Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pray for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida

It now appears that the United States has experienced its own type of sorts of tsunami via Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane season is, unfortunately, far from over. I have spoken many times over the years in the New Orleans area, including suburbs of Kenner, Slidell and Metairie. Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Florida, are also areas where I have spent quality time in past years; Biloxi, Mississippi, Gulfport; and sections near Mobile appear to have also been hard hit. My husband and I vacationed there immediately after I completed law school in 1975 and they were still recovering from 1969's Camille.

It is distressing to watch the human toll this disaster has taken. It is unknown if New Orleans will be even salvageable. I saw the other day that Venezuela's Chavez had offered emergency oil and food to America in our disaster. I don't know what his motives might have been, but my posted response on Yahoo was let's take him up on his offer and say "Thank you!"

Earthquakes were mentioned by Jesus as a sign of apocalyptic times. So was "upon the seas, distress of nations." The tsunami and Katrina, inter alia, are very sobering signs.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I think Pres. Chavez was being sarcastic in his remarks offering the oil only to the poor in the US. It's really quite a sign when countries are not empathetic to our plight, one of Germany's papers saying I hoped they learned their lesson (hurricane due to global warning), another country (can't remember which one, I think it's France), blamed Bush. It's any old excuse except believing in bible prophecy. They'll get it, sooner or later. We need to pray and seek his face on how we tell people the timely things of God which are happening. We are the watchmen on the wall, we need to be sounding our trumpets.

Anonymous said...

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