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I continue to investigate links between Paul Temple, the Prayer Breakfast Network and the Inner Core of the New Age Movement

As the connections between the New Age Movement and the Prayer Breakfast Network of Douglas Coe and Paul Temple have become more transparent in the past year, I have re-examined some of my own back work for clues. You may download this file, Vol. 3, No. 1 - 1988.pdf by clicking on the small down arrow on the link. You may also access it by clicking on "Presentations" link at the right. Relevant text includes

Who's Who in the Soviet American Dialogues?
Executive and Advisory Council:
Rama J. Vernon, Director; Linda L. Johnson,Assistant Director; Beatrice R. Culver, M.A., Administrator; Phyllis M. Grimes, Secretary; Edwin R. Johnson, Director of U.S. & Soviet Affairs Barbara Marx Hubbard, Co-Director, Soviet American Network; Fr. Luis M. Dolan, Director of UN & International Affairs; Willis M. Harmon, Ph.D., International Relations Consultant; Msgr. Thomas Hartman: Director of Radio and T.V.John Ariel Murphy, Video Productions; William F. Vendley, D.O., Director, Exchange Programs, Mos.; Chuck Alton, President of U.S. Radio, Inc. Roscius N. Doan, MN. D., US-USSR Peace Park Program; Howard Frazier, Exec Director, Promoting Enduring Peace; Robert Fuller, International Relations Consultant; Clinton C. Gardner, Pres., US-USSR, Bridges for Peace; James A. Garrison, Ph.D., Director, Soviet-American Exchange, Esalen; Captain John Joseph Gregory, RMS Queen Mary; Jack J. Holland, Ph.D., Institute Human Growth & Awareness; Norie Huddle, Director, Center for New National Security; William Mandel, Sovietologist, Broadcaster, Author; Sig Paulson, INTA Congress Co-Chairperson; Ruth Robertson, Research Consultant; Abdul Aziz Said, Professor International Relations, American University; Rev. Swami Satchidananda, Integral Yoga Institute; Patricia Sun, Institute of Communication for Understanding Sharon Tennison, Director, Center for US/USSR Initiatives; David A. Thompson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University; William W. Whitson, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board, Center Links Information Services.

"Reference Materials Used by the Soviet-American Process

Barbara Marx Hubbard

    • Manual for Co-Creators of the Quantum Leap.
    • The Book of Co-Creation
    • TheActs and the Epistles
    • The Promise Will be Kept
    • The Revelation -- Alternative to Armageddon
    • Instructions to the Transition Team

Barbara Marx Hubbard's "Transition Team"appears to be amalgamation of old time left·leaning WILFP type volunteers and self-conscious New Agers such as those affiliatedwith Global Family. They are all, however, being indoctrinated in heavy-duty New Age spiritualities. Moreover, the "spiritualities" they are being taught to accept as a necessary part of the "transition process" are identical in tenor to the materials disseminated by Lucis Trust. They even sound much like claimed transmissions to Benjamin Creme from "Lord Maltreya" himself. Barbara explains that the impetus for her writing came from a 1980 experience with a "Christ presence." "In February 1980 I [Barbara Marx Hubbard] had a profound experience with a Christ Presence. I was In Santa Barbara writing a book. I had a writer's block. One day, I surrendered, and took a drive through the magnificent mountains. As I was driving Isaw a little sign that said 'Mount Calvary Monastery.' "Suddenly Light enveloped me. I swerved off the road and said to my sister, 'We are going to Mount Calvary.' I felt I had been there before.... The image of metamorphosis penetrated my consciousness. The Light Presence returned .. ,"The voice speaking to Barbara Marx Hubbard claimed to be one and the same as the crucified and resurrected Christ." My resurrection was real. It was a signal of all of yours. Why do you suppose I submitted to the calumny of Calvary but to demonstrate the the physical body can be and must be transformed." The voice claims It is 'Christ'. . . . [The] Voice has Alice Balley message. On pages 588-589 of The Externalisation of the Hierarchy Alice Bailey gave a seven-point program for propagandising the world to accept a new "Christ." A primary tenet was to be "connectedness." Barbara Marx Hubbard's voice has the same aims: "The resurrection was an early-attraction signal to the human race of what can be done, through love of each person, as a member of one's own body ... The intensity of that love, the power of that connectedness, is the key to the resurrection-- now known as the transformation."

Now, fascinatingly, and perhaps because it was known that we were watching closely, Fellowshiup Foundation / Institute of Noetic Sciences insider and bankroller, Paul N. Temple was not mentioned in Hubbard's literature contemporaneous with the "Soviet American Dialogue Process. However, we now know that he played a major role in the Soviet-American Dialogue Process as well. Reading from Barbara Marx Hubbard's 1989 autobiographical book, THE HUNGER OF EVE, we read on page 225:

"Paul Temple, president of Energy Capital and chairman of the board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences was the Master of Ceremonies. He asked the Soviets to stand up and be recognized . . . They stood, those sophisticated Communists . . . The clapping became louder and louder and suddenly the Americans were standing applauding thunderously . . . It went on for what seemed like an eternity, maybe ten or fifteen minutes . . . Paul [Temple] stood there smiling . . . "

Here's another internet site with a different, but interesting perspective on the whole scene which it describes as "The Aviary."

As all of these New Age / Apostate Christian fronts more or less harmonically converge, I am not surprised. I have viewed it as a continuum since first discovering it in 1981. They have had their setbacks, not only a few related to their discovery and exposure. How much longer the Lord will hold it back, I do not know. This much I do know. If God is ready, we'd better be!



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Don't know if you've seen this on Coe:


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The 2009 IONS conference will feature her:

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One more:

this is her it will be interesting to see more links between Paul Temple and the Prayer breakfast.

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Something to keep our eyes on:

Obama's NSC will get sweeping new powers

One thing that jumped out at me was that he intends to subsume Homeland Security under the National Security Council.

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Alternative medicine ,including Reiki therapy, attributed to dead tumors in child that was expected to die:

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A continuation from the last thread. Somehow a new thread always comes up when things become heated.

Words from the playground...
On your last show Constance, you told us that a nun, who was a friend of yours, gave you words of consolation when you desperately needed them. You are allowing her and her religion to be thrown under the bus on a regular basis. When did you give that talk to the messianic congregation who paid you a nice fee?

With a fury Joyce takes over this blog.

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Anonymous 8:42
And if the alternative health offerings didn't help, do you think the news would have carried the story? Probably only if a Christian family had turned to them and the child died.

Holistic health promotions are being promoted everywhere. They are cheaper to use by the HMOs and insurance companies than standard medical practice so they are being promoted as an alternative. No one really cares if lives are lost because of this alternative care.

