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Javier Solana's continued cloudy genealogy, Strange New NATO 666 like logo

The mystery of Javier Solana's lineage continues. A few years ago, famous Spanish writer and diplomat Salvador de Madariaga was proudly proclaimed as Javier Solana's grandfather. Javier Solana was his "nieto" (Spanish for grandson). After revelations of Nieves Mathew's occultism, suddenly, Salvador de Madariaga became an "Uncle" and thereafter "Great Uncle." Nieves Hayat deMadariaga Mathew's Italian language eulogy proclaimed she was the mother of "due figli" (two sons).

Now the relationship of Javier Solana and Salvador de Madariaga, whose foundation Javier Solana currently heads, has been lessened to that of "Great Uncle." HOWEVER, those telling the story on his behalf have obviously done less than artful job of relating family history. Salvador de Madariaga is Javier Solana's "great uncle" because his grandfather (Rogelio de Madariaga y Castro) and Salvador de Madariaga were COUSINS??????????????????????

From the Squeakbox edited Wikipedia article:
Solana comes from a well-known Spanish family, being the grand nephew of Spanish League of Nations disarmament chief, diplomat, writer and European integrationist Salvador de Madariaga [1] (Javier's grandfather, Rogelio de Madariaga y Castro and Salvador de Madariaga were cousins). His father was a chemistry professor, Luis Solana San Martín, who died when Javier was not twenty yet. His mother, Obdulia Madariaga Pérez, died in 2005.[2][3][4][5][6] Javier is the third of five children.[2] His older brother Luis was once imprisoned for his political activities opposing the rule of Francisco Franco[citation needed] and subsequently became a distinguished leader in the Spanish telecommunications industry, and was one of the first socialist members of the Trilateral Commission.


Let's see: At least where I come from an uncle is the BROTHER of a father. A GREAT UNCLE is the BROTHER of a GRANDFATHER. A cousin of a Grandfather by definition could only be A COUSIN. At least, that's how I understand it. If I'm wrong, please tell me. How does a distant cousin get transformed into a "Great Uncle"? How did the Grandpa suddenly come to be an "Uncle."

Lots of unanswered questions here. This morning Javier Solana for a few hours had only 300,000 google hits "in all languages." I have placed my screen shots of that phenomena above.

Interesting questions about a fascinating family.


I know you don't want to hear about Obama's background, but to my mind the robotic nature of Obama and Solana's background is important. It's almost as if the two of them were programmed early in life to take on roles in the future. Obscuring both of their background seems to be important.

On another note, I'm coming to believe the healthcare program being promoted now has as it's main goal the eliminating of the elderly because of the inability of the government to fund medical and social security care for the baby boom generation in addition to the elderly from previous generations. The elderly consume much more in the way of medical care and social care needs than those who are younger. The former Hemlock Society, now named Compassion and Choice, helped write the part of the health care bill dealing with the need to advise the elderly of their options every five years.

Why does this bother me? Because I am Jewish and the Nazi euthanasia program was a precursor to the Holocaust. Only people who are valuable to the community are worthy of living under the plan. The elderly are not.

I noticed in one picture of Solana at the Berlin Wall fall celebration that his wife was standing next to him. I don't know if it was for public appearances or if they have reconciled. Being a hopeless romantic, I would like to think the latter. I want to be fair about my coverage of him.

It is a distinct possibility that both men (Solana and Obama) were carefully groomed for their present roles.

looking for the picture of Solana and his wife at the wall of Berlin, I found pictures of bags "Solana" Samsonite and others !
you spend too much time meditating about Javier Solana, you spend spend more time meditating on Jesus Christ, afterall He is our Lord, Saviour and blessed Hope.
Has Javier Solana become your idol? if not why is he occupying our thoughts all the time?
The 'new NATO logo' doesn't work graphically as a logo. Is it possible that this might just be a special commerative graphic used in their 60 years 'celebration' (I have seen the fancy six used to suggest 60 years on their site) ... maybe a special for a report cover or av presentation or such? I've tried googling and can't find it being used, as is, in context - any help, anyone please.

'New NATO logo' - follow on.

I found it being applied in context and it is/was a report cover for the April 28-29 2009 Conference, A New NATO, Euro-Atlantic Security, and the Greek-American Partnership. It doesn't appear to be a new logo.

My interpretation of the graphics is - the 6 is the graphic to represent the 60 years anniversary of NATO formation.

The interlocking red blue stripes are to represent the Greek and USA flags.

To Anonymous @ 9:15 AM:

Sigh . . .

The Lord helps those who help themselves. I don't believe that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would NOT want us to be alert, aware and prepared for whatever spiritual dangers lie ahead, do you???

Keep up the good work, Constance. By keeping us INFORMED, you are providing a valuable service for all Christians throughout the world.
Just found another interesting "fact" on google searches that shows some filtering. If you misspell Javier's name as Javier SOlona you come up with 15,300,000 for Javier solona. (0.10 seconds)
have been following for about a year. thanks to all of you especially constance. i have never had anything to contribute but everyone needs to take a look p.3 of the houston chronicle. bo's visit to japan sparked many sales of "oba mao" t shirts and a bronze statue of him that bursts into flames. scary photo there and what appears to be anpther bow"

I think you are right on the mark. The two are definitely cut from the same cloth.
To Anonymous @ 11:24 AM:

For the photo of President Obama bowing to Japan's Emperor Akihito -

Check out today's
Re Anonymous 9:15 and he/she/its unfair criticism of Constance reporting on Javier Solana

"Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding calculate the number of the beast . . . six hundred three score and six . . ."

