Friday, December 04, 2020

Barry's funeral/memorial service is livestreamed tomorrow at 1 pm Eastern Time.

 Dear Friends:

My husband's visitation and modest Memorial Service will be in the morning.  Because of the Covid19 Crisis, my stepson, David Rideout, will be graciously hosting a Celebration of Life luncheon approximately this coming March 2021, depending on the state then of the Covid19 and then existing quarantine conditions.   The Memorial Service will be livestreamed for the benefit of out of state family and friends.  Here is a link to the Modetz Memorial Chapel page if you are interested.  

I'm wrote the obituary memorial for my husband and it is reproduced below:

Barry & me photographed 04-11-2019


Barry Drennen MacIntosh was born September 1, 1938 and peacefully departed this life at Troy Beaumont Hospital on November 24, 2020, only one day after his 46th wedding anniversary to his wife, Constance E. Cumbey. Barry had many accomplishments and came through many obstacles in his life. Barry attended Hillsdale College and Wayne State University from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1961. He further obtained a MSW (Master of Social Work) degree from Wayne State University in 1982 and received many certifications in that field. He specialized in the field of substance abuse and the majority of his time in that field was spent at Eastwood Clinic in Rochester, Michigan.

Barry suffered an injury that would have caused many lesser individuals to quit. On October 15, 1979, his car was struck by the car parked behind when it in turn was struck by a hit and run driver. The total and permanent disaster was somewhat financially mitigated by Worker’s Compensation benefits. Barry lost both legs above the knee. He had six months of combined hospitalization and rehabilitation services at Henry Ford Hospital and then the Rehabilitation Institute -- services for which he was continually grateful over the 41 subsequent years he was to live with his injury. He was to suffer continuous pain from this accident -- phantom and otherwise for the remainder of his life.

After his accident Barry became proactive in aiding others with similar disabilities. He became president of the Wayne County Handicappers Association and served a term in that office. He returned to school and successfully completed requirements to obtain a Master of Social Work degree. He made a trip to England, Ireland, and Scotland as part of the United Nations Year of the Handicapper in 1982 and had many happy memories of that adventure.

Prior to his accident, Barry had careers as a teacher in both middle school and college levels. He taught Sociology at Henry Ford Community College. He departed teaching to participate as a manager in his family’s printing business, Glengarry Press. After the family business closed he continued his work in the printing field with the Heitman Garand company. He was coordinating printing for a labor union convention when the disastrous accident occured.

Barry married Constance Cumbey, an author and lawyer on November 23, 1974. The marriage endured and strengthened through good times and bad times for 46 years plus one day -- the day Barry departed this world. Barry was formerly married to Jean Alexander Rideout. They had a son who with Barry’s permission was adopted by his stepfather, a physician who could give David many advantages that teaching income could not support. Close and loving family relations, however, were permanently maintained between Barry, David and David’s mother. Barry was then married to Dixie Green and that marriage produced two children, Kimberly and Todd MacIntosh. By the marriage to Constance, Barry acquired a loving stepson, Stephen Cumbey and permanent close relations existed and continued between Barry’s three children and Stephen.

Barry’s survivors are his wife, Constance Cumbey, and his four children, David, Kimberly, and Todd, and Stephen Cumbey, his stepson whom Barry always called “my son.” Grandchildren Haily, Alexandra, Zander, Nolan and Ashton.

May he rest in God's Eternal Peace!

Thank you for your many kind words of condolence.



Anonymous said...

Numbers 6

24“The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
26 The Lord [a]lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.” ’

Hutch said...

Very beautiful tribute to a loving husband and father.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

so sorry for your loss

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute, Constance. May Barry's soul rest in peace for all of eternity, and may God comfort you in your grief in the coming days, weeks and months.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss. May G-d comfort your soul and soothe your spirit during your sorrow.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry for your loss, Constance. I lost my mum around this time last year from Cancer too, it was so unexpected. Yet Barry was your soulmate for so very many years and I cannot begin to imagine the immense loss, yearning and heartache you are feeling right now. I hope your family and friends gather round you right now and give you all the love and comfort they can. Please don't sit alone staring at four walls. Stay with your family if you can, lean on them and on God. let them comfort and strengthen you and may the Lord our God and Saviour comfort and strengthen you in His Love too.

God bless you richly, Constance and show you the way forward.


Constance Cumbey said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind and comforting words. I am now praying for strength and wisdom for the days to come.


Constance Cumbey said...

Mark Spaulding will be doing a radio interview with me via my telephone in about two minutes. His website is and the Radio Station is WLQV -- a Radio Salem station in the Detroit metropolitan area.


Anonymous said...

WLQV Lightwarrior Shows list link

Anonymous said...

