Monday, October 15, 2012

Texas school forces students to wear tracking cards - punishes dissenters

Texas school punishes microchip tracking dissenters

Here it comes -- just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

The evening news had interesting leads -- somebody made a successful free fall jump to New Mexico desert country from outer space, discussion of the upcoming second Presidential debates, etc.  Then one caught my very disturbed attention.  Did a Texas school go too far?  This time it appeared ACLU was coming out on the side of the angels -- it vehemently said the school had crossed the line.

Interestingly and characteristically, however, the ACLU decided that Christians protesting being forced to wear the badge did not qualify for their legal advocacy -- that group did not meet their criteria!

Kirsten Bokenkamp of the ACLU told the San Antonio Express-News earlier this year that her organization expected to challenge the board’s decision to use the tracking system, but the school went ahead with the program undeterred. Steve Hernandez told WND that he approached the ACLU abour representing his daughter’s case, but Rebecca Robertson of a local branch of the organization said that, “the ACLU of Texas will not be able to represent you or your daughter in this matter,” saying the case did not meet the group's criteria.{1}

What happened?  The school gave every student a required microchip tracking badge that they were required to wear on their person at all times -- at least during school hours and school related activities.

The school was delighted with the results.  They knew where every single student was at every single moment.

The more discerning students were somewhat less enthusiastic.  They saw no reason why they should be treated as criminals with every move under surveillance.  Students refusing to wear the badge faced severe retaliation   You can read about it by clicking the link at the top of this story.

The NBC news I watched that was carrying the story showed one brave Hispanic father clutching his well worn Bible obviously at or near the location of the back of the Bible -- just about where one would find Revelation 13.  The press explained that he had "religious objections" to the program.

The network news prime time story (Sunday, October 14, 2012, 6:30 p.m. Eastern time) concluded by saying that like it or not, it appears the microchip identifiers were here to stay.

Query:  how long until somebody decides something needs to be done about the dissenters who won't voluntarily wear the badge as a condition of buying student textbooks, attending classes, attending football games, buying lunch in the cafeteria, etc., etc.????  Well, if the information you can read in the two stories attached to this link is accurate, I think we can all guess.

Stay in prayer!  Stay tuned!


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Anonymous said...

If the entire school had said No Way there is nothing they could have done. The importance of people power...

Anonymous said...

Christine, I've replied to your 6:29 PM comments on the page of the last topic.

I am bored with your know-it-all atitude and Gnosis, Christine. I’ve tried with you, I really have, but you’re more interested in strutting about like a peacock, pretending your oh-so knowledgeable.

I shall try and refrain from posting too often, will you Christine?

The Lord rebuke you.


Craig said...

The Nobel Peace Prize has just been awarded to the European Union! See Tricia's write-up here:

Anonymous said...


Relax! This award is in the finest tradition of the Nobel Peace Prize, which in the past has gone to Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho, Yasser Arafat, Gerry Adams the head of the IRA, and Barak Obama for (in practice) being the first black POTUS.

It should, of course, have gone to NATO, but that doesn't look so good.

Susanna said...

The following exerpt from an article about the tracking cards presented at The Blaze sounds like it could have come straight out of the Books of the Maccabees.

Even though non-Catholic Christians view these books as apocryphal, there are nevertheless valuable moral lessons to be learned from them.

Here is the exerpt from The Blaze article:

Texas Students Rebelling Against Electronic Tracking Cards Now Facing ‘Consequences’

Posted on October 8, 2012

“He ( Deputy Superintendent Ray Galindo ) told me in a meeting that if my daughter would proudly wear her student ID card around her neck so everyone could see, he would be able to quietly remove her chip from her student ID card,” Steve Hernandez explained. “He went on to say as part of the accommodation my daughter and I would have to agree to stop criticizing the program and publicly support … it. I told him that was unacceptable because it would imply an endorsement of the district’s policy and my daughter and I should not have to give up our constitutional rights to speak out against a program that we feel is wrong.”


Susanna said...

Now compare the exerpt with the story of Eleazar in 2 Maccabees 6:18-31.

Eleazar was a holy scribe who refused to comply with the command given by the Greek pagan ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes which would have required him to eat swine's flesh ( which had likely been sacrificed to the pagan god Zeus).

18 Eleazar, one of the scribes in high position, a man now advanced in age and of noble presence, was being forced to open his mouth to eat swine's flesh. 19 But he, welcoming death with honor rather than life with pollution, went up to the rack of his own accord, spitting out the flesh, 20 as men ought to do who have the courage to refuse things that it is not right to taste, even for the natural love of life. 21 Those who were in charge of that unlawful sacrifice took the man aside, because of their long acquaintance with him, and privately urged him to bring meat of his own providing, proper for him to use, and pretend that he was eating the flesh of the sacrificial meal which had been commanded by the king, 22 so that by doing this he might be saved from death, and be treated kindly on account of his old friendship with them. 23 But making a high resolve, worthy of his years and the dignity of his old age and the gray hairs which he had reached with distinction and his excellent life even from childhood, and moreover according to the holy God-given law, he declared himself quickly, telling them to send him to Hades. 24 "Such pretense is not worthy of our time of life," he said, "lest many of the young should suppose that Eleazar in his ninetieth year has gone over to an alien religion, 25 and through my pretense, for the sake of living a brief moment longer, they should be led astray because of me, while I defile and disgrace my old age. 26 For even if for the present I should avoid the punishment of men, yet whether I live or die I shall not escape the hands of the Almighty. 27 Therefore, by manfully giving up my life now, I will show myself worthy of my old age 28 and leave to the young a noble example of how to die a good death willingly and nobly for the revered and holy laws." When he had said this, he went at once to the rack. 29 And those who a little before had acted toward him with good will now changed to ill will, because the words he had uttered were in their opinion sheer madness. 30 When he was about to die under the blows, he groaned aloud and said: "It is clear to the Lord in his holy knowledge that, though I might have been saved from death, I am enduring terrible sufferings in my body under this beating, but in my soul I am glad to suffer these things because I fear him." 31 So in this way he died, leaving in his death an example of nobility and a memorial of courage, not only to the young but to the great body of his nation.

2 Maccabees 6:18-31

By the way, Antiochus IV Epiphanes is designated as a type of antichrist by the Church Fathers.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Susanna!

Anonymous said...

"By the way, Antiochus IV Epiphanes is designated as a type of antichrist by the Church Fathers."

And by God Himself... for the prophecies in Daniel 11 begin by fitting Antiochus IV 'Epiphanes' like a glove (so well that liberals didn't believe Daniel was written ahead of time), whereas the later verses don't fit him at all and by inference refer to Antichrist.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

contra preterists who hold that all prophecy has been fulfilled already, Hippolytus in the early church knew all this yet still considered the antichrist to be due in the future.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Frank, what are you bitching about now? I have been around for 61 years and acquired a lot of knowledge. If I share it what is that to you?

I think I am going to ignore you from now on.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 11:16 P.M.

Thank you!

Susanna said...

Anonymous 8:32 A.M.

Thank you very much for your input and for mentioning Daniel 11. You are correct.

I believe that it was in his book "MIRACLES" that C.S. Lewis responded quite brilliantly to those, who, using the much used and abused "historical-critical" method of interpreting Holy Writ to make claims such as the one about Daniel 11 being written AFTER the events described in the narrative, that their interpretation is open to debate precisely because they begin by assuming a philosophy that necessarily precludes the possibility of authentic prophecy......and on grounds that they never communicate to us or to anyone else.

Here is an article from the Catholic Encyclopedia on the Book of Daniel which you might find interesting.

Our Lord Himself told us that there would be many "antichrists" before the arrival of THE Antichrist.

These "antichrists" mentioned by Our Lord are what are called types and precursors of THE antichrist.

paul said...

_Just as the Prophets, all of them, are
types and precursors of Christ himself.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 12:53 P.M.

No way can the Nobel Peace Prize ever be awarded to NATO!!!!

Putin would NOT be amused.

Susanna said...



Anonymous said...

Sorry, how can you give an award that should be for an individual? That's just stupid. That's like giving a best acting Oscar to Universal Studios.

Anonymous said...


I have just posted some videos exposing kabbalah on the page of the last topic and am immediately reposting 2 of them because I want to reiterate the importance of watching them. I URGE all to see the excellent expose posted by a brave Christian, whose videos I follow, Susan (SEK4110).

She exposes the evil kabbalah by showing the admissions made by Doreen Dotan, a kabbalist who calls herself a jew but is of the synagogue of Satan. Very important expose, friends.

Kabbalah Secrets Revealed! An Expose 1/2

Kabbalah Secrets Revealed! An Expose 2/2

I shall try and keep the rest of this debate on the page of the last topic, if agreed, and moreover, God willing.


Constance Cumbey said...


I LOVED your post!


Anonymous said...

P.S., please see the videos before commenting on this, and if possible, please post any comment, after watching, on the page of the last topic, as I do not want to divert from Constance's topic here. This is Constance's blog after all and, God willing, I want to respect that, believe it or not.

Thank you,

Christian love,


Susanna said...


Thank you!


Deb said...

The saddest part of all of this to me is that so many kids in that school and their parents don't understand why this is so scary. They don't know the The Word of God. And the ones who do don't understand this is just the beginning. It makes me think of what God said about how even the elect will be fooled


Anonymous said...

They need an id to vote for "prom king" yet we don't need id's to vote for our leaders? Ironic!

paul said...

Not to be too picky, and I do agree with you, but
Jesus said that "if it were possible" that they would deceive the very elect.
There is at least a glimmer of hope in the difference.

Anonymous said...



Ruth of Exeter, UK said...

Please can I urge everyone who posts here to watch the 18th October edition of the UK Column:

The content of the report in this particular programme is of vital importance to US citizens as well as to the British and the Europeans.

The whole thing is well worth watching but the really vital information begins at 40 minutes in. It starts with a statement made by the Orthodox Catholic Archbishop Elijah on the subject of the worldwide kidnapping of children by the state social services.

The man who created the UK Column, Brian Gerrish is a Christian, an ex-Naval Officer who for some time has been giving talks on child stealing by the state. This has reached such epidemic proportions that no-one's children or grandchildren are safe any more.It is no longer restricted just to the poor and vulnerable families. This is moreover a United Nations-based programme and the presenters clearly flag that.

I realise that this information could be seen as not quite within the scope of this site, but the fact is, it is a part of the Brave New World which is beng brought in and the most hideous and Satanic part. Everyone needs to know it - and act on it - and I am sending this to everyone I can.

Anonymous said...


While I have to admit to not having seen the video you posted yet, the loss of control of children's rights, and of physical custody to the state is certainly on topic.

History Maker said...

Ban Ki-moon tells Drake University students to become ‘global citizens’

"Ban outlined a three-point strategy for global citizenship: sustainable development, helping countries in transition, and empowering women and young people.

On the second point, Ban discussed the U.N.’s efforts to ease the transitions of Arab countries since the Arab Spring. Countries like Egypt, Yemen and Libya, he said, are doing well, 'but we have not seen any sign of success in Syria.'"
[The murder of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans is "doing well"???]

...and he is responsible for bringing rain:
"Ban also noted that his visit coincided with much needed rain in the state. 'It must have been a good sign to many Iowans, after such a long spell of drought,' he said, but acknowledged that the rain was needed more during the hot summer. 'I promise to come during summertime,' Ban said. 'I’ll come for the state fair.'"