Both Herb and Constance called everybody's attention to Solana's job being created with Section 666 and being enhanced with the 10 NATION WESTERN EUROPEAN UNION with RECOMMENDATION 666, the title of Herb Peters' book which you can read over at FP.

What is your agenda in suppressing any awareness of somebody bold enough to have so flagrantly flown flags reserved for the antichrist?

Answer if you have the courage!
Anonymous 9:15 AM

I am sure you probably mean well, but I really feel that I have to defend Constance here.

With regard to New Age research, the subject of Javier Solana happens to be her specialty - just as research into the history of the 19th century occult revival - especially in France - happens to be mine, since much of it has morphed into what I regard as the "right wing" of the
New Age Movement.

How do you know the amount of time Constance spends meditating on Our Lord Jesus Christ?

By what standards are you declaring that Constance spends too much time "meditating" on Javier Solana?

"Meditating" is your own pejorative term for what Constance does.

I call what Constance does "research" and "investigative journalism".....which, by the way, she is not forcing you or anyone else to read!!!

I recall that when I used to criticize others after Church on Sunday, my mother used to say to me in her iciest tone:

"well if you had been paying attention to your own prayers as you should have been, you would not have been so quick to criticize what anyone else was doing."

IMHO, the research Constance has done on Javier Solana hardly equates with her "making Javier Solana her idol" as you have insinuated.

Actually, it is Jesus Himself Who tells us in the Bible:

"Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves." Matthew 10:16

Not quite the same thing as ordering us to park our brains at the door and keep our noses exclusively buried in the Bible as a condition of being "good Christians."

Because in the Bible, we are also told by Jesus Himself not only to pray, but also to watch!

"Watch and pray, so that you will not fall into temptation." Matthew 26:41

The secret of victory over sin and the devil is to watch and pray.

And what is watching if it is not seeing reality through God's infallible word? Including the reality of Javier Solana!!!
Great comments Susanna and Defending Constance.

Complainer, I would suggest you go back to your Bible and reread the Two Great Commandments.
Matthew 22:37-40 (New International Version)

37Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a] 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'[b] 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

If Constance didn't love her neighbors she would not have spent so much of her life warning her "neighbors" of the dangers ahead of them. You appear to be thinking only of yourself and your future.

While we are looking at what is happening internationally, we still need to keep our eyes on what is happening nationally. Here's two pieces of information on schools and why our young ones are programmed to believe rather than think.

District 204 (Illinois)Participates in Teaching Tolerance's Mix It Up Day
by Laurie Higgins, DSA Director -Illinois Family Institute

Last week, IFI was alerted to the fact that some School District 204 (Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, & Plainfield) middle schools were participating in a diversity day last week. The person who contacted us thought that it would be a good idea for IFI to make this information known to District 204 parents.

On Thursday morning, I called six of the seven District 204 middle schools, leaving messages with six principals and two assistant principals. I explained that I worked for the Illinois Family Institute, that we had been contacted about this diversity day, and that I had some questions about it. Only one principal, Kathy Kosteck from Scullen Middle School, returned my call.

She expressed surprise that anyone would have concerns about a diversity day, so I explained that many parents understand that "diversity" is code language that conceals pro-homosexual ideologies.

She expressed her desire that parents make contact directly with the school regarding questions and concerns they have about curricula or activities. I explained that the issue of homosexuality is the most difficult cultural issue to discuss publicly because those who hold liberal views of homosexuality often label those who believe that homosexual practice is immoral as hateful, ignorant bigots. In addition, public education is dominated by those who hold liberal views on homosexuality and seek to promote those views through curricula, diversity days, and anti-bullying programs.

As a result, many parents justifiably fear that if they express their concerns directly to administrators or teachers, either they or their children will suffer repercussions, which is why some come to IFI. Ms. Kosteck had no apparent sympathy for parents who may be uncomfortable asking the questions I was willing to ask on their behalf.

Ms. Kosteck did share that Scullen Middle School was participating in a diversity day using resources provided in part by Teaching Tolerance, the educational division of the dubious Southern Poverty Law Center, which has long promoted homosexuality as morally equivalent to heterosexuality and analogous to race. As some IFI readers may recall, the Southern Poverty Law Center is the organization that in 2008 added IFI to their list of active U.S. hate groups because of one article posted in 2005 that claimed that homosexual men have a reduced life expectancy.

According to Kosteck, Scullen teachers were using resources from Teaching Tolerance's "Mix It Up" program for grades K-12. She explained that teachers would be facilitating conversations among students who ordinarily don't have opportunities to interact. I asked if she could send me copies of the lists of questions that teachers may be using in their facilitations. She refused. (more at link)

I know many reading here home school, so this is directed to those whose children and grandchildren still attend public schools. You have a right as citizens in a school district to see all materials used in classrooms. You may have a right to sit in on classroom activities and special programs. You are handing over your children to strangers, and Stranger Danger can apply to more than pedophiles.