Constance, I keep hearing about 'a rare star' appearing on December 21st.

I would like to get your opinion about this...


The new Age of Aquarius and what it means for you in 2021: This month Jupiter and Saturn will meet to make one magnificent 'Christmas Star'.

Top astrologer YASMIN BOLAND reveals the meaning of this celestial wonder.

Jupiter and Saturn are moving from one zodiac sign to another simultaneously.

Henry IV was on the English throne the last time such an event happened.

Their 'Great Conjunction' takes place on December 21st - the longest night of the year.

Anonymous said...

What WAS The Star Of Bethlehem?

Anonymous said...

Constance Cumbey said...

I'm about to start writing again. Might have an article up by tomorrow.

Thanks for all the kind words!


Constance Cumbey said...

I don't know about the star thing. My next door neighbor is a highly trained scientist and he says that there will be a visible convergence of the stars mentioned above. I have been too preoccupied with personal matters (sudden terminal diagnosis and even quicker death of my beloved husband of 46 years) to have allowed for sky watching. Besides, this is a little too close to astrology to suit my anti-occult (Deuteronomy 18) sensitivities.


Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Wikipedia: All Vaishnava schools are panentheistic and view the universe as part of Krishna or Narayana, but see a plurality of souls and substances within Brahman. Monistic theism, which includes the concept of a personal god as a universal, omnipotent Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, is prevalent within many other schools of Hinduism as well.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, here's Dahlheimer, back with his utopian hogwash, on thread(s) where he didn't even acknowledge Constance recent family news.

It's all about you, and your new age/old rot, peyote inspired, "spirituality" isn't it?
Rather pitiful in my book.

And that is because the "god" in you, Dahlheimer, ain't big enough, good enough, holy enough, merciful enough, to match Jesus the Christ, Who is the God of all comfort and way beyond that too.

Sad for you.

EM said...

So sorry to hear of your loss and also for the late condolences, as I was away and busy. May God bless you and your family and give you strength in these difficult times. May His grace be with you always.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Ivan Hahldeimer

Wikipedia: All Vaishnava schools are panentheistic and view the universe as part of Krishna or Narayana, but see a plurality of souls and substances within Brahman. Monistic theism, which includes the concept of a personal god as a universal, omnipotent Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, is prevalent within many other schools of Hinduism as well.

In summary:

By summoning, we live!

The totality is overflowing with morphogenetic fields.

This life is nothing short of a maturing paradigm shift of karmic presence.

If you have never experienced this osmosis inherent in nature, it can be difficult to live. How should you navigate this karmic dreamscape? It can be difficult to know where to begin.

Shakti will enable us to access advanced will.
We must beckon ourselves and beckon others. Eons from now, we lifeforms will believe like never before as we are reborn by the cosmos. It is in evolving that we are recreated.

Passion is the growth of spacetime, and of us. The goal of expanding wave functions is to plant the seeds of sharing rather than selfishness. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is hope.

You may be ruled by greed without realizing it. Do not let it exterminate the deeper meaning of your vision quest.

Although you may not realize it, you are mystical!

The planet is calling to you via ultra-sentient particles!

Can you hear it?

Have you found your story?


Anonymous said...


EM said...

That looks like a typo, it's supposed to read
New Age Stupidity of the Descended Idiots

Anonymous said...

(That would be because it's a parody, professor.)

Anonymous said...

'White people dying will LEVEL the playing field'

paul said...

What a load of silliness!
Only in a dumbed down society would anyone conceive, much less believe, such a packet of lies and stupidities.
_But we are indeed living in a dumbed down world. People actually swallow this kind of idiocy.
Morphogenic fields? Advanced will? Vision quest? Ultra sensient particles?
It's like I'm at an LSD party in the 60's.

I'm glad I'm not at an LSD party in the 60's

THANK YOU JESUS for delivering me from superstitious hippy nonsense.
THANK YOU JESUS! King of Kings!

Anonymous said...

Uh, might I presume that you were not caught by the computer-written parody as you once previously admitted that you were before? Or were you?


Anonymous said...

THE GREAT CONJUNCTION OF JUPITER AND SATURN: Want to see something that astronomers have been waiting 800 years to witness? Just step outside at sunset and look southwest. Jupiter and Saturn are having their finest conjunction since the Middle Ages. At closest approach on Dec. 21st, Saturn will appear as close to Jupiter as some of Jupiter's moons.

For more information . . .

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Modern-day Science, Hindu Cosmology and the Creation of the Universe

In a youtube video titled "Carl Sagan's Cosmos: Hindu Cosmology and the Creation of Universe," located at, Mr. Sagan, the most famous U.S. scientist of the 1980s and early 1990s, said, in time frame 40:00 - 42:30: "The Hindu religion is the only one of the world's great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long, longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang."

