Saturday, August 08, 2020

Please pray for me, my family, and my health!

Dear Friends:  

This Covid19 (novel coronavirus) crisis has brought much of our world to a crashing halt.   I have been under treatment for wet type macular eye degeneration since late 2017.  My retinal specialist told me today that my eye scans are showing progress and for that I rejoice.

However, I am fearing new health issues that may be of more severity.  I had blood tests taken in February.  I was not told of any results.  My husband asked me to stop by our doctor's office and pick something up -- I thought he meant his own recent test results for which I asked and was given.  I then asked if I could please have my own report of the February tests.  Most results were normal and unremarkable.  However, I noticed one highlighted item that was a greatly elevated eosinophil count.

I placed an inquiring account to my doctor after I googled and learned for the first time a new term, "eosinophil."  That call has not been returned.  I understand.  Our doctor like about everybody else has been more than overworked through this pandemic season.

However, recently, I have noticed my facial skin getting dryer and dryer.  Today, I noticed that in parts it was nearly bright red including portions of my upper front neck.  I did some googling to seek what that might be a possible symptom of.  To my horror, I came up with many references to it being an indication of eosinophilic disorders--some possibly serious, even fatal.

I have been more fatigued than usual lately.   I am still doing limited amounts of court work for my past clients who still seek me out for their personal emergencies.

I do not know what lies ahead, but I will confess that I am more than a little apprehensive.  My husband Barry is severely disabled and I have had some mobility issues lately.  I have outlived 3 of my younger siblings already who died of natural causes.

I do not know exactly medically is in store for me, but I will confess apprehension and possibly fright tonight.  Hopefully, it is nothing significant, as I feel still have much to do in my work in informing and warning of significant developments on the now re-burgeoning New Age/Mindfulness/Occupy Movements scene.

Please, please keep me and my family personally in your prayers.  I am praying the Lord will show me His will and give me the grace to accept what may come.





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RayB said...

12:38 PM ...

It's not only their slogan, it's what they believe in and what they are advocating ...

Marxist Revolution that seeks the overthrow of the U.S. Constitutional system of government.

Destruction of the nuclear family.

Radical support for the pro LGBTQ+ Agenda.

Radical feminism, including abortion on demand. Will eventually lead to murdering babies outside of the womb.

Defunding and abolishment of the Police.

Insistence that America is a "systemic racist" society .... which it is not.

Advocates of violent rioting, including looting of businesses that have NOTHING to do with their perception of "injustice."

An overall view that their goals shall be achieved "by any means," including rampant violence.

In reality, this movement couldn't care less about Black people. If they did, they would be "protesting" against Black on Black violence in virtually all the urban centers of America, and offering solutions, such as households that included both parents. They are only using "race" as an issue to rally the gullible masses to their side in order to advance their revolutionary goals.

Anonymous said...

Jesus’ Responses to the Pharisees

Picking Heads of Grain (Matt. 12:1-8, Mark 2:23-28, Luke 6:1-5)
What did Jesus do?

“At that time Jesus went through the grainfields on the Sabbath. His disciples were hungry and began to pick some heads of grain and eat them.”

What was the Pharisees’ complaint?

“When the Pharisees saw this, they said to him, ‘Look! Your disciples are doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath.’”

One of the 39 categories of activity the Oral Torah prohibits on the Sabbath is “winnowing.” This would include separating chaff from grain as the disciples would’ve done to eat the heads of grain.

How did Jesus respond?

“He answered, ‘Haven’t you read what David did when he and his companions were hungry? 4 He entered the house of God, and he and his companions ate the consecrated bread—which was not lawful for them to do, but only for the priests. 5 Or haven’t you read in the Law that the priests on Sabbath duty in the temple desecrate the Sabbath and yet are innocent? 6 I tell you that something greater than the temple is here. 7 If you had known what these words mean, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent.8 For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.’”

Jesus really had a way with words, didn’t he? He speaks volumes in these four statements. The most obvious point he’s making is that the people from the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament) that the Pharisees esteem (David and the Priests) went a lot further than winnowing when they were hungry. They ate the holy Bread of Presence that was to be constantly in the Holy Place of the Temple and eaten only by the Priests when it was replaced every Sabbath (Leviticus 4:7-9). Yet God did not consider them violating the Sabbath or the Bread of Presence.

