Thursday, October 13, 2005

I just discovered a brilliant blogspot with inside scoops on much that is happening

Check out I just discovered it doing a surf using the terms "Javier Solana" "Earth Summit" "1992". There are priceless insights. I am just starting to explore that spot, but I think you, my readers, might want to explore it with me. I will value your reactions. He was discussing "the cult of global warming", something I have long noticed. That is, I noticed it appearing after "the cult of global cooling" with books by so many of the same New Age authors was "cooling down" so to speak. I always thought it humorous that the week the NGO's, UN officials, and country representatives went to Rio for the "Earth Summit" where they produced "Agenda 21" that there was unprecedented chilling at the very time set to discuss "global warming." Although it was just about Memorial Day in the United States, the start of our summer season, as I recall, we had snow flakes during that time. God has a way of showing who's boss! At any rate, I have a busy day before me, so check it out and prepare to both laugh and cry while reading it. I plan to place a link to the site on my blogspot. The author refers to himself as "Diplomad".


Anonymous said...

After days of White House winks implying that Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers would be a reliable conservative vote because she is a devout Christian evangelical, President George W. Bush himself yesterday suggested that he picked her in part because of her faith.

"People are interested to know why I picked Harriet Miers," Bush said after an Oval Office meeting with Polish President Aleksandr Kwasniewski. "They want to know Harriet Miers' background. They want to know as much as they possibly can before they form opinions. And part of Harriet Miers' life is her religion."

The above comments were copied from While some Conservatives are upset with the presidents choice of Harriet Miers for this most important judicial position, Could it be possible he chooses to have a public debate in the Senate about Christian morals and values. It wont happen today since we must keep all things Christian out of the government. I don't pretend to know his mind, But better this debate than one over a fire breathing conservative as some say they wanted for a real fight at this time. This brings me to what I really want to say. Christian values are still strong in this country even though it is becoming obvious that apostasy is also strong in the church with roots back to the 40's and 50's, maybe farther. Much is taught in todays Church that is not from the Bible or is a distorted version of Christianity and I am not refering to doctrinal differences between Baptists, Catholic, Pentecostal etc. I do not know the reasons for this Apostasy except the Devil has been hanging out with us from the very beginning.

Paganism is the official religion of Satan and until Islam takes a stand against jihad related terrorism I put them in the same devils basket full of goodies. This wont happen today unless they give their heart to Jesus. The good vs evil as taught in the Bible has Paganism as the evil part. We wrongly assumed Paganism was no longer a problem. We may have been led to believe by our preachers that Pagans were not to be worried about, using Bible stories to show God was more powerful. Better if more preachers learned what Pagans are and taught us the dangers involved. Pagans are many things but all use the spirit world of the dead, demons and devils to reach their goal of self as god. This is evil stuff . When people consider themselves equal to God they become extremely self centered and near impossible to deal with personally. They put up a good business front but if you get to know them personally you can see that they think they are always right about everything and are child like with their tantrums if they cant have their way always in every way in every little detail of life. Pagans never faded away but has been kept alive in secret and unnoticed by the public. Witches, Scorcerers, Wizards and all the others don't identify themselves as such in public, but that is changing. Pagans choose from all things in the world including recognised religions. It can be looked at as a smorgasborg where each individual makes his or her choices. Using this approach one could choose satanic worship, Nature worship, Shamanism and others and add membership in the local Baptist Church or Attend the local Mosque. The choices are endless. It is all about self and how you want to see things. Paganism is the root cause of Apostasy in the Church today. Call it New Age, Voodoo or any of its other names, It is Paganism.

One more thing, out of this pit of worship and delving into the world of the dead comes our problem of adults having sex with Children, child pornography, Beastiality and other perversions such as using others to urinate or excrete on them for sexual activity. They believe among other things that the more extreme the sex act the better the mind is cultivated for this experience with the spirit world of the dead, demons and devils. So we have people stealing children for sex acts they think will help them become more like their god. Adolph Hitler was said to practice these things. Nazi religion was and still is Pagan with fanatical environmentalism much as we see here today. We all know the weird and evil things Nazi thought caused. I think the world is now preped for another round of Pagan barbarism from Europe. Maybe Muslems this time to help instead of Japan. I hate to say it but there is much Paganism here in this country, is it possible..... No!
These are some things I had to do. Off topic but to use the old saying by comedian Flip Wilson "the devil made me do it".