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

[The murder of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans is "doing well"???]

not to mention the growing power of islamic extremists and persecution of Christians.

I guess it depends on what you mean by "well," according to what standard? what goal?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the child stealing video, this part begins at the 45 minute part.

This is important, and notice the connections to banking and EU politics and so forth. The technique is that kids are yanked for no good reason, put into their equivalent of child protective services, and go to either homes or institutions where pedophiles have access, and this is not occasional but an endemic infiltration and control of these services by pedophiles.

I recall that St. Paul said to beware of two things. The concision - those trying to reinstitute observation of Jewish ritual law as essential to salvation - and "dogs," which is old slang for buggery or "doggy style" sex (so called because of position). While vaginal entry can be done from the back, in general this refers to anal sex. Arsenokoites, translated "abusers of themselves with mankind" is arsen, man defined as man because strong and dominant and koites relating to sex. In other words, Paul condemns both the "effeminate" the female role player and the dominant male role player in homosexuality but in beware of dogs, we have a point about how they can be deceptive and of course once anyone with a serious agenda gets in a position of power or of personnel selection, will move to get their own in place.

This is a classic example of this. Arsenokoites is condemned in an early church canon regarding doing this to one's own wife and it is hard to tell if this is about forced sex or consensual buggery. anal sex is apparently a favorite with some heterosexuals even now.

the dominance angle on arsen, unlike the usual Greek term for man, would incl. all ranges of sex as demanded perquisite to flat out rape in the term arsenokoites.

NAMBLA has held conferences where they teach how to evade the law and network. I recall a video where some NAMBLAite was saying that many homosexuals "discover" their "nature" so to speak only because of molestation as children, so he considered it important to the homosexual's development to make pedophilia legal.

Which sheds some light on claims of some homosexuals and bisexuals to have "always" had homosexual inclinations from childhood or slightly later in puberty. Apparently they were sexually stimulated as children, perhaps didn't remember it, either by a member of their own sex, or by opposite sex but in a way that made them less comfortable with opposite sex and more comfortable with their own sex. (This by the way, rape and long experience of abuse from men is how some women drift into lesbianism.)

Anonymous said...

For those who don't wish to watch a 2-hour video on YouTube, this is a summary of the situation:

I am an English Christian living in England and, although I have not myself seen the 2-hour film, I am sceptical that the EU and elite bankers are involved. Nevertheless the situation is not a good one.

In the postwar era a new profession has been invented called "social worker." Unlike doctors or lawyers this profession has never existed in private practice, and they are all employed by the public sector, in practice at local government level (although UK local government is dependent on central government for most of its revenue, ultimately from taxes).

I am confident that Social Workers originally came into being for good reasons, to help problem families. The trouble is that, thanks to the 1960s socio-sexual revolution and government policies that have the effect of actually encouraging family breakdown, the number of problem families has rocketed. And whenever the social workers DON'T take a child from a high-risk family into care and the child then gets beaten to death by its (single) mother's drunk lover (etc), social workers get heavily criticised. A combination of social workers covering themselves and political correctness means that an increasing number of children are now kidnapped by the State.

I have much sympathy with social workers who do their best - I have none for the politically correct ones - but the real problem is that THEIR JOB SIMPLY SHOULD NOT EXIST. As to the problem families in which horrible things go on, I am convinced that this is the lesser of two evils, for a variety of reasons:

* The present system discourages people from taking responsibility for themselves.

* Social workers inevitably often act to cover themselves rather than in the best interests of the families they encounter.

* A large amount of tax revenue goes into paying social workers, keeping them out of the productive economy.

* The children they take from their parents often go into childcare homes where paedophiles get access to them, like wasps round a jamjar.

* As the State becomes ever more politically correct, social workers will be the means by which the State can kidnap the children of people who speak out against their social policies - Christians who oppose gay marriage, for instance.

SmallFarm said...

Public school is for socialists, who cares what they do there? If I was ever blessed to have children someday, I'd never send my kids to that den of social programming.

John Rupp said...

History Maker,
Thank you for tipping us off on the speech by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to the Drake University students on becoming "Global Citizens". Here is the official UN press release on that speech and gives the text of his entire speech.

Anonymous said...

don't we already know how bad perverted sex is without your graphic detailing Christine? you relish those details or you would not need to spill them out all over this blog to pollute it. i thought we were going to get a well-deserved break from your mostly uninformative and gross and graphic posts. but no....evidently you are the picture of the Scripture in 2 peter 2:22--the dog is returned to it's own vomit again: and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. you must be one sick puppy that loves vomiting all over this blog. God help you.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Those are not graphic details. they are also issues raised in The Bible and the church canons. Routinely pro homosexual argumenters say it isn't explicit enough, well, it is, but there is another problem buggery in a heterosexual context. This is also perverted, and physically damaging.

Frankly, your tone and use of the imagery of vomiting all over the blog is far more of a vomit on the blog than my clinical statements.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I disagree that leaving bad families intact is better, because then their evils become a family tradition and percolate throughout society as the children grow and marry and infect more families they start.

However, bad people in social services are also a plague of comparable proportions.

I benefitted from a temporary removal from my biological so called mother, and I wish it had been permanent. So my initial reaction to opposition to child protective services is negative, but I have to agree, something is very wrong in the british and euro scene, and in Austin TX and probably elsewhere.

children are not the property of parents, they are the responsibility of parents, to God, the children and all of us are the property of God. The state as per Romans should suppress evil and reward good, but it does not invariably do this. What I just said is not the same thing as saying an office should not exist.

Anonymous said...

4:36 pm I did see the video, the last 20 minutes of the first hour and the full second hour. While I can understand your reluctance to agree that such sensational things are happening in England, your notes are not what is being said in the video. People, listen to the video. While I don't live in England, I know of one such case here in America. I am in no way personally involved. I have read the transcripts of this case that has been going on for years and have sat in that courtroom. I have read of other cases, horror stories of what was done to children.

Pedophilia is a big business. There is much money involved. Blackmail is involved. Family court can be a dirty rotten business. Why? Because no one oversees what the judges are doing. If you sat in court you know that the conversations are very low to the point that even sitting in the first row you can't hear the judge or attorneys. Second, because of the supposed need for privacy, papers are not available. Third, the judge reports to no one. Supposedly the judge reports to a head judge. Fourth, the judge is in a position to hand over cases to friends who do the testing. He or she appoints the guardian ad litem which can mean very big money going to relatives and friends. The judge can milk dry whichever side has the money, the father, mother or some family member who signed to help. Somebody has to pay the lawyers, the testing people, the guardians, for the paperwork. If there is money, the case can go on for years. Even if the parent fighting for custody runs out of money, the judge can threaten jail time, forcing the parent to get money in some way. Even if there is evidence of one person being a pedophile, the judge can deny the proof and there is no one to stop him. If pedophilia is involved, there is money to pay off the judge. A pedophile can live with a family member who can get custody. If home schooling is involved and the good parent is denied visitation, the child will have no place to turn with his information.

If a judge is appointed rather than elected, they are secure.

Anyone who tries to expose what is going on in the court system is in for a lot of trouble.

No big names involved? Get the story about the newsboy named Johnny Gosch who was kidnapped in 1982. Read the book the Franklin Coverup. I was skeptical until I read the mother's story about the boy's attempt to sneak home.

No big names? I would suggest you check the website to see who is involved in the homosexual movement in the Illinois area. It's tied to groups like NAMBLA. The Homosexual Network by Father Enrique Rueda exposes much about that network. The book When Corruption was King exposed the legal system in Cook County, IL. And on and on.

There are people in a number of states who now are working to expose what is going on in family courts. Say a prayer for t hem.

Anonymous said...

"I disagree that leaving bad families intact is better, because then their evils become a family tradition and percolate throughout society as the children grow and marry and infect more families they start."

Not always, Christine. Aren't you an exception to that rule yourself?

Please think through the consequences of letting the government deal with family matters. In a fallen world no situation is perfect but that does not mean we cannot compare outcomes.

paul said...

Thank you for the UK link.
I kind of wish that I hadn't watched it , but I did.
And I don't, sadly, doubt that it's true.
"The worst deception in the history of the world"
is probably not an exaggeration.

To the anon who lambasted Christine regarding her
pointing out the real meaning of some well
known verses in the Bible; I say, on this one,
thank you Christine.
It's worth knowing that this flood of gay, pornographic, pedophilic filth is a true and very
urgent sign of the times. In fact, the above mentioned video link from Ruth in Exeter
about State and U.N sponsored kidnapping of
children is for that very reason, ( pedophilia )
as well as the stealing of youthful blood
( vampirism ), and population reduction,
( playing God ).
It can't be much longer before Jesus rises from the right hand of God the Father and returns to earth.

This is how it was in the days of Noah.


Anonymous said...

"4:36 pm I did see the video, the last 20 minutes of the first hour and the full second hour. While I can understand your reluctance to agree that such sensational things are happening in England, your notes are not what is being said in the video. People, listen to the video."

This is Anon@4.36pm. It's not misplaced patriotism that caused me to be sceptical of the bankers/EU connection not to watch the video, it was a combination of its length (2hrs) plus the feel of the guy's website, a bit too Alex-Jonesy for me. Please would you do us the favour of summarising the EU/banker connection?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Paul, thank you.

As for my being an exception that disproves that bad families need intervention, no, I am not. I led a totally messed up life of mind control by my biological so called mother. I barely escaped going in several possible wrong directions I won't go into here, it would take too long. I give all the credit to God for that.

I am on prozac off and on and barely got my act together. Self diagnosed recently as asperger's.

Like I said, I wish the separation had been permanent, but back then I was under her control, and she got inside my head and got me to say and do something that made no sense to me at the time I was doing it, but resulted in my father thinking the bond was too strong to break without hurting me and cancelled the plan to have her locked up and then because he and his mother loved me they put up with her who poisoned my mind against my grandmother and set up my father to look bad as possible.

It took me years to put the pieces together and figure out what happened. Read the book "Leave Her To Heaven" and/or watch the movie. the specific actions are quite different, but that is the soul of that bitch.

one of my fondest memories is the time at Junior Village in Blue Plains district of Washington DC a group home for orphans etc. and seeing a photo online from those days, makes me almost homesick. That was the first normal life I'd had in years. I was 8 1/2 and got rescued because she wasn't sending me to school.

humans are evil inclined and checks and balances between individuals, family and society and government all working to keep any one segment of these from overdoing it is needed.

Anonymous said...

Christine, you are making, probably without realising it, the assumption of socialists that if the government doesn't do it (intervene in appalling families), nobody will. Do you not know that for a long time there weren't government-paid police forces? It was community DIY, same in Mosaic Law. Look up "rough music" on Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

6:40 I don't like Alex Jones either, but I didn't see that style in the video. I don't summarize things I don't know about, but I don't dismiss them either just because they sound sensational. I doubt we are seeing all of the work done to expose a pedophile ring, so I will wait and see if more information comes out. If there is such a connection, details wouldn't be tossed about casually.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.06pm, I'm not dismissing it, I'm asking you if you would be willing to summarise it.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Mosaic Law gave rules that in order to be enforced presupposed that others around the individuals and families or members thereof would complain, report and enforcement be done. the enforcers were the cruder kind of police and avengers such as the avenger of blood probably appointed by a family member regarding an accidental death, and the killer was to be untouched if he went to a city of refuge and stayed there the duration of the high priest's life.

all rule presuppose enforcers or they are pointless. the enforcers can be orderly, and a kind of block organization of 10, 50s and 100s was described and mandated, and next level judges and if all else failed the priests to solve a problem.

the police force equivalent is the goon squad of the local city elders or judge or whoever is in charge.

the only difference is that things are more orderly now.

also, I might add, a lot of evil went on unchecked before we had police forces (and had to rely on military elements for this or on posses of sheriffs who could be easily corrupted incl. owing their elections to the machinations and money of families they then would be working for, and not enforce laws they broke), and before we had better forensics.