Thanks for your kind words in the last thread. It used to take some digging to find even a small part of this plot, now it is the open for all to see. The Plan has surely been externalized, when the Washington Post, LA Times, and many other major media outlets are reporting on its implementation. I agree the Post has been a large source of liberal propaganda, however Fox on the other end of the spectrum is doing more than its fair share to keep the pendulum swinging. The only thing that would make all of this complete is if they started letting Icke, Maxwell, or someone of their bend start spouting off on Larry King, or Beck, or whoever MSNBC is limping to the barn with.
Obama urges Congress to put off Fort Hood probe

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Congress to hold off on any investigation of the Fort Hood rampage until federal law enforcement and military authorities have completed their probes into the shootings at the Texas Army post, which left 13 people dead.

On an eight-day Asia trip, Obama turned his attention home and pleaded for lawmakers to "resist the temptation to turn this tragic event into the political theater." He said those who died on the nation's largest Army post deserve justice, not political stagecraft.

Thats right Congress, don't serve the american people like you swore an oath to do. Don't go digging for the truth to a matter that doesn't add up by the accounts we've told you. Your President has spoken, now go jump through those hoops he prearranged for you!

Some other links that are concerned that the health care bill is involved with euthanasia of the elderly as a way to solve the financial crisis that is being brought on by the baby boomer generation entering retirement.

I'm sure you already know that Medicare is being cut even though more people are entering the age range where they become eligible. No help? Euthanasia may look good.

JD, I don't know who Maxwell is, but God forbid anyone lets Icke on the air.

Constance and fellow bloggers...

Adding to the other comments endorsing the importance of Constance's work and this blog, I also am very thankful for this "watchman on the wall" ministry.

We are rapidly moving toward our Lord's soon return and it's this type of information and insight that will keep many of us from being surprised by or buying into the "lie." Because of work like this, many people are beginning to wake up.

Please keep moving forward... and keep looking up!

Dave in CA

I was refering to Jordan Maxwell. If you are unfamiliar with him I would suggest a search. He played a big role in making sure Acharya S was encompassed well in the Zeitgeist film. He also did some narrative for the films. He is tight with Peter Joseph by my understanding as well.

Also, I agree with your summary of Icke. He is one of the key reasons I distrust Alex Jones' sincerity. Anyone who will blindly support Icke and let him spew all over any of their programs repeatedly is not trust worthy. While both have "leaked" info that has turned out to be true, Icke is neck deep in the New Age religion, and given Jones association with him, I have to question who alots him the ability to do so?
Google 'happy' to be part of UID

NEW DELHI: Internet search giant Google today said it will be "happy to help" India in implementing a project to provide unique identity numbers to citizens, if asked.

"It would be very arrogant for us to say that we can help in the project. If the UID authorities feel that Google can add value to it, then we will be very happy to help. But we are not proactively approaching the government to be a part of it. It's up to them to decide how we can help," Google India MD Shailesh Rao told reporters here.

Google's rival Yahoo had yesterday offered to be part of the project headed by Nandan Nilekani.

Talking about the expertise Google can bring to the table, Rao said, "At Google, we are good at software development, hosting data and language technologies. We run our product on more than eight regional languages in India.

"If the project has a mobile dimension then also we can help. At Google, we have developed voice-based search capabilities," Rao added.

The UID project aims to provide a unique identification numbers to the country's over one billion people.
All in one day:
1.Obama bowing low to the Japanese Emperor?

2. Obama telling Congress not to rush to judgement
about a Muslim mass murderer who is on record as
hating America, but who had a job as a councilor
in the Army?

And, strike 3:
Obama giving the Muslim murderers of 9/11 civilian trials, even though none of them were arrested by police or even apprehended in the U.S., and so nothing that they may have said since being arrested will be admissable evidence and none of them is an American citizen anyway.

Maybe he and Michelle should also put the White House up for sale. That would be change we can all believe in.
I have seen and read things written by Maxwell and I have visited his website. I would avoid him.
anoymous 9:15am here:

We are commanded to watch and pray- but the watching is not just on signs of the end times, but also watch over our hearts so that we are not distracted by anything from closer walk with God, and watch over our hearts so that we are not overcome by any sins or worldliness.
It is not wrong to watch for end time signs, but keep in mind the whole objective of watching and praying is so that we will draw closer to God, so we all need to examine ourselves and stop kidding ourselves, is our pre-occupation with Javier Solana helping us to draw closer to God?, if not we fail the objective of watching and praying. ?
And this warning applies to myself too.
Anonymous 9:15: You write -- We are commanded to watch and pray- but the watching is not just on signs of the end times, but also watch over our hearts ....

Do you have a problem with Constance's heart?

Watch what? End times not connected to what is going on in the world if one is a Christian? Are you waiting to see some of the symbols in Revelation come to life?

I'm not a Christian but it seems to me if one sees a child running in front of a car one does more than just watch and pray.

OK You just want to watch and pray. You don't want to be bothered with what is going on in the world. Don't lay a guilt trip on those who are trying to do more.

To Susanna, Dorothy, Dave from California, et al, THANKS for your kind words of encouragement and support.

To Anonymous 5:31 p.m. Thanks for the disturbing and timely information on the UID project, one of the most disturbing items I have read yet. I will be investigating it.

