Tuesday, September 08, 2020

I'm doing an interview with Jan Irvin of LogosMedia at 8 pm California time: The Qanon Cult

 Dear Friends:

Very short notice, but Jan Irvin has invited me to do a Zoomed video interview with him tonight for his podcast show,  https://logosmedia.com/,  

We will be discussing our mutual concerns about the Qanon cult that I believe has substantial identity with what I identified in my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION, with the "Manifest Son of God", "Sonship", "Neo-Pentecostal" movement/movements that were identified by New Ager Ernest A. Ramsey, Associate Pastor of Unity on the Plaza Church in Kansas City, Missouri in 1982 when Benjamin Creme spoke at his church.  Ramsey's report which was the first report I was to read about this movement that he said was a part of what he called "An Evolutionary Basis for the Reappearance of the Christ and his Executives, the Masters of Wisdom."  Ramsey was devoted to advancing the cause of Maitreya -- not Jesus.

The discussion should be interesting.  Join us and if you miss it, he puts it up on Youtube later.



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Unknown said...

Great interview. Connected many dots. it's important to get a historical perspective for some context. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kabbalah Harris or Talmud Trump, what a choice. My goodness what a choice.

That is what they are setting us up with the BLM/ANTIFA larp....then the people will call for the crack down and martial law!

2 sides of the same shekel. But let's vote the least worst, right?

Anonymous said...

just wondering, 5:09 PM
overly simplistic labels might help you understand? but seems too shallow since you can't make out any difference.
is staying in the shallows how you decide things?

Anonymous said...

Just can't imagine a commander in chief who is suffering from menopause...
Especially one who is so angry with men in general, and one who loves to ambush and blindside a perceived adversary.
God help us all.

RayB said...

Kamala Harris attacks Joe Biden in Democratic debates over his lack of leadership in Civil Rights. Turns into a shouting match at the end. ROFL !!


RayB said...

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris on Criminal Justice Reform


Anonymous said...


Please give us an update on your health.

How are you and your husband doing?

So many of us have been praying for you.

Constance Cumbey said...

Vis a vis my health, please pray for me. We still don't know exactly what is going on.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the update on your health. Our prayers continue for your healing.

Also, thank you for sharing your September 8th video... and that powerful discussion.

Although I have never been 'seduced' by QAnon... I have a couple of friends who have been.

And now, to think that there may be a link to the Manifest Sons of God Movement?

All I can say is WOW!!!

Craig said...


Very sorry to hear of your ongoing health issues. I hope you get some resolution very soon.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

I was once a believer in the "Manifestation of the Son's of God" Movement. Because of this movement's believe that the "creation itself" will be "delivered from its bondage to corruption" I left this movement and became a New Age believer.

There are creation-centered heretic "Christian" panentheists who believe that the transcendent aspect of the Supreme Divine is [in-effect] non-existent. And that the body of the immanent aspect of the Supreme Divine is the Universe, and that the material Universe and the immanent aspect of the Supreme Divine, together, as One Divine entity, is "Mother Earth," who they worship. This type of panentheism is in-effect pantheism. .... There are also New Age heretic "Christian" panentheists who believe that the transcendent aspect of the Supreme Divine is the most important aspect of the Infinite God. They are transcendent-centered panentheists. They believe that the immanent aspect of the Supreme Divine does not have a body. They believe that the Supreme Divine emanated another divine entity and that It sinned,
causing it to become the U/universe. The divine aspect of this created entity has a form made of light and It is worshiped, and the less-than-divine material manifestation of this entity is called "Mother Earth." This is another type of panentheism.

Craig said...


The "Manifestation of the Son's of God" Movement is a pseudo-Christian movement. It's New Age clad in Christian garb.

Craig said...

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the Qanon ‘movement’. From where I sit, the only way to adequately understand Q as source—is to go to the source! That is, one will have to look at the Q posts in chronological order and analyze from there. I don’t think it helpful to look at what someone else posits about Q—that’s merely their interpretation, which may include mis- or re-interpretations.

I don’t know how much we can attribute MSoG (Manifest Sons of God) as part of Q. Certainly some MSoG supporters have adopted Q, but from what I see they’ve reinterpreted aspects of the whole Q thing through their own lens. In other words, I’m not so sure—in fact I doubt—if we can say Q is a part of MSoG. Constance remarked about White Dove Ministries, for example. These are clearly MSoG adherents (Paul Keith Davis and the late Bob Jones, etc.), but I don’t find strong evidence that Q came from this line—I see that MSoG adherents have adopted it.

Worse for me are those who’ve criticized the Q thing by taking bits and pieces of others’ interpretations of Q and imported those onto the entirety of Q. I’ve written about one guy who made so many illogical leaps that I decided to write an article on just a small portion of his output (it would take WAY too much effort to analyze his ‘apologetics’ at even a cursory length). I’d already posted it on this blogspot, but I’ll do so again if anyone wants to view it: Tangled Up in Quasi-Truth.

I think any analysis of Q needs to separate the political aspects of it from the spiritual / quasi- or pseudo-Christian.

My opinion is that Trump is not so much a part of Q, but that he sees it as a way of getting votes. Trump holds to many Judeo-Christian values (some pragmatically), but this doesn’t mean he is a true Christian, OR that he is an MSoG adherent. This is where many ‘apologists’ miss the boat: ‘We cannot vote for Trump because he adheres to false teaching’ goes the thinking. But our political vote is just that. While we should vote for those who most closely align with our religious views, we shouldn’t cast a candidate aside because s/he is associated with some questionable doctrine. If that were the case, there would be VERY few votes cast by true Christians.

Yes, I do believe Paula White is part of MSoG. But this hardly means Trump is. I think it more likely Trump picked her because he views her as attractive. I really don’t think Trump knows much about MSoG. But I’d guess he likes the fact that many see him as the new ‘king Cyrus’. It feeds his ego. But I see nothing--nothing--to suggest he’s going to lead some Joel’s Army-type (Marx Hubbard-type) purge that MSoG adherents talk about. And I don’t think many Trump supporters even have a clue about his stuff.

Some have mistakenly taken the term “red pill” to mean something to do with this quasi/pseudo-Christian or even blatantly MSoG stuff. “Red pill” is a much broader term, which can be applied to anything that sees beyond the surface of a subject. E.g., proponents of the MGTOW movement—Men Going Their Own Way—see through the corrupt family court system and this considered ‘red pill’.

Bottom line is we must be careful not to succumb to any sort of etymological fallacy with terms, either by too narrowly focusing on one meaning or too broadly expanding it to mean much more than the context requires. Context is key.

Anonymous said...

I am a Trump supporter. I voted for him in November, 2016 and will vote for him again in November, 2020. However, I am a Christian FIRST... and, in these dark times we are living in, we all need to continue to keep our eyes and ears wide open (regarding QAnon and any possible connection or agenda with the Manifest Sons of God movement).

Please stay well, Constance... so you can continue (by the power of the Holy Spirit) to expose all that needs to be exposed... and help each of us make decisions (after prayer and discernment) that will help guide and lead us in the right direction.

Craig said...

Democrats Hold Secret Edge If Election Is Too Close to Call

…If the outcome of November’s election comes down to fights over counting mail-in ballots and claims of fraud by President Donald Trump, Democrat Joe Biden may have a quiet advantage: the top election officials in many of the key states that could decide the election are Democrats.

…Election officials insist that they’re non-partisan and oversee voting according to the law. But J. Kenneth Blackwell, a former Ohio secretary of state, said it’s impossible to avoid politics when elections officials have to make tough decisions.

Blackwell was in charge of Ohio’s voting in 2004, when Democrat John Kerry delayed conceding to Bush until the morning after Election Day because of outstanding provisional ballots.

“You can’t take politics out of politics,” said Blackwell, now a member of the Trump campaign’s board of advisers. “It’s the way our system is set up. I don’t all of a sudden become a non-Republican when I have to make a judgment associated with my job in the political sphere.”

… The Democratic secretary of state in Pennsylvania, Kathy Boockvar, said in a statement that she has confidence county elections officials will count ballots efficiently to make sure “the outcome of the election is known as quickly as possible.”

While state officials influence the election with the rules governing voting, they also can play a pivotal role in ballot-counting if the race is close, with rulings to break tie votes or other actions such as Harris took in 2000, said Daniel Tokaji, a former Ohio State University election law professor and now dean of the University of Wisconsin Law School. There’s also inherent tension between discharging their official duties and the incentive to help their party, he said.

“There’s just no getting around that conflict of interest,” Tokaji added. “Even well-intentioned officials trying to do the right thing, their actions can always be called into question.”

But Charles Stewart III, a professor and elections scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said if the race does go into overtime, the courts likely would play the more decisive role. He cited changes made to ballot-counting processes after the Florida 2000 recount chaos that gave secretaries of state less discretion.


Craig said...


Asked whether Trump’s campaign is concerned about Democrats being in charge of overseeing post-election counting in some states, spokeswoman Thea McDonald focused instead on efforts to expand mail-in voting. “Rather than trying to predict the future, the news media ought to draw attention to Democrats’ nonstop attempts to throw our electoral system into chaos 60 days before a general election,” she said.

The Biden campaign declined to comment.

Election officials say that while television networks and news wires typically declare winners on Election Night, that’s based on an unofficial count that doesn’t become official until days or weeks later -- after outstanding ballots are counted and there’s a canvass to determine final tallies with any recounts. The inability to declare an unofficial winner on Election Night isn’t a sign of problems, they say.

But the possibility of delayed results this year is real, said Maria Benson, spokeswoman for the National Association of Secretaries of State, and “we ask all voters and the media to be patient.”

Current laws in states including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin don’t allow mail-ballots to be processed until Election Day, meaning they may not all be counted by the end of the night. Certain other states, including Ohio, allow ballots received after the election to be counted as long as they are postmarked earlier.

In a year when voter turnout is expected to be high, first-time voters and those going to the wrong polling place will lead to more provisional ballots, which are held until voter eligibility is determined, said Michael Morley, an assistant law professor at Florida State University who’s worked on election emergencies and post-election litigation…

There needs to be a distinction made between absentee ballots and the ripe-for-fraud mass mailing of ballots.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Craig said in his 10:39 AM comment:

"The 'Manifestation of the Son's of God' Movement is a pseudo-Christian movement. It's New Age clad in Christian garb."

Craig the Manifestation of the Son's of God Movement is not "New Age clad in Christian garb." The New Age believes the material creation was corrupt from its origins. And that it was not "very good" or "pure" at its origins, and then became corrupted when the first human sinned, and that it will be "delivered from its bondage to corruption." New Agers believe that the corrupt material universe will come to an end. Christians cannot correctly understand what the New Age is about. They have to many religious delusional blinders on.

Craig said...


I didn't say it was an exact match, did I? Apparently, you don't get figurative language ("clad in Christian garb").

Anonymous said...

Constance, as 8:07 AM said, our prayers continue for your healing. (And for you and your family in general.)

P.S. Please (as standard practice) post a heads-up brief note at the just-outdated thread to let us immediately know when you've created a new one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


UnSpun 198 – Constance Cumbey: “The Cult of QAnon”

By logosmedia
September 8, 2020

Lawyer, author and researcher Constance Cumbey joins us to delve deeper into the counterculture and New Age movements, this time our focus will be QAnon.

Constance began her research on these topics in 1981 and has spent nearly 40 years devoted to her investigation, exposing a leftist plot to overthrow Christian civilization, creating a post-Christian and socialist world.

Marilyn Ferguson’s book “Aquarian Conspiracy” described a powerful network of anti-Christian organizations and personalities promoting radical cultural and social programs in the United States and around the world to bring about this change through the “expansion of consciousness".

Constance has written two books on the New Age Movement, including The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, and Planned Deception: The Staging of a New Age "Messiah".

Constance's research parallels my own exposure of this agenda for the last decade.


Anonymous said...

UnSpun 198 – Constance Cumbey: “The Cult of QAnon” on YouTube

Anonymous said...

Have Q-Anon followers become group-thinking Socialists?

Anonymous said...

Brighteon.social BETA site launched; new alternative to Twitter protects freedom of expression on vaccines, cancer cures and pro-liberty speech that’s usually banned by Big Tech

September 09, 2020
By: Mike Adams
Natural News

All those who grow tired of the relentless, unfair, politically motivated censorship on Twitter now have a new alternative: Brighteon.social has just launched in beta, providing a free speech platform for real people who are tired of the censorship.

Brighteon.social is functioning right now in beta mode, with a few hundred users having already found it and signed up. You can join now for free and begin posting and following others. It works in a way that’s very similar to Twitter, but without Jack Dorsey’s middle finger shoved in your face.


Anonymous said...

Evangelical leaders denounce QAnon as political cult satanic movement


Anonymous said...

Man who firebombed government building belonged to armed Antifa group promoted by CNN and the left-wing media

Anonymous said...

HISTORY! Congress Poised to Get Its First QAnon Believer

Marjorie Taylor Green, a Republican from Georgia, is poised to become the first QAnon believing member of Congress.

She is going to be elected the next representative from Georgia’s 14th District... after receiving 41% of the vote.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CNN's Cuomo: We're not fact-checking the Democrats because "they are not lying the way Trump does"


Anonymous said...

Survey: 89% of neonatal medics accept abortion AFTER birth

To those slimeball women who celebrate
their abortions...

Anonymous said...

Hey, CNN's Cuomo: YOU are lying when you say that the Democrats 'are not lying'!!! LOL

J said...

Bible verses about trusting people:


1. Psalm 146:3 Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.

2. Psalm 118:9 It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes.

3. Isaiah 2:22 Don’t put your trust in mere humans. They are as frail as breath. What good are they?

4. Psalm 33:16-20 No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by his great strength. A horse is a vain hope for deliverance; despite all its great strength it cannot save. But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine. We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield.

5. Psalm 60:11 Oh, please help us against our enemies, for all human help is useless.

RayB said...

