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America, Be Warned: Revolution in France and America Planned, Preached, and Promoted by Leftist Thugs! by Don Boys, Ph.D

 To my Readers:

I was impressed by the following article that was sent to me by Dr. Don Boys.  I originally hail from Indiana and Dr. Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives and ran a Christian school in Indianapolis for years.  I have been very concerned that a spirit of mob violence has been unleashed from both right wing and from left wing circles.  Qanon on the "Right" and "Antifa" and other forms of anarchy on the left.  I am currently concerned that the violence that transpired in Washington, D.C. last week will give abundant excuses to the left wing elements as well as globalist "reset" agenda forces to work to even further curtail Christian rights than what has already transpired with the transgender, same-sex marriage agendas.  I asked Dr. Boyd for permission to reprint his article and he graciously gave it.  I would appreciate your feedback and I am sure Dr. Boyd would as well.  There is an old saying:  "All revolutions eat their children."  That goes for the Christian Reconstruction" elements as well who believe they will undergo no persecution and "take the kingdom by force and violence."

Stay tuned,

Constance E. Cumbey

by Don Boys, Ph.D.     

Revolutions in France, Russia, or Cuba didn’t happen by accident because they were planned, preached, and promoted by leftist thugs. Those thugs did not know that all revolutions devour their own.
In the eighteenth century, some eloquent, highborn French wanted a national makeover that stemmed from their hatred of Christ and the Bible, Christian morality, property rights, orderly government, and strong father-led homes. There were some legitimate complaints against the government but none that justified anarchy and wholesale executions without a trial.

The promoters of the French resistance, rebellion, and revolution were willing to wait for the time to strike. It took decades, but it came.

It took decades in America, but it is here.

Waiting gives revolutionaries time to organize and gather their cadre of conspirators. The French were led to the guillotine by suave, sophisticated, and often sincere spokesmen such as Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and other brilliant, immoral, but arrogant conspirators who detested revelation and deified reason. With the passing years, the leaders who replaced Voltaire and Rousseau were more vicious and deadly. They spoke about liberty, equality, and fraternity while they mocked their essence.

Voltaire and Rousseau would have been horrified if they had lived to see the Reign of Terror—heads rolling hour after hour in the middle of Paris; thousands of innocent people killed, usually without trial; climaxing in the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte. Voltaire was known for freedom, independence, and defense of the little guy as expressed in his alleged comment, “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” He would not have approved of the revolution that became a repulsive river of blood emanating from the guillotine in the center of Paris.

Rousseau famously wrote, “Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains,” so he would have vetoed the revolution. Both men would have been aghast, even ashamed with the destruction, deception, and death. However, their humanism, secularism, and distrust, distaste, and disdain for the crown, the church, and the cottage set the stage for what followed decades after their initial attack.

But they started it and are stuck with it. That’s what happens when a nation rejects heavenly revelation and snuggles up to human reasoning.

I wonder what Voltaire and Rousseau would have thought of present-day America where one is condemned for what he did, wrote, or said 30 years ago! Where you can’t say, “All lives matter” or “Blue Lives Matter,” but must say, “Black lives matter.” Where historical monuments are being destroyed, and history is being rewritten to resemble a fairy tale. 

The French should have seen it coming over the decades as critics of the crown, the church, and the cottage became progressively louder, bolder, and shriller. 

Local and clandestine Jacobin clubs (consisting of Philosophers, Freemasons, and Illuminati) were the workhorses of the Reign of Terror in 1793 during the dictatorship of the revolution. At the time, there were up to 8,000 clubs in France consisting of about 500,000 members. They were no longer merely civic or social clubs but instruments of terror.

Their ostensible responsibility was to help with the running of local governments, policing the local markets, and raising supplies for the military and local police departments. They presented themselves as the epitome of public virtue and were quick to point out anyone suspected of disloyalty to the cause. And, with missionary zeal, they helped destroy all vestiges of Christianity. They became the tool of terrorist leader Robespierre whom he manipulated to his advantage.

Members of the Jacobin clubs were “snake in the grass” Frenchmen who had been radicalized over decades and were waiting for the signal to rebel, resist, riot, and revolt. All leaders of the plot had secret names for one another in their private correspondence. It was arranged so that no one knew many members.
Most historians smile at the suggestion that the French Revolution was promoted by conspirators decades before the streets exploded and the guillotine blade became dull with constant use. Just another conspiracy theory.
Those historians are wrong.      
Yale President Timothy Dwight was an American educator, Congregational minister, and President of Yale from 1886–1898. He documented the origin of the revolutionary Jacobin organizers who agitated for a brutal revolution. He declared, “About the year 1728, Voltaire, so celebrated for his wit and brilliancy and not less distinguished for his hatred of Christianity and his abandonment of principle, formed a systematical design to destroy Christianity and to introduce in its stead a general diffusion of irreligion and atheism. … With great art and insidiousness the doctrines of … Christian theology were rendered absurd and ridiculous; and the mind of the reader was insensibly steeled against conviction and duty.”

Dwight continued, “The fabrication of books of all kinds against Christianity, especially such as excite doubt and generate contempt and derision. … The being of God was denied and ridiculed … The possession of property was pronounced robbery. Chastity and natural affection were declared to be nothing more than groundless prejudices. Adultery, assassination, poisoning, and other crimes of the like infernal nature, were taught as lawful…provided the end was good. … The good ends proposed … are the overthrow of religion, government, and human society, civil and domestic. These they pronounce to be so good that murder, butchery, and war, however extended and dreadful, are declared by them to be completely justifiable.”

Note the similarities: There was a design to destroy, as today. There was an attack on Christ and the Bible, as today. There was an attack on property, as today. Horrible crimes were permitted if they were for a good cause, as today. If the end was desirable (to them), then the means were justified, like today. The worst crimes, even murder, were acceptable, as today.

The slow but sure erosion of the foundations of France began with Voltaire and was continued by the self-righteous philosophers and anti-crown, anti-church, anti-family fanatics over the following decades.
They dispensed with the corrupt Roman Catholic Church and installed the Cult of Reason. A prostitute was enthroned at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as the goddess of the French people. France was renamed The Republic of Virtue! The press and theaters were turned into tools for state propaganda. More than 2,000 churches were renamed Temples of Reason and became the voice of this cult. Crosses offended some people, so they were outlawed; religious monuments and statues were destroyed; public and private worship and education outlawed; Christian graves were desecrated. Churches were closed or used for immoral, lurid, licentious, scandalous depravities; and priests and ministers (along with those who harbored them) were executed on sight for a while.

What was their theme again? Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

The Apostle Peter warned about this in II Peter 2:19 when he wrote, “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.”
All secret societies are dishonest, deceptive, and dangerous to any society, whether it be the KKK, the Freemasons, or the elitist Order of Skull and Bones, a Yale University society originally known as the Brotherhood of Death. All sober people should flee such groups as if their hair was on fire. However, insecure elitists gravitate to such groups where they wallow in supposed superiority and delight in awarding and receiving honors. They spend much time patting each other on the back and stroking each other’s egos.
The secretive Jacobins (who met on Jacob Street in Paris) were sensitive to public virtue but thought personal virtue repugnant. They reported people who were suspects or who were not sufficiently pro-terror. It was an ideal time to take revenge on someone by suggesting to others about his or her suspicious political positions.

Many top-level aristocrats who had suspicious political views were beheaded or imprisoned, while those who remained alive lost all special treatment and privileges. The middle class took control following the much-touted program of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. That was great for a while, but when Robespierre took control, terror reigned. Civil war followed as believers of the monarchy (upper class) fought the revolutionaries (mainly lower-class except for leaders) for control. About half a million people were imprisoned between 1793 and 1794, and up to 300,000 were killed by firing squad and drowning. The bloody guillotine claimed 40,000 lives (without trial) in Paris, most of them because they held the wrong political views.

The basic philosophy behind and driving the Revolution was an attack on all authority—the church, the crown, the cottage. It was a deliberate conspiracy or plot to overthrow the throne, altar, and authoritarian family structure in Europe. The motive was the dissolution of all civil society. They would not need government because they believed in man's perfectibility; consequently, no government would be necessary. This belief resulted from the influence of the Illuminati, who became leaders in the Jacobin clubs.

America stands at the crossroads. Revolutionary leaders in the U.S. make their destructive contributions to national disruption as Robespierre and Denis Diderot did in France. All revolutionaries plan change, control, and chaos in their nation.

They must be stopped, but revolutions, once started, are almost impossible to stop.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent being Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning!  The eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at Follow him on Facebook at Don  Boys, Ph.D.; and visit his blog.  Send a request to for a free subscription to his  articles, and click here to support  his work with a donation.)


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good post. The parallels are clear! Pray hard, and often!

To the first poster: When I saw Obama being wheeled out for the sheep to see, on 60 Minutes, I knew he was going to be chosen for election.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Soros bought and planted Obama, and the world must have been ready to fall for that hoax.
Ask X why voted for him.
X loves Obama Biden.

Anonymous said...

X is tantamount to a Troll if not in fact a Troll.

With but little practice one can slide right past his posts just like with Dahlheimer's.

Anonymous said...

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet. Typically they do this by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog), with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion.[3] This is typically for the troll's amusement, or to achieve a specific result such as disrupting a rival's online activities or manipulating a political process.

Anonymous said...

Situation Update

Anonymous said...

"Revolutions in France, Russia, or Cuba didn’t happen by accident because they were planned, preached, and promoted by leftist thugs. Those thugs did not know that all revolutions devour their own."

ALL revolutions devour their own?

Not always (i.e. - US Revolution) and I think "thugs" can enter the vacuum of instability and wreck havoc from the right and/or the left. When might makes right, evil conspires. Populist uprisings vs Military Coups or a mixture of both.

I find it interesting when the American right focuses so much energy and focus on parallels and discussions of the brutal nature of the "liberals" of the French Revolution when it "only" resulted in the massacre of up to 50,000, 17,000 or so who died by gunfire/execution and the rest mostly died in prison. It is estimated that only 2,650 were by way of guillotine. This occurred largely over about one year "reign of terror" (1793-1794).

Though certainly tragic - I find the author downplays the significance of this whole revolution culminating in the authoritarian military takeover, by coup d'tat, by a self-declared emperor/imperialist (Napoleon - baptized Catholic) resulting in FAR more death and destruction than the "liberals" could have ever imagined. From 1803-1815 Napoleonic War resulted in the death of 2.5-3.5 military men along with 750,000 to 3,000,000 civilian deaths.

I'm also surprised the author, whom I've read before, conflates roman catholicism as it was practiced in 18th century France especially, with Christianity (forbidden by the roman catholic state). The roman catholic church was far more a governmental institution that had anointed the clergy with the status of First Estate of Realm and as the largest landowner had control of a lot of property exacting huge revenues from the French tenants.

Therefore, I assume the author's entire analysis is undertaken to tell a better present-day fearful anti-US-liberal story.

It's not a horrible point -- I don't want a liberal revolution either; but, I don't want one because I know the backlash will, much more quickly in the 21st century, lead eventually to a truly brutal much more savage authoritarian right-wing anti-christ leader...ironically...quite likely to be the then pope (probably not this pope). I'd like to see a more moderate world where both liberals and conservatives are appreciated for their input and efforts making the world a better place free from polarization and constant war where the gospel can and will be freely shared on all sides and the elect come to repentance.


Anonymous said...

For those smart enough to NOT trust X or the MSM:





Anonymous said...

This election was about so much MORE than a choice between Trump vs Biden.

This election was about whether our country the United States of America continues to live in freedom... or goes forward with living under Socialism!!!

80 MILLION people disagree about living under Socialism!!! 80 million people are NOT unhinged 'cult' members!!!

Anonymous said...

Do NOT engage (or attempt to debate) with the trolls who crawl out from under their rock to post on this blog.

Anonymous said...

True Christians are at PEACE in the knowledge that we know what the TRUTH is. There is no need to engage with any trolls to prove anything!!!

Anonymous said...


We all know that radical provocateurs (Antifia, QAnon, etc.) are the ones who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. This was used to fulfill the LEFT's agenda to destroy Trump and his legacy. Mission accomplished!!!

On January 6th, the MAJORITY of Trump supporters (1 million plus) marched peacefully TO the Capitol... not THROUGH the Capitol!!!

It is widely believed that Nancy's RUSH to impeach Trump had more to do with her missing laptop computer (and someone revealing damaging information that may be on that computer) than anything else!!!

paul said...

_Just a little humor to lighten things up today...a hilarious joke I just heard:

Jerry Nadler.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Situation Update, Jan 13th, 2021 – Competing Trump scenarios; breaking the spells of FEAR and SCARCITY

Trump or not, humanity must break the global spells of FEAR and SCARCITY

By: Mike Adams

(Natural News) On the surface, it appears certain that Trump has thrown in the towel and is preparing for Biden to be sworn in as president. If that’s true, then all conservatives, Christians, gun owners and Trump supporters across America must prepare to be persecuted like never before.
But another point of view on current events notes the many anomalies that cannot be swept under the rug, such as the fact that now 20,000 armed National Guard troops are descending on Washington D.C. even though Joe Biden won’t even be inaugurated there. He will be sworn in, if that happens, in front of a green screen in a studio where he can attempt several takes to maybe get the words right.