Straight New Age. Did you hear about the holistic practioner who was used in heart transplant surgery who transferred the energy from the old patient's heart to the new patient in the operation room?

Anonymous said...


You didn't seem to care about my comments on Islam, or Rick Warren...If you will read my comments with a little more objectivity you will see that I am not selective about my criticism. I don't think all Messianic practice is perfect either, so that's not the issue here. Knock yourself out if you want to criticize Messianics. I could care less.. You know I'll correct your errors though, so just make sure your criticism is legitimate.

The issue here is that I am really a Jew and I believe in Yeshua, and that bugs you. If I would just shut up about it you might not care, but the fact is I am still here like a thorn in your side..

Another issue is I won't make the New Age the center of my comments but the truth of Scripture and so Scripture is my priority, and I evaluate New Age in light of Scripture.. not the reverse.

I challenge some of your assumptions like the most important thing is uncovering the New Age regardless of what belief system we belong to, to which I say "rubbish". The most important thing is having life in Yeshua, if we have Him and are born-again, we will naturally thirst for truth and therefore automatically avoid the New Age.

I forgive you for always attacking me and my comments on the blog because I understand that it is impossible for you to understand without Yeshua in your life, spiritually speaking .

One day I pray that you will understand the battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly it says in Ephesians. If you don't like me, it's because my comments may be touching areas you would prefer not to think about. It may also be that there is an enemy in your life that doesn't want you to understand because you might see the light of the gospel and be saved.

All I can say is don't blame Constance and don't shoot me, the messanger..

Having said that, I really think a friendship of many years like you had with Constance is not something to mess up over me, so I hope you will learn about forgiveness because Yeshua died so that all of our sins will be forgiven, including yours, mine and everyone elses. Because I know I'm forgiven, I know also I must forgive you and that allows me to live in real freedom without bitterness and resentment, regardless of what you say.

Praying for you,

Constance Cumbey said...

to 9:06 a.m., as I best recall, I did tell that Messianic Jewish congregation, none of whom I met appeared to be Catholic bashers, that story. I certainly told them about the priest who helped me get the work out when my own pastor acted as if I were delusional when I reported the New Age facts to him.


Anonymous said...


Most of the Messianics I know recognize the role of the institutional Church in removing the "hebraic roots" of the faith whether they said it out loud at the congregation you visited or not. That doesn't mean that they "bash Catholics" or hate Catholics, so I would like to make that distinction. Most Messianics feel that something happened at the end of the 1st Century that was not necessarily what the apostles themselves intended, so in defining that it means that you have to negate something else. If there was a way of doing that without making any references to the history it would be a lot easier. I don't think that constitutes bashing as much as disagreeing. Within the Catholic Church itself there is strong disagreement as we witness today and they are not very gentle when they disagree either, and within Judaism as well, but I guess it's the old Arab adage, me against my brother, me and my brother against my cousin, me, my brother and my cousin against our neighbor ( think I got that right).

It is almost impossible to really define Messianic belief without talking about what it negates, but there is such a range of diverse belief among what we label "messianic" it's almost impossible to put a label on.

I know people who call themselves Messianics whose practice is indistinguishable from the Evangelical church, probably some like Dorothy talked about months back who came out of Assemblies of God. There are those whose practice is almost identical to the synagogue and everything in between. There are those who think Torah is only for Jews, and those who think Torah is for everyone. There are all different degrees of Torah observance, from none to orthodox. The list goes on, but you get the idea. Just explaining in case you haven't studied the movement. Most are quite opposed to New Age, but there might be exceptions. There are those that dabble in kabbalah which is wrong, as far as I'm concerned.

The Messianic movement is not that old unless you tie it back to the Apostles themselves which I would..but then the question is, why did it get "snuffed out" for 19 centuries and today it's growing again?

I have tried to not criticize Catholics as individuals as much as criticizing doctrines that seem to contradict Scripture and have led to the separation of Jews from Yeshua. Part of this reflects my own burden for my people who have blinded for the sake of the nations. Granted, Jews themselves in the 1st and 2nd centuries did some of their own separating, but I believe their was a severing from the roots.. and I among a growing majority that feel this way, including Gentile believers. Having said that I believe God permitted this too. The gospel looked about as Hebrew as Joseph did in Egypt if that makes any sense by the 4th Century.

However, I don't hold individual Catholics responsible for that, especially since my own family practiced Catholicism at some point.. Most Catholics don't even take the time to stop and think about what I am saying. I have had Jews say to me "Yeshua was a Jew so why are Christians so against everything that is from the Torah? " It's a really legitimate question if you stop and think about it. Most people just don't take the time to question the system they were raised in.

Ironically, most Messianic congregations are composed of a high percentage of non-Jewish believers who are also drawn to the hebraic roots of the faith.. This might be a little more representative of what the assemblies looked like in the years following Yeshua's death both before the destruction of the Temple and a little after.

Most of what is perceived as "bashing" that I've been accused of on the blog is just to make people question a little bit. If time was an indicator of truth, then Karen Armstrong is right and some of these other ancient civilizations have truth too.

However, I don't believe that there are a million different truths out there, or that truth is relative. There is only one truth and it's up to us to search for it.. not saying that I have all the answers, but I am the kind of person that is always questioning and if something doesn't make sense I will continue to search. The Bible says, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you...

I do believe God delights in revealing Himself to those who seek to know Him. I also believe knowing the truth of Scripture is absolutely one's best defense against the New Age.

Having said that, I am sorry that Dorothy is giving you a hard time over me, so my apologies for any trouble I might have inadvertently caused you. That's not my goal, but I don't think she will be happy unless I leave the blog altogether and so if you think that would help I will do that, no problem. If I stay, I'm going to write what I see and what I think..Don't know how to do that any other way. I didn't major in diplomacy obviously. I know Dorothy had some differences over Nikki too, but I hope your long-standing friendship can be restored.. I know we serve a God of shalom.

Anonymous said...

If you ever watched "Seinfeld," there was an episode where George needs his tonsils out and Kramer convinces him to see some "spiritual health guy" instead of simply getting a tonsilectomy. He gives George some concoction with eggplant in it. It turned out George was allergic to eggplant and suddenly you see him in an ambulance. That's what I think of when I think of "holistic health."


Anonymous said...

I knew some people in this list. Some of them I knew well. The Chairman Rama Jhoti Vernon was my best yoga teacher. She was so good that she could show me, a middle aged and somewhat frail woman, how to lift her then husband, John Murphy (also listed here, or at least A John Murphy)on my back without effort or injury. Amazing.

Swami Satchidananda was the guru who helped me recover from the horror of a "kundalini crisis," which can happen if one over does yoga. He was a good man in that he recognized excess in American yoga. He was a friend of Rama Jhoti too. He died a few years ago, so this list is old.

