Saturday, January 09, 2021

Were we members of a Trump cult? I can no longer give "The Donald" a pass

 Reviewing the week's past events is nothing short of sobering.  There is talk of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Donald J. Trump from the Presidency during the less than two remaining weeks of his term.  His has been a strange presidency to be sure.  He was clearly nicer to many Christians than previous presidencies had been for the last few office holders.  There were three heartening Supreme Court appointments (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett).  He had rejected the crown-piece of the New Age agenda -- forced acceptance of the "Climate Change" agenda.

Nevertheless, to any rational observer, he was also volatile, thin-skinned, and obviously narcissistic.  Still many Christians as well as the obviously cultish Qanon followers continued to perceive him as a type of "King Cyrus" come to rescue the Christian world.  

I personally voted twice for Donald Trump for President.  Given the hostile stance Hillary Clinton had taken against anti-abortion forces as well as her scorn for those with Biblical reservations against same sex marriage and other "gay issues," I felt I had little choice.  However, I always had a lingering fear that oftimes I expressed on this blog and in my NewswithViews articles that we could well go down at least figuratiely in flames with the Trump presidency.  Donald Trump was being used as a prime excuse globally by such global governance figures as Javier Solana and many others as Exhibit 1 of the need for "multilateralism" (the newest name for world government cum 'global governance').

It was clear to me that Trump had never been given any proper respect for his election as President in 2016.  Moreover, Hillary Clinton and many others had fomented violence themselves by their open participation in what they called "The Resistance."   It was clearly a form of bullying directed against Trump by obvious sore-losers.

However, two wrongs do not make a right.

Donald Trump was and is a polarizing figure.  He also made many unnecessary enemies.  I suspect that if he had "minded his manners," not used the Twitter account to express off-the-cuff opinions, and had employed social graces rather than making obvious unfounded boasts that he was the best President ever that he might have been overwhelmingly re-elected.  Knowing about the State of Arizona from my previous visits there, it was obvious to me that his ridicule of John McCain as "not a hero" probably cost him at least Arizona in the Electoral College.

I also was horrified that he did not denounce the Qanon cult.  Nobody who is or professes to be Godly should encourage people to view themselves as a God-like being.  Humility is far more attractive than self-adulation, all of which Trump publicly and shamelessly indulged in.  I have expressed fears to many friends over at least the past two years that Trump might be giving anti-Christian forces just the excuse they needed to end our freedom of speech and liberties.

In the last two years there have been increasing calls to eradicate not just Donald Trump from public life, but also his "enablers", i.e. those who voted and publicly advocated for him.

Mary L. Trump, Donald's psychologist niece wrote a critical book about her uncle.  Many Trump supporters are furious that she did so.  Nevertheless, in my opinion the book should be required reading.  I have enough lawyer in me to not reject evidence without first having read and evaluated it.

One of the problems that shaped Donald Trump's precarious path was what she called in television interviews "unbridled positivism."  This was the danger I had noted from the beginning with "New Age" thinking -- so many of its proponents considered only "positives" and rejected all "negatives."  If one can never hear anything bad about themselves or a situation, they are likely to not fully understand a situation nor be in a position to reverse course when necessary.  Norman Vincent Peale was Donald Trump's father's pastor and the refusal to view negatives has been perhaps the greatest factor in Trump's now obvious fall from historical grace.

Last weekend, for the first time, I became suddenly convinced that the 25th Amendment might be necessary to terminate a dangerous presidency.  I also believe the Biden incoming Presidency is a clear and present danger.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump's presidency and our embrace and giving him a pass on many issues gives the Biden administration much good ammunition to further curtail our right to practice our faith and Biblical standards.  Joseph Biden has said in public debates that he wants to "codify abortion" rights - making them more than mere "constitutional" ones.  He also is hostile to those with Biblical beliefs about homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  

Nevertheless, last weekend, I listened with no small dismay to the taped portions played of the interview between the very fine born-again Secretary of State for Georgia where Trump demanded he make a public statement that he was "recalculating the election results" and that he find Trump an addition 11,000 plus votes.

Other Christians I discussed this with were not offended by Trump's statements, but by the taping of the statements.  In Michigan where I practice law, taping a conversation to which one is a party is legal.  I had that issue arise in a case where I defended a Judge who was incriminated by a telephone call made by her vindictive ex-husband.  It was only third party eavesdropping that would have been inadmissible.

I believe that the public revelation of Trump's threats against the Republican Georgia Secretary of State and Governor Kemp may well have cost the Republicans their narrow losses on the two incumbent Senate seats, thus handing control of the United States Senate to the Democratic forces and Chuck Schumer.  My fear was last weekend that Trump might take us down in literal political flames by this very indiscreet behavior and it now appears to me that his behavior motivated Democratic party activists to turn out and many Republicans to stay home.

At any rate, it is now clear that we have had many false prophets among us who reassured us that God told them Trump would be re-elected and remain in office for another 4 years.  Books with titles such as "Trump-apocalypse" some of which even I and my writings about the New Age Movement are mentioned now appear to be prophetic in the reverse sense -- Trump has supplied fuel for prophesied persecution of believers as written in the book of Daniel, the 4 Gospels and the Book of Revelation.

There is just no way I can give Donald Trump a pass on what transpired on Wednesday, January 6th.  I watched his speech insisting that Vice President Pence "do the right thing" and refuse to certify election results, also condemning as traitors the Georgian Secretary of State and Governor.   In my mind I saw the horror that did result shaping up and made calls to friends while the speech was in progress expressing my concerns with which my otherwise fine Christian friends disagreed.

Time and events proved the worst.  We can now expect to be ruthlessly scrutinized, ridiculed, and marginalized.  The abundant biblical warnings that we should put our trust in no man are now borne out.

We need to pray about this.  Everybody needs prayer and repentance -- including but not limited to Donald J. Trump.  We also need to stop falling for "fake news" such as the demonstrators were really Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  There were many in the group who were anarchists.  The one with tattoos and bull horns (Jake Angeli) was reportedly a Qanon activist.  He also bragged about his Shaman status.  I had observed in my own research on Qanon that there was sympathy for the "Maitreya the Christ" New Age forces.  We need to face up to the fact that we wittingly or unwittingly turned our gratitude for Trump for things done right into a cult where he could do no wrong and was further self-deceived by our adulation into such beliefs.  This was destructive both to his soul and to our souls.  We all need to pray for repentance.

Stay tuned!



Craig said...

There are so many elements--truths, half-truths, disinformation, etc. spouted by Big Media and alternative media--that I don't know if anyone can ever know the truth.

Be that as it may, I offer this new blog post for any interested readers: Clamoring Like Seals.

Anonymous said...


I think after 8 years of Obama, having some hope of return to a better, less radical and perverted nation, would induce adulation in some of Trump's followers. However, your comment on this "self decieved" adulation is in general, false. I never heard one christian brother or sister ever express to me a cult like adoration of President Trump. They always expressed to me their heartfelt realization that he had many faults! Amongst his more secular followers there is some degree of truth in your statement.

Also, you wrote "we can now expect to be ruthlessly scrutinized, ridiculed, and marginalized". Like that wasn't already happening? Thank the Good Lord for that! The Christian church for the entirety of the modern era has been continuously back sliding into a deep friendship with the world!