Anonymous @ 8:48 AM ....

Is that the same "Cuomo" that asked "Where is it written that protests have to be peaceful?"

1st. Amendment to the Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people PEACEFULLY to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

RayB said...


Very good post.

Hope all is well with you !


Anonymous said...

9/11 A Conspiracy Theory

Anonymous said...

9/11 Exposé Videos!

Anonymous said...


Very good post indeed!

And to those let me add:

1) Micah 7:5 Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend.

2) Jeremiah 9:4 Beware of your neighbor! Don’t even trust your brother! For brother takes advantage of brother, and friend slanders friend.

3) Jeremiah 12:6 Your relatives, members of your own family-- even they have betrayed you; they have raised a loud cry against you. Do not trust them, though they speak well of you.

4) Psalm 44:6 I do not trust in my bow; I do not count on my sword to save me.

5) Job 15:15 Look, God does not even trust the angels. ... Behold, He putteth no trust in His saints; yea, the heavens are not clean in his sight.

And of course, on the other hand...

Psalm 56:11 In God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?


Anonymous said...

How Democrats' Attacks On The 2020 Election's Legitimacy Set The Stage For Revolution

Nothing will more effectively halt Democrats’ efforts at pushing our country into full-scale civil conflict than shining a bright light on their objectives for all to see.


Anonymous said...

How to steal an election https://archive.org/details/pdfy-tNG7MjZUicS-wiJb/mode/2up. Notice that there was a “war game in August of this year. This is very reminiscent of event 201. Also, keep in mind there was also a war game that took place in Wuhan.

RayB said...

Programming Conformity and the Destruction of Individuality?

Just about everyone is familiar with Orwell's novel "1984," along with Huxley's "Brave New World." Both novels deal with issues regarding the state enforcing dehumanizing policies upon the people in order to destroy their individuality and make them more conforming to the totalitarian rulers. Orwell's despots controlled the people via state produced propaganda, repeating the lies over and over again, both of regarding current events and rewriting history. Through this brainwashing technique, the masses in Orwell's novel eventually believed the lies of the all powerful state to be the absolute truth. Those that dared to question the state were deemed heretics and enemies. Huxley's despots used a different tactic for control ... life was simply defined by what the state wanted it to be and then proceeded to manipulate people into believing that what the state defined as "life," was in fact life. Anything outside of the state's definition of life was considered heresy. Again, there was no room for individuality.

Until recently, I was unaware of another writer from that same general era, a German by the name of Ernst Jünger. Jünger, like Orwell and Huxley, wrote along similar totalitarian themes. In his 1932 novel entitled, The Worker, Jünger writes about the state mandating the use of the FACE MASK as a means to aid in the destruction of individuality by forcing people into conformity and uniformity, and thereby dehumanize them.

Go here to read article ... "The Dystopian Age of the Mask" https://thecritic.co.uk/the-dystopian-age-of-the-mask/

RayB said...


When I first considered the face mask mandates, I instinctively felt that it had a dehumanizing effect. I sense that the sudden "America is a systemically racist country" mantra is having the similar effects as portrayed in the aforementioned novels. "Either conform with what we say or you are a heretic" as evidenced by BLM invaders of restaurant diners, etc., etc. They've even gone so far as to declare, that if you are white, you are a "racist, even though you may not know it." Disagree with them and you will probably be the victim of violence, possibly even death.

Professional sports, bowing to these culture defining authoritarian thugs, now have signage (right out of Orwell's 1984) that declare "Black Lives Matter," and "End Racism," etc., Do you think these same people would ever allow signs declaring that "PRE-BORN Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Matter." Don't even think that "ALL Lives Matter" because that has been declared to be "racist" !

While I do not put ANY trust in man, man nevertheless is a tool that God uses to put down lawlessness. We are in the midst of a true revolution that will not end after the election. Sooner or later, these revolutionaries will have to be dealt with.

Which Presidential candidate do you think will have the stamina and willpower to stand up against the onslaught of these radical thugs? Would you ever vote for a local Sheriff that is known to make excuses for the criminal element? You'll be voting for either continued chaos, or, law and order. IMO, the choice if abundantly clear.

Anonymous said...

RayB made an important analogy near the end of the previous thread that I want to paraphrase here (for those who might've missed it because this thread had already gotten underway at the time).

Suppose I am out for a quiet dinner with someone and near our table there are several loud diners that are using foul, vulgar language. Wanting to not have our dinner interrupted by such behavior, suppose I ask our waiter to move us to another table as far away as possible. Here is the crux of the matter; if the vulgar diners were of a different race than the two of us, they would quite possibly assume that we moved because we didn't want to be near people of THEIR race. However, if they were the SAME race, they would probably understand that their BEHAVIOR prompted the move. Now, in such a case, did we move because of the color of their skin, or, because of their overt obnoxious behavior? Was THEIR perception based in reality? Or, was it based upon their false PERCEPTION that we moved because we are racists?

Anonymous said...

In which case,
The reply to 2:35 PM should also be reposted from the last thread:

Yet, RayB,

If you paused a moment and took the cone topped sheet off your head for just a moment, you'd realize that often perception is based on experience and how further experiences which appear similar to former experience are usually filtered through the lens of the former.

That being said, many black people would realize it was because you thought they were loud. Similarly, you may find a group of white diners who presume that your moving tables is because they perceive your moving to be due to you judging them as trailer trash.

Even so, if they were to discern what sort of character you truly possess, RayB, they'd probably be justified in assuming you have moved because you are a racist.

11:47 PM

Anonymous said...

8:22 PM/11:47 PM

Please cut & paste statements of RayB definitively showing that he is "a racist."

Anonymous said...

You can go back and view them yourself. Also, you can use whatever little gray matter you may have to discern the logic integral in my reply and the statement to which I was replying. Waste someone else's time. Racists and their supporters are always found to be somewhat wanting in the cognitive department.

Anonymous said...

No proof but just an ad hominem attack.

Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Kirk & Jack Hibbs discuss all the reasons why we should re-elect President Trump...


RayB said...

This is what happens when Democrats such as Biden & Harris endlessly harp (falsely) against "systemic racism," and "racist Police," etc. Add to that mix the scum liars in the media, BLM, NBA ... and now the NFL. They all have blood on their hands.

Two Los Angeles County Deputies Ambushed in Patrol Car, Shot in Head


How did the "peaceful protestors," otherwise known as "Black Lives Matter" respond? (From the linked article above)

"Black Lives Matter protesters blocked a hospital entrance in Los Angeles on Saturday night and yelled, “we hope they die,” hours after a man shot two county deputies in an ambush."

RayB said...


NBA Players Kneel During National Anthem on Anniversary of September 11 Attacks


Here is the clear message these "NBA players" are sending; America is evil. America is the enemy. America is racist. We hate America."

Just try to imagine the influence that these traitors are having upon millions of young kids.

J said...


Thanks, I haven't liked this year, but I'm doing relatively well with my family, all things considered.

I definitely would like a temporal political-economic messiah of sorts, just as much as anybody else would like it. But I'm afraid that the choice confronting us is two bad flavors that taste bad together.

I agree regarding God's will for law and order delegated through (imperfect) human authorities. It was true even of pagan empires of the past. God knows that even though human law and order are not perfect, lawlessness and chaos are worse.

Anonymous said...


The below quote is from audio of U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely speaking on Mike Filip’s AmeriCanuck Internet Radio of Canada talk show.

QAnon is tied to information that comes out of a group called The Army of Northern Virginia. This is a group of military intelligence specialists, of over 800 people that advise the president. The president does not have a lot of confidence in the CIA or even the DIA much anymore. So he relies on real operators, who are mostly special-operations type of people. This is where Q picks up some of his information.

As a reminder, Vallely collaborated with Lt. Col. Michael Aquino on the notorious paper, "From PSYOP to MindWar". Form your own conclusions about how trustworthy he seems to you.

Anonymous said...

QAnon News

Craig said...

That's Rayciss!


Top (and pinned) comment:
Short Cipher
Control the opposition's opposition by controlling the opposition's position.

Silence the opposition physicians using psychological conditions and social derision to establish the conditions of division and submission.

Anonymous said...

More QAnon News

Anonymous said...

Even More QAnon News

Anonymous said...


Let's All Unite To Circumvent Mail-in Ballot Fraud!

All Patriots must go to the polls – in person!

Anonymous said...

INSIDE SCOOP — Famous conservative editor admits privately… ‘A link from Citizen Free Press now brings more traffic than Drudge Report’…


Anonymous said...

Transsexual Satanist Anarchist Is GOP Nominee for Cheshire County Sheriff


Anonymous said...

Citizen Free Press Founder Interview

Anonymous said...

The Latest Trend In T-Shirts:



Anonymous said...

Premier League to drop Black Lives Matter


Anonymous said...

ANALYSIS: Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" actually a cover story
to position US troops across America to put down the INSURRECTION

Trump’s “military” deployment of vaccines on Nov. 1 is a clever cover story to prepare for Insurrection Act invocation, mass arrests using military police!

September 13, 2020
By: Mike Adams
Natural News

EXCLUSIVE ANALYSIS: Trump’s plan to defend America and take down her domestic enemies is now becoming increasingly clear, and one new bombshell conclusion in all this concerns Trump’s vow to use the US military to deploy vaccines nationwide before the election on Nov. 3rd.

We now believe, for reasons outlined here, that the “military deployment” of vaccines is a cover story. Trump is using the vaccine issue to place military units in position all across the nation to prepare for a post-election invocation of the Insurrection Act which would activate the military to confront and arrest or eliminate domestic terrorists across the country.

In other words, Trump isn’t really leaping in with the vaccine industry as much as we once feared. “Operation Warp Speed” isn’t really a vaccine operation but rather a national security operation that will put US troops on the streets of every American city in an effort to restore the rule of law, arrest treasonous actors (including mayors and governors) and put down left-wing terrorists.

Follow my new intel on this story in real time at my Brighteon.social channel page: https://brighteon.social/@HealthRanger

Trump invokes “insurrection” language to put down riots after the election
All this became abundantly clear yesterday, when Trump invoked “insurrection” language when asked how he would put down the post-election riots that are anticipated to occur.

He spoke of this in an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro. (Transcript below.)

Watch starting at 8:45: Brighteon.com/bff4e45f-81cb-48d5-9cc9-a247bcd10154

Judge Jeanine Pirro: We’ve got this anarchy going on in the streets, we’ve got towns run by Democrat governors and mayors who are refusing to allow the National Guard to come in. There are people in those cities and states who want order to come in, but you can’t go in unless they request your help. What are you going to do? Let’s say there are threats, they say they’re going to threaten riots if they lose on election night… what are you going to do?

President Trump: We’ll put them down very quickly. We have the right to do that, we have the power to do that if we want. Look, it’s called insurrection. We just send in, and we do it very easy. It’s very easy. I mean, I’d rather not do that because there’s no reason for it, but if we had to, we’d do that and put it down within minutes.

Anonymous said...

A week ago, I published this story on Trump.news that reveals how Trump could use the Fourteenth Amendment — combined with military action — to take down left-wing treasonous actors, including mayors, governors and court justices who have aided left-wing terrorists in their rebellion against the United States.

I also published a video with a detailed analysis of Trump’s strategic advantage in all this, predicting that Trump would declare an insurrection immediately after the election:


It’s now clear that this is Trump’s plan. Invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy the US military to put down the attempted uprising / coup against America.

It’s also clear that the radical Left is playing right into Trump’s hands by preparing for a nationwide uprising immediately after the election, in order to cause mass confusion and chaos in order to interfere with ballot counting and Electoral College votes. I’ve covered this in detail at this Natural News article.

Now it’s obvious why Trump is aggressively pushing vaccine distribution by the military on Nov. 1st
Over the last few weeks, the Trump administration has been aggressively pushing for a Nov. 1 vaccine release across America. The CDC has even tried to strong-arm states into skipping their usual vaccine licensing requirements so that the vaccine could be widely distributed in record time.

This never made sense to me. Why the mad rush for Nov. 1st? What difference does a vaccine make just a few days before the election? There’s no medical benefit to vaccines — even if they work — that would be apparent before the election. So why was Trump pushing this so hard?

The answer is now obvious: Operation Warp Speed isn’t about the vaccine… it’s about positioning military troops across America to prepare for the invocation of the Insurrection Act. The vaccine story is just a cover story. The Nov. 1 date is only important because it’s two days before the election.

I’ll remind you that just a few months ago, President Trump signed an execute order to activate one million military medics and support personnel, bringing them back to active duty under the cover of the pandemic. See my story: PREPARE FOR WAR: Trump activates one million military reservists as nation prepares for mass combat casualties, which states:

On Friday, with little fanfare, President Trump signed a new executive order that activates one million military reservists, bringing them back to active duty. This “national security & defense” executive order is entitled, “EO to Order the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty.”

Anonymous said...

It begins by citing the coronavirus pandemic and the state of emergency which has already been declared:

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.), and in furtherance of Proclamation 9994 of March 13, 2020 (Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak), which declared a national emergency by reason of the threat that the novel (new) coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 poses to our Nation’s healthcare systems, I hereby order as follows:

It goes on to describe how the, “Army, Navy, and Air Force, at the direction of the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the Coast Guard” are authorized to activate one million reservists, calling them back to active duty.

These reserve military personnel will of course be deployed as part of the national defense against treason and terrorism, once the Insurrection Act is invoked.

Left-wing terrorists are literally trying to burn down Western states by setting fires
Meanwhile, the radical Left has embraced a “scorched Earth” policy that involves literally attempting to burn down the nation by setting fires across Western states. Already, Black Lives Matter terrorists are being arrested and charged after being caught setting fires.

The wildfires in Oregon have now displaced half a million residents there, and federal officials are investigating “mass arson” as the real cause behind these fires.