I am so sad that these nice people are devoted to the New Age. They are, because they are fundamentally intelligent and nice, the most "dangerous" of the NA.

Rama had a child with John Murphy, if this it he right John Murphy, her fifth. She now is based in Sedona and travels to do yoga and spiritual counseling. I am on her mailing list but do not correspond. I did send a note telling her I "follow Jesus" but got no answer.

I guess I will get off the list. No use being connected to what is going "down."

Sadly, wishing this were not so,


Anonymous said...

Ben Stein has proven once again that “NO INTELLIGENCE IS ALLOWED.”

Anonymous said...

From the International Herald Tribune and the AP (02/08/09):

German leader calls pope about Holocaust denier

BERLIN: The German chancellor called the pope Sunday, days after she demanded he clarify the Vatican's stance on the Holocaust after it lifted the excommunication of a bishop who denies six million Jews were killed.

Chancellor Angela Merkel initiated the "good and constructive conversation" and it was characterized by "common deep concern about the perpetual warning of the Shoah for humanity," said a joint statement with German-born Pope Benedict XVI. Shoah is a Hebrew word for the Holocaust.

On Tuesday, Merkel made a rare public demand for clarification after the Vatican lifted the excommunication of traditionalist British Bishop Richard Williamson, who has said he does not believe any Jews were gassed during the Holocaust.

A day later, the Vatican demanded that Williamson recant his denial of the Holocaust before he can be admitted into the Roman Catholic Church as a bishop. Merkel welcomed that stance.

The pope's action revived strains in relations between the Vatican and Jews. Jewish groups have previously criticized Benedict's decision to restore what they see as an offensive prayer for the conversion of Jews in Easter Week services of the old Latin Mass.

Some Jews accuse World War II Pope Pius XII of not speaking out to try to prevent the Holocaust; and Israeli officials recently took offense when a senior cardinal said Gaza under the Israeli offensive seemed like a "big concentration camp."

Williamson is one of four bishops from the ultraconservative Society of St. Pius X whose excommunication was lifted by the Vatican last month.

He has apologized to the pope for having stirred controversy, but has not repudiated his comments, in which he also said only 200,000 to 300,000 Jews were killed during World War II.

Williamson does not plan to immediately comply with the Vatican's demand that he recant, and has rejected a suggestion that he might visit the former Auschwitz death camp, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported Saturday.

Williamson said he would correct himself if he is satisfied by the evidence, but insisted that examining it "will take time," Der Spiegel reported.

Several efforts by The Associated Press to reach Williamson at his home in La Reja, Argentina, have been unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:06 PM

Re:BERLIN: The German chancellor called the pope Sunday, days after she demanded he clarify the Vatican's stance on the Holocaust after it lifted the excommunication of a bishop who denies six million Jews were killed.

Fair enough.

And once Pope Benedict XVI clarifies his stance on the Holocaust to Angela Merkel's satisfaction, perhaps the Pope should demand that Angela Merkel clarify to his satisfaction what she means by saying that she is a "centrist" with regard to the issue of abortion.

Same for the 47 hypocritical "Catholic" Democrats in Congress who also made demands similar to Merkel's.

Anonymous said...


February 6, 2009

.....The director of the Holy See Press Office took aim at Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos and others who were involved in the decision to lift the SSPX bishops’ excommunications. “They didn't take the views of the other bishops enough into account,” he said. “One thing that's certain is that the pope didn't know [about Bishop Williamson’s denial of the Holocaust’s extent]. If someone should have known, it was Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos.” .......

See also

Anonymous said...


Friday, February 06, 2009

Associated Press

VATICAN CITY — An ultraconservative society threw out an Italian priest Friday after he expressed doubts about the Holocaust, news reports said.

The Italian branch of the Society of St. Pius X said it expelled the Rev. Floriano Abrahamowicz to prevent its image from being "distorted," the ANSA and Apcom news agencies said, citing a statement from the society.

The Vatican rehabilitated four excommunicated bishops from the society last month, sparking outrage since one of them, British Bishop Richard Williamson, said he did not believe any Jews were gassed during the Holocaust.

Abrahamowicz had defended Williamson and also expressed doubts about the extent of the Holocaust in remarks to La Tribuna di Treviso, a newspaper in northern Italy.

In the interview, which he said later he stood by, he said he knew gas chambers existed to "disinfect" but that "I can't say if anybody was killed in them or not."

This week, he was quoted as saying on Italian TV that the Second Vatican Council, the 1960s meetings which paved the way for liberal reforms in the Roman Catholic Church, was "worse than heresy."

ANSA and Apcom quoted a statement from the Italian branch of the society saying Abrahamowicz's expulsion took effect Friday "for serious reasons of discipline."

"The Rev. Floriano Abrahamowicz has for some time expressed positions that differ from the official ones of the Society of St. Pius X," the agencies quoted the statement as saying.

"The expulsion decision, while difficult, was deemed necessary to prevent the image of the Society of St. Pius X from being further distorted, and thus hurt its work in the service of the church." entire article.....,2933,489475,00.

Constance Cumbey said...

Tonight to my horror, I heard local WXYZ news, ABC, talking about allegations that Christian missionaries were illegally trying to convert Brazilian Indians to Christianity. The missionaries said they were rescuing children from tribal infanticide rituals. The killer evidence of the Christian (YWAM) "wrongdoing" was a young smiling happy Indian girl wearing a Jesus T-Shirt. Alice Bailey had written of the role she expected Brazil to play in "the reappearance of the Christ" and "the New World Religion."

I have long suspected we might be deep in the opened seals of Revelation. The fifth seal was the persecution of believers. Looks like we are rapidly heading there, if not there already. This morning, I ran into Christian friends for Iraq. They told me 3 of their relatives were slaughtered yesterday coming out of a Church and for their Christianity.


Constance Cumbey said...

Joyce, I don't get it. Are you saying that the "Great Apostasy," as prophesied in 2nd Thessalonians, etc. started about 100 A.D. and now the true Church rather than the Apostate one is emerging? Are you saying that God would leave about 1800 years worth of believers without a valid system?


Anonymous said...

Whole Article

One world: The Ethics of Globalization

"As globalization moves forward, he asks: What ethics should govern the ethics of nations and of individuals? This question poses an enormous challenge, but it is one that Professor Singer will help us to address as he lays out the ethical problems we face and the politically difficult but morally compelling path we must opt for. Professor Singer is best known in the area of applied ethics, starting with his best-selling Animal Liberation. His work is often marked by a strong commitment to utilitarianism and*** by a wish to displace the morality of what he has referred to as the Judeo-Christian inheritance."***

Anonymous said...

No, I'm did not say at all that the apostasy was in force 1900 years ago, but let's look at what Paul says:

2Th. 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.

