Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Please, please watch this amazing Press Club delivery by the Rev. E. W. Jackson!

Stay tuned!



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Anonymous said...

come quickly Lord Jesus.

Anonymous said...

From the AP (09/26/12)...


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that a new world order needs to emerge, away from years of what he called American bullying and domination.

Ahmadinejad spoke to The Associated Press in a wide-ranging interview on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly - his last as president of Iran. He was to address the assembly Wednesday morning.


paul said...

Praise God for raising up Rev. E.WE. Jackson.
This is one courageous Christian.
Please Lord let his courage become

Thanks for posting this Constance; speaking
of courage.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Ahmadinejad: Walid Shoebat- a couple of years ago- said that Islam is the New World Order.
Today, it's on his Homepage. Very short video. Shoebat.com "Moderate" Turkish-style Islam is going to be pushed more and more. Iran and Turkey are very tight. According to Walid, the Mullahs in Iran are actually Turkish. His "End Times Today" series really opened my eyes to a new Prophecy paradigm, lending crystal-clarity to recent events in the M.E. It's getting late.

Anonymous said...


Can you please do something about being forced to listen to the SOUND from two videos runnning at the same time? Maybe turn the previous one off from running on automatic every time we click on your website?

Presently, it makes it difficult to concentrate.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


...Communism And The Anti-Christ NWO...


Anonymous said...

Shocking that the Jew haters don't give up when everyone knows that New Age is antisemitic. Get that costume off and put your Nazi uniform on.

Anonymous said...

Iran may launch pre-emptive strike on Israel, conflict could grow into WWIII - senior commander


Anonymous said...

Regardless of all of the evil in the world, remember that GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE!!!

Anonymous said...

"Crisis Initiation"? Israel Lobbyist Hints That U.S. Start The War With Iran With False Flag Attack!


Anonymous said...

Please look at the context of those comments.
How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout

Aquarian News said...

From Share International website and Benjamin Creme's "master":

"However, there are some nations for whom the achievement of their individual goals is more important than general world Unity, the guarantee of world peace. These attitudes can, and sometimes do, change suddenly, or over time, but in the present period one can discuss the following countries.
Israel (rays: soul 3, personality 6), having usurped by terrorism the land of the Palestinian people, is now obsessed with its security to the exclusion of all other issues, including world peace. Sheltered from United Nations resolutions by the US Security Council veto, Israel swaggers in the Middle East without restraint. Thanks to the United States, Israel possesses the nuclear bomb and threatens its use against Iran if necessary. The people of Israel are old but the nation is very young, bold and inclined to recklessness.

Aquarian News said...

There is more to Creme's "master" comments that are equally important. Here's what was written about the U.S.:

"The USA (rays: soul 2, personality 6) has, from the soul level, a profound and genuine desire for world Unity and peace. However, it too is young, large and powerful, and under the control of its glamoured personality. Its ideal is for Unity and peace, and it imagines that it demonstrates this to the world. When all follow the Americans’ lead in economics, politics and religion, it believes, peace will inevitably ensue. With this attitude it has sought to dominate the world, repeatedly making war in the name of peace (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan). The world is waiting for the overcoming of this glamour and the influence of the 2nd-ray soul of the US to emerge in world affairs.
When this does take place (probably not before the Day of Declaration by the Christ), the innate longing for Unity of the American soul will be galvanised into action, and the idea of service to the whole will replace the present need to dominate. A great reconstruction of the world will be undertaken by countless individuals. The desire to serve will replace the present US sense of superiority in all things, and a true era of peace will follow.

Aquarian News said...

I thought this question and answer by Creme's "master" disturbing.

Q. Could you please tell me what your understanding is regarding Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek as far as the role they play in the Spiritual Hierarchy and in relation to Maitreya.

A. Sanat Kumara is Lord of the World Who dwells in Shamballa, the etheric centre in the Gobi Desert, while Melchizedek is another name for Maitreya.

What's important to note here is that Melchizedek was the priest of God Most High in Genesis. He blessed Abram. In Hebrews he's referred to in reference to Jesus being a High Priest in the order of Melchizedek (as opposed to be in the order of Aaron). For Christians who aren't discerning, Creme claiming Melchizedek is Maitreya could easily be fooled.

paul said...

Benjamin Creme
Rays: 0, Souls: 1, Delusions 3 or 4

Mr Creme is pushing 90 years old and he still,
despite all facts to the contrary,, believes himself
to be something super-human. He is not,
however he is thoroughly ego-maniacal, and completely dishonest.

Craig said...

Aquarian News,

Thanks for providing the info. So what's this "Day of Declaration"? Could it be the Abomination of Desolation [Dan 9:27; 2 Thess 2:4, 8-9; Rev 13:5-6]?

Anonymous said...


Chopra's evolving concept of God (For those of you who haven't come across that name, he is big in the New Age movement and has written 6
0 books which only means there are enough people who are buying into his change agent manipulations.)

"Chopra has written a lot - more than 60 books - and he has a few more coming out this year. His most recent is "God: A Story of Revelation" in which he focuses on 10 prominent spiritual leaders from multiple religious traditions, both Eastern and Western. Chopra hones in on their particular conceptions of the divine, by whatever name they called it - God, Nirvana, the Beloved, Light, Truth, Universal Mind and so on. In doing so, Chopra demonstrates the evolving and ongoing revelation of the concept of God across time, culture and consciousness."

Sounds impressive, but I don't see where the Universal Mind or Light has provided a moral code by which we are to live.

Aquarian News said...

Since learning about Creme and the Maitreya thing through Ms. Cumbey's "Hidden Dangers...", a book from the 80's, (not trying to make anyone feel old, mind you) this stuff Creme talks about seems so much within reach. This is why Obama has to be president again, if this stuff is for real. It's why he will most likely win.

No one should get all upset over Obama's second term. It might mean--it's time (in terms of Bible prophecy). I'm not suggesting he's the Antichrist or Creme's Maitreya. But, let's be serious. To truly fix the U.S. economy would take a change in the world's economy. Obama just is more likely to be a player in such a thing than Romney.

It's the anti-Israel tone was quite striking. Plus, it's not often I see Melchizedek mentioned. A High Priest of God before the call of Abraham. Or something like that. I can't help but feel a great deal of anxiety over all this.

Aquarian News said...

Melchizedek was Noah's son, Shem.

Anonymous said...

There's supposedly a secret society group cslled: The Illuminated Congregation of Melchizedek

There are also those in the occult world who seem to see Melchizedek as a shaman figure - especially those messing with Kabalah.

The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion


Anonymous said...

The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion

"This religious belief [of the Illuminati (sic)] is not a new one. It has its roots in the Babylonian and Egyptian mystery
religions. In Babylon, Nimrod, the mighty hunter of the people of the Lord, was the enemy of God.
He waged eternal warfare with God's followers on earth (the City of Salem under Melchizedek). He
also swore to build a tower so high that it would allow him entrance into the kingdom of God, where he promised to slay God."

"Melchizedek is also known as Shem, the righteous son of Noah. He reportedly slew Nimrod in
battle and cut his body into pieces. He then sent those pieces to the far reaches of Nimrod's empireto show that God was still more powerful than man."

"Nimrod's wife was Queen Semiramis. She was the mother of harlots in Babylon. Nimrod was the great oppressor of mankind. Semiramus, heavily involved in "sex majic" became pregnant with an illegitimate son after Nimrod's death. She falsely claimed that Nimrod himself had impregnated her from beyond the
grave and that the child had no earthly father."


Anonymous said...

Aquarian News 9:46 :
So Melchizedek was Shem. Have heard that before. What is your reference for this interesting idea? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Melchizedek=immortals=ascended Masters as in the Bailey material. http://www.angelfire.com/in4/alchemy2084/faqs4.html

It has nothing to do with Judaism. All of the speculation is straight occult.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Melchizedec being a mystery man, was glommed onto by occultists and some bible thumping type cults (what I call those that are either warped Christian or pretend to be Christian and focus on The Bible but twist it) and now some UFO cultists. But the Biblical Melchizedec was no part of any of this, he was a priest of The Most High God, i.e., YHWH, in the days when YHWH was still known, but fast being forgotten.

That Nimrod and Semiramis stuff goes back to Hislop's THE TWO BABYLONS, maybe elsewhere, which is a badly researched book that even tries to attack The Trinity. Semiramis wasn't even in Nimrod's timeframe.

Anonymous said...

Hislop's Two Babylons was a Victorian book that sought to show the Roman Catholic church was the pagan worship of Babylon in disguise. This is nonsense, and the best debunking of Hislop was by another protestant, Ralph Woodrow, in his book The Babylon Connection?

Anonymous said...

Aquarian New

With all due respect, I do not think Melchizedek was Shem. He is described as having no mother and no father among many other qualities. He was not Shem, try reading:

Genesis 14:18-20
Psalm 110:4
Hebrews 5:6
Hebrews 5:9-10
Hebrews 6:20 – 7:17

I tend to agree with the school of thought that considers him to POSSIBLY be a pre-incarnate Christ. As Christ is the WORD and always WAS, as He was/is THE High Priest, as He has No beginning and NO end. These all fit descriptions of Melchizedek in the verse above.

He was not an angel, or spirit, and from how I see the verses, he is most definitely not Noah's HUMAN son Shem.

paul said...

This is how everyone will pay their tithes to the
Antichrist religion:


Diane said...

Is anyone on the east coast going to the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park today (29Sep12)? It is a music concert held during the U.N. General Assembly and several artists will be performing for 60,000 "change makers".
The sponsors are the usual suspects, Bill Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola,FedEx, Citi, Pratt Foundation,Fundadio FCBarcelona.

What do we know about this Global effort to feed the hungry. Are any starving people being fed?

Just wondering,

SmallFarm said...

Was in my yard picking almonds today and I noticed flowers on my pear tree o.O On closer observation I noticed several fruits in different stages of growth. This last spring this tree flowered and put on fruit like normal, but bad weather made it drop the fruit. All the other pear trees in my yard are going dormant like normal

Anonymous said...

Well done Christine! I hope you are well and that you continue to post here• You have proven your ability to restrain your enthusiasm and have not posted excessively here today• Thank you for showing consideration through moderation•

Susanna said...

The Melchizedek priesthood is the name of several priesthoods in different religions. Priesthood is generally attributed to Melchizedek as he is the first individual to be given the title Kohen (priest) in the bible (Torah)......

......The Law of Moses stipulates that only the male descendants of Aaron be commissioned to serve as Jewish priests) before the God of Israel and the Jewish nation. This commission is believed in Judaism to be a "a covenant of everlasting priesthood" ("Brith HaKehuna") and not eligible for replacement by other tribes of Israel.

Judaic midrash (exegesis) identifies Melchizedek with Shem the son of Noah. Although the Book of Genesis affirms that Melchizedek was "priest of God Most High". (Genesis 14:18), The Midrash and Babylonian Talmud maintain that the priesthood held by Melchizedek, who pre-dated the patriarch Levi by five generations (Melchizedek pre-dates Aaron by six generations; Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Levi, Kehoth, Amram, Aaron) was given in his stead to Abraham who in turn passed it on to his patrilineal descendents, Issac and then to Jacob. Midrashic literature attributes this transition as a consequence due to Melchizedek preceding the name of Abraham to that of God, while some Jewish commentators, such as Chaim ibn Attar, write that Melchizedek gave the priesthood to Abraham willingly.......

....King David in the Psalms refers to the future King of kings or Messiah as a "priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek." (Psalm 110:1-4.).....

.....Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah spoken of as "a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek" (Ps. 110:4), and so Jesus plays the role of High Priest once and for all. Jesus is considered a priest in the order of Melchizedek because, like Melchizedek, Jesus was not a Kohen, and thus would not qualify for the Kohanic priesthood under Torah Laws.

Melchizedek is referred to again in Hebrews 5:6-10; Hebrews 6:20; Hebrews 7:1-21: "Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek"; and Hebrews 8:1.


Susanna said...

Anonymous 7:22

Here is a little memory refresher for those commenters here who may not be familiar with Deepak Chopra and his New Age beliefs and teachings.

In 1985, Chopra met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who invited him to study Ayurveda....

...Chopra left the Transcendental Meditation movement in January 1994.
According to his own account, Chopra was accused by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of attempting to compete with the Maharishi's position as guru.