It seems to me that homosexuality is an emotional defect. There are many other emotional defects which have not been canonized as being in the same category as race or gender. For instance, manic-depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sociopathy. Even depression-plain. The biggest problem in dealing with this question is the refusal to admit that homosexuality is an emotional deficit
like these others.

I have great sympathy with homosexuals, of whom I've known a lot since kindergarten; I just happened to be in the school circles where they thrived, such as music and art. I have known then as little boys and teenagers as well as grown men who became outstanding in the arts, world famous some of them. All of them realized they had a cross to bear and were not "normal." They did the best they did with what they were given, including their obvious talent.

All of us have sympathy with those who have emotional deficits, and I have sympathy with those who have this deficit, but I would never call it normal or healthy. We are mislabeling so many things now that no one can see truth any more.

I believe God is quite likely to be forgiving toward this particular type of person, knowing they had an illness. The big sinners among them are the "recruiters" and those who try to force little kids to say that this behavior is normal and healthy. Oh opinion is not popular among Christians. Or anyone, probably.

Constance, let me add my thanks to you for your years of labor in the fields. The fields are white unto Harvest! Take courage.

The new NATO symbol does not look like a 60, but a 666 -- very similar to configurations New Agers arraying themselves in at Findhorn and other New Age sites when I first discovered the Movement's existence and agenda in 1981 as they were preparing the world to receive their expected 1982 welcome for "Maitreya [betraya] the Christ"

Secondly, the following is newly in on my Google "Solana alerts". It is significant considering Solana's planned retirement plans. Cristina Gallach's statements (she is Solana's spokesperson) do not sound like any type of retirement is planned.

"The European Union is expected to endorse plans to send troops to help train up to 2,000 Somali troops, according to an EU official.
Under the plan, up to 200 EU troops will train Somali military personnel in Uganda in a bid to broaden engagement in the crisis-hit state.
A decision is expected to be taken at a meeting of EU ministers next week.
The move comes on the heels of a request by the Somali government to help build a 6,000-strong police force.
"Once this is approved, which we expect is going to happen during the (EU) council then we will be launching the real planning," said Cristina Gallach, spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana.
'We think that this is a very good contribution to the global approach that the European Union has in order to tackle the Somali problems and all of its impact.'

"The training plan is expected to last for roughly a year and will be carried out in two or three phases."

Soledad O'Brien's important program on ESCAPE FROM JONESTOWN is on CNN right now as I write. Jim Jones was a New Age Movement activist. If you want a sneak preview of where they are going, WATCH!

Long but sent by a friend of mine. You can also get the information by linking to their website.

The Road to Copenhagen Part I: The Club of Rome Actual Document links, UN, Unesco, Obama's Science Czar John P. Holdren's Planetary Regime and Population Control Plan

“The First Global Revolution: A Report to the Club of Rome” below

. The United Nations, the globalist foremost salesman, was designated to carry the message along to all the world’s ‘regions’ and all nation-states falling under her jurisdiction. The division of the UN deemed most qualified to do the job was UNESCO, the scientific arm deciding what educational programs are to be distributed amongst the world’s universities and primary schools. On June 15th of this year, Martin Lees, Secretary General of the Club of Rome gave a speech to UNESCO.

Ecoscience: Science Czar John P. Holdren's Population, Resources, Enviornment below
(more at the link asamon link but you need to sign in)

They have us all figured out and planned for.

You are right, Constance. There are three sixes,a six within a six, and the third six can be seen if you turn the image upside down. It looks very intentional to me.
I just now googled "Javier Solana" in all languages. I was shocked to see there were only 292,000 hits on him. There were 91,200 on myself. Then I did a Google search

"Javier Solana" -Cumbey

There were then 5,650,000 hits on "Javier Solana".

The google stories on "Javier Solana" +Cumbey = 9,800

SO, if the 292,000 figure had been accurate (and not a deliberate assisting of Solana in strategic invisibiilty) there should have been 292,000-9,800 for 282,800 hits.

There is SOMETHING going on here --
'what it is ain't exactly clear" to paraphrase the 60's era music.

I suspect we are being carefully watched just as we carefully watch.

All Upcoming Episodes New Episodes
Escape From Jonestown Witnesses and survivors of the Jonestown tragedy speak.
Sat 11/14 10:00-12:00am 55 CNN
Sun 11/15 1:00-3:00am 55 CNN
The NATO symbol is a frightening combination of a 666 superimposed over a swastika. Yes, that is a swastika. They must have laughed in Germany about the Swastika being outlawed as a symbol as they proudly and loudly flew the NATO swastika one.

Nieves Mathews

Nieves Mathews (1917-2003) was an author of Scottish and Spanish parentage.

Her father was the distinguished Spanish diplomat and scholar Salvador de Madariaga. Her mother was the distinguished economic historian Constance Archibald.

Nieves was the older of 2 daughters. She was not allowed to be baptised because of her father's anti-clericalism. She is the mother of two sons, Luis Solana, a former Spanish telephone executive who opposed Franco's dictatorship and was imprisoned for his political activities. Her younger son, Javier Solana, became a well known Spanish politician before becoming the former head of NATO, and is now the European Union foreign policy chief.