I honestly believe that the Trump presidency was given us by our God. It greatly enraged satan's progressive followers. This has led to a deep divide in our nation in these very last days. The true followers of our Savior will be persecuted. Those who's heart is not in laying down their lives, the luke warm, will fall away. We have to all ask ourselves which camp we are in?

Anonymous said...

Georgia Legislator Says Democrats Will Treat Trump Supporters As 'Negroes'

Anonymous said...

Amen 10:26 AM

And yes, Constance, President Trump is a mixed bag, yes, got it. I knew that and still voted for him. The bad press of lies, and more lies, always beat the truth to the finish line first, but still never a winner.
I have never even engaged to read Qanon material and though I knew that stuff was
garbage, I still never argued with those who followed that. The chips have to fall where they must. But just because people set up others with more status, or influence than is reasonable, does not negate what Trump has really said, and really done, that are the very reverse of what the Democrat left and Globalist elites are driving at. Not perfect, not complete, but tracking the direction opposite of the hell they are bringing. For that alone he should be regarded as the President of the people, by the people, and for the people, quite simply because of who his mega-enemies are. They are our enemies like none other. The media has cast him always in the worst light possible and I don't buy it that he is as bad as they portray, even on his worst day!
The jealousies in his own family are part and parcel of what makes up many other families in this very splintered time, the uncovering and exposure of the skullduggery of Washington D.C. elitists, who pose as our "representatives" in our hallowed halls (they are anything but for governing) are themselves much, much worse against us than any of President Trump's personal shortcomings! For whatever it is worth, I still consider that he is a picture of what is much closer to our foundings than what poses as "standing with the Constitution" crowd screaming at us now, and he was given that place and time by the Lord, and simply because of the prophetic timeline, it was time for him to be done. So many are missing the point..the true lesson here! What regret is coming in the gloss coat approach to judge so simplistically!

Make way for the one world governance that the world, that is fundamentally now, much ready to accept. They have breached the psyche of the world's peoples sufficiently enough 9masking and distancing us and scaring people with the climate change mantra and creating policiy to make people cave (economically as well as psychologically) to make what they promise to bring palatable for acceptance, to those who are not truly tied by faith in the Word of God (and the watering down and dumbing down of the Gospel is rampant within what is called the Church so that much is in name only) to know that they are, or soon will be, embracing the world's "king", the one who is soon coming to be the "champion" of all, rather than the choice of all that messy Grace, even in a Donald Trump presidency. The heavy lifting has been done to the degree by Soros, etc, and leading right up to the feet of Solana, to deceptively and efficiently wear down and exhaust any resistance to them, in the vast myriad of ways to overwhelm even whole cultures and societies now.
Choosing safe slavery over dangerous freedom, and it's dangerous personality, DJT, is one for the record books. It is, indeed, a global world now!
For what is coming, some may find themselves longing for a man like Trump to come back to lead in comparison of what (and soon, Who) is about to step onto the world stage.
God help us.
Run to the Scripture and bury yourselves within it. Believe it, as though your life, as well as your soul depends upon it, but it really, really does!
It is the only 100% safety we will all need to depend on as the lies of the devil will only increase, and the things we see will be "signs and wonders" but from the pit. The Bible trusted alone will be how we can know the difference.
And pray and actively look by faith to see God's Goodness in very spite of it all too, for the Ancient of Days is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
As He has spoken, it is done.

Agreed 10:26 AM, which camp are we in is the exactly right question of the hour.

Anonymous said...

How very sad that the world falls for the cult of personality, to either madly love or madly hate, celebrities any stripe, all the while the baby is tossed from the bathwater. The "baby" is the truth, and what policy and rule to govern fair and balanced, to uphold what is right and orderly and civil, is where the rubber should meet the road, regardless of personality shortcomings or even personality seemingly more agreeable, When that narrowness and hyped emotional thinking is present, then blindness becomes the rule of the day. That is a travesty.

What has happened to reason these days?

RayB said...


I'm glad to see that you are "back to work," and hope that you are doing reasonably well under the circumstances.

Listed below is a written transcript of Steve Bannon's interview with Archbishop Vigano that is well worth the time spent to read it in its entirety.

Obviously, I am not a Catholic and disagree vehemently with many of the doctrines and dogmas of the RCC, but, having said that, I have a profound respect for Archbishop Vigano. IMO, he is a very brave man that is willing to literally put his life on the line by speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

1:11 PM
Yes, wondering what has happened to reason these days.

I have been wondering what day on the calendar was it to see one thing, anything, right, orderly, and civil from the left...can't seem to find any such day.

And now not much on the right either (and that was waning too).

Trump got thrown under the bus.
And America, with him.

Anonymous said...

Constance, you may find this interesting with regards to the protest Wednesday.

RayB said...

Anon @ 7:20 PM ...

VERY GOOD video .... thanks for posting it. I encourage all to watch this one that Anon posted:

PS: I've stated before that I have studied the French Revolution. The French Revolutionaries used the very same tactics that are being used now by the Communist Revolutionaries here in this country, i.e. "agents provocateurs," phony propaganda and lies regarding the supposed actions of the "evil" monarchy, etc. The FR was basically orchestrated by Free Masons via the "Jacobins" .... interesting that Archbishop Vigano (see the link in my post above) has repeatedly referred to the New World Order as a Masonic, world-wide, revolutionary movement.

Craig said...

The reasons Twitter used to deplatform Trump required some massive eisegesis--reading INTO his words.

Dinesh D'Souza sources the exact tweets and Twitter's response to them:

Twitter’s Stated Reasons For Banning Trump Are Even Worse Than You’d Think

RayB said...

The Capitol Was STORMED! - Everything You Need To Know by AwakenWithJP

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

The Papacy:
Its Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Churches

by Abbé Guettée "To this writer's knowledge, no defender of the papacy has composed a rebuttal to Guettée's work. Denunciations, yes. Rebuttals, no. That alone speaks volumes."

Trump may have been a Cyrus type of figure - Cyrus didn't do a lot just what was needed he didn't supervise everything. The key things needed got done.

bear in mind, people tend to identify too much with Bible imagery there is very rarely any one to one direct analogy.

Constance, you are too susceptible to "social graces." which can be phony as hell and from people who will order your death aftr you leave. Jeb Bush told Trump (I saw the incident on TV) "you could be killed for that" when Trump called him out on something.

One of the refreshing things about Trump was his realness .

GEORGIA - the stats Trump gave were correct the Secy lied through his teeth saying it was wrong. The fix was in at the top, and WI wants to decertify itself but can't get the gov. to order a special session.

the media says there was no proof of fraud which is anoth DAMNED LIE all the courts said there was proof just not proof of enough that it would make a difference in the election.

I say, that when you are working fraud to get someone ahead, you don't stop till its done, so where that much fraud is shown, assume the rest and give the election to Trump or demand a redo of the election.

Meanwhile, the companies that own those voting machines? that make them? they are owned by China....

I think we've had Chinese rule of sorts or excessive influence in Clinton and Obama regimes, its just been exposed this time and its getting worse.

recording phone calls, I think across ste lines its always legal, many states allow recording of one by another, some like CA don't allow that.