According to a 2008 article in Time magazine, Chopra is “a magnet for criticism”, primarily from those involved in science and medicine. Some critics say that Chopra creates a false sense of hope in sick individuals which may keep them away from effective medical care. The Time article summarized Chopra's reception and popularity thus: "Of all the Asian gurus…, Chopra has arguably been the most successful at erasing apparent differences between East and West by packaging Eastern mystique in credible Western garb. …His quest to construct a pleasing and seamless model of the universe tends to jump to easy conclusions and to spackle over problematic gaps and inconsistencies in the ideas he presents — is obvious to all but his most starry-eyed fans. But grousing about such crimes — as many do — does little to explain his enormous popularity. Chopra is as rich as he is today not because he has been dishonest with anyone, but because his basic message — that love, health and happiness are possible, that mystery is real and that the universe is ultimately a friendly and benevolent place where orthodoxies old and new can meet and make peace with one another — is one that he wants to believe in just as sincerely as his readers do."

Chopra was sued for copyright infringement by Robert Sapolsky for using a stress endocrine chart without proper attribution, after the publication of Chopra’s book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. An out-of-court settlement resulted in Chopra attributing material that was researched by Sapolsky. Chopra acknowledges that his thought has been inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti and others....

....Chopra has been criticized for his frequent references to the relationship of quantum mechanics to healing processes, a connection that has drawn skepticism from some physicists who say it can be considered as contributing to the general confusion in the popular press regarding quantum measurement, decoherence and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. In 1998, Chopra was awarded the satirical Ig Nobel Prize in physics for "his unique interpretation of quantum physics as it applies to life, liberty, and the pursuit of economic happiness". According to the book Skeptics Dictionary, Chopra's "mind-body claims get even murkier as he tries to connect Ayurveda with quantum physics.” Chopra also participated in the Channel 4 (UK) documentary The Enemies of Reason, where, when interviewed by scientist Richard Dawkins, he admitted that the term "quantum theory" was being used as a metaphor and that it has little to do with the actual quantum theory in physics.

In August 2005, Chopra wrote a series of articles on the creation-evolution controversy and Intelligent design which were criticized by science writer Michael Shermer, founder of The Skeptics Society.

In March 2010, Chopra and Jean Houston debated Sam Harris and Michael Shermer at Caltech on the question "Does God Have a Future?" Shermer and Harris criticized Chopra's use of scientific terminology to expound unrelated spiritual concepts. Shermer has said that Chopra is "the very definition of what we mean by pseudoscience".
.....read more....



Chopra's literary gems include the following:

THE THIRD JESUS by Deepak Chopra


Anonymous said...

I affirm that Chopra talked misleading nonsense about quantum theory.


Anonymous said...


I would love for you to discuss the claims from the camp of David Van Koevering, JoAnn McFatter, and Ray Hughes.

These folk are supposedly "discovering" sound waves in our DNA and claiming that each of us has a song in our DNA, that we can be grounded against certain frequencies that make us vulnerable to disease. Apparently, Van Koevering went to heaven and experienced heavenly music. He has a new keyboard now that produces those new frequencies. Some time ago he was also selling a vibration machine that could get you to some kind of "frequency" so that you could open portals to heaven.

YIKES!!! People believe this stuff because they believe these folk are Quantum Physicists with the scientific research and documentation to prove their crazy claims.

For the record, there is no question in my mind that these folks are quacks, charlatans, false teachers, and apostates. Is that strong enough? However, I have "friends" who believe this garbage.

My understanding of Quantum Physics begins and ends with being able to read the term "Quantum Physics" on the written page. I don't have a clue otherwise.

I would love for you to comment and/or give solid refutation (or point me in the direction) so that I can answer these folk.

Anonymous said...

Here is a bit of Van Koevering for you:


Anonymous said...

Early on Constance said that the plan was to turn religious group against religious group so everyone would turn to New Age reasoning for a solution. The Muslims are sure doing their share of this confrontation. They've made enemies of Christians, Jews and Buddhists.

Muslim protesters torch Buddhist temples, homes in Bangladesh

The Native Egyptians Copts Christians under the Arabian Islamic Siege in
Egypt.....till When?!!!

Craig said...

From the Van Koevering article:

Jesus simply stopped blinking Enoch into this realm!

LOL! I always wondered just how Enoch was translated...

Seriously, some folks have asked me about him on my blog; and, I just don't know how to go after this sort of stuff having no physics background whatsoever.

However, I DO know that the human hearing is typically maxed out at 20hz on the low end to 20,000hz on the high. If Van Koevering claims he heard heavenly frequencies exceeding the normal hearing range - well, are they lower in the range that would cause queasiness (just listen to the lowest notes of a pipe organ!) or are they higher in the dog-howling range?

I'm curious also on his claim regarding the Moog synthesizer, i.e. that he worked with Dr. Robert Moog. To what extent, if any, did he 'work with Dr. Bob Moog':

...I worked with Dr. Bob Moog and together we gave the music world the first performance keyboards called Moog synthesizers.

A joint effort, eh?

Craig said...

I see in skimming further in Van Koevering article that "all matter has memory". Reminds me of Alice Bailey's The Consciousness of the Atom, i.e. panentheism.

Craig said...

Also, this:

Annette Capps said, ”God used faith substance and word energy to create the universe. He spoke and the vibration (sound) of His words released (caused) the substance that became the stars and planets.

Typical Word of Faith garbage. Did God the Word really need faith? Of course, the next step is that if we appropriate this same kind of 'faith' we can create out of nothing ourselves.

Anonymous said...

"Constance said that the plan was to turn religious group against religious group so everyone would turn to New Age reasoning for a solution. The Muslims are sure doing their share of this confrontation. They've made enemies of Christians, Jews and Buddhists."

No plan was needed to get Muslims to do that. The koran tells them to conquer the world for Islam and convert people at swordpoint if necessary, and they have been doing it for nearly 1400 years as any history of Islamic expansion will reveal.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, Anon@2.23pm, it's just bullshit - and bullshit is very hard to criticize in detail. I'd simply ask whether these guys could do the simplest quantum calculation in a first student course in quantum mechanics.

Anonymous said...

What vile language you use Anon 5:46 PM! Please desist.

Anonymous said...

This is Physicist - I forgot to sign at 5.46pm. I do not regard Bullshit as remotely as offensive a word as its last four letters by themselves, and I believe that that is the convention. (Linguistic conventions have no logic to them!) However I'm happy to change it to the word SKUBOLA as used by St Paul.

Anonymous said...

Cristine! Please come back, there are some of us that really miss you and your unique way of writing. PLease come back Christine ... don't let the bullies win.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I speak for many that visit this blog when I say We miss and love you, Christine. Please come back!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:31,
Nothing happens by chance. Please go to the top of the thread and see what 8:23 posted, Ahmadinejad Calls For New World Order. That's straight New Age planning. Try this for a scenario: World leaders do not want to see a nuclear confrontation. It's made clear that Ahmadinejad won't back down unless he gets what New Age leaders want, a New World Order. Pressure is put on Israel to make political concessions leading to a dissolving of the state of Israel over time through boycotts and lack of financial support. Israeli leaders do not want to see the Israelis killed. Just where would Israel fit into a New World Order? Would Israel be willing to back off support of Orthodox Judaism? Remember the Bailey material said that the Jews were not the target. Judaism was. Could the Muslim community be brought into line, into a New World Order? New Age works with the Muslims. No Bailey material targets the Muslims as Jews and Christians are targeted. Keep in mind that New Age planning is long term even though we are presented with the idea that everything is happening day to day.

Put a few things into the mix. Kissinger is reported to have said the state of Israel will not exist in ten years. That doesn't mean it will be nuked off the face of the earth. There is a Youtube video that was just put up showing Ahmadinejad meeting with members of the Neturi Karti community. They are a small group of Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism. From experience I can say they are not worldly and have been used by those who oppose Zionism such as Farrakhan. Whoever put the video up linked it with a David Duke video. David Duke is very New Age.

It's time to rethink what is going on.

New Age Christine, your job of turning this blog into support of New Age ideas without the label is supported by those who want to see it happen. Some of us know that as in "You can fool all of the people some of the time...." It can happen. Smarter people than a lot of the followers here have been taken in by New Age ideas. Maybe even you don't know what you are promoting. I'll be kind and give you that.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"skubola translated “rubbish” here, but more advisedly translated with a four verbatim et literatim done to manure." http://alcoholic.edublogs.org/2009/07/06/utah-lutheran-fifth-sunday-after-pentecost/



Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Anon 6:33, Thank you, I am here but I have been busy.

Anon 9:33 I don't support New Age ideas and I have several times shown how they can be used against the New Age, some of them. you speak either from ignorance or slander.

I think I posted a link once to an article that warns that New Age practices endanger your chakra health. The existence of some kind of nexi at some locations of the body, which are affectable, is a matter of practical experience, with some biblical support, but the existence of something and its MISAPPLICATION are two different things.

Kirlian photography has shown the existence of an aura, and to argue it is merely an effect of pressure on the electric plate or something says nothing about the changes that occur in the same person or plant on the plate after subjection to different things.

A pre feed kirlian photo of a vampire's psi donor was normal more or less. After a feed, it was fragmented in places, holes in it.
Obviously something very real happened.

Anonymous said...


Ahmedinejad is calling for a realignment of world powers and empires that takes into account the rise of militant Islam which has occurred in the last 60 years. Islam is fiercely monotheistic and deplores New Agery. Common cause is sometimes possible between the two for tactical reasons, but no fundamental agreement. Islam and Hinduism (which is 100% New Age) have clashed bloodily in India for more than 1000 years. A knowledge of history as well as of belief systems, is needed to make sense of what is going on today.

Islam is based on a satanic distortion of the personality of the Creator God worshipped by Jews and Christians, and the koran denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and His atoning death on the cross. It's not surprising that the New Age, which is also part of the kingdom of darkness, is more concerned to combat Judaism and Christianity.

Ahmedinejad would have been speaking in Farsi and never used the phrase "New World Order" - his translator did, using rhetoric that the audience would understand.

Anonymous said...

Shia Islam - Ahmedinejad's type, the minority - believes that the 12th Imam (rightful leader of Islam), who was born in 869AD, is not dead but in suspended animation in a concealed place, and will someday wake up to lead the world to Islam. Will the Antichrist dictator claim to be him?

Anonymous said...

SKUBOLA is one of the coarser Greek words for excrement, and also has the meaning of rubbish in a general sense. (Recall that excrement and garbage went to the same disposal heap in those days.) Crap would be a good English translation, but English Bible publishers are still reluctant to be as direct as St Paul.

Kirlian photography is wholly expainable by ionized gas phenomena (plasma physics). If the plant is changed afterwards, that is hardly surprising as in order to take the photo it is basically electrocuted.

Some guy who claimed he could see people's auras above their heads was asked which of two adjacent cubicles a person was in. He scored at chance levels.


Anonymous said...

From the Wall Street Journal (09/28/12)...

New Tracking Frontier: Your License Plates


First Amendment Issues

A report by the International Association of Chiefs of Police warns that "recording driving habits" could raise First Amendment concerns. It noted that plate readers might record "vehicles parked at addiction-counseling meetings, doctors' offices, health clinics, or even staging areas for political protests." The association urged members to consider establishing "more specific criteria for granting access" to the information and to designate it only for "official use."

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Kirlian photography is wholly expainable by ionized gas phenomena (plasma physics). If the plant is changed afterwards, that is hardly surprising as in order to take the photo it is basically electrocuted."

as usual, you have missed important points or haven't even been exposed to much about the subject.

typical plant intact, aura a, cut aura a unchanged and trace aura b where the original part was removed.

The plant's second photo, the part of it that is not cut or damaged IS UNCHANGED, the only change is where damage by cutting or removal has occurred, and here there can be a ghost limb type presence.

psi vamp feeder - fingertips in place, this doesn't electrocute the human why should it damage the plant? but anyway, before and after pix.

organic vs. soaked in pesticides etc. plants leaves show differences. healthy vs. functional but unhealthy plants, show differences.

"Some guy who claimed he could see people's auras above their heads was asked which of two adjacent cubicles a person was in. He scored at chance levels."

ridiculous. auras don't extend far enough for that to be done at all. Probably someone working with theosophical derived concepts. These people all have preconceptions and vivid imaginations, they are not rigorously honest with themselves or anyone else. If it doesn't fit their sacred teachers' blather then it is ignored.

(Before anyone complains Christians do the same, if something doesn't fit Scripture then usually the Scripture has been mishandled. Or the situation not fully understood. But my remark about the aura viewers is regarding an immediate present either it is or it isn't sort of thing.)