Winnowing in order to eat when you’re hungry is not violating God’s Sabbath instructions. And neither the Sabbath nor the Holy Place is meant to deprive us of sustenance. Jesus was drawing the line between God’s instruction and what the Rabbis had added to them. (Furthermore beyond just keeping the Sabbath, Jesus infers that he is greater than the temple or the Holy Place, and in fact declares himself God by saying he is “Lord of the Sabbath.”)

This account shows Jesus upholding the Sabbath, yet exposing that what the rabbis had added was not Biblical.

What Did Jesus Say About The Sabbath?

Anonymous said...


Perhaps I wasn't clear:

I wasn't talking about the Black Lives Matter organization at all but strictly focused on the slogan itself.

And speaking of which, I seriously doubt that had Black Lives Matter Too been the slogan which was promulgated instead that the organization which took the other slogan as its name would've been comfortable taking BLMT as its name for the very reasons you mentioned, i.e. it's not an incindiary-enough term to 'rally' around and get their more 'excitable' followers worked up about to do things they shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

11:50 AM,
You too are RayB'd, I see.

Anonymous said...

Your words expose the utter wickedness of your heart:

"None of this should be surprising. Mr. X apparently has overdosed on Brother James Key videos, 99% of which are devoted soley to the premise that Trump is the Antichrist. Brother James Key is a complete, off the wall, absolute nutcase."

Nothing but weeds bearing thistles and poisonous shrub take root wherever the seeds of your heart are present. Nothing of sustenance can be found along the ditch where you blindly walk in precarious pride. There is nothing persevering or saintly in your words.

Repent of your wickedness and hardness of heart for the end is nigh.

RayB said...

12:45 AM ...

I think I've learned your true identity .... it's not Mr. X ... I think you are Brother James Key !!! ROFL

How's your GoFundMe going for you, you know, the one you started for yourself?

RayB said...

Anonymous, aka "X: aka "+" aka Brother James Key ....

Why won't you answer two simple questions?

Why is that? What are you trying to hide?

I'll repeat them for your convenience ...

Do you support Black Lives Matter?

Do you consider the slogan All Lives Matter to be racist?

Anonymous said...

Hey RayB

Sorry I wasn't around all yesterday. My first post since 1:53am yesterday. That wasn't me anonymous yesterday.

Do you support Black Lives Matter?

I do not contribute time or money to this organization. I haven't joined in on any protests. I'd much rather spend my time protesting outside an abortion clinic than march with any of them. The BLM organization itself appears misguided and misled when you look at its mission statement. Their mission statement isn't quite as alarming as you seem to make it out to be. Just immature and in many aspects foundationally unChristian, like Trump and q-anon-sense. Most of the BLM protestors on the streets have no idea what BLM's entire mission statement means line by line, and were protesting blm generically supporting its major focuses.

Black Lives Matter is actually more of a libertarian group as the majority of it's focus is on reforming the criminal justice system in order to give less powers to the government, while stopping visible corruption. In that respect, Black Lives Matter is more or less right. A visible bias exists where the poor in all communities are being treated worse than wealthier people. The War on Drugs is destroying the black community and currently creating a system where a big percentage of black people are either in prison or marked as former felons for life. The justice system is catered to wealthier people on a legal front in which wealthy kids, if they even get caught in the first place, who get a good lawyer can get community service for cocaine possession, but poorer people are getting years in prison. Also, some visible excessive violence from the police exists where they aren’t up to a high enough standard to meet the needs of Americans.

Do you consider the slogan All Lives Matter to be racist?

Of course. It is racist and/or indicative of ignorance when used as an anti-BLM slogan. In itself, it justifies and supports the entire BLM movement in the first place. It's not dialogue, it's denial and dismissal.

Trying to think of my own example that might get through to brainwashed Trumpsters just why it's offensive and seemingly racist to use All Lives Matter.

Imagine protesting against abortion and the senseless murdering of babies and the only dialogue you heard from abortion advocates is chanting "all babies matter". Of course "all babies matter" but we're trying to address you, the government and women coming into this clinic today about very specific babies murdered or about to be murdered. They just respond again, "but all babies matter" and maybe something like "well, millions of babies are dying in Africa from starvation so why aren't you over there addressing those problems, or growing food to send to the starving African babies" -- "you are obviously a cruel person because you really care about aborted babies because you don't help already born babies". Likewise, "all lives matter" just misses the point, sounds racist, and even dumb when used deliberately in the face of protestors - as an illegitimate way to diminish their grievances into an issue we (whites and blacks alike) all experience equally.