Just read some real old stuff.

Sure kidnapping men to work on ships was illegal. And it was common, because no one was available to stop it or complain to. The legal system was too burdensome, even now, people who don't like proactive laws and efforts complain that civil courts can solve stuff but they can't, because it costs too much to go to them and their decision must be enforced by the police and sheriff so there you go.

you always need enforcers, which range from mob action to orderly police. which do you prefer? Or, no justice at all.

If people are thrown back on DIY too much you end up with constant private wars. And collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

sorry but it is not necessary to get graphic in sexual deviancies-not here. sorry not clinical just very bad taste. sick stuff you do not mind outing in great degree. like vomit to wade in.we do not have to be bludgeoned into knowing how sick that stuff is. shame shame for a seeming high-minded approach when all you are sucessfully doing is flooding this blog with filth. trash thinking and trash writing. go home to your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I can understand from your experiences that you are biased toward State intervention. But if you are biased, that makes it hard to make a good decision between two evils and choose the lesser. Are you aware of some of the appalling consequences of Clinton's Adoption and Safe Families Act, which is known in some quarters as the adoption incentive program?

If a population becomes literally de-moralized by having everything done for it by the State, undoing that is not easy, and the transition is painful, but more Statism is NOT the answer. Try Russia under communism if you think that.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

It is not a question of "statism" it is a question of things doing what they are supposed to do. Don't forget Romans 13:3-5 but remember that before you let that be used to aid oppression and evil that the function of govt. stated there is quite the opposite of that.

universal suffrage and a free press with yes state intervention to make sure it doesn't become controlled by oligarchs and so forth and not have huge media conglomerates run by propaganda and brainwashing and disinformation, are essential to do this.

it does not demoralize people or make them dependent to have outside help. This sort of help doesn't get to be an issue until people are already demoralized, unable to support themselves or their families, or in the case of intervention in families, corrupt.

Clinton's legislation, well, I don't know I haven't read it, but the fact is that anything staffed by bad people and infiltrated - and that includes the family - is going to be evil.

"family values" - I love that line of crap. evil percolates through generations in societies, as well as good.

There has NEVER been a time this country didn't have some kind of problem, a good review is a book THE WAY WE NEVER WERE and I forget the author and I am sure she is personally objectionable with an agenda, but the statistics are statistics and history quotes are history quotes.

"principles" (other than moral principles) do not work in politics or economics. Especially ones promoted by people who want to replace state tyranny with their own kind of tyranny.

there is no lesser of two evils in all this in terms of some category is inherently good, inherently bad or all are bad but some inherently worse.

it depends on who is running what and who are the feet on the ground as to which category is better or worse.

St. Paul didn't hesitate to use his Roman citizenship when that served his Gospel purpose. Neither should we.

BTW I used to believe this statism vs. individualism stuff, despite my background, but a closer look at The Bible and history showed me it isn't that simple.

Anonymous said...

O.K. gang, I could use your collective N.A.M. knowledge right about now.

Last night, my Mother returned home after going on two-day retreat with her fellow card club members. She mentioned about going up North, but never said anything about going on a retreat until AFTER she arrived home--that's not like my Mom.

Anyway, these ladies are all long-time friends from church, and still get together several times a year, despite some having moved away.

This year a couple women suggested they attend the "Win-Some Women" retreat. This event was held at the lovely Grand Hotel, on beautiful Mackinaw Island.

According to their website,, they started small back in 1971 and have grown. They are a "unique fellowship of women from all denominations."

After looking at the website I'm a little leery as to this group. For starters, whenever I see the words "Lectio Divina," I cringe.

Also, Paul Young (author of "The Shack") and Gracia Burnham were two of the speakers.

Is anyone familiar with any of the above? Are these Christians my Mother should be wary of? A friend now wants her to read "The Shack" and she's planning on it.

Am I just being over protective?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @ 11:16 PM

No, you are definitely not 'just being over protective.'

Follow your intuition. Please investigate this group and find out all you can...for your mother's sake.

Meanwhile I will be keeping you and your mom in my prayers.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

near as I can tell from reading excerpts and comments, The Shack is a wierd mix of truth with some error and is apparently the experience a guy had who had just gotten a serious head bash accident shortly before. That and the author's taking up a kind of universal automatic guaranteed salvation for everyone idea, makes it something to be taken with a grain of salt, and the stereotyping used to represent Father as a kindly motherly black woman, Jesus as a Jewish handyman (close) and The Holy Spirit as an oriental woman, not to mention issues of would, could, should God be depicted this way, well, take the book with a grain of salt.

I don't think you are being overprotective, since she is acting out of normal character, not saying anything before taking off like that for a retreat.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Anonymous said...

Lectio Divina

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

there is a right way and a wrong way to do lectio divina. the original way is read Scripture and contemplate it, think consciously about it, maybe study with the help of some relevant Scripture definitely pray, the modern way is read a little Scripture and meditate and trance out over it.

Anonymous said...

"I used to believe this statism vs. individualism stuff, despite my background, but a closer look at The Bible and history showed me it isn't that simple."

As usual, you know better. Let's see.

"It is not a question of "statism" it is a question of things doing what they are supposed to do."

Agreed, but what is the State supposed to do? That is where we differ.

"universal suffrage and a free press with yes state intervention to make sure it doesn't become controlled by oligarchs and so forth and not have huge media conglomerates run by propaganda and brainwashing and disinformation, are essential to do this."

No, the problem is with a banking system that lends preferentially to the big so that they can get bigger, and with the un-Mosaic concept of limited liability. THOSE need to be stamped on. Try running the present system and a Big State to regulate it and the politicians get into bed with the oligarchs, leading to problems which a good part of this website is about.

"it does not demoralize people or make them dependent to have outside help."

That is taking my words and extrapolating them to mean something I never said, nor meant. Help comes best from the community, because then it can be tailored - not from the impersonal State. And if that means that sometimes help is not forthcoming - less bad than the alternative, we do not live in a perfect world.

Here in England the State wipes your backside for you nowadays, which you might like, but it also increasingly threatens to steal your children which is where this discussion started.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 12:58, 1:14, and Christine,

Thanks for your prayers and imput.

Exactly!! It seems to me lately, so often the ones pushing Lectio Divina are the same people who encourage centering prayer, reiki, the social justice agenda, yoga, etc.
I'm no fan of Basil Pennington or Thomas Merton and I' m Catholic, too.

Anonymous said...

Both Catholics and Protestants need to be constantly vigilant, alert and aware of the increasing (and creative) New Age influences in their local churches.

Satan never sleeps...and he knows his time is running out.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:16, some signs to watch out for (if you are suspecting some type of cult activity) would be if she suddenly stopped interacting with family and long-time friends. If the group she's a part of are her sudden best friends. If she is going to "rallies" or "religious services" in which the leader makes the inference that their group's name is interchangeable with God's name. If she suddenly is spending way too much money to the point that she is in a financial bind. If her family and long-term friends have no idea of her whereabouts. All these could be signs of a cult.

Anonymous said...

Again to anonymous 11:16; if it's not a cult per se, but a group that is spreading New Age beliefs (I'm not sure if there is even a difference), I think you have to hold up the Bible and see if what they say "jives" with scripture. If they're taking Biblical quotes or Biblical knowledge clearly out of context, it could be a problem. I think you have to be weary of groups that use a lot of "contemplative Christian" techniques (such as centering prayer or prayer labyrinths)these are all red flags. Many churches have adopted these practices believing that it takes down hurtles for people who are "unchurched" and get them to go to church again. These churches (often from mainline denominations) are losing membership and are a bit desperate to grow. However, simply attracting people is not enough to grow a church. It still is following the same Biblical principals of how to be a group of believers that go back to the early church. Pray the way Jesus taught and it will give people a relationship with God in a way that we can't fully understand. I could go on and on. I hope the friend of yours has found a group that focuses on a traditional Christian path and is definitely not part of some destructive cult.

Anonymous said...

Christine, for clarification I was not suggesting in my final paragraph at 3.32am that you would gain any improper pleasure from the act I described - I was referring to excessive nannying by the State. I did not realise the ambiguity as I typed it and my apologies if you took it in the first sense.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,

I want you to know that I myself do NOT find anything unduly graphic in your post at 3:54 PM.

It is direct but I see no vulgar language or explicitness beyond that which is necessary to convey the gravity of it.

Incidentally, I know you have not accused me, but I am Not the said Anon poster at 5:21 PM.

My last post on this page, up until now, was at 8:40 PM, where I wrote: "P.S., please see the videos before commenting on this ..."

Every comment on this topic I have continued to sign as Frank, and any further comments I might post, I shall continue to do so in like manner (unless I forget, or add no opinion to a post).

I have seen a remarkable and welcome turn-around in the material you post and the way you express it. That takes courage! Well done you.

Christian love,


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

sorry Frank, for misidentifying you as the anon poster, I misremembered who was on what post up the screen where I couldn't see it.

As for cult indications, while anything of wrong belief can be called a cult, there are two issues, cult like behavior, organization, etc., and cult doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christine. (Warm smiles to you).

Given the brash way I write things sometimes, I don't blame you thinking it was me even though it wasn't.

I am sorry to you because of the way I wrote the post at the beginning of this topic, at 11:08AM. I should learn a greater amount of patience and should be slow to anger.

I have seen you post some strange stuff at points that I've not agreed with. I do believe, however, that you are a Christian.

I am sorry I have been so hard at points, I do believe it is right to rebuke, reprove and correct and will continue to do so, as I am Biblically instructed to do.

Where I write anything unbiblical, whether doctrine, or a lack of evidence through my behaviour in baring good fruits (which I believe, in retrospect, my post at 11:08 AM to be, due to the way it is written).

I am sorry for not recognising what may have been loneliness at points. I have written large amounts myself. Please forgive me for my sometimes seeming uncaring approach. I shall try and not bulldoze my way through on things so clumsily.

God bless you greatly,

Christian love,


Anonymous said...

[7:48 post emended and Reposted]

Thank you Christine. (Warm smiles to you).

Given the brash way I write things sometimes, I don't blame you thinking it was me even though it wasn't.

I am sorry to you because of the way I wrote the post at the beginning of this topic, at 11:08AM. I should learn a greater amount of patience and should be slow to anger.

I have seen you post some strange stuff at points that I've not agreed with. I do believe (as your later posts have CERTAINLY shown), however, that you are a Christian, and not out to deceive babes into New Age thinking.

I am sorry I have been so hard at points, I do believe it is right to rebuke, reprove and correct and will continue to do so, as I am Biblically instructed to do.

Where I write anything unbiblical, whether doctrine, or a lack of evidence through my behaviour in baring good fruits (which I believe, in retrospect, my post at 11:08 AM to be, due to the way it is written), I welcome proper rebuke and correction, as long as it is done out of love and truth, and has a contextual Biblical basis.