A person who is an objective clairvoyant, that is, the sight lies in some feature of the physical eyes, inherited freak, and is not learned but born, when I suspected he was seeing into the UV spectrum to some extent, I asked him if he had been in a house with rats in it, and some sunlight coming through. What did he see? well his answer told me, that he was seeing the rat constant urine dribble fluorescing in the sunlight, something it doesn't do to normal eyesight unless pummeled with a lot of UV from a special lamp, then it fluoresces. Same technique forensics uses to find blood stain remains that are invisible because wiped off.

Buried in the skubala is some strictly physical stuff. What it adds up to, I am not sure.

Anonymous said...


Southampton priest bans yoga from church hall

A priest has banned yoga from a church hall because the class was "not compatible" with the Catholic faith.

New Oxford Review is an excellent site for news

(If you find the symbols you need to copy area blank, send your copy and when it reappears, what you need to copy will appear)

Anonymous said...


When you have learned enough about physics to know what it can and can't explain, and been part of the Skeptics organisation which investigates things like Kirlian photography, you might be better able to decide the truth with the authority to which your rhetoric lays claim.

Auras don't exist, if by auras you mean something not due to electric charging or temperature changes near to warm-blooded creatures or disturbances to air currents caused by living creatures, or scents they give off, or differences in moisture content between living and recently dead tissue. If you believe otherwise - and you claim to know more about auras than a man who was selected for testing by skeptics, who would not waste time on minor figures - then let's have your evidence.

Like many of the offbeat claims you make that cannot be squared with physical science, Kirlian photography had its vogue about a generation ago. Were you part of the New Age movement at that time? Your heart now belongs to Christ - for which I am glad - but your mind in part doesn't. "Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind" includes intellectual facets as well as the rest.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

i was never a part of the New Age movement per se. Your explanation of Kirlian photography fails because if something is charged up to become visible that doesn't mean it didn't exist before charging up. The CHANGES that occur as a result of actions on or changes in condition of the owners of the fingertips are not explained by this.

Perhaps Kirlian photography waned in interest precisely because it doesn't mesh with New Age ideas that well. I however am not interested in NAM dogmatics.

Perhaps if you had spent some time in the laboratory instead of the safer theoretical world, you would realize the importance of changes in something after something is done, you seem to skate over that.

Buried in the skubala of the New Age and psychic stuff scene is a little bit of verifiable reality.

IF the chakras etc. are only NAM ideas, why is it that with one exception online all the charts place the throat chakra far lower than in fact it is, as demonstrated by two different kinds of psychic attack on me, one vampiric and one sonic keyed to it?

base of skull around the neck, not dead center on or slightly below the voice box.

How anyone can go from energy body or life after death to divinity I don't understand. I never considered it relevant myself.

Astral projection doesn't establish human divinity. Eckankar was RIDICULOUS, making a religion out of what is merely just another way of getting around. Like making a religion out of riding a bus.

Anonymous said...

Physicist: Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, who, I've always understood, did pioneering work on the "Plasma Energy Field" aka "Biofield" aka "Auras" emanating from all living things? Would be interested in your opinion about this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I am a physicist not a biologist, and have no comment to make about chakras. Incidentally I did laboratory experiments until all but my final year as an undergraduate; rightly, you could not go into purely theoretical physics before that point (unless you entered the subject by moving sideways from math, which I didn't). The experiments I did included ones that were cutting edge well into the 20th century.

I welcome a discussion of Kirlian photography but don't understand your explanation of what science supposedly can't explain about it, "if something is charged up to become visible that doesn't mean it didn't exist before charging up. The CHANGES that occur as a result of actions on or changes in condition of the owners of the fingertips are not explained by this."

Please would you clarify? Either in your own words or by stating what you have in mind above by "something"; changes of what sort made to what exactly; and what does your final "this" refer to?

The Wikipedia page on the phenomenon is OK by me, incidentally.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think I already made clear in my previous discussion a few posts back what is this and what is changed.

If you take a leaf, make a k-photo, you get one effect. Take the leaf off, and cut the leaf in half. put the leaf back on.

There is NO CHANGE in the part of the leaf that is left, if you do this quickly enough, but the part that is missing is also missing from the k-photo except.... there is a paler thing like those who feel phantom pain in a phantom limb after a limb has been cut off. In this case, the bulk of the energy field and shape remains with the bulk of the leaf, leaving a phantom image of the missing part, paler than the image of the rest.

There is a change.

Take a person put their fingers on the plate take the k-photo. Now, inflict some pain or other stressor, or give them a sedative or stimulant or whatever. you will see the aura photo change. color and shape.

a psi vamp donor was k-photoed before and after the feed on him or her. Before, the aura was normal, after, it showed damage.

Now you can't blame this on some illusion and you can't argue the leaf was electrocuted because the human fingertips aren't electrocuted either, you feel nothing using this thing, the electrical presence is too weak.

To charge something up to make it visible - well, a good example is use of UV light to make something fluoresce that is normally invisible. You can argue it is merely an effect of the UV light, and yes, it is an effect of the UV light on something that was there before the light was applied.

In night vision (NOT infrared but the other stuff) an electron cascade is used to make a picture of things not visible in the dark to the unaided eye, but the trace amount of light present is augmented by the system so you "see in the dark." These systems often combine IR but are not dependent on it. This is the stuff where everything looks green.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


here is something of Dr. Popp's material and info on him.
"Dr. Popp is a German physicist, who holds a degree in experimental physics from the University of Wurzburg, a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Mainz and a Professorship at Marburg University. He has conducted research that confirms the existence of biophotons.
These particles of light, with no mass, transmit information within and between cells. His work shows that DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons creating “biophotonic emissions” that may hold the key to illness and health. Popp’s eight books and more than 150 scientific journal articles and studies address basic questions of theoretical physics, biology, complementary medicine and biophotons.
In 1996, Dr. Popp founded the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany. This institute is a worldwide network of biologist, chemists, medical researchers, physicists and other scientists at 14 universities and governmental research institutes. In addition to his association with IIB, Dr. Popp is an invited member of the New York Academy of Sciences and an Invited Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
He has also worked at Princeton University and served as an executive board member for the Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia."

now the next step would be for someone to contact these universities, etc. and verify his credentials.

Anonymous said...

"California bans teenage gay conversion therapy"

"California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a ban on therapy aimed at making gay teenagers straight..."


Anonymous said...


Stressing a person will probably make their skin damper due to sweat, which will affect the coronal discharge that is all Kirlian photography is.

It is worth asking: when you do Kirlian photography on the same subject twice within a few minutes WITHOUT deliberately changing their state in some way, does the Kirlian image change or remain consistent? Testing this would test whether the effect is due to uncontrolled minor changes in the experimental conditions rather than the ones you are testing.

Re the Kirlian image of a missing half of a leaf being visible, I am skeptical and request a reference.


Anonymous said...

What New Agers do is take a little big of something that is being studied and make a big deal out of it. Auras in New Age beliefs are colors that surround a person. They are a big business in the New Age world. Put "Aura Colors" into a search and almost everything is about New Age ideas.
"Aura Colors - Pamala Oslie
Author, Consultant, Psychic, & Radio Show Host"
"Aura Color Meanings - Reiki-for-holistic-health.com
Aura color meanings: learn about auras: what is aura, meaning of aura,changes in the aura, colors of aura,aura clensing,"

The gullible pay someone to tell them what their aura says about them.

"Your aura tells me you are troubled." or "Your aura says you are a very spiritual person."

I was at a Theosofest a few weeks ago. In one of the booths they were selling aura pictures. They hooked the person up to a machine and for a fee a picture came up.

Doing a search if you put in "kirlian photography aura colors" you will get over 45,000 results.

This blog is supposed to expose New Age ideas, not be used to promote their possibility.

Since you are so knowledgeable about the topic of "auras" Christine, why don't you use your knowledge to expose the aura business instead of making the topic seem a possibility.

Anonymous said...

I (Physicist) had not heard of Popp before.

Matter emits photons when electrons, orbiting atomic nuclei in matter, jump for one orbit to another. Unlike planets orbiting the sun, which can be found at any distance from the sun, electrons can orbit nuclei only in certain specified orbits; that is a key discovery of quantum theory. The difference in the energy of the electron orbit before and after the photon is emitted corresponds to the energy of the photon.

Likewise, when a photon is absorbed by an atom, what happens is that an electron is kicked from a lower-energy orbit to a higher-energy one.

Photons effectively travel in straight lines; deviations due to the phenomenon known as diffraction are far too small to be observable by the naked eye.

So 'biophotons' emitted by living organisms cannot be picked up by our eyes if we cannot see the organism by usual means, ie by light bouncing of it into our eyes. There is no possible explanation of 'auras', in the sense I defined at 12.20pm, in this work. On both theoretical and experimental grounds I remain deeply skeptical.

This is an earlier version of the Wikipedia page on 'biophotons' which I endorse:


The present Wikipedia page appears to reflect the Popp view rather too uncritically.

Anonymous said...

Kirlian photography at Wikipedia.
"There are no clear delineations between classic scientific research, fringe research, and claims made by promoters of alternative medicine and the like. Much of the research conducted around the middle of the 20th century occurred in the former Eastern Bloc before the cold war ended and has not held up to the scrutiny of stricter Western scientific standards."

Along with all of your other posts, it's pretty obvious you aren't promoting Kirlian photography because you are interested in pure science.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

auras of a very limited sort are about all there is to new age ideas of any merit. Ecclesiastes chapter 11 or 12 or 13 I forget which describes the breakdown of the energy physical interface during death, "remember your Creator in the days of your youth" and the rest comes some verses later.

in general, new age notions are misapplications overblown and applied non sequitur to promote their agenda.

you would do far better to point out to such people, that the minor real elements they deal with in no way support their theology or politics or anything else, than to try to refute them with science they don't accept anyway, in some cases with good reason. Though they then go whole hog away from science which is a mistake.

the kind of kirlian photography they do at those booths uses a different and far less reliable technology, I read about it a while back. I wouldn't bother with it.

paul said...

Let's face it; the Bible in it's entirety and
Christianity in general is just not mystical enough
for a lot of people.
God being made into the form of a man and
shedding his blood and dying on a Roman
cross of torture, in order to redeem mankind and
reconcile them to Himself and his holiness,
is really cool but just not cool and weird and,
mysterious enough for some people.
Witchcraft and paganism are so much more
appealing to the modern minded person.


Anonymous said...


There are some moving metaphors for death in Ecclesiastes 12:6-7, but I doubt that their human author would accept that his words "describe... the breakdown of the energy physical interface during death". Indeed I don't know what you mean either; I understand the notion of a physical interface but what is an "energy physical interface"? And interface between what and what?

When in one-on-ones with New Agers who talk nonsense about science I don't do much scientific explanation as it's generally a waste of time; I prefer to talk about God the creator (which settles which God and His authority), and his Son - naturally in the context of genuine dialogue, which involves listening to what the other is saying. In contrast a blog such as this is a public forum and that's why I am willing to go into a fair amount of scientific detail.


Anonymous said...

Another occult idea is that energy is released at the death of a person and that energy can be directed toward other goals. Those who want to look deeper can put "energy released death" into a search. A deeper search will show what sacrifices made at Satanic rituals, the Holocaust burnings and the Waco burnings have in common. Sick, immoral, disturbed people are not all under lock and key.

Anonymous said...

"IF the chakras etc. are only NAM ideas, why is it that with one exception online all the charts place the throat chakra far lower than in fact it is, as demonstrated by two different kinds of psychic attack on me, one vampiric and one sonic keyed to it?"


Christine, you are just too much!

BTW - is this blog the only life you live?

Anonymous said...

Be careful 10:04...Constance will might wag her finger at you for laughing at a poster.

Anonymous said...

Time to move away from distractions about chakras and auras. This is really what New Age is about.
Ethnic Cleansing of Christians in the Sinai

Can anyone reading here identify with those being killed? Can you identify with what people being killed are feeling? New Age isn't just a goofy group of ideas that distract us.

Anonymous said...


Your post raises interesting questions about what is and is not occult. There was discussion in the pre-scientific era about whether the soul had weight, and whether therefore your body lost a small amount of weight at death when the soul leaves. Experiments were done and no change was found. Doing that wasn't occult. Then there are parapsychology experiments that test people's ability to guess heads or tails in coin tosses (for example). Whether that is occult depends on what is going on in the mind of the test subject. As for 'energy' that satanists talk about in regard to their sacrifices, theirs is a different use of the word 'energy' than in science, and I (thankfully) don't understand what they mean. The Chinese talk about qi (chi), and to understand what they mean it would be necessary to talk to a Chinese Christian. Too many Western Christians just say it is demonic or it is nonsense, but I understand that the Chinese believe we all have it so I doubt that it is demonic. I suspect it is a concept which we would understand but for which the English is not a single word. Perhaps willpower, but I'm guessing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 12:07 AM, those murders of Christians in the Sinai have nothing to do with New Age. Unlike New Age, militant Islam is monotheistic (based on a satanic distortion of the personality and actions of the Creator God who reveals himself in the Bible), and it has been murdering Christians ever since it first spread out of the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century and pillaged its way across North Africa, wiping out the churches that St Augustine was once bishop of.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

yes indeed, Islam is not New Age in and of itself, though the sufi mystical form has been coopted to that in the west. Though in theory any religion of the book was to be tolerated, only having to pay a tax to be left alone, things got more intense when the turks got into the game.