With Italy’s government now collapsing, and the Pope rumored to have been arrested, and a raid having taken place on the Leonardo company that provided the satellite infrastructure used by the deep state to steal the election, it’s obvious that major events are under way on the world stage, all pointing to something much bigger taking place in the next seven days.

Some people close to Trump are in a state of despair, according to reports, but others are defiant and remain convinced that Trump will take office on the 20th (or soon thereafter).

We don’t know the final answer to all this, but we know the importance of proceeding in a way that keeps us in faith and personal integrity. If we are about to march through the fire and be persecuted, then let us do so with absolute adherence to the principles that our wicked opponents despise: Truth, honesty and obedience to God.

In today’s Situation Update, I cover:

The coming persecution of conservatives, and what it means for all those who hold Christian values.

McConnell’s delusion and why he thinks he can save the GOP by throwing Trump under the bus.

Why the FBI is setting up false flag staged attacks on 50 state capitol buildings.

Why nearly everything you see from the media, the FBI and Big Tech is pure theater for weak minds.

How the FBI will use left-wing crisis actors to dress up as Trump supporters and carry out staged attacks while CNN’s cameras capture the theatrics to further the dark spell of deception on the world.

Why most people are living under a "spell" and why this spell requires constant fear to maintain, which is why the media is incessantly promoting fear.

How to break the spell of fear and scarcity and set yourself free.

If Biden is sworn in, he will use the staged violence to call for nationwide gun confiscation. The purpose of this is to provoke civil war...

Anonymous said...

Why we have much to thank Trump for, including forcing the wickedness of the radical Left to come out in full view. Trump forced the media, Big Tech and the insane left-wing culture to reveal their true demonic, authoritarian agendas. Trump also gave us four years to prepare for what’s coming next.

Why Pelosi claims Trump might order a nuclear strike: Because she is working with the deep state to threaten Trump with a nuclear bomb or dirty bomb false flag operation on U.S. soil.

AirBnb is banning all conservatives.

So are insurance companies, banks and airlines.

Conservatives are the new oppressed class in society.

How news networks like CBN propagate lies by deceptively editing Trump’s speech to falsely make it appear like he was calling for violence at the capitol building.

PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller caught inciting violence against Trump supporters in a radical leftwing rant (Project Veritas bombshell).
The White House also launches an Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative.

Listen to the full podcast below. Also note that we are now posting audio MP3 files of each podcast, so you can download to your computer or mobile device.

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Thank you for your support!

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is something about to get messy across America: on the face of it.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual X wrote:

I'd like to see a more moderate world where both liberals and conservatives are appreciated for their input and efforts making the world a better place free from polarization and constant war where the gospel can and will be shared on all sides and the elect come to repentance.

There's so much wrong with this statement, where to begin?

First off, to be simple, you are trying to reconcile an irreconcilable dichotomy! This statement is New Age, and antichrist. It's lukewarm, and umbilical.

You approach every issue from an obtuse angle.

Your continuous attempts to promote your perverted thinking to the readers of the comments section here, reveals you childish, and diseased mind.

Anonymous said...

CRITICAL UPDATES: The Middle-Class WIPEOUT Just Kicked Into High Gear..Mannarino

YouTube January 14, 2021 7:58

Anonymous said...

Well put at 10:21 AM.
Obtuse is a good way to start to unpack what is wrong there.
Where do you begin is right. There is so much wrong with that.
And X pretends it is grace. Oh no. Is not coupled with truth so it is entirely hypocritical.

Nice try X, but your posts are wrong on so many levels, to the point of being a joke.

Anonymous said...

10:21 AM,

Your command of English is atrocious, as is your treatment of X here. You're obviously yet another far-right Nazi b.s.t.d of substandard intelligence.

Center politics is an arena where both sides can meet indeed. There is nothing lukewarm about not being fascist. The New Age movement is fascist, with its nonsense about root-races, etc.

Albert Pike was certainly a Confederate General, as fascist, racist, Luciferian and as New Age (Freemasonry) as they come. Hitler was very much into New Age beliefs and the occult in general, with Blavatsky (who got much of her ideas through channeling demons) no doubt having greatly influenced his evil ideas.

Yes, following your racist Nazi ideas is certainly demonic, as is your worship of Traitor Trump.

So, in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with what X wrote. Indeed, what X wrote is both commendable and normal. It is your politics which are abnormal, as is your mind, heart and concept of lukewarm.

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to see a more moderate world where both liberals and conservatives are appreciated for their input and efforts making the world a better place free from polarization and constant war where the gospel can and will be freely shared on all sides and the elect come to repentance.


x, Christ is the Divider in those things so you are living with much conflict in your mind in this case. Christ Himself is the answer to what you spoke to, and you are double-minded (unstable in all your ways according to the book of James).

If you are serious then you be the first to repent to show others how it's done, because you do not display biblical faith in the Gospel.
Someone mentioned New Age mixed in your words. That's a dead on comment about you.

Anonymous said...

That goes for you too, 11:35 AM.

You evil filth who hate people because of their race, etc. You follow an utter degenerate, for Donald Trump is a totally evil man who was clearly involved with Epstein and his abuse of children; a person who mocked the disabled, who stopped access to affordable healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Americans, who ignored the Covid pandemic and let many thousands of Americans die as a result.

You Nazis are scum and are as far removed from anything Christian or Christlike as Adolf Hitler himself!

Anonymous said...

11:45 AM,

You are the double-minded one here, not X.

You pretend to follow Jesus Christ yet you follow and worship Donald Trump, who is the utter antithesis of Jesus Christ. You follow Nazism and white power principles (are you going to lie here too, you who has falsely accused X), yet the Prophets, the Apostles, and the Lord Himself were not Caucasian (white).

Put the sheet on your head back on the bed and cry out to the Lord for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Yes folks (or perhaps here you'd prefer "volk"),

The scumbag wearing the, "Camp Auschwitz", shirt as he attacks Congress is typical of the sort of people Trump incited to attack the US Congress. Quite a lot like many of the racist bigots that post here, such as Ray B. Groups such as the "Proud Boys", "Klu Klux Klan" (with their wizards), and Nazi Q Anon.

RayB said...


Thank you for posting the excellent, thoughtful article by Dr. Boys. Hopefully, this will inspire some of your readers to investigate further the true history of the French Revolution. IMO, the very same types of tactics, repetitive lies, propaganda, etc. are being played out before our very eyes. History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme!

Edmund Burke, the great English statesman from the 18th. Century, wrote: "Laws and Constitutions must be held in exactness, or legally changed, lest anarchy arises from within." How apropos is that statement for today?

Without trial, without witnesses, without cross examination, without a defense presented, and without plausible foundation, the President of the United States was "impeached" for the second time in a faux proceeding that took only 7 hours. Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to proclaim that Trump "ordered an ARMED INSURRECTION," while nothing of the sort ever happened. In a just society, it is Pelosi, and her ilk, who should be impeached for the irreparable damage that they are doing to this country.
These very same people never uttered a word of condemnation while cities across the nation burned while "peacefully protesting." Over 20 innocent people were killed during these "protests." Apparently, their lives don't "matter."

For those interested, Burke's classic "Reflections on the French Revolution" is available for free download here:

Another book that I highly recommend if from a Christian perspective entitled: "Robespierre: The Voice of Virtue" by Otto J. Scott. Copies of this book can be found for purchase on the Internet, but they are generally very expensive. However, you can often find a copy to borrow through your library, provided they belong to an inner library loan network. This book is well worth the effort.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



Warning: the following text includes graphic language

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Trump: "Good. After you. Come on Billy, don't be shy."

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Zucker: "Wait. Hold on."

[Ms Zucker changes position and walks between the two men]

Bush: "Yeah you get in the middle. There we go."

Trump: "Good. That's better."

Zucker: "This is much better."

Trump: "That's better."

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Trump: "I don't know, that's tough competition."

Zucker: "That's some pressure right there."

Bush: "Seriously, you had to take one of us as a date."

Zucker: "I have to take the Fifth [Amendment of the US Constitution] on that one."

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Zucker: "Yep. I'll take both."

[They reach the end of the corridor]

Trump: "Which way?"

Zucker: "Make a right. Here we go."

Bush: "Here he goes. I'm gonna leave you here. Give me my microphone."

Trump: "Okay. Okay. Oh, you're finished?"

Bush: "You're my man. Yeah."

Trump: "Oh. Good."

Lots more in the links above.

Anonymous said...


TRUMP THE SEXUAL PREDATOR: Trump and Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

2002 Quote: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Donny had a good place to supply underage girls to Epstein

From Politico:

Unsealed documents detail alleged Epstein victim’s recruitment at Mar-a-Lago
“A trove of court documents unsealed Friday detail allegations by an alleged victim of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein that while working as a teenage locker room attendant at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort nearly two decades ago she was recruited to give Epstein massages that often involved sexual activity.
The roughly 2,000 pages of records released by the Manhattan-based 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals also show the same woman, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, appears to have claimed she had sex with a series of prominent men — including former politicians — at Epstein’s direction while working as a staff masseuse for the investment adviser, who eventually came under investigation in 2006 for sex trafficking over his involvement with teenage girls.”
Of course, Jeff and Donny had their own private good times:
Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits, located here. The Jane Doe complaint from 2016 ...

Yosef 52
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First, a reminder of who Trump really is:


Trump and Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

2002 Quote: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Trump, the Slovenian Escort, Epstein, and Epstein’s pimp/procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Donny had a good place to supply underage girls to Epstein

From Politico:

Unsealed documents detail alleged Epstein victim’s recruitment at Mar-a-Lago
“A trove of court documents unsealed Friday detail allegations by an alleged victim of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein that while working as a teenage locker room attendant at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort nearly two decades ago she was recruited to give Epstein massages that often involved sexual activity.
The roughly 2,000 pages of records released by the Manhattan-based 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals also show the same woman, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, appears to have claimed she had sex with a series of prominent men — including former politicians — at Epstein’s direction while working as a staff masseuse for the investment adviser, who eventually came under investigation in 2006 for sex trafficking over his involvement with teenage girls.”
Of course, Jeff and Donny had their own private good times:
Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits, located here. The Jane Doe complaint from 2016 (first page):

The plaintiff, a 13 year old while Trump was 58, dropped the case because Trump goons were threatening her life.

In 2008 Epstein was on trial in Florida for sex crimes. He got a slap-on-the-wrist deal from Federal prosecutor Alex Acosta. Trump later named Acosta Secretary of Labor. What a coincidence, huh?

Trump’s name appears in Epstein’s book, along with several phone numbers and email addresses. Ivana, Ivanka, Robert, and Blaine Trump are also mentioned in the book. The contact information for Donald Trump was also circled.

A screenshot of Trump’s redacted contact information can be seen below and also on page 80 of the digital copy.

Lots more in the links above.

Anonymous said...

You are either stupid, a liar, or both, Ray-cist B.(Boil?).

Anonymous said...

To the racist imbeciles here; face it:

You lost in 1865;

You lost in 1945;

You lost in 2020.

Anonymous said...

To 1:32 PM, 1:35 PM, 1:36 PM . . .

What is your point in WASTING valuable space on this blog posting what amounts to 'locker room talk' among men???

We KNOW that Trump is a FLAWED human being... but, 80 MILLION Americans believe that he is also a great President and Patriot who truly CARES about this country. (If he didn't, he would have just stayed home and counted his money and gold... rather than run for President TWICE!!!)

Also, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

Therefore, your goal and agenda to 'shock' us here has failed miserably!!! LOL

Please slither back under that rock from which you crawled.

Fred Forrest said...

"You want freedom, huh?

I'll give you f*cking freedom!"

Shiten and Scarris are not even in the White House yet, and look what's going on.

It's because many of you put up with too much too long.

Freedom to get fuxxed up the arse by some big buck black socialist thug.

You all sat and watched Netflix while our nation went down, you fa**ot f*x.

Anonymous said...

2:12 PM

Conservative does NOT equal 'racist'!!!

You are merely calling attention here to YOUR utter STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE!!!

By the way, Trump has done more for blacks and Hispanics in 4 years... than Obama ever did during his 8 years, or Joe Biden ever did in his 40+ years as Senator.

Anonymous said...

When someone has to resort to filthy language and the emotion of a child... that person has LOST THE DEBATE!!!

RayB said...

Dick Morris illustrates, and explains in documented detail, how exactly the election was stolen for Biden:

Fred Forrest said...

" Anonymous said...

When someone has to resort to filthy language and the emotion of a child... that person has LOST THE DEBATE!!!

2:38 PM"

He gonna be right behind you, holdin' your neck down while he pumpin' away.

Anonymous said...

Poor sad Fred is 'dead' to the members of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Moment ex-Health director realizes he faces 135 years in jail after being hit with nine counts of manslaughter over Flint water crisis - former Gov. Rick Snyder could also be jailed for willful neglect.