Anonymous said...

And how has the Hindu religion been working for India?

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

(9:18 AM) I am not a Hindu, I am New Age, which is mostly Hindu, but also Gnostic Christian to some extent. How the Hindu religion has been working in India is unknowable. India has a political system and an economic system that contribute to its problems. You cannot blame India's problems on its dominant religion. You might want to ask the question "how has the Christian religion been working for America and Western/Christian Civilization." They are primarily reasonable for our world's current ecological crisis. You probably do not believe in the global ecological crisis, and do not believe in it, because you do not believe in the truth that science has discover about your Christian religion. It discovered that Christianity is false, or fundamentally deceptive. If you are like most people, you do not care if scientific evidence has revealed that what you believe is not the truth. People caught up in religious delusions are devoid of common sense and a good moral conscience.

Anonymous said...

"People caught up in religious delusions are devoid of common sense and a good moral conscience."
That shoe absolutely
You show us your true colors, in how unreasoned and uncaring, you, and your religious delusions, really are.
Not working in your personal life, nor in the populations who espouse the lies, you, and sadly, many others, believe. How badly served the millions who choose to go there.

What is true so often gets many knock off versions. True Christianity has many counterfeits to mimic it, but you, and anyone else, are not able to dissolve the truth for lies about it. In fact, you only help prove what is true, because the Bible says: For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth. 2 Corinthians 13:8.
There will always be rottenness and corruption in anything that veers from the Truth. And much of what is called "christian" actually isn't. God will be sorting all of what is untrue in the day of His choosing. That is a promise, and we can feel that that judgement is coming. The world is getting more insane, at the very prospect of that!
So that does not bode well for what you believe, being a non-starter to begin with. Your counterfeit beliefs cannot, will not stand, and end up being only puff and pillows instead of rock solid wisdom and mercy, for anything of life now, and eternity to come.
The grandiose (sarc) and incoherent words of what you believe are like an empty bag, make that, an empty wet paper bag, and you, yourself, showed this blog, you really are quite hollow inside.
A flaming hypocrite to anything of common sense and good moral conscience, TID.

Anonymous said...

Question for you, Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer...

WHY do you post here on Constance Cumbey's blog? What is your purpose? Everyone here is a Christian and an ANTI-New Ager. Many of us have done valuable research on the subject since the early 1980s.

Do you just come on here to annoy people? Mission accomplished.

Or, do you actually believe (in your arrogance and false pride) that you can convince everyone here that you are 'right' and everyone else is 'wrong'? Mission NOT accomplished.

Why don't you do yourself a favor and seek discussions with like-minded people (like yourself) elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

3:05 PM

He's a mental case, plain & simple. Only a mental case would've posted a simple, utterly irrelevant paragraph from Wikipedia as he did at 9:41 AM.

EM said...

After attending the World Economic Conference by Armstrong Economics earlier this month, it seems likely that this plandemic and shutdown is all being done on purpose to help bring in the Great Reset being promoted by the World Economic Forum and its loyal followers, in an effort to "build back better" how they would see best, after destroying the economy. There is a very good chance that Europe, Britain, and Japan cancel their respective currencies in 2021 and maybe as soon as in January and go cashless. They would be prefer to do it simultaneously and include the USA, to avoid a flight to the USD as an alternative to their local currencies. Trump turned down all the attempts by the Democrats to sneak in a digital USD in all the stimulus packages they proposed. With Trump out of the way, what are the chances Biden will do the same?

Anonymous said...

"With Trump out of the way"

He ain't out of the way yet!

Anonymous said...

Situation Update, Dec. 22nd – TEN feasible pathways to a Trump VICTORY

Daily Updates go to:

Remember to PRAY!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Constance, and her family, and to all.

Jesus was born our Savior, and is the Forever King.
Christ the Lord, the Prince of Peace is coming, so take heart, everyone.
No matter the state of this world, come what may, His Plan is in place..nothing and no one, will deter Him.
His Promises will be kept.

Anonymous said...

The early Christans in Rome were easy to spot on December 25, and there abouts, precisely because they DID NOT celebrate it, unlike the pagans.

Watch this video, or will you be wilfully ignorant to the truth?

Celebrating Christmas is a very New Agey thing to do and has little to do with Jesus Christ.

Pagan sex rituals (aka) Christmas

Anonymous said...

Excellent 4 part series on Christmas titled: Holydaze


paul said...