Regardless of what elements in the koran that moderate islam uses and western converts to islam like, when islam is entrenched it is shariah law that runs amok and it is not just and there are schools of thought that allow oppression of Christians.

The entire Arab spring thing, which I was initially deceived by, aside from oil interests, seems to be driven by New Age interests in the background. First off, the elites running the world are usually occultic anyway. Secondly, the result of removal of Arab dictators who are despised by Islamic extremists (or as one person put it, those moslems who are living and thinking according to their faith undiluted by cherry picking nice stuff out of the koran to support sanity and western influence aside from the western influence that is immoral, greedy, violent, etc.,) were always giving a free hand pretty much to Christian elements in their countries.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Arab Spring was a genuine people's movement (which doesn't automatically mean New Age, just people who have had enough of brutal dictators and corruption whenever they encounter the State), but it created a vacuum that is now being filled by militant Islam. Many of its instigators were carrying Gene Sharp's online DIY manual for peaceful overthrow of a dictatorship, "From dictatorship to democracy". (Sharp shows that people need to be brave and that some will be killed, but that a dictator cannot ultimately prevail if enough of his citizens stand up against him. This remarkable short book, based on history, provides the optimal strategy.)

There are peaceful and violent Muslims but there is no peaceful Islam. Peaceful Muslims are simply being less faithful to the koran (whereas peaceful Christians are being more faithful to the NT).

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

a good point about what one is being faithful to. When Christians behave badly, they are disobeying The Bible taken in its entirety especially the NT. Even the "genocidal" parts of OT are explicitly strictly limited to that time and place.

but when others act badly, they are more in conformity with their official values, whether of koran or of paganism with its family and clan and tribal centered and blood and soil values, what is good for the group is what is good, even if that means every sort of evil to outsiders, or even perpetrated against group members or those without full membership due to age or relationships or lack thereof, etc., e.g., periodic orgies, abortion, prostitution, suppress critical thinking, suppress common sense, keep the group elites in charge, human sacrifice, forced arranged marriages, sale of excess population into slavery, etc. etc.
back to islam, i heard recently that in some places it is nothing unusual for a family to have a child specifically to sell into slavery to finance the requisite for all muslims once at least in their lifetimes pilgrimage to mecca.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Constance, what happened to your herescope link?

Anonymous said...

Christine, what happened to your blog?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


its there, maybe you mispelled something or relied on a misspelled link I put up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh? I thought cumbey.blogspot was one of yours Christine. After all, it's usually full of your perspective, i.e., -- What Christine thinks!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

and what a lot of other people think too. That's the point of a blog you can post to, that people post stuff.

Anonymous said...

Within reason Christine, as long as the posts are clear, clean and concise. Quality and quantity control tends to be the unspoken prer-equisite when complying with blog etiquette.

Anonymous said...

Within reason Christine, as long as the posts are clear, clean and concise. Quality and quantity control tends to be the unspoken pre-requisite when complying with blog etiquette.

It is an honorable thing to receive justifiable correction, and to correct ourselves accordingly.

Anonymous said...

How To End World Hunger


Craig said...

Insulting! Algeria calls for limiting free speech to protect Islam


Algeria demanded new efforts today to limit freedom of expression to prevent denigrating attacks on Islam, appealing to the United Nations to take a lead as nations engaged in new debate on the tensions between free speech and religious tolerance.

...Yemen's President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi told the General Assembly on Wednesday "there should be limits for the freedom of expression, especially if such freedom blasphemes the beliefs of nations and defames their figures."

Zardari warned that the "international community must not become silent observers." In a speech Tuesday he called for the criminalization of "acts that destroy the peace of the world and endanger world security by misusing freedom of expression."

Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudnoyne — head of the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation — told the General Assembly on Tuesday that previous initiatives at the U.N. had failed to halt intolerance. The "defamation of religion persists, we have seen yet another one of its ugly faces in the film 'Innocence of Muslims'," he said.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the muslims are crazy people (except for those who aren't crazy). Some years back, someone in Europe called
Islam a violent religion or something like that.

So what do these idiots do? They get out and riot (act violent) because they have been accused of being violent.

Anonymous said...

"Zardari... called for the criminalization of "acts that destroy the peace of the world and endanger world security by misusing freedom of expression.""

Zardari is a munafiq. (That's the word for hypocrite, common enough in the koran.) When someone uses their freedom of expression and someone else reacts violently to it, which of them is destroying peace?

Zardari, you will not reduce the USA to the level of Algeria.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I am afraid Constance makes the big mistake of assuming that just because Islam is against images, is monotheistic and would deplore anyone demanding to be worshipped as God (i.e., the antichrist) and is part of those targetted to make a clash of civilizations, that opposition to Islam is automatically to be suspect and they are our potential friends.

If they are potential friends of enemies of the antichrist, this will only happen when he is actually on the scene. It is not relevant to the present time.

The clash of civilizations helps the interests of military industrial complex, big oil and elites and big banks.

The cooperation or whatever the word was for the civilizations is the New Age answer to this, and the same crew is tied up with the former to some extent.

No peaceful solution that does not help the elites will be tolerated.

A kind of Hegelian dialectic game is in play. While one or more elements can hive off and become a frankenstein monster on its own, like Communism did (originally a creation of the elites for this dialectic purpose), the game is played by both sides being controlled by the same top dogs.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


This article details Rockefeller connections to the New Age grey aliens are doing this skubala to you for your own good plus ecology school of thought. Boylan referred to in the article lost his psychiatry or llicensed pschologist whichever it was credentials over highjinks in a hot tub with clients.

This whole UFO scene is loaded with problematic stuff and people and I don't recommend it. As for nibiru as psyop (psychological operation) it might be, but the pummeling with asteroids part of its threat is just as valid if it is merely Nemesis, never in the inner solar system but its orbit occasionally taking it where it disturbs Kuyper Belt objects which then bump into asteroid belt stuff which then upsets orbits of NEOs like a cue ball starting a chain reaction on a billiard table.

Anonymous said...

Christine, you are a blog~hog and a selfish new age narcisist• I wish I never said we miss you• You refuse correction and are a bore•

Anonymous said...

"the muslims are crazy people (except for those who aren't crazy).


This blog is geat.

Anonymous said...

What does geat mean,anon 7.23pm? There is nothing `akhbar` about your spelling.

Anonymous said...

Our nation is under siege? Really? A plot to poison the hearts and minda of our people? Are you serious? Whaaaaaaaaaaat! Check out Paul Begley for more.

Anonymous said...

my two cents if i may...i am a reflexologist who is a born-again christian. have done this work for 12 years. i do not treat people according to a new age philosophy though certainly many (most) in this field do. i bring no "energy" into it in that sense. i merely work within the framework (charted throughout the generations of men)of a highly Intelligent Order of things in the natural realm (we are in fact fearfully and wonderfully made) that was devised by the Creator. i work within His perimeters of design and He receives the credit-the Glory-for any amount of healing that comes about. if you want a picture as such-i consider that we are "wired"--"electric" and nerves are effected by that "reflex" stimulation that can bring about (as is able) the natural balance back to a disordered function in any part that is within reach of the specfic reflex receiving stimulation. (i think of the long ago telephone switchboard that required an operator to get each blinking message passed on to it's destination). it is beautifully simple and complex at the same time and is clearly designed way above human thinking. we are made in God's Image therefore we are "creative" too, but i see that in all issues pertaining to the pulse (more than merely physical) of life, when God is left out of the equation-is not sought and receives no credit for His Own Work, then men in self-proclaimed pride-deny/forget/trample over--believe themselves--the author of this magnificence. it is where all cults and isms and counterfeit of all Biblical thought and influence comes from. the devil uses mans' pride to tempt him to believe that he is author and enabler of all of living. this is the new age nutshell (actually old pagan) thought and behavior since sin entered eden. mystery (He conceals it according to the Bible that men must need Him) belongs to God therefore He is honored when men would seek to understand Him through these very things--but--not when men would proudly use His knowledge to overthrow His Authority and Provision in the attempt to hijack His Divine Glory to garner it unto themselves. sinful men love to "lord it over another"--bad enough when done to other men but the height of sin to do unto God.

Anonymous said...

If You See Something, Film Something (Recording The Police is Dangerous, but Necessary!) Wouldn't you agree, Constance?


Anonymous said...

A web search suggests this has a Dominion connection. Those concerned about the Dominion Theology movement might want to watch it.

Upcoming Kingdom Leadership Webinar:
“Twenty-One Common Mistakes Pastors Make”
Discussion Led by Bishop Joseph Mattera
Thursday October 11 at 12:30 p.m. ET

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Anonymous said...

Anon. 3:00 (Reflexologist)
Thanks for your comments. It's very tiresome how some Christians have a knee-jerk negative reaction to anything that smacks of "Alternative" medicine. Usually, those people don't think of doing anything to help themselves without consulting their mainstream medical doctor. One of the leading causes of death in the U.S. results from using prescription drugs. BTW: the majority of the country is now chronically ill, and it's getting worse. Mainstream medicine has few answers. I remember back in the 80's a person who had been involved in N.A., converted to Christianity, then wrote a book about the dangers of what he'd been in. At the back of the book was a list of about 200 occult practices- ouiji, spell-casting, etc., but included in the list were many perfectly legitimate therapies, such as massage, reflexology, rolfing, and the like. What was being implied was obvious, and so obviously wrong. The existence of the "meridians" used in acupuncture and Quantum Reflex Analysis have been scientifically verified. They are part of God's glorious creation. A former teacher of mine always said that the Ancients stole all the new ideas. I'm thankful that we still have alternatives available here, and pray that the Elites will keep their grimy paws off.

Anonymous said...


What is quantum reflex analysis, please? At the word 'quantum' I get interested. And, although I am a physicist not a biologist, have you a reference for the scientific verification of meridians that includes their unambiguous definition, please?

I too have seen silly books that describe some perfectly legitimate things as occult, but nowadays a lot more things are occult which are seen as perfectly legitimate.

The Enneagram has me baffled, incidentally. I know people who have needed deliverance after doing it. I have read up on it extensively and backed myself to recognise from descriptions the point at which, during an enneagram session, someone unsuspecting would get demonized. But I failed to find that point, even though there has to be one. Enneagram is more insidious than just a nonsensical categorization of personality types. Occult really does mean 'hidden'.


Anonymous said...

Physicist: Have heard of Enneagram, but little knowledge of it. Reichi, I understand, has presented some serious spiritual warfare situations, so I would definitely not want to get involved in either of those, given your comments. Basic discernment, as with anything else in life, is a must. Quantum Reflex Analysis is a method of discerning organ or gland weaknesses, using the meridians employed in Traditional Chines Medicine. The technique used is the Kinesiological "O" ring- which has been patented, in, I believe, Japan. Dr. Robert Marshall (PhD Microbiology)- based in Austin TX and in Santa Monica, developed this approach for the purpose of improving nutrition. The quantum idea here is that the human body always responds better to "live-source" nutrients, rather than to, for example, B-vitamins derived from petroleum biproducts. Also, the natural God-given flow of "chi" through our bodies can be disrupted by scars or injuries-traumas, but these "sites" can be eliminated or erased by.....(once again, the ancients knew this)...mud-packing! Remember how Jesus put the mud on the man's eye, and then told him to wash it off? It's an amazing modality- one you almost have to experience to believe. I cannot adequately explain it any further. BTW: I sent a nutrient-developed by Marshall- to my sister-in-law in Peru- who had detached eye retina- and that condition is now gone. It was through Marshall that I first heard of Dr. Fritz Albert Popp. He's studied Popp's research extensively.

Anonymous said...