I read an article a couple days ago where Michelle Obama wrote about how being black and out and about she often experiences invisibility. I, myself, and a lot of white people I know don't believe ourselves to be racists at all -- but we aren't super inclusive and always inviting either. Embracing wealthy and famous black athletes aside, Trump isn't exactly helping the matter either.

My question --- do you believe blacks, in general, experience living in the US different than whites.


Anonymous said...

If it were possible to can the spirit of Antichrist, a fitting label would be: 'RayB'.


You are a viper, full of deceit, malice and false accusation. You are clearly of your father the Devil, as was that unrepentant murderer you follow, John Calvin.

Anonymous said...

lol -- Ray.

I am not playing games here. I was responding to your post yesterday. I started the post last night but didn't finish it. Wife wanted to binge-watch Cobra Kai on Netflix with me (a fun Karate Kid remake with many of the original characters). I just finished and made the post above and then I read above you asking the same question again.

I'll be out today until much later this afternoon/evening...maybe.

But like Heather McDonald -- when brother Key cites facts and statistics maybe you should listen. I posted a link to him showing how the republicans continued funding for planned parenthoood and President Trump signed the bill. Doesn't that disturb you? As an abortion abolitionist, versus abortion incrementalist, it certainly bothers me. Who all has blood on their hands?

Anonymous said...

The SHOCKING Origins Of Black Lives Matter

Anonymous said...

Has RayB gone incognito at 1:17 PM? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is asking about if someone is Anonymous. Just laughing.

RayB said...

X @ 11:55 PM ...

I apologize for falsely assuming that you were the Brother James Key crackpot in disguise. Apparently, Brother James is posting as another "Anonymous" @ 11:58 AM. I can tell because Brother James can't break his strange habit of accusing practically everyone as being the Antichrist, or, at the very least having his "spirit." LOL

I would like to address quite a bit regarding your post. However, I currently do not have the time to devote to such a task, but hopefully will ASAP.

I did have a quick thought in response to your question: " .... do you believe blacks, in general, experience living in the US different than whites."

That question certainly has applications that can be made not just to blacks in general, but to many ethnic groups, including various WHITE people from various countries of national origin. For example, do Mexican immigrants have a different living experience than do whites in the US? That depends. I personally find Mexicans to be a very friendly, warm people in general. However, Mexicans may be resented by white workers who feel that their livelihood has been taken away from them due to the influx of low wage Mexican labor. Such a situation, rightly or wrongly (I personally think it would be wrong) may adversely influence their feelings regarding Mexicans. In general, as a result, Mexican life experiences may be perceived as being "different" from whites, but, in such a case, would that be due to their ethnicity, or, would it be because they were perceived to be the cause for their job loss?

Regarding your specific question, that is a very difficult question to answer because there are far too many variables that are being left out. However, allow me to offer this, which is a huge point that most people fail to consider and contemplate. (It is also one that I made with a highly educated, very successful black businessman that I made during, literally, a 3+ hour conversation that we had on "race.") Here is the specific point I made with him and it deals with perception and has NOTHING to do with skin color. I gave him this illustration ... suppose I am out for a quiet dinner with my wife and near our table there are several loud diners that are using foul, vulgar language. Wanting to not have our dinner interrupted by such behavior, suppose I ask our waiter to move us to another table as far away as possible. Here is the crux of the matter; if the vulgar diners were black, they would probably assume that we moved because we didn't want to be near blacks. However, if they were white, they would probably understand that their BEHAVIOR prompted the move. Now, in such a case, did we move because of the color of their skin, or, because of their overt obnoxious behavior? Was THEIR perception based in reality ?? Or, was it based upon their false PERCEPTION that we moved because we are racists?

RayB said...


My black businessman friend nearly fell over when I gave him that illustration. It was as if a light bulb just lit the room up and he saw what was in that room for the first time. It is a simple illustration, but has multiple applications that can be made regarding how blacks are PERCEIVED to being treated. In almost every case, people are treated a certain way because of their actions, and not because of the way they look.