The root of the word lawlessness or anomia in the Greek is this:

459. a‡nomoß anomos; from 1 (as a neg. pref.) and 3551; lawless, without law: —godless men(m)(1), lawless(2), lawless one(1), transgressors(2), without law(4).

The death penalty was paid for once and for all by Yeshua's death for those who believe in His atoning work. I think we're in agreement on that, but let's look at what Paul says in Romans:

Rom. 6:14-15 For sin shall not be master over you, for cyou are not under law but under grace. What then? aShall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? bMay it never be!

The definition of the word sin here in the Greek is this:

264. aJmarta¿nw hamartano; from a prim. root amart; to miss the mark, err, sin: —commit sin(1), committed offense(1), committing(m)(1), sin(11), sinned(17), sinning(4), sins(8).

What is the meaning of the word Torah, it's teaching, instructions and it's root "yarah" is to hit the mark.

I wouldn't say that there was no witness of Yeshua, but I would say that the violations of Torah had risen until there was utter corruption and as a result a few centuries later we end up in the Dark Ages and just like Israel was defeated by its enemies when it disobeyed God, Rome was invaded by germanic tribes and then later the Muslims.

The more we turn away from God's Word in our current civilization the more we will invite judgement. Eventually that will lead to the great falling away, or the apostasy.

The idea that the Church replaced Israel is false. The believers were supposed to attach themselves to the God of Israel and become one body. The proof is today we have nothing but division. After Catholicism, the Reformers Protested but did look at the root of the problem. The root of the problem was the believers cut themselves off from Israel and the God of Israel, and forgot first and foremost, Yeshua came to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel who were buried in the nations.

Yeshua came to restore Israel which had been cut off from God. In the process of bringing the good news to the Jews and the House of Israel, the nations were brought into the covenant with Israel.

There is never a "new covenant" for the nations because it wasn't made with them in the first place.. By the way, the word has a sense of being "renewed" so it is a better version of the covenant that was written on stones. It was written on our mind. Here's the definition of the "new" or newer covenant:

Jer. 31:31-33“aBehold, days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when I will make a bnew covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah, not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them,” declares the LORD. “But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” declares the LORD, “bI will put My law within them and on their heart (mind) I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

Yeshua was the kinsman redeemer who came to redeem Israel.

The nations are to come into this covenant with Israel.

Eph. 2:12-13 remember that you were at that time separate from Christ, excluded from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who formerly were far off have cbeen brought near by the blood of Christ.

Jews are not at all jealous of a torahless faith, because they understand the value of Torah. It's hitting the mark.

Rom. 11:11 I say, then, Did they stumble that they might fall? let it not be! but by their fall the salvation [is] to the nations, to arouse them to jealousy;

The apostasy will come because we don't know the Word of God and that will cause the great falling away. We're not there yet, but we are getting closer. When we do the man of "lawlessness" will appear.

2Th. 2:3 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the cman of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,

Another words, the light of Torah, and the light of the living Torah will be virtually removed to clear the way for the antimessiah. Those who don't know the Torah and the LIving Torah/Yeshua will not recognize the work of the antimessiah when it's under their noses.


Anonymous said...

Just save this on Holly Pivic's site and it's a perfect example of the coming apostasy. The United Methodists mark 60 years of the disaster from the formation of the State of Israel:

Because these Methodists don't understand that the founding of the State of Israel is the beginning of the return of the exiles prophesied by many of the prophets:

Ezek. 37:11-12 Then He said to me, “Son of man, these bones are the awhole house of Israel; behold, they say, ‘Our bones are dried up and our hope has perished. We are completely ccut off.’ “Therefore prophesy and say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I will open your graves and acause you to come up out of your graves, My people; and I will bring you into the land of Israel.

Deut. 30:3 then the LORD your God will restore you from captivity, and have compassion on you, and will gather you again from all the peoples where the LORD your God has scattered you.

Amos 9:14-15 “Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, And they will brebuild the ruined cities and live in them; They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. “I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be rooted out from their land Which I have given them,” Says the LORD your God.

This liberal branch of the Methodists will end up fighting God because they don't understand the Bible.. The other day, I posted a group of churches in the Middle East who also don't get it.

The Land was given to Israel, and one day soon, God will restore all of Israel and put Torah on their minds. That's the new, newer or improved covenant, when He remembers their sins no more. They will know their Messiah.

Jer. 31:10 ¶ Hear the word of the LORD, O nations,
And declare in the coastlands afar off,
And say, “He who scattered Israel will gather him And keep him as a cshepherd keeps his flock.”

Jer. 31:35-36 Thus says the LORD,
Who agives the sun for light by day
And the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night,
Who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar;
cThe LORD of hosts is His name: “If 1this fixed order departs
From before Me,” declares the LORD,
“Then the offspring of Israel also will cease
From being a nation before Me forever.”

Notice God does not say only the Jews this passage and all of Chap 31 of Jeremiah is very clear that He means the Whole House of Israel, but the tents Judah will be established first.

I personally believe that Israel will be a central subject not only among the nations of the world, but among the churches, so it is very important to know where the Bible stands on this subject. We cannot pick and chose from God's Word. If we could then we could just go ahead and rip pages out of our Bibles...

This is also why I have been emphasizing the false interfaith dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims.. This dialogue will not be based on the Bible, but on some humanistic ideas of getting along. Humanism has replaced truth.

Zech. 12:3 “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

Notice it says ALL, which will include our beloved USA.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to accuse me of picking on the Methodists, just to show I'm not biased here's an article about Jimmy Carter, the Baptist:

Jimmy wants to divide Jerusalem and give it to the Muslims. He has a new book out and was on Larry King live recently, so the question is what Bible does Jimmy read? Or maybe he just wants to sell his book. He must be living on "peanuts" these days, excuse the pun.

All jokes aside Brzezinksi who was Obama's advisor was also in Carter's administration, so maybe Jimmy is just preparing us all for what Obama will do? Carter spoke specifically of the US using economic pressure to get Israel to comply. He said, "US gives Israel 10 million dollars a day". Now if the US does that, I hope Israel will tell the US to keep their money, and turn to the God...instead of relying on the US...but we'll have to wait and see..

I hope everyone can see the handwriting on the wall and understand how absolutely serious the days we're living in are.

Anonymous said...

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -

Xiangzhong "Jerry" Yang, a stem cell scientist who successfully cloned the first farm animal in the United States, has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 49.

Yang, director of the Center for Regenerative Biology at the University of Connecticut, died Thursday at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, school spokesman David Bauman said Friday.

In 1999, Yang put UConn on the world's scientific map when a Holstein named Amy was born in Storrs. She was the first cloned farm animal in the United States. The world's first cloned animal was Dolly the sheep, created in 1996 in Scotland.