Christine Rocks!, like no other,....her brilliance is a wonder and a marvel,..like Constance. Two of my Hero's, in Christ!i say love,love, LOVE to you both and Thanks for using your talents in the Lord's camp! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Physicist: I didn't answer your question about the scientific verification of the meridians. I don't know where to find that just now, but I can say that those learning QRA have to know about the what, where, and why of these energy channels, and that they employ this knowledge every day. Here's Marshall's website, which I should have provided earlier. Healthline.cc
Haven't been there in a while, but there's a fair amount of info covering this topic. I think that to call this stuff "New Age" is just plain wrong and insulting. This is science- correct me if I'm wrong- but because it's so different from the "normal" Prescription Drug-Radiation-chemo, etc.,etc. approach to health in this country, many people are, sadly, predisposed to reject the very idea. Will Rogers said that "people are always down on things they're not up on."

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I recall reading many years ago, that in Korea some scientist had injected radioactive tracers into acupuncture points, and found them turn up elsewhere in the body. Some theorize that the "meridians" are in fact lymph transit corridors. I don't know.

I do know that in the psychic vampire context, such people having abnormalities in chakras incl. overly developed minor chakras got me looking around for more information. Turned out the "minor chakras" are the acupuncture points.

The major ones correlate to huge nerve ganglions in the body.

One problem with ANY system that involves physical contact, is that a practitioner can load some bad stuff in paranormally. But Reiki is particularly bad, because it runs on a "current" that is transferred at initiation and involves some symbols visualized and so forth. I noticed that one of the darkest forms of witchcraft had a lot of people being into Reiki as well and feeling a compatibility there.

Healing can be a trap.

Somewhere in the Prophets in the OT it is written that we should seek to YHWH, "Who gives good gifts WITHOUT A CURSE ATTACHING."

Interesting point.

Anonymous said...

A while back I posted this important link. It was a good overview of the New Age movement. I think we have forgotten what New Age is and what its dangers are to our religious belief.


One section dealt with the dangers of Contemplative Spirituality. It showed that was one way Theosophy would attempt to bring the religions into One World Religion.

Christine posted a link to http://www.herescope.blogspot.com/
On September 23, 2012, the writer posted a long review of Contemplative or Listening Prayer & Psalm 46:10, showing its dangers.

The warnings are very similar. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

For a Reiki session it is easy to find the moment of entry of evil spirits. In reiki the practitioner is instructed to silently invoke spirits while hand-on to the client. Last time I looked there were Reiki manuals online stating this. Enneagram is clearly more subtle.

The human body has been dissected down to cellular level and no 'meridians' corresponding to those through which Eastern practitioners say chi flows have been found. I am prepared to say that no such physical channels exist. But things do seem to happen in treatments based on these ideas. The question then is: What is really going on?

I have no comment to make about Quantum Reflex Analysis except that it appears to have borrowed the word 'quantum' from physics to no obvious end. Certainly it does not involve any application of quantum theory as the phrase is understood in physics, where it was invented.

Guillermo, you wrote: "The quantum idea here is that the human body always responds better to "live-source" nutrients, rather than to, for example, B-vitamins derived from petroleum biproducts." It is possible that a certain chemical which is useful to the human body is always found in nature together with other chemicals that boost its beneficial effect. If that first chemical is synthesized in laboratories and sold in pure form it will not therefore be as effective as the natural-derived product. But there is no difference between a molecule of a chemical isolated from a natural source and a molecule of the same chemical synthesized in a laboratory (at least, once isomerism is taken into account). The human body could not tell which was which.


Anonymous said...


a little while back I and Paul apologized to you. I was not apologising for the matters I called you out on, such as your promotion of Kabbalah in some form, but for the way in which I picked you up on them at times.

However, having said that, I see you're, whether intentional or not, hurtling along on the Blavatsky train and spilling your NAM occult cargo, polluting this blogspot with the poisons of Babylon.

I have watched you, in part, promote David Ike, you've put 'Nibiru' forward as though it is a legitimate prospect, and now you show your belief in chakras?

You are as New Age as they come, Christine! Repent and cease and desist from promoting lies, liars and occult beliefs here.

In case you hadn't realised, this is an Anti-NAM blog. It is late in the day, Christine, repent lest the Lord come as a thief in the night and catch you unawares.

Grteat stuff Phys., keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Somebody may be sincere in what they write Christine, but may be sincerely wrong. Please repent.


Anonymous said...

Frank: Christine has not said that she is is in favor of working with chakras, but - as I understand it - she accepts their reality as part of the occult, due to an unsolicited demonic attack which she has outlined higher up this thread. What advice would you give her?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Guillermo and Physicist. More, please.

Anonymous said...

the wind is blowing harder now, blowing dust into my eyes

Anonymous said...

9:46 AM,

You state, 'Frank: Christine has not said that she is [is] in favor of working with chakras...'.

Nor did I state such, Anon 9:46 AM, I wrote at 8:27 AM to Christine: ...'now you show your belief in chakras?'

Your point 9:46 AM, as you '... understand it' is that 'she accepts their reality' this concurs with what I've written.

So my advice to both you, 9:46 AM, and Christine is there is no such thing as chakras!

The deceptive concept of chakras is occultic, that is demonic, yes. There is no reality of them to accept,to claim that chakras even exist is a lie from the pit of Hell.

So I strongly advise you and Christine to reject the notion of chakras as much as you should the idea that the tooth-fairy exists.

Turn to Jesus Christ fully, for HE alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no man comes to the Father but by Him!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I never promoted Kabbalah, I pointed out that Dorothy's mild acceptance of mild parts isn't some major red flag given her own Jewish background.

Nibiru is not New Age. All my reasons for crediting this, or for the alternate scenario (that still has us pummelled with asteroids) of Nemesis is based on non New Age sources and noting the tendency for some people to turn up dead in the past in regards to this, and the massive preparations for some disaster that govt. and elites have been making in many countries.

chakras are supported by Eccles.12.:16, 17, 18. you repent.

Seems you are so dense and focussed on buzzwords you miss points about how the New Age is WRONG on locations and "management" and this is a weapon you could use against NAM legitimacy, but no, you just knee jerk react.

I agree all these things can be conveyorbelts into trouble for the simple minded and uninformed, two separate categories, though usually overlapping, but so is the often mishandled by NAM idea of quantum physics.

handle with care, if at all.

As for David Icke, I never present him or ANYONE as total authority. The material at issue made the point that the reptilians or whatever have infected our very beings with some of their nature, which frankly strikes me as a useful point to support the fall and corruption of original sin in all of us, but no, you miss the point it goes right over your head. Do you even THINK of how to witness to these people? Of arguing points?

I am finding some of the weakest points by EXPERIENCE in their conveyorbelt stuff, and you argue I am promoting the occult and new age.

I don't think Kabalah is worth using and maybe shouldn't be touched with a ten foot pole. At best it is irrelevant. But that doesn't mean that Dorothy is a closet satanist because of being used to the harmless elements of it.

I have made these points many times.

Anonymous said...


you have a very angry spirit. Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

There is no such thing as mild Kabbalah.

Nibiru IS New Age and ties in with the lie of ancient aliens.
(I suggest you see Chris White's excellent video refuting ancient aliens).

Any support of David Ike is dangerous. He should not be promoted here or elsewhere Christine.

Ecclesiastes does NOT support the concept of chakras anywhere. Holy Scripture is not for private interpretation, Christine. Repent.

I ask other Christians to concur with me on this, and to admonish Christine on this matter, and bring her to repentance.


Anonymous said...

Physicist 5:07
Yes, Reiki and Enneagram (whatever that is; anything related to I'Ching?); Yea,those meridians through which energy or "chi" flows are invisible. I liken them to the Jetstream you see on the Weather forecast: you can look out your window all day and not spot, but it must be there, because we can experience the effects of it. A couple of years ago, I found out that these energy channels encompass your TEETH. The teeth reflex to corresponding organs and glands in your body. This is why teeth maintenance is so vital. It affects everything. Certain tooth conditions- especially the uppers- can actually initiate a stroke. A faulty Root Canal (and that's all too common) in the top or bottom front four teeth REFLEX to the sex gland- male or female- which are on the center line of the body. Somewhere in my files, I've got the outline of the actual QRA process, with all the patent info, photos of a typical QRA session, etc. If you're interested, I should be able to find it. Maybe it's available on-line. This whole field might be more accurately described as the "Science of Energetics". One thing affecting the normal,positive God-given natural energy flow is the use of fluorescent lighting. I don't know how it actually happens, but they cause an imbalance in the ions from predominately negative (the "good" ions), to positive (the "bad" ones). The result- and I've always been sensitive to this- fuzzy thinking, nausea, irritability,etc. I was at the home of some relatives a couple of weeks ago, and was visiting their new baby in the bedroom. As soon as I went in there, I started to feel sickly. Immediately, I noticed that there were several of those little curly fluorescent bulbs in the room. I told the Mother what I knew about those bulbs. She replaced them within a day, and said they noticed how much better they feel, and were thankful. Regarding our bodies response to a chemically synthesized molecule versus the natural source, the studies of Dr. Marshall and/or Dr.Popp in Germany indicate that over the long-term DNA is open to damage. The body will grab whatever it needs nutritionally at the moment, but always prefers the natural sourced material. Omega 3 fatty acids is craved by the body. It will use whatever is available- even junk Omega 6 produced with solvents if it has to- but the body suffers over the long-term, with inflammation (one of the leading causes of heart attacks),among other things. Later. Gotta go.

Anonymous said...


We cannot see the jet steam with our eyes because air is transparent, but if you put a balloon into it you can certainly observe its direct effect - the balloon moves horizontally at a fairly high speed relative to the ground. But none of our senses or the measuring instruments that man has devised can find the meridians you speak of. I am not saying that the EFFECT of working with meridians in the way Easterners do is zero, I am questioning their explanation of how they work. Is it occult? Personally I wouldn't go to a practitioner but I would like to understand better what is really going on before giving my answer to that question.

Stroke due to tooth infection is due to the infection influencing other parts of the body, I believe - the mechanism is understood.

I am doubtful of some of the claims that are based on Popp's work. But please remember that I am a physicist not a medic so I am being fairly conservative in my comments and criticisms here.


Craig said...

Anon 12:08,

No one seems to care; they carry on as if nothing were there...

Anonymous said...

@ 9:46 AM

I remember Christine reported on this blog that her chakras were a bit out of sorts due to her air travel. Maybe in her chase of Nibiru she got a bit too close or a reptilian passenger rubbed her the wrong way.

Craig said...

Perhaps her karma ran over her dogma?

Anonymous said...

Physicist: Okay, I'm back.
This Quantum Physics stuff is way out there, no? I scratch my cabesa when I hear about some of the research results. Annette Capps wrote a little booklet called "Quantum Faith", and relates the Physics to "calling things that are not" written about in the N.T. Have you read or heard of the book "The Field", or anything by Fred Alan Wolf? They elaborate on the research. In case you haven't seen this, let me give you the address to Dr. Marshall's statement on the subject, as it relates to his field of Nutrition:
I appreciate you, your comments, and expertise in the areas under discussion, and would like to know what you think, following your review of the above. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well, she sure should scrap her karma, bury her dead dogma, and turn to the Living Faith once delivered unto the Saints.


Anonymous said...

Justina, what Bible are you referencing? In my Bible(NKJ, Thom.Nelson), Ecclesiastes 12 only has 14 verses. I feel cheated.

Anonymous said...


Exactly! In fact, the last two verses of Ecclesiastes 12 are poignant indeed:

Ecclesiastes 12 KJV

13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign at 6:46 PM,


Anonymous said...


Although the webpage you quoted didn't work it did get me to Marshall's Quantum Reflex Analysis stuff. I am deeply unhappy with his use - which I call abuse - of the word 'quantum'.

He talks about the living human body's "quantum energy field". What does he MEAN? A physicist who uses the word 'quantum' means something precise and mathematical. A field is something that can be measured at every point in space and time. And energy is a well-defined concept. Not one of these three words is used by Marshall in anything like the way physicists use it, and two of those words ('quantum,' and 'field' not meaning meadow) are not used outside physics.

If you believe that quantum theory is right and older, pre-quantum 'classical' physics is wrong then you will say that everything is ultimately quantum-mechanical. But simply prefacing everything with the word 'quantum', as in Marshall's quantum energy field', does not advance anybody's understanding of anything.

I have said that I am a physicist not a medic so I am not going to comment on Marshall's claims to assist people's health. But his appropriation of physics jargon in a way that will bamboozle and superficially impress the people to whom he wishes to sell his products is a matter of concern to me.

