Sunday, October 16, 2005

Prince Hassan, the Club of Rome, Lucis Trust and the New World Order


Working with the University of Michigan on their Bentley Historical Library archival project of my life's work, I have had fresh occasion to view my basement library of books I assembled in the early 1980s on New Age Movement related issues. Among them was an earlier Club of Rome volume: RIO - Reshaping the International Order. It was a published report to the Club of Rome published in cooperation with the Foundation Reshaping the International Order (RIO). It made me speculate on how much the 1974 participants must have smiled in 1992 at having a city named "Rio" as in a city named Rio [de Janeiro] be the launch pad of much delayed earlier RIO (Reshaping the International Order) efforts. On November 4, 1981, when I personally heard him, Benjamin Crème bragged that there was an international group of approximately 70 industrialists, financiers, and scholars. They were drawing up 'blueprints' for 'how the world should be run' after the new 'Christ' made his reappearance. He was not referring to a Jesus revival. He was instead referring to whoever and whatever their their so-called "Maitreya" This "Maitreya" was, per Creme, and his enthusiastic New Age supporters, one 'greater than Jesus' who would assume the role that Krishnamurti had failed to claim -- that of "Great World Teacher."

His description was very, very close to that of the Club of Rome. Moreover, one of the Club of Rome's very active scholars was Donald Keys. Keys was an administrator of Lucis Trust, working actively with Alice and Foster Bailey. Lest we forget, Lucis Trust was an after named entity created by the Bailey's. After they had organized their first publishing company -- Lucifer Publishing Company. In 1924 they renamed it a somewhat less startling "Lucis Publishing" and subsidiary organizations that would be known as "Lucis Trust", "World Goodwill", the "Arcane School", and Triangles. All were intensely involved in disseminating directions for the New World Order. They were particularly concerned with a warm global reception for this "Maitreya" and the New World Religion which would help enable him. One does not have to be a Rhodes or Fulbright scholar to see how closely those directions were followed. One strong global name that has appeared from the beginning and shows up at Findhorn for rallies on acceptance of this "Maitreya" is Maurice Strong. High up in the United Nations, Kofi Annan was allegedly one of his mentored ones. From time to time, Javier Solana's published agendas show he meets with him.

Interestingly, given the little Javier Solana chose to tell us of his background in his very sort published curriculum vitae, included his Club of Rome affiliation.

Come 2005, Jordan's Prince Hassan, a brother to the former King Hussein and uncle to Jordan's King Abdullah is running the Club of Rome. Yesterday, he returned from a ten day trip to the USA. His final stop was the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. He called for inter-generational dialogue, inter-border dialogue, and of course, religious cooperation. Unfortunately, the religious dialogue the Club of Rome has sought over the years has been the same type of "New World Religion" as that called for by fellow Club of Rome member, Donald Keys. It is a syncretistic, pantheistic religion where ultimately Jehovah rather than Lucifer is their devil.

I do not know if Prince Hassan was chosen to be the head of the Club of Rome because that was his personal conviction. He was appointed "under the patronage of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain" in the year 2000, replacing another Spaniard, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner, who remains in a position of leadership with the advocacy/thinktank organization. I rather suspect he was chosen because he was a royal with sufficient personal resources to allow him to travel and had access to global influentials. A short smiling man, he would clearly be perceived as a "man of good will". It is hard to say "no" to nice guys and Prince Hassan clearly comes across as one.

Oh, and by the way, Old Dominion University, presented the Club of Rome head with another honorary degree while he was there -- a doctorate in "humane letters." Let's further hope that if Prince Hassan is really a man of goodwill that he will read the fine print coming from the pens such as Donald Keys, of those who helped establish the Club of Rome -- that it was to be part of the effort to as their popular "Great Invocation" reads -- "seal the door where evil dwells," e.g. meaning that Jerusalem stood for nothing except for that which was dead and deserved to pass away -- 'three dead and gone religions' -- Jews, Christians, and Moslems.

Then maybe he should go as a multi-degreed 'man of letters' and look up Peter LeMesurier's "The Armageddon Script." There he will learn that in addition to 'dialogue' and uniting the various world religions, that the balance of the script called for pitting all remaining orthodox against each other in a grand religious war where there would be 'mutual venting of long pent up frustrations". That, per LeMesurier, would be their final step in grand plans to reduce world population and get rid of stubborn orthodoxies -- all who resist the upside down New Age plans for a "New World Order."

Watching these folks maneuver over the past nearly 25 years that I have been watching has been very interesting. It still is! As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's pretty hard to see what is happening in the world today and NOT get depressed! Good luck, anonymous #1 on your efforts to stamp it out!

Anonymous said...

Well for believers its the beginning of the final road to heavenly victory! Chear up! We do have God's personal promise!

Anonymous said...

Prince Hassan, the prince who shall come?

Constance Cumbey said...

While Prince Hassan is an extremely interesting person, I'm not sure he is "the prince who shall come . . . " He might be a good supporter, though.

David Moore said...

Has anyone ever toyed with the idea the the future atheist "superman", "fuhrer" or plainly put, antichrist might have a sick version of a John the Baptist--a fore-runner in other words?

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

In reply to John 14:6.
Of course he will have a forerunner who will be his partner in crime, namely, the False Prophet". Read it Rev. 13:11-18 and in Rev 16:12-14.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Creme has been claiming the role of forerunner since 1975!