But Yang died before achieving one of his dreams: the cloning of a human embryo for potentially lifesaving stem cells.

Escaping starvation in rural China as a baby in a village about 300 miles south of Beijing, Yang was placed in the prestigious Beijing Agricultural University, where his high test scores earned him a coveted opportunity to pursue a graduate education in the United States.

Yang proved that early reports that clones would age prematurely were false. The Food and Drug Administration relied heavily on Yang's work when it found meat and dairy products from cloned farm animals were safe to eat and drink.

"Jerry was one of the greatest scientists and cloning pioneers of our time," Dr. Robert Lanza, chief science officer at Advanced Cell Technology of Worcester, a biotech company which has pursued creating stem cells through cloning, told The Hartford Courant. "He was a really great man who struggled to his last hours to better the world and to advance the scientific cause."

Anonymous said...

Joyce, this is from the link you provided:
“The display, which is titled "60 Years of Dispossession," chronicles what Palestinians call the "Nakba" -- the Palestinian word for "catastrophe." Palestinians use the word to describe Israel's founding, an event that is reviled in the Arab world.”
Now, links that demonstrate what a bunch of Neville Chamberlains we have become. I believe that there are those who rationalize the death of Israel and large numbers of Americans; 9/11 seems to have meant nothing, and the proof is how we treat our soldiers in a vain attempt to appease our fears.

Washington Times - Military report: Terms 'jihad,' 'Islamist' needed,ahmadinejad-israel-to-be-swept-away-soon.html

I’m sure that some of us don’t see the NA in all of this, but as our will to life, to our heritage, to our faith is diminished so our will to liberty and thus we become hungry for the MARK of a new savior, and why not? As long as I believe that I can squeak by the social, political, and economic storms around me, “I just don’t care.” There are some who felt that the “cold war” was unnecessary; (SEE James Carol) we should have joined the USSR, now we should just chose between becoming part of Saudi Arabia or Iran. I believe that the balance of cultures is tipping toward Islam and not the EU.

Unknown said...

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn relates a scene in his book, The Gulag Archipelago, where people stood clapping for 10-15 minutes in response to a speech Stalin gave. The ones who stopped clapping first were marked for prison or death.

Anonymous said...

Constance is on Sonlife radio starting at 10 am until around noon

Unknown said...

Last week I mentioned the then upcoming Munich Security Conference. Solana was there. FP has the article describing his speech.,10530.html

A few exerpts:

"...we are also meeting at the start of a new US administration. A full team of top US leaders is with us today...

"And it is fair to say that no other region in the world has anything that comes close to our security structures: a sophisticated blend of rules and institutions. Their most important feature is their comprehensive character: cooperation in all the three baskets of hard security, economy and human rights. That was a vision that we have to retain and that we have still to fully achieve...

"Moreover, it is quite clear that among the three pillars of the pan-European security order - the US, Europe, Russia - one of them feels uncomfortable in it. For whatever reasons. But President Medvedev’s proposals are a clear signal in that respect. It is in all our interest to analyse why and see what can be done...

"Russia knows all this. Just as it knows that there are many elements we can work with: the primacy of international law is one. Calls for legally binding instruments and more transparency are good too...

"And we should have a positive agenda which is about more than "let’s preserve what we have." I think that we should seriously look at how we develop "a Helsinki Plus" rather than a "Helsinki II". The latter might be very difficult to achieve and we should concentrate our efforts on developing further what "Helsinki" has achieved already.

"What we have has produced unparalleled results in terms of peace and security. It is immensely valuable – but not perfect. Our goal should be that all three pillars of European security - Europe, US and Russia - feel comfortable with and attached to whatever order we have. The advent of a new US administration offers new opportunities. Let me close with one final thought: for all the talk of rising powers and Asian centuries, we should not forget the centrality of the US, Europe and Russia as the leading players for global security.

"Those three agreeing is often a necessary, even if it’s not a sufficient condition to get things done around the world. That is another reason to "secure our base". That means these three pillars working as much as possible together on security across our own Continent. And a very final word, on a fundamental issue, related as well to the security of Europe, which is the Middle East. We have an obligation to get seriously engaged in finding a lasting peace. We are going to face many difficulties. But, more than ever, we have to go beyond crisis management and enter into conflict resolution. We can and we should."

Solana speaks only of Russia being an unstable player. Sounds like US is already "in bed" with him--at least Solana thinks so.

Also via FP, Turkey has invited Obama to speak at the Alliance of Civilizations meeting, April 6,7.

Anonymous said...

Islam group urges forest fire jihad
Josh Gordon (story from last September 7, 2008 - a prediction that sadly came true) . . .

AUSTRALIA has been singled out as a target for "forest jihad" by a group of Islamic extremists urging Muslims to deliberately light bushfires as a weapon of terror.

US intelligence channels earlier this year identified a website calling on Muslims in Australia, the US, Europe and Russia to "start forest fires", claiming "scholars have justified chopping down and burning the infidels' forests when they do the same to our lands".

The website, posted by a group called the Al-Ikhlas Islamic Network, argues in Arabic that lighting fires is an effective form of terrorism justified in Islamic law under the "eye for an eye" doctrine.

The posting — which instructs jihadis to remember "forest jihad" in summer months — says fires cause economic damage and pollution, tie up security agencies and can take months to extinguish so that "this terror will haunt them for an extended period of time".

"Imagine if, after all the losses caused by such an event, a jihadist organisation were to claim responsibility for the forest fires," the website says. "You can hardly begin to imagine the level of fear that would take hold of people in the United States, in Europe, in Russia and in Australia."

With the nation heading into another hot, dry summer, Australian intelligence agencies are treating the possibility that bushfires could be used as a weapon of terrorism as a serious concern.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland said the Federal Government remained "vigilant against such threats", warning that anyone caught lighting a fire as a weapon of terror would feel the wrath of anti-terror laws.

"Any information that suggests a threat to Australia's interests is investigated by relevant agencies as appropriate," Mr McClelland said.

Adam Dolnik, director of research at the University of Wollongong's Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention, said that bushfires (unlike suicide bombing) were generally not considered a glorious type of attack by jihadis, in keeping with a recent decline in the sophistication of terrorist operations.

"With attacks like bushfires, yes, it would be easy. It would be very damaging and we do see a decreasing sophistication as a part of terrorist attacks," Dr Dolnik said.

"In recent years, there have been quite a few attacks averted and it has become more and more difficult for groups to do something effective."

Dr Dolnik said he had observed an increase in traffic on jihadi websites calling for a simplification of terrorist attacks because the more complex operations had been failing. But starting bushfires was still often regarded as less effective than other operations because governments could easily deny terrorism as the cause.