Revelations 11: 9&10 says:
"And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and a half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. And they that dwell upon the earth shall REJOICE over them, and make MERRY, and shall SEND GIFTS ONE TO ANOTHER; because these two prophets tormented them that dwell on the earth." (Rev. 11:9&10)
(All caps are mine. When do we ever even hear the words "merry" or "rejoice" other than on this christmas hollyday, and when do we send gifts to one another? I can't just brush it off.
I have begun to memorize chapters 10 and 11 of Revelations. I'm really not sure why, but I'm glad to be doing it anyway.
These Two Prophets are the subject of many many theories and lessons and studies from the Bible, but it seems to me that, just like the timing of the Rapture, no one can really be sure of exactly what the Lord intends for us to see. One thing that I do believe is certain is that when these things actually take place, THEN we can see them and marvel and praise the Lord for his perfect Word. In fact the reality is that the words of these visions of Saint John, just like the words of the visions of Daniel, are cryptic and do not allow us to play fortune-teller and predict the future, but only allow us to take the visions in; (eat up the book)
and then watch as The Lord unfolds his plan exactly as He forewarned us. He has told us all his plans in advance.
Anyway, the best, or most interesting, lesson that I've read regarding the Two Witnesses, is a study which digs into verse 4 of chapter 11, and searches out the other times in the scriptures that mention two Olive trees and/or two candlesticks.
That brings us to Jeremiah 11, and Zechariah, chapter 4. Please read them.
Food for thought; the two olive trees and the two candlesticks could be, spiritually, Judaism and Christianity.

This Christmas, it seems to me, is dead. I didn't hear any caroling, or any mention of the birth of the Savior of mankind this year, for the first time in my life. I'm not saying I miss it either. I haven't "believed in" Christmas for a long time now, and I haven't believed he was born on December 25th for a long time now.
But this year I haven't been to church since March, either, and I do miss that.
As the two comments directly above show, Christmas is an invention of the Roman church which only misleads and corrupts the truth. It is pagan Mithraism and Nicolaitanism. The word "Nico" refers to having power over someone or something, "Laity" refers to the people as a whole. Thus the Nicolaitans were the fake spiritual rulers who, (still to this day), exercise(d) power over their people to the point of fear of eternal damnation.
Oh and I can't seem to shake off the "coincidence?" that Santa is just an respelling of Satan. Everybody knows that Santa's real name is NICOlas...
The only two entities that Jesus sternly warned John about more than once in the second and third chapters of Revelations are
the phony Jews and the Nicolaitans; who were phony Christians.
Personally, I believe that Jesus was born on Passover, the same day on which he was killed...but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Posted December 26, 2020...

What really happened in downtown Nashville?

The Left Destroyed An At&t / Nsa Facility That Was Going To Audit Voting Machines

Anonymous said...

Nashville Explosion Was Actually A Missile Strike, And The Target Was The AT&T / NSA Hardened Switching Facility “Spy Hub”

Anonymous said...

Newsmax Alternative:

One America News Network

Anonymous said...

Welcome To RussiaGate 2.0, Right On Schedule

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is Trump going to fix this crap or not?

I heard that the LEGISLATURES can do something.

Anonymous said...

Praise be to Saint Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer,

Patron Saint of Sewer Cleaners, Lord of Toilets

Let's keep the Dull in DullHeimy

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

In a recent LifeSiteNews interview, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, said: I believe that the premises that have been laid down up to this point – which in good part go back to Vatican II – will inexorably lead in an ever more explicit way towards a “profession of apostasy” by the leaders of the Bergoglian [Pope Francis] church. The Enemy demands fidelity from his servants, and if at the beginning he appears to be content with a wooden idol [statue of Pachamama 'Mother Earth'] adored in the Vatican Gardens, or an offering of soil and plants [representing Mother Earth] placed upon the Altar of Saint Peter, he will shortly demand public and official worship that replaces the perpetual Sacrifice [worship of the Eucharist, or worship of a peace of "consecrated" matter on the Altar of Saint Peter]. Thus there would be realized what Daniel prophesied with regard to the abomination of desolation that stands in the holy place. I note the precise expression of Sacred Scripture: “Cum videritis abominationem desolationis stantem in loco sancto” [When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place] (Mt 24:15). It is clearly written that this abomination [a definitive sign of the end times] will stand, that is, it will be in a position of brazen and arrogant imposition of itself in the place that is most foreign and alien to it. It will be a disgrace, a scandal, an unprecedented thing, of which there are not adequate words to express condemnation.

According to the Eastern religions and true New Age religion, matter was created by the contamination of divine light and that matter is, therefore, corrupt and not sacred, and that it is sacrilegious and an abomination to worship it or any peace of it, such as the worship of the Eucharist. Because of modern-day scientific discoveries and common sense reasoning the Pope Francis Church will convert to this Eastern religions and New Age belief and discontinue the Eucharistic "perpetual Sacrifice."

Anonymous said...

1:54 PM

Moral Of The Story:

Let Sleeping Dahlheimers Lie.

Anonymous said...