One map of real-time fires shows that all the fires magically stop at the U.S. / Canada border, revealing how these aren’t natural fires but rather acts of arson being waged as wartime sabotage against the United States of America:

In addition, videos are already surfacing that reveal how the fires are “engineered” as weapons against America.

“Men with chain saws are cutting down telephone poles to set fires…” see this video for more:

The current theory about these fires is that these activities are called “grey terrorism” — a kind of deniable but coordinated terrorism that destroys cities, states or nations while shifting the blame to Mother Nature.

Note that Dr. Fauci is also now blaming Mother Nature for the covid-19 pandemic, completely dismissing his own involvement in funding gain-of-function engineering of the Wuhan biological weapon that was released onto the world.

What’s apparent here is that evil forces who hate humanity are at war with America. They are releasing biological weapons, setting fire to Western states, rigging elections, censoring patriots on Big Tech platforms, legalizing child rape in California, legalizing infanticide in New York, faking the news to keep people brainwashed, and running well-funded, coordinated and highly trained terrorist organizations whose goal is the complete takedown of America.

This is a war against America, and Trump knows it. That’s why he’s using Operation Warp Speed to deploy troops across America, getting ready for the post-election insurrection chaos that will be the radical Left’s last attempt to take down this country and destroy America as we know it.

Trump is ahead of the game and has his own plan in place to take down the insurrectionists, arrest the traitors and defend America from its enemies. He’s using “vaccines” as the cover story, since no one is allowed to criticize vaccines without being banned. That explains why Trump has been saying the military will “distribute” the vaccines. It made no sense until now.

Anonymous said...

What YOU can do to get prepared

There are currently 50 days until the election on Nov. 3rd.

This means you have 50 days to get fully prepared in every way imaginable: Firearms, food, bugout plans, gold and silver, water filters and more.

America is going to explode in chaos in 50 days. There will be troops on the streets — and you will support them! — because they are putting down the insurrectionists and terrorists.

You should fully expect regional power grid failures. Cyber attacks. Huge DDoS attacks on your favorite websites. Expect grocery shortages and a barrage of fake news propaganda and Big Tech censorship telling you Trump didn’t win the election, when he actually did.

My advice is stay off the streets and let the military handle the uprising. Stay home and protect your family and your local neighborhood. It’s a good idea to coordinate a neighborhood defense, because the police obviously won’t be able to help you.

I will be covering the Election Day events in real time at Brighteon.social, which is being hardened against DDoS attack attempts.

Join Brighteon.social right now, and follow my channel at:

There, I’ll be real-time tweeting Election Day events and the aftermath. America is about to be plunged into a live, kinetic revolution attempt, and Trump is well aware of all this and has his own plan to halt the insurrectionists and save America.

For the ultimate in preparedness videos and podcasts, also see my daily updates at PrepWithMike.com which brings you firearms reviews, survival skills, EMP protection videos and much more.

You have 50 days to get fully prepared. Maybe less, depending on the timing of the insurrection. Don’t waste a single day.

ANALYSIS: Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" actually a cover story
to position US troops across America to put down the INSURRECTION

More news on the Fourteenth Amendment:

✓ BREAKING: President Trump promises to put down election day rioting using “insurrection” powers… will he invoke Fourteenth Amendment powers and remove all the TRAITORS, too?

✓ Trump’s “secret weapon” revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM

✓ Free speech being destroyed by gender Nazis wearing black robes as court rules AGAINST professor who refused to address student with trans pronouns

✓ American Freedom Law Center sues Michigan Attorney General over unconstitutional plot to create “thought criminal” database targeting conservatives, Christians

✓ Planned Parenthood’s stunning hypocrisy on birthright citizenship

✓ POTUS Trump planning to end “birthright citizenship” scheme long exploited by the Democrat Left to generate more voters

✓ Wyoming’s “ag-gag” law, designed to block video investigations of animal cruelty, deemed unconstitutional

GrantNZ said...

Good interview Constance.
I find it troubling that very few over the last few months have seen the connections.
To a degree I think many Christians have little knowledge of the origins of these heretical teachings being espoused and especially the history behind them.
Time to get your two books updated and back into print considering how much has been established that you warned about in the books almost forty years ago.

GrantNZ said...

Eze 44:23

And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.

J said...

Anonymous 8:22 PM,

RayB is right about how perceptions sometimes work. When I was very young and just getting started in the workforce, I worked behind the counter of a gas station on the corner in my small town. I never touched anybody's hand when I gave them change. I didn't even think about it. I dropped the change into their hand once my hand was almost touching. It was all automatic.

One customer got offended and said, "You don't want to touch my hand because I'm a black man?" I didn't know how to respond. The customer is always right. I felt mortified. He was a repeat customer in our small town. I felt anxiety every time he came in. He purposely rubbed his fingers slowly on the palm of my hand and made eye contact with me, daring me to react, the second time he came in. His hand was the only hand I touched. I very briefly and perfunctorily touched it on purpose every time, pretending it was all routine. He stopped making a big deal about it every other time after that second time.

He seemed to think he had proved his point. All he had proved to me was that he was overly sensitive at the very same time as being arrogant toward me as a woman and that he was willing to play every card to manipulate things in a narcissistic fashion, whether it was the race card or the customer card. I never told anybody about it, because I felt confused inside, knowing I was backing down, yet knowing too that I was in a customer service role and feeling like it didn't seem worth confrontation.

Such a minute thing. I suppose he thought it was a micro-aggression against him. In reality it was a micro-aggression against me. It was far from the worst thing that I went through, and I quickly forgot about it in the rush of life, but it taught me anxiety around a certain type of black man -- young, out to prove something with a chip on his shoulder. (But not a newer type of middle class black man or an older type of Christian black man).

Social life is complicated, and difficult people come in all colors. White drunks walked in from the bar down the street and said things to me sometimes, while their friends told them to shut up and said, "Don't mind him, he's drunk." A white truck driver held me captive audience until I learned to mop the floor or do something else once he started his very long monologues. A white guy threw rocks at me while I swept the parking lot. Customers yelled at me if I didn't remember exactly what brand of cigarette they bought and exactly how many packs. Entry level customer service type work can be hard at times.

Nonetheless, all of us here in this blog comment area who are Christians should understand that individual moral behavior is more important than warring collectivist narratives. We should care about the truth of specific facts -- and the right and wrong of specific facts -- letting the chips fall where they may, in regards to any given collectivist narrative du jour.

Thomas Dahlheimer said...

Helena Blavatsky (1831–1891) is widely believed to be the Mother of the New Age Movement. She gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Theosophy, the esoteric movement that the society promotes.

Wikipedia information on Helena Blavatsky:

Fundamentally, the underlying concept behind Blavatsky's Theosophy was that there was an "ancient wisdom religion" which had once been found across the world, and which was known to various ancient figures, such as the Greek philosopher Plato and the ancient Hindu sages. Blavatsky connected this ancient wisdom religion to Hermetic philosophy, a worldview in which everything in the universe is identified as an emanation from a Godhead. Blavatsky believed that all of the world's religions developed from this original global faith.

Blavatsky also believed that the Theosophical movement's revival of the "ancient wisdom religion" would lead to it spreading across the world, eclipsing the established world religions. Thus, in bringing these Theosophical ideas to humanity, Blavatsky viewed herself as a messianic figure.

Blavatsky described Theosophy as "the synthesis of science, religion and philosophy", proclaiming that it was reviving an "Ancient Wisdom" which underlay all the world's religions.

The General Council of the Theosophical Society adopted as the first of the Society's three objects, "To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, or color." No single organization or movement has contributed so many components to the New Age Movement as the Theosophical Society. It has been the major force in the dissemination of occult literature in the West in the twentieth century.

My commentary:

Like Helena Blavatsky, Paramahansa Yogananda, widely known as the Father of Yoga [Hinduism] in the West, believed and taught "a worldview in which everything in the universe is identified as an emanation from a Godhead."

Yogananda wrote: "Spirit existed before God. God is the Creator of the universe, but Spirit is the Creator of God." The Hindu name for "God" is Brahma. "This Sanskrit word [Brahma] derives from the verbal root b?h 'to expand, grow, fructify', because 'Brahma [God] expands' and becomes the Universe woven out of his own substance." - Theosophy Wiki ... So, Spirit emanated from Itself "everything in the universe." The universe is an emanation from Spirit.

The U/universe has both, a divine manifestation and a less-than-divine manifestation. The material universe is its less-than-divine manifestation.

Helena Blavatsky wrote in THE SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. 1, Page 274: The Universe is called, with everything in it, Maya, because all is temporary therein, from the ephemeral life of a fire-fly to that of the Sun. Compared to the eternal immutability of the One [Spirit]. Yogananda wrote: Spirit is not the universe; Spirit is that which was and will be whether the universe does or does not exist.

Yogananda wrote: Maya is the principle of relativity, inversion, contrast, duality, oppositional states; the "Satan" (lit., in Hebrew, "the adversary") of the Old Testament prophets; and the "devil" whom Christ described picturesquely as a "murderer" and a "liar," because "there is no truth in him". -(John 8:44) Maya is Nature herself—the phenomenal worlds [the universe], ever in transitional flux as antithesis to Divine Immutability. ... Scientists declare that, despite its vast size, the universe is finite. The Infinite, God, is the ultimate cause of all finite creation. ... Being infinite, God cannot be limited to any form, human or stone; yet He is manifest in all forms. ... Beyond the gross vibratory boundaries of matter [or beyond the finite creation], the Immutable Infinite reigns in all His majesty and vastness.

Anonymous said...

Helena Blavatsky (1831–1891) is widely believed to be the Mother of the New Age Movement. She gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Theosophy, the esoteric movement that the society promotes.

Wikipedia information on Helena Blavatsky:

Fundamentally, the underlying concept behind Blavatsky's Theosophy was that

Guidance requires exploration.

Which was expressed by such writings as the following:

Nothing is impossible. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is wisdom.

Have you found your circuit?

Prophet, look within and inspire yourself. If you have never experienced this flow inherent in nature, it can be difficult to dream. The cosmos is calling to you via ultrasonic energy. Can you hear it?

Ego is born in the gap where truth has been excluded. The complexity of the present time seems to demand a maturing of our third eyes if we are going to survive. You may be ruled by stagnation without realizing it. Do not let it eradicate the nature of your path.

We are at a crossroads of aspiration and pain. Humankind has nothing to lose. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the solar system via atomic ionization.

We are in the midst of an ethereal unveiling of rejuvenation that will be a gateway to the galaxy itself.
How should you navigate this primordial multiverse? It can be difficult to know where to begin. Although you may not realize it, you are advanced!

Please Click Here For Yet More Cosmic Enlightenment!

RayB said...


Another very good post. Both my wife & I have had a number of similar instances.

Just a quick one that I experienced a few years back. I was returning an item at the service desk of a big box store ... in a predominately white suburb. My return consisted of an exchange, so the service clerk told me "if there is a line when you come back, don't wait in line. Just come to the counter and show me the item and you'll be on your way." When I returned with the item, there was a line of customers. I did as the clerk said and went to the counter. Immediately behind me was a Black lady who loudly said: "you just cut in front of me because I'm Black." She made a huge ruckus and scene. I turned to her and said: "Lady, you don't know what you're talking about, the clerk told me to come to the front of the counter." She literally screamed that "she didn't hear no clerk tell me that." I told her the obvious: "She said it when YOU WEREN'T HERE." DUH. The clerk then intervened, saw my item, and processed the exchange. No apology, not a hint of embarrassment, NOTHING from this deeply "offended" minority.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit startled to see that Jane Elliot is nowadays very much focusing comments on white people rather than be indiscriminately advancing non-racism throughout society, nevertheless the importance of realizing that skin color is inherently no more of a legitimate basis of evaluating people than eye color is cannot be overestimated! Here are a couple of pieces from some time back:

Introduction | A Class Divided | FRONTLINE | PBS

She wanted to show her pupils what discrimination feels like, and what it can do to people. Elliott divided her class by eye color — those with blue eyes and those with brown. On the first day...


Watch | A Class Divided | FRONTLINE | PBS

The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed, third-grade teacher Jane Elliott gave her class an unforgettable lesson in discrimination.


RayB said...

RE: the latest incident in Lancaster, PA in which a Lancaster Patrolman shot a black man as he attacked the officer with a large knife. The officer's body cam proves that the shooting was absolutely justified.

Of course, that didn't stop the BLM Communist thugs from "peacefully" demonstrating. Last night, I watched a live video stream in which a BLM member with an electronic megaphone attempt to get the predominately white crowd fired up so that they would attack the businesses in downtown Lancaster. It was something to see. A true, professional "agent provocateur" if there ever was one. The whole thing prompted me to ponder a little bit more about the crisis we are now in.

I am totally convinced that all of this has all the makings of an organized, planned, well thought out, and well financed revolution. RACE is the catalyst that they are using to stir up the masses (particularly gullible young whites). If you scratch the surface just a little, you can readily see the lies and methods that they are using. Just take a look at Black Lives Matter:

The Black Lives Matter and their duped supporters are deeply offended by the slogan "ALL Lives Matter," which they LABEL to be racist, which of course it isn't. ALL LIVES is merely a statement declaring that all INNOCENT LIFE has meaning, and that meaning is not exclusive to only Blacks. Also, during the numerous riots, I noticed the letters "ACAB" spray painted on buildings, statues, etc. I looked it up and found that it means "All Cops Are Bad." What REALLY is being heavily implied here is that ALL BLACKS ARE GOOD and therefore cannot do anything to justify ANY response from the Police because ALL COPS ARE BAD. This exact scenario is being played out over and over again and it is the perfect impetus for all out anarchy.

All revolutions require a primary justification in order to excuse the required violence that is necessary for the revolution to succeed. In this case, the "justification" if found in wildly exaggerated claims of racism, along with the mantra that ALL Blacks are GOOD, while ALL Whites, along with Civilized Society (built by black slaves), the Police (the evil "Brown Shirts," Law & Order itself (rigged justice system) etc. are ALL BAD, or EVIL. This explains why BLM and their ilk were gleefully CHEERING the ambushed shooting of two innocent Police officers in LA last night, while verbally hoping that "they die."