I read some of Diplomads articles and they are really good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I know your work with this blog represents your sincere desire to help many learn and understand some of what is happening in these complex times. You have a long history of researching and writing to alert people to deceptions such as New Age spiritualism. And you were also one of the earliest to spot and publicize the possible significance of EU Recommendation 666 and the role of Mr. Javier Solana. I want to say how much I respect all this.
It would be the furthest thing from me to wish to detract from your good work with this blog site. And so I hope you will please not think my motives negative.
It seems to me there is a great lack of political understanding among 'conservative' Christians. Especially those who have been lulled into the illusion that the conservative political world is somehow lining up with Christ. This is a deception which I think is as fully dangerous as the seemingly opposite deception concerning leftist New Age spirituality. I want to raise a voice of warning, that 'conservative Christianity' is in danger of the sin of pride and self-assurance. I believe the liberal New Age and conservative Judeo-Christianity are now being used in the religio-political world as the left and right hands, respectively, of those working to bring about the full implementation of the NWO and the reign of the Anti-Christ.
It is not my desire to stir up debate. But I feel I should be forthright on this subject because I myself come from a 'conservative Christian' background, and have only gradually come to see how and why this too is spiritually unfruitfull ground. I therefore have special concern for those who are yet laboring under the same difficulties as I was not so long ago. And neither am I trying to claim that I have arrived at the prominence of 'truth and knowledge'. Were I a former New Ager I would have the same special concern for liberal 'New Age' Christians. I trust you and your readers here can appreciate what I mean by this.
I think these are times for careful discernment, and also for true love of the brethren wherein we should 'exhort each other daily'. But at the same time we should avoid contention and rivalry.
Let me quickly paraphrase a few well known Bible verses that I think should lend some caution to what is more and more being referred to as the political 'religious-right'.

First, Jesus said,
"My kingdom is not of this world. If it were then my followers would fight for me."

“Broad is the way, and wide the gate leading that leadeth to destruction, and many go therein. But narrow is the way, and straight the gate that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

"For the love of money is the root of all evil."

The latter of these 3 famous scriptures bring under great scrutiny the ‘sanctity’ of profit-loving, corporation-driven conservative politics. Of course I realize the concern of many right-wing Christians is more regarding the moral questions, and less regarding the economic. However, even for such, I would refer again to the first scripture that Chist’s kingdom is not of this world, and then add, “… we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual powers of darkness.” It is regarding those “spiritual powers of darkness” that I would that everyone might be aware is every bit as much as present and prevalent amidst the “conservative right” as it is with the “liberal left”. This is not a matter of my opinion, but is very very much a matter of DOCUMENTABLE FACTS. Facts that I think many conservative oriented Christians may unfortunately find it seductively comfortable to avoid. It is too easy to want a black and white world, of good guys vs. bad guys, where it is simple to see which is which. But such is not likely to be the case, or else Jesus would not have warned that in the last days “even the very elect would be deceived, if it were possible.” This should be ample notice to us to beware of resorting to overly simple dichotomies for our guidance.

I have contributed a few links in the past weeks leading to information critical to these concerns. I hope you and your sincere minded readers have had opportunity to read over some of the materials. In this spirit, in answering your frequent and sincere invitation for comments, I will try to continue in making contributions which I hope will be useful to those who are led to look more discerningly behind the political and cultural curtains and facades of this Brave New World. I hope you and my fellow readers will understand I am not a new ager leftist. I really don’t want to any kind of ‘-ist’. My purpose is not to disparage the honest opinions and understanding of anyone. I too am very interested in following the developments of the EU and the objectives of the ‘Foreign Minister’. But let’s not disregard the rest of the picture of the ‘mystery of iniquity’ at work in the USA and the rest of the world.

Please forgive the length of this post. I felt it important to give a good explanation of where I am coming from in order to avoid misunderstanding.

The deeper issues here is not just political policy questions, and even less, mere Republican vs. Democrat argumentation. Lets forget that for now. This has much more to do with what are the spiritual sources and influences motivating and guiding this current administration. And what does that tell us about the American political scenario, and society at large. Most importantly, are we ready to view seek to view and understand the unfolding end times drama through the unbiased and unprejudiced lenses of the Spirit of Truth, who we know comes from God. I do believe it is God’s will for his people to have as much wisdom and understanding as they are willing and able to receive.

From Daniel 12:10,
“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

Many Chistians are not aware that both George Bush Sr. and Jr. admit to being members of a secret order named by the actual non-nickname of ‘Skull and Bones’, though they refuse to talk about the Order or its activities. Investigative researchers, such as most eminently but not only -Anthony Sutton, have fully documented the occult and even Satanically evil basis of this subversive secret network wealthy elitists.