Anonymous said...

You utter bunch of nutters!

Anonymous said...

FYI ~ For your careful & prayerful discernment . . .

Must see video following this article from WDIM (01/09/21) . . .


One more source . . .


Pentagon Officials Say Pelosi Asked Them To Stage A Military Coup Against President Trump (


For all those who have taken the oath: "I, _______________ , do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Anonymous said...

Multiple Reports, Eyewitness Accounts Indicate Antifa

From OAN Newsroom January 9, 2021

RayB said...

From Michael Snyder's -UPDATED- Questions About The Chaos At The Capitol That Desperately Need To Be Answer

#1 How Did Protesters Get Near The Capitol In The First Place?

Well, it turns out that police actually opened up the barricades that were surrounding the U.S. Capitol and purposely allowed protesters to storm the building. You can see this on video right here…

Police opened gates and offered them in 😡

— Still Vigilant Grandma 🇺🇸🗽 (@midlifewomanon1) January 6, 2021
And once the barricades were open, at least one police officer was actually waving protesters onward…

Viral video appears to show a US Capitol Police Officer waving protesters past barricade at complex Wednesday.

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 7, 2021

NOTE: Read it in its entirety here:

Anonymous said...

The Origins Of America's Secret Police

Same as it ever was! It seems that the hierarchy/oligarchy, as outward lawlessness is greatly increasing, is fully externalizing. It simply believes it has reached a level of support, strength and influence, that they will no longer be annoyed by, or tolerate, a free media, or any degree of scrutiny!

We can rest in the knowledge that our Savior will deal with these Luciferians with perfect justice! They are largely untouchable now, but in a very short time, they will suffer horribly for choosing the loosing side.

Come back soon Y'shua!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If it was a false flag (and I dare say it was: seeing as it was allowed to happen in the first place), Trump (who has never said a word about missiles, not planes, going into the WTC buildings), yes, Trump was in on it!

Crooks and scum, the lot of them. This has been all part of continued misuse of the Hegelian Dialectic: Trump and Biden equal two cheeks of the same backside.

Alex Jones is probably CIA Intel: he is a fraud.

Genuine people exposing this are silenced and murdered (where they are a real threat), not left to continue, e.g., President Kennedy,
Milton William Cooper and many more.

Anonymous said...

Why Trump was never a Nazi:

Anonymous said...


You wrote "...last weekend, I listened with no small dismay to the taped portions played of the interview between the very fine born-again Secretary of State for Georgia where Trump demanded he make a public statement that he was 'recalculating the election results' and that he find Trump an addition 11,000 plus votes."

You may find this of interest therefore:

The Media Are Lying About Trump's Phone Call With Raffensperger

By Andrea Widburg
American Thinker

The mainstream media and Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, are utterly disgraceful, dishonest, and manipulative people. Raffensperger released a private phone call that the media immediately claimed — falsely — showed Trump begging Raffensperger to fraudulently find enough votes for Trump to win. In fact, Trump called Raffensperger to get him to stop obstructing the fraud investigation. As Trump explained during the call, evidence proves Trump won Georgia by a massive margin, only to have victory stolen through equally massive fraud. Trump sought to avoid litigation forcing Raffensperger to do his job, which is to make at least a minimal effort to clear away enough fraud to allow Trump his actual and honest victory in Georgia.

Here are just two examples of the media's dishonest claim that Trump was trying to force Raffensperger to commit fraud. As you can see, their premise is that there is no evidence of fraud, so any action on Trump's part to claim victory is itself fraud. Theirs is a deliberate example of circular logic, where their premise and conclusion are the same thing.

Washington Post: "The Washington Post obtained a recording of the conversation in which Trump alternately berated Raffensperger, tried to flatter him, begged him to act and threatened him with vague criminal consequences if the secretary of state refused to pursue his false claims, at one point warning that Raffensperger was taking 'a big risk.'"

CNN: "In excerpts of the stunning one-hour phone call Saturday, Trump lambasted his fellow Republican for refusing to falsely say that he won the election in Georgia and repeatedly touted baseless claims of election fraud."

Here's what really happened on the phone call. First, Trump wasn't the only person on the phone. Also present were Mark Meadows, Mike Pompeo, and multiple attorneys. There isn't the slightest chance that they would have allowed Trump to beg Raffensperger for illegal votes or to threaten him.

Second, contrary to what the media implied, Trump was not operating off the premise that he lost Georgia. If that had been the case, it would indeed have been wrong for Trump to beg for Raffensperger to "find" votes for him.

Anonymous said...

Instead, Trump was operating from the assertion that he won Georgia. He opened the call with a strong recitation of the facts showing massive fraud on Raffensperger's watch. According to Trump's evidence, he didn't lose by 11,780 votes; he won by well over 300,000 votes, including votes for Trump that disappeared and illegal votes for Biden. Here are some of Trump's statements in that regard:

"I think it's pretty clear that we won. We won very substantially in Georgia."

"We have ... anywhere from 250–300,000 ballots were dropped mysteriously into the rolls."

"We think that if you check the signatures — a real check of the signatures going back in Fulton County you'll find at least a couple of hundred thousand of forged signatures. ..."

"[I]n the 50s of thousands ... that's people that went to vote and they were told they can't vote because they've already been voted for."

"It's 4,502 who voted but they weren't on the voter registration roll which they had to be. ..."

"You had 18,325 vacant address voters. The address was vacant and they're not allowed to be counted."

Trump alluded to the faked water main break that allowed Fulton County election workers to count votes for hours after having sent observers home. He noted that the video of that after-hours voting indicated that at "the minimum it was 18,000 ballots, all for Biden."

Trump pointed to 4,925 illegal out-of-state voters, 2,326 absentee ballots from vacant addresses, 5,000 dead people voting, and improperly handled drop boxes. And he brought up the allegations that Georgia is shredding evidence as fast as it can.

The bottom line, as Trump accurately said, is that these infractions were "many, many times the 11,779 margin [sic] that they said we lost by."

Anonymous said...

Trump hammered over and over that he won the state. No matter how you look at it, he said he won, and he's got the evidence to prove it.

At this point, Mark Meadows stated what Trump's team wanted — and it wasn't to fake votes for Trump. It was, instead, an honest investigation: "What I'm hopeful for is there some way that we can ... find some kind of agreement to look at this a little bit more fully." Thus, Meadows sought an agreement "that we can at least have a discussion to look at some of these allegations to find a path forward that's less litigious."

Raffensperger pushed back, saying he'd already had to deal with lawsuits (ignoring that the courts refused to hear evidence). He also huffed that "we gave our state Senate about one and a half hours of our time going through the election issue by issue and then on the state House, the government affairs committee, we gave them about two and a half hours of our time, going back point by point on all the issues of contention. And then just a few days ago we met with our U.S. congressmen, Republican congressmen, and we gave them about two hours of our time talking about this past election."

Did you get that? The biggest election fraud claim in American history, the president on the phone, massive amounts of evidence, and Raffensperger whines that he's already given up six and a half hours of his time to the issue.