Having said all that, let's not lose focus of the fact that the vast majority of black people in America do not subscribe to this radical, mindless violence. They want to live in peace and security, just like any honest, law abiding citizen hopes to. THEY are not the enemy, the enemy of our freedom, safety and liberty are the extremists of BLM & ATIFA, etc.

Craig said...


You wrote: I noticed the letters "ACAB" spray painted on buildings, statues, etc. I looked it up and found that it means "All Cops Are Bad."

You're almost right. It's actually "All Cops Are Ba****ds." Ya know, kinda like "F*** the police" and all that.


Since I don't subscribe to the genetic fallacy, I've no trouble recommending this short video by Heather MacDonald:

Police Go Where the Crime Is

Facts are not racist. But folks with agendas sure distort facts. Some of them are racist--according to the long-standing definition of that term, as opposed to any new distortions.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense RayB,

If Communists were our country's enemies they'd not only say 'Defund The Police' but 'Defund The MILITARY' as well! As long as they don't do that we'll have the U.S. military available to pick up any slack or gaps in our protection that occur from defending the police. Of course they really should instead be calling for DeF*CKING The Police (i.e. raising the hiring standards while removing the bad cops) but their hearts are in the right place because, as I say, promoting Defunding The Military too is NOT part of the Communist agenda!

Oh, wait...

Chinese Communist Party Floats ‘Defund The U.S. Military’ Campaign For U.S. Left To Adopt


Anonymous said...

that occur from defunding

RayB said...


You are correct regarding ACAB. Originally, it was said that the "B" stood for "Bad," but I did see that they changed that. I guess they felt using "bad" wasn't a strong enough statement.

Anonymous said...

Well Dahlheimer, your posts are kicked to the curb (can't get even get as much as a yawn these days) because even less relevant than how important BLM currently thinks it is as the up and coming thing. Violence gets more news than your religion of peace and light and all that jazz...
Madam Blat fell flat.

Anonymous said...

Appeals Court Decision Blocks Hillary Clinton Testimony
[The] extraordinary Appeals Court decision protecting Hillary Clinton from having to obey a court order requiring her to testify about her emails is contrary to longstanding precedent and undermines the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The opinion’s deviation from a long line of earlier mandamus cases creates the appearance of favoritism towards Clinton and undermines the public’s confidence in the fair administration of justice. One need only contrast the DC Circuit’s agony over granting General Flynn mandamus relief with the unprecedented mandamus relief so easily given to Clinton.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton hid her government emails, then stole them when she left office. Her lawyers unilaterally determined what would be returned later. The State Department knew this occurred but tried to game a federal trial court into shutting down Judicial Watch’s FOIA lawsuit before Clinton’s scheme became public. In response, the trial court rightly ordered Clinton to testify about the reasons for her actions and their impact on the public’s right to know. That this was too much for the DC Circuit is a miscarriage of justice.

In addition to today’s political decision, the Justice and State Departments’ continuing efforts to avoid getting to the bottom of Clinton’s email misconduct are a scandal. President Trump should hold Secretary Pompeo and Attorney General Barr accountable for their failures of leadership.

Judicial Watch Sues DC Government for ‘Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police’ Street Painting Records

It may sound strange, but we find ourselves in the position of suing the local government of our nation’s capital city.
District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser is playing games with the First Amendment, and the DC government is now hiding documents on using tax dollars to paint political messages on DC streets. First, Mayor Bowser refused to allow us to paint our own message, and now we are facing a cover up about this abuse.


The Latest Updates:


OUTRAGEOUS! #Mueller Team Repeatedly, ‘Accidentally’ Wiped Phones Related To Trump/Russia Probe
FBI’s “Wiped” Phones, The Ambassador’s ‘Enemies List’ & Joe Biden’s Senate Records


Anonymous said...

A Republic Under Assault

Never in America have we witnessed a more serious conspiracy than the lawless assault on our nation by the Left in collaboration with the Deep State to open our borders without restriction, corrupt our electoral process and bring down the Trump administration.

In this latest investigative probe from Judicial Watch, New York Times bestselling author Tom Fitton identifies four major forces at work to undermine American democracy and freedoms. He argues that the organized left, the Obama legacy, the Clinton machine, and allied Deep State Bureaucrats pose a continued threat to President Trump, our elections, and our borders.

In constant coordination, these subversive collaborators not only launched countless—often illegal—operations to stop and then remove Trump, but even more alarmingly, are working as one to transform the United States into something truly unrecognizable to all who believe in liberty and the rule of law.

Today, one of their main targets is President Donald J. Trump.

Tomorrow, it will be anyone who believes in our Founding documents, believes the United States must have clearly defined and protected borders, believes in the need for a strong military, believes in the value of hard work and faith, and believes in the rule of law and American exceptionalism.

A Republic Under Assault

Anonymous said...


RayB said...

You probably already knew that BLM was founded by self described "trained Marxists." But did you know that BLM is also heavily involved in the Occult ?

Black Lives Matter Founder Admits to Not Just Marxist Beliefs but Occultist Practices

From the article ....

In a recorded conversation with Cullors, BLM Los Angeles founder and California State University Professor of “African Studies” Melina Abdulla reveals more than she thought she should have. “Maybe I’m sharing too much, but we’ve become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly, right.” she explained. “Like, each of them seems to have a different presence and personality, you know. I laugh a lot with Wakisha, you know. And I didn’t meet her in her body, right, I met her through this work.”


PS: The article also includes a very weird youtube video of an Occult ceremony in which BLM Marxist co-founder Patrisse Cullors "summons the spirits (aka, demons)." This helps explain the evil hatred, violence and overall wickedness that is so prevalent whenever BLM conducts their "peaceful protests."

Anonymous said...

"Peaceful" anti-mask, COVID-denying Trump supporters riot and try to storm school building in Utah. Even some communist rhetoric was involved where parents were looking to collectivize the children against working for the capitalist pigs who are just trying to follow the law. I do wonder if the militia were called out or if federal thugs were called in with their tear gas and riot shields to disrupt this riot?


Something else mostly unrelated. Gov. Coumo had Paul Rudd film a hilarious video aimed at getting millennials to wear a mask.

"we've got to yeet this virus"


RayB said...

BLM Riot And Loot in Lancaster After Man Shot While Charging Cop With A Knife; Had Prior Charges For Stabbing 4 Others


PS: Do you recall the demands for the Police to wear Body Cams, presumably to document on video "police brutality?"
That has backfired in a big way. Far more times than not, the Body Cams prove that their used of lethal force was justified. In the case above, without this Police video, the typical charge would have been; "the Police planted the knife." In this case, it didn't prove anything to the thugs in Lancaster. Further proof that they are not interested in the truth, they only want to advance their revolutionary agenda.

Anonymous said...

New Age Trump revealled:

"Within the concentric circles of Trump's regime lies an unseen culture of occultists, power-seekers, and mind-magicians whose influence is on the rise. In this unparalleled account, historian Gary Lachman examines the influence of occult and esoteric philosophy on the unexpected rise of the alt-right."

The book discusses Trump's use of Peale's postmodern powers of positive thinking to shift the boundaries of achievable reality utilizing, primarily, 'chaos' magick.

"Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump Kindle Edition", by Gary Lachman available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075C8BQS5/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

Trump's new age fascination with orbs.



Anonymous said...


George Carlin on COVID-19 type panic

What has happened to the one country that fully shares George Carlin's approach?

Combating Coronavirus: Sweden Shows the Way!

No-lockdown Sweden now among world's safest from virus!
'We see no point in wearing a face mask, not even on public transport'

Question: Who did see a point?

The Dystopian Age of the Mask
How Ernst Jünger predicted the ubiquity of masks

Anonymous said...

UK Cops Disarm Man Wielding a Machete | Firsthand | CBC


Knife-wielding man attacks British cops - No guns, no one dies and they don't even beat him up once they subdued him:


--If Blue Lives really matter consider that from 1980-2017 only 100 cops were killed in England compared to 2300 in the US: Jim's U.K. Police Ride-Along - The Jim Jefferies Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf0ThqEdV9o

If you are pro-cop you should also be pro-gun control

Illinois USED TO have strict gun laws until the NRA got them overturned so the rise in violence is actually because more guns has made Chicago more dangerous (but it's not actually #One in homicides and shootings --- St. Louis, Missouri is, by FAR more violent than Chicago but you don't hear about on fake conservatives news because in Missouri, Republicans control the governor's mansion and both houses of congress - a republican trifecta). https://youtu.be/2RPs1G5llBg

Anonymous said...




They have achieved the Rank of:


But Troll: Thanks for playing!

Dan Bryan said...

Craig said...10:46 AM
I don’t know how much we can attribute MSoG (Manifest Sons of God) as part of Q. Certainly some MSoG supporters have adopted Q, but from what I see they’ve reinterpreted aspects of the whole Q thing through their own lens.

I have been on the 8Chan (now 8kun)board well before Q started posting there. I go there for cutting edge news some real, some not, but edgy none the less, away from the controlled press we have today.

I tend to agree with Craig on this one for several reasons:
1) The people that frequent this board are/were the most irreligious group, a broad spectrum of atheists, patriots, some Jew haters, male misogynist to those that love soft porn.

2) Nothing I have seen on this board ever resembled New Age beliefs.

3) The board was always exposing conspiracy theories as well as creating some. The reader must be strong and be aware. It is/was the Wild Wild West of the internet.

4) I have seen an uptick in New Age style posts but only a while after the initial posts.

5) Thee term Great Awakening, though sounding very 'New Age', it is defining the awakening of people from their blind political think, and blind following of Fake News not some NewAge speak.

Since no one has come forward with ownership of The 'Q', I would or might think that those that write books in Q's name are either trying to hijack the movement or assume some type of perceived ownership?

I do agree that it is troublesome that Trump is surrounded with the likes of Paula White, MSOG, etc .....

Can you post the list of Q books you mentioned with authors names for us to look at?

Anonymous said...

JUST the day that Trump signs another treaty with Israel in DC a rainstorm of Biblical proportion is about to inundate the south states with FEET of rain.

Of course more nations will sign on with his precious treaty of many.

Anonymous said...

About those wildfires on the West Coast . . .

DEW beam weapon from satellite in space captured on radar igniting fires


These fires on the West Coast are not natural (or normal) fires!!!

Witnesses in California have observed and documented the following...

These fires are not natural (or normal) fires.

It is believed that these fires were started by DEW (direct energy weapons).

Car windows are vaporized.

Wheels and the steel parts of the cars have melted.

Trees are burning from the inside out.

Homes are burning without burning any of the landscape or trees.

Hundreds of people have been incinerated in their homes.

Fires between 5-20 miles apart were not spread by embers!!!


Connecting more dots...

Sonoma County passed a measure to ban GMO crop cultivation.

Lake Sonoma / Napa Counties have been the most active in blocking Smart Meters.

Anonymous said...


I am DONE with your bullshit!

Craig said...

Dr. Li-Meng Yan alleges CV19 not only originated in the Wuhan lab, it was created there, AND it was intentionally released:

Coronavirus whistleblower speaks out about possible COVID origin on 'Tucker'

This comports with the ZeroHedge article from March (IIRC). I saw the India study on the genome and its conclusion that, given the combination, the chances of this particular stain naturally occurring are pretty much nil.

Anonymous said...

Pres. Trump sends well-wishes Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell [She was the arranger of children to be sexually abused at island "parties", attended by the likes of British Prince Andrew, the Clintons and Bill Trump]


Anonymous said...

Biden Staffer: Ghislaine Maxwell To Be Pardoned, Epstein Case Swept Under Rug If Dems Take White House In November


Anonymous said...

As People Are Increasingly Clued Into It By Their Relatives, Friends and Acquaintances, Alternative News Is Increasing Displacing The MSM!

"Citizen Free Press, the top alternative to the once-conservative Drudge Report, continues to grow. Citing SimilarWeb, it claimed 54 million page views in August, up 21% over July."

Washington Examiner


Anonymous said...

Do Black Lives Matter?

Anonymous said...

President Trump official warns left-wing hit squads are being trained across the country as globalists maneuver to complete their worldwide take-down


Anonymous said...

In the 1st video at the bottom of this story, videographer 'Amazing Polly' warns us that Bob Woodward's recent book foreshadowing a 'deep state/democrat coup' against President Trump might be the most important story out there right now.

Warning us within her video that the 'Deep State' is now openly planning how to subvert the election results, while planting the seeds of the narrative they're planning to 'unfold' as 'We the American people' are largely distracted, as the top-rated comment on her video pointed out: "This isn’t about taking sides against the president. It is about going against the wishes of the people of the USA who VOTED FOR TRUMP! I call it treason - punishable by death."

Yet Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the 'deep state' who've committed treason and sedition against America 'live on', behaving as if they've done nothing wrong at all while 'projecting' their own 'treason' upon President Trump, thus enraging nearly half the country that still believes the mainstream, 'presstitute' media lies.


Anonymous said...

"Protesters” are illegally arming themselves while pretending to be “peaceful”


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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To 1:38 AM

Who is 'Bill Trump'?

Also, just to be clear... I don't think that Trump ever attended any of those parties on Lolita Island with Prince Andrew and the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

BOMBSHELL: Expert Exposes Fauci’s CRIMINAL Violations

David Martin, PhD , DavidMartin.world, joins to discuss the criminal violations of Fauci — and the money trail & patents that lead to the usual suspects. Money through shell corporations to fund banned research, corruption, predatory pricing, anti-trust violations — Fauci could easily be led away in handcuffs if AG Barr wished.


Anonymous said...

Do not take the Covid Vaccine; changing your DNA is an abomination of desolation for your soul


Anonymous said...

Are the naive Democrats aware that there is going to be a 'bait and switch' if Biden wins in November?