I am sorry for not recognising what may have been loneliness at points. I have written large amounts myself. Please forgive me for my sometimes seeming uncaring approach. I shall try and not bulldoze my way through on things so clumsily.

God bless you greatly,

Christian love,


Anonymous said...

there is a time and place for everything. is this a sex counseling blog or something? some here think they have a clinical approach to tough topics--well maybe not. do not agree with you folks....i agree with paul the apostle as he wrote by the Holy Spirit in eph 5:12-for it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. i don't see any reproving going on here as God's word calls for-just a n ugly display into the way too much information zone (a Christine speciality). God's Word shedding light makes manifest in the understanding so we do not need your "clinical" take on things. it is as in the days of noah alright--when even christians are desensitized to what is shameful and feel very free with people they do not even know to speak so crude and coarsely. you want this little chat? well how about agree amongst yourselves and go over to christine's own blog and discuss to your hearts content?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Frank, peace in Christ

anon next, while it is written it is a shame to speak of those things, it is also detailed elsewhere what the prohibited and shameful things are, and used Greek words we may miss something about. Beware of dogs means nothing to modern readers, but it meant a lot and nothing to do with canids, to the readers in his time and even now some places. clarification is needed. Especially for those who think the role played means more than the thing done. And they are out there, folks.

Indeed, the very definition of man as strong, dominant, even conqueror, arsen, is not the word used except here. it is the other Greek word for man that is generally used and just means generic male human. The implications of sex roles are often veiled baptized sin and we get that a lot in some "Christian" teaching about the differing nature and qualities of the sexes.

You could argue that the modern sex neutral or God as female type efforts at rewriting The Bible are inherently sexist, because they presuppose what they are pretending to eliminate it, and validate it like the transsexuals who instead of deciding gender does not dictate various personality and activities tastes after all, decide they are in the wrong body. Logically, they had no place in feminism. Somehow, they got to be accepted along with other perverts.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think this tracking stuff is dangerous for a reason most here have probably not thought about.

while it is to put it mildly unlikely that the antichrist mark has anything to do with this stuff, and is a single number or symbol, the same identical to all, NOT a designator of one individual as distinct from another, but of the wearer or bearer as a member of those who have worshipped the antichrist or his image, there is another problem.

privacy issues aside (usually abused to prevent valid controls that used to be pretty normal in past generations), what starts as mere identification and tracking, can move on to another stage.

first, implantation. (this can have health problems also. chipped animals sometimes develop tumors etc. around the implants.)

second, once tagged like this, if you have to go on the run with the kid because it has been given in custody to a sexually abusive parent you are getting divorced from, and this is not unusual, because generally the kid won't feel free to tell on the parent, until he (or she) is apparently out of the kid's life, but oops, the judges view such revelations brought up in custody disputes not in the divorce, as being false.

Also, details on bad behavior are brought up in custody because obviously such a person is an unfit parent will raise the kid wrong, etc., but are viewed as mere vindictive stuff and irrelevant.

So if you do run with the kid, you are more likely to get caught.


Third, and this is the big one.

Synthetic telepathy has been accomplished. So far it is strictly in some military labs with a lot of technology you can't package that small yet, but give them time.

Now, once it IS accomplished, you end up with the tracker also being a communications device.

and at this point, without paranormal folderol or trance states, the chipped person is in the psychic soup as I call it. And once in the psychic soup, the strongest mind(s) rule. Law of the jungle. Induction of trace states? probably not difficult.

AND an implant device has already been developed that can kill. Patent issued.

so you have a slippery slope here, something listed for no good reason among logical fallacies.

But history and personal manipulation games and slow step by step taking people in various directions, well known and practiced for centuries, shows this is NOT a logical fallacy at all.

While it may not be automatic on its own, the strong potential exists.

And IF IT IS THE INTENTION of someone in the game, then IT WILL HAPPEN.

Anonymous said...

Christine, rather than running around scaring people to make yourself look knowledgeable, why not give your sources. Just why should anyone trust what you say after you post so many silly things. Your credibility is very much on the line. Why are you any different that any of the other creeps like Jones, Icke, Maars, Rense?

Anonymous said...

"Synthetic telepathy has been accomplished. So far it is strictly in some military labs with a lot of technology you can't package that small yet, but give them time."

I don't believe this for one moment. The military tried this again and again in order to communicate with submarines without their having to rise near the surface where they are vulnerable, and got nowhere. What is the evidence for your claim?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

though these detail research they show some successes. several articles here on some successes involving directions given by thought to machines

one of which I saw demonstrated on TV news about 4 years ago, no wired connection to transmit the order.

"The scientists recorded brain activity as a subject listened to 5-10 minutes of conversation, matched up parts of the brain activity images with parts of the sounds, and could then reconstruct various words the patient heard.

In other words, once they learned how a given patient processes information from sound to mental image, the researchers were able to reverse the process and turn a mental image into the sound that created it." The scientists recorded brain activity as a subject listened to 5-10 minutes of conversation, matched up parts of the brain activity images with parts of the sounds, and could then reconstruct various words the patient heard.

In other words, once they learned how a given patient processes information from sound to mental image, the researchers were able to reverse the process and turn a mental image into the sound that created it."

there is other stuff out there besides this is just a quick grab off google.,8599,1841108,00.html

note the gamers would have a crude version of this out in AD 2009.

Ruth of Exeter, UK said...

Thank you to all those who took the trouble to watch the UK Column video on international child stealing. And to those who suggested that it was inventing the role of the banks in the scheme of things, I can assure you that the Column backs up everything it says with unambiguous documentation. The subject is indeed sensatonalist - the reporting is not. If you were reading a report about Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia without prior knowledge, you might be inclined to dismiss it as too sensationalst - 'such things could not happen' - and yet they did.

It is a fact that both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in the UK use an organization called Demos as a key think tank - and Demos is a Marxist organization.

As part of his job in the Royal Navy Commander Gerrish was trained to recognize the subversive tactics used by Soviet Russia. He began to realize in the 1990s that all the tactics employed by the Frankfurt School were in fact being used in the UK. The Conservative Party actually admits that it is using the community organization methods of Saul Alinsky and the fascism of Antonio Gramski to realize Prime Minister David Cameron's 'Big Society'.

Good grief, they even talk about Maoism in favourable terms. Brian Gerrish is NOT comparable with Alex Jones. He is a true Christian, for one thing, and as well as talking about political subversion in my country, he also talks about the subversion of the churches into 'global civil society' and the growth of the occult within these churches. From what he say, I am quite sure he has read your book Constance.

Brian backs ALL his claims with precise references - that is why I am passionate about his work and that of his team.

He also exposes the Marxist nature of both the European Union and the UN. What he say fits with the talks given by soviet defector Vladimir Bukovsky. See, for example:
It also mirrors the work done by Berit Kjos in your country.

The aim is to destroy all vestiges of Judaeo-Christianity. People are already being persecuted simply because they are Christians. Research the story of the Musa family:
We are in the same boat on both sides of the Atlantic. My local Episcopal church boasts two lesbian pastors whose idea of working for the glory of God is to abseil down the church spire. Meanwhile my cousin Pat, who lives in Berkeley, Cal., tells me that her Anglo-Catholic church don't talk about Christ or Mary any more. "It is all Sophia, Sophia, Sophia!"

The realzation of global civil society is far advanced in both of our countries - that is my point.

Anonymous said...

5:09 I have to listen more to what you have to say before I can completely agree with you. Every person should do that. Right now I believe your reports are right on. Those of us following the New Age movement know that England is several years of the US in terms of implementing New Age ideas, and we need to watch what is going on there. Keep up your warnings to help us here in the US.

Anonymous said...

John Ruff, a while back you posted a link to Progressive Christianity. At the same time I posted a request to see if there were others who were concerned about the growth of New Age thinking. No one responded. Here is a between link. I hope I can contact you through an intermediary. Those who think alike need to know others. There are too many others whose information is deliberately dead end.

Anonymous said...

Ruth of Exter
Your information is not being ignored or passed over, at least by me. I posted your information to several threads on Facebook and sent it out to my email list. It is valuable information and I thank you for it. Where it will go from there I don't know. We can only try. I also replied here on this blog because of a case I know about in the US. It is hard for people to believe that these things can be happening in the US. So hard to wave the flag thinking the US would never let such things happen in the court system once the word was gotten out. It is so easy for people to close their eyes and to pretend that someone else is taking care of the problem and that if such things are going on, the media or government is covering them.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the Christine show featuring special guest Frank and anyone else who can squeeze a word in edgewise.

Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Christine!

Anonymous said...

Some of us have day jobs and families - Would someone who has watched the 2hr presentation please post a few sentences on the connection of organised pedophilia in UK to EU and banks?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

when dealing with a long video, find that line on the bottom of the video that creeps forward as it progresses, and click on that in increments and listen a few seconds till you find what you are after.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Progressive Christianity links info

google search for progressive christianity for more stuff.

skimming it, the stuff that pops out is that they eschew doctrine or anything much like that. focus on love and inclusion.

part of the gospel to the exclusion of other parts that are crucial also. one page starts out with racial inclusiveness which is fine but will probably get onto including everyone regardless of what they believe about Jesus Himself and regardless of what sin they consider is okay and not challenge it.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I don't know why anyone would think that USA is behind everyone else in New Age developments, its always either led the charge or been neck and neck whether in pop culture or the infiltration of the churches.

Some problems may not trace directly to occultnik New Age founders and their students, but to liberal Christianity ideas that are of course highly compatible, heresies that go back to the days of the early church even and have been fought for centuries.

Constance Cumbey said...


THANKS! for the TIGER WIN CONGRATULATIONS! Our SE Michigan economy badly needed it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christine, I hadn't realised that YouTube now allowed you to "fast forward", which used not to be the case.

That bishops's heart is in the right place both about children and against the UN, but I'm afraid that there are some errors of fact and lack of evidence for some of the things he said.

Here in Britain the problem is as I described at 4.36pm a couple of days ago. UN legislation is (thankfully) NOT binding on Britain (yet!) In his speech there is no mention of whether these were problem families in which paedophilia, beatings by stepfather, etc, were strongly suspected. I have said that I believe intervention in families by the State is never legitimate, and that it is best dealt with informally by the local community. (I never said that there is only the State and the individual - people may associate spontaneously for a variety of causes.) Social workers should not exist, but many of them face agonising decisions in the most difficult of circumstances. Given that swocial workers do exist, what would YOU do if you were one faced with strong evidence of paedophilia by a stepfather?

Bankers supposedly involved - evidence please, bishop! This claim is simply asserted.

Satan thrives in murky situations and this is one. I am willing to believe that there is plot and conspiracy but I see no evidence here. Evidence, evidence, evidence, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...


It is becoming closer to possible to determine what somebody is thinking from realtime brain scanning and/or measurement of electric fields on the skull. These are remarkable technological achievements with some worrying applications. But none of that has anything to do with telepathy. It is all about what is going on inside one person.

To test telepathy there is no need to mess about wit hi-tech electric or optical characterization of brain states. You just show a picture of a playing card to person A and ask person B in another building what card was shown to person A. Then withdraw another card at random and repeat. Then make a statistical comparison of B's answers with the cards displayed. Or do the same with heads/tails coin tossing.