Trump again chimes in to say, "We won the state." In response to Raffensperger's complaint that he sacrificed six and a half hours to the matter, Trump suggests that Raffensperger does not need to invest massive time in investigating all 300,000-plus problematic votes. He just needs to investigate 11,779 to give Trump his rightful victory. For, as Trump says, "Because, what's the difference between winning the election by two votes and winning it by half a million votes? I think I probably did win it by half a million."

When Raffensberger pushes back again, saying his office disproved the cemetery vote contention, Cleta Mitchell, a Trump attorney, makes an important point: Georgia has been withholding records from the White House.

There's more in the conversation (much more, including a debate about the video showing Ruby Freeman repeatedly scanning the same ballots), but you get the gist. Trump won. A lazy, entitled, arrogant, and corrupt Raffensperger won't work with the White House to look for fraud (or prove the absence of fraud). And the corrupt, dissolute, dishonest American media, unless brought to heel, will be the downfall of our constitutional republic.

Anonymous said...

The Truth About The 2020 Election Is Far More Sinister Than You Think

By John-Henry Westen

(LifeSiteNews) – The election in the United States was manipulated massively in order to favor Joe Biden. And not only that, the mainstream media’s narrative about the election is false but its power of influence is so immense, it’s creating dvision among the best defenders of the truth.

This past week has been unbelievable! We need to pray like never before. The truth has become obvious in some ways, yet the falsehoods are so effective that the vast majority of good people are being deceived.

What is currently happening in the U.S. seems capable enough of destroying the conservative movement. It also has the potential to be used by the Left all over the world as a cudgel to make defenders of faith, life, and family out to be crazed violent enemies of the people.

But anyone should be able to see, at the same time, the very tools used to steal the election of 2020, since they are now at play like never before. The mainstream media, and even more than that, the social media monopolies, have been the biggest manipulators of a fair election. They have lied outright and concealed the truth. They have censored even the President of the United States with impunity – and no one on either side even disputes this.

Moreover, earlier this year I interviewed on this show Robert Epstein, an atheist Jewish Democrat who, despite his political leanings, was appalled at the election manipulation being undertaken by Google and the other Big Tech social media giants such as Twitter and FaceBook. He scientifically demonstrated the massive vote manipulation that was possible and showed that it was in effect.

Beyond even this, we had the hearings into voter fraud which showed testimony of hundreds of sworn affidavits and the manipulations in courts which forbade the evidence from ever being presented. Furthermore, we had video of the fraud being carried out and a heroic sting operation which demonstrated the voter fraud live for all to see. Except hardly any did see it.


Because the mainstream media is under almost total control by the left.

At LifeSite we’ve known this for 25 years. It was the reason why we began this media mission. Yet, despite our best efforts most of the good, God-fearing people cannot see what is happening.

Anonymous said...

So, let me try to show you some of that – just enough so you can at least know that you’ve missed something, something big you need to look into, something that may help you understand why Americans are concerned enough to finally raise their voices to protest the stealing of their democracy.

People suggest constantly that there is no evidence of voter fraud. That argument hinges on the lower courts having rejected the attempts to demonstrate that. Well, there is testimony from a lawyer for the Trump team working in Nevada. He details all the ways his team verified the fraud, and then tells of how they were unable to use the evidence in court because their access to the information was delayed so long that the date set by the court to submit the evidence had passed.

And even beyond that, there is much evidence of the voter fraud and manipulation on video. We saw Republican poll watchers being denied access over and over again. And let me give a hat tip here to Project Veritas which conducted many sting operations demonstrating massive voter fraud in the act.

So, yes, America is being fraudulently handed over to the Global Reset crowd with Joe Biden being the lead puppet for the moment. And the biggest culprit is the mainstream media and the tech giants that have manipulated the election, controlled the flow of information, and used their near-total monopoly to bamboozle the public worldwide. They are pulling accounts on the political right and center.

This is a battle for truth. Not for Donald Trump. At LifeSite, we have openly criticized Trump for pushing the LGBT agenda and will always do that without apology. But blaming Trump for the current situation is ludicrous. The manipulation here is more plain and obvious than it has ever been before.

And in all this I must say we feel totally helpless, like little mice before a goliath. But that is exactly where I’m happy to be. Small and outnumbered is the perfect time for Our Lord to act. In the end, He is victorious. In the end Christ wins.

Where do we go from here?  The best course of action for freedom-loving pro-lifers, I believe, is simply this: 

Pray for America and strive for sanctity in our daily lives. 

Love your family, and love your neighbors. 

Speak truth to power, no matter the cost, gathering inspiration from people like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Bishop Athanasius Schneider.  

Prepare for darkness and more persecution knowing, however, that in the end Christ will be victorious

Continue to condemn senselesss political violence (and acknowledge it is far from concentrated, normal, or prevalent on the American “right,” no matter what mainstream media tell us), voter fraud, and tyranny in  all of  its  many  forms.

Anonymous said...

Really? Did we forget that the election was stolen? Is Trump's brash style as dangerous as the criminally corrupt liberals that are actually currently engaging in a coup and have openly stated what they plan to do to patriots and our country. Given my choices, I voted for a President. I don't expect an unsaved man to act like a Christian. After all, I am a Christian and I don't always act like one either (and the honest reader will say the same thing). With the same choices, I would vote for him again right now.

On another note, Catholicism isn't Biblical Christianity. That might not sound loving, but it's true. Salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, not the "Church", the silly guy wearing the fish hat, or Mary, who called Jesus her Savior herself. Please repent and get right with God by saving faith in his Son alone. Given the present circumstances and the rush of even so called "conservatives" to condemn our President and those who care about our President, our country, and our future, it appears that time may be very short. I don't expect it to happen, but personally, I still pray that God allows the truth to be shown and our President to remain in office even at this late hour.

Finally, it wasn't a cult for many of us. I hope it isn't the case, but I still have a suspicion that our President could be playing out the greatest acting role of his lifetime. What better way to usher in the enemy's plan than with a "conservative" President? Openly trust God completely. That said, as I stated before, given my choices, I pick and support President Trump over the competition any day.

Anonymous said...

Note: previous post should say, I only trust God completely. The app changed it to openly. However, God did indeed place President Trump in office (and Biden too, if he succeeds). We are under God's judgement and I believe we're in the last of the last days.

Anonymous said...

Constance wrote: "Trump has supplied fuel for prophesied persecution of believers as written in the book of Daniel, the 4 Gospels and the Book of Revelation."

I studied a bit the 'dialectic'. I had heard many months ago that he could have been put there as an opposite of the previous puppet (Obongoman). Half the country loves one, the other half hates him, hence the perpetual division and strife. Nobody knows who the enemy is.

I surmise that Trump could have been put there partly for 1. antagonizing and angering nationalists (patriotic people, ie the White silent majority) 2. angering the OTHER side that already hates the nationalists. Brilliant. All driven into the arms of what's coming!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Constance,

Many here were part of a Trump cult and, sadly, many here still are. This is exactly how Hitler got into power. Trump is a deeply evil man who appeals to itching ears of the proud and self-righteous. What a sad, sad thing it is to realize many who could have heard the word of God and believed will not do so. I already believe in Jesus Christ, however, had I heard from mobs who used His Holy Name as though they were followers, knowing such people were rabid racists, etc., then I would have run as far away as I could from anything they believed.