Kamala Harris talks about the 'Harris administration' at virtual roundtable . . .


Anonymous said...

Burger King ad features homosexual kiss between its male mascot and Ronald McDonald


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Anonymous said...

The Hit-Job Parade of Anti-Trump Authors



Anonymous said...

Burning down the West Coast town by town / Agenda 21 smart fires by DEW flamethrowers . . .


Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, recently joined a traditionalist Catholic movement. This movement, which was being led by several traditional Catholic newspapers' editors with the same worldview, is now being led by Vigano. Vigano was recently put in the U.S. national spotlight by one of President Trump's tweets. Vigano wrote, in a June 6, 2020 letter that: "It is undeniable that from Vatican II onwards a parallel church [a new Catholic Church] was built, superimposed over and diametrically opposed to the true Church of Christ."

In a September 12, 2020 interview, located at https://catholicfamilynews.com/blog/2020/09/14/archbishop-vigano-speaks-again-catholics-cannot-vote-for-joe-biden/?fbclid=IwAR0MaGGzKxDeUdVNJY14vJ6-kWHv_KVa2U7_ENkCzdpG9ixY_i5ztSmD5zM, Vigano wrote:

"All the premises that were laid down in a nutshell with Vatican II and the student revolution are now consistently proposed by Vatican leaders on the ecclesial front, and by government leaders on the globalist political front. Therefore, it should come as no surprise if the priorities of Bergoglio’s [Pope Francis's] political program coincide with Joe Biden’s priorities. Migration, environmentalism, Malthusian ecologism, gender ideology, the dissolution of the family and globalism are common to the deep state and deep church agenda. Bergoglio’s formal opposition to abortion and the LGBT indoctrination of children is disavowed in practice, both by the Bishops’ support for those who promote it politically, and for those who theorize about the use of birth control and the recognition of the rights of sodomites. The case of Father James Martin, S.J. is emblematic, because it confirms an idem sentire [being of the same mind] between the exponents of globalism and the progressive Catholic intelligentsia. The mark that unites these movements is lying and deception, division and destruction, hatred for Tradition and Christian civilization. And ultimately, the theological aversion to Christ, typical of 'Lucifer' [Satan] and his followers."

Pope Francis's formal opposition to abortion and the LGBT indoctrination of children is NOT "disavowed in practice."

Vigano is anti-science and a climate change (global climate crisis) denier. Climate change is another pro-life issue that the pope and many bishops consider when they decide to promote pro-abortion politicians who recognize the global climate crisis and are working to resolve it.

The reason why there is a "parallel church" [a new Catholic Church] that is "diametrically opposed" to Vigano's fake "true Church of Christ" is because modern-day scientific discoveries (evolution and DNA & Y chromosome studies) prove that the central dogma of Vigano's so-called "true Church of Christ" is a false dogma of a scientifically outdated Church.

More on this topic can be found at: http://www.towahkon.org/EvolutionChurch.html

Anonymous said...

Bill Trump / Donald Clinton ... two sides of the same island.

You must be blind not to see the fear and guilt governing his eyes, face movements and quick 'well-wishing'·

Anonymous said...

Mayor Says Opening Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Is Like Starting A CHURCH


Anonymous said...

More on the California fires / saved links from 2 years ago (November, 2018) . . .

Regarding the California fires... retired firefighters confide that they have never seen anything like this ~ that these are not normal fires. For instance, many of the photos show that the trees are not burnt up, but the automobiles are. In Malibu, a steel and asphalt bridge melted and buckled... while the trees around it are still standing.

Several California residents have taken photos of blue laser lights (just before a fire breaks out)… and are wondering about the possibility of some type of DEW (directed energy weapons).


Must see video: Scroll over to the 4:45 minute mark for evidence of DEW (directed energy weapons)


Agenda 21?

California residents have suspicions about the role PG&E played in these fires...

Article from November 13, 2018

Anonymous said...

To 9:32 AM

I see more of a link between Bush and Clinton (Remember the 'my brother from another mother' comment?). The Bushes, Clintons, Obamas are all members of the Global Elite. It is because Donald Trump is NOT 'one of them' that they want him impeached or killed (whichever comes first).

Anonymous said...

(Constance, any thoughts on this?)

Occult Enneagram Invading School & Church
Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Written by TNA Video

In this interview with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, Midwest Christian Outreach chief Don Veinot explains that occultism is invading homeschool materials and is even being peddled by well-known Christian publishers. In particular, the occult Enneagram is being marketed as a tool to help Christians get closer to God. And yet, the evidence proves this is a dangerous scheme that was received using "automatic writing," Veinot explains, offering video proof. Veinot says it is important for Christians and homeschoolers to be on the lookout for this sort of infiltration.



Anonymous said...

'Say I Apologize to The Black Queen!' Black Panther Group Filmed Terrorizing Small Businesses in VA


BLM Agitators Who Stole Elderly Couple's Drink And Screamed 'F*** White People' Charged in Pittsburgh


California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Boys



Anonymous said...

The REAL election CHAOS set-up:

*Plant fake news that Democrats are conspiring to steal the election

*Pretend mail-in voting has a prolific fraud problem

*Encourage Trump voters to vote in person

*Place Bureaucrats in charge of U.S. Postal Service to stir up chaos

*Urban areas most affected by Covid have always had the longest voting lines & will have the most struggles with staffing on election day due to covid -- these are precincts that will have highest levels of new mail-in voting.

*The voting lines will be artificially long due to republican voters being encouraged NOT to do mail-in voting

*Mail-in voting, especially in and around the urban areas will now be almost entirely democrat ballots placed into the control of corrupt USPS republican bureaucrats.

*Committed republican USPS employees & Bureaucrats can delay and/or discard strategic quantities of mail-in votes without even opening them, assured that the great majority of them will be Democrat votes.

*States that have election day receipt deadling, like Kentucky, if polling (and even exit polling that day) indicates a close race --- postal ballot delivery could simply be strategically delayed until the next day.

*States, like Nevada, N. Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia that allow for ballots to counted as long as they are postmarked by "on or before election day" give Trump's allies a few options to interfere with the election. Again, on election day, if polling (and exit polling indicates) a close election, truckloads of ballots from urban centers could be delayed receiving timely postmarks. If the post-election day numbers continue to indicate it's neck and neck, the days following the election, Trump's teams can pick and choose to withhold/discard delivery of even more ballots or just have them delivered too late to be counted depending.

*In '96 only 7.8% voted by mail whereas in '08 it was 16.4%, '16 was 20.9% and '18 was 25%. With Covid, polling has predicted already that mail-in voting should be about 37% with Biden voters indicating they intend to vote by mail at twice the rate of Trump's worshippers.

*Despite Covid, Republicans have blocked attempts by several battleground states to start validating, organizing and/or counting ballots early. Results are going to take weeks.

*It is quite likely that Trump is going to be leading on Election night and despite huge amounts of outstanding ballots, he will claim certain victory.

*Trump and his worshippers will use his powers of chaos and magick to float out whatever conspiracy theories, lies and politically manipulations he can to usurp continued validation, interpretation and counting of votes (much like Bush v. Gore in Flordia years ago) in as many states, counties, cities and jurisdictions as he can convoluting any actual result to the point that he and his supporters can simply call them fake news.

*There is also always the good old republican backup plan of doing Election fraud on faulty untrustworthy republican favored E&S (they acquired Diebold) voting equipment. E&S headquarters in on John Galt Avenue in Omaha. Their machines have a history of significant malfunction in urban areas.

*Both Gore and Clinton lost elections after winning the popular vote, if anyone has a history of "stealing" close elections it sure isn't the Dems.

*If enough of us vote Biden on election day in person -- none of this chaos plan will work.


Anonymous said...




They have achieved the Rank of:


But Troll: Thanks for playing!

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Anonymous said...

Democrat Mail Fraud Will Take Us To The BRINK

Anonymous said...

We must beg God for forgiveness as a NATION, and pray for redemption!

Anonymous said...

Study: Up To 95 Percent Of 2020 U.S. Riots Are Linked To Black Lives Matter

RayB said...

What happens when a Black Civil Rights Activist is put in situations that Police face every single day?

Watch this short video and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

To 10:37 AM,

The Clintons were guests at Donald Trump's wedding reception... very close friends indeed.

Trump is a phony; a corrupt puppet of the Deep State, just as Bill Clinton, Obama and the Bushes have been.

The last president who really tried to drain the swamp was JFK: look what happened to him.

Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of a revolution that will proceed regardless of who wins the November election.

Translated, that means if you’re someone who thinks we’ve got to put Democrats and Joe Biden in office in order to ‘get the rioting to stop,’ think again...

Retired CIA officer sends dire warning to America: The Left’s Marxist revolution isn’t concerned about who wins the November election

paul said...

Thanks for another post from you.
The frequency of your postings and most of all the content of them, have quickly encouraged me to disregard anything and everything you say. So, for this and the last ten or so comments I can happily report that I have not read a word of any of your garbage.

RayB said...

Re: Mysterious Mr. X's post @ 11:23 AM ....


One conspiracy after another. Those sneaky Republicans ... to think that they would load up the USPS with GOP bureaucrats just in the knick of time before the election ... all to steal the election for Trump.

I never would have thought that mail in ballots, which require no ID or signature guarantee, which the DEMOCRATS keep pushing, would actually be a Republican plot. It's amazing how sneaky and diabolical they can be!

This one REALLY made me think ... "Committed republican USPS employees & Bureaucrats can delay and/or discard strategic quantities of mail-in votes without even opening them, assured that the great majority of them will be Democrat votes."

Funny thing about this, practically every USPS employee that I see at any number of offices are Black, which can only mean that there are a lot more "committed" Black GOPers out there than I would have ever imagined. And to think they are so "committed" that they're willing to commit Federal crimes in order to see Trump re-elected. Wow !

I like this one ... "Trump and his worshippers will use his powers of chaos and magick to float out whatever conspiracy theories, lies and politically manipulations he can to usurp continued validation ..."

I never knew Trump was using "magick" and that he had that "power" to control his "worshippers" that have fallen under his diabolical spell which is now being used to "usurp continued validation ..."

Considering the deep wisdom that was posted by our learned Dr. Mr. X, aren't you glad that you can stop all of this chaos by just voting for Biden? So if Dr. Mr. X has won you over, it's time to do your duty, or, as the Democrats like to say: "Vote early and often" and "don't forget your dead relatives and neighbors, they still get to vote."

Anonymous said...

Maybe what 11:23 AM is really afraid of is that . . .

Those polls are incorrect, and that TRUMP is so far ahead, that it may end up being a landslide in his favor... both the popular vote and electoral!!!

Better to start making excuses for Biden's loss now and avoid the rush? LOL

Anonymous said...

To those who were wondering about it...

Such things as X's 11:23 AM post, etc., are explained here:

Marxist Democrats setting stage for overt coup attempt after Biden gets trounced in November by Trump

September 15, 2020
By: JD Heyes
Natural News

The thing about the Democratic Left is, they will tell you exactly what they are planning to do, only they will never admit it directly.

Rather, they will concoct some seemingly wild conspiracy theory and then claim that Republicans are the ones who are really up to no good.

Case in point: Democrats for months have been claiming that President Donald Trump and his ‘surrogates’ are planning to steal the 2020 election by claiming massive voter fraud via mail-in ballots.

They have also claimed that Trump is a tyrant dictator in the making, and that after he ‘loses badly’ in November, he will claim “vote fraud” due to “mail-in balloting” and refuse to leave the White House, thus making it necessary for Democrats and their Left-wing allies to forcibly remove him.

It gets better.

Democratic operatives posing as ‘mainstream media’ journalists have, of late, begun threatening voters to cast a ballot for Biden or else ‘Democrats may refuse’ to accept another Trump victory and begin large-scale rioting and disruption of society

Read the rest:


Anonymous said...

To 1:11 PM

Yes, the Clintons and Joe & Mika Scarborough would all STILL be friends with Trump if he hadn't committed the cardinal sin of being elected President. They didn't expect him to WIN!!! They thought he was a joke... but the people of this country decided to give a successful businessman (a non-politician) a chance. Trump isn't the 'phony'... they are the phonies!!!

Yes, JFK was the last President to try to drain the swamp... and he was killed for it. There have been at least 28 attempts on President Trump's life so far (that we know of).

Many believe that God is using Trump for His own purposes... and protecting him.

Uhhh... and your point is... ??? (I'm sure you have one somewhere.)

Anonymous said...

Trump is the greatest PRO LIFE President EVER!!! You can be sure that God is protecting him!!!

Anonymous said...

Continued from my 4:17 PM post...

Incidentally, the reason X threw the term 'Magick' in the mix was simply because X has to try to throw any possible reason for not backing Biden/BLM onto Trump/etc. INSTEAD so as to minimize losses and maximize gains in possible support (at least convincing people to not vote for Trump even if they won't vote for Biden). Why try to tag Trump/etc. with the term 'Magick' though? Here's why, it's what BLM is into:

"Hail Satan” - After Terrorizing Churches, BLM Witchcraft Exposed

Black Lives Matter Occultism

RayB said...

4:22 PM ....

That may be true, but according to Dr. Mr. X, if you are pro-life, you need to vote for the pro-death candidate Joe Biden, because he is a lot more likely to appoint USSC Justices that will vote to overturn Roe v Wade.

I hope you realize, you need to have a Doctorate in order to understand such logic.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter OCCULT

Craig said...

For anyone interested, I wrote an article on the 'Personhood' of the Holy Spirit and how and why this bears no relationship to grammatical gender. I think I've found a way to explain grammatical gender in a way that native English speakers unfamiliar with foreign languages can somewhat easily grasp. I've been told by two different readers that it helped them.

Misgendering the Spirit

This 'misgendering' is done both by proponents of Trinitarianism and by those opposed to the doctrine.

Anonymous said...

More About BLM Occultism

Anonymous said...