The Great 2020 Seasonal Flu/Influenza Disappearing Act

Anonymous said...

Game-changing bombshells to be unveiled before Congress on January 6

Act now! Contact your representative to ensure election integrity on January 6

COVID Vaccine Could Make The Virus Far More Deadly, Leave Women Infertile

Anonymous said...

December 31, 2020

Is this an early Happy New Year present to all God-fearing Americans???

From Mike Adams' lips to God's ears!!!

Situation Update, Dec. 31st – Game-changing bombshells to be unveiled before Congress on January 6th!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that you posted what was already posted immediately prior?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 7:17 PM ~

When I posted my earlier 4:30 PM post, I didn't even take the time to notice (or read) any other messages prior to mine.

Anyway, that post at 2:34 PM was from someone else (not me)... but evidently like minded people are 'on the same page' today.

What is important to know is that the November 3, 2020 election was in fact stolen... and time is running out for President Trump to act. He still has 'options' up through January 20, 2021.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I may post again in a few days, because this is this week still, and few days from now will be next week. so don't say I'm not obeying the once a week rule. During this time of mourning I didn't know what to say aside from condolences so I didn't post for a while, it seemed inappropriate.

masks and flu: masks are not useless studies that say they do not protect don't mean no protection at all. protection is full hazmat suit with independent air source. good luck getting or keeping a job dressed like that. most people would probably be half nuts for uncomfortableness anyway.

ring flu season for decades. I don't recall when it started, but it was pragmatic not politically or mind control oriented.

the issue is viral or bacterial load. how MUCH you get. and an air flow that isn't straight at you will deflect a bit. disinfectant sprayed inside and out on the mask would solve most problems.

CLOTH MASKS ARE USELESS because of the large weave. again some deflection of airflow but nothing as good as a multilayer medical mask.

yes its pretty obvious that a lot of covid is just the flu. but "just the flu?" well that stuff used to kill populations that weren't used to it, and before it may have mutated into a weaker thing perhaps God did this after a while.

meanwhile the vaccine is dangerous. mRNA copies and attempts to repair damage. the HIV delivery system won't do anything in the virus but hitch on, but mRNA will try to repair the particle and likely there are bits of the rest on either side, so it will guess and build and fail will make you test HIV positive (which it does) and may attack your immune system being HIV similar. Jellyfish DNA is in this brew also. Why? The whole thing is out of China, maybe there is a plan to invade later with out fighters and EMT out of functionality.

Anonymous said...

9:42 AM wrote:

"Moral Of The Story:

Let Sleeping Dahlheimers Lie."

9:42 AM

All Dullheimer ever does is lie, 9:42 AM

Anonymous said...

ANYONE know if this is true and can be verified? ---

"It is quite possible that the ace President Trump has up his sleeve is the 22nd amendment. That amendment allows for a person to serve two years of another person's term as President. Legally, President Trump can declare congress dissolved over a failed election due to invalid ballots in various states such as California. After that, the President can declare a new election for everything from US Senate to dogcatcher while serving two years of Joe Biden's illegal term. This would lead to a new Presidential election in November of 2022.

This amendment had been used twice before when President Kennedy was killed in 1963 and President Nixon resigned in 1974. The only difference is that Gerald Ford wouldn't have been allowed to run for a 2nd term in 1980 had he won in 1976."

Anonymous said...

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown. 48:32


Very informative!

Anonymous said...

Re Catherine Austin Fitts video.

If the vaccine contains nano technology to where we become one with the Cloud/Beast System, then we simply cannot take it. Does anyone want to chance that! I don't!

Anonymous said...

Whistleblower, who exposed COVID-19 vaccine side effects, slapped with lawsuit

Comment to this article...

At least several sources have said that the COVID vaccine changes one's DNA. If this is not the actual 'mark of the beast'... it is a precursor to it. In an interview way back in January 2014, Anthony Patch, researcher and author, said that if there is a manmade virus, the purpose of it is so that people will demand a vaccine. He said that there is already in existence - already invented - a 3rd strand of DNA that is made of silicon. He said that the vaccine will modify a person's DNA, which makes the person a hybrid. The individual will no longer be independent, but will be able to be controlled.

Anonymous said...

From Mike Adams ~ January 2nd update . . .

Video / The Big Reveal

Anonymous said...

ANYONE know if this is true and can be verified? ---

"It is quite possible that the ace President Trump has up his sleeve is the 22nd amendment. That amendment allows for a person to serve two years of another person's term as President. Legally, President Trump can declare congress dissolved over a failed election due to invalid ballots in various states such as California. After that, the President can declare a new election for everything from US Senate to dogcatcher while serving two years of Joe Biden's illegal term. This would lead to a new Presidential election in November of 2022.