The internet posting by the little-known group claimed the idea of forest fires had been attributed to imprisoned Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab Al-Suri. It said Al-Suri had urged terrorists to use sulphuric acid and petrol to start forest fires.

This story was found at:

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

I am not sure if this was covered yet.

Council of the European Union: address by Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, to the Munich Security Conference, 7 February 2009

In this speach he refers to both the US and Russia as if they were extensions of the Euro plan.

"Moreover, it is quite clear that among the three pillars of the pan-European security order - the US, Europe, Russia - one of them feels uncomfortable in it. For whatever reasons. But President Medvedev’s proposals are a clear signal in that respect. It is in all our interest to analyse why and see what can be done."

Very interesting read.

Anonymous said...

Those estimates on the killings in Algeria are probably way on the conservative side. I've heard people say more like a million.

The EU is now Eurabia, so in that regard I agree with you. The Europeans have prostituted themselves to have access to the oil wealth, not so much different that US except the European nations percentage-wise have more Muslim immigrants. What most people don't realize is that jihad is not always military, sometimes it's financial and sometimes political. They know how to use the systems they live in well, and the US is catching up.

The point is that the interfaith dialogue is another venue for them to get a foot in the door. Now there are many Muslims who are lovely people, but I don't think you want Islam having greater influence in the world than it already has. It's an oppressive system that seeks to dominate.

You notice that they come and put mosques in our country, but where are the synagogues and churches in their countries. This ought to be forbidden. Freedom should be based on reciprocity. If we can't worship the God of the Bible in Saudi Arabia why are they using our legal system to demand their rights? Because they have a lot of money and they are now buying up our assets, our corporations, our universities etc. and they have been educated in them so they do understand perfectly what they are doing..

Yes, I agree Setterman. It's a big problem.


Anonymous said...

It sounds American (if you don't listen too closely to the lyrics). It looks down home country American, but if you take the cover off you'll see it's produced by the far-leftist Norman Lear.

The push is going on to sell the sizzle even though what's on the grill is skunk meat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,
Just wanted to share this article with you. It came in on a weekly e-newsletter. The statements made in this article only solidify the "conspiracy theories" I remember reading about while studying sustainable development. And as you've said so many times before, All the NA groups are rapidly converging. It goes without saying that earth idolization and greed are at the core of the Green Movement. Thank you again for your ministry. God's blessings in Christ Jesus!
Bro. Jeff

Anonymous said...

Want to know why Obama turns his head from side to side when he talks and never looks ahead? It's because of the two teleprompters that flank him. Seen from the back as we face him, they look like two rectangular pieces of clear plastic. However, these are teleprompters that contain the prewritten speech. It is very disconcerting to see him bobble his head from side to side as he talks.

Constance Cumbey said...

Thanks, Joyce, for the IONS speaker catch. By extension, this makes Paul N. Temple and his Prayer Breakfast Network allies partakers.

These two endorsements in particular bring it close to Paul N.Temple and co-laborer, Doug Coe:

"Waking the Global Heart has been written for our day in history. In Anodea Judith’s brilliant weaving of the inner world of spiritual reality and mythic power with the world we now see daily teetering on the edge of chaos, she reminds us that transformation lies ahead. When you put this book down you will see that a heart centered civilization is an evolutionary stage that awaits us. She reminds us that we cannot resist the beauty that lies in the heart of humanity and that the heart will ever draw us to our truest purpose.

-James O’Dea President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Waking the Global Heart is a powerful guide through the violence and brilliance of the past up to the present and beyond. She sets our potential for transformation in this evolutionary, historical context and really opens the doors of possibility wide. It's a beautiful piece of work."

-Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution, Emergence


Anonymous said...

Heart centered civilization ?
Too bad Barbara Marx Hubbard
and James O'Dea don't know
( or care ) their Bible truths,
such as in Matthew chapter 15:

:18 But what comes out of the
mouth comes out from the heart;
and that it was defiles man.
:19 For from the heart comes out evil
thoughts, such as fornication, murder,
adultery, theft, false witness and
_ Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

Constance and All,

Given my discussion on the previous thread with ~K~ and Rudi about Findhorn this review of a 1987 conference co-sponsored by The Fellowship Foundation - a.k.a. "The Family." - is all the more interesting given the recent developments at Findhorn.

The movement (the Family) has had some involvement with the "Cultural Creative" Movement in the form of Paul N. Temple, a former Standard Oil executive who was also instrumental in founding the Institute of Noetic Sciences as well as the World Business Academy.

In 1987, The Family co-sponsored a conference, Bridging Through Christ, at the Goldlake New Age center near Boulder, Colorado.

Barbara Marx Hubbard and Doug Coe co-chaired the event; David Spangler, Findhorn Community representatives, and Conservative Baptist Seminary representatives including Vernon Grounds and Gordon Lewis participated.

The catalyst appears to have been Paul N. Temple, who co-founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is a major funder of both IONS and The Family through his "Three Swallows Foundation." The address of 133 C Street, SE, is the mailing address for Doug Coe, and the address given on the 990 IRS form of the Three Swallows Foundation. entire article....

Constance, here is a "blast from your past" regarding an article you wrote which mentions Temple's Three Swallows Foundation:


According to an article posted at Carrie Tomko's site, Barbara Marx Hubbard, who is among those having ties to Findhorn, claims to "channel the Christ voice."

Barbara Marx Hubbard, for the uninitiated, is one of the leading figures in the United Religions Initiative and a founder of the World Future Society. In her book, The Revelation: A Message of Hope in the New Millennium, which she claims was dictated to her by "the Christ voice," she has Jesus Christ exhorting his true disciples to "love Satan, my fallen brother," explaining that he never suffered on the cross but rose from the dead "to show you what you can do. Yours is the power. Yours is the glory. That is my message to you."

In her project to "move humanity forward," Hubbard is assisted by such powerful men as Robert Strange McNamara; Canadian multi-billionaire Maurice Strong; Orville Freeman, former U.S. secretary of agriculture; Irving Shapiro, former chairman of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., et al.

Hubbard's version of the Lord's Prayer begins, "Our father/mother god ... Which art in heaven ... Hallowed be our name ... Our kingdom is come ... Our will is done." entire article...

At the following website there is a book for sale entitled COMPLETE GUIDE TO CHANNELING by Hubbard, Barbara Marx & Lazaris & Cole-Whittaker, Terry & Vogel, Marcel & Carey, Ken

"In this acclaimed documentary, learn how to talk with spirit – from connecting and hearing your inner self, or your Spirit Guide, or to channel a high being. With renowned Channelers: Lazaris, Terry Cole Whittaker, Ken Carey gives a "how- to-channel" workshop, and crystal expert, Marcel Vogel shows how to use crystals for channeling. Hosted by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Produced by award-winning producer/director,Penny Price. “It delivers a mine of information inspiring viewers to directly contact higher consciousness. Ken Carey is riveting.” - Alan Vaughan. “The viewer has an opportunity to sample many different approaches and gains a deeper understanding.” - INNER QUEST.PPM B5. UPC: 689076135924 c2006 DVD 58 min."