One more quick point and I have to end for now .... Heather Mac Donald made a very valid point regarding what seems to be an inordinate amount of Police activity within the black community. The reason? There simply is MORE crime being committed and this is proven by the crime statistics that prove that to be true. Police go where the crimes are. Just ONE case in point, and it is high profile ... the Police were answering a 911 call made by a black woman who claimed that Jacob Blake was attempting to sexually assault her. Furthermore, Blake was wanted on a Felony Sexual Assault warrant. The fact that it escalated to such a tragic degree was, in part, Blake's fault. Had he obeyed Police commands, not resisted arrest, not opened his SUV door to reach inside, he no doubt would not have been shot.

Anonymous said...

That was a GREAT analogy, Ray!

Let me repeat it (by itself) so that people reading will really remember it:

Suppose I am out for a quiet dinner with my wife and near our table there are several loud diners that are using foul, vulgar language. Wanting to not have our dinner interrupted by such behavior, suppose I ask our waiter to move us to another table as far away as possible. Here is the crux of the matter; if the vulgar diners were black, they would probably assume that we moved because we didn't want to be near blacks. However, if they were white, they would probably understand that their BEHAVIOR prompted the move. Now, in such a case, did we move because of the color of their skin, or, because of their overt obnoxious behavior? Was THEIR perception based in reality? Or, was it based upon their false PERCEPTION that we moved because we are racists?

Anonymous said...

Yet, RayB,

If you paused a moment and took the cone topped sheet off your head for just a moment, you'd realize that often perception is based on experience and how further experiences which appear similar to former experience are usually filtered through the lens of the former.

That being said, many black people would realize it was because you thought they were loud. Similarly, you may find a group of white diners who presume that your moving tables is because they perceive your moving to be due to you judging them as trailer trash.

Even so, if they were to discern what sort of character you truly possess, RayB, they'd probably be justified in assuming you have moved because you are a racist.

Hutch said...

Constance, This was a great interview! I hope you're getting the answers you need for your health problems. I'm praying for you.

I ran across Q in early 2018. I only looked at it because it was becoming irritating, popping up on my news feed every day. I knew immediately from reading your books many years ago that Q was new age connected. There were a series of posts with the last line "Trust the Plan" signed by Q. I went back to the earliest postings - Q drops - that I could find which were in November 2017 and followed the hints and threads for six months or more. The Q drops are riddles, broad hints, codes which over a period of time subliminally teach followers Kaballah, gematria, military decoding skills, occultic symbolism, gnosticism and new age thought. It's all there and all of the conspiracy theories are too. All with the idea that the golden Dawnald Trump is defeating a deep state cabal which will bring about the great awakening. Adherents are woke, red pilled, consciousness raised. Q is being used as controlled opposition to the world order agenda. Followers have been mentally prepped for martial law since 2018 with promises of mass arrests of deep state. The spin on all current events always show "The Maestro" on top, outsmarting the cabal. Some believe that Q is Trump himself. I don't believe that, but I do believe he has direct involvement even though he and other members of his administration claim they don't know anything about it. I'll explain in a later post.

Ryan Aguilar said...

Everything will be ok.


RayB said...

What's happening in the UK ...

Christian School Secretary FIRED for Private Facebook Post Expressing Concern About Mandatory LGBT Classes for Children

Think about that ... if you are a Christian, you cannot even state your views without the fear of possibly losing your livelihood ... or worse.

NOTE: I said many years ago, the REAL agenda behind LGBT "rights" movement was the removal and destruction of all Christian expression of faith and thought. BLM is right there as well. If you don't bend your knee to their agenda, you are labeled a "racist." Remember this; the REAL goal of all of this is to completely remove the influence of Christ and His Word from every single area of society. Once they accomplish that, the REAL New World Order will shift into high gear !

History is replete with examples of how the utterly Satanic Communists operate. They have used these very same tactics in the past exactly what they are doing right now on a global basis. This persecution is still only in the beginning stages ... they will continue to apply more and more pressure and their boldness will only continue.

While the enemy boldly advances their anti-Christ agenda, the "churches" are pretty much silent about all of this. Any thoughts as to why that is? Personally, I have plenty, but would like to hear yours.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance,

We will be keeping your family in our prayers. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5: 16 - KJV). I hope the true Body of Christ will hold you in their prayers. God bless you for the work you're doing. I've visited your blog after some gap of time and in the interim, lots of things have happened in the world. For one, I saw the "Global Reset" announcement by WEF, which was a true shocker! It clearly revealed how the agenda of the elites is right on the dot! The coming of the Lord, is definitely at hand.

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