She was employed for upwards of 20 years by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, a United Nations agency headquartered in Rome. Her Yale University-published book on the life of Sir Francis Bacon was released in 1996. The 606 page volume is called Francis Bacon: The History of a Character Assassination. She claimed in her acknowledgements that the book was suggested and blessed by "my teacher, Osho," (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) "who thought highly of Sir Francis Bacon and gave the book his blessing." She was also deeply influenced by the works of Immanuel Velikovsky.

Nieves Hayat de Madariaga
* 1917 + 2003

Padre: Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo * 23.07.1886

Madre: Constance Archibald * 1878

MatrimoniosMatrimonio I:
Francisco Solana

Matrimonio II:
N Mathews


Hijos del Matrimonio I:

Luis Solana de Madariaga

Javier Solana de Madariaga * 14.07.1942 Concepción Giménez Díaz-Oyuelos

Notas Biográficas
Data only available to Geneall Plus registered users.
Please Login or read access conditions.

This newly at re Solana's role in PA declarations:

"Erekat said that if the world recognized the Palestinian state within the June 4, 1967 boundaries with East Jerusalem as its capital, Israel's unilateral settlement activity will be considered null and void.

Erekat told the paper that the European Union's foreign policy chief Javier Solana had presented the idea in a lecture he gave in London a few months ago. He also said that the Arabs would approach the Security Council when the time was right, after consulting with European countries and the United States.

The Palestinians today commemorate the declaration of a Palestinian state that took place on November 18, 1988."


"I'm not a Christian but it seems to me if one sees a child running in front of a car one does more than just watch and pray. "

Dorothy, your comment is very worrying, you are not a christian then you should quickly repent and believe in Jesus, and why are we watching and warning about end times if we don't share the gospel with others that Jesus is the only way of salvation for our sins?

Dorothy, we will all die in our sins if we have not repent and place our faith in Jesus.(read Romans 6:23 and 1 John 5:12)

And it is worrying no one in this blog, including Constance, ask you to repent and believe in Jesus. Whats going on?

I can't tell if this is a spoof or a real scam.

How about the rest of you.
Anonymous, I don't critique Christianity, so you are safe from any criticisms. Believe what you have faith in, but live by it, including the two great commandments. Based on your actions on this blog, you are one of the last persons in the world I would look to for inspiration regarding any religious views or ethics. Smugness seems to be your religion rather than Christianity.

Constance has repeatedly said on her radio programs that everybody deserves one kind warning -- after that she will not beat them over the head with the evidence.

I'm sure that went for her relationship with Dorothy as well.

I have also heard her say that she believes there will be no change of mind of the Jews as a group until after prophesied events of Zechariah chapter 12 occur and are digested.
to 10:42 AM,

there are other candidates for antichrist that have equally appalling backgrounds...

i for one agree with anonymous 9:15
constance spends an inordinate time focusing on solana himself and not the seat of power he has crafted

much like american presidents crafting the seat in washington to give away our sovereignty, ppl said the antichrist was regan, bush, clinton, etc...

so i look on constances continual belief that solana is "the one" as i look at the ppl who said george w was "the one"

if she is right GRATZ~!
if she is wrong she runs the risk of looking like one on those who said regan was "the one"

i for one wouldn't paint myself into a prophetic corner by insisting i knew who "the one" was because the Bible plainly states that the antichrist will be revealed, which means we wont know who till God allows us to know, cause if we did we wouldn't allow the antichrist to live, someone would assassinate him, and God's plans will not be thwarted, it is with God's permission and allowances of power that the antichrist is allowed to rise.

and knowing how smart constance is, and how she has the brilliance to argue law, i found it hard to believe she would be putting all her eggs in this solana basket without her having an agenda, (much like the fake conservatives populating the truth movement)

she might really believe solana is the antichrist with all her heart,
maybe she really does and this is not a set up.

i am not sure about that though
constance is really smart, and understands making a bet like solana could blow up in her face if he is not the antichrist
so why would she insist?

so sick of the mean spirited people that stick up for constance..
it is telling what caliber of people she associates with,
catty girls from the playground that use ad hominem attacks when logic fails them...

now is my time...
the homely women you associate with are sure a pity to behold
age has not been kind to them....

i for one don't have catty friends to spring up to my defense, and don't want them, they were the girls in school without any social graces, stupid semi good looking dullards when confronted with a prettier girl they rip shred and tear her till they run her out of town ...

born in wayne county
Constance - Thank You for editing the title of this blog entry, it is less confusing now as to what I now understand you initially intended.

Constance and bookofblue - I respect your visual interpretation of the NATO '60' symbol. I am a professional designer hence my boldness and interest in this graphic design subject but I personally am unable to see this as a 666 symbol. I see it as a stylised 60. A numeral six drawn loosely and the zero continued inside the stylised six without lifting the pen from the paper. I believe the design would require at least another full rotation to be a stylised 666.

The NATO compass emblem/logo. I am dumbfounded how this might be visually interpretted as a swastika. Is there any design history evidence that backs up this claim please. The official NATO claim and that which I have always understood, is that it is a compass -

I guess this just goes to show how powerful and sensitive the work of a graphic designer can become on a global level as Nike sports shoes discovered much to their cost amongst the Muslim community! :)

Many years ago, when I was at art school I attended a design conference in London where one of the speakers explained how he used his graphic design skills to forge documents during WW2 to assist Jews to escape the Nazi regime. It was a good eye opener to the way learned graphic skills might be applied and the life and death pressure that that specific designer, his work and contacts were under.