The charges against former health director Nick Lyon and ex-Gov. Rick Snyder come as as prosecutors revisit how Flint’s water was contaminated with lead.

The involuntary manslaughter charges against Lyon were unveiled Thursday, and stem from the deaths of nine people who contracted Legionnaires' disease.

Lyon pleaded not guilty during an appearance in Genesee County Court.

Moments later, his old boss, former Gov. Snyder, also pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of willful neglect of duty in Flint.

Each of Lyon's manslaughter counts carries a maximum 15 year prison sentence and fines of up to $7,500.

Snyder also pleaded not guilty to willful neglect charges, which can be punishable up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine upon conviction.

No governor or former governor in Michigan’s 184-year history had been charged with crimes related to their time in that office.

In total, nine former Michigan officials have been charged with a total of 42 criminal counts related to 'the historic injustice' of the Flint water crisis.

Anonymous said...

Top headline on Drudge (01/14/21)

"Entire National Mall to close on Inauguration Day... Expecting trouble, DC locks down"


Hmmmm... 'expecting' / 'anticipating' / 'planning'???

More radical provocateurs dressed up in MAGA hats 'storming' Washington???

Or, a reason to arrest anyone who even voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020???

Anonymous said...

Maybe our nazi, racist 'not black', person of color friend will be at the National Mall with his nazi Antifa pals?

You know, the 'not black', person of color nazi who also goes by the letter X

Craig said...

Furthering the divide by silencing only one side of it, while expressly allowing the other free reign and free speech:

Twitter Insider Secretly Records CEO Jack Dorsey Detailing Agenda For Further Political Censorship

Craig said...

Some may call this a shameless plug, but I think the message is important, especially in this hour:

Providing Christian Witness

Anonymous said...

All Nazis should be silenced, Craig, permanently so too.

Anonymous said...

2:37 PM,

He has done nothing for Blacks or Hispanics but put many of them out of work, increased and ignored police brutality, attacked peaceful demonstrators, using extra-judicial troops of bullies (as did Hitler) against the will of State legislators and governors, deport children, take away the right to accessible and affordable healthcare, and the list goes on.

It is you who is so deluded and cannot see what a fascist c.nt you are. Trump's brand of policies are not Conservative, they are fascist to the hilt.

Now go away and play with your blow-up Hitler doll.

Anonymous said...


Everything Dick Morris stated and summarized has been thoroughly debunked and/or explained. The fact anyone still believes the election was stolen is absolutely ridiculous. If anything the circumstantial evidence points to millions of votes being stolen from Biden. I find it simply impossible that anywhere near 70 million voters voted for the worst president in US history.

I'll detail a couple of the more stupid theories.

1. The reduced rejection rate is actually evidence of overzealous and dare I say, fraudulent, over-objection to ballots in past elections - especially those cast in urban areas. It's indicative that Clinton probably won in 2016 absent such "fraud" in battleground states. We discussed this prior to the election. It's part of the republican ground game to object to as many urban votes as they possibly can. It's pretty easy to claim a signature doesn't match. My signature is never the same twice. The fact the republicans did NOT get the opportunity to quasi-cheat and disenfranchise more voters isn't proof of fraud. Further, Republican legislators and republican election officials largely created the new covid voting rules allowing the election clerks to do the signature reviews and send out ballots.

2. The "boxes of ballots under a draped table" in State Farm Arena anyone can debunk for themselves by simply watching the entire video. The video was deliberately edited to suggest they came out of nowhere or got snuck in sometime earlier that day but the video shows the workers placing the bins there 15 or 20 minutes prior to pulling them out. The whole episode there was overblown. If you read the testimony of the republican observers it's clear they just presumed to leave because the "rippers" (who opened envelopes and stacked ballots) were done for the night and leaving.

3. Bribes weren't paid to native American voters to back Biden. A Nevada judge rejected an argument that the Nevada Native Vote Project — a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing voter turnout among Native Americans — had acted in concert with the Biden campaign or offered things of value to manipulate votes for president, saying the campaign showed “Facebook screenshots from groups and individuals, but not demonstrating that they offered anything of value to alter outcome of election.

4. Arizona claim #3 were reviewed and dismissed by federal judge Diana Humetewa: "Such a request should then be accompanied by clear and conclusive facts to support the alleged 'egregious range of conduct in Maricopa County and other Arizona counties ... at the direction of Arizona state election officials,'" she continued. "Yet the Complaint’s allegations are sorely wanting of relevant or reliable evidence."

I could continue down this gish gallop if you want. Like PA, only about 10,000 votes arrived in 3 days after the election and they were separated and not even included in the final total (because Biden already won in a landslide). There were only about 600,000 absentee ballots total in Philly and Pittsburg combined so this 630,000 claim makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

"More radical provocateurs dressed up in MAGA hats 'storming' Washington???"

Well then for the sake of saving argument, let's just have the army shoot them on sight if they come back again and ask questions later. After all, we wouldn't want a bunch of Nazis, a la Trump or no, attacking the US Congress again, etc., now would we!

To the Army: if it walks like a duck with its MAGA hat, etc., if it quacks like a duck, even if it is potentially an agent provocateur, please shoot it!

BTW, "MAGA", means, "witch", in Latin.

President Donald Trump has appointed an author of self-styled “Illuminati” self-help and financial advice books to a position on a federal education board.

The appointment of George Mentz ― who also writes under the pen name “Magus [sorcerer] Incognito” ― to the Commission on Presidential Scholars was announced last Wednesday in a White House press release.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points, 11:06 PM,

Still, you're about to get as much understanding and veering toward reason from Ray B. as you might from a rabid dog.

These people are Nazis. They are not Conservative, which is to the right of center politics, they are far right, evil hearted, "Gott Mit Uns" belt wearing Nazis, as far from God as one could possibly get. They worship Trump, no ifs, no buts, no maybes. They need putting down just as they were at Gettysburg and at Nuremberg.

Anonymous said...

2:27 PM,

What I have reported, which is the vile "talk" and behavior of your Fuerer, Trump, is verifiably referenced.

Now go and die a slow and painful death, you Nazi b.s.t.d!

Anonymous said...

To the racist imbeciles here:

You lost in 1865;

You lost in 1945;

You lost in 2020.

Deal with it!

Anonymous said...


I have followed your blog since day one, and there has never been this degree of vulgarity here before. You have rebuked posters for a fraction of what X, AKA person of color etc. has been spewing here recently. Please be responsible, and police your blog. This person has expressed a death wish against respectable posters here! Conservatives, patriots, and Christians are being censored, and punished for exercising their constitutional rights. Are you sponsoring a forum for the persecutors of Christian people?

Anonymous said...

There is no death wish expressed, 11:55 PM. It is merely my opinion and one by which I am satisfied is just, is that US troops should shoot on sight anyone that tries to overthrow this beloved Republic again. Constance (without evidence) is concerned a revolution is being fermented by, "Leftist Thugs", yet here on this very blog we find the kind of people who stormed the US Congress (with their Confederate flags, their shirts mocking Auschwitz survivors, etc.), who tried to overthrow this beloved Republic, the bastion of Democracy (which is where those of opinions to the center of politics, whether right or left of center, debate reasonably and find ways to better and safeguard the lives of Americans and beyond).

I am of the strong opinion such Nazis should be shot on sight, yes, however, my wish is to stop them and their poisonous ideas from ruining this great Republic: if that means such vermin won't repent and give up their vile ideas, then yes, the US Army / National Guard should defend the country from its enemies, both foreign and domestic, and shoot such Nazi traitors on sight!

Anonymous said...

11:55 PM,

You Nazis are no more Christian than the Waffen SS were with their, "Gott Mit Uns" (God [is] with us), badges.

There is nothing Christian or Christlike about you. You are a disgrace to our ancestors who fought on the beaches at Normandy, France, and elsewhere. Eisenhauer would have had you shot!

Anonymous said...

By the way, false accuser, 11:55 PM, I am not X.

I am a Christian, yes, and my Lord and Savior, love Jesus Christ. I would still love Jesus Christ even if he had been born Caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes, however, Jesus Christ was not white. Does that bother you, 11:55 PM? I bet it does! I guess you'll go on deluding yourself with the fanciful depictions painted by Michael Angelo, et al, so as to sooth your cognitively dissonant and racist mind.

Anonymous said...

By the way, false accuser, 11:55 PM, I am not X.

I am a Christian, yes, and I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I would still love Jesus Christ even if he had been born Caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes, however, Jesus Christ was not white. Does that bother you, 11:55 PM? I bet it does! I guess you'll go on deluding yourself with the fanciful depictions painted by Michael Angelo, et al, so as to sooth your cognitively dissonant and racist mind.

RayB said...

There is ample proof that BLM/ANTIFA infiltrated the protestors on January 6th. as agents provocateurs, which is an age old trick that was used extensively during the French Revolution.

Want proof? Here is just one example:

Well Known Marxist Black Lives Matter Operative, John Earle Sullivan, Has Been ARRESTED and CHARGED with CRIMES related to INSTIGATING RIOTS AND VIOLENCE at the U. S. Capitol:

PS: Sullivan is a hired organizer of chaos, as evidenced by his ability to travel the country and show up wherever his "services" are needed. Sullivan is just one of hundreds of these agents provocateurs, all of which should be investigated by our sleepy, selective investigators at the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Does it bother you 12:33 AM that you are my servant? It's Friday, so you get some bread, and water!

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how many radical provocateurs and crisis actors (dressed in MAGA hats) will show up in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day???

I weep for our country and for those who are unable to 'separate the wheat from the chaff.'

May God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Hey nazi non black person of color. The only real people of color are God's blessed White race, and Yellow race ! You have attempted to usurp power over God's blessed people since the ark rested on Ararat! You can't do for yourselves unless it's handed to you, or taken from Whites, and handed to you! The liberal satanists prefer you because your a tool for subversion. How does it feel to be a tool?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 10:36 AM,

If I were to have been your servant, you'd have not posted your comment because I would have served you tea filled with arsenic, strychnine and cyanide, you Nazi vermin!

Anonymous said...

10:56 AM,

You have no idea what you're talking about. I am laughing at your ahistorical, unscientific and unbiblical fantasies. It's clear you are a culturally and experientially deficient subhuman (regardless of your supposed race).

You pathetic little redneck.

Hutch said...

Anonymous 11:55 PM
I have followed your blog since day one, and there has never been this degree of vulgarity here before. You have rebuked posters for a fraction of what X, AKA person of color etc. has been spewing here recently. Please be responsible, and police your blog.

I agree with this. Not saying Constance is irresponsible, just probably short on time. Hope the situation improves soon.

Anonymous said...


Love it. Your proof is one black guy...filming the insurrection in real-time, whose videos we've all watched for days, who filmed himself helping the police, telling people not to steal stuff but otherwise trying to blend in so he didn't get killed by a crowd of out of control white supremacists was somehow the lead provocateur of 1000's of Trump's various battalions of insurrectionists?

Works about as well as this:

Trump stole election votes from Biden...just not enough.

Want proof? Here is just one example:

Sidney Powell today stated: "Time to start asking Rudy Giuliani about his involvement with Venezuela, Smartmatic and others affiliated with Dominion Voting Systems"

Repubs - (Guiliani & friends) controlled and/or influenced Dominion. It's how they won in 2016. It's why Trump harped on absentee ballots being such a problem despite himself voting absentee most of his life. It's why he pushed his supporters to vote in person because they couldn't use Dominion to cheat a ton as Dominion was only used in 351 of 731 swing-state counties. It's why republicans are so dead set against absentee ballots which are actually harder to cheat on because they are more easily audited. The bigger the election day in person turnout...the more they could cheat but it was still only incremental control and, alas, their cheat system came up millions of votes short.

It's also how Trump was able to overcome exit polling in both elections.

Sydney Powell admitted it and knew this all along. It's why Trump & Co fired her. Maybe it Powell that is playing Level 5 Kraken chess with Y'allQueda?


p.s. - I posted the election fraud debunking post above too -- but no others unsigned recently. I appreciate the anon support but would ask him/her to be more civil. Largely these are very Christian men and women that live in information bubbles. We disagree politically but they are my brothers even if they deny me and I would ask you to tone it down. If a war does erupt out of this all -- it will be all of our children and grandchildren paying the ultimate price. Plus...there is an opportunity here for all of us Christians to share the real gospel in our real lives to lead any shipwrecked dominionist brothers and sisters in Christ that bought into heretical dominionist theology while riding the Trump train. I don't care who they vote for next election.

Anonymous said...

To 'tool' (or x) at 12:22 PM...

The state of Texas REJECTED using Dominion Software... and yet, Trump WON Texas!!!

How do you explain that??? (Oh wait... you can't. LOL)

RayB said...


I'm really surprised that you grossly misrepresented what clearly is represented by Sullivan's own videos. He WAS provoking others to "burn it down," "tear it down," "this is our house," etc.

His "speech" ... that HE posted ... was incredibly provocative and explicit ... also displayed extreme anger laced with gross vulgarity ... in which he called for the "REVOLUTION to begin NOW."