Here is the link to the article about Barbara Marx Hubbard at Carrie's site....scroll down:

Interestingly, in her Wikipedia biography, nothing is mentioned about Barbara marx Hubbard's trance-channeling talents.

Here is Barbara Marx Hubbard on YouTube

Among the things said by the "Christ voice" to Barbara Marx Hubbard is the following:

The first set of quotes are from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “Christ”. She is a well-known New Ager who “crossed-over” when she started to hear an “inner voice”. Her inner voice says, “The church is the body of believers who are conscious of being me” (2)

The following is from the online book entitled:
(Chapter 2)


Here are some examples of persons having ties to BOTH Findhorn and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

On this webpage for the Institute of Noetic Sciences 13th International Conference Gordon Davidson is named as:

Gordon Davidson is president and cofounder of the Center for Visionary Leadership in Washington, DC, and coauthor of Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn. Gordon also served as the executive director of the Social Investment Forum and the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies. He is also a Fellow of the World Business Academy and the Findhorn Foundation.

Corinne McLaughlin is an author and a leader in the intentional communities movement. She is the author of Builders of the Dawn, a study of enduring intentional communities around the world. She and her partner Gordon Davidson have been members of the Findhorn Community in Scotland and are co-founders of Sirius Community an ecological village and educational community in Massachusetts.

McLaughlin is a cofounder of The Center for Visionary Leadership in Washington, D.C. She chaired a national task force for President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development. She has taught politics at American University



Note link to Findhorn in left column.


Constance, you have mentioned Davidson and McLaughlin in the following June 17, 2007 article.

Here is another interesting person with ties to BOTH Findhorn and the INS.

Peter Russell is a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, of The World Business Academy and of The Findhorn Foundation, and an Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest.

Anonymous said...

"Billy Graham Association Makes 'End Times' a Focus in 2009:"


Anonymous said...


I had a feeling that something like this was going to happen:


Sunday, February8, 2009

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - An ultra-traditionalist Roman Catholic bishop who has drawn sharp criticism from the Vatican and Jewish groups for denying the extent of the Holocaust was removed as the head of an Argentine seminary, a Catholic Church official said on Sunday.

Pope Benedict angered Jewish leaders and progressive Catholics last month when he lifted excommunications on the bishop, Richard Williamson, and three other traditionalists to try to heal a 20-year-old schism within the Church.

The Vatican has since ordered the bishop to publicly recant his views questioning whether the Nazis used gas chambers and the number of Jews who died.

But Williamson, who is British-born, recently told Germany's Spiegel magazine he must first review historical evidence before considering an apology.

In a statement, Father Christian Bouchacourt, the head of the Latin American chapter of the Catholic Society St. Pius X, said Williamson had been relieved as the head of the La Reja seminary on the outskirts of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

"Monsignor Williamson's statements do not in any way reflect the position of our congregation," it said. entire article

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church seems to be making all kinds of front page headlines these days. It looks like indulgences are being used again:

Being removed from the seminary doesn't remove Williamson's responsibilities as a priest completely if I am understanding correctly, although it's a start?

It seems like the whole Williamson story, as important as it is, has distracted folks from what big news it is that SSPX and the Vatican are trying to reconcile.

"Like the Latin Mass and meatless Fridays, the indulgence was one of the traditions decoupled from mainstream Catholic practice in the 1960s by the Second Vatican Council, the gathering of bishops that set a new tone of simplicity and informality for the church. Its revival has been viewed as part of a conservative resurgence that has brought some quiet changes and some highly controversial ones, like Pope Benedict XVI's recent decision to lift the excommunications of four schismatic bishops who reject the council's reforms."

Very interesting indeed,

Anonymous said...

Are these "schismatic bishops" who are "part of a conservative resurgence the same type of conservative Catholics in The Windswept House? Not trying to be controversial, just don't understand what it means relative to Malachi Martin's books.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:44 AM

The "schismatic bishops" are so-called because they were part of an "act of schism" in so far as they were consecrated by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre without the permission of the Pope. By this "act of schism" they excommunicated themselves.

With regard to Malachi Martin, the reason I don't necessarily agree with everything he stood for is because towards the end of his life, he appears to have gotten involved with the "sedevacantist" schismatics - people who claim that the "chair of peter" has been "vacant" since the death of Pope Pius XII.

So when the late Father Martin's books mention
"schismatic bishops" and "conservative resurgence" these have to be regarded as mutually exclusive terms in so far as the former ARE schismatic and therefore not in full loyal communion with the Pope.....which they would HAVE to be in order for there to be a true "conservative resurgence" in the Roman Catholic Church.

The "sedevacantists" appear to be "conservative" and "orthodox" on the surface, but at least one of them - Rama Coomaraswamy - was an advocate of the "perennial philosophy" or so-called "traditionalism" while he professed to be a "traditional" Catholic.
The only thing "traditional" about the "perennial philosophy" is that it is little more than the "tradi tional" gnostic error (which now includes Sufism, Hinduism and the occult elements of other pagan "traditions")all tricked out in a brand-spanking-new label that has come to be known as "perennialism."

Rama Coomaraswamy was raised a Hindu, but converted to Roman Catholicism when he married an American Catholic woman in Bombay.

Incredibly enough, Rama C. actually claimed that "he converted to Catholicism because there was not enough of a Hindu presence in the United States for him to practice his traditions, and that he found living outside a Traditional Religion repugnant and so became a Catholic, since, according to Rama, Catholicism fit perfectly with his beliefs as a Hindu."

According to Carrie Tomko who has researched perennialism in depth, "
the Perennial Philosophy claims that all religions have the same basic truths at their heart. Catholicism claims that Catholicism alone is the one true faith.

Whatever Rama meant by "Catholicism" it certainly appears to have been a "Catholicism" either of his own devising or of the so-called "Catholic Freemasonry" being concocted by neo-gnostic organizations in Europe such as the Hieron du Val d'Or and/or in the "salons" of "Catholic Rosicrucians" such as Josephin Peladan. Rene Guenon, who along with Frithjof Schuon and Ananda Coomaraswamy formalized the concept of the so-called "Traditionalist School" in the 20th-century (neo-gnostic)was probably involved with both.

After Rama Coomaraswamy's conversion, he became closely involved with Mother Teresa and her charitable missions.
In the wake of the changes that were made as a result of Vatican II, Rama Coomaraswamy became increasingly alienated and soon became involved with the "Traditionalist Catholic" movement.