Anonymous said...

this is truly the best time to be a spectator. forerunner and a trinity. don't make me spell them out. i think bill will play a great pseudochrist...

Anonymous said...

Constance,will you say some thing on the False Prophet. Is he a Jew ? Is he the Elijah the Jews are waiting for ? They set their tables in anticipation. I think he must be of a Jewish decent! Yet no one says the False Prophet is.. This is the Elijah who is the fore runner?
Yet one of the 2 witnesses is said to be the Elijah.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad that you have awaken to see what unfolds before the eyes of the world. 25 years is a good look, however I hope you do realize this goes deeper than the New Age movement.

At any rate, the next few years should see a rapid escalation as the master plan of the NWO unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Prince Hassan is the member of the House Hashem, an ancient royal family dating back to the early days of Islam's founding. The Hashemite dynasty is a partner of the Black Nobility - an inner circle of ancient royal families having strong connections with globalists such as Maurice Strong, NGOs such as the Lucis Trust, the Trilateral Commission, etc. The late King Hussein was a Bilderberg Group attendee in the 1990s. The centuries-long strife between the Shia and the Sunni has been the result of a split between the Hashem clan and the Umayyad clan in the 7th and 8th centuries. The Hashemite dynasty is just indifferent to Islam, just using its religion as a cover to keep themselves in power and ruling Jordan. Why do you think they were selected by the British and French elite and Zionists in the formation of the new Middle East after World War I? The Hashemite dynasty also have strong oil connections with the the Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil Trust and the Anglo-Persian Oil Co. that later became BP, so it is reasonable for the Hashem clan to have the sole controls of the oil pipelines coursing through Jordan to Israel, Turkey, Egypt and beyond.

Hence the reason for Prince Hassan being the head of the Club of Rome.

Anonymous said...

I still think the antichrist will have to be a man of Jewish decent, to pull off mimicking that he is Christ, in order to fool many.

Furthermore, the real Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected at the age of 33, and I believe that the antichrist will be an individual who first arises on the political world scene at the age of 30, and then at the age of 33 will declare he is god (triggering the second half of the tribulation period).... a false god of course, thus, the reason why I will not capitalize the name god here.

Many people will be fooled by the antichrist (except for the 144,000 religious Jews from the 12 tribes of Israel prophecied in the bible, who will do everything to reveal and teach the truth, which the true God will reveal to them Divinely, during the tribulation period. The truth revealed to them being, that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah, and is returning, not what they currently believe, which is that He has yet to come for the first time.
Their belief will graft them again as branches on the vine (Jesus Christ), which is foretold in the scriptures.

God will protect them despite all the worlds troubles at this time, because though God loves all, the Jewish people are still His precious chosen ones for many reasons, and God has never stopped loving them!

It also stands to reason, that the antichrist will appear at first to be a very charismatic intellectual, who will take the world by his false charms. He may also be very handsome, which seems to woo votes from people all the time.

My point being in a nutshell, is that this Javier guy is just too old, nor handsome or charming enough to pull off such a devastating stunt on the world scene.

I could be wrong, but for over 30 years now, I have felt deeply that the antichrist will be one who tries to mimick the real Jewish Jesus Christ in age, charisma etc. and not someone like Javier, despite Javiers world dealings everywhere today.

Well, that is my opinion, but of course I could be wrong... soon, time will tell, and I feel the time for such a revelation will be soon.

The antichrist will approach the world stage quickly, and from seemingly out of nowhere (unknown and living a humble life prior to his world popularity). He will climb to high polictical ranking and power amazingly quickly. Because of his charm and smarts, many world leaders will vote him up the highest ranks without hesitation, due to being so impressed with him. Prior to this happening, the world basically will never have heard about him.

Well, that is just my take on it.

I appreciate all your years of research into Javier, and find it very interesting, but I think at this time, I have to respectfully disagree with you about inferring him to be the antichrist. I just don't see him charming the socks off the world, sort of speak. Besides he is too old, to mimick everything about Christ.

He may be discussing peace a lot, but so have many other leaders in the past. The seven year peace treaty with Israel is a biggy, and for which the antichrist will take part in, but my God given intuition rarely fails me. I'm not always correct however, so, we shall see.

In the meantime, I along with you will keep on watching, and most importantly praying.

God Bless you, Shalom & May the True Christ Messiah Return Soon!

Anonymous said...

We can't know who the antichrist(oppss..I mean "duchebag")is, read 2 Thessalonians 2:7,8.

Quite interesting, isn't it? the Bilderburger's, The Trilateral Commission, The Illuminati, The New Age Movment, The United Nations, The Club Of Rome, The European Union and the Rockefellers and they're conspirators....all planning World Government for years. David Rockefeller, quite famous for the terms "Inter-Govermental", "Supra-National", "Inter-Organizational", Inter-Cooperation", just to name a few.

What a great time to be a spectator indeed. Watch it all unfold.

God is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Jesus is Germany...alive...and he´s Muslim. Why? Nowadays Christians call upon God but destroy the earth and kill people all over the planet. God is NOT with that kind of Christianity. And in case you´re wondering about the Antichrist...only a Christian can be antichristian. The Antichrist wants to establish ONE WORLD...but he does not know that´he´s the Antichrist - he believes he´s a good Christian. The American way of life is killing the planet and the people...who´s the Antichrist? I know...just as Jesus does, he will come as a Muslim!!!

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