As a Christian of color, I have felt wounded and deeply saddened reading many of the underhanded comments posted here over the last few years.

Anonymous said...

How Politics Started a New Segregation Era

Banning Trump does nothing but fan the flames of the rabid and treasonous bowing before their idol, Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

Big Tech DEPLATFORMED Parler, so... best-twitter-alternatives

Anonymous said...

7:48 PM

Your speaking nonsense! Black people who were in their right mind understood that there future was brighter for themselves, and their children under Trump, than under the Demonrats that have always used blacks as political pawns.

Anonymous said...

10:31 PM

Yes except however at the end where they stated "As a Christian of color, I have felt wounded and deeply saddened reading many of the underhanded comments posted here over the last few years." one need simply look at the post immediately previous to read "(patriotic people, ie the White silent majority)".

Anonymous said...

7:48 PM,

The contraction of, "you are", is, "you're", not, "your".

You're speaking nonsense indeed.

Anonymous said...

The only 'evidence' we have ever needed that the 2020 Presidential election was STOLEN is that it would have been a mathematical and statistical IMPOSSIBILITY for Joe Biden to have WON the election... unless votes were deliberately and intentionally switched from Trump to Biden in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, November 4th. Joe Biden knows it... and God knows it.

That is the COUP... and that is the TREASON against the United States of America!!!

Anonymous said...

The Deadly Wound Will Be Healed: Trump's Political Future is Far From Over | Bible Prophecy Video

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned...

Our U.S. military would rather LIVE under Trump (and freedom)... than DIE under Biden (and Chinese run socialism).

Anonymous said...

6:15 AM,

You're casting empty aspersions. I hope there is another uprising by numbskull traitors such as yourself at Congress, and I hope you are all gunned down by the our brave men of the armed forces and Trump is executed for high treason.

Anonymous said...

@6:20 AM,
I truly hope when your Nazi ass rises up again with the mob that you are gunned down in the street by the US Army, along with every other Trump supporting Nazi b.s.t.d out there. I hope your blood runs all the way to Dixie and rots in the ground. That you are thrown into the lake of fire alive. I hate Nazis like you. You are filth!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi and company are the TRAITORS to the United States of America.

Since it is now widely believed that Nancy's laptop computer was stolen on January 6, 2021... she has been freaking out ever since, worrying that her TREASON will soon be uncovered and revealed for ALL of America to see!!!

Buckle up and stay tuned, all of you clueless ones (who need to learn to keep up).

Anonymous said...

P.S. I am neither a Southerner or a Nazi. (Nice try though.)

paul said...

I'm still trying to figure out what the actual crime was/is that Trump should be prosecuted for.
What felony; what misdemeanor?
I'm pretty sure that just being hated by a mob is not an actual crime.

And as far as him being a would-be Hitler, it's the Democrats that fit that description.
It's the Democrats that have full control of the media, just like Hitler did in the late thirties.
It's the Democrats who want to regulate what people can and can't say, like Stalin or Mao.

Anonymous said...

Paul, it is my sincere belief that Trump's 'crime' (since his own inauguration in January, 2017) is that he has NEVER been a Deep State Globalist... or ever allowed himself to be controlled by them. That is why they have crucified and verbally sliced and diced him 24/7 in the mainstream news media for 4 years. I truly believe that God was on his side... not because Trump is a perfect person (he is very flawed)... but, because he has been doing God's 'work' here on earth... from placing pro-LIFE (anti-abortion) candidates on the Supreme Court... to exposing and going after worldwide child sex trafficking... to trying to stop endless wars and bring our boys home... and (as an added bonus) we enjoyed a healthy economy, too.

His enemies realized that the ONLY way to stop his landslide victory / re-election was to STEAL the election in November, 2020... and they did!!! They did this via Dominion Software (the same software that 'elected' Hugo Chavez and turned Venezuela into a Socialist country!); votes from thousands of illegals; deceased persons; prisoners; non-residents of various states; and underaged 'voters'. There is no way on God's green earth that Joe 'Dementia' Biden (now Communist China's puppet!) could have WON that election without stolen votes... it would have been a statistical impossibility!!

We all KNOW the election was stolen... and they KNOW the election was stolen.

Anonymous said...

"P.S. I am neither a Southerner or a Nazi. (Nice try though.)"

You certainly are a Nazi b.s.t.r.d, 7:15 AM. No one said you were a Southerner. What I did say, however, was, "I hope your blood runs all the way to Dixie and rots in the ground" (when the US Army shoots traitors like you down), and you can take that personally!

Anonymous said...

6:33 AM, is that you again at 7:48 PM?

Anonymous said...

Ruth of Exeter, UK said...

Dispatches from the Front: The Psychological Attack on the UK (and the USA)
A discussion by men of expertise and experience of the dark spiritual reality behind the political shenanigans - the big picture.

Anonymous said...

paul @ 7:32 AM

You think exactly as I do.
The few ruined that lawful peaceful protest for the many.
They do not represent us and were not incited by President Trump to do it, they did that of their own accord, shameful as it is. Our voices were silenced to ask for the formidable evidence of election fraud to be reviewed and given the scrutiny it deserved.
Trump's crime is rebelling against the establishment swamp. The violence comes straight from the left's playbook.

And I agree with 8:17 AM too.
The world is officially insane.
Welcome to Nazi Germany of 1933 with Fuhrer Biden/Harris at the helm.

RayB said...

Paul @ 7:32 AM & Anon @ 8:17 AM ...

I agree with both of you. Here are just a few thoughts I'd like to add:

First, Trump has been the most investigated public official in my life time (perhaps ever), and, after four years, they turned up absolutely nothing. So much so, that they had to use a recorded phone call (in which Trump said NOTHING even remotely wrong) as a means of impeachment. The Democrats were so desperate that they used Adam Schiff to falsely paraphrase the phone call in order to make it sound like Trump said numerous things he never said. Think about that. The best they could come up with was a false paraphrase of a recorded phone call!

Second, Catherine Austin Fitts investigated the official, historical records of the Federal budget. Using the Congressional Budget Office's official data, Fitts has documented that "over $21 TRILLION" is officially "unaccounted" for. What this translates to is the fact that there has been massive theft of unimaginable proportions. Recall the "off shore banking" scandal that was uncovered, which named numerous government officials? That was only ONE (there are many others) and that story quickly disappeared. The theft of U S Government (taxpayers' money) is on a scale that is beyond comprehension.

Third, Trump refused to expand the wars in the Middle East, in particular, Syria & Iran. What is even worse is that Trump has been drawing down troops. These actions have infuriated the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, along with our most powerful lobbyist/nation in the Middle East.

Forth, the media, along with big tech, is not what it appears to be. It is all being controlled by the very same interests that have opposed Trump (and populism) from the beginning. Anyone that dares to speak the truth is crushed, while the fools on the left cheer from the sidelines. What they don't realize is that they are next. Totalitarianism crushes all speech and freedom. In these despotic societies, speaking the truth becomes a criminal act. That is precisely what is behind "hate speech" legislation.

The corruption of the Deep State and its minions is beyond belief ... it even entails the international drug trade, child trafficking, etc. It is Satanic to the core. Sarah Palin rightly described it recently as "the pit of Hell." She is 100% correct.