Keep your eyes wide shut X. Now that your globalist boy Beijing Biden is in, you're going to see the REAL "change" that the Marxist Obama was dreaming of.

RayB said...


RayB said...

You won't see this story being reported by the Main Stream Media:

VIOLENT Leftist Thug Targets Roger Stone’s Handicapped Wife for Vicious Attack in Own Neighborhood

Roger Stone's 74 year old, handicapped wife was attacked, and beaten by a left wing man while she was walking the family dog.

Her injuries required hospitalization. How sick are these left-wing nut-cases that they would stoop so low as to attack an innocent, older, handicapped woman as "pay-back" for her husband's political activities?

Their day is coming, folks. Don't lose heart .... God is still in control and will take vengeance upon these evil, violent people ... either in this life, or in the coming judgment ... or BOTH !

Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up.

The "brother" x calling for civility, says he wants to see unity, when his very politics are not about civility in the least, and there is no call for unity from the left because they are incapable of it, so they demand uniformity to them instead, a vast difference, so one has to ask what bubble are you floating around in, x?

Your dots do not connect.
I hope you get this understood and corrected for your own mind and soul's health. But you really should play your own narrative forward and see how messed up that is. Talk about cancel culture, your own ideas cancel each other out so you are "x'd out" by your own words and actions.
The moniker X actually rats you out because it really fits.

Anonymous said...


Roger Stone's wife, if anything (they are documented liars and "dirty tricksters"), was possibly hit by a random bicyclist and had a dog bite wound on her leg reopened. She's 72 so an "attack" on her by anyone would be ridiculous but she doesn't sound "handicapped" other than the dog bite wound. It appears she may have gone to the hospital to have the wound treated again. There is no corroboration that I can see yet that it even happened, that anything indicated any such attacker was "leftist" anything and it doesn't appear anyone was arrested, questioned or charged with anything. So this is just LIKELY another fabricated stone story. These felons (Roger Stone and the proud boys that reported it) have certainly NOT earned the benefit of any doubt.

It appears even the Gateway Pundit withdrew the story.

Anonymous said...

BLM activist arrested in relation to siege on Capitol Building

Anonymous said...


A lot of registered democrats voted for Trump. Considering Democrats dominate local politics, many people choose to participate in Democratic primaries as their REAL choice for wonderful local representation. Insurrectionist, Aaron Mostofsky is clearly one of them. As a Trump supporter, he posted upset about the election on Nov 6th and went to DC with his brother Neil to protest the election results under the banner "stopthesteal", believing the propaganda that somehow Biden and the Democrats were able to coordinate a massive fraud in hundreds of counties in multiple states.

During the Trump insurrection, he was even interviewed saying: “We were cheated,” he told The New York Post, parroting President Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud. “I don’t think 75 million people voted for Trump — I think it was close to 85 million.”

NY Times reports that "Neil Mostofsky told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that he had also attended the protests in Washington but left before the storming of the Capitol building. When reached by The New York Times on Tuesday, he answered the phone and then hung up. He is the executive director of Chovevei Zion, a politically conservative Orthodox Jewish advocacy organization. Neil Mostofsky said he and his brother were “extremely close,” noting that their mother had died when they were young.

An orphaned young man - prime candidate for right-wing radicalization.

Chovevei Zion is clearly a right-wing organization:

They even have a quotes from Christian Conservatives like Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, Pete Hegseth


ps - I don't find epoch times and Andy Ngo's conclusory comments about Mr. Sullivan and the CNN reporter's actions that day very reliable or persuasive. Mr. Sullivan does appear to be an anarchist who happens to be black versus a BLM supporter. It appears he did some crappy stuff before that day but it appears to me (neither of us was there following the guy all day) that he was out to get the best footage he could that day of the misdeeds of Trump's Insurrectionists and merely trying to fit in without outing himself or getting himself attacked like Andy Ngo did or killed. But -- he still has to answer to the law and will suffer the consequences of any illegal behavior he engaged in. It appears he's been cooperative to date. I'm certainly not celebrating him but glad he got footage to help the FBI catch the rest of the unpatriotic traitors.

RayB said...

James Sullivan, brother of accused leftist provocateur John Sullivan, claims 226 Antifa members started Capitol riots

James Sullivan makes a very bold claim: “I’m currently working with the FBI to expose and place total blame on John and the 226 members of antifa that instigated the Capitol ‘riot’ ...”

As Rudy Giuliani noted on Twitter, why wasn't this brought up during the sham impeachment hearings?

Read the entire account here:

RayB said...

"X" makes it sound like the BLM anarchist John Earle Sullivan was INSIDE the U. S. Capitol as an innocent, concerned citizen that was just there in order to "get the best footage" of "Trump's insurrectionists." ROFL !

Judge for yourself if Sullivan was an agent provocateur, or just an innocent videographer ! Here is the link to the official AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AND ARREST WARRANT for John Earle Sullivan, signed and filed by the FBI:

Anonymous said...

Oh...another thing:

Jade Sacker is a freelance photojournalist who documented the pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. She is not, nor has she ever been, employed by CNN.

Matt Dornic, the head of strategic communications for CNN Worldwide, wrote on Twitter that “no one named Jade Sacker works for CNN.

A spokesperson for CNN reiterated this point to us in an email, writing: “Jade Sacker has never worked for CNN.”

On the evening of Jan. 6, Sacker appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” alongside a man named John Sullivan to talk about what they saw during the Capitol riot. Specially, these two appeared on the network to discuss a piece of footage captured by Sullivan that showed the shooting death of a woman inside the Capitol.

Here's a link to her about me page on her website. She just graduated photography school last spring and apparently sold some pictures to various media and the list doesn't include CNN.

Accordingly -- like Sullivan -- she is likely to be charged as well for unauthorized entry and potentially incur consequences for her actions. But we should all celebrate her/their bravery for embedding in with domestic terrorists undercover and obtaining inside video evidence of Trump's Insurrection. If it WAS some Antifa individuals leading the might have been their video evidence that inevitably proved that. Don't hate them just because they blew up the narrative.

Anonymous said...


There is video of what I believe were proud boys dressed in black that were getting beat up when people in the crowd erroneously suspected them of being "Antifa".

I read the complaint against Sullivan and he's gonna probably serve time in the end. He shouldn't have been there and he broke a window. "Agent provocateur" is ridiculous. He probably said the things he said to fit in and not get beat up like other outside or as Andy Ngo did.

OR - he's an anarchist. They are anti-American and support whoever is behaving anti-American. At that time -- it was the Trump Insurrectionists behaving like anarchists so, perhaps, that was what further brought him great joy.

OR - Just now I've read countering information that changes the story. It's probably more likely John's insurrection statements he filmed were never supposed to be heard and are not cover. It's who he is. A Trump supporter now just trying to keep himself out of jail. Information is coming out that he is right-wing after all. That he, like his brother James, is a Proud Boy, who has been infiltrating, instigating and documenting Antifa activities to the extent he can the last year.

I started out just mocking the insignificance of just ONE black videographer journalist being blamed for 'Antifa did it' propaganda. We'll see what shakes out of his prosecution, if anything. Guiliani text messaging directly with the proud boy leaders, James Sullivan and someone in the FBI named Kash about John Sullivan and then they weave a spin-story in of exactly 226 person antifa infiltrators has taken this all back into bizarro.


p.s. - If anyone remembers Simone Gold....the quack Doctor who pretended to be a frontline emergency room doctor treating covid who fronted the mocked up "Frontline Doctors Group" that put on white jackets and tried to claim HCQ would cure everyone last spring/summer which only resulted in 1000's of Lupis patients being unable to obtain their medicine --- turns out she was there "storming" the capitol building too.

RayB said...

FBI arrests ANOTHER radical leftist plotting armed assault on Trump-supporters at Florida Capitol

"Daniel Baker of Tallahassee, was arrested by the FBI today for transmission, in interstate commerce, of a communication containing a threat to kidnap or to injure. Baker issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protestors gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday."

"Baker, who participated in multiple ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER riots over the summer, is a former U.S. Army Airborne infrantryman who was kicked out of the service for going AWOL ahead of deployment to Iraq. Since then, he’s been promoting a radical progressive ideology rife with leftist racism and pure hatred for President Trump."

Read the entire account here:

Anonymous said...

Suspicious access granted to group touring U.S. Capitol one day before the insurrection...

Anonymous said...

Caution: Do NOT just go to tinyurl addresses posted here without checking out what they are (using TinyURL Preview) first!


Anonymous 10:01 AM

There is something about to get messy across America: on the face of it. actually...


Who knows WHO (and how many) are monitoring/spying on visitors who go to links like that with all of those redirects to Who-Knows-Where!

Play it safe!

Anonymous said...

RayB said,

"Since then he's been promoting a radical progressive ideology rife with leftist racism and pure hatred for President Trump"

That's being promoted here by X, and especially our non black person of color!

What is being promoted by the non black person of color here, is pure antichrist!

Yet if you say anything metaphorically about George Soros you get deleted. But if you wish the death of Christ followers by US soldiers, you have a friendly forum

Anonymous said...

WW 3; Has it Begun?

Thursday, January 14, 2021

RayB said...

Here is further proof that ANTIFA & BLM had agents provocateurs that had infiltrated the Trump supporters at the Capitol. Proof is provided in their own communications via chat logs:

Chat Logs Reveal Alleged Plan to Turn Trump Rally Into Violent Riot

More news:

ANTIFA Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested For Plotting To MURDER Trump Supporters...Says He ‘Received Soros Money’ In Youtube Video

RayB said...

More Double Standards: Antifa-BLM Organizer Who Stormed US Capitol Is Released from Jail Without Bail

Anonymous said...

3:06 AM,

You are not a Christ follower, you are in fact as antichrist a follower of Antichrist, which is Trump, as they come.

WARNING: Donald J. Trump IS the Antichrist | Bible Prophecy Video, Strong Delusion, Man of Sin, 666

Records Reveal Some DC Rioters Were Policemen, Soldiers, Pastors

World War T - Coming Soon to a City Near You | Bible Prophecy Video, Antichrist, False Prophet 666

RayB said...

After using the "Pandemic" to shut down and literally WRECK the Trump economy prior to the "election," Democrats are now moving to suddenly OPEN THE ECONOMY for Biden. We are all being played folks !

Surprise! Chicago Mayor Pushes To Loosen Lockdowns Days Before Biden Inauguration

"Following on the heels of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's call to "reopen the economy," Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now of the opinion that bars and restaurants need to reopen for indoor dining "as quickly as possible."

Anonymous said...

10:46 AM

Talking shit over and over again doesn't make it real you deluded turd!

What you believe is 180° opposite of reality.

Now get back in the field!

Anonymous said...

'FAGGOT FUX Gang' responsible for planned uprisings on gathering on the 20th.
Possible ties to Dalheimer revealed.

You who voted for Obola in '08 will reap the whirlwind along with the rest of us now.

Freedom to get fuxxed up the arse by your Big Buck Biden.

Anonymous said...

The f*kt up media is photographing Biden in the same way they did the gay Kenyan. They liked to picture the gay Kenyan in front of a light source, so it appeared he had a halo. They are taking photos of Biden looking up, with his hands clasped etc.

They are Luciferians, so they portray their heros as illuminated. They are showing us that he is one of theirs. Like the portrait painters showed the illuminati with the hidden hand.

It's part of their craft.

RayB said...

Fascinating, brilliant interview regarding the post-Trump Presidency .... Attorney Robert Barnes (knows Trump personally) being interviewed by George Gammon:

Robert Barnes (Trump's Next Move? Social Media Purge, War On Liberty, What Can YOU Do?)

RayB said...

Biden's "OPEN BORDER/AMNESTY for ALL" immigration policy in action:

Millions more will be flocking to the USA for free government benefits, and, to take jobs away from American citizens.

We are witnessing the end of America as we know it. A nation without borders, ceases to exist as a sovereign nation. The radical policies of the left, led by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, AOC, Schumer, etc., etc. is going to create absolute chaos, the likes of which is beyond imagination.

Anonymous said...

The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory - Explained In Under 5 Minutes

Fred Forrest said...

"The f*kt up media is photographing Biden in the same way they did the gay Kenyan."

"They liked to picture the gay Kenyan in front of a light source, so it appeared he had a halo."

FAGGOT Sh*t. More Fuxxery from the big powers.

Do you also notice how the homo-Hawaiian is always smiling? A big grin all the time.
The country is being ripped to shreds and he's chuckling.

Anonymous said...

So, Ray B.,

There is nothing new in your being part of the racist problem and shifting the blame for atrocities on marginalized groups.

Hitler did so when he burned down the Reichstag and blamed the communists, Nero burned down Rome and blamed the Christians, the Far-Right behind much of the Republican Party launched missiles into the WTC Twin Towers and blamed it on Arabs having hijacked planes, and who can forget Wilmington, NC, 1898?:

The Wilmington insurrection of 1898, also known as the Wilmington massacre of 1898 or the Wilmington coup of 1898,[6] was a mass riot and insurrection carried out by white supremacists in Wilmington, North Carolina, United States, on Thursday, November 10, 1898.[7] Though the white press in Wilmington originally described the event as a race riot caused by Black people, as more facts were publicized over time, it came to be seen as a coup d'état, the violent overthrow of a duly elected government, by a group of white supremacists.