I think that Joe Biden and his supporters are running scared right now... scared that they are going to LOSE this election.

Anonymous said...

4:17 said: "They have also claimed that Trump is a tyrant dictator in the making, and that after he ‘loses badly’ in November, he will claim “vote fraud” due to “mail-in balloting” and refuse to leave the White House, thus making it necessary for Democrats and their Left-wing allies to forcibly remove him."

--Of course, if Trump loses the election, all law-abiding patriotic citizens will support any necessary military action necessary to forcibly remove Trump -- if Trump refuses to leave. They may grumble about it -- like the left did when it felt robbed by the whole chad count fiasco in Florida years ago -- but its not like anyone seriously thought Gore should just assume victory and refuse to concede defeat.

RayB 4:00 pm said:"That may be true, but according to Dr. Mr. X, if you are pro-life, you need to vote for the pro-death candidate Joe Biden, because he is a lot more likely to appoint USSC Justices that will vote to overturn Roe v Wade."

I believe I actually said the current republican dominated configuration of the court is more likley to actually overturn Roe v. Wade under Biden than under Trump. It's very unlikely a 4 year Biden presidency would get to replace any republican appointed judges. RBG will likely be the one and only. Maybe Clinton appointee - 82 year old Stephen Breyer too. Most of the republican justices are young enough to hold out if they have to. We don't need ANOTHER catholic trump appointee on the court willing to disappoint us for the sole reason that republicans like maintaining this carrot in front of Evangelical Protestants. If Trump wins, they aren't overturning Roe --- 100%, so if there is just a 1%-3% chance the supreme court does it during a Biden presidency --- that's a win. Why do it during a Biden presidency --- because it's pulling on the puppet strings of the executive branch. Instead of working on his agenda, he'll be forced to deal with and answer to his constituency for all the political fall-out of a post Roe v. Wade world. Overturning Roe doesn't outlaw abortion, but merely sets a stage for political battles in every state in the country. By the time 2024 rolls around, the fallout would be somewhat settled and the abortion fight will mostly become a state by state issue. The republicans will still get the credit for overturning it and Evangelical support for a new much more polished and intelligent presidential candidate. If they didn't overturn it...the republicans should feel the sting of losing this election and finally feel compelled to actually deliver on a promise instead of pretending to be pro-life in name only.

Plus --- Republican justices switch allegiances all the time -(probably depending on what the pope tells them to do) so there's no reason a Biden judicial nominee couldn't be just as unloyal to liberal policies with regards to abortion. Justice Byron White was appointed by JFK and he dissented in Roe v. Wade and many other liberal decisions.


Anonymous said...

Trump is part of the pedophile cabal of the so-called elite, the rest is smokwscreen ... he is thw flipside of the Hegelian dialectic; if anyone is,protecting Trump, it is the Devil!

Trump is a malignant narcissist: foul-mouthed, perverse, a lover of money and all things mammon, an abuser of women, boastful, mocking and as far from the spirit of Jesus Christ as any person could get;you claim God.is.proecting him? You offend the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ by your commwnts and show you do not know God. You may pay Jesus Christ lip-service elsewhere (I do not know), ywt you reject Him who comes in the Name of His Father, and those who truly come in the Name of Jesus, for an unfoegiving and unrepentant vile man full of hubris and hatred. You choose Trump who comes in his own name, and by your support of Trump you show how wretched, poor, blind and unchristlike you must be.

Anonymous said...

David vs Goliath: God's Chosen Few vs Spirit of Antichrist.


Anonymous said...

is there ever going to be a day when you come to the end of your spew?
because you sound extremely judgmental, a bottomless pit of gall and bitterness that you spew from, making yourself out to be entirely uncredible, especially bring up God....you sound like an extremely miserable person.
get real and get some kindness within yourself.

6:33 pm, you work on you.

Anonymous said...

Ray at 4:00pm --

It's sadly telling that of all the wild conspiracies posted here you call out mine, supported by evidence, as being one over the top and worthy of being called out as farfetched and outrageous.

At least I have proof -- The thing about Trump is, he will tell you exactly what he is planning to do, only he will never admit it directly. Rather, he will concoct some seemingly wild conspiracy theory and then claim that Democrats are the ones who are really up to doing it. Case in point: Trump has for months have been claiming that Democrats are planning to steal the 2020 election by using massive voter fraud via mail-in ballots when, as I pointed out --- that's actually HIS plan to override his defeat in November.

Answer me this --- why exactly does it matter to bunker trump that his supporters vote in person versus just voting by absentee ballot (as he himself has done in Florida for years)?

And you're right...not many USPS workers are likely willing to risk their jobs, or risk jail for messing with ballots directly; but, it's tough to prove intention when it can just be blamed upon good old fashioned negligence and incompetence. A big "ooops, did I do that?". Might also be tough to coordinate but it only takes a hundred or so lone wolves with personal custody over stacks of ballots to potentially make a large difference in any given state. I would not put it past most Trump worshippers to cheat. It's a reliable core Trump value.

Finally, there are plenty of whites working at the post office. The percentage of non-white postal workers in many key battleground states is actually less than the percentage of non-whites in the general populations of such states (like Florida, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Maryland). https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/05/14/the-state-of-the-u-s-postal-service-in-8-charts/ft_20-05-07_uspsfacts_8b/

RayB said...

Dr. Mr. X admits that he posts "wild conspiracies" ....

" .. of all the wild conspiracies posted here you call out mine ..."

Then Dr. Mr. X claims "At least I have proof ..."

OK, I'll take the bait ... provide us anxious readers ALL of your "proof" for EACH and EVERY assertion listed in your 11:23 AM post.

If you don't provide your PROOF, as in facts, named sources, links, documents, etc., I'm afraid you're going to be viewed as just another wild-eyed conspiracy nut that likes wearing tin foil hats.

PS: ALL LIVES MATTER, including, BLUE LIVES that protect us from the BLM/ANTIFA Marxists & Occultists that riot, loot, burn and murder.

RayB said...

Dr. Mr. X RayB:

'Answer me this --- why exactly does it matter to bunker trump that his supporters vote in person versus just voting by absentee ballot (as he himself has done in Florida for years)?"

ROFL ! Because Trump is ON RECORD SUPPORTING ABSENTEE BALLOTING, which requires ID and signature guarantee, both of which are required to maintain voting integrity.

Unlike Absentee Balloting, MAIL IN BALLOTING does not require either and is guaranteed to produce a massive amount of FRAUD .... precisely why the DEMOCRATS are all in favor of it.

Do you have any other soft ball questions that you'd like to hurl at me? I just love busting the seams off the ball and knocking it out of the park !

Craig said...

Two videos from Catholic perspectives:

Does POPE FRANCIS want JOE BIDEN to win? Cardinal Tobin reveals the answer: YES

Dr Taylor Marshall

Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Newark New Jersey, said that Catholics in “good conscience” could vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Cardinal Tobin also said he has a “more difficult time” with the “other option,” but did not mention President Trump by name.

Cardinal Tobin was speaking in the context of the Webinar event: “The Church and Catholic Voters in the 2020 Election," sponsored by Boston College.

See the overwhelmingly negative comments on a Biden presidency, especially regarding his pro-abortion stance.


I didn't know this, but President Trump signed an executive order that would free Catholic Bishops (and, of course, other church leaders) to speak on political issues without fear, despite tax-exempt status:

The Vortex — Bishops Ripped by Federal Chairman

Church Militant

Anonymous said...

Hey, 6:33 PM

"By their fruits ye shall know them"...

Trump has shown his supporters that he works tirelessly FOR the American people.

We love him, support him, and are going to vote for him in November. Get over it.

And, oh by the way, your slanderous attacks on him reveal that YOU are the one who is 'unChristlike'... calling President Trump a 'pedophile' and the 'devil' without any evidence whatsoever.

Time for you to slither away and crawl back under your rock.

Anonymous said...

What a shocker if X works out of a Democratic Party office or simply freelances, visiting various blogs as a would-be agent of influence...

Anonymous said...

almost as devastating to the left is Mr. Henderson's confession that he is being paid to post pro-Democrat propaganda on the internet


Anonymous said...

RayB said: "Unlike Absentee Balloting, MAIL IN BALLOTING does not require either and is guaranteed to produce a massive amount of FRAUD .... precisely why the DEMOCRATS are all in favor of it."

OK, I'll take the bait ... provide us anxious readers ALL of your "proof" for your assertion that MAIL-IN BALLOTIG is GUARANTEED to produce a MASSIVE amount of FRAUD and that's it's PRECISELY why the DEMOCRATS favor it.

If you don't provide your PROOF, as in facts, named sources, links, documents, etc., I'm afraid you're going to be viewed as just another wild-eyed conspiracy nut that likes wearing fine white cloth cone hats.

P.S. - I support the police as well as the "thin blue line" to the extent it symbolizes respect and understanding for the families of officers killed in the line of duty—including suicides as well as the "blue" Prosecutors that stand up against police misconduct and citizen misconduct (like the Prosecutor bravely prosecuting Kyle Rittenhouse for first-degree intentional murder).

P.S.S. - You do realize that my conspiracy theory above I never claimed to have inside knowledge. I'm not an investigative journalist. I didn't link some tabloid or fake news website for credibility. I simply presented in the same fashion everyone here presents their conspiracy theories and we hash them out and discuss them. A link to beforeitsnews or OAN is pretty much the same thing as what I posted, just some random internet author's opinion piece. On some of those right wing websites (like Epoch Times) the "authors" might not even be American. It's some persons random conspiracy built upon a reorganization of some known and unknown facts. It's absurd to state that Democrats only want easy Mail-In Voting "precisely" because it's easier to commit fraud with. First -- there is nothing wrong with wanting voting to be more accessible and easier for everyone. Requiring signatures just gives officials additional opportunities to reject legal ballots. Second -- if "fraud" is easier --- BOTH SIDES could partake to some small degree (it's never been shown before to be that overwhelming that I know of) and it's not like republicans can claim to be the more honorable less likely to cheat party considering your candidate.

P.S.S.S. - I found this Ohio article about absentee voting in 2018 as a little "proof" to back up and even add to my "Trump Chaos" conspiracy theory. Sometimes mail-in ballots just don't get postmarked and the highest percentage of rejected ballots just happens to always be in the Democrat counties of Hamilton, Franklin and Cuyahoga. It's not just the post office workers that can play games with ballots, but, with feigned legitimacy, MORE secretary of state and county officials will be MORE scrutinizing of ballots if they can be assured that the majority of them will be Democrat and find ways to reject even more ballots than they otherwise might if they genuinely believed such ballots were 50/50 or might favor republicans. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20200830/ohio-threw-out-1-of-every-100-primary-absentee-ballots-what-does-that-mean-for-november

karen jodes said...

In no time, Money Heist, a Spanish series, became globally famous on Netflix.

Interesting About Money Heist

Anonymous said...

959pm says: "What a shocker if X works out of a Democratic Party office or simply freelances, visiting various blogs as a would-be agent of influence..."

The thing about Republicans is, they will tell you exactly what they are planning to do, only they will never admit it directly. Rather, they will concoct some seemingly wild conspiracy theory and then claim that Democrats are the ones who are really up to doing it. Case in point: this Republican asserts I am being paid to visit here and freelance write in support of and on behalf of the Democratic Party Offices when, as I point out --- that's actually what HE is doing on behalf of the Republican National Party. I wonder if you are getting Koch dollars or are you simply volunteering?

p.s.- RayB -- I used this same circular reasoning in my 8:3l response when I said "At least I have proof....the thing about Trump, he will tell you ....." --- Both instances I am simply mimicking and mocking the idiocy of the words of J.D. Heyes, freelance journalist at the Epoch Times cough Natural News found in the 4:l7pm post today (now yesterday to me on the east coast) as my "proof". I glad you also found it unpersuasive as real "evidence" of anything.


Anonymous said...

RayB, do what you want but not much more point in engaging with this troll who's supposedly against abortion but solidly behind Biden.



Proverbs 14:7 "Depart from the presence of a foolish man when you do not perceive in him the lips of knowledge."

Anonymous said...

Voter FRAUD will be most evident if it turns out that the results reveal that there have been more VOTES than there are PEOPLE in the United States of America (of all ages and 'citizenship status')... with Democrats happily voting 2 or 3 times... not to mention all of those names taken off of graves in cemeteries. LOL

What an ungodly mess... and yet, it is the Democrats who are the most worried that President Trump might have to be 'escorted' from the Oval Office against his will???

RayB said...

Dr. Mr. X states @ 12:55 AM (in part):

"I support .... the "blue" Prosecutors that stand up against police misconduct and citizen misconduct (like the Prosecutor bravely prosecuting Kyle Rittenhouse for first-degree intentional murder)."

NOTE: UH, Dr., First Degree Murder specifically mandates that there was PLANNED, PREMEDITATION in committing the "murder." In Rittenhouse's case, he was RUNNING away from his pursuers (hardly premeditation), one of which was armed with a handgun (which was drawn), while two others were attacking him (after he tripped and fell to the ground), one attacking with a potentially lethal weapon, i.e., a skate board. Under the law, Rittenhouse had every right to defend himself because he clearly had just cause to determine that his life was in danger. His "prosecution" that you "support" is nothing other than a lawless appeasement, by the prosecutor, to the demands of BLM/ANTIFA and other anarchists that want the law of the streets to serve as their "justice system."

Dr. X states: "You do realize that my conspiracy theory above I never claimed to have inside knowledge. I'm not an investigative journalist. I didn't link some tabloid or fake news website for credibility." AND " ... there is nothing wrong with wanting voting to be more accessible and easier for everyone. Requiring signatures just gives officials additional opportunities to reject legal ballots."

NOTE: X makes all kinds of wild, conspiracy statements and when challenged for the PROOF of his crazy assertions, he pats himself on the back for not linking to "some tabloid or fake news" site ... apparently implying that those are his sources ! LOL !!!