I would say to you - and to Marshall - that if you want to learn about quantum theory, take a course in physics, not in biology or philosophy or theology. That will tell you what quantum mechanics actually is from the horse's mouth. THEN decide if it is related to other fields.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing these verses up!
Ecclesiastes 12 KJV

13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Oh that you,Christine, would be satisfied with what Solomon said through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! Don't we read that God is the One to sort this all out-and perfectly? Not the constant rambles, musings, and lack of focus on topic-mostly off topic-subjects displayed all day-every day by you,Christine,that seems to have no time to read and ponder the Word of God or pray for Wisdom,but prefers time spent pouring out a severe glut of non-useful or flat wrong info.

If you want to truly warn,then be clear and try short and sweet! Letting your words be few(also in Ecclesiastes).

Please take to heart this word to the wise and be a friend to us and to this blog instead of a distraction -or worse- a hazard!

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 7:41PM. Thank you and others for dealing with this.
In Christian love,

Anonymous said...

Okay Physicist, you've got me cornered! I give up! You people of REASON are IMPOSSIBLE! Pastor Maldonado of Miami said that "Faith is the ability to believe the unreasonable!" Thanks for an interesting- though irreconcilable- discussion.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

No I did not say my chakras were out of sorts due to air travel. I said that the pain from recompression is in the jaw to ear zone, and the intense pain I got from a sudden deep psychic vampire feed on the throat chakra was near there, but a tad lower.

That also this high on the neck position for the throat chakra is NOT WHAT ALMOST ANY CHART SHOWS, so the NAM has a lot of stuff wrong.

now do you get it? And if the NAM has this simple stuff wrong, what else do they have wrong?

A different experiment like an attack of a different sort was explicitly keyed to the throat chakra, but again the location affected was high on the neck at the base of the head, NOT the front of the throat or middle of neck as traditionally shown.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

your idea of rambling is my idea of dealing with a matter in detail.

Anonymous said...

Christine, what do you mean by a psychic vampire feed? Not only would a doctor not understand your description of what happened to you - most Christians wouldn't either. I've no intention of making fun of you for undergoing what was presumably a horrendous experience, but could you explain it a bit more?

Anonymous said...

Too much of the writing here suggests that God has nothing to do with logic. If someone can't approach a problem logically and with documentation, then it's just easy to "Don't need to know that, just turn to my instructions about believing." Works really well when the writer verbally pounds on the table stating "it's my way or the highway guy."
That works particularly well I guess when the signer is named Frank.

Anonymous said...

Christine, are you firm about anything?

paul said...

..." a sudden deep psychic vampire feed, " etc

What ?
Oh my word, Christine, what a load of lies you
have swimming around in your mind.

I hope God helps you to take every idol out
of the holy place ( your spirit ), and burn them
to dust.
And I pray God does the same for me.

It's the mixing of Holiness and blasphemy
that Jehovah God has hated so much, so
many times in the past; idols being dragged
into the Holy place and set up.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, posted by Christine last February:

"...you still haven't dealt with the radio broadcast equivalence interpretation of telepathy.

Something goes on you do not know about. Because I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, when I screamed in pain because of a sudden deep feed after only a light contact, the invisible tendril went into the throat energy center and the agony was like repressurization coming down in an airplane, only the position was not entirely the same, this was on the ground, and there are other things."

So her chakras were out of sorts a bit, or at least in agony.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 8:30AM, you remind me of someone ... have we chatted here before? Anyone would think we had and I had upset you because you seem so full of venom.

Furthermore, you erroneously claim I demand "it's my way or the highway guy."

My surname is not Sinatra.

Moreover, I believe it is not my way but following Jesus Christ and His way that matters. He stated regards Himself, "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me.", so it's Jesus Christ's Way, the narrow way, otherwise its the broad wy to destruction. Which one are you going to follow?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

vampire psychic feeding go google it. I have had my own tendencies in this regard that I have brought under control with God's help. The origin in my case is probably from being psy fed over fed by my biological so called mother, a real monster but good at deceiving people into thinking she was nice.

I do not fully understand the physics or paraphysics of it myself, I know it happens because it has been done to me.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I don't wonder why you seem to me so like Obama. He also is dogmatic. If Jesus was like you, Frank, he would have said "You don't get fed if you don't believe what I'm saying. No fish or bread unless you raise your hand and take an oath that everything I'm telling you is correct.

Anonymous said...

No, 2:01PM,

You seem to be projecting. I stand up for truth. I do not like bullies, which is why I spoke out against Dorothy. She too liked to go hide in the weeds like the coward you are, though I may have been a little too harsh with her, I couldn't sit back and watch yet another regular poster get bullied by her and yet get the blame from others! I also spoke out against Kabalah and her promotion of it, calling herself "Divine", what blasphemy!

Nor will I sit back and let Christine, who is far less vicious but holds some views just as dangerous as Dorothy's, promote New Age nonsense without correction.

If you don't like that, TOUGH! As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord Jesus Christ.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

chakras out of sorts - ONE physical location for pain, which I figure is the throat chakra's actual location.
nerve ganglions there. ONE chakra not several.

Frank, I follow Jesus, and He has helped me get this stuff under control or almost eliminated. Especially my own feeding tendencies.

Dorothy called herself divine? where? I didn't catch it though I went looking for her posts after all the controversy. Whatever her ideas about Kabalah, which seem very minimal from what she said, her research was on a par with Constance's as was that of another person who came under heavy attack.

I repeat, go study http://www.herescope.blogspot.com and see if your own churches are involved in some off the wall stuff.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy likened herself to being (and she used capitalization) a 'Divine Spark' go find it yourself Christine, I'm not here to run after you alone. Those who are regular bloggers here will no doubt recall Dorothy's usage of this blasphemy, though I understand sadly she's not saved.

You, however, should know better Christine, if you are a Christian, as you claim. Why do you promote Hindu-Satanic NAM ideas of chakras, Nibiru (which is associated, by those who believe in such nonsense, with so-called ancient aliens - 'ascended masters')?

Such, are none other than fallen angels (demons), and there is no Nibiru!

You also put forward David Ike as a reputable source to draw from.

You speak the language of a New Ager Christine, and trade your comments using the currency of NAM ideas.

Are you on any medication we ought to know about so as to better understand you?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I have repeatedly done a set breaking number on all those things, shown where there are some things that can and should be distinguished from New Age because of biblical issues if you can't get it, don't blame me. I have repeatedly stated that the New Age and occultic sources of info on these almost never have it right.

All this is compatible with the Hebrew view of soul body and spirit being a continuum, Adam BECAME a living soul, Genesis says, we do not HAVE souls we ARE souls, and the so called energy body is an outer layer of this.

Ecclesiastes describes the breakdown of aura and chakras during death.

Revelation chapter 6 after the fourth horseman describes a horrific earthquake that moves every island and mountain out of their places, and you have people hiding in the rocks and precisely this scenario would fit two things, one a category one a current fact.

category disasters 1. nibiru flyby 2. nemesis no flyby, but orbit into the oort cloud or the kuyper belt acting like a cue ball and the disrupted asteroids there disrupt others closer and we get pummelled 3. crustal displacement, faciliated as sped up form by the foregoing.

Current fact. Governments and private persons are building deep underground bunkers, some capable of housing over a thousand people, and have been doing so for decades like they are expecting something.

Does this not fit Revelation chapter 6 disaster?

Anonymous said...

Christine, you wrote:

"Ecclesiastes describes the breakdown of aura and chakras during death."

Ecclesiastes does not describe such nonsense! In addition, the verses you qouted earlier do not exist! Guillermo showed you that and you ignored him.

So, which Bible are you reading Christine, that according to you Ecclesiastes 12 has verses 16, 17, and 18 respectively? Mine and Guillermo's has only 14 verses in Ecc. 12 and none of it pertains to the Babylonian garble you gargle forth about chakras and the like.


Anonymous said...

Christine,you have me concerned for you.I mentioned ramblings because all of the intense detailing you bring to this blog tells me that your mind is heavily occupied by the topics you keep bringing up-supposedly to warn.You do not give an explanation of what you went through near as much as you make sure that we understand that it is a "psychic vampire feed" for instance,like you want to drive that as a point you are making.

Why?In this it seems you are intentionally trying to direct our thinking toward something ungodly. Toward the mental picture that over-emphasizes the demonic---giving it much "airplay" as to glorify it.

What i do not gather from all of the incessant ramblings you bring on board here is Praise and Glory to God. As though He is the after thought-as though He gets a small Name-drop by you in some gratuitous fashion. I do not know, of course,but why would you want come across as glorifying exactly what you say you oppose?

I find that I cannot gather from your writings a Christian perspective,but instead well versed in the perverse side of almost any given topic.Shouldn't a Christian want to leave others with the Aroma of Christ from what they share and leave behind?Even in hard topics there can be decorum and restraint to be considerate of others.Speaking in depth without ugly disregard and disrespect--for Jesus' Sake even more than for us.

We are what we think about!What we allow ourselves to be consumed by.And your thoughts,that go down as keystrokes,have no Uplift and Praise to the Lord in them.

It pains one to say to say it is very hard to see Jesus in you, Christine.Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word proceeds out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4.It appears you "feed" elsewhere and what you regurgitate back is foul.

Is it merely a mental ascent that you have given to Christ or is it a whole heart of devotion because confessed,cleansed and forgiven--set free by Him?We cannot serve two masters.I am concerned for what is doing a takeover of your mind and heart. (Bet I'm not alone).Lord Jesus,bestow Your Mercy upon Christine for Your Name's Sake and renew her heart and mind to Oneness with Yours. Amen.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

exactly how many people here give praise and glory to God instead of just posting some news and analysis?

I give praise and glory to God several times a day and night.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly hope so,Christine.(still concerned for you though--as your writings have tattled on you). But,truthfully,how much is real news that you post?(and perhaps would be more from others if not for your need to dominate so much here).

And if this site is dedicated to be anti-new age(as Constance has done and still intends)then should have analysis from commenters and contributors that refutes it-not in some weird, backdoor way of actually promoting new age as you wind up doing,Christine.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a certain amount of claiming to know what is going on in somebody's soul from what they write. I am going to comment strictly on Nibiru and Nemesis. The former is a hypothesized planet-sized object that is supposedly going to have so close an encounter with the earth within the forseeable future that the effect would be cataclysmic. The latter is a hypothesized star of very low luminescence and mass whose motion is dominated by gravitational interaction with the sun - specifically, its mass is so much less than the suns's that it can be said to orbit round the sun.

There is no such object. Infrared telescopes now in orbit are extremely sensitive and would have detected it.

As for Nibiru, you have to define what is meant by a planet, and the definition is essentially arbitrary as was demonstrated by the amusing difference of opinion between astronomers a few years ago over whether Pluto was a planet. There is no evidence for the existence of anything remotely as large as any of the known planets out there that could approach the sun as close as the earth's orbit. Moreover, the amount of nonsense on the internet about Nemesis and Nibiru vastly outweighs the amount of sense, which is not the case with known stars and planets.

You don't, however, need a large object to cause a cataclysm on earth. A direct hit by a meteorite a few miles across is enough to wreck civilisation and kill most life on earth. Nothing is at present known to be on an earth-intersecting orbit but objects beyond the solar system can be disturbed from their orbits by collisions with each other and come inward. At this point I as a Christian look to the Bible and read the promise to Noah after the Flood which implies no terminal cataclysm, but also Rev 8:8, 8:10 and perhaps other prophecies in that book which are very clearly meteorite strikes in the endtimes.


Anonymous said...

(what i wrote in previous post)"I do not know, of course,but why would you want come across as glorifying exactly what you say you oppose?"

(what Christine wrote in previous post)
"vampire psychic feeding go google it. I have had my own tendencies in this regard that I have brought under control with God's help. The origin in my case is probably from being psy fed over fed by my biological so called mother, a real monster but good at deceiving people into thinking she was nice".

----(Sounds troubled and unresolved to me)----the Bible--when Trusted--can heal our minds and hearts-exactly what I'm calling for.I do know this much though-for I,myself,have had many ills of heart and mind healed.----------

Correct,I do not know anothers heart, but can detect a red flag for concern,as anyone who is their brother's keeper is want to do.Not to make it my business personally-and it isn't-but that the Truth is the Truth is the Truth of what we say amongst ourselves here.Accountability is a good,caring,thing to do when people espouse the belief that Christ is their Lord and in His Care and Love actually call it out.(Otherwise let's just play the stupid game the world plays to think that the Truth does not really matter.......)

Anonymous said...

Give it a break Frank. We don't know who you are, how to reach you or what you support other than what you state. You are among the anonymous people who post here. We knew who Dorothy was and how to reach her. It was creeps like you who chased her away from posting her information here.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh.......you anon 7:05 are wrong.I posted @ 5:10,5:55, and 6:56.In the interest of being truthful myself,my name is Suzanne.