Constance thank you for all the research you do on the EU and Javier Solana - I live in the UK and I learn far more from you than I ever do through the UK media. Solana sure does seem to fly under the radar.

Someone please break down this Nato logo for me. I fail to see anything but one six. I definitely don't see a swastika.
"i for one don't have catty friends to spring up to my defense, and don't want them, they were the girls in school without any social graces, stupid semi good looking dullards when confronted with a prettier girl they rip shred and tear her till they run her out of town ..."

My goodness! You just described yourself in how you just wrote about Constance. I'm sure she would be glad to be called pretty.

You need to review Aesop...Once there were some grapes quite fine, hanging down from the vine, said the fox I'll get a few, that is just what I'll do. Though the fox did really try, yet the grapes were much too high. They're quite sour anyway, said the fox and strolled away.
To "born in Wayne County" (9:21 AM)

Woooaaahhh . . .

First of all - regarding the identity of the antichrist - Constance has repeatedly gone on record as saying: "Your guess is as good as mine."

All Constance has done is present us with information which suggests that, currently, Javier Solana meets all of the biblical criteria of a person whom the Bible describes will one day reveal himself to be the man of perdition.

It's more like: "I report; YOU decide." Now, God has given each one of us a free will - to take that information and either accept it or reject it.

So, your problem is . . . ???
NATO logo became swastika at the conference
During the coference, NATO insignia mysteriously turned into swastika symbol.

To "born in Wsyne County" -

It is often said that a person PROJECTS personality traits on to others that he or she possesses within himself or herself.

Take a look in the mirror, dear.

The NATO logo morphing into a swastika has been around for a long time. Here's a visual on it.

Oh this is so much fun. You did the projecting. I just pointed it out.
Many of those that are coordinating the "new world order" birth lineage is hidden... you will see orphaned, adoption. They do not wish their true birth lineage to be tracked. Hence, sometimes trying to find a persons lineage is beneficial to understanding the root of their role in the world. Satan as are those who follow was a liar, thief and murder from the beginning. As Christ as said in scripture.
The following may supply more clues as to why Javier Solana or his "handlers" might want to revise Solana's genealogy.

First, here is more evidence that Salvador de Madariaga is Javier Solana's grandfather.

This evidence is right from the horse's mouth in terms of its being a letter written by Nieves Mathews in which she sings the praises of Immanuel Velikovsky by whom she was greatly influenced.

Constance may have already posted this letter, but as I always say, two is better than none. :-)

Dear friends, dear friends of Immanuel Velikovsky, dear Emilio, explorer, on Velikovskian lines, of the frontiers of Paradise; dear Shulamit, translator of your father's work for the country of his choice.

As an old friend of Velikovsky, who sent him tit-bits of confirmation throughout the last twenty-five years of his life - and queries which he answered to my complete satisfaction (on calendars, on Homer, on Stonehenge). I wish I could hear viva voce all you have to say about the changes in planetary orbits and in the earth's axis after near collisions; about the geological and dendrological evidence of recent catastrophes of extraterrestrial origin; about the electromagnetic forces which play so vital a role in Velikovsky's cosmological scenario, and about the fascinating interplay between the rejection and the recognition of scientific genius. Above all I wish I could hear your arguments and counter-arguments, agreements and disagreements.

I shall be with you in spirit, and so will my father, the Spanish statesman and historian, Salvador de Madariaga, who, many years ago, read the copy of Worlds in Collision I had given him, on his way to America, and became a staunch supporter of its author. When my father died (a year before Velikovsky) the last words he dictated were about this friend's brilliant discoveries, and his undeserved rejection by the Academe of his day.


After half a century of familiarity with Worlds in Collision and with Ages in Chaos, I welcome a time when those who follow in Velikovsky's footsteps no longer feel the need to protect themselves from established opinion by dismissing, in a condescending footnote, the pioneer thinker who had opened up their path, but can hail him instead for the inspired, indefatigable seeker of the truth Velikovsky was. And I would like to propose to you and to all his admirers, and particularly to those who recognize their debt to his tought, a way of honouring the fifty years we have spent in Velikovsky's company - along with the twenty five centuries we have spent in that of Plato, who first described the effects of near planetary collisions on our earth.

We know that Velikovsky made many suggestions for further research which might confirm his conclusions, whether cosmological or historical, and that some were put into effect, with noted success. But among those not taken up there is one I think he would have been particularly glad to see carried out today; the excavation of El-Arish, on the Egyptian frontier with Palestine - the site of the great Hyksos fortress of Avaris (situated by Manetho to the East of the Estern Delta of the Nile), which fell at last to Ahmose, the first Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, by the hand of his Israelite ally Saul. A different site has recently been proposed for this fortress, on the strength of one late allusion to 'Avaris' as a southern quarter of Pi-Ramesses - a city built centuries later by Ramses II above what may have been an ancient Israelite colony, right on the Eastern Delta. But its author did not refute, or mention, the numerous converging connections found by Velikovsky in the Bible, in Josephus, and in various Egyptian, Greek, Arab and other sources. Between 'El-Arish' or 'the brook of Egypt' (so called by the Assyrian king Esarhaddon) and the site of the imposing fortress from which the Hyksos - dreaded by Israel a the Biblical Amalekites or 'king-shephards', and by Egypt, as the Amu, or 'shephard-kings' - spread terror for centuries. Until, as Pharaoh Ahmasis recorded, 'the saviour of Egypt fought in the riverbed ' of the only river of that region.