Multiple causes brought it about.[a] The coup occurred after the state's white Southern Democrats conspired and led a mob of 2,000 white men to overthrow the legitimately elected local Fusionist government. They expelled opposition Black and white political leaders from the city, destroyed the property and businesses of Black citizens built up since the Civil War, including the only Black newspaper in the city, and killed an estimated 60 to more than 300 people.[2][3][4][5] It has been described as the only incident of its kind in American history,[14][15] because other incidents of late-Reconstruction Era violence did not result in the direct removal and replacement of elected officials by unelected individuals.

The Wilmington coup is considered a turning point in post-Reconstruction North Carolina politics. It initiated an era of more severe racial segregation and effective disenfranchisement of African Americans throughout the South, a shift which had been underway since the passage of a new constitution in Mississippi in 1890 which raised barriers to the registration of Black voters. Laura Edwards wrote in Democracy Betrayed (2000): "What happened in Wilmington became an affirmation of white supremacy not just in that one city, but in the South and in the nation as a whole", as it affirmed that invoking "whiteness" eclipsed the legal citizenship, individual rights, and equal protection under the law that Black Americans were guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment.[16][17][18],Thursday%2C%20November%2010%2C%201898.

It was racist thugs who attacked the US Congress, fake Christians, white supremacists, people whose choice of 'god' is none other than Donald Trump, people just like you.

Anonymous said...

Situation Update, Jan. 15th, 2021 – DECLASS Begins, CNN Complicit In Capitol Raid

By: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The Situation Update for Jan. 15th, 2021 covers some key breaking stories, all with “bombshell” implications for world events:

·Capitol raid official narrative collapse; CNN complicit in the staged event, radical Leftist arrested, FBI admits Trump didn’t cause the riot.

·Declassification now under way as Trump announces release of “foot-high” stack of documents exposing the criminals of the Obama administration. (Total panic in DC now under way…)

·Project Veritas exposes Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in a video announcing plans for expanded, long-term censorship of conservatives.

·FBI now trolling for scapegoats by calling and visiting gun rights people, hoping to find someone stupid enough to get wrangled into playing a role in the FBI’s false flag theatrical events (staged raids on capitol buildings).

·Long Beach Port / ship delays caused in part by US Coast Guard searching for weapons being brought in from China as part of China’s staging for war against the United States.

·Trump’s “declass” bombshell is part of the exposure of the corrupt, criminal cabal that currently runs America. Joe Biden may even be implicated, and it’s certain that Chief Justice Roberts will be named in some of the documents, as he signed the illegal FISA warrants.

·The deep state is in a total panic, and this is why they were desperately trying to remove Trump from office with a drive-by impeachment following a staged false flag attack on the capitol.

·But Trump still holds all the cards, and he’s still President for five more days.

·Here are the highlights for today’s Situation Update:

·Long-time contact expresses skepticism toward Steve Pieczenik’s promised claim that Trump would be sworn in next week. Pieczenik described as a super high-IQ battlefield manipulator. Who’s right? We’ll know soon…

[UPDATE: InfoWars host David Knight is now calling Steve Pieczenik a "CIA shill" and claims Pieczenik comes onto shows in order to "trap" hosts like Owen Shroyer in disinformation honey pots. In essence, Knight says Pieczenik is a liar who is fabricating this whole thing.]

·Watch out for the “confirmation bias” trap in your own beliefs.

·Conservative MP calls for nationwide rollout of vitamin D tablets, a Spanish region saw an 82% drop in covid deaths after handing out vitamin D.

·Trump taking more executive action to sever ties between corrupt lawmakers and Chinese-affiliated companies.
Dirty bomb threat for America may explain

·Trump’s delay in taking action… have they found all the bombs yet?

·The FBI, Antifa and CNN are all conspiring to create a huge number of false flag shootings at state capitols in the coming week. It’s all theater.

·Angela Merkel to step down as German chancellor in 2021 … – BBC and The Economist

·Dutch government weighs possible resignation… – Reuters

·Estonia’s PM resigns over corruption probe on his party – ABC News

·Italy Government on Verge of Collapse as Renzi Party Quits – Bloomberg

·Global financial collapse is rapidly approaching. UK government broke. China broke. US blowing out massive debt bubble.

·Oxygen shortage in Brazil… makes no sense since the atmosphere is nearly 20% oxygen.

·BLM activist charged for instigating many elements of the capitol riot on Jan. 6th.
CNN promoted that same activist (Sullivan) as a “journalist” when he was actually complicit in the violence.

Anonymous said...

·CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrated the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” …

·CNN was in on the entire thing, staging it just like...

·John Solomon reports on Lou Dobbs that Trump ordered declass of intelligence docs from Obamagate.

·From JustTheNews: “A bombshell revelation in the remaining FBI documents on Russia collusion shows that the entire narrative was created and leaked to the news media to neutralize Hillary Clinton’s concern that her email scandal hadn’t gone away.”

·Former military personnel warn: 75,000 Chinese troop in Canada, 175,000 in Mexico, preparing to invade the USA. But US forces will destroy them quickly.

·US military has long had proof of China’s bioweapons attack and now cyber attack on the USA.

·“We are in a full blown Military Operation right now to remove the threats and install our President back in power and control the violence in the big cities.”

·Most actions won’t be evident until the very last minute, perhaps the 19th or the 20th.

·Discussion of whether we are all being played by an elaborate psyop, or whether there really is a military coup under way against the deep state.

·Mexican President announces he will lead effort to halt Big Tech censorship.

·US Navy + US Coast Guard involved in searching ships off the LA / Long Beach Harbor for weapons from China, contributing to long delays for port access.

·How the FBI tricks stupid people into being their scapegoats for false flag ops. FBI agents are medium IQ, but most of the people they target are super low IQ. So the FBI ends up thinking they’re really smart because they often have an IQ advantage over morons.

·The absurdity of claiming people who breached the capitol building used Parler. They also bought cars from Ford. Should Ford be deplatformed?

·Texas AG announces investigation into Big Tech for censorship.

·Headline: Norwegian Medicines Agency links 13 deaths to vaccine side effects. Those who died were frail and old.

·Covid vaccines confirmed as depopulation “euthanasia” shots for the elderly.

·Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce pushing for “vaccine credentials” which they claim will “empower” people to “return to life.”

Hear the full podcast below, or visit the home page of to download the MP3 files directly.

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NOTE: Tomorrow’s podcast is going to be epic, due to the intel we have already received this morning. Don’t miss it!

Anonymous said...

RayB said: "More Double Standards: Antifa-BLM Organizer Who Stormed US Capitol Is Released from Jail Without Bail"

Regarding John Sullivan - He probably got no bail because he's actually right-winger working on a documentary with independent photojournalist Jade and may also be an informant for the police/FBI. He is not BLM.

Here's an article that kind of gives multiple sides of the John Sullivan story.

Not that I care. I'm not defending BLM or antifa. Just find the disingenuous deflections from regular everyday Trump supporters behaving worse than the tiny percentage of liberals/progressives this past summer ever did.

Further -- when I saw progressive violence and disobedience this past summer I cringed myself. I prayed for policemen and women and the idiot kids. The looting and burning was embarrassing and, it appeared, more a local crime issue than a political issue. Either was the wrong way to go about seeking redress and change. I don't get that feeling from Trump supporters about Jan 6. It feels like they were cheering it on from home until later that day they found out it was really wrong and just became dismayed that it didn't work and was somehow going to be flipped on them just when they were beginning to buy into some delusional theory the election might be overturned. It feels to me like a lot more Trump supporters were celebrating the violence at the time than at home progressives were ever cheering on or celebrating any of the violence anywhere this past year.

At what point did you realize it was an illegal insurrection and a horrible idea?

Anonymous said...

that was me -- X

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

"So, Ray B.,

There is nothing new in your being part of the racist problem and shifting the blame for atrocities on marginalized groups.

Hitler did so when he burned down the Reichstag and blamed the communists, Nero burned down Rome and blamed the Christians, the Far-Right behind much of the Republican Party launched missiles into the WTC Twin Towers and blamed it on Arabs having hijacked planes, and who can forget Wilmington, NC, 1898?:

The Wilmington insurrection of 1898....bla bla and bla..."

Whoever you are, you clearly have no experience with Blacks in LARGE NUMBERS.

Go get the experience then come back and apologize!

Anonymous said...

"Not that I care. I'm not defending BLM or antifa. Just find the disingenuous deflections from regular everyday Trump supporters behaving worse than the tiny percentage of liberals/progressives this past summer ever did."

Bitterness has blinded you.

It is astounding how truly disingenuous you are.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Apparently the taping and release of the conversation WAS improper after all, there is ongoing litigation regarding events in Georgia, this was a settlement discussion making it confidential. And the "threat" that this wouldn't go well for him? Georgia people are mad at him, might not get reelected.

Even that more detailed transcript left out something important: because there is ongoing litigation regarding events in Georgia, this was a settlement discussion. That means that it was confidential, and, apparently, Trump's team made that clear at the outset of the call:" the stipulation in the recording that it was confidential was left out of the partial transcript.

People on the ground saw planes his the WTC. And trump was calling it out as an inside job from the start.

the locker room talk dismissal says that all men incl. your churchgoing respectful strait laced sons fathers, husbands brothers do this when no women but targets are around. b. it is an obvious compilation from several sources, some just flirty. Trump had commented on the lack of values of women who loved only their careers and pleasing powerful men that you COULD "grab them by the pussy." not that he did so.

Trump didn't say to drink disinfectant or bleach but that a fiberoptic tube run down the throat into the lungs could disinfect them with UV light.

Just about everything you hear when looked into turn out to be LIES or doctored half truths about Trump.

Constance has been under a lot of stress and is used to accepting s lot of stuff at face value. This is a mistake on her part.

WARNING SHOTS ARE NOT ALLOWED MOST PLACES too dangerous to others can ricochet and their guns were very visible.

you don't need to be armed to beat and kick and strangle someone to death or maim them.

Anon you think Trump is "deeply evil?" you ain't seen nothing till you take a closer look at Hillary and bill.

racists? how do you know? you buy the lie he is racist? Trump got called that because he criticized some black people and that lying fake "person of color" he nicknamed "pocohontas." Elizabeth Warren's DNA profile shows she has more pure white than the typical American and a marker for some category in south america. Warren is just another damn liar I don't care how nicey nice she is.

Alex Jones too high profile his deathwould give him credibility. And he doesn't get in fights with police or refuse to pay supposedly unlawful income tax (const. amendment) like Cooper.

“Trump is not guilty of inciting a riot” – Former DC prosecutor with history of convicting protesters for incitement

Prez at white House Thursday.

how raffensperger got into the GA House of Representatives CCP connected no wonder he lied and said Trump's datqa ws wrong.

Anonymous said...

'I believe it's doable': Dr. Fauci backs Biden's plan to administer 100M vaccine doses in 100 days as daily death toll hits 3,258 and president-elect says he will use FEMA and the National Guard to 'jumpstart' efforts to inoculate people

Anonymous said...

1,000 Honduran migrants march toward U.S. border

(All strong young men, no families)

Anonymous said...

The Cult of Trump?

January 16, 2021
By Eli Friedman

Leftists and their fellow travelers on the right like to talk about the "Cult of Trump." The evidence they present for this theory is nonexistent, as usual. But they're right to the extent that we have had this president's back more than any conservative president or political leader before him.

What's the story behind our fervent support of Donald J. Trump? Answer: Trump is nothing more than an avatar, an embodiment of a large segment of the American people who have been marginalized and abused. That is why he is so "loved" by so many. That’s also why he’s "hated" by so many others.

Notice that the people who love him now didn’t necessarily care for him prior to 2015 and some are still uncomfortable with his lifestyle and personality. On the other side, the people who hate him now were once his biggest supporters; he embodied a successful life to them. He was king of the New York tabloids and had a monster TV show on NBC, hardly conservative bastions.

Why the sudden and dramatic turnaround? Because when Donald Trump rode down that escalator and began promoting "normal" ideas without equivocation (Don't call them "conservative" because at this point it's not about liberalism vs. conservatism, it's about normal vs. crazy), he ceased to be Donald Trump and became us. Me. You. All of us who have seen the decline of this country accelerate exponentially these past ten years and are worried sick about it. Donald Trump the person is not the target. Donald Trump the symbol is.

His attack on the rot that is eating America was all-encompassing. Not only did he unapologetically advocate for specific conservative policies, he was a branch in the leftist wheel of removing sanity and logic entirely from the public sphere. Here was the first legitimate pushback against the attempted destruction of truth, objectivity, fairness, justice, liberty and freedom. Here was the manifestation of the people’s cry that the emperors of this country have no clothes, that family and marriage are sacred, that biology, facts, truth and real science are what they are, not what the craziest amongst us say they are. That religion doesn't take a distant back seat to every other right discovered in the nethermost regions of the most feverish minds never to see the insides of an insane asylum. That is who Trump is, to his supporters and to his detractors.