People have been doing this for a century with no clear results. There have been plenty of false positives when the experimental protocol was weak, but they always went away when it was made watertight. Fraud or subliminal communication using or five senses? Don't know, doesn't matter.

Whether such experiments are forbidden in the Bible seems to me to be a grey area, but the fact is: no result.

Please note that the true believers in telepathy, instead of conceding the point, make the experiments more and more complicated until it is almost impossible to work out what the chance datum level is (eg, 'ganzfeld' experiments), and to rule out subliminal modes of communication by our five senses. This is sheer obfuscation - don't be fooled, Christine. The simplest experiments are best, and they show chance levels of performance. No telepathy.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

first, you cannot informally deal with such a situation by the locals because the only actions that can be appropriately taken, rescue of the children, even physical beating of perpetrators and of them if they try to prevent this intervention, are all illegal, and if no state existed they would just get their friends and guns and there would be a private war.

The state is essential and is an institution God created, according to St. Paul.

the proper approach to such a family problem is not really done, the social workers and policies they are bound by tend to try to eventually reunite the family which is bad. no prosecution of perps is usually done.

Now as for evidence regarding these accusations, he is speaking from and to the perspective of people who know these things. for evidence you need to wallow through tons of research on global control of the economy by less than 200 corporations, the social networks of the elite, corruption for generations, and so forth.

Much of what is called commie conspiracy or whatever is actually the game of elites aiming for a world govt. under them, imperial conquest without an army since they have none, except the arms of nations they can trick into war.

These were behind Nazism and Communism, except communism got to be somewhat more independent.

the Jewish presence in this is minimal. The Rothschilds and Nazism are an interesting thing. One of them got bagged in France, and spent his time in a special protected category in a Nazi camp. The present ones have satanic jewelry that is not vague symbols but obvious, and I don't mean kabbala.

My blog

has a post on this, and if you go through the research links on the right side of the blog, and pursue links in those articles, you will get where you want to go.

Look into the Dutroux affair in Belgium. Highly placed persons were implicated and saw to it things never got near them.

Anonymous said...

Christine he gives no evidence for those huge claims and neither do you. I am willing to believe them but I prefer to base my beliefs on evidence. Feel free to differ.

Nobody in this discussion has denied that the State should play certain roles. The question is what. That has been said before and I regret that you give the impression otherwise.

Anonymous said...

5:19 and anyone else
Please reread my response at 6:14. It's not social workers. It's judges and the family court system behind the problems parents are having. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water as the saying goes. Because there is no answer at this point about the powerful people involved in Europe, it doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.

If you want more information, start here

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dutroux was part of a paedophile ring that involved very senior figures accessing children taken by the State, but the idea that the State is kidnapping children FOR THIS PURPOSE rather than because of social workers playing it safe with their jobs (and an iniquitous family court system) is not based on any evidence yet presented here. And the UN connection is wrong, at least in the UK, because UN resolutions are not biding on the UK - that well-meaning bishop was factually wrong about that.

One wild claim when our side goes public and we get mocked and nothing happens, to the detriment of yet more children. Do not outrun the facts.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

nobody is saying that the govt. has laws and formal policies that specify the kids be sexually abused.

what is at issue, is that pedophile networks have infiltrated and taken over the child protective scene. Thus, an extraction of a child for reason A can be in fact silently understood among participants as for reason B, or once it is in the system and a call is out for kids that fit its description, it will be one of those in danger.

Susanna said...

Physicist 5:50 P.M.

Re: It is becoming closer to possible to determine what somebody is thinking from realtime brain scanning and/or measurement of electric fields on the skull. These are remarkable technological achievements with some worrying applications. But none of that has anything to do with telepathy. It is all about what is going on inside one person.

You are absolutely correct. In fact, I have read about the experimental technology in which a person is asked to think of a particular letter(s) at which time the person's brain waves are measured. By associating particular brainwaves with particular letters, numbers etc., scientists have been able to find out what a person is thinking in a way that has nothing to do with telepathy.

While these experiments do have worrying applications, it is thought that the most beneficial applications might be in terms of helping people who were once mistakenly believed to be in a "vegetative state" when they were actually suffering from what is now called "locked in" syndrome - which often gives the appearance of "being in a vegetative state" while cognition is taking place, albeit in a way that is incommunicable by normal physical means.






Anonymous said...

And there is no evidence that it is overly zealous social workers either, so that theory should also go out the window.

Kidnapping doesn't have to mean someone is stealing into houses in the middle of the night or grabbing kids off the street.

I have seen it done legally through the court system.

What I don't get is why you are so anxious to take the spotlight off those who have power. There is money to be made every time a child is put into the care of the government whether it is through pedophilia,forced prostitution, court supervised adoptions or guardianship. That money is going somewhere. And it has to be done by people who have the power to keep it all very quiet.

No, I don't have names, dates and places, but neither do you with your social worker theory. I would rather take the word of people who are working to expose what is going on.

Susanna said...


Regarding the question as to whether such experiments are forbidden in the Bible....the way I learned it, science/scientific technology is, in and of itself, morally neutral. It is the way in which it is used that makes it good or evil.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said... This link is from Constance's collection of links,
Agenda 21.

As for synthetic telepathy, sure that medical stuff is the primary game now. But the very fact the decoding can be done means you can rig decoders on two or more people, and this stuff in public, well, by the time its in public you can be sure it is more advanced privately.

The articles I posted focussed on this medical angle, but also here and there buried in the texts are indications of more.

the microwave sound and modulation of it to be voice heard in one's head needs no decoding. Though it does need line of sight last I heard. that is in one of the links.

The kind of tracking and even perhaps throw you into a trance on command implants that aliens put in abductees and sometimes gets dug out of them, well, at least one was recognized by a guy who had worked on the technology in the 1960s.

Anonymous said...

The EU determines what is law in England and it works closely with the UN. Finally things are implemented through more local secular or government units.

Example: The Sustainability movement planning was done at the UN level. Using the pyramid system with the UN at the top, the ideas were presented to local levels by people working with local government who presented the ideas as if it was all their own unique ideas with no mention of UN involvement.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

physicist, some blogs back you opined that military and intelligence interest in the paranormal never was much and never was in use. some google research on this will find this goes back before the 1970s when it became public, but on is a book by ret. col. John B. Alexander, which describes his own involvement in figuring out what was going on with UFOs and the military, and of course this overlapped to the paranormal research.

relevant to how receptive the general public is, when Jack Anderson blew the lid off this, instead of an incensed public writing him about what an awful waste of taxpayer money this was, not to mention unacceptable in a Christian nation, instead the public sent him a lot of mail expressing pleasure that this study
was being done.

Also of interest is the level of people involved in some of this stuff, and what they went on to under President Bush.

This sort of thing is not marginal or if it is, it is a minority that is entrenched and well placed.

Recently, due to an ex member whistleblower on youtube, I got details on remote viewing that move it from the zone of possible normal capacity to spirit enhanced and I won't deal with it. The remote viewing or RV stuff out on the web, whether announcements from them or classes on how to do it, involve such things as use of sigils and other stuff, and these people started getting paranoid about each other and working out means of stymieing each other's actions on each other.

the book "UFOS Myths Conspiracies and Realities" only mentions this RV stuff in passing, and I haven't read it all yet. But this is a good introduction to a lot of oddball stuff and its role.

you might also want to look into Nick Redfern's book "Final Events" or listen to his interviews on youtube use "collins elite" as a search term.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susanna

Re the scriptural legitimacy or not of telepathy experiments, I guess it depends on what the two people involved think they are doing when they try to 'transmit' and 'receive' information. If they are wholly secular people who do not believe in angels or demons then it is probably safe for them. If they are New Agers then it is probably unsafe. I would not wish to run any experiment that encourages people to silently attempt divination.


Anonymous said...

Whether social workers are 'over-zealous' or not is not the point. What counts is that if they do not intervene in a known problem family, and a drunken stepfather then beats an infant to death, the social worker gets huge public criticism and probably fired. So guess what they do, more and more. Such dilemmas are always what emerge in court in such cases, time after time. There is plenty of evidence in the public domain that this is what is going on, at least in the UK.

To reply to two of you:

"nobody is saying that the govt. has laws and formal policies that specify the kids be sexually abused. what is at issue, is that pedophile networks have infiltrated and taken over the child protective scene."

I never made the former accusation and yes, I agree with the latter. But let's get back to the assertions by that Orthodox bishop. By the end of his monologue you are certain he is saying that children are taken from their parents IN ORDER to satisfy the desires of paedophiles in positions of influence. I dispute that.

"The EU determines what is law in England and it works closely with the UN."

Yes I agree. But it was UN resolutions (not EU) that the bishop said was binding in English law, and that is untrue. And he mentioned 'bankers' without any evidence, even inferential.

"What I don't get is why you are so anxious to take the spotlight off those who have power."

That's not what I'm doing. I'm calling for accuracy in statements, and if they are conjectural then people should say so. Accuracy and sound reasoning carry their own justification.

Anonymous said...

"The remote viewing or RV stuff [is] out on the web"

Which proves that it's true? That accounts for a lot...

I note that you haven't challenged my comments about simple experiments - remote card identification or coin tossing, which show no telepathy.

I do not rule out that by demonic means telepathy can sometimes happen. Christians know that this should not be done. But even then it is not going to work consistently, because man cannot bend Satan to man's will.


Anonymous said...

You say you want accuracy in statements, but nothing you stated says you have looked further on the internet or anywhere else to see what might be going on. You wrote,"I am an English Christian living in England and, although I have not myself seen the 2-hour film, I am sceptical that the EU and elite bankers are involved. Nevertheless the situation is not a good one." You then go on to give your opinion that the problem is with social workers. Unfortunately there are more opinions than facts posted here.

If your main concern is exposing people who toss around pieces of propaganda such as that the Rothchilds and bankers are Satanists, I also have that concern. Just state that concern. For all I know, the archbishop might be a closet antisemite, although doing a search on the internet about him does not mention this. It does say he is against liberal theology, the occult and homosexuality. More on him at
"Patriarch Elijah Anthony Dohnal OSBMr (born 1946 in Hluk[20]) was elected as first Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate."

Now that you have his full name and title, you can do your own research.

I don't keep up with all of the establishment infighting in the Catholic Church though.

Anyone who has read some of Christine's posts know not to take what she says seriously. She is convinced too easily by anything that crosses her eyeballs in her search through very strange worlds.

The topic spoken of by the Archbishop and the two women on youtube is extremely important and shouldn't be glibly dismissed by taking one comment out of 1 hour and 20 minutes of reporting on youtube.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

closet antisemite - most elites and bankers are not Jewish, by blood or faith. The Rothschild satanic connection sounds wild but check the photographs of that jewelry.

physicist, what challenge? I know that the results of rhine cards are varied. I will tell you my own experience with them.

I self tested. I got BELOW AVERAGE RESULT and shrugged it off, since the only instructions were to look for average (no psi) or above average (psi).

As usual, when something odd happens, it is explained years later. Seems according to some more recent (several years ago, the test I did was I think while a teen in the 1960s, early 1970s at latest so
several years ago which is many years after that, I read that BELOW AVERAGE means you have psi and are suppressing it, for whatever reason. fear perhaps. perhaps well grounded fear.

I am very cautious about wierdo claims and stuff, and don't post approval until very convinced.

