia.

This election seriously undermined the communist party of the USSR, and led to Russian nationalism that overcame the coup attempt in August, 1991.

Susanna said...

Dear Marko,

Sergei Tretyakov was a career KGB/SVR officer who defected to the United States in 2000 and was known as "Comrade J." He died in Florida in 2010 after "choking on a piece of meat" according to one story and from "massive cardiac arrest" according to another " - after the publication of his tell all book entitled "COMRADE J."

Many suspected the cause of his death was foul play.

In his book, Tretyakov described Putin as "an insignificant KGB officer who later as president surrounded himself with thugs. Their primary goal has been to enrich themselves, he charged."

More on Tretyakov.......


In the following article, Tretyakov mentions Strobe Talbott describing him as an "extremely valuable intelligence source" who had been "tricked and manipulated by Russian intelligence".


Let us not forget, too, that Strobe Talbott has fairly recently become Javier Solana's "new best friend" and they began their "honeymoon" hobnobbing in former eastern bloc countries revisiting the Yalta scene. Currently, Javier Solana is involved in calling for the release of former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko from jail.



Anonymous said...

Marko 5:10 "Putin [...] would love to see America gone."

He's definitely a good man then!


Constance Cumbey said...

To Dimitri,

If that's what he wants, DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD GUY!


John Rupp, Jr. said...

Remember Putin was not only KGB but at one time he was actually KGB director. This talk about Russia having a plan for the US makes perfect sense to me. All you have to do sometimes is just look into someone's eyes and it can give away a person. Putin has a very cold look to him and especially when he is in dialogue with a US leader. Another thing I have been watching is that we are dismantling all of our biggest nukes. Is Russia dismantling theirs'??

Marko said...

Russia continues to build missiles, even as we dismantle ours. They continue to build underground bunkers (and even entire cities!) to move parts of their population into in case of a nuclear war. They continue to do civil defense drills where people go to underground shelters in a mock attack.

In the fall of 1979 at a small Christian college in the Midwest, a group of us were poking around in the lower level of the administration building, and we found a stash of "bomb shelter" items. There were radiation badges (to show the amount of radiation you were exposed to) that were way past the upper limit of exposure for having sat there so long absorbing the background radiation; there were some MRE rations (nobody was brave enough to try any of those!); I think there was even a Geiger counter. They had been there at least 10 years, probably longer.

Remember the white Civil Defense vans with the "CD" emblem? Those are long gone here, because we in the West have convinced ourselves (with the help of propaganda and lies and wishful thinking planted into the collective Western psyche from both New Agers and Communists) that nuclear war won't happen. By doing so, the likelihood that it will happen has increased. And the winners of that war, if fought, will most likely be the ones who are still preparing for it.

[Fri, Nov. 18]

paul said...

Russia always dominated the world chess
tournaments until Bobby Fisher came
along and dethroned Boris Spasky.
But Russian doesn't have any intention
of losing a chess match or a cold war.
The whole idea of the tearing down
of the Berlin wall and the so-called end
of the cold war is just a gambit, as
they say in chess. They will
give up whatever is necessary to win
the war and we, unlike Bobby Fisher,
are foolish enough to think they have
given up. They haven't given up at all.
In fact they are about to win.
That is to say they are about to win
the battle in this world.
BUT they unfortunately don't believe in
Jesus, who is about to conquer the
whole world, ...for eternity.
It's really going to be a rude awakening
for the enemies of the Lord.

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