Anonymous said...

When we see him smeared, libeled, disrespected, scorned, and abused, we know that the ultimate target of it all is us. It's religious people who wonder if there's a future for them in this country. It's people with conventional ideas of life, family and community who dread being forced to speak and act against their conscience in the Orwellian name of progress and equality. We see the edge of the cliff in real terms and we're scared, as we should be.

When the media and the left can launch multi-year investigations of a sitting president of the United States, how hard can it be for them to take on and destroy any other conservative target they desire? If the media can completely smother the NY Post and their Hunter Biden story just because they want to, is it so hard to foresee a day when they launch an all-out attack on our way of life and silence any voices in our defense? Months of deadly rioting causing 30+ deaths, 700 injured police, and $2 billion in damages are ignored, pooh-poohed and even encouraged, while a fraction of the same at the Capitol is hysterically condemned as another 9/11. Why? Because the wrong people did it. Shouldn't that cause a shudder to run down the backs of those who traditionally are the first to lose when society goes nuts? When the same people attacking Trump are the ones attacking conservatives, singling us out as Nazis, fascists, deplorables, disease spreaders and lawbreakers, while bending over backwards to excuse the egregious sins of anyone on their side, does that not tell you that this is not about Trump at all?

That is what Trump is to us. To get a bit Biblical, Trump is the dove sent from the Noah’s Ark to scout the landscape. That is why we are so dismayed when we see him being mistreated the way he has been. That's why we don't want to hear a bad word about him. They don't mean him, they mean us.

RayB said...

Do you really want to know why Trump was ... and is ... attacked by the deep state establishment and the international globalists?

You'll get an understanding, IMO, if you take the time to watch, and ponder, these two very revealing speeches as he declares the sovereignty of the United States (aka, populism), along with putting the American PEOPLE's interests first and America first:

Trump Inauguration Speech (FULL) | ABC News

President Trump declares "AMERICA FIRST" to the elite of the elite globalists of the world:

Watch President Donald Trump's full speech at the Davos World Economic Forum, January 2020

NOTE: in a recent interview, the CEO of the billion dollar, 85 year old company GOYA was asked how he saw the future under a Biden/Harris Administration. His answer? "We are heading towards a Communist iceberg." I find it utterly amazing how it is that Communism has the blood of over 100 MILLION innocent, murdered victims on its hands, and yet, Marxism is openly taught and declared in venues all over our nation, including academia. Why is Nazism attacked (which it should be), but Communism is embraced? Does anyone have an answer to that question? I'd love to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Because satan wants all of humanity to serve him. A global communist dictatorship is essential to that.

The Clintons preached the gospel of multiculturalism. Democratic baby Bush got us into regime change and endless war etc, which Obama and Hillary furthered along. They also ushuring in an avalanche of poly sexuality perversion. Sodomy induced kundalini energy, (Baphomet). So things are turned upside down! Hell is lifted up.

That's why soy boy X can stagger in the darkness thinking he sees clearly.

Anonymous said...

" Obama and Hillary furthered along. They also ushuring in an avalanche of poly sexuality perversion. Sodomy.."

The Faggot Fux lighting up your White House in f*ckery rainbow colours back in 2015.

Fred Forrest said...

'1,000 Honduran migrants march toward U.S. border

(All strong young men, no families)'

Yeah we gots the all over fidgets on that one, scarryyy

He gone be right behind you in that prison cell, "You goan eat yo coanbread?"


Craig said...

Concerns mount as Norway investigates link between Pfizer vaccine and 30 fatalities

Sky News Australia

Australian authorities are seeking urgent clarification from their Norwegian counterparts in the wake of disturbing reports that 30 elderly people died shortly after receiving their first shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

Norwegian medical experts have stated they could not rule out a possible link between the side effects of nausea and fever and the subsequent deaths of the patients in question.

The TGA said it received reports of the deaths from over 40,000 elderly individuals in Norway who were vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and released a statement to reassure Australians.

“The deaths were recorded among very frail patients including some which were anticipated to only have weeks or months to live,” the statement read.

The chief vaccine regulator said it will continue to work with European regulators to investigate “any possible adverse risks” associated with COVID-19 vaccines, adding a warning could be added to the Pfizer vaccine label for people who are frail.

The Pfizer vaccine is currently set to be the first coronavirus vaccine released in Australia with 10 million doses on order.

Health Minister Greg Hunt advised Australia will proceed with and “abundance of caution” when it comes to the rollout of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine but indicated “no changes” have been made to the distribution schedule.

Ummm, yeah; it was them old and frail ones that died--they were going to die anyway. And you can absolutely believe us.

Anonymous said...

11:28am Speaking of soy boys....

Check out the men and women filmed on Nov 6th in Luke Mogelson's video for the New Yorker including a surreal new age domionist prayer about 2/3rds in --- including False "white light" deceptions. Jake sounds like a Bill

The Clinton Presidency gave us DOMA and the republican dominated supreme court struck it down as unconstitutional 20 years later thereby ushering in an avalanche of poly sexual perversion culminating in republican supreme court's Obergfall decision legalizing same sex marriage.

And cuckservative Donny Trump suckled up to obtain the gay vote:

and the gay flag was right out in front of Trump's insurrection Army on Jan 6th:

Craig said...

A very timely message:

We Must Fight - Voddie Baucham | 01-16-2021

Craig said...

This is hilarious! But it's not funny...

Kenneth Copeland goes Heavy Metal! [Hair Grow remix]

This is the sort of the thing that gives Christianity a very bad name. Copeland is probably the worst offender in that realm.

But the dude doin' the metal accompaniment does a bang up job spoofin' it!

Anonymous said...


RayB said...

KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB agent who defected to the West in 1970. In 1985, he sat down for an extensive interview in order to share his knowledge, and personal KGB experiences, as to how the Communist KGB infiltrated various nations in order to accomplish an eventual take over from within. The entire interview/video is available as a link in this article, found here:

Excerpt from the interview:

“Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism and American patriotism … The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already … Most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards.

"As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures. Even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes him, then he will understand, but not before that. That’s the tragic of the situation of demoralization.”

“The United States is in a state of war. Undeclared total war against the basic principles and the foundations of this system... The time bomb is ticking. Every second, the disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to defect to unless you want to live in Antarctica with penguins. This is it. This is the last country of freedom and possibility.”

Anonymous said...


MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Nuclear Debit, Stocks, Bitcoin, Central Banks, MORE. Mannarino

YouTube Jan 18,2021 15:04

RayB said...

No doubt, Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell, etc. will want to open proceedings immediately on a THIRD Impeachment.

Propane Tank Explodes Near Homeless Camp!!! D. C. is in SHUTDOWN ... U. S. Capitol has been shut down ... Capitol Police and National Guard are 'running everywhere' ... Panic Ensues!!! Obviously, this is another attempt to overthrow the Government by Trump and his "mob" of supporters!

Oh ... uh ... wait. This just in: Capitol Lockdown Lifted After Propane Tank Explodes Near Homeless Camp

But even so, why should the 3rd. Impeachment not go forward? I mean, who's to say that Trump didn't want that "Propane Tank" to explode?

J said...

The AP reported today that Moms for America are evil insurrectionists. No, really.

And I have been getting emails from Moms for America.

I don't recall any violent rhetoric from those emails.

Can you say, "Witch Hunt"?

Wow, you know, I'm surprised that I'm not surprised.

I have not felt the certainty of some that the election was stolen.

But I retain my resolve that we need transparency to prove that we truly have election integrity. I don't think we've yet attained that transparency that we deserve.

Anonymous said...

"It's about to turn... have faith. Details here."

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's about to turn... have faith. Details here.""

OH SHUT UP ALREADY, CRETIN. Stop giving readers a false hope here.

HE'S GONE, IT'S OVER. No one will save us.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Readers, has there ever been a more eloquent request for further information? (And they even signed it 'Shmucko', what incredible self-awareness!)

Request granted!

Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 – Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY

By: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Because of the increasing popularity of the Situation Update podcast, information came my way that lays out a path for justified optimism on what’s coming in the days ahead.

As I say in the podcast, “I now know what Lin Wood knows.” This statement does not in any way imply that Lin Wood is the source of this information, because he isn’t. It’s just that Lin Wood’s unfettered optimism now makes total sense to me.

As Scott Kesterson recently said in his Bards FM podcast, the DC military encampment is actually a holding facility for enemies of America, and it will soon host military tribunals.

Once that happens, the radical Left will engage in Chinese weapons-augmented kinetic attacks on the US Capitol. These are not attacks by Chinese troops, but rather by radicalized Leftists — long since radicalized by the left-wing media — wielding weapons which have been smuggled into the United States by the CCP. Those weapons include:

·Full-auto drop-in trigger upgrades for AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. (Some of these shipments have already been interdicted by Customs and Border Protection, as we have previously covered. See one press release from the CBP here.)

·RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenades, used by enemy forces to attack fortified positions or armored vehicles.)

·60mm mortars, allowing attacking enemy forces to theoretically strike the Capitol Building or White House through indirect fire from range. These are known in the modern military as M224 mortars, which reportedly have a range of several thousand meters.

·Rifle suppressors, which allow more covert operations by enemy forces.

·Club-K concealed rockets and missile systems, hidden on standard shipping containers and boasting ranges of a few miles to 100+ miles, depending on the weapon.

In today’s Situation Update, I warn that if these missile systems are deployed, their most likely targets will be US power grid infrastructure and military installations. China may even attempt to detonate an EMP weapon over North America to take down the national power grid. Just in case this happens, be prepared to survive in a grid-down scenario (and pray it doesn’t happen).

As early as 2016, China was showing off its “Club-K” shipping container missile and rocket systems, which conceal remotely fired weapons in standard 40 ft. shipping containers:


These systems, which receive targeting and activation commands via satellite, may also be deployed from the surface containers of large shipping vessels, launching from several hundred miles offshore:


According to scattered sources who are emailing eyewitness reports from across America, many shipping containers are mysteriously appearing in locations across America where they previously were never seen. Note that these missile systems can be fired from containers sitting in parking lots, or still attached to transport trucks or rail systems.

Anonymous said...

This may explain why Patriot missile batteries are reportedly being spotted in Georgia and Tennessee, and Patriot missiles are now widely known to be deployed in the DC area.

Patriot missiles are ground-to-air defensive missile systems. They are deployed when the military anticipates incoming missiles or aircraft-based attacks.

Notably, patriot protesters do not possess jet fighters or cruise missiles. This indicates that Chris Miller at the DoD is anticipating a sophisticated attack on DC, including air-to-ground weapons of some sort, possibly including missiles or rockets as shown above.

And why would such an attack be unleashed against DC? Because DC is being turned into a detainment / holding encampment to hold all the thousands of traitors who committed treason against the United States. Thus, the now 40,000+ troops, F-16 fighter jets, Stryker vehicles, Patriot missiles and everything else is actually in place to defend DC against a kinetic overthrow attempt by the shock troops of the radical Left, who are augmented by CCP weapons.

Here’s what a patriot missile battery looks like:


We are also getting reports that US Marines (full-time soldiers) are being deployed to the DC area, which means this has moved way beyond National Guard troops (“weekend warriors”).

Listen to the full podcast here to learn more details about this current situation. And pray for America:

Hear each day’s new podcast at

You can also download the daily MP3 files from the top of the home page at

Anonymous said...

P.S. I had put "It's about to turn... have faith. Details here." in QUOTES because that is what was (is) on the site, showing that was what THEY were claiming.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. In case it's true we need to know NOW. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to give a listen to the podcast, it is significantly more detailed:

Anonymous said...

I know you mean well, but there isn't going to be a second Trump presidency.

Your reply to the person who calls their self Shmucko is funny though!

Anonymous said...

Mike Adams of Natural News ALSO states in his Situation Update of 01/18/21 . . .

"In today’s Situation Update, I warn that if these missile systems are deployed, their most likely targets will be US power grid infrastructure and military installations. China may even attempt to detonate an EMP weapon over North America to take down the national power grid. Just in case this happens, be prepared to survive in a grid-down scenario (and pray it doesn’t happen)."

Anonymous said...

Could the rush of these migrant caravans also be a 'smokescreen' for the many rumors we've been hearing that China has their OWN chosen troops waiting in the wings right now... close to both the Canadian and Mexican borders? And who knows? They may even add UN troops to the mix before it's over.

The reason I say this is because I can't imagine ANY of our U.S. troops going up against their OWN citizens when the SHTF... and looking at the photos of this latest migrant caravan, I have noticed that they are mostly STRONG, YOUNG MEN (as in the age of soldiers).

In other words, how come we don't see FAMILIES migrating (husbands, wives, children)???

Anonymous said...

"This indicates that Chris Miller at the DoD is anticipating a sophisticated attack on DC, including air-to-ground weapons of some sort, possibly including missiles or rockets as shown above."