This amendment had been used twice before when President Kennedy was killed in 1963 and President Nixon resigned in 1974. The only difference is that Gerald Ford wouldn't have been allowed to run for a 2nd term in 1980 had he won in 1976."

Anonymous said...

January 3, 2021


Anonymous said...

8:10 PM / 6:09 PM

Anonymous said...

2:15 PM

Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

(Note: It is not necessary to post the date on those particular links as the date is already embedded in the link address.)

Anonymous said...

Senators Announce 10-Day Emergency Investigation Into Election Fraud, Pence Likely To Invoke On The 6th

By Mike Adams
Natural News

A dozen U.S. Senators have signed on to a demand for an emergency 10-day elections investigation commission that would dive into all the known allegations of election fraud and produce a final report. Speculation is swirling that VP Mike Pence will himself invoke this 10-day investigation on January 6th, refusing to open and read the electoral votes from swing states until this 10-day investigation is complete.

There is historical precedent for exactly this sort of investigation, and Pence has plenary power to invoke this himself, needing no approval from anyone else. Should he do so, it would likely push the inauguration day beyond January 20th, which is perfectly fine with the Twelfth Amendment, which states that the inauguration can be as late as March 4th in cases of a contested election.

The commission would reportedly consist of five members of the House, five from the Senate and five US Supreme Court justices. Unless this group is chosen to include patriots like Sen. Hawley, Sen. Cruz, Justices Thomas and Alito, Rep. Mo Brooks and similar, a group of 5 Representatives + 5 Senators + 5 SCOTUS justices sounds like 15 filthy traitors in a smoke-filled room, ready to betray the republic by burying all the evidence.

So unless this commission is carefully crafted, it’s going to be obvious from the start that it’s all a ruse. And that will set off the pro-America patriots who have had enough of bogus investigations, waiting for Bill Barr to do something useful, or sitting around hoping that deep state swamp creatures might one day face arrest for their crimes against the United States.

Today’s Situation Update for January 3rd examines this new development and many other stories:

·Why abortion was the leading cause of death in 2020.

·Pope Francis is “the entity” and the Vatican covers up pedophilia and child sacrifice.

·How the D.C. mayor closing local hotels before the Jan 6th Trump rally is yet another act of extreme censorship against conservatives and Trump supporters.

·Why Leftists are the malicious bullies who deny conservatives any right to speak, or work in corporation America, or practice religion or even get a hotel room.

·Why patience is running out for many conservatives, and why a day of reckoning is coming for intolerant, fascist Leftists.

·We need a whole new “Operation Warp Speed” for military tribunals of treasonous deep state actors, Big Tech CEOs, fake news journo-terrorists and all the other evil, malicious actors who are trying to destroy America and enslave humanity.

·Mitt Romney unhappy with the speed of the mass vaccinations that will kill people. Romney would have no doubt been unhappy with the Nazi regime’s efficiency of mass extermination via Zyklon-B.

·VP Pence now welcomes GOP senators challenging the election fraud in swing states. (He has flipped back to the pro-Trump side.)

·Jerome Corsi believes the outcome of this election will go way past January 6th and perhaps take until January 20th to sort out.

·Wild claims of 220,000 “sealed indictments” are probably nonsense.

·Trump says more US senators will join the currently list of objectors.

·Georgia GOP reveals their case filed on Dec. 4th, is still not even assigned to a judge. DELAY, DELAY, DELAY. The criminality of the courts is exposed.

·If the courts will not hear any election fraud case on its merits and now claim no jurisdiction over any election fraud, it’s that a green light for all future elections to be determined by wholesale ballot printing and stuffing operations? SCOTUS says cheating is fine! District courts, too. Cheat away!

Anonymous said...

·Trump tweets in legal language, issuing official declaration that the Georgia general election and runoff elections are both “illegal and invalid.” This is specific legal language, not merely the usual Trump banter.

·Two foreign spy agencies have proof of massive election fraud in the USA. We believe it’s Israel and Russia. Israel is turning over this evidence to Trump’s team.

·What will happen when Trump is confirmed the winner: Left-wing cities erupt into mass violence.
Special Forces intel says operators are pre-positioned in Dem-controlled cities and will use civilian rental vans to launch targeted extractions and arrests of top Antifa and BLM terrorist leaders.

·SOF units are already in place in Dem-controlled cities. Dem mayors and governors are also on the arrest list if they interfere. This is why Ted Wheeler in Portland has suddenly flipped against Antifa. He likely got word that his own arrest was imminent.

·Liberal “journalist” Kurt Eichenwald fantasizes about beating antimaskers to death, but we wonder how exactly he plans to accomplish that when he has first been “ventilated” in self-defense.