Since you, physicist, have shown a repeated disinclination to do research online or pursue leads, and wouldn't even try to locate a formula presented to you as a known in use one you should be able to locate, complaining I didn't use professional means of notation (but gave you all you needed to convert to that),

rest assured, I am not impressed with you.

of course, maybe you spotted the trap involved and steered away. That would be clever. your protestations would cover the retreat for reason A on the basis of reason B.

Now, the thing about elites and child trafficking is that this has been going on for some time. Obviously it is not going to be on the official discussion and business lists of bankers, politicians, high society and judges and respectable perverts. It would be a social network of people who know each other, who share the same proclivities, and who have the power to get things done and keep things hidden while using the system to their advantage, on the rare occasions anything of concern to them even gets into the system.

Read THE FRANKLIN COVERUP for starters.

And consider this. Child pornography is an enormous money making business. underage prostitution down to pubescent is also a growing problem.

Who are the clients? who has all this money to spend?

And once someone has been doing this and surreptitiously photographed, that person is under the control of who keeps the photos, if you get my drift.

both sides (using more adult women and homosexual stuff mostly) played this game during the Cold War, but it also exists outside of intelligence agency contexts.

J. Edgar Hoover for years denied organized crime existed, then it turned out that Sam Giancana had photos of him with some homosexual partner, giving him oral sex.

blackmail is a big part of this.

The halfworld has always depended on wealthy upperworld to support it. Even in the Middle Ages, alliances between lords supposed to police their turf under the king, and bandits who gave them a payoff, even let them ride with the bandits, happened now and then.

the big reason for the invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban, was apparently to get the poppy fields back in production.

And police detectives have over and over found that when investigations go beyond a certain point up the ladder, they are shut down.

for starters, read THE CIA AND THE POLITICS OF HEROIN (the movie Air America kind of parodies some of this reality, but it is pretty close), and go from there.

Anonymous said...


I don't write here to impress you. I write to prevent others being taken in by some of the stuff you write.

Any deviation from chance levels in a psi experiment calls for explanation, whether below or above the datum line. I agree with that. As for your explanation begin that you have psi but were suppressing it, slow down. You would surely have KNOWN that you were suppressing it, wouldn't you? We aren't born knowing that we can see - we just do it - but we certainly know when we deliberately don't look.

What was the protocol of the experiment you took part in, eg playing cards turned over and revealed to one person at regular intervals while you tried to intuit which they were? (They have to be at regular intervals or information can be conveyed by the duration between guesses.) Was the experiment conducted double-blind, so that the experimenter you were with did not himself know what constituted a hit or a miss and could not therefore subconsciously cue you into the right result? How was separation between you and the other person maintained? How many tests were done? Al of these can lead to anomalous results.

If you were tested by a decent professional researcher and gave a clear result then I assure you that you would have been selected for further testing and, if that had found psi, your tester - and despite any protestations, yourself - would have become world famous. Yet that didn't happen, which speaks volumes.

"you, physicist, have shown a repeated disinclination to do research online or pursue leads, and wouldn't even try to locate a formula presented to you as a known in use one you should be able to locate, complaining I didn't use professional means of notation (but gave you all you needed to convert to that)"

Christine, research can't be done online because it involves thinking of new ideas, which by definition are not on the internet. I've actually done research in physical science. Regarding the formula you presented, you are showing up only yourself by bringing that up again, as anybody who wants to check can do. You wrote it in an unintentionally ambiguous way and failed to state what any of the symbols meant. If I wrote A = 2bz(g-3.5) and asked you what it meant without specifying what the symbols represented, you would rightly say it could mean anything. It was certainly not an iconic formula like E=mc^2 in which everybody recognises what the symbols mean by convention.


Anonymous said...

"You say you want accuracy in statements, but nothing you stated says you have looked further on the internet or anywhere else to see what might be going on. You wrote,"I am an English Christian living in England and, although I have not myself seen the 2-hour film, I am sceptical that the EU and elite bankers are involved. Nevertheless the situation is not a good one." You then go on to give your opinion that the problem is with social workers. Unfortunately there are more opinions than facts posted here."

Anon@3.48am, I said that accuracy was its own justification and I meant it. If the side of righteousness makes claims that it cannot justify then it will be ridiculed, and I want paedophilia stamped out. Although his heart is in the right place, that Orthodox bishop didn't help the cause with his inaccurate statements about UN resolutions being binding on the UK, or his un-backed-up mention of "bankers." Let those who sail with him try to fill in the gaps in what he said.

Did you miss my statement at 5.19pm that I did subsequently look at the bishop's statement; and at 2.26am indicating where to find an abundance of evidence, in social worker statements deposited in court cases wherein a child has been murdered, that children are kidnapped by social workers playing 'just in case' because they don't want to lose their jobs?

I accept that paedophile rings, probably involving some fairly high-up people, have penetrated the State child care system. I see that as another reason why the State should not involve itself in the family. But I do not accept that children are being kidnapped IN ORDER to service these rings, which was the bishop's clear implication.

Let's stick to public statements that we can prove. Then we stand a better chance of battling the evil that is paedophilia.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

no you do not know when you are suppressing something, glance at any psychology book. perhaps a better term would have been repressing. I was not consciously suppressing.

research is never done on totally new ground. we all stand on the shoulders of giants, or some kind of predecessor. Yes, research is done online, gathering reports, facts, eliminating some things for reasons of fraud or error keeping others because of a match even partial to something else.

its called connecting dots. its also called writing history books, in some contexts its called data mining followed by data massaging.

intelligence agencies do it all the time, you'd be surprised how much is based on open sources, get a piece here, in one newspaper, get a piece somewhere else, put it together and.....

In any case, a formula does not have to be iconic.

There are BOOKS OF FORMULAS. you should be able to find it, sooner or later, IF you are in fact all that deep into physics.

your questions about the rhine card tests, the context, the format, the tester, etc. SHOW YOU DO NOT EVEN READ SIMPLE ENGLISH CLEARLY.


I TESTED MYSELF. real simple. what does testing oneself mean to you? to anyone "I tested myself on the rhine cards" means that I had some cards, with some instructions on doing it alone, and followed the instructions.

I think there is no point trying to talk with you when you can't understand a simple statement and
proceed to ask questions that add up to "I drove to Arizona
in a car" to which you answer "what was the sea like, rough or smooth, did it rain much, were you seasick on the ocean cruiser?"

Anonymous said...

Babble, babble, babble,

I am prone to this confusion.

Babble, babble, babble,

Quite proud of my delusion.

Babble, babble, babble,

Saying nothing of real measure.

Babble, babble, babble,

To everyone's displeasure.

Babble, babble, babble,

Have I told you my latest theory?

Babble, babble, babble,

Is there anyone left to hear me?

Babble, babble, babble,

I see that there is frustration.

Babble, babble, babble,

With my latest proclamation.

Babble, babble, babble,

But this gives me little pause.

Babble, babble, babble,

Because on this blog there are no laws.

Anonymous said...

"your questions about the rhine card tests, the context, the format, the tester, etc. SHOW YOU DO NOT EVEN READ SIMPLE ENGLISH CLEARLY."

You certainly do not write it clearly. And, factually, one mention of "rhine cards" does not establish the experimental protocol. You say you 'tested yourself' for psi using the Rhine (Zener?) cards. If you want your extraordinary claim to be taken seriously then you need to outline the protocol that came with the cards and state how accurately you followed it. You probably do not know about the pitfalls by which people can delude themselves unawares. My questions to you were the first ones that a decent researcher would ask about the test. I can't help it if the notion of rigor is alien to your methodology. Until or unless you get specific the appropriate response to your claim of (anti)-psi is skepticism.

Yes of course all research builds on previous; do you really think I was suggesting otherwise? But it involves a new idea or it would not be research, and new ideas are not on the internet or they would not be new, would they? You might get the data you need to test your idea from the internet, of course.

As for that formula, I do not feel the need to jump through hoops of your setting. When I took exams it was by my choice and the people who set them understood what they were talking about.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Now here is a video on an obscure subject.

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I'll give you some time so you can reflect.

Babble, babble, babble,

Where the hard information is I can't recall.

Babble, babble, babble,

But have I really said anything of value at all?

Anonymous said...

Babble, babble, babble,

Chakras and Psychics and vampires, oh my!

Babble, babble, babble,

Don't know how on a anti-New Age blog I get by!

Babble, babble, babble,

That's right! This blogs unmoderated!

Babble, babble, babble,

No wonder posters are leaving frustrated!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

research only requires some new thing when you are trying to establish some new thing or invent one, not when you are trying to sort out what is going on or went on, etc., really, you need to look into other things than just math.

research on the Internet, research in libraries, these are phrases that have been around quite a while.

as for the Rhine cards, that was back in the 1960s. I only know I did what I was supposed to do, I don't remember the details, I got a below average result which at the time was not written up as a possible result.

and that is all any normal person would read the statement that I had self tested when I was a teenager
and it is already established I am 61 years old.

further questions would not be attempted. I didn't pursue it since I figured this meant I had no psi, but was puzzled.

years later I read that below average means you are psi but repressing it.

I have had to explain this I think three times now. I think it was perfectly clear the first time. I said I self tested, or tested myself, and that phrase
would rule out the need to ask most of the questions you asked. BECAUSE if I had been tested in a lab or by anyone else I would say I had BEEN tested or HAD TAKEN the test, which later is ambiguous though had been tested would be saying someone had tested me.

But to say tested myself or self tested whichever way I said it, means I did it alone, and at that point you can assume it was not in a lab.

Good God man, go study reading comprehension. there are tests I had to pass for some credits that involved telling what a sentence did and did not say. Obviously you would have failed them. These included very similar sentences, which in fact said different things.

Anonymous said...

When you can write decent English you may go and lecture others about it Christine. And when you have done some genuine research then you might be able to talk about that with some authority too. Looking in libraries and online has got called research in recent decades by media people who want to pretend that they are doing real research. Some of them do a valuable job, but it is not research.

"Self testing" does not imply that nobody else is present to assist in administering the protocol, and again you have ducked the question of what you actually did, which is necessary to establish with any degree of confidence what was going on. Psi was disconfirmed in many experiments done far more painstakingly than with a kit that could not have been administered double-blind.


Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way Christine, a few months ago you were desperate to learn my identity. Should be pretty easy if you have psi.


Anonymous said...

You want to see accuracy, then provide some it yourself. Your comments about the situation were made before you saw the video. Your statement at 2:26 is not factual, just your opinion.

I do apologize Anonymous at 4:36 for jumping to a conclusion about you. I read the Daily Mail story, but I was so bothered by your dismissal, at that point, of the video that I didn't read the comments. I just read most of them. I can see why you took the point of view that you did. It was easier for you to go that route rather than to look at new information. I can see now that you weren't trying to deliberately ignore the information in the video. You thought you knew more than you really did.

To go back to the social worker theme, the court system would have to be filled with stupid, untrained people, judges included. To go along through stupidity, ignoring so many cases of bad social work and the damage done to families, up through the higher levels without solid reasons is hard to believe. More likely the court system is filled with Col. Klinks who for their own reasons say "I see nothing." Col. Klink was a sitcom character caught between those under him (the good guys) and those over him (Nazi powers). He chose his way out.

I'm not going to get more specific, but as far as the UN is concerned, I refer you to Check out the documents on the Year of the Child, etc. It is that kind of organizing that allows what is going on.