Not long before Velikovsky's death in 1979, a preliminary attempt was made to survey this site. Could we not find the funds - and the intrepid minds - to celebrate this great man with so worth while a project?

See also.....


It would appear that one of the things that Velikhovsky did was to attempt to merge ancient pagan mythology not only with history, but also with the Bible!

Moreover, what Velikovsky did led to what has been rightly called "the warfare of science and scientism" by Alfred de Grazia who wrote a book similarly entitled THE VELIKHOVSKY AFFAIR: THE WARFARE OF SCIENCE AND SCIENTISM (University Books, 1966).

In addition to Nieves' Velikowvsky letter, there is the following blurb from Yale University press which mentions the following about Nieves' family background.

A daughter of the Spanish statesman and historian Salvador de Madariaga, Nieves Mathews has devoted more than a decade to research on the life and reputation of Francis Bacon...


While reading Nieves' Velikovsky letter, I happened to notice that
Nieves mentioned "calendars."

I did a little further investigating and discovered the following video presentations which I put in order so that anyone who is interested in viewing them in won't have to go to the trouble of tracking down the various segments:














2012 - Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky about Earth catastrophism (original) Pt.1.avi

2012 - Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky about Earth catastrophism (original) Pt.2.avi

2012 - Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky about Earth catastrophism (original) Pt.3.avi

2012 - Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky about Earth catastrophism (original) Pt.4.avi

2012 - Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky about Earth catastrophism (original) Pt.5.avi

2012 - Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky about Earth catastrophism (original) Pt.6.avi

The thing Osho, Velikovsky and Sir Francis Bacon all seem to have in common is "Atlantis." Or at least the idea of it which seems to be implied in the catastrophism of Velikovsky.

When I think of the Mayan calendar in relation to Nieves Mathews and her father Salvador de Madariaga, moreover, I am reminded that the very anti-clerical Salvador de Madariaga - who was so anti-clerical that he would not even allow his daughter Nieves to be baptized - appeared to give tacit approval to the persecution of Catholic and non-Catholic Christians in Mexico and to the slaughter of the Cristeros.

In fact, on December 18, 2007 Constance wrote:

When Mexico persecuted its Christians, starting with the Catholics, and then extending to all forms of Christianity, from 1926 to 1935, there were those who sought to keep her out of the League of Nations. It was Salvador de Madariaga's proclaimed advocacy for an understanding of those actions that resulted in Mexico being admitted to the League at the height of that carnage.

Given the big hype over December 21, 2012, one can understand why Javier Solana might want to distance himself from the Mayanism of his immediate ancestors and their sidekicks.

But in any case, there seem to be lots of dots just begging to be connected here.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

According to ‘De Tijd’, Belgian Prime-minister Herman Van Rompuy (Christian Democrat), who’s name is widely circulating as the first European President, attended a Bilderberg dinner at Hertoginnendal, Brussels last night.

In his speech he talked about the implementation of a green tax in Europe; a necessary measure to rebuild the economy. Apparently this news of a possible new eco-tax is rapidly spreading through the cabinets in Europe’s capitals. This might put a mortgage on Van Rompuy’s candidacy for European Presidency.

According to the article Van Rompuy was invited to give a speech at the dinner by Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon under the guarantee that the content of those meetings never leaks. A promise not quite kept.

One might wonder how the information got out on to the websites of all the mainstream Belgian newspapers today, considering that reporting in mainstream media about the Bilderberg group, and their historical relation to political candidates, has always been effectively silenced.

Then again, the authors of the article in ‘De Tijd’, who broke the story give the impression that Van Rompuy has pulled an act of bravery by making his bold statements at such dinner, rather then questioning why a Prime-minister, and possible first European President, was taking part in such a secretive private event with highly influential statesmen and captains of industry.
Speaking of the Mayan calendar:

I read that the opening weekend of the movie "2012" brought in $225 million world wide ($65 million state side and $160 million over seas).
Here is a new-ager website showing the spiral that they seem to be enthralled with, which looks eerily like the sixes on the NATO logo ~ with some interesting to say the least, content.

And at this new age jwelery shop you can see the "sacred spiral" on jewelry, along with the goddess spiral. And you can even buy a 666 necklace if you'd like!

Sorry to be stuck on the logo!

I was able to see the swastika when viewed in black and white.
Book of Blue, thanks for the links. The information posted is definitely compatible with the posted logo.
I guess you'll find as many nut cases in the elite class as you'll find anywhere else. Nancy Reagan has her astrologer. Hillary Clinton and Billy are into New Age stuff. I've read all sorts of crazy things about a number of the beautiful, rich people. And then those people who died in the sweat lodge a couple of weeks ago. They paid big bucks to do that. You don't have to go far to find people who believe crazy stuff. So of course Solana and his kin would have nutty philosophies. He may believe the 2012 story too.
Atlantis pops up today at NWV

I wonder if some of our world tyrants/leaders are twins?