·Fauci the fraud reveals that coronavirus vaccines don’t prevent infections but rather were designed merely to mask symptoms of covid. This is an open admission that the vaccines are a total fraud, and that the vaccine industry’s antibody theory has been completely abandoned by the vaccine propagandists themselves.

·Prepare for left-wing guerilla warfare in the United States with a possible duration of a few months. Expect infrastructure disruptions and spontaneous killings of Trump supporters. Prepare for defense.

·Hear the full Situation Update here, including a horrible rendition of Mitt Romney speaking German like a crazed Nazi:

·A new Situation Update is posted every day, including weekends and holidays, at:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:42 PM

Re: "(Note: It is not necessary to post the date on those particular links as the date is already embedded in the link address.)"


The only reason why I typed in the date on my recent 2:15 PM post is because, since the December 4, 2019 date of this particular thread (due to the sad passing of Constance's husband, Barry)... there have only been a total of 67 posts. And, I wanted to emphasize that my post was a current one (mainly for those who have not checked this blog in awhile).

Meanwhile, I am well aware that the "date is already imbedded in the link."

Nice to meet you, blog monitor. LOL

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: I meant to type December 4, 2020.

Anonymous said...

Senators push for 10-day elections investigation commission

...VP Pence can force it on the 6th...

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION Lamestream News Media:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has 'BROKEN THE LAW'... when he engaged in an agreement with Stacey Abrams... regarding a coverup of the STOLEN votes in the state of Georgia!!!


Stacey Yvonne Abrams (/ˈeɪbrəmz/;[1] born December 9, 1973) is an American politician, lawyer, voting rights activist, and author who served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2007 to 2017, serving as minority leader from 2011 to 2017.[2] A member of the Democratic Party, Abrams founded Fair Fight Action, an organization to address voter suppression, in 2018.[3]

Anonymous said...

The complete transcript of Trump vs. Raffensperger phone call reveals that the President acted properly... and that there is a case for voter fraud!!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding my post at 1:19 PM . . .

This Newsmax link works (unlike the last one I posted which is no longer available):

Anonymous said...

Patriots Will Need To RESCUE The President!

Remember to PRAY!

Anonymous said...

Share this:

Storming of the Capitol Building was a FALSE FLAG run by BLM / Antifa

Remember to PRAY!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul warns about the 'Great Reset' . . .

The 'Great Reset'? Government Power Will Expand as Liberty Shrinks

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter: Election's Over. Here's the Truth About Trump

But be that as it may, his Pro-Life & Anti-Pedophile actions were highly commendable!
However to others it's ANOTHER "truth"...

Trump's Own Cabinet Considering 25th Amendment To Impeach, Bar 2nd Term

Radio Host Called For Police to Shoot Trump Supporters Before Killing of Ashli Babbit

Mike Pence Praises Capitol Police After They Shoot Patriotic Woman Dead at Capitol Protest

Cuomo, Lemon: 'Mistake' Not to Show Trump Supporter Bleed to Death

Video Shows Police Push Protester Off A Balcony At DC Capitol; Police Chief Admits 3 More Deaths In Addition to Ashli Babbit

Mother Jones' David Corn Declares Trump 'a Terrorist Leader'

This Must Be Stopped: Radical Abortionists Fundamentally Alter Pro-Life Country, Set Sights Elsewhere

MSM Already Using Capitol Hill Riot To Call For More Internet Censorship

America will officially be an enemy occupied zone with the swearing in of Joe Biden on the 20th of Jan.

As The World Descends Into Madness, There Has Never Been A More Important Time Than Now To Turn To Jesus!

EM said...

Well the Dems are in, get ready for global push of digital currencies and the great reset for the new green world order. A cashless, meatless and digital society, where the people will own nothing but be happy, according to the WEF. Oh, that's after debt forgiveness, of course. Have to get the sheep on board.

Anonymous said...


Trump Did NOT Concede...

Anonymous said...



Lin Wood warns: Dems move to EXECUTE all Trump supporters

FLASH: They're trying to remove Trump because he's about to pull the trigger

No, Trump did NOT concede. He waited to smoke out the traitors.

Lin Wood on Parler: "Many traitors will be arrested over next several days"

Storming of the Capitol Building was a FALSE FLAG run by BLM / Antifa

Capitol Police caught on video inviting "protesters" into the building

VP Pence confirmed as a piece of filth TRAITOR to America

Jan. 7th, 2021 Situation Update - False flag attack STAGED to complete the steal

Hear all the Situation Update daily podcasts at:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who posted at 5.54PM -

What kind of website is that? Are you saying that Trump must do something to prevent him and his family from being captured by the communists?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think we can dismiss Q his whole style of questions and hinting is repugnant and slippery.

Alex Jones has been learning on the job so to speak for decades, and he's hysterical and goes off half cocked a lot. Usually he has ahold of something but its not quite what he thinks it is. And his Christianity is apparently mixed with some new agey ancestor worshipping sort of mentality.