I can see that the "game" for some here needs to continue.Fairly new here,but here long enough to see that there is some real unfunny joke some need to keep going.

Will continue to visit this site for Constance Cumbey's work but the comments section here is full of the absurd--by no means by all--but--certainly there are some who want to pretend that they are interested in helping uncover the new age agenda,when in fact are doing much to try to cloud that very issue.

So,by all means,carry on.Have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

"ONE" chakra or more chakras out of sorts--not much difference in my opinion.

Suzanne, your 5:55 post is poignant.

Since Christine appeared here she has dropped new age sources as authoritative. Her posts are such as to direct readers to David Icke's or other new age materials so readers can "really know what's going on". When confronted her reaction is to back pedal and/or insult others as stupid having "comprehension problems".

I've read through previous threads and see she has the reputation as a "know-it-all", a "blog hog", a "loud mouth", etc. If I were reading such things about myself (especially if edification were my intent), I would need to step back and question why my posts are being received so poorly. I'd have to check whether I was exercising proper etiquette (would I conduct myself the same in a setting of various professionals [and there are {were} professionals who posted on this blog).

If I were part of the new age network set on undermining this blog, I would assign someone to monitor this blog day and night. They would post relentlessly peppering it with a lot of new age warnings with some sources directing the reader back to the new age itself. They would convolute the blog so to bury all other posters. They would offend the most valued researchers. Such is the current condition of this blog. My poster would follow Christine's example.

Whether or not Christine is a new ager, I not certain, but I am sure I don't trust her input and ignore her posts. The problem which goes unaddressed is that nearly all comments seem to require Christine's "expertise" (not good blog etiquette) so there is no escape other than to stop visiting the comments section.

I never see the researchers here who were once valued. If that was the objective, job well done.

I'm not saying this to be nasty or ask that anyone be banished from posting. The intent is to provide my perceptions of this blog's condition which, I think, has gone unnoticed. Constance, you are wonderful, but better moderation would be welcomed.

Craig said...

Growing wolf population in the Great Northwest - a result of the Agenda 21's rewilding?:



Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:53, you really are on target as well as having the ability to spell out what is going on. Whoever you are, I hope you contribute regularly if this blog ever gets back to what it should be.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the researchers who were once valued were driven off long ago by attacks from various people. One of those excellent researchers was Dorothy.
One problem with her views and her being not a Christian does not invalidate the rest of her stuff.

Anonymous said...

Look in the mirror Miss Christine aka Justina and see what we see.......

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Maurice Strong - Master of Deception of "Sutainable Development"



Ruth of Exeter, UK said...

Why are there not good people in this forum responding to and augmenting Constance's great articles? I would say that this forum is currently in inverse proportion to the magnificence of its progentitor. Have the good people given up on it?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I second Anon at 8:53 PM's comments. Your posts are brave, gentle, Christian, and to the point.

Thank you.

No, 7:05PM, you are the creep, firing anonymously from the weeds. Dorothy chooses not to post because she is stubborn and having a tantrum, she is a control freak.

As a long time reader of this blog, I have watched her abuse newomers and regulars alike. Just because she has been at this '30 years' or so gives her no right to attack other posters with impunity, attack others who speak out against Kabbalah as though they're anti-Semitic when most are not, and to top it all, theosophically refer to herself as being a 'Divine Spark' (capitalization is what she used, yes!) - what utter blasphemy!

Moreover, Dorothy attacks Constance with impunity (jealousy?), and no-one here has defended Constance when this has happened. Did you, anon 7:05PM, you who implies you're a native here?

Furthermore, 7:05, I'm not here to please you and the World but am here to stand up for Christian truth, standing up against the things of soothsayers & kabbalists, etc., and I shall speak out against New Age - Hindu-Satanic garbage pertaining to chakras and the like.

I am direct, yes, but I am fair. When I cross the line I apologize but I shall not apologize for telling the truth and standing against bullies such as Dorothy, or not correct and rebuke those whose material leads others astray.

We don't even know your name 7:05PM, as you've failed to show it, prefering to snipe from the weeds. Go on, post your address and phone number here so we can contact you, along with your full name too. No? So you ain't running me out of town, coward. Deal with it!

Christine, I shall speak with Dorothy and esteem her if she apologizes to Constance, Paul and many many others here for the insults, hurt and bullying she's dished out over the years, as well as renounces her support of Kabbalah and repents of calling herself "Divine".

As for you Christine, deal with the forest in your own eye first! Dorothy's 'excellent posts' as you say, werte no more so than many posters here. Other posters who don't promote Kabbalah, neither refer to themselves as being a "Divine Spark", nor bully their way through tihs blogspot.

Christine, regards the advice given you at 12:02 AM, are you able to reflect? You are willingly or not behaving as the vampire stalking this blog, and attempting to sever an artery of the Anti-NAM movement. Repent of your Babylonian garbage!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

On a previous blog section, I posted a like to a youtube video that goes into the eugenics connection of family planning and abortion, and how this was always targetting the nonwhites especially blacks. Sanger argued they should contracept and abort themselves out of existence, and the term "family planning" was invented to make it sound nicer after race hygiene and stuff like that got bad press.

Even now, Planned Parenthood clinics are primarily located in or near poor and black neighborhoods.

While Genesis shows that excessive childbearing is a curse on the woman, part of the curse on Eve in chapter three after the Fall, abortion and abortifacient drugs are not a proper solution. All the early church canons specified abortifacient measures in prohibiting all this, not contraception per se. The one exception that didn't specify, was
put forth in the existing context of canons against killing children in the womb, so contraception and periodic abstinence and efforts to avoid conception are not wrong.

But Planned Parenthood etc. has not only had an amoral agenda, it has had a eugenics and racist agenda.
Instead of lynch the blacks, have them lynch their own kids in the womb, was the phrase used either in the video link I posted a blog forum or two ago, or in the video Constance posted for this blog segment.

A kind of social darwinism survival of the fittest and fittest as indicated by making money, has interfaced between secular humanist and atheist thinking and Calvinist thinking, to the point that Ayn Rand can be a hero on the supposedly Christian right. And, this is why you have people who are technically Baptist like the Rockefellers and the Bechtel Corp. founders involved in such awfulness. (Bechtel is notorious for bad treatment of workers.)

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


read some of these articles, the search terms were GMO sterility organ failure poison. rats, organ failure. hamsters, total sterility by the third generation when raised on this stuff. some farmers pigs won't eat GMO.




Anonymous said...

Frank, you need to read again the Rumpelstilskin fairy tale. You were called by your name and responded as he did. Go back to your childhood and start learning again.

Anonymous said...


Duh, thats me done for. Lol.


Anonymous said...

Christine, your 7:16 comment comes closer to standard anti-New Age thinking than most of your other posts. Keep going in that direction.

Anonymous said...

operkesm 35Frank, there are a lot of websites with open commentary that you could go to in order to feel among your own kind. God must have directed you here so you could learn what you don't seem to know. I'll leave it at that. Just say a prayer thanking God that he gave you another chance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:41 PM wrote: "Frank, there are a lot of websites with open commentary that you could go to in order to feel among your own kind."

Do you mean Christians? Well, you may not be one yourself yet so I will say a prayer for you that you will have a road to Damascus experience and accept Jesus Christ into your life. Hopefully you will soon refrain from persecuting the saints.

So, I suggest you pray and thank God also. And if you are who I suspect, stop promoting sorcery!

Btw, what does "operkesm 35" mean? Is it a symtom of something? Torrets maybe?


Anonymous said...

BTW, I really will pray for you, Anon 4:41PM. I know I need prayer, so I am sure you do too.


Anonymous said...

Frank, I was just trying to get past the gate that the blog uses. Often it takes more than one try. In this particular case I didn't realize that I was typing the entry gate code in the copy rather than in the box provided. Nothing secretive going on.

Anonymous said...


Your posts are improving greatly. Thank you.

I do not mean to be mean but I must rebuke and correct when I see the unfruitful works of darkness being upheld as though part of thruth, I hope you can understand my position.

I was thinking about you having been part of the NAM movement and some point in the past, as I understand you have said (correct me if I am wrong). I believe you may be suffering from demonic attack, which can occur when a person has open themselves up to such because of transcendental meditation, yogic practices, drugs and the like. I believe that you need prayer for this issue and also need to seek out other Christians to bind up any evil entity in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

I think that which you describe as a "vampire" may be demonic attack, something similar to that suffered during sleep paralysis.

I will pray for you.

Peace be with you,


Anonymous said...

Makes sense 4:41/6:45 PM


Anonymous said...

In order to really banish such demons (which may be a bit of a battle, but in Jesus Christ's Name you will succeed), you must renounce all gnosticism and hindu etc beliefs and practices, such as chakras etc.

The truth is Christine, I fail often and this is when I do not put my whole trust in Jesus Christ and His Way. He never fails me, and with Him we are truly more than conquerers. So let go of all that is not edifying and allows the enemy a foothold. I know, if you truly put your trust in Jesus Christ you can and will overcome.

Christian love,


Anonymous said...

Craig, you are "in the know" my man,.......genesis, The Lamb///and the karma/dogma jig was funny as heck! made me chuckle good. Then the Agenda 21, this stuff is real and unbelievable/ good to be aware of as we ready for escape???

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

vampires I am talking about are human beings with an ability (many learn by trial and error and don't even know they are doing it,)
to supplement themselves when tired or ill by drawing on other people.

I got wise to him when I got a slight nosebleed for no reason got suspicious, did some research and confronted him.

Craig said...

Anon 10:10,

Going back even further to Genesis' 1972 work Foxtrot:

...Beginning with the tenants of the town of Harlow
In the interest of humanity, they've been told they must go-go-go-go
[from "Get 'Em Out by Friday"]

Though not a complete parallel, a precognition (or knowledge?) of Agenda 21 depopulation ideas?

"After all this time they ask us to leave,
And I told them we could pay double the rent.
I don't know why, it seemed so funny,
Seeing as how they'd take more money...
I think we're going to find it hard."

Art imitates life?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Agenda 21 - not plan to escape but work to fight it.

Vampires sometimes have resident demons feeding through them. The cause of the problem and the kind of living vampire is probably as varied as there are living vampires.

This one from childhood had the ability to heal himself by feeding. So one day he goes to work on his hernia, and since he draws off the heart center usually, put me on the ground but still conscious. Prayed quick. got better. made inquiry. yup, him again. oh well.

My own feeding tendencies have been almost eliminated. But one time I had picked up a symbiote as I call such, didn't realize till he called up complaining of a nose bleed and me feeding on him I didn't know it was happening. He felt me out from a distance over the phone and said, yes, I had a symbiote.

Well, I went to work on that one. Took me three days of prayer and banishing it in Jesus' Name to get rid of it. Also worked against it two ways, one was to keep saying
"I am I and you are you," because it was trying to pretend to be a higher form of myself. The other was to say "it is okay to be merely flesh and blood, because Jesus Christ became merely human flesh and blood," because it was trying to tempt me with superhumanity (something I had long ago aspired to but not any more).

Its gone. Some other thing was around but I got rid of it later. Mostly. That doesn't try to get cooperation but to hide and mess with me.

Since I first accepted Jesus I have had the ability to pray to Him for help when I am in a dream asleep. This makes a big difference. Sometimes I wake up and realize I didn't even think of it, though it was a lucid dream where I had control pretty much of my actions in the dream, and I always ask Him to forgive me for this.

Constance Cumbey said...

Sorry gang, I am in the still ongoing trial. Judge will be wrapping it up in morning and requiring us to submit "Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law" to her. It has been a segmented trial going on for several weeks.

There is a BIG new age event taking place in Rome this coming weekend according to my correspondents which I have verified on line. It is the AWAKENED WORLD CONFERENCE. Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Dalai Lama are involved. "Rev. Beckwith" (Oprah Winfrey's guru) appears to be playing a leading role. A "pagan atheist" seeking to raise funds to go is promising to pray for his donors in Rome (pray to WHOM for WHAT???). The Catholic group FOCOLARE is on board. It is quite a guest list. Check it out.


Anonymous said...


If human vampires who might be able to suck energy from others exist then it is ALWAYS going to be a demonic phenomenon. Humans have no means of doing this by themselves.

If you have a temptation to try this on others - your 'thorn' analogous to St Paul's - then I am glad that (in Paul's words) God's grace is proving sufficient for you. The analogy might not be exact, however, and you might be able to be freed.