Anonymous said...


A while back you spoke strongly against, and deleted a post by someone who said something about how George Soros should be supported with a rope.

6:33 AM said he hoped the poster @ 6:20 AM would be gunned down by the US Army! Are you going to rebuke 6:33 AM who posted this, and more?

The comment by 6:33 AM was much worse that any comment ever posted towards George Soros here!

Please monitor your blog against extreme haters like 6:33 AM

Anonymous said...

PARLER, etc.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Trump has his fingers in many pies, upsetting many powerful neighborhood apple carts. THAT is why we have this 4 year onslaught against him (and his voters).

But THE PEOPLE must do something now to stop this. It's YOUR country!

You gonna fight for once in your life, or you gonna lay down like a sick little quivering lamb?!

RayB said...

Constance stated in her post:

"Mary L. Trump, Donald's psychologist niece wrote a critical book about her uncle. Many Trump supporters are furious that she did so. Nevertheless, in my opinion the book should be required reading. I have enough lawyer in me to not reject evidence without first having read and evaluated it."

A little history regarding Trump's niece Mary Trump:

Mary is the daughter of Fred Jr. whom his father, Fred Sr., had chosen to head up the family business, while Fred Sr. began to diminish his role as CEO. Unfortunately, Fred Jr. was not cut out for such a task, as evidenced early on by several incredibly poor business decisions, including some horrible, failed PR stunts. Fred Jr. felt pressure from both his father and his brother Donald to take the time to "learn the business" and grow into his role. Fred Jr. never did. Instead, leaving the company, he decided he wanted to become an airline pilot. Fred Jr. also became an alcoholic, tragically dying at the age of 42, thereby preceding his own father's death.

Because Fred Sr. did not "like" Fred Jr's wife, she was basically left out of the will, causing a life-long resentment by Mary towards her grandfather, and, her uncle Donald who had become the head of the family's business. Mary and her brother, as did all grandchildren, received $200,000 each upon Fred Sr's death. Mary always felt she was cheated out of a substantial fortune by her grandfather, and blamed her uncle Donald and other aunts and uncles as well. Being "cheated" out of a "fortune" fueled a life long resentment and hatred towards her grandfather and uncle. Her "book" is nothing other than a venting of that hatred towards her uncle.

When Donald Trump was elected POTUS, what was Mary's response? Mary "tweeted" the following when asked how Trump could have been elected:

“Because most Americans are hateful, selfish people who care about nothing outside of their own narrow interests. Devastating.”

If you want to take such a biased person's account seriously, be my guest. IMO, giving credibility to anything this person says or writes concerning Donald Trump, or those that voted for him, for that matter, is a huge error in judgment.

Anonymous said...

*IMPORTANT* The Abomination of Desolation - Washington DC & Trump

Anonymous said...

11 AM, You are right, I hate Nazis and believe you all should be shoved into your own gas chambers, your lily white asses should be lynched by the very nooses you hope to hang innocent black men in, as you rape their women. Yes, you should be shot on site where the insurrection continues by you, HOWEVER, all these things should only be done with State sanctioning and with lawful orders demanding such (What do you think happened to the likes of you at Nuremberg?).

I hate all Nazis with a vengeance, yet it is for the State to implement necessary extraordinary measures now and have the army shoot you on site! Disgraceful, deluded traitors!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 1:28 PM

Please take your sick HATRED and propaganda to a blog that will welcome your rants and BS.

(And try not to let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.)

Anonymous said...

1:28 PM,

See a psychiatrist. Fast. Lily white, black, red or yellow.

Anonymous said...

2:03 PM, I shall post where I want, you fascist pig!

2:04 PM,

Go and roll up in a ball and die as every Nazi should do, i.e., go fk yourself!

Anonymous said...

To RayB @ 1:00 PM

Thank you for sharing... and filling in the blanks as to the REAL (envy and greed motive) reason why Mary Trump hates her Uncle Donald. These facts regarding their family history should be required reading for all Americans... but, sadly, won't be.

Anonymous said...

To 2:08 PM

It is just that your hate-filled rants are not a good 'fit' for our Christian blog!!!

I am sure there are other blogs that would love to have you.

(It's not personal.)

Anonymous said...

2:08 PM

FYI: YOU are more like a Nazi than anyone else on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Now, 2:32 PM... you KNOW that's not true, because you know nothing about me. LOL

Anonymous said...

President Trump meant for his 1 million plus supporters to march TO the Capitol... not THROUGH the Capitol.

In the 4 years of Trump's first term, his loyal supporters have a proven track record of peaceful rallies... and NOT being violent!!!

Now, intel reports are saying that there is EVIDENCE that ANTIFA were cleverly mixed in with the Trump supporters on January 6th... and THEY are the ones who 'stormed the Capitol'!!!

Interestingly enough... it has also been widely reported that the real reason why Nancy Pelosi is FREAKING OUT right now is over her missing laptop computer (which may reveal her treason to the American people!!!)... rather than any 'concern' of hers that President Trump still has 'access to the nuclear codes'.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect... I don't believe that the 75-80 MILLION Trump supporters are a cult.

I believe that we were tired of the status quo... and decided to vote for a non-politician who wrote the "The Art Of The Deal"... to see if perhaps HE could do a better job of negotiating / running this country, than the Globalists (the usual suspects) before him.

paul said...

Yes, Trump got more votes this time than he did in 2016, _even if you leave out the 20% of votes that were stolen from him and switched over to Biden!

Anonymous said...

AMEN, Paul!!!

Anonymous said...

2:36 PM said...

you KNOW that's not true, because you know nothing about me. LOL

That type of response indicates that we've been dealing with a sadistic TROLL

Anonymous said...

FYI . . .

Anonymous said...

Note - Parler may currently be unsecure (although this article may be mainly trying to help kill it by mixing in mention of rioters with a technical issue).

RayB said...

Our "christian of color" friend (his own description) ... small "c" on purpose by me ... advocates the "Army" shoot people on sight.
The "Army" are agents of the Government and if such a lawless action were to take place, we would indeed be living in a fascist, totalitarian state.

YET, our friend has the audacity to refer to Trump supporters as "Nazis ... Fascists" that deserve to be murdered by the Government. He rails against "racists," yet has no problem using racist terminology himself. Weird.

This is what the radical, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-communist left has become in this country. They absolutely HATE the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, we will see more of this type of Satanic attitude grow in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

2:03 PM / 1:28 PM. = "Person of color" + "christian" = disgrace to decent Blacks

Anonymous said...

I just deleted your site. Fuk off you liar

Craig said...

Voddie Baucham will be releasing new book Fault Lines in the spring critiquing Critical Race Theory:

Fault Lines | Social Justice | Critical Race Theory - Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham discusses critical race theory, social justice, and his new book "Fault Lines" coming out this April. These ideologies are growing rampant in our culture and they echo even louder in our pulpits.


This article promotes proper Christian response to adversaries and what it means to be a witness:

Providing Christian Witness

Anonymous said...

Do you think the christian of color is X?
Just wondering.

RayB said...

Anon ...