Here is a link for those who want to see the tip of the iceburg of what I believe are very important insights for awareness of our present times. It is a website for Christians, by a fellow Christian who apparently has much the same concerns as I have attempted to explain here. This site goes into the background, policies and conduct of President George W. Bush. I urge everyone not to simply dismiss it as some ‘typical Bush-bashing’. I realize that not every conservative Christian, and not even every Republican is in favor of GWB and his policies.

As your time permits, I also recommend a sober consideration of these following sites:

An overview of many well-known Christian false teachers and prophets:

An fascinating analysis of the occult symbolism in the Great Seal of the US of A.

Insightful 1960 Life magazine article of prediction by David Ben Gurion of a World Supreme Court to be established in Jerusalem. (magnify and read the caption.)

A look at the occult-based architecture of the already-built Supreme Court building in Jerusalem. (financed by Rothschilds)

And this for careful and deep thought:

And here for an essential beneath the surface survey of the Mother of the New Age, the occult-mystery religion, Freemasonry:

(Together, all these links provide a great deal of information and understanding. No one will read of study all of them at one sitting. I urge you to bookmark them and investigate them as you can. To those who take the plunge, I guarantee you will reap an expansion of understanding well worth the effort)

Anonymous said...

I read the rence(half stench!) articles and I could swear they have a little bit more of an agenda than meats the eye as well as whoever promotes them. I do have the opinion that they do seriously represent one denomination a little more than others, but I wont go there. I agree with a lot of things that they say however it doesn't make it near 100% truth, not even close! Not even when they twist some scripture for the purpose of making a statement or arguement appear true. Jesus did say that money is the root of all evil, but I get the impression that the money factor imediately disqualifies them from the Lords work reading this article. However money does not disqualify the truth. Money, if it comes from a pagan organisation to a christian organisation so what! Its defeating the pagans purpose if its used for winning souls to christ! It is defeating satan weather its my money or pagan money. As far as the pagan knows he's winning. SO WHAT! Let him keep thinking and donating! Just as the group of atheists selling king james Bibles to the orient for a buck. Hallelujah! Even evil intent works for Christ. From my observation it seems that almost every labeled christian denomination has problems when compared to the Bible. Even though some are more than others. Unfortunately you almost have to grin and bear it because they still believe in Christ death and resurection over sins, and you hope they will at least communicate that! It burns me up inside for sure. Money stinks but so do those half truths promoted by rense in many of his articles. But I do agree with you on the politics of religious persuasion. The last election was about right and wrong. But then again arent they all. But now its even more difficult to discern between a spiritual leader who tells you he is doing right because you want to be able to trust him more because he has a foudation in the Bible. Whether it is solid or not is something else. I am specifically refering to our president. I pray and hope for the right thing to be done with this nomination of his. I guess that's where we have to walk by faith and not by sight. But it never says to be blind either. But the list of suposed false teachers that the rense web page has listed, you might want to ad yours as well, and I will ad mine too, and still continue to pray for them. As I said I believe EVERY christian denomination has errors. There is not even one denomination even listed in the Bible as being the chosen. However on that list that rense has, it did have a couple that are cults. To compare them to these pastors who are hired by Christ is wrong. I have been to a lot of these pastors churches and most of them give an invitation to come to christ every single time they preach. Now when you compare it to most of the churches out there, its better than the average(message of salvation through Christ alone). And no, there not inviting them to be a member of thier church, but a member of Christs family. That moon guy believes he is the messiah. What an insult to the work of God! I am not advocating rense one bit. People would assume by talking about it, it gives unwanted attention to it. But I hope everyone goes there to see this half truth/ half smear just to use it as a comparison to judge for yourselves if this web page is even worth refering to and how much damage it does when you compare it to a soul winning website. In my opinion Rense has got to be a contortionist.... But you know what they say about opinions. Rush says you always need a liberal around so you never forget who they really are so you never elect them back in power(but thats politics). I guess thats the God given purpose of rense, to make you remember the song of the biblical contortionist.

Anonymous said...

It does appear that you are somewhat leftist, especially when you harp about corporations, which is a mantra of liberalism.

In my experience, I've concluded that Democrats basically state the opposite of their true beliefs and actions in order to justify their deceptions.

Taxes are the best example of how they deceive to achieve, in their goals of taking people's money from them using it to promote their New Age socialist programs and political agenda.

For example, in referring to the economy, Al Gore said last week: "We would not have taken money from the working families and given it to the most wealthy families."

The truth and reality is that nobody took money from 'working families,' and especially did not give it to the wealthy. Gore constantly refuses to accept that the money was never the governments in the first place.

Our tax system is set up just opposite of what Gore states, where the wealthy pay far more in taxes than those who make less.

The wealthy do not take money from the government, they send it to the government in disproportionate taxation. Is it any wonder why Al Gore lost so badly on playing the class-warfare card in the 2000 election?