The reason that the expulsion of demons in people by Christians sometimes doesn't work is not only the explanation given in scripture, that the ministering Christian does't have enough faith. It is also possible that the demon is satisfying some fallen urge (nowadays we would use the word 'psychological') in its host. In other words, the person doesn't really want to give it up even though (s)he says (s)he does and is not knowingly lying. In that case, freedom is reached by lovingly bringing the person to greater awareness of that wrongful appetite, followed (let us hope) by repentance. THEN the demon can be evicted permanently. That coming-to-awareness might take some time.

Might I suggest that you get Christians you know well and trust to work with you in this way? In the New Testament, committed Christians still face temptation, still get martyred by other humans, but are invulnerable to direct demonic attack from outside. If you are not like that then it is a flag that something is wrong - something that you can fix with God's help. Ultimately this is part of sanctification/theosis.

John Rupp said...

Thank you for the tip on the "Awakened World Conference" coming up in Rome. Here is one of the main websites I found about this conference. It appears to be headed by someone named "Brother Ishmael". I will go and search for some information on him. There are many sites on this conference but this seems to be the main one with an official invitation.


John Rupp said...

Here is another site called "Progressive Christianty" and they are very involved with this same Awakened World Conference. I wonder how many so-called Christian ministers from around the world will be there at that conference.?


Anonymous said...

"Vampires sometimes have resident demons feeding through them...My own feeding tendencies have been almost eliminated..."


I can see it's true by the way you suck the life out of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Chakras, reptiles, and vampires oh my! Is this a put on for a virtual Halloween pageant?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links John Rupp.
Here is the Home Page for Awakened World 2012.


The Convening (sponsoring) Organizations of Awakened World 2012 are:
1) The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT)

2) The International Interreligious Peace Council (IIPC)
The link you provided is helpful - here is another with additional information:


The third of the sponsoring Organizations is
The Interreligious Engagement Project (IEP21)


Most interesting to me on the homepage/website for this event is the section with the
Core Group of ‘Invitee’s’. One of those 'invitee's' who will also be making a presentation is
the guy you mentioned, Bro Ishmael Tetteh an African mystic and spiritual master from Accra, Ghana.


paul said...

I'm trying to find vampires in the Bible.
No luck...
I did find minor nosebleeds in the Mercke
Manual. Apparently it's a common symptom
of a common cold. Rhinovirus. Hmmm.

paul said...

No wherewolves, no vampires, no chakras
or acupressure points, no ley lines, no Nibiru,
no reptilian humans, no chemtrails,
Do you think it could be an oversight on God's part ?

Anonymous said...


God is not going to bother talking about the structures of the kingdom of darkness in the Bible; rather He gives us the answer to them. Plenty of things are true that are not in the Bible, as the closing words of John's gospel implies. You and others are not necessarily wrong to suggest that Christine's problems are at root a question of repentance, but this message needs unpacking in a personalised way to be helpful in situations like this.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Mercke is not going to address such matters, you make me laugh. The nosebleed at issue was very mild, and without concomitant symptoms of anything. It was only noticeable when I blew my nose, which normally never causes a nosebleed.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 12:02 AM who wrote...

"Look in the mirror Miss Christine aka Justina and see what we see......."

Don't you know vampires don't see their reflections?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

actually that story about reflections and the one about sunlight killing them is not part of standard original vampire lore (and ONLY applies to the undead, not to living vampires).

Bram Stoker threw that in. Sunlight as light vs. dark thing, traditionally it only inhibits them, freezes them in any form they are in at the daylight except at non. The mirror thing he must have thrown in not understanding the real reason.

A mirror (incl. a mental visualization strongly of such and even small reflective objects) send
back the bad vibes to the sender.

It is that which a vampire can't handle, not an inability to see his reflection.

Dion Fortune was the object of a mind control psychic attack by an employer trying to get her to commit purjery in a lawsuit, she wouldn't do it but it broke her health, and years later she did research on the matter, but was a sucker for the faery skubala and proto New Age stuff. Psychic Self Defense is her only sane book.

In it, she mentions the mirroring thing, and also that if someone tries to control you by looking in your eyes, you don't look them back in their eyes but between their eyes above the nose between the eyebrows.

This short circuits their sending back onto them, without effort on your part.

This might be of use to remember if you have to deal with some New Ager staring into your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in authentic vampirism should check out the Testimony of Bill Schnoebelen (YouTube), an over-achieving Occultist of the First Order. Vampirism was just one of the pursuits out of which he was saved.

Anonymous said...

"if someone tries to control you by looking in your eyes, you don't look them back in their eyes but between their eyes above the nose between the eyebrows. This short circuits their sending back onto them"

I believe this is part true and part false. I believe that demons CAN be imparted to somebody who chooses to look back into the eyes of a personally hostile occultist. But in order to avoid this all you need to do is not look back into their eyes. Just ignore them and look anywhere else.

If you look between the eyes then it is to some extent playing their games. It is then also much harder to avoid looking into their eyes.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

sometimes you can't look away when they are in your face and you are already half paralyzed, like when my biological so called mother would do this to me. It is not playing their game to look between and above the eyes, or you would be more entrained to the sender not less. It just curls the sending back to the sender.

I don't think demons are all there is to this. The spirit and soul are somewhat fluid, and such a thing can send out tendrils. I think that is a big key, also action at a distance and some physics ideas out of quantum physics about particles being resonant to each other over vast distances.

While action at a distance is disputed by some it has never been disproven.

In any case, if you argue demons only, as distinct from ability acquired from demons, learned on one's own, or amplified by them, this raises the question of how they (not being omnipresent) can do these things if it isn't something like this tendril or field effect or whatever.

A witch in the middle ages once said that the devil taught them, when making spells, to put something of themselves into the target.

There are also certain plants and chemicals that seem to break this up. St. Johnswort plant fresh sprig in contact with the skin, or even dry powder to some extent will stop it, but if the powder gets wet (sweat) useless, and other repellant plants combined with it, if the total number is even will just cancel each other out leaving you vulnerable.

If you are producing entities yourself (minimal tulpa I guess) this will also stop or inhibit it.

I think God designed some limiters into some things either after the Fall by mutation or ahead of time in case things went wrong.

cut bay leaf will also break up residuums and icky stuff. Cedar has some ability. Wash down the floors and porches and door steps with ammonia now and then will also break things up.

ammonium chloride will dissolve etheric developments, ammonium succinate less so but better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

"also action at a distance and some physics ideas out of quantum physics about particles being resonant to each other over vast distances. While action at a distance is disputed by some it has never been disproven."

As a matter of fact it has been proven Christine - Newton's explanation of gravity - the famous inverse-square law of attraction - was revolutionary for positing action at a distance (AAAD). Maxwell's equations describing the electromagnetic field, a couple of centuries later, are of the same sort. Whether this really is AAAD is nowadays less clear, as if you go with a particle interpretation of electromagnetism, ie photons, then there is no AAAD.

John Bell showed that certain quantum phenomena necessarily involve AAAD, although in quantum mechanics it is customarily called Nonlocality. Moreover the strength of the influence does not weaken with distance, in contrast to the inverse square law. At present we have no interpretation (cf photons) that might mitigate the need for AAAD. Any such would constitute a 'hidden variable' theory, which (to my regret) is unfashionable today.

However, to observe quantum nonlocality you need to prepare the system very painstakingly. You arrange for two particles that have been in contact to move away from each other; do a measurement on one; then a measurement on the other. Bell showed that according to quantum theory the outcome of certain measurements (subsequently verified experimentally) cannot be explained on the basis of the prior contact of the particles - the outcome of the first measurement must somehow be signalled to the second particle. That's nonlocality. To observe it, however, you have to keep the particles from interacting with any others once they have left their common origin and before they reach the measuring apparatus. Any such interaction will make the effect impossible to detect. And the elementary particles that comprise our brains and bodies are interacting with their neighbors continually. This 'deccoherence' would instantly wash out the effect. There is no explanation of demonic phenomena in quantum mechanics.


Anonymous said...

"A witch in the middle ages once said that the devil taught them, when making spells, to put something of themselves into the target."

Most of the comments imputed to medieval witches were made under torture when people, whether witches or not, will say almost anything to stop the torture. The medieval persecution of cats, which likely made the black death worse because the pestilence was spread by flea-infested rats, was due to a papal bull (Vox in Rama) which took such nonsense seriously. This is also the origin of tales of witches flying to meetings on their broomsticks, nowadays vulgarized into Harry Potter's game of Quidditch.

"ammonium chloride will dissolve etheric developments, ammonium succinate less so but better than nothing"

What is your basis for saying this please Christine?

Anonymous said...

So does not the Powerful Word of God have no place in dealing with the occult? These statements about where to look are only conjecture in my heart and mind.
The response of a Christian is demonstrated for us in God's Word. Look at Micheal's response in direct confrontation with the devil. He said: The Lord rebuke you. (not I rebuke you mind you, the Lord rebuke you). In Jesus' Name is all Power and Authority. Doesn't that take the guesswork out of this question and give God the Glory? (Which should be the aim of the Christian in dealing with their own hearts or other lives amen?)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me...in my 10:34 post...did not want a double negative in my sentence (typed too fast for my thoughts)...does the Powerful Word of God have no place in dealing with the occult?

Anonymous said...

Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

on what basis ammonium chloride etc.
practical experience mine and others.

I figured out from living in an infested house, that spirits need to build some etheric body to work with and mostly use mold and bacterial and dead insect detritus to do it.

When I was a teen, and older, and felt icky and used lysol spray I thought it was just the cold that made me feel better, many years later I realized it was the ammonium chloride part of it that was breaking up some real ickyness I could feel but not understand.

Just like some drugs open doorways for demons, so are beloved by shamans and new age idiots, some chemicals close them. God's provision for bad times. Especially when one is chronically in a borderline trance state or otherwise weak, distracted.

there are plants with a reputation for repelling spirits and breaking up witchcraft influence.

As for those things gotten from witches under torture, a pagan who was researching East Anglia folk magic customs (so he had no anti witch bias) was uncomfortable but had to admit, that what he was finding was a pretty good match to what medieval witches were accused of.

torture was applied after they were pretty sure of what they were dealing with anyway. Probably a lot were innocent, but some were busted in connection with their own bragging about what they did or could do.

I suspect distant undocumented witch ancestry may play a role in some of my problems. Ozark witch customs researched by folklorists also like the East Anglia (England) crew were not reported under torture, and loosely (in some case not loosely but close) fit the medieval picture.

It has been suggested by some anti abortion researchers, drawing on statements by some witch inclined feminists, that abortion is a kind of human sacrifice. (for some people obviously for most it is just a convenience.)

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

school tracking - while this is hardly the mark of the beast, which is not to identify an individual as such but as a member of those who have worshipped the antichrist or his image, it is problematic in several ways.

privacy seems loopy on this one, but the capability of predators to get the home addresses by an FOIA is pretty dangerous.

Also, there is the slippery slope thing, which is loudly condemned as a logic error but is proven valid many times in history.

So you start with tagging on a card, then its under your skin then you have enhanced capability like communications built in finally you end up with a mind control (more accurately mind influence) sort of thing. Eventually you could have something that creates mind links between wearers.

once you are in the psychic soup, the strongest mind around rules.

very dangerous.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

school tracking - while this is hardly the mark of the beast, which is not to identify an individual as such but as a member of those who have worshipped the antichrist or his image, it is problematic in several ways.

privacy seems loopy on this one, but the capability of predators to get the home addresses by an FOIA is pretty dangerous.

Also, there is the slippery slope thing, which is loudly condemned as a logic error but is proven valid many times in history.

So you start with tagging on a card, then its under your skin then you have enhanced capability like communications built in finally you end up with a mind control (more accurately mind influence) sort of thing. Eventually you could have something that creates mind links between wearers.

once you are in the psychic soup, the strongest mind around rules.

very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Christine it was me asking you about ammonium chloride at 7.56am. I simply don't believe that this compound exerts an effect against demons that other compounds don't. I studied chemistry in my first year at university and I am a committed Christian who has done plenty of deliverance ministry and I believe that you are confused about relations between the spiritual and the material. Whatever happened when you used ammonium compounds, you are interpreting your experiences through that confusion.

You say that some of the stuff spoken by witches matches the tales elicited under torture during the medieval era but you are not specific. Do you believe they actually fly on broomsticks on the night of the full moon to 'sabbat' meetings? Please include a clear Yes or No.

"torture was applied after they were pretty sure of what they were dealing with anyway. Probably a lot were innocent..."

That is a contradiction - and a slander on many medieval women who were simply pariahs in their villages for social reasons. I know what real witchcraft is because I've met repented witches, and I've read the medieval witchhunters' manual the Malleus Maleficarum and its authors haven't the faintest idea what they are talking about.

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