IMO, this is not X. X at least was able to write somewhat intelligently, even though I personally did not agree with most of what he avowed. X went to great lengths in order to state his position, which ended up being illogical, such as his claim that Biden was the "pro-life" candidate. In contrast, this person is crude, vulgar, radical, violent, and racist ... all rolled into one. He actually is exactly what he claims to be against, a fascist, which is a common phenomenon that is found among the left. ANTIFA & BLM are so hypocritical, it would be comical, if it weren't for the fact that they are so dangerous. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out that this poster is a member of one, if not both, of these radical organizations.

What's your opinion?

RayB said...

Project Veritas strikes again! This time it involves PBS. This is not a joke:


Also called for the White House to be "firebombed" in retaliation of the Trump Presidency.

PS: somehow, the mainstream media has missed this story. I can't imagine why, can you? /s

Anonymous said...

I'm completely convinced that the Apocalypse began with the release of the coronavirus. The Lord is allowing this. We can rejoice in how near the Lord's return is! When He gets here, justice will be served with a rod if iron.

I might not get this verbatim, see if I can?

I saw, and behold a white horse, and he that sat on him had a bow, and a crown was given him, and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.


What else can this be? The world has been turned upside down. People have gone mad! The government, you know, the ones we elect, to serve us. They hate us, and want to control us as slaves.

We have witnessed Obama's "Change", and the rapid liberalization, and corruption of anything remotely goodly. But right now, this is off the charts evil!

Anonymous said...

Blight B. at 6:17 PM (there is nothing raylike about you, except pretense and appearance, like your father Satan),

The US Army should defend the Republic against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, including against the Nazi Cofederate flag waving mob we saw attack the US Congress.

Yes, the Army should be used to protect the Republic from fascist filth as yourself. The situation has become so dire, it is best for the army to shoot on site.

By the way, you rabidly unchristian moron, I have watched how viciously and antichistlike you have been over the years toward anyone who has disagreed with you. It has taken years for me to finally speak against you scum that frequent here. You blatantly racist statements, your lying, slandering and mocking of Christine Erikson (is it because she has Jewish blood ...) and others here, your bashing and wounding anyone who doesn't see everything your way, through your lens of interpretation, especially Catholics.

Read Matthew 25 and weep toward repentance, you vile excuse of a man. You are no Christian at all. I have watched you brag, gloat and bully here for years now. I stopped posting a very long time ago because of the likes of you and Jew bating/ Roman Catholic hating S[p]aul.

Will either of you ever have a, “road to Damascus”, revelation and repent of your evil ways?

I said I am a Christian of color, yes, however I never said I was black.

Most fascists are completely stupid, utterly evil, or both. It clearly strikes me you, “Blight B” (there is nothing raylike about you) fall into the latter category (that means the, ”both", option at the end).

The post at 7:23 PM is not mine. Is that you, Blight B.? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

To all of you rightly concerned about what's going to happen with President Trump, there is great news, finally:

Anonymous said...

THIS is what 1:38 AM oh so cutely tinyurl posted:

(The MSM's [via Google's highly unfiltered {cough}] take on impeachment news.)


Anonymous said...


11:26 PM had just said a little earlier (at 7:23 PM) "I just deleted your site. Fuk off you liar" have sympathy for the psychotic that "deleted" the site but somehow keeps posting on it.

And 11:26 PM, as 2:04 PM said:

See a psychiatrist. Fast. Lily white, black, red or yellow.

Anonymous said...

For those smart enough to NOT trust the MSM:





Anonymous said...

For what it's worth Mike Adams now admits that some of his relied-on sources turned out to have not been trustworthy as they've diverged from each other and they're now telling him TWO starkly different things...

Anonymous said...

X is back:

Last week can be spun in a million directions but Jan 6 was led, in part, by those purporting to be fully grown in age and faith - Christians and, as such, should be held accountable at law and by their churches as well despite their delusions that the election was stolen (all debunked). Atheists and non-believers on the left are expected to riot, be violent and disregard law and order as they live in this [material] world devoid of true ethics and morality. True Christians are supposed to do better.

Jeremiah 5:30-31 NASB

“An appalling and horrible thing
Has happened in the land:
The prophets prophesy falsely,
And the priests rule on their own authority;
And My people love it this way!
But what will you do when the end comes?

Benson Commentary: Jeremiah 5:30-31. A wonderful and horrible thing is committed — So stupendous a crime, that it is beyond the apprehension of man to conceive, much more to express, its greatness; and so abominable, that a man ought even to loathe the thoughts of it. What this is, we have in the next verse; in the land — That is, this land, which aggravates the greatness of the wonder that such a thing should exist in such a land! The prophets prophesy falsely, &c. — Both priests and prophets agree to speak pleasing things to the people, thereby to keep up their interest and authority with them. And my people love to have it so — They are well enough pleased to be thus misled. If the prophets and priests will let them alone in their sins, they will give them no disturbance in theirs. They love to be held and governed by a loose rein, and like those rulers very well that will not restrain their lusts, and those teachers that will not reprove them. And what will ye do in the end thereof — And what can this end in, but a total corruption of manners? The consequence of which must be the utter ruin of the state.

Pulpit Commentary: Verse 31. - The prophets... the priests. Bear rule by their means; rather, rule at their beck. (literally, at their hands). An example of this interference of the false prophets with the priestly office is given by Jeremiah himself. My people love to have it so. Sometimes the prophets speak as if the governing classes alone were responsible for the sins and consequent calamities of their country. But Jeremiah here expressly declares that the governed were as much to blame as their governors.

Anonymous said...

Et tu, Constance?

Are you sure this is the stand to take, especially as more evidence comes out that the peaceful protest was breached by people who are not Trump supporters, and some unwisely followed them, only to have it turn out very badly?
Also why no warning shots by the Capitol police, or other means to stop what was going on in that building, where unarmed people got hurt or killed?
Where has the left been in condemning violence all last summer? They scream bloody murder if someone goes after there elitist rear ends but said nothing about what was happening to Mom and Pop businesses and homes out there on mainstreet America. Why are you joining in with them, Constance?
The huge majority in attendance on January 6th, were not incited to anything wrong. The President's own words called for it to be peaceful and orderly when you go directly to his words rather than the headlines of the media that hates our free speech!
That election's results should have been challenged, was right to do, and that provision is in our Constitution, so that they have been thwarted and usurped by the Trump hating left and duplicitous Republicans is not surprise, but sure is sad.

Does this sound like a Trump supporter to you, or a guy who needs lot of attention to ride others coattails to cause chaos? It is his mealticket to travel from venue to venue to stir up people.

By the way Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz were brilliant on the floor! Bravo for how they connected the dots to show how wrong headed the attacks on our President, and us that he represents really is.
Why Constance, why?

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading Craigs blogpost and watching Vigano video ...but isn't he the opus dei priest who protected rapist priests by dragging out their cases.

The reason is so sad and unfortunate but glad I didn't spend December explaining how the election wasn't stolen to you all.


Anonymous said...

That will only preach when delivered by a righteous god fearing person , X

Your hypocrisy in your voting stances, tell us you are not the one who should deliver such words.

Your lack of virtue while you attempt to virtue signal others is laughable.
Go learn your own lessons while the rest of us trust God to show us how to see these times we are in.

Back to being a joke at a blog is all you have going on?