I wonder if Bin Laden is also?
Dennis Cuddy is an example an individual faces in getting serious information out to the general public. His research is deeply academic, and yet the only outlet he appears to have to reach a larger audience is the suspected by me News With Views as well as his published books. His research is not of the standard short opinion type without details articles found in most conservative websites. Look at the detail found in this article and compare it with the theme that the New Age movement is a resurgence of the Nazi philosophy.

Check out his books at Amazon if you want to see the detail of the change taking place.

NATO came out of the Western European Union. The WEU was pushed by the World Federalists (headed for a time by Donald Keys, himself) which believed it would be a template and component of world government. The swastika has continuously been viewed as a sacred symbol by New Age groups which falsely claim that only Hitler reversed it. The swastika embodies the New Age belief in dual, competing "forces." Compare this as well to Daniel 11:38 (KVJ and Douay versions, at least) which read "He shall honor in his estate the god of Forces, a god whom his fathers knew not." The Hebrew word from which it is derived means "strengths." There is no reason to infer that refers only to defensive forces just as modern versions curiously changed "god of Forces" to "God of Fortresses" just as THE FORCE became a popular concept in modern culture after the popular movies STAR WARS.


Thanks! I read the Velikovsky letter by Nieves Mathews years ago, but now rereading it I can see startling resemblances to the 2012 theories circulating in the New Age community and beyond now.

Your research, as always, is brillant!

I don't know about the NATO logo, but every time
Marianne Williamson puts up her little "okey" sign
with her right hand while she's talking and doing
all she can to destroy Christianity, I see the three sixes
that are formed by her hand, and I wonder how many of her followers also see it and know it as such.
Good morning all. As a long time lurker of CC's posts (not so much the comments), this post finally brings me to a question I'd like to ask. It has probably been discussed before, in which case I apologize, but as I stated I don't frequently read the comments

Do you all suppose that JS is aware of his reputation as a/the potential AC? That may seem like a silly question, but I'm totally serious.

In the same train of thought, I fail to see a swashtika or the implied 666 which led me to wonder if he (or whoever designs these things) is toying with people who feel he might be a good candidate as a/the AC

Do you think he knows there are many people who believe he might be the AC?

-totally serious
Re: Herman Van Rompoy

From Reseuropa's website, Kevin Doran posted this comment:

"As for the Presidency job - I am going to be brave and make a prediction. If Tony Blair is too rich for their blood - then the Franco-German axis will go for a compromise candidate - and Herman van Rompoy - Belgian PM would be the classic compromise candidate."
To Anonymous (9:13 AM):

When you have the kind of power that Javier Solana has, within the European Union, he probably doesn't waste his time caring about what people are saying or thinking.

In his mind, all of us "useless eaters" will be dealt with in time (like swatting flies at a picnic).

Although, of course, we all KNOW there is still a much greater and higher "POWER" who is still very much in charge, don't we?
They are increasingly asking for a woman to head the EU. Vaira Vike-Freiberga from Latvia stands a very good chance.

Will this woman ride the European Beast?
Agence France-Presse (11/11/09):

Chinese scientists have artificially induced the second major snowstorm to wreak havoc in Beijing this season, state media said today, reigniting debate over the practice of tinkering with Mother Nature.

After the earliest snow to hit the capital in 22 years fell on November 1, the capital was again shrouded in white yesterday with more snow expected in the coming three days, the National Meteorological Centre said.

The China Daily, citing an unnamed official, said the Beijing Weather Modification Office had artificially induced both storms by seeding clouds with chemicals, a practice that can increase precipitation by up to 20 per cent.

The office refused to comment on the report when contacted by AFP.

Yesterday, an official had said the storm was "natural".

City weather officials have previously said that such methods are aimed at alleviating a drought over much of north China, including Beijing, that has lingered for more than a decade.

Thank you for your kind words.

Another thing I find interesting in light of Javier Solana's anti-Israel policies is the fact that his grandfather's friend Velikovsky was a "Zionist" of sorts.

However, in spite of his reported "friendship" with Velikovsky, Salvador de Madariaga's writings smack of anti-Semitism.

This is also interesting given the various hints that Salvador de Madariaga may have been of Jewish descent himself.

In any case, one thing that might be useful in helping us to understand this apparent dichotmy is the attitude of the former Soviet Union with regard to Zionism:

Without changing its official anti-Zionist stance, from late 1944 until 1948 Stalin had adopted a de facto pro-Zionist foreign policy, apparently believing that the new country would be socialist and would speed the decline of British influence in the Middle East.
The USSR briefly supported the establishment of Israel.


I would imagine that because of Salvador de Madriaga's close ties to Great Britain, it would not have behoved him to support something that would have gone contrary to the interests of the British Empire....i.e. political Zionism - especially in its socialist form.

Of course, at the end of the day, the kiss of death to continuing USSR support of Israel would have been when Israel sided with the United States during the Cold War.
Another thing that might explain Salvador de Madariaga's thinking dichotomy was his theosophy. So very often, if not always, Jewish folks dabbling in the occult become self-hating Jews. This conflict plagued Arthur Koestler who wrote books claiming most Jews were "Khazars" and hence disposing with them was not true anti-Semitism. Arthur Koestler and his wife ended up taking their own lives in a suicide murder.

Things happened for a reason so be thankful for everything.
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