Amazingly (but not when you consider the source), Dr. X then claims that "requiring signatures" for balloting grants "officials" the ability to REJECT LEGAL BALLOTS." You simply can't make this kind of nonsensical reasoning up.

I could go on, but I think I'll stop here and take the advice of Anonymous @ 2:03 AM, along with the verse from ...

Proverbs 14:7 ... "Depart from the presence of a foolish man when you do not perceive in him the lips of knowledge."

PS: When you attempt to "debate" a person that is totally convoluted in his logic and reasoning, it becomes an exercise in futility.

RayB said...

Biden is so incredibly clueless and incompetent that he cannot even answer questions without the use of a Teleprompter.


RayB said...

Video: 'Color, Communism and Common Sense'

How a 60-year-old book exposed the Marxist plan to incite a race war.


Anonymous said...

RayB-- You're funny. Those weren't my sources and I wasn't implying they were --- I gleaned the Chaos conspiracy myself by paying close attention.

USPS employees undertaking election tampering and risking their pensions is a long-shot; however, with all the rhetoric, it is not unreasonable to speculate that several lone wolf trump worshipping postal employees purposefully committing deniable negligence or more if only under the perceived belief they are simply undertaking their "patriotic" duty to offset the supposed MASSIVE FRAUD Trump asserts the left is "obviously" doing.

The messing with ballots by the secretaries of state is a definite opportunity to be very partisan. Florida and Ohio are toss-up states right now that Trump simply has to have to win. Ohio is prime for SIGNIFICANT gamesmanship as demonstrated by that article I found last night and linked for you.

You mock my "signature required" assertion as somehow absurd but Trump officials and republicans are already demanding "strict signature matches". My signature never looks the same from minute to minute let alone whatever signature I put on my voter's registration years ago.

Here's a quote from since common sense evades you.

"With voting already underway in two states, Democrats and Republicans are drawing battle lines across the country over voter signatures for mail-in ballots, with lawsuits over how signatures are evaluated and whether voters can fix ballots that get tossed. President Donald Trump and Republicans are arguing for strict matches, while Democrats are pushing for easier rules letting people prove they are who they say they are, even if their John Hancocks have changed a bit." https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/14/politics/election-2020-ballot-signature-mismatches/index.html

Essentially -- this election is war. Trump wants his voters to vote early and often too...while being sure to show up election day and vote in person such that, state, county and even precinct Trump worshippers can take quasi-legal [and maybe some illegal] aggressive measures to OVER-scrutinize mail-in ballots and reject as many as possible comfortable that they will be, in most places, mostly Biden ballots (while being less scrutinizing in largely Republican districts -- which law-abiding democrats in such rural areas always go along with since democrats don't like disenfranchising anyone).

The Trump Chaos Conspiracy is becoming clearer and clearer.

Anonymous said...

The Koolaid drinker 2:08 PM has the Amazon Forest sticking out of their eyes..all while looking for a splinter.

Amazing how people like that poster can become that ignortant.
Must work at it...

Anonymous said...


I've only got a couple minutes here so I'll try to be brief. I'm not that shocked you don't support blue prosecutor lives. The whole blue lives matter thing to most trump supporters is just a reactive slogan to black lives matter versus a genuine respect and concern for ALL of law enforcement. Trump supporters can pick and choose what cops they like (the ones aggressively beating up urban youths) but no one else can.

If Kyle claims the homicides were unintentional, then he might get one or all of the shootings down to "Second Degree Reckless Homicide" (a maximum twenty year felony) but if Kyle wants to claim self-defense then he is taking responsibility for the intentional killings of Rosenbaum and Huber and shooting of Gaige and claiming he is entitled to the privilege of self-defense. In Wisconsin you can only claim self-defense to a illegal assault. Huber and Gaige's assaults were legal "citizen's arrests"....especially Gaige's -- Gaige never even touched Kyle. In Wisconsin case law provides there is no right to self-defense in even UNLAWFUL arrests. Read the case of Wisconsin v. Hobson - https://caselaw.findlaw.com/wi-supreme-court/1274229.html.

Objectively -- a third person of reasonable maturity and intelligence in Kyle's shoes after killing Rosenbaum would have or should have known the people chasing him and trying to subdue him were attempting to stop him from fleeing the scene of his homicide of Rosenbaum (which he was aware he did based on his phone call to his buddy caught on camera even if some other bullet from somewhere else provided the kill-shot). However, Kyle might be able to convince a jury that he SUBJECTIVELY believed his life was in danger and thereby be entitled again to reduce the First Degree Intentional Homicide charges for Huber and shooting charges for shooting Gaige down to Second Degree Reckless Homicide (up to Twenty years in jail).

Juries can always go outside the law and nullify, but I believe the likelihood of conviction and the length of the possible sentences will be too much for Kyle's attorney's to responsibly allow him to risk when they will be in a great position to negotiate a great plea bargain. The State won't want to risk it either ---my guess they plead the case out to 3-5 years prison.

Anonymous said...

Koolaid drinker? --- this is a koolaid blog. We are all here making comments under a post by Constance about Trump's new age Qanon conspiracy. If you don't like talking about different flavors of koolaid and tin foil hats...maybe this isn't the forum for YOU. The devil is working ALL the angles so please start exercising some biblical discernment.

Got to run.


Craig said...

x @ 2:32 PM,

You wrote: The whole blue lives matter thing to most trump supporters is just a reactive slogan to black lives matter versus a genuine respect and concern for ALL of law enforcement. Trump supporters can pick and choose what cops they like (the ones aggressively beating up urban youths) but no one else can.

That's some mighty omniscience you have.

Anonymous said...

X should be relegated to a parallel blog along with Dahlheimer and Christine Erikson (aka Justina). Simple as that. Anyone who wants their profound insights can get all they want there (especially if MCE's once a week posting restriction is not applied) there. Imagine the amusement of watching her & X & TD going at each other: Fun For The Whole Family!

Craig said...

The globalists are courting the Catholic vote via church hierarchy. "Heretics"--those church leaders who voice their opinions against Biden--are silenced:

The Vortex — It's All Connected

Church Militant

Anonymous said...

In Internet slang, a troll, X x (aka +), is a person who starts flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, either for the troll's amusement or a specific gain (Biden, BLM, Gun Control, etc.).

Anonymous said...

In response to your reply to Anon @ 2:20 PM :

"The devil is working ALL the angles so please start exercising some biblical discernment."

None of us has to be a rocket scientist to see how he sure is working yours.

You must think you are as crafty and smart as he is, because your words, that sound like hisses, are as twisted as that old serpent.
But if you had some actual Biblical discernment you could spot how very ungracious and disingenuous you are, plus how caustic and venomous your views happen to be, to support violence and mayhem, flat out injustice, and yet claim to care for the unborn.
Sweet and bitter cannot flow from the same well and the Bible will lend you no credibility in that.
You need to try harder at learning grace...like back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

Want your jaw to drop? See THIS!

This was filmed over FIFTY years ago! (Of course ignore the outdated terminology.)

Craig said...

7:25 PM,


Craig said...

Steve Bannon gives first interview since his arrest exclusively on 'Tucker'

Steve Bannon speaks after being charged with fraud saying his speech will not be shut down.

Bannon is a sharp guy. Of course the indictment was a farce and timed in an attempt to stop his voice (kinda like Millie Weaver).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By the way, a tip of the hat to Ray, who posted earlier what I will put a direct link to here:


7:25 PM

Anonymous said...

"We are all here making comments under a post by Constance about Trump's new age Qanon conspiracy"

hey x, it is you that ties trump to qanon, not any facts.
not surprising since i haven't seen any facts in your posts to date.
just smears and gossip.
so yours is a doctorate in gossip, then. check.

Constance Cumbey said...

For the record:

I did not say that Qanon was Trump's Qanon Movement. I did rightfully say that the Qanon participants currently posit Trump as their leader. The MSOG have ascribed such roles to others in the past. Trump is the current poster boy. I am disturbed that Trump praised a QANON candidate from Georgia (Greene). I do not know what Trump's level of sophistication on Qanon might be. I suspect it is shallow.


Craig said...


Thanks so much for clarifying your position. It's exactly what I assumed. Disappointingly, there are others who've drawn wrong conclusions, assuming Trump has a much stronger role in all this. One guy in particular--who has many subscribers on YouTube (OnPointPreparedness)--is doing so. He makes all sorts of illogical leaps to draw his 'conclusions', to the point I'd written an article illustrating this via his libeling of Bob Dylan. In the footnotes I make a few statements of how he's also unfairly maligning Trump. It's very bad apologetics.

RayB said...

If you watched the short video from Frontpage, the 1958 book that was discussed entitled "Color, Communism and Common Sense" by * Manning Johnson, is available for free in a variety of formats. Although it was written over 60 years ago, it exposes the blueprint for the Communist Revolution that is being employed this very moment here in America by BLM, ANTIFA and the radical left.

Here is the PDF download link:


* The author, Manning Johnson, was a former, dedicated Communist that exposes the methods that are used to foment revolution. Communism uses virtually the same tactics that were employed during the French Revolution. In fact, both Lenin and Stalin boasted that they studied and utilized the same techniques of the French Revolutionaries. Therefore, their "tied and true" tactics DO NOT CHANGE. Basically, they build their revolutions upon false issues that they have created, such as "America is systemically racist," "white privilege," along with rampant "police brutality," "every white is a racist," etc. Inflammatory lies such as these bring converts to the revolution because of their deep psychological impact they have upon the unthinking masses of the left, who, collectively, are always looking for a "cause" in which to give "meaning" to their lives.

Anonymous said...

Color, Communism and Common Sense" PDF

RayB said...

This is a very interesting video commentary on the subject of Pope Francis and the New World Order, including sex trafficking.

The policy of "open borders," which Francis supports, is the main means by which the sex trafficking trade operates. It also serves as a means to destroy the social, economic and political order of the USA. What else does the Pope support? The Marxist Black Lives Matter fraud !

IMO, there is not one single doubt in my mind and soul, the "New World Order" is an ongoing, Communist revolution that is working tirelessly towards the creation of a despotic, totalitarian, one world government. I also firmly believe that PF & the Vatican, along with the MAJORITY of American Catholic Bishops, are, knowingly or not, in support of NWO policies. Recently, a Chinese billionaire whistleblower revealed that the Vatican & PF have been "bought off" by the Chinese Communists, which pay $2 BILLION PER YEAR to the Vatican so that the Chi-Coms can operate without criticism from PF & the Vatican. This fact provides further understanding as to why the "pope" gave the Chi-Coms the authority to appoint Chi-Com "Bishops" within China.

"Why is Pope Francis Against Donald Trump?" by Dr. Marshall Taylor (conservative Catholic)


RayB said...

Just when you think things can't get anymore perverted and evil:

Italian bishops’ Newspaper DEFENDS Netflix film ‘Cuties’ accused of being ‘child porn’

From the actual Italian Bishops' Newspaper article:

“There is no explanation for the campaign against Netflix: there is no ‘scandalous sexualisation of teenagers’ as some of the 600,000 signatories of a petition have written,” the byline the article published in Avvenire reads. The article was authored by Andrea Fagioli.


Isaiah 5:20-21

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

"Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"

Anonymous said...

Meet the central operative in the “color revolution” against President Trump

Anonymous said...

Teacher tells student she doesn’t have the right to an opinion because she’s “White” and “blonde”

Vandal beheads statue of Jesus in El Paso Cathedral for ‘wrong skin color’

Hutch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It WASN'T removed, you posted it on the previous, out-of-date thread that was no longer being used.

Craig said...

For anyone curious, with the benefit of a decade and the hindsight it provides, I decided to post my introduction to what I call hyper-charismaticism. It's in the form of explanation/testimony with some analysis as to roots at the end:

Why I Began Blogging / It’s Been Ten Years!

Here's a snippet:

The study group was held at a man’s house about a 30 minutes’ drive away. Nice house and nothing untoward when I walked in. The late 40s-ish man hosting it (about my age at the time) seemed reserved and a bit introverted—about what one would expect for the stereotypical accountant. Yet when he began to teach he spoke in the absolute LOUDEST voice I’d ever heard anyone speak! He did so without the slightest hint of strain in his voice as would be the case if he were shouting. But it was certainly loud enough to be akin to the level of shouting. It was very unnatural. And it was completely unnecessary, for there were only a relative handful in attendance and the room was hardly large enough to require such volume. Really strange. It was as if he were, uh, overtaken. He certainly spoke with authority, but I had to wonder by whose.

Anonymous said...

725pm:"Want your jaw to drop? See THIS!

That E. Edward Griffin video about Manning Johnson is only familiar-looking now because it's theme is being recycled AGAIN as the same trope that E. Edward Griffin, Robert Welch and the New Age John Birch Society were trouncing it out in the late 60's and 70's. Alarmest conspiracism is/was a key characteristic of Birchist and alt-right activism. This was red scare propaganda promoting an anti-communist book written by a former communist black man as a great way to suggest ANY grievances aired by blacks (& liberals) in the late 60's, 70's (and now again - in 2020) is necessarily communist. There's a lot to digest and the book is very interesting and I think many leaders, both black and white would benefit from understanding how outside political ideologies can infiltrate and exploit genuine political discourse on ANY side. Here's just one example of what I've quickly surmised as misinformation:

Manny Johnson was a Christian who was a communist activist for ten years prior to world war II when the Communist Revolution was actively trying to spread literal Leninist/Communism around the world by direct measures. A very interesting figure I enjoyed reading about last night and today.

In his l958 book, Color, Communism and Common Sense, my Christian Brother Johnson wrote: "Little did I realize until I was deeply enmeshed in the Red Conspiracy, that just and seeming grievances are exploited to transform idealism into a cold and ruthless weapon against the capitalist system — that this is the end toward which all the communist efforts among Negroes are directed." [the book is a short read: https://www.seemorefacts.com/uploads/1/6/8/4/16843972/color_communism_and_common_sense_02a_1.pdf)

I interpreted that quote to mean something like Johnson figured out that Communists didn't give a crap about the grievances of the black man, but, rather, would solely using their passions and upset, whether they were just or not, against the government to destroy capitalism which was their ONLY goal.