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for pointing out our folly in hoping for a return to some degree of decency in our government leadership. Why we couldn't understand that the vicious, blood thirsty, Lucifer serving, democrats should be supported, and would be the best choice to stop abortion! I guess we should be thankful for the Dominion voting machines that have made the Biden presidency possible. Joe seems like a real decent guy! Should be a great 8 years! Peace, and safety!

Anonymous said...

Constance, your blog post doesn't engage with the question of who won the election. The judiciary has let America down horribly because justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done, and nobody now knows the truth (although many have suspicions). As a result, this has escalated beyond who becomes president to whether the USA has free and fair elections. Unlike who wins an election, electoral fairness might be a hill worth dying on.

Anonymous said...

"Et tu, Constance"

"Why are you joining in with them, Constance?"

Have patience and pity with people, my friend. These last days people will become INSANE and unreasonable. The rational ones will be strung up with ropes and dunked in the river. Perhaps her husband's recent passing affects her thinking. No offense. Also as we age, chemicals have reactions different from when we were in youth. I'm also guilty of bad thinking. We enter very soon the 70th week. An age of chaos, degradation........and of madness.

Just my half cent opinion.

Anonymous said...

You have ALL been played by all sides.

Satan eats his own tail!

Anonymous said...

5:58 PM,
Thank you. You make a good point.
A while after I posted it, the thought occurred to me perhaps this is her thinking while she is still fresh from the loss of her husband. And now I read this.
I think your words are right and I am wish I had worded that with something less direct addressed to her.
I am sorry, Constance. Please accept my apology.
5:58 PM is right.

Anonymous said...

The ideas that Donald Trump is significantly more narcissistic than many other presidents is untenable. He's just less interested at concealing himself. Come on, just think about the postwar presidency.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for any Christians caught up in this unbiblical NAR/INC movement.

An article discussing INC/NAR, the trump false prophets and dominionism/seven mountain mandate. I watched Jan 6th closely and recall seeing persons blowing horns/trumpets (shofars) and praying ON/over buildings. These heretics need correction and reproof, followed, hopefully, by repentance.


P.S. - Biden wins the election and right on cue, as I predicted, the Supreme Court issues a quiet after-hours ruling allowing the President to regulate the distribution of Plan B/medicine based abortifacients. I never said Biden is pro-life today (he was a long time ago so it's possible he'll have a change of heart which we should pray for), only that the Supreme Court is now more likely to actually vote to restrict/overturn the republican based Roe v Wade decision now that a democrat is in the white house.

Anonymous said...

You need prayer, X.
That's no splinter, that's an Amazon forest in your eyes.
And you need to repent.
P.S. I predicted the Democrats would cheat to win. And they did.

Anonymous said...

9:15 PM,
You are a lying devil. There is only blind and unjust judge between you and X, and it is not X.

The Lord rebuke you.

Excellent news,Trump has been impeached. Haha, fab!

Anonymous said...

pssst.... new thread y'all. French Revolution parallels.

9:15 - I will pray for your discernment.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother X.

Anonymous said...

To 8:28 PM

FYI - Another place that has '7 hills' is Seattle, Washington... the home of Bill Gates!!!

And, to imagine that Joe Biden (a Catholic in name only!) is going to overturn Roe v Wade... you are absolutely DELUSIONAL!!!

We will pray for YOU.

Anonymous said...

This election was about so much MORE than a choice between Trump vs Biden.

This election was about whether our country the United States of America continues to live in freedom... or goes forward with living under Socialism!!!

80 MILLION people disagree about living under Socialism!!! 80 million people are NOT unhinged 'cult' members!!!

Anonymous said...

There is something about to get messy across America: on the face of it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for this thoughtful article. There are some difficult days ahead. We can expect problems from Biden's presidency. As Christians we must realize that we can't safely align with either Trumpists or Bidenists. Some of Biden's initiatives can probably be challenged in court and could quite possibly overturned. If Christians had united in 2016 behind someone honest and humble, we might not be in such a mess now. But here we are and we must use the tools at hand.

jcbf19 said...

Thanks for your commentary. I disagree with you on the recorded phone call- I think Pres Trump wanted investigation enough to call into question the discrepancy that would give him the edge, I don't think he expected the Attny Gen GA to do something illegal. I think he honestly believed he won GA and that an investigation in any of many counties with weird things going on would show enough of a questionable vote to put him over the top. Actually I wonder if he might be right. I don't know why both of the really left Senators took their state. It confounds me, and again, I am not sure the re election was without concern about fraud. I have no idea. I have no idea if Joe Biden really won the presidency.

What happened on Jan 6 was tragic on so many levels, not the least of which was to give persecution of Trump supporters a free pass to proceed- but that will actually be a free pass to redefine Christians and conservatives and even Constitutionalists as extremists. This is in the works with the new Stand Down order for the Armed Forces.

It does not help that ALOT of conservative Americans are buying guns and ammunition. This will of course trigger some form of gun control, in fact legislation has already begun in the Congress.

Caveat: there is no citizen militia that will ever be able to stand against the resources and power amassed in the United States Armed Forces- those days are long gone. No one will ever be able to overthrow the US from a grass roots militia starting point. FACT. So, the 2nd amendment might be a moot point at its heart; but with some measure of armed protection, some citizens might be able to protect themselves from mob attack to a point, if that becomes a threat.

I have thought this through alot, in the wake of the mob violence last summer, and the lockdown off-the-cuff overreach of state governors. For the Christian, there is last resort recourse to self- defense, but generally no justification for any kind of weaponized attack against anyone- unjust police, unjust local governenance etc. It is inconsistent for the most part with our creed to rise up in violence against our fellow man. Our recourse is first of all and primarily to prayer. Our second recourse is refuge within the law- the Constitution in our right to assemble and our right to free speech. We are the people of passive resistance, called to testify to the TRUTH, to preach the gospel, call people to justice for all. Like the students in Munich during the Nazi opporession, we must become our own version of The White Rose.

jcbf19 said...
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MomGA said...

This article claims the one with the bull horns was porn star Barry Wood

Jonah said...

The QAnon phenomenon is gaining a very strange new life:


Sinny said...

The people claiming to be Qanon at Capitol Hill were quite clearly ANTIFA agitators. No self respecting Anon would talk to the mainstream media or pose for clearly scripted photoshoots!

Eric Newhuis said...

Constance, I was good friends with Dorothy Margraf and still am good friends with her son. I've studied many aspects of this recent election and transition of power and although I don't think there is anything that I know that would sway your opinion of Trump I do know that there are many elements/facts that, had you known them when you wrote this, would have steered you to use completely different examples. At the risk of sounding offensive I just want to let you know that you should take another look. I believe that you are misrepresenting popular theories as facts that are easily disproven, specifically regarding the Georgia call. If you've not heard the entire call then I can understand your position on it; however, if you have heard the entire call then I am dumbfounded by your use of that to support your opinion.

There are certainly elements of truth in what you wrote and a lot of this seems like a justification for your opinion but I see confirmation bias in your examples. Not that there's anything wrong with your opinion; but I had a very difficult time reading this due to the facts. This is certainly forgivable considering the extent to which most media sources, both sides of the dialectic, seem to be engaged as a cartel.