This board continues to spiral into the abyss of low-IQ-dom.
You really are one dumb mug.


RayB said...

Joe Biden has chosen a biological Male who identifies as a Woman to be his ... Ready? ... Assistant Health Secretary

"Joe Biden just announced that he has chosen Pennsylvania's Dr. Rachel Levine to serve as his assistant Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary."

"Levine lived as a man until 2011, when HE WAS IN HIS 50s! He was married and had two children before "transitioning" and divorcing his wife."

"Levine will undoubtedly be a tireless advocate for the radical leftist transgender worldview that claims to advocate for less than one half of one percent of Americans and does so by imposing sweeping, revolutionary, postmodern Marxist dogma (and LAWS) on the other 99.6% — and our children!"

Anonymous said...


We're toast.

We step now on the threshold of the door of the 70th week (Israel turns 80 in 2028/2029!)

I can see how the American air force is not there to help Israel during the Northern Invasion!

I am grateful to God for what Trump did for us.

Anonymous said...

I am also very grateful for all that President Trump did for us.

Unfortunately, Biden will work tirelessly to UNDO everything that he possible can.

Unknown said...

Listen to video (especially at the 37:44 mark) . . .

Situation Update video for 01/19/21

(Keep the faith; trust in God... and pray, pray, pray!!!)

Anonymous said...

How did we miss this???

On Monday, January 18, 2021...

President Donald Trump Declares January 22nd “National Sanctity of Human Life Day”

Anonymous said...

9:12 PM,

”‘A lifetime of torture’: the story of the woman Trump is rushing to execute.” TRUMP HAS NOW HAD KILLED!

Lisa Montgomery’s first experiences of sexual abuse occurred indirectly when she was three years old. She would lie in bed at night beside her beloved half-sister Diane, close enough to touch, while Diane, then eight, was being raped by their male babysitter.

At the age of 11, Montgomery learnt what it was like to be attacked herself. Her stepfather Jack, a “mean drunk” who regularly beat her and her mother, began raping her once or twice a week.

At the age of 11, Montgomery learnt what it was like to be attacked herself. Her stepfather Jack, a “mean drunk” who regularly beat her and her mother, began raping her once or twice a week.

The assaults became such an important part of Jack’s life over the next four years that he built a room for the girl on the side of their trailer, deep in the Oklahoma woods. It had its own entrance, so that he could come and go as he desired and nobody would know or hear her screams.

He would rape and sodomise her, often with a pillow smothering her face. When she resisted, he slammed her head so hard against the concrete floor that she suffered traumatic brain injury, MRI brain scans would later show.

One day, her mother Judy happened to enter the room while the child was being assaulted by her husband. Judy was so incensed she fetched a gun and held it to her daughter’s head, screaming: “How could you do this to me?”

Over time, the abuse expanded. Montgomery’s stepfather invited friends round to gang rape her in the room – ordeals that would last for hours and end with the men urinating on her like she was trash. Her mother got in on the act too, selling Montgomery’s body to the plumber and the electrician whenever she needed odd jobs doing.

This is Lisa Montgomery’s story.

These were her formative experiences which doctors, psychologists and social workers have all concluded amounted to torture endured across years. This is the woman, now aged 52, whom the Trump administration intends to put to death in seven days’ time on grounds that she is such a cold-hearted murderer that even being locked up for the rest of her natural life would be insufficient punishment.

On Friday, a US appeals court cleared the way for the execution to proceed. The move was enthusiastically endorsed by the US justice department which has argued under Trump that Montgomery is guilty of an “especially heinous” crime. But those who have looked deeply into the agonized life that lay behind her criminal act see it differently.

“This is a story about a woman who is profoundly mentally ill as a result of a lifetime of torture and sexual violence,” said Sandra Babcock, faculty director of the Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide and a consultant to Montgomery’s legal team. “Lisa is not the worst of the worst – she is the most broken of the broken.”...

Not to mention the four hundred thousand Americans who have died of coronavirus on his watch and due a culmination of his imhumane policies.

Not to mention those countless numbers of Americans who are now homeless, without work, without access to affordable healthcare and, ipso facto, without access to healthcare.

The five people who lost their lives due to his encouraging insurrection, and the list goes on and on.

Trump doesn't go with the sanctity of human life, nope, not one iota.

Anonymous said...

To 11:02 PM...

Only GOD can KNOW Donald Trump's heart, mind and soul... not you, not me, not anyone else!!!

Anonymous said...

Fox News launches purge to get rid of real journalists . . .

Anonymous said...

He Calms the Storm

The Presidential Prayer Team
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Dear All,

The boat was filling with water as the storm raged. Anxious disciples fretted and were filled with despair. All the while, Jesus slept. Afraid, they woke Him and asked, “Don’t You care?” With full tranquility, the Lord directed the wind and waves to be calm and His creation acknowledged His sovereignty and obeyed His voice. It was a miracle.

For years, the world has looked at the United States of America as a beacon of strength, perseverance, and unity. Recently, that structure appears to be coming undone as the "wind and waves" of many contentious and divisive issues face our nation. Daily I hear from friends, family, prayer team members -- all asking various forms of "what's going on?" and "where is God right now?" The answer of course is obvious: God is still at work and He is still sovereign. He has known from the beginning and is in complete control of all that is happening now and all that will happen. He wrote the script.

Just like the disciples on the boat, it was easy to miss the obvious truth when it was obfuscated by fear and the distraction of the storm. For us, distractions come from every direction. It could come from a friend who relates a story they heard, a video that pops up on social media, the many news agencies reporting various versions of events with conflicting and sensationalized stories--EVERYONE is talking. But few are listening. No, not listening to the noise around them, but listening for God. To do so, it is important for us to stop and remember to be still.

You may recognize the first part of Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Less commonly referenced is how the verse continues, “I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.” This is a strong and exciting promise. Do you trust it? I’m reminded of a song I learned as a child, and one I taught my own children: “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

As we move forward--individually, as a prayer team, as a nation--we need to be still, we need to listen for God, and we need to trust His promises as He is at work. A pastor once said, "There was never a miracle in the Bible, before there was a problem." God performs miracles every day, but are we willing to be still enough to see them?

Into 2021 and beyond, I look forward to praying alongside you and seeing how God works His will for our blessed country. Our goal is to be here for you each day and provide encouragement for you to keep your faith in God and His plan for our lives.

Whether you've been with us for twenty years or joined us yesterday, I want to reaffirm our commitment of what you will hear from us:

God’s sovereign plans are always perfect and can be trusted.
Our faith is strengthened and our understanding is deepened as we watch Him work.
We remain obedient in praying for one another, our nation, and our leaders.
We stand firm on Biblical truths.
We will unite in prayer around events and issues that may directly impact our nation.
We will be present and available to our members as we work together through God’s daily plan for us.

Ultimately, prayer is the key to strengthening our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and we will support your daily spiritual walk by continuing to provide:
Clear, accurate and trustworthy prayer topics, informing you about the nation’s needs and how to pray.
Devotionals and inspirational tools to draw you closer to the Lord and strengthen your relationship with Him.
Affirmation and assurance that God is in control.

God is faithful. Keep your focus on Him. We will also!


Jim Bolthouse

1 Timothy 2:1-2

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Here Are the Pro-Life Policies Joe Biden Has Promised to Undo

Anonymous said...

Jan 20th - Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN?

EM said...

Wait! Trump has not conceded! It is imminent! Here comes Trump with the Calvary to the rescue! At the last second, as those "in the know" keep saying. Be patient and just wait. Yeah, that is what they want us all to do, nothing! Just wait for someone else to come and save the day. No one is coming. Everyone has to stand up for themselves and take care of their house and do something where they can. Then maybe, thIs Marxist communist revolution can be stopped. But not until the people say NO!

Anonymous said...

Schmucko Anonymous 'faggot fux' blogger up there keeps posting Natural News nonsense.

She's probably the type who couldn't bite through a doughnut.

Anonymous said...

12:14 - Natural News is a perfectly good place to go to buy vitamins and conspiracy theories. For straight news, I've got a mattress guy that's much better. My plumber has all the best stock pics and the kid bagging my groceries is my go-to for marital advice. Sources really don't matter when you are a paleoconservative.


Anonymous said...

‘Q-Anon’ bears striking resemblance to Bolshevik psy-op from 1920s known As ‘Operation Trust’

Anonymous said...

To X @ 4:21 PM

Yeah, I'm sure you are a guy who probably needs 'martial advice' from somewhere! LOL

Anonymous said...

To EM @ 12:09 PM

And just what are YOU 'doing' about it today? Oh, wait... you're doing nothing, NADA.

Anonymous said...

To 12:14 PM

Where are you getting your information that Anonymous who posts links from Natural News is a 'woman'? (Actually, there is more than one person who posts info from Mike Adams.)

EM said...

I am probably doing more than you Anon 4:33 PM. I am not waiting for "someone" to come and save the day, that's my point. I am doing what I can around here, as for specifics, that is none of your business.

Everyone pray, do what you can and watch your backs from idiots that just want to attack you for whatever reason. The communists are emboldened. Christians need to stick together the best they can and anyone that wants to argue over nothing is probably not a Christian and it will be a waste of time to acknowledge them.

Anonymous said...

As another Natural News poster (distinct from 5:58 pm) let me say that my approach to their post-Election Day information has been summed up in two of my previous posts:
1) I had put "It's about to turn... have faith. Details here." in QUOTES because that is what was (is) on the site, showing that was what THEY were claiming.

2) In case it's true we need to know NOW. Duh.
However I have been increasingly concerned as the days went by that it was sounding more and more as EM well expressed:

"Wait! Trump has not conceded! It is imminent! Here comes Trump with the Calvary to the rescue! At the last second, as those "in the know" keep saying. Be patient and just wait."
However, as the saying goes 'In for a penny, in for a pound' and so I played it out until Inauguration Day morning in case it was something that did happen and then we would not be caught off guard. If it didn't happen, well, not that big a deal (comparatively speaking as in 'Better to know it and not need it than to need it and not know it.')

All that being said, in summary, Natural News over the years has provided a ton of great information (and no doubt will continue to do so and be important to be apprised of) but in future we can now know to take such Mike Adams' input as for example was his since Election Day as prone to be overly trusting and influenced by certain of his sources and as a consequence be overly prone to overstate his cases all too often.

I will add one crucial thing to the end of what EM said and that is this:

"Everyone has to stand up for themselves and take care of their house and do something where they can. Then maybe, thIs Marxist communist revolution can be stopped. But not until the people say NO!" And PRAY!

Anonymous said...

Most of us DO stand up for ourselves... and ARE doing lots of preparing and praying.

Since you have no way of knowing exactly who (here among us) is doing what... how about cease and desist being so judgmental?

Anonymous said...

9:32 PM

WTF buddy, I never said that you weren't. How about cease and desist being so sloppy in your inferences?

I am not EM and if you have that feeling about EM take it up with EM.

7:06 PM

Anonymous said...

Cheer up. folks. It's not all doom and gloom!

Anonymous said...

No, it's not!

The Pope Intervenes To Protect Biden And His Agenda!!

Anonymous said...

Proud Boys turn on Trump

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis gave his 'abundance of blessings' to Joe Biden

Pope Francis also mentioned his desire that president Biden consider, "respect for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor, the vulnerable and those who have no voice"

In contrast, leader of the United States Bishops' Conference, Jose Gomez said, "I must point out that our new president has pledged to persue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, most seriously in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender"

Anonymous said...

Biden to reverse transgender military ban imminently, White House says

Anonymous said...

Halfway through this winter of Covid, overall mortality is around normal for this time of year. Something doesn't add up

RayB said...

In case you haven't seen this yet, it is well worth your time to view this short video. Chinese professor sums up who the Deep State is in America and why they hated Trump. He also elaborates on the Biden family's connection to the Chi-Coms:

OOPS! China Brags About Deals With Biden Family

PS: IMO, the theft of this election went way beyond capacities of the operatives of the Democratic Party. The reason I felt this way is that, in every aspect, it had the makings of a very well planned, organized, CENTRALIZED operation, with virtually all of the key areas in the battleground states following virtually the same procedures, i.e., Dominion machines, keeping the GOP observers away from the actual counting, counting purposely haulted in order to calculate how many votes were needed to be manufactured, non verification of registered voters, fraud of mail in, non-verifiable ballots, etc., etc. Such a widespread operation cannot be carried out without centralized planners. Was China directly involved? IMO, likely so, especially when one considers the deep ties to not only the Biden family, but also, many others in high places of the U. S. Government.

RayB said...

Do you still have a Twitter account? WHY???

Lawsuit: Twitter States that Child Porn Video ‘Didn’t Violate Policies’

RayB said...

Remember "X" stating how the "Catholic" Biden would fight to overturn Roe v Wade?

So far, it's not looking too good for that to happen. Instead, Biden is making it a priority, as in the first day of business, to "restore abortion funds." And, to top that one off, he rescinding Trump's "Trans Troop Ban."