I was just talking with someone who know the case I know, and we agreed that it is very hard for people to accept what is going on. It would be very nice if the Archbishop could sit you down and have a nice talk with you to explain what he said, but it aint gonna happen. You might try contacting the other women in the video.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah You may not be the greatest rhymer in the world, but you sure do get your message across. Christine should be tested. If we find out how she works, it could be the start of new research on a perpetual motion machine. She just keeps going and going without batteries.

Susanna said...

Physicist 2:05 A.M.

Re: If they are New Agers then it is probably unsafe. I would not wish to run any experiment that encourages people to silently attempt divination.

I agree.

Anonymous said...

The loud-mouthed student deeply regretted she had filed down her fangs to suppress her vampire feeding frenzies. In doing so her arguments reflected the lack of blood flowing to her head. While the class was left confused by her incoherent presentation, she had no recourse but to remind them and the physics professor of their stupidity. The loud-mouthed student re-emerged dizzy, yet confident she had gained credibility.

Anonymous said...

She was a scamp, a camp and a bit of a tramp

She was a V-A-M-P...Vamp

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

using psi to find out - not reliable and not adviseable. As usual you twist thing, I repeatedly stated to people I asked to NOT tell me your identity, merely to take THEIR knowledge of your identity to Cambridge and confirm your credentials. no identity release to me or online here necessary.

judges being stupid and damage to families - the problem is not stupidity it is policies, and it is sometimes judges and others COMPLICIT in all this stuff, pedophiles themselves.

vamp fangs - psi vamps don't drink blood or need fangs.

writing clearly, I repeat, go take those reading comprehension courses and those tests where VERY SIMILAR sentences are shown to be saying different things. I said self tested, clearly I was alone following instructions in a book or a kit.

I don't want to cultivate psi, thank you very much. too destabilizing.

from now on I am ignoring you.

Constance, and anyone but physicist and anon etc., do you have any trouble understanding what I write? not agreeing with it, that is another matter. just knowing what is being said? I only get these complaints from people who seem biassed in some directions anyway.

I don't think Frank has complained of unintelligibility just that he thinks the content is wrong, not that he can't make out what it is.

Anonymous said...

"using psi to find out - not reliable and not adviseable. As usual you twist thing, I repeatedly stated to people I asked to NOT tell me your identity, merely to take THEIR knowledge of your identity to Cambridge and confirm your credentials. no identity release to me or online here necessary."

That's the usual excuse for people who think they have psi not to use it, as it allows them to continue in their delusion.

If you think you have 'noisy' psi then you can do repeated trials to iron out the noise for each letter of my name until you get it.

I sent Susanna the first page of a physics research publication of mine with my name and Cambridge affiliation on it, she declared herself satisfied to you here, and you grumbled that it was not decisive. Clearly nothing other than my identity would have satisfied you, although you will not admit it. I wish to remain anonymous from you.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I never got to see the article myself. and no one wants to make a normal request to Cambridge to verify you, somehow this is specifically stated as violating your privacy. This is a very odd attitude indeed.

I am not interested in knowing your name, since that seems a matter of professional fear to you, that someone where you are would learn you are involved in anti new age stuff. This is legitimate. However, the refusal to make a request for information and then tell me the anonymous results, tells me something is wrong, and wrong with their thinking which I can only assume originates with your influence on them.

Anyway, I don't care. you don't even know that research in LIBRARIES was a normal concept and phrase before the Internet? something is wrong somewhere. Maybe it is only a personality problem nothing more.

now, I am going to ignore you.

I don't see any reason to tie up bandwidth and blog space trying to clarify things when you twist my words or whatever. I am tired of having to do that a lot routine in most of our arguments.

noisy psi has nothing to do with it. I am not going to 1. attempt a difficult thing in any case without long practice or 2. start practicing in the first place.

if you are so concerned that only demonic aid can produce psi, why do you try to get me to do this?

Anonymous said...

Christine, you already said you would ignore me above, yet you responded. Please keep your pledge.

"somehow this is specifically stated as violating your privacy. This is a very odd attitude indeed. I am not interested in knowing your name, since that seems a matter of professional fear to you, that someone where you are would learn you are involved in anti new age stuff."

It is you whom I do not wish to know my contact details. I am openly anti-New Age by name.

"if you are so concerned that only demonic aid can produce psi, why do you try to get me to do this?"

I trust Christians not to go asking spirits for information. (See my exchange with Susanna above.)


Anonymous said...

thank you physicist. Christine is outed (again). she dabbles where christians should not go. the "tail is wagging the dog" in this instance (and others). Christine, all i see (in your interest to dispense "knowledge" is your ego stoked and according demons to oppress you. professing to be wise Christine you prove exactly what i and i'm sure others have come to know...that you are a blind guide. God is the Revealer of Hearts (acts 1:24)-will you give it a rest to just seek Him for the understanding you crave?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

physicisr, that was not a "pledge" so much as a final rejection of and giving up on you. But I am not going to let this glaring example of your dishonesty and game playing pass.

you trust Christians not to ask spirits for help? that isn't the issue. YOU claim that NO psychic powers exist except they are demonic. to try to develop such powers or use them, is to be
working with demons whether the psychic knows this or not. (and I agree in many cases this is what is going on.)

so you ARE telling to work on such powers as I might have driven to latency, reactivate them, and thus be effectively reactivating whatever demonic presence has been rendered inactive.

I don't see why you would be concerned about my knowing your name, especially since that was explicitly requested to NOT be given but that someone check with Cambridge itself as to whether you got a degree there.

now it is possible to be incredibly sloppy in all but one matter, and dishonesty is in no way inconsistent with having degrees or even being a high muckety muck at a university or whatever. so I would not be totally surprised to find you check out okay.

at this point I don't give a skubala. I am only mildly curious.

BUT YOU HAVE SHOWN YOUR TRUE COLORS, which are not so much new age as hypocrisy and so forth, as EVERYONE can see because you have consistently denied any psychism can exist without demons, known or unknown to the psychic, because the human soul or spirit has no mechanism to do this on its own.

therefore you are encouraging me to deal with demons. to engage in mental activities that will get their attention and their help even without my asking them or believing they are involved.

I have repeatedly held that whether that is what is going on, depends on the individual and other things. I also have said I figure I did have some demon problems. therefore it is possible any ability I have is not normal, or if it is it still would make me vulnerable to such.
Something happened, I am not sure what, that scared me and I shut this down mostly. Even when I would try I wouldn't get anywhere much. subconsciously I was suppressing it. And there is probably a good reason for that.

now I am no longer on speaking terms with you.

Anonymous said...


In the Middle Ages before science there was genuine lack of knowledge of what was possible with material science and what was demonic. The mediaevals would certainly have thought that heavier-than-air flight in aeroplanes was demonic, yet we know it's not. So the question is (and was) how can you advance science without risking interaction with demons? The answer is very simple: don't interact with demons. Don't invoke them, don't talk to them, don't go and ask people to talk to the dead like Saul did, etc. If you do that then you won't get demonised; or if, unhappily you already are demonised, you won't get any worse demonised.

It was on that principle that I said what I did. I am trusting you as a Christian NOT to deliberately interact with demons. If I were running a scientific psi test then I would use only Christians and secular people as subjects, because they are the ones guaranteed not to call on demons. It would be unethical to use anybody who might call on demons because the experiment could have a subsequent harmful effect on them.

When academic parapsychologists do simple and watertight (actually infotight) experiments to test psi they always get negative results. My best guess of what happened when you tested yourself for psi is either that you didn't do enough repetitions to get a null result with statistical significance or there were slight differences between the backs of the cards that enabled you to recognise them subconsciously. When such experiments are done double-blind - look the phrase up if you aren't familiar with it - then the results fall to chance level. We have also learned from such experiments what incredibly subtle cues we can pick up subconsciously. But it is impossible to say more about your experience because you have never stated here what your experimental protocol was in spite of repeated requests. Is it possible that you like to think you have psi (even if in inverted form) and you don't want the risk of learning that you don't?

One of the consequences of the consistent negative results when simple experiments were done with watertight protocols is that academic parapsychologists dreamed up ever more complex tests that were difficult to interpret and engage with. They had to, didn't they, because they'd be out of a job otherwise...

As usual you twist my words.


Anonymous said...

For those getting tired of the discussion between Flighty and Patient, here's something to think about.

Back in 2009 Susanna posted here an article which resonates with many things going on right now. Just substitute the term New Age for Unorthodox Christian Mysticism. Compare they they supported with what Progressives (communists) are supporting now.
Occult Roots of the Russian Revolution

Anonymous said...

"Research can be an idol. Fighting evil can be an idol, and a really dangerous one, because then you NEED some evil to exist to give your life meaning".

From 10:51 p.m. a good summary....that Constance posted a while back.

Christine these are your words.
On a constant hunt for evil is not wise....I ask you to rethink all this. Go get some quiet for your heart and mind. The "tangle" trying to do the "tango" with these subjects can and will overwhelm anyone if they are not careful and daily arming themselves with the Word of God to fortify against the constant fight that is spiritual going on right over our heads. I doubt that you are looking long into the Perfect Law of Liberty or you would not be so pressured within and on this relentless hunt. You are human. Take a deep breath right there for a beginning..........

Please do not become another victim of fighting the good fight with the arm of flesh that fails you (us).


paul said...

Is it just me or does this seem like a ridiculous
verdict against some scientists in Italy ?
I'm in disbelief here...

paul said...

Whoops, sorry. Here's the link:

I think this has implications as a precident
for future dealings in this twisted New Age.


Anonymous said...


I was initially shocked at the conviction of the Italian seismologists. I remain well short of the information needed to come to an informed conclusion, but I expect that they chose to accept payment in order to sit on an advisory committee, and I believe that we must all take full responsibility for advice we give. If they didn't know then the appropriate advice was “we’re not sure.” I don't think that's what was said.


Anonymous said...

The loud-mouthed student was pleased she had made a major breakthrough with the class. It was bittersweet but she counted it as gold nontheless. Although she couldn't pursuade the class that her writing style was full of, among other things, eloquence, she did note they accepted she was not to be counted among the living dead. For when the class heard her explain herself as merely a psychic vampire without fangs, they immediately recognized her strong likenesses to Freddy Krueger.

paul said...

I hope it's like that.
But I wonder just how far into the New Age that
the current Italian government is, and if maybe
they don't need to start blaming anyone; scientists
even, for their corrupt government and that they just really need a few scapegoats at this particular time,
because all their failed socialist policies and
politics have resulted in millions of people
being poor, all of a sudden.
I mean c'mon, earthquake prediction is inexact
to say the least. But if you believe that man is
the real god, then you have to blame man for
what we used to call "acts of God"

But I do hope that you're right.

Anonymous said...


Everybody knows that prediction of big earthquakes is not possible, in our present state of knowledge at least. The Italian government knows that, the scientists know it, and the at-risk public know it. But it seems that one of the scientists told everybody to relax. Even then that's acceptable as informal advice because it's up to the individual to accept or reject it, but if it comes from a government body hen that's something else. The question is whether the advice was official. I don't know all the facts.


Anonymous said...