Poor people pay zero federal income taxes. "The reality is that the wealthy pay almost all of the federal income tax, and there is clear and compelling evidence that our tax system -- especially its misguided redistributive elements -- imposes a heavy cost in terms of growth that is ultimately paid by the non-wealthy in the form of lower productivity and, hence, lower wages and incomes.

This is further proven by Kerry's dismissal of the gambit in his 2004 run. Gore is living in some past decade when most people didn't have stocks, bonds and 401k's, being somewhat more naive about having their money taken away by government taxation.

Money was given back to the working families in tax relief – two words not in Gore's vocabulary.

Individuals and families showed their gratitude by reelecting president Bush with the most votes for any president in history, over war veteran-traitor and Skull and Bones member, John Kerry.

Bush has been changed since since his days in college, being born again, whereas Kerry has not. Kerry lied about vietnam where he himself committed attocities, and then proceeded to accuse others of what he did. There is lawsuit against Kerry currently for this and his deceptions during his campaign. Vietnam Vets File Lawsuit Against John Kerry

This is also why most democrats despise Christians, instead favoring things that go against the Bible such as homosexuality and gay marriage.

Another clear indication of democrat new age deception has just yesterday been exposed here... The 2004 Democratic candidate for Vice-President joins Fortress Investment Group, where he will serve as a part-time global dealmaker

Democrats claim to be for the poor and against the wealthy, but the proof clearly shows the opposite!

The Lord warned of such deceivers in the end-times, and it becomes more clear to those blessed with discernment everyday who he was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Its becoming more clear as time goes on that the dems where trying to label the right as the religious party. But when the right started to act on that, the dems took offense after they label us. Unfortunatly we now have to watch for another danger. The political right taking advantage of the reigious right while they have the support of us.

Anonymous said...

For people checking out these articles that are linked in tronicus statements applying to rence, after you read them scroll down and click on the main page spot. When you get to the main page look at the big picture and just under it click on the spot that says submissions. Then scroll down to the yellow NOTE. It says "We deliver information and believe the reader has the intellect to determine what is and is not true for him/herself." In other words we don't have any credibal references to back anything stated. So its an imitation of CBS with Dan Rather on comments about Bush before the election. But also Dan Rather has re-enforced CBS's reputation. He put the B.S. back in CBS! This Rense web site also has NOTHING good to say about the Jews or Israel. This web site has numerous articles or 'statements' about Israel. Every single comment falls to the side of anti-Israel. EVERY ONE of them! And theres no liberal agenda here? come on! Almost every article is liberal in agenda. Even with the articles that quote the Bible and try to tie it all together with a so-called 'logical conclusion'. This is definately a challenge to readers, to scan through this rence web site and look at all the articles AGAINST the jews. They are numerous, but I hope readers will come away with one thing. Even satan appears as an angel of light. And also brothers and sisters in Christ, one thing, dont get mad when you read these articles! You see the enemy is pulling out all the big guns and showing their true colors. So its time for us to read, remember the enemies tactics and to go on the offense and educate ourselves with the truth and to fire back and overcome!

Anonymous said...

Jim, your analysis of the situation is a good one.

Tronicus - you never give up pushing the ugly websites. Even those who have big questions about Bush can see that the Christian President website is definitely not run by Christians. The picture at the bottom has been proven to be photoshopped. The photo with Bush showing the horns is a symbol for a team.

The David Ben Gurion piece was not taken from a 1960 Life magazine but from another, where the entire issues was devoted to predictions regarding the next 25 years.

January 16, 1962
Special Issue - The Next 25 Years. Predictions by JFK, Saroyan, MLK, David Ben-Gurion, Adenauer, Clare Boothe Luce, Will Durant – others

Anyone who has studied history knows that the push for one world government has been going on since the League of Nations was formed. His knowledge of those predictions would not be unique.

The seal, dollar bill, Washington Monument here in the US do have occult significance in their development. This does not mean the US is run by Freemasons and the citizens of the US should not be trusted because of this connection.
There is no discussion that takes place on these things or on any other buildings such as the Supreme Court in Israel or the European headquarters in Brussels.

Putting the words "occult architecture world" into Google produces a large number of article on the topic.

Rense material has already been covered by an anonymous contributor.

If you are to be any good as a researcher, you must learn to separate yourself from sensationalist presentations.

Constance Cumbey said...

Comments are well taken -- as I said, I was just starting to explore that blogspot and I did not find my self saying amen to all I found, BUT the comments on the "global warming cult" and what happened in Rio in 1992 were 'right on the money' and frankly DELICIOUS

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