Biden to rescind trans troop ban, restore abortion funds in first wave of executive orders

paul said...

I rather doubt that this blog or any blog that might have links to actual true information about what is happening to this country,
will probably not be available much longer.
I get the feeling that the takeover is fairly complete.

God has blessed America for a long time now.

Jesus is the son of the living God. All this angst is ultimately about that fact.
That Jesus is the Son of God is a fact that the Deep State, and The CCP, really really hates. Everything else is subordinate to that fact:
Censorship, sodomite "rights", endless perversion, miseducation, the weaponization of a pandemic, the rewriting of history to destroy national pride, the severe dumbing down of everyone via handheld "thinking machines", etc. etc.

Joe Biden is an empty suit into which people like AOC and Jerry Nadler and Rashida Tliab and CNN and MSDNC, can pour their Marxist bullshit, unimpeded.
Right now I'm thinking that Donald Trump was the greatest American President ever. He accomplished more than any president in my life by far, and he did it with both his hands tied behind his back.
Joe Biden is a Chinese stooge. He is a Shitzu dog on President Xi's lap.

Anonymous said...

Check this out...

Anonymous said...

Can a vaccine drive EVER end the Covid crisis? Highly infectious 'super-Covid' variants could drive transmission so high that even vaccinating every American would fail to eradicate the virus because they're NOT 100% effective!!!

Anonymous said...

Paul @ 3:13 PM

Well put. The gloves are off now. The subversion has reached a level that no longer requires incrementalism. It's full speed ahead under the power usurped by the enemies of our Lord, and His Christ. They are armed with the weapons they fully control,voting machines, the military, the intelligence agencies, the currency, the pharmakea based unwellness system, and media that hatefully attacks men, and women of faith. They shamelessly promote unqualified sleazbags, and the biggest liars and perverts they can dredge the depths of hell to find. Anyone who in the slightest degree differs from them, is ostracized, slandered and ruined, or assassinated. It will get much worse over the next two to three years. Much worse! But we can rest in the fact that those who persecute, and destroy us will be tossed into the Lake of Fire. That thought keeps me somewhat sane. I always pray that the Lord will have these Luciferians in confusion, and torment, and that He will keep, and empower those who stand in faith. Pray for one another, and our children. Pray for those who have been mislead by the pretrib rapture theory.

Anonymous said...


Shh, it’s a secret!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, paul, and with 4:24 PM.
The prophecy needle is moving more quickly now toward the one world government that the Anti-Christ will lead. And they are out and proud now, they have been for a while. Don't bother to hide what they are wanting to do and making sure it is getting done. All in time for the great reset that covid and climate change are highlighted and in place for.
Folks are going to miss President Trump. He represents what was sane and coherent, and steered toward justice and freedom. Some that don't now, will be very sorry when they get major cases of buyer's remorse with the globalist puppet Biden. How long before Anti-Christ makes his debut? Not long. Not long at all. Revelation seals have been opened, we are in the phases of that as we speak. I do not think there is 7 years to wait for that. Personally, I think we are now very closely nearing the 3.5 years left..that short 3.5 years that AC gets his "day in the sun" as the man of sin, before the Lord Christ comes to finish off his reign of terror like none other.

It is only getting started what they intend to do with America, and the rest of the world.
And the way I see this, America is now for the history books. Her grand and glorious story of God's grace that was shed on thee, as the old anthem goes, is going the way of all the earth. Men die, and so do nations. But God's kingdom lives! Praise God this is what it is really is about as said in those posts.

And all I can say is what Job said.
You give and take away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

12:20 pm said : Halfway through this winter of Covid, overall mortality is around normal for this time of year. Something doesn't add up"

I've seen these data manipulations of the CDC 2020 provisional deaths numbers versus covid deaths numbers for months on the internet and they just don't hold up under scrutiny. Now they are doing it to England's numbers.

The compiling of Government statistics lags. In the US it takes about a month for about 50% of the death certificates to be reported to the CDC and the other 50% comes in largely 60 days after that. This year I'm guessing the corronors offices and county officials are even slower reporting deaths to the federal governments. The fact this chart that was linked is even close is shocking if you consider 50% more deaths are going to be appealing the last few weeks.

Point is --- any chart you see comparing this year's very current provisional data to prior year's actual data is simply lying to you for political purposes.

Sure it could all be a lie and part of the deep state machine -- regardless - the data being used to manipulate this graph WILL change and if it supports anyone's claim covid isn't real or that bad this year now -- then they should rely on it again when it inevitably reports the spike of deaths being endured now (in Vitamin D deficient England).

Here's a more realistic chart -- which I might be a prediction model based upon the reported covid death totals for England.

Or here's another one off twitter since y'all are banned.


p.s. - RayB - that's not what I said. Biden is going to do what all Presidents have done the last 50 years -- let Roe v Wade stand. My argument was this very opus dei roman catholic supreme court MAY overturn Roe v Wade simply for political gain. That's all opus dei cares about. Money and Power. It will consume so much time and political capital for the democrats to try to thereafter legislate Roe they won't be able to address all their other priorities. Anyway - God is in charge. Only He can stop abortion.

Further --- if the end is coming, running around preparing and "having each others backs" doesn't seem to me to be much of the Christian spirit. There are people that are going to need saving before it's too late -- including millions of roman catholics and Dominionists who must be feeling very shipwrecked and disillusioned now that all the prophecies have been shown to be false and their false prophets and false teachers all being called out as heretics and idolaters. I've been praying for enough troubles for the unsaved that might lead them to repentance. Praise the Lord and if it's coming -- we must/should celebrate and trust God's magnificent plan.

J said...

Pandemic Numbers Faked to Blame Trump: The WHO changes Guidelines on COVID Tests an Hour After Biden Inauguration

"On the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that a positive test result alone is no longer sufficient to determine a Chinese coronavirus infection. Now the communist-tied organization states that a second test is required along with a clinical diagnosis. Under Biden’s new administration, the sudden changes in the WHO’s guidelines will most likely lead to a significant decrease in the number of positive cases."

RayB said...


I was glad to read a while back that the book "Romanism and the Reformation" helped you to better understand end times events, etc. I thought you might like this one as well: "The Approaching End of the Age" by the same author. Free download here:

Craig said...

For something much more positive—for a diversion, perhaps—readers might be interested in my investigation of Jesus’ earthly physical characteristics from both a biblical perspective and through the lens of Jewish and Hellenistic cultures. This is compared to the depictions of Jesus’ post-glorification features.

Jesus’ Kingly Appearance

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Craig,

Yes, this should put a smile back on everyone's faces too. Be sure to watch though till the end:

Anonymous said...

Hi, 12:04 AM here,

What an utter snowflake she is at the beginning of the video. ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Trump: we need to send the children back to school.....CDC there have now been over 2 million children who tested positive for Covid. and the actual number may be higher because there are some states who aren't reporting their information.

I know having the kids at home is a burden for a single parent who has to work but there have to be better solutions.

Anonymous said...

10:20 PM,

What does "WTF" mean?

Anonymous said...

Google it.

Craig said...

Well, how 'bout that. On Inauguration Day it was Antifa and other Leftists protesting in Seattle and Portland. Hard to blame this on Trump:

Inauguration Day in Portland: Tear gas, arrests, demonstrations


Crowds of people [ED: obviously "antifa" black block anarchists] across Portland turned violent on Inauguration Day, smashing windows at the Democratic Party of Oregon and later targeting the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement facility where federal officers declared an unlawful assembly.

Anonymous said...

The Fetal Tissue Marketplace

Products that use aborted fetuses... from food & drink; cosmetics; vaccines & medicine

Anonymous said...

Reminder to ALL of us: Today is January 22, 2021

On Monday, January 18, 2021 ~ just 2 days before our twice-impeached President Trump left office ~ he did this for America . . .

President Donald Trump Declares January 22nd “National Sanctity of Human Life Day”

Anonymous said...

Trump Offers DC Hotel To National Guard Troops Sleeping in Parking Garage: Report


Anonymous said...

About Nancy's stolen laptop . . .

Anonymous said...

I would sincerely like to get everyone's opinion after listening to the video at the following link...

RayB said...

Baseball Great Henry Aaron Dies Unexpectedly ... 18 Days After Receiving COVID Vaccine

Aaron publicly received the vaccine in order to encourage fellow African Americans to do the same.

What did Robert Kennedy, Jr. have to say about Aaron's death?

"On learning of Aaron’s death, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, said: “Aaron’s tragic death is part of a wave of suspicious deaths among elderly closely following administration of COVID vaccines.”

“Studies show that self-interested pharmaceutical company researchers, physicians, nursing homes and health officials seldom report vaccine injuries. Instead, they dismiss injuries and deaths as ‘unrelated’ to vaccination,” Kennedy said. “Public health advocates worry that the vast majority of injuries and deaths will go unreported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the notoriously broken voluntary surveillance system run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).”

RayB said...

Attention "X" ... Mr. Pro-Life Biden is right on track to ending Roe v Wade:

‘Catholic’ Biden marks Roe v. Wade anniversary with pledge to make abortion available for ‘everyone’

‘In the past four years, reproductive health, including the right to choose, has been under relentless and extreme attack. We are deeply committed to making sure everyone has access to care — including reproductive health care.’

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is a Catholic in NAME only. His voting record, as a U.S. Senator over the years, speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Since January 20, 2021, are we Americans living a plot that reminds us of the 1998 movie "The Truman Show"?

The plot . . .
Truman Burbank is the unsuspecting star of The Truman Show, a reality television program broadcast live around the clock worldwide. He has spent his entire life in the seaside town of Seahaven Island—in reality an enormous set visible from space—situated near Hollywood on Mount Lee and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to simulate day and night and weather conditions. There are 5,000 cameras to record Truman's every move, which have gradually grown in number and secrecy as he ages. The producers discourage Truman from leaving Seahaven by instilling in him aquaphobia through the "death" of his TV father in a boating "accident,” and by constantly broadcasting and printing messages of the dangers of traveling and the virtues of staying home. All of Seahaven's other residents, including his friends, his wife and his mother, are actors. Christof, the show's creator and executive producer, seeks to capture Truman's real emotion and human behavior and give audiences a relatable everyman.

More . . .

Anonymous said...

More vaccine reactions . . .

MLB legend Hank Aaron dies two weeks after getting Covid-19 vaccine

California healthcare workers suffer severe allergic reactions following coronavirus vaccination

RayB said...

Anon @ 6:17 AM said:

"Joe Biden is a Catholic in NAME only."


Really? Biden continues to receive the "Eucharist," as it true for his fellow pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage American politicians. They not only receive the Eucharist, their actions are NEVER condemned by Rome's "pope."

Martin Luther was excommunicated for his Biblical stand against the sale of indulgences. Luther's life was also in severe danger for standing for the truth. Yet, Rome remains completely silent when its current (and past) "sons of the Church" advance the slaughter of innocent babies.

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden KNOWS that he is not in the state of grace to receive the Eucharist (Holy Communion) every time he attends Mass. His continuing support of abortion (which is reflected in both his words and in his voting record) puts him in the state of Mortal Sin... which he has (to date) not repented and asked for forgiveness. That is on HIM... and He will have to answer to Almighty God on Judgement Day.

Although I DO agree with you, RayB... that Pope Francis should speak out on this!!!

Anonymous said...

The real tragedy of MLM Legend Hank Aaron's death is this...

"It was highly publicized when the slugger took the vaccine. It was supposed to be used to inspire African-Americans to take the vaccine. Two weeks after taking it, he has died."

Craig said...

For those unaware, there's been somewhat of a purge recently on YouTube. I had to replace one of his YouTube vlogs with its mirrored equivalent on BitChute. And on the latter platform, Dave Cullen, aka Computing Forever, made a short vlog on this subject:

Goodbye YouTube

I’d been watching his vlogs off and on for about 5 years now. Though I think he’s bit off on his Christian views, I was delighted to learn of his profession when it occurred about a year ago. It seemed to me he’d been inching that way for a while. So, recognizing that he is a new believer, I cut him some slack for his views.

Craig said...

On the above, with "I had to replace one of his YouTube vlogs" I mean that it was part of one my blog posts; so, I replaced it with his BitChute version of the same vlog.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Schumer accuses Donald Trump of inciting an "ERECTION"

Anonymous said...

Well it was obvious Schumer had a hard-on for Trump. This was a Freudian slip confirming it.

Anonymous said...

10:36 AM said

"Although I DO agree with you RayB... that Pope Francis should speak out on this!!!"

I doubt seriously that Pope Francis gives a rats ass about anything truly christian. He cares very much about the Luciferian New World Order/New Age. Obviously a global dictatorship isn't God's will. Read the Bible! Francis is a servant of satan, and he speaks his god's language.

Catholics need to realize that its very likely the Catholic Religious Institution will cease to exist in the near future. There isn't much time left for this world in it's current apocalyptic state. The King is coming back soon. He is God, not his unholyness!!!

It is amazing how one of, if not the most effective New Age/Globalist institutions is afforded cover here.

It's because religiosity prevails over the plain truth of the Holy Spirit here.

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