If you have been following the New Age movement for any length of time, how would you respond to the article posted at Wikipedia? It is articles such at that one which stop people from looking further as they assume because it is intelligently written, it is accurate.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

well for one thing, take the argument that the Grand Lodges of freemasonry aren't all that agreed. The real issue is that 1. freemasonry posits ideals that do not forbid such efforts and 2. it is a perfect social networking system on which can be caddied anything incl. this sort of thing.

pick apart errors in a similar vein.
sure, some of these conspiracy theories are a bid overly extensive but change the word from conspiracy to cooperation and corruption and leave out the wierd history, what is going on NOW?

this shows several articles on the subject of proven interlocking directorates and ownership by corporations of other corporations that add up to 147 companies controlling at least %40 of everything and in addition to judge by one title that narrows down to 4 that effectively run them.

the publically stated goals of a lot of UN and other papers confirm an intention in the direction of world government.

now, end times aside, the progressive elimination of distinct nation states within regions, is bad because of reasons shown already in the failed USSR experiment, a central control is likely to not respond well to local differences of need and situation.

Also, if a major problem develops in a country there is nowhere to emigrate to that is any different or under another ruling body and police.

If this is true in a regional setting, that makes escape more difficult. and once true in a world setting, impossible.

the publically stated intentions and public record background of some eugenics and religion unification and economic unification operations and their present influence in all this shows that the possibility for something bad to happen is serious.

wars have not been prevented by the UN. The prevention of nuclear war between USSR and USA in Kennedy's time was TOTALLY WITHOUT THE UN, and was done by private communication between Kennedy and Kruschev.

I hope this helps as a starter. Constance's book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow has some useful stuff in it.

Anonymous said...

"wars have not been prevented by the UN. The prevention of nuclear war between USSR and USA in Kennedy's time was TOTALLY WITHOUT THE UN, and was done by private communication between Kennedy and Kruschev."

Indeed. A pleasure to agree with you. Neither have they been prevented by the EU which absurdly just won the Nobel Peace Prize. It's not clear to me whether this award discredited the EU or the Peace Prize more. It should have gone to NATO, which really did keep the peace in Europe during the Cold War, but that would have been too politically incorrect. Sweden, which awards the Nobels, kept out of NATO but benefited from it.


Anonymous said...

I hope that wasn't an answer to my question about Wikipedia Christine. I don't have my decoder ring anymore.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

i don't understand what was so difficult about my answer. In any case, here is something that can undermine wikipedia's credibility.

as the second article puts it, for some it is a good starting point.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

regarding pedophilia in high places, look at this and check on the related articles.

Anonymous said...

Christine's link led to this one which is much better.

Anonymous said...

This link will get you to a very informative article. The link I previously posted is missing "l" at the end which is why nothing comes up.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

be sure to click on the skip ad thing in the bottom left on the video when it appears. I am watching this now, Monckton is excellent on refuting the global warming and environmentalism tyranny stuff. In this video he is going to be arguing with Al Gore.

Anonymous said...

I've followed the global warming debate for a long time and I am highly dubious that human-produced CO2 is going to cause catastrophic global warming. This is not a physics blog so I'll not say more just now but the best website on both the science (well explained at popular level) and the politics is Jo Nova's at


Anonymous said...

Jane Roe (Roe vs. Wade) airs anti-Obama ad in Florida

(WARNING: This video is graphic....although nothing is more OFFENSIVE than the killing of 50 million innocent babies!!!)

Anonymous said...

Nearly 40 years ago [January, 1973], as a young, pregnant woman, Norma McCorvey played an instrumental part in the Supreme Court decision that brought legal abortion to America. Now McCorvey, the ‘Roe’ in the Roe v. Wade case, has released an ad urging voters not to vote for Obama.

McCorvey became a Christian in 1995 and has since repudiated her role in Roe v. Wade, campaigning for its reversal.

In her ad, McCorvey says the Roe v. Wade decision was based upon a “lie” and urges citizens to vote against Obama.

The transcript:

“I’m Norma McCorvey, the former Jane Roe of the Roe vs. Wade decision that brought ‘legal’ child killing to America.

“I was persuaded by feminist attorneys to lie; to say that I was raped, and needed an abortion. It was all a lie.

“Since then, over 50 million babies have been murdered. I will take this burden to my grave.

“Please, don’t follow in my mistakes. DO NOT vote for Barack Obama. He murders babies.”

Anonymous said...

The Beginning of the End of the Abortion Industry?

Anonymous said...

Please don't get complacent thinking that others are getting the job done. No, the anti-life internationalists are on a terror ride. If they can't control the population numbers through emotional manipulation, (and that's the bottom line regarding abortion), they have other tools in their bag to help their goals. Genetic screening. Euthanasia. Promotion of homosexuality. Over 25 years ago a chart reached pro-lifers that originated in International Planned Parenthood. It showed what the available tools were at the time to promote International Population Control. My copy is lost, but if anyone knows of that chart, please post it.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify...

The TITLE of the article (that I posted at 12:38 PM) was probably misleading ~ as the article refers more to the actual workers in the abortion industry in describing their negative experiences and 'light bulb moments' (everything from suffering burnout, to change of heart, to spiritual conversion)...hoping this might begin a snowball effect that would end up having a negative impact on the abortion industry itself.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

thanks for the link, I copied the article and posted to three or more egroups.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

here is an article dealing with child sex trafficking in the Georgia child protective services context, and three legislators found dead so far who were fighting this. I have to split the article into two posts because there is a 4,096 character limit to these posts.

Third Georgia Legislator Found Dead
by ALG Poster Boy » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:56 pm

VoterGA Supporters,
I felt that this story was important enough to deviate from our normal subject matter and pay a small tribute to these courageous individuals:
Link to VoterGa Story: Third Georgia Legislator Found Dead in Last Two Years

February 16, 2012

Three courageous Georgia state legislators, all child advocates in the fight against human trafficking, have now been found dead within the last two years. The most recent tragedy involves former 20-year State Senator Robert Brown. Sen. Brown was found with a gunshot wound to the head at his Macon home in an apparent suicide on December 8, 2011. A complete autopsy report has not yet been released
Sen. Brown was the Senate minority leader for 7 years until he resigned during 2011 in an unsuccessful bid for mayor of Macon. In 2008, Brown was a co-sponsor of SB 415, a sweeping reform bill that was designed to protect children in a variety of ways. In particular, it offered protection from government agents and agencies that appeared culpable in neglecting and abusing those children while they were in custody.
SB415 was introduced by former Senator, Nancy Schaefer. Sen. Schaefer was an outspoken critic of Child Protective Services (CPS) in general and specifically, the Department of Family and Child Services (DFACS) in Georgia. She presented several cases where children were removed improperly from their homes for profit. Sen. Schaefer had just finished filming a still unpublished video documentary on the subject when she and her husband were found shot to death in their bedroom on March 26, 2010 in Habersham County. Their deaths were ruled a murder suicide, that was committed by Sen. Schaefer’s husband, Bruce.
After the death of Sen. Schaefer, another child advocate legislator, former Representative, Bobby Franklin became increasingly involved in the issue. He decided to draft a bill for the 2011 session that would abolish DFACS altogether. Rep. Franklin was found lying dead on the floor of his Cobb County bedroom on July 26, 2011. An autopsy report, indicating that Rep. Franklin died from organic heart failure, was eventually released in late December 2011.
No other Georgia legislators so recently active have died during this period. These child advocate legislators were a few of only a small handful of legislators who had the courage to take a hard stand against such horrible crimes even when government agencies and representatives may have been involved. Their work was particularly important given that Atlanta has long been ranked as a top national hub for child sex trafficking.
SB415: ... 008/SB/415
Schaefer Report: ... rvices.pdf.
Sen. Schaefer’s Eagle Forum presentation:
World Congress of Families in Amsterdam:

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Re: Third Georgia Legislator Found Dead
by ALG Poster Boy » Thu May 10, 2012 12:00 pm

Friends in Clarkston, At last I got on the Alex Jones show, on Tuesday. I did not know what I was going to talk about, since I thought I would never get through and then it hit me perfect. I had to trumpet the cause of our three murdered Georgia Senator and state reps.* for heroically trying to reign in DFACS for child sex slavery operations.

*murder actually not proven in all three cases. Although each was working on exposing DFACS and each died shortly their after.

Will Karla Drenner, our own area state representative take up the cause in halting this hideous evil goings on? The State of Georgia receives 3 billion dollars a year for DFACS. Fedgov pays 30K per child that DFACS takes, and another 30K to relocate to foster homes which is where the pedophiles descend upon the children en masse. What will Karla do to stand up against this in the 2013 legislative session?

Click on this link (Alex Jones Show) and scroll through the time til exactly 1:00 hours into the show. I come on at exactly 1:01

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

seems the Nancy Shafer death was ruled murder-suicide, here is an article with strong arguments refuting this. MURDERS ARE SOMETIMES MADE TO LOOK LIKE SUICIDES. especially when silencing someone and at the same time sending a message to those smart enough to know that deaths when convenient are not suicide, and being that smart makes them dangerous to the interests of the killers.

I have read of such deaths being ruled suicide that involved multiple "self inflicted" gunshots, incl. one case that involved being shot in the back.

Anonymous said...

Check out this message entitled,

"I wish to call upon all of God's children in the United States of America,"


"The Christian faith will be banned in time, along with other religions, which honour My Father."

"As the greatest nation in the world to proclaim freedom through democracy, you will soon be denied the right to be a Christian."

"This right, although denied to you will be seen as a democratic move. These new laws, soon to be introduced into your nation, will be seen as inclusive laws, so that everyone is protected, under a one-world religion."

I know some of you have scoffed at these messages in the past, but the way things are going in this country, especially with OBAMA and his 900+ "Executive Orders", one could easily see how this could happen.


paul said...

Christine 11:48
Didn't Hunter Thompson die of the
very deadly 3 shot suicide ?

Anonymous said...

"thewarningsecondcoming" =
more Roman Catholic bilge. There's no end to it. Go ahead, pray to the saints- see where that gets you. It's pure IDOLATRY, and those practicing it will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Wake up, por favor.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Hard to tell about Thompson, doesn't look like it, but maybe....not three kill shots though, the three shots fired were into the air to honor his passing from a shotgun after he was found dead, as the police were arriving. There are some oddities about the thing though.

Conveniently a rumor went out that he was involved in a pedophilic snuff film, at least in shooting it, and was about to be found out. well, that would disgust enough people to turn them from looking at him so they miss that he was looking into the WTC thing, probably building 7, so the story about him might have been a lie.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

here is the latest from that excellent site, read this and the other previous parts of this series of articles and follow the links to other articles. dominionism is not only heresy and part of a political dubious scene, it is also part of this big fleshlyness and worse problem in the churches.

I see some elements happening in RC and EO too, though the frozen stable nature of the Holy Liturgy and other services keeps it limited.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

something else of interest. no it isn't the mark of the beast but it is real problematic for personal security reasons (nothing is unhackable) and other matters.

paul said...

The story I heard was that Hunter Thompson was on the phone with his wife and that she heard 3 shots
He had been very busy exposing the NWO.

Anonymous said...

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Len said...

Christine 5:56 pm:

Linked blog post about the Rothchilds is full of unfounded speculation and is ignorant of Hebrew.

Even the word, "Adon-i" is sanctified and pronounced only during prayer.

The word, "ba'al," means "master," not "lord." So "Ba'al Shem Tov" means "Master of The Good Name."

All in all, what is the point of the link if not antisemitism?

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