Sometimes he has broken stories that got into the mainstream or lamestream media later. Like the attempted absquatulation (kidnapping, stealing) of three nuclear weapons by some special forces guys from Minot AFB (yes they went off the base and I THINK are not all accounted for, Lindsey Graham may have had something to do with that.)

And he can be very funny. Now he's trying to make a martyr out of that Ashli babbit idiot. The woman who got shot in the capitol building. Ome of his crew was saying "you don't want to make a martyr of her" and the feed was cut at the m part of martyr and soon after that's exactly what he was doing, with everyone towing his line.

One caller toa talk show I heard today thought she had been shot while just walking up a flight of stairs. In fact she was not "executed in cold blood" but was trying to climb through a broken window into the House of Representtatives meeting room with terrified people inside and a few terrified security guys with guns. If she had gotten through others would have started to follow that bitch had to be stopped immediately.

When you are confronted with multiple attackers, you want to take out the leader that undercuts their assurance. And he positioned herself as the leader out of a holding pattern.

The people inside expected to be beaten, killed or dragged out and thrown to a howling mob that would literally tear them limb from limb. The shooting of her was correct, and wasn't cold blood attack on a peaceful protester.

Jones and co. are making out this was non violent because no one got beaten up or killed (one shooting in self defense and three deaths from stress induced complications like one guy had a heart attack). Storming a building and breaking windows and terrorizing people in a room you are trying to break into is by definition violent, NOT "non violent."

Anonymous said...

5:56 PM

What is with such questions?

Go to the website listed AT THE VERY BEGINNING.

Those are THEIR latest news articles that follow NOT mine.

Anonymous said...

I asked you what sort of website that is. I get the sensation it's like a WND-type news source where the half the stuff is nonsense.

And why post that here? Instead of just dropping these headlines here like a lazy, why not summarize for us in your own words? After all, this is a blog bulletin board.

Anonymous said...

11:22 PM

And why post that here? It makes you look more clueless than ever.

I had resisted calling you an idiot but you're SUCH an idiot that you can't even go to the website yourself and fully answer your own question! And to top it off you said "Are you saying that...", not even perceiving that that was a list of article headlines. And your ultra-moronic comment "Instead of just dropping these headlines here like a lazy, why not summarize for us in your own words?" is past responding to.

If you don't like timely news articles posted here: tough. Ignore them.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

So Christine, you referred to Ashli Babbitt as an idiot, and a bitch. She served, I think I read, three tours of military duty overseas. She probably had a good understanding of what the military, and the U.S. government is really all about, which is basically implementing, and enforcing a global dictatorship/Beast System. She was perhaps grieved, saddened, and angry. She probably didn't realize that the coup was a complete success, and the Republic is gone, never to be revived. But she wanted to try. To make a statement. Something. The democrats are monsters, beasts, and the mainstream media is state owned, and fully supportive of these monsters/beasts. The media is hyper inflating what went down at the Capitol, referring to it as the worst thing that has ever happened to this nation! I wonder were 9/11 ranks on the list? That day the monsters/US government, attacked the citizens of NYC, and fired a missle into the pentagon etc. And the BLM protests were, of course, peaceful! This is a massive hypocrisy. The criminals run the government, and the media, and the medical community, and fully control the economy, and our currency. The new normal! So consider yourself Christine, as you spend your life in front of your computer, puffing away on your cigarettes, and judging people who actually participate in the nation, and act, perhaps unwisely, to make a difference. It's like comparing a passionate, selfless, young, impetuous woman,to a chain smoking, lazy, rabid monkey.

Anonymous said...

Buckle up, folks... 2021 is going to be a BUMPY ride!!!

(The main thing we need to do is prepare and stay close to God... and HE will guide us.)

Anonymous said...

The fact that President-elect Biden (plus Chuck, Nancy, AOC & company) choose not to take this opportunity to try to HEAL our badly wounded and fractured nation at this point SHOWS THEIR TRUE COLORS!!!

They don't CARE that over 70 MILLION Trump voters are in a lot of pain this week... believing that it is extremely UNFAIR that our President's legacy has been reduced to the actions of a FEW RADICAL 'provocateurs' (mixed in with the MAJORITY OF PEACEFUL Trump supporters, who marched TO the Capitol - not THROUGH the Capitol) on January 6, 2021.

Anonymous said...

That Anonymous poster is almost like a false prophet. Coming on here and getting people's hopes up with the 'natural news' snake oil updates of Trump preparing to summon an legion of Romans and Mongols to take back America (from a secret compound in Texas's badlands, naturally).

Anonymous said...

Urgent message from WDIM January 8, 2021