However, the John Birch Society, correct me if I'm wrong, slightly reframed such language. E. Edward Griffin misquoted Manny as follows: "no matter what grievance we may have, real or imagined, no matter what national problems we may face, the communists seize upon these as excuses to build socialism. They have one solution and one solution always - more government."

It's nuanced. Read them slowly and thoughtfully --- I believe the JBS paraphrase is essentially implying any and all grievances, real and imagined, and national problems aired by anyone of color are, inherently and/or inevitably, part of a communist plot. Griffin has removed the three-party transaction where the real foreign Leninist agitators conspired to exploit the grievances of the American Blacks and just made the Black man and anyone contributing to national problems the communist for having grievances at all. The Black man becomes the automatic "They".

Of course, the audiences are different too. Brother Johnson is writing to Americans as a Black Christian who was actually involved in the Communist Party and warning, specifically, black leaders to beware of getting caught up in communist Moscow agendas, whereas, Griffin and the JBS (and the alt right now) are utilizing Brother Johnson's words to characterize ALL protestors with a broad communist stoke to "red scare" a largely white fearful audience/constituency.

Since the alt-right likes to avoid any notion of being, feeling like or appearing as racist, it's easier to just place (and sell) the communist label upon "them" any way they can despite the fact fascism is now by far the fasted growing political ideology world-wide.

Really interesting how this all repeats itself. All these labels and posturing. The moderate center really is the most fun place to be. Biden 2020


Craig said...


You really have a skewed way of looking at things. In the context, "They" in the JBS quote most naturally refers back to "communists".

Anonymous said...

The lukewarm moderate center. In their god their trust.

Anonymous said...

Craig you wrote: "That's some mighty omniscience you have."

You quoted me saying: "The whole blue lives matter thing to most trump supporters is just a reactive slogan to black lives matter versus a genuine respect and concern for ALL of law enforcement. Trump supporters can pick and choose what cops they like (the ones aggressively beating up urban youths) but no one else can."

Maybe I could have removed some of the hyperbole and toned down it down to say:

In my opinion, much of the recent "Blue Lives Matter" movement, particularly among ardent trump supporters, appears to me to be insincere. It seems to be a reactive slogan to "black lives matter" versus a genuine respect and concern for ALL of law enforcement.

For example, I have witnessed Trump supporters picking and choosing what law enforcement they like such as cops that appear to often be zealously cheered for on social media for being super aggressive upon any of these protestors, in contrast to the criticism and contempt people have voiced about the people's blue prosecutors behind the scenes doing their jobs neutrally like the prosecutor in Kenosha RayB criticized yesterday. Whereas, Trump's supporters have no understanding or empathy for any BLM protestors nationwide that just want their communities to be policed differently

As a Christian -- I have a lot of empathy for both sides (not in a there are good people on both sides way - but that each event and protest is unique and involving unique protestors and differing law enforcement tactics and history). I've watched hours of protests and found myself upset and tearful for differing parties on differing days. The Chicago police battling a surprise yet fairly small coordinated attack at a downtown Columbus statue had me also cheering on the cops to fight back and mad at the kids undertaking this stupid act of defiance, violence and disrespect over trying to tear down a stupid statue. On the other hand, feeling awful and tearful for the still legal DC protestors blindsided by Bill Barr and Trump's federal thugs on the streets outside the White House a half-hour prior to curfew "so they could re-establish a perimeter". Watching that one real-time was just undeniably shocking overreach. You could see it coming and being coordinated by Bill Barr with uniformed military generals conspiring to attack Americans. I thought for sure they were going to let Trump speak (at 615 as I recall) and then, at 7 pm when the curfew kicked in -- work to clear the area backing up Trump's speech promising a supposed "stronger law and order" response by the federal government. That how it SHOULD HAVE gone down. Promise to get tough....then actually get tough in an overwhelming yet measured way. Instead, Trump was late talking and Barr orchestrated a way too aggressive protestor sweep that was both prior to the speech and prior to the curfew. A bonafide example of political incompetence. Some of that was the militaries fault too -- fresh troops are often over-zealous to utilize their training and register their first "kill" (or bloody nose).


Hutch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig said...

Hats off to this guy for actually accepting the challenge to put himself in police officers' shoes. He's a local activist challenging police brutality.

The short, simple take-away: if you are approached by police, COMPLY.

Police Brutality Activist Fails Use-of-Force Training

"I didn't understand how important compliance was." It only took about 15 seconds of walking in the police's shoes for him to change his mind. If you value your life, comply. It's that simple.

RayB said...

Dr. Mr. X @ 2:49 PM ...

Mr. Griffin was OBVIOUSLY referring to the Communists' innate ability to recognize a weakness and thereby exploit it as a means to achieve their revolutionary goals. He was NOT "implying," as you claim, that "... any and all grievances, real and imagined, and national problems aired by anyone of color are, inherently and/or inevitably, part of a communist plot."

You refer to "red scare propaganda," implying that Communism is nothing to be feared. Communism was, and is, far more evil than even the diabolical Nazis were, as proven by the fact that World Communism has the blood of over 100 MILLION murdered victims upon their collective hands. Should Communism be feared? You bet.

When I read your posts, I typically have to read them twice. The reason? Most of what you write displays a twisted logic that is almost impossible for a normal mind to comprehend. You consistently draw conclusions that are based upon flimsy, non-verifiable evidence. In short, you arrogantly state emphatic assertions that are almost entirely due to your convoluted imagination.

Anonymous said...

Always notice that regardless of how the "Anti-abortion" chamaeleon (including being one by their repeatedly changing their monikers alá "X" "x" "+" "I forgot to sign my name" and back again now to "X" "x" etc.) adapts their comments as time progresses to make themselves seem more reasonable and open-minded they always stick to the one main thrust: "Biden 2020". They want you to (eventually) think that 'Hey, it really IS reasonable for a Pro-Life God-Fearing Christian to vote Biden/Harris this election!'


Kamala Harris Adds Abortion Extremism To Democratic Presidential Ticket

August 12, 2020
By Evita Duffy

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden selected California Sen. Kamala Harris to be his 2020 running mate, prompting the Susan B. Anthony List to dub the duo the “most pro-abortion ticket” in U.S. history.



While Trump/Pence is supposedly the BAD choice:



That bottom line tells you all you need to know about the chameleon's true agenda here.

Anonymous said...

Craig, I guess "skewed" is better than a blatherskite.

Maybe but JBS has a long history of racism.

"When Rober Welch created the JBS, he surrounded himself with eleven co-founders who were also predominantly wealthy white businessmen—including several life-long southern segregationists! There were no African Americans or Asians or Hispanics or women in a senior leadership position within the JBS (on its National Council or on its Executive Committee) during the first decades of its existence."

They particularly LIKED Manning Johnson because he, from the JBS point of view at that time, personified the “good Negro” that had nothing to complain about. That is certainly a viewpoint which southern racists loved and understood about the “right-thinking Negro” who recognized his place and accepted it without complaint.

The Birch Society’s fierce hostility to our civil rights movement during the 1960’s and afterward arose from three basic predicates of JBS ideology that nothing was very much wrong with conditions faced by African Americans in the United States. therefore, the protests, demonstrations, sit-ins, marches, and legislation (proposed or actually enacted) during the 1960’s and afterward had no legitimate basis and all incidents which revealed white racism or crimes by whites against blacks were either contrived, grossly exaggerated, or unworthy of consideration.

Robert Welch also claimed that the “easy-going colored man” of the South could be “easily misled by agitators,” and “is now being inflamed into a hatred of his white neighbors which he never felt before.” Welch also opined that the phrase “civil rights” was a Communist slogan. Welch asserted that racial integration “embarrassed” good black Americans.

At no point does Robert Welch or JBS consider the possibility that society at large could have some responsibility or some blame for creating an environment which produced feelings of despair or impotence within a minority community nor would our society ever bear any blame for the limitations it placed upon opportunities available to black Americans or other minorities. Instead, JBS writers and speakers chose to de-legitimize and de-humanize black Americans—especially if they dared to protest their condition.


1. Any anti-black or anti-civil rights atrocities have to be explained away.

2. Discrimination is valid. IF there actually are instances of racial discrimination, then they must be based upon natural and proper and reasonable distinctions of ability and education.

3. Ignore discriminatory Southern racial laws and practices. Robert Welch and JBS publicly purported to have no problem with civil rights but they opposed “forced integration”, i.e. using government to compel racial integration.

4. Segregation is virtuous - Racial pride is more appropriate than any aspiration for equality with whites.

5. "Civil Rights" is a Communist Plot - the aspirations of the civil rights movement were the direct result of Communist policy decisions. Welch said: "The truth is that, if you look far enough, you will find every agitator on this issue being pushed from somewhere behind, by a Communist—even though the agitator may not know he is just a pawn in a dirty game.” The possibility that at least some civil rights activity is motivated by something other than Communism is never considered.

However, the FBI at the time disagreed:

“Despite the recurring allegations by Southern political leaders that the racial situation is Communist-inspired, our investigation of the Communist Party and the over-all racial situation in this country has reflected that in practically all instances, with relatively few exceptions, racial incidents in this country have not been caused or inspired by Communist Party elements.”

mostly excerpts from RACISM and the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY – part 3 (rev. 09/14/20)


Craig said...


You wrote, Maybe but...

Maybe I won't go down your twisted path. Not worth trying to unravel.

In the selection you cite...

no matter what grievance we may have, real or imagined, no matter what national problems we may face, the communists seize upon these as excuses to build socialism. They have one solution and one solution always - more government

...it's clear to see the parallelism:

the communists seize upon these as excuses to build socialism

They have one solution and one solution always - more government

In the first of the parallels, "these" refers back to grievance we may have, real or imagined, no matter what national problems we may face

You have quite a fertile imagination, looking for racism, fascism, and "alt-right" everywhere.

Anonymous said...

RayB: "Mr. Griffin was OBVIOUSLY referring to the Communists' innate ability to recognize a weakness and thereby exploit it as a means to achieve their revolutionary goals. He was NOT "implying," as you claim, that "... any and all grievances, real and imagined, and national problems aired by anyone of color are, inherently and/or inevitably, part of a communist plot."

I think he was. That was Robert Welch's opinion back in the day.

Robert Welch also claimed that the “easy-going colored man” of the South could be “easily misled by agitators,” and “is now being inflamed into a hatred of his white neighbors which he never felt before.” Welch also opined that the phrase “civil rights” was a Communist slogan. Welch asserted that racial integration “embarrassed” good black Americans.

RACISM and the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY – part 3 (rev. 09/14/20)


*BTW - I just found that document today & do not know the author or subscribe to everything contained therein. I haven't even read through it all. Seems like it adds some more great context to what we see today. I think the fear of communism is real, it's an awful ideology, but as it was in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, etc, it's generally significantly overstated. We've had a hundred years of SOME socialistic aspects to our society without becoming communists. Being aware and educational is one thing; but, reactive, dismissive and afraid isn't making things better for anyone.

Anonymous said...

x claims to be moderate?

the extreme lean to the left and moderate middle cannot occupy the same space.
must be some weird out of your body (out of your mind?) experience..
..because those dots do not connect.
x you seem to have trouble knowing right from wrong then. evil vs good is getting lost on you.
maybe you don't know up from down either.
and you claim to have bible discernment no less.


Anonymous said...

Notice that now they're talking about the attitudes of people over half a century ago. Well, Newsflash: People evolve. People progress. But let's not take that into account, no. Hell, then why stop there? Let's go back a CENTURY and a half while we're at it, LOL:

That Dirty, Rotten Racist...Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Ginsberg died so we'll be getting another roman catholic traitor on the supreme ct sooner than anticipated.


Anonymous said...

The upside -- More Christians can now save the country by voting for Biden.

Even if Biden wins -- it's pretty unlikely he'll get to appoint any supreme court justices unless Stephen Breyer resigns. 6 of 9 justices soon will be supposedly pro-life judges so electing a President come November makes no difference at all whether the president is pro-life or pro-choice or somewhere in between as they both kind of are.

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, Xx+_xX will be appearing here nightly, please remember to tip your waitress. Good night.

Anonymous said...

8:02 PM

Your moral compass is broken so what does any of it matter to you except you have to spout off. You're needy that way. Just another keyboard nobody who thinks they are somebody.
Bet no one will find you in the trenches actually doing something good..no, you'll just be on the sidelines griping and telling everyone else how they disappoint you.
Lonely much?

RayB said...

Just a few thoughts re: the "passing" of USSC Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Contained in the USSC oath that she swore to uphold are these words:

" ... I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same ... so help me God."

Instead of being loyal to the U.S. Constitution, Bader was an enthusiastic opponent to it. She injected her radical leftist political and social ideology in virtually every single case that was brought before the Court. She even went so far as to state that international "law" outside of the U. S. Constitution needs to be considered when making Court decisions. She was a globalist to the core of her being.

Ginsburg was also a wicked opponent of Christianity and a steadfast proponent for the MURDER of babies in the womb, including the barbaric procedure known as partial birth abortion, whereby, as the baby begins to emerge from the womb, it is brutally and painfully killed. For this, along with her radical vote for legalizing Homosexual 'marriage," along with many other like-minded anti-Christian judgments, she was hailed by the main stream media, along with her fellow travelers in the radical social and political world as a "visionary," a "giant," etc.

As she was in life, so she is in death.

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:" Hebrews 9:27

"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Hebrews 10:31

No doubt, some will think that my comments are "harsh;" some will say "let's hope at the last second she repented." You can believe such a thing if you'd like, but the Bible does not teach that in the slightest. In fact, it declares the opposite:

Proverbs Chapter 1:

24 Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;

25 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof:

26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord:

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