Within the Traditionalist Catholic movement, Coomaraswamy initially grew close to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who appointed him Professor of Church History at the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary of his organization, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), in Ridgefield, Connecticut, a position he held for about five years until 1983.

While there, he began an ideological shift towards Sedevacantism. He successfully influenced a significant number of faculty and students to subscribe to Sedevacantism, resulting in the secession of a group of priests and seminarians from Lefebvre — initially nine, among them Clarence Kelly, Daniel Dolan, Donald Sanborn, William Jenkins, and Anthony Cekada. This group then formed the Society of St. Pius V (SSPV). When Dolan, Sanborn, Cekada and most of the other priests of the SSPV began to dissent from the rigorist leadership of Kelly, Coomaraswamy again joined them in departing from the SSPV.
They then united in a loose manner as the Instauratio Catholica. Over time, even this loose confederation frayed and ceased to exist.
Although a married man, he was ordained a priest by José Ramon Lopez-Gaston,(also a married man) a Sedevacantist bishop from the lineage of the Vietnamese Archbishop Ngô Ðình Thuc Pierre Martin, in 1999 and began work as an exorcist, collaborating with the Traditionalist Catholic Bishop Robert McKenna. Prior to his ordination he had taken public vows of continence and celibacy, together with his wife. Some years later, he publicly stated that he stopped participating in exorcisms citing his advanced age.

Coomaraswamy was involved with the demonologist Dave Considine and would determine the validity of claims by people who reported being spiritually oppressed by demons. If the person's claims were found to be credible he or another priest would perform the Latin rite of Exorcism.
Coomaraswamy was involved with not only the Traditionalist Catholic movement, but also with Perennialism (also called "Traditionalism") whose main exponents were Rene Guenon, Ananda Coomaraswamy (Rama's Hindu father) and Frithjof Schuon. He was a member of the Foundation for Traditional Studies and was a regular contributor to the foundation's journal Sophia.

William Stoddart and Mateus Soares de Azevedo discuss Coomaraswamy's double involvement in an article for the Canadian journal Sacred Web (No. 18, 2007). The topic was also covered by a blogger, Carrie Tomko, specializing in investigation of the occult infiltration of Catholicism, and picked up by, among others, J. Christopher Pryor, a Lefebvrist who operates the Perennialism LeFloch Report. Interestingly, Rama Coomaraswamy had never broken away from Perennialism and propagating it, along with Frithjof Schuon and Coomaraswamy's own perennialist disciple, William H. Kennedy, even when he was associated with Lefebvre's seminary.

Other "demonologists" with whom Rama Coomaraswamy was involved were the late Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren who have been featured in various television specials on exorcism. Also included in the same sedevacantist clique was a person who appears to be a Buddhist/Tibetan "monk"/exorcist called "Reverend Jun."

When Rama Coomaraswamy was illicitly ordained, Malachi Martin reportedly participated (also illicitly) in the ordination ceremony. In fact, the illicit ordination ceremony is depicted in the photo here.

Here is more on Rama Coomaraswamy from Carrie Tommko's blog:

Since I first learned about Perennialism from Carrie Tomko, I have done my homework and have discovered what appears to be a quasi/religious gnostic syncretism that has infiltrated Roman Catholicism disguised euphemistically with the use of the word "traditionalism." This is what might be reasonably be referred to as the so-called "right wing" of the New Age Movement.

As to the question about whether and how it has infiltrated Protestantism, I think the Protestants are far more qualified than I am with regard to answering that question. Ergo, I am confining myself to discussing its infiltration into Roman Catholicism

Nevertheless, the creation of a so-called "left wing" and "right wing" within Christianity in general - and within the Roman Catholic Church in particular - is a strategy that was described in a book entitled RAVALETTE: THE ROSICRUCIAN'S STORY by Paschal Beverly Randolph - republished in 1939 by R. Swinburne Clymer when the Rosicrucian Fraternity came into the crosshairs of the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee after a photo was published on the front page of the New York Times depicting Rosicrucian (AMORC) leader H. Spencer Louis on apparently very friendly terms with Benito Mussolini.

By the way, for anyone interested, on the same webpage where Carrie Tomko's article on Rama Coomaraswamy appears, there is another one right beneath it entitled: VAN DE BOGART AND THE MEANING OF 2012 which also mentions Ananda Coomaraswamy followed by another article on Rama Coomaraswamy.

See also:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks. So the take away is that Martin's characters may have been sympathetic to this group? Do you believe that many of the various "groups" within Catholicism are the result of a concerted effort to infiltrate it? One needs a scorecard to keep track - after reading your post.

Thanks again for the time you put into your response.

Anonymous said...

Replacing Michelle”

At the top right hand corner of Page 17 of the New York Post of January 24th, 2009, was a short column entitled
"Replacing Michelle" in the National Review "The Week" column. I found this interesting, so here it is, word for word, as it appeared.....

'Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama: The University of Chicago Medical center hired her in 2002 to run "programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting." In 2005 the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317,000 - nearly twice what her husband made as a Senator. Oh! Did we mention that her husband had just become a US Senator? He sure had! And he requested a $1 Million earmark for the UC Medical Center, in fact. Way to network Michelle!

But now that Mrs. Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position will remain unfilled. How can that be, if the work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000?

We can think of only one explanation: Senator Roland Burris's wife wasn't interested.

---The Editors of National Review, writing in the Magazine's Feb 9 issue.'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:55 PM

Re:So the take away is that Martin's characters may have been sympathetic to this group? Do you believe that many of the various "groups" within Catholicism are the result of a concerted effort to infiltrate it?

Some of Martin's "conservative" characters may have not only been sympathetic to this group, but some may have been the fictional equivalents of actual members of it.

Another thing is this. I was certainly no fan of Cardinal Bernardin ("Cardinal Leonardine" of "Century City" in WINDSWEPT HOUSE), but anyone who has studied the history of the occult revival in 19th-century France can't fail to notice the similarities between Malachi Martin's fictitious account of "Cardinal Leonardine's" satanic activities in Charleston South Carolina and the historical account of the infamous Taxl Hoax.

Given what I know about the Taxil Hoax I can't help but wonder if, at the time Martin wrote his book WINDSWEPT HOUSE, Malachi Martin had already formally defected to the "sedevacantist" camp and was merely trying to make fools out of the Church leadership the way Taxil did in the 19th century?

If so, the Church leadership - including the Pope - didn't rise to the bait. And God was allowed to deal with Cardinal Bernardin in His own good way and in His own good time.

There is a lot more information on these subjects now than there was even just a few years ago, so I will post a few links here.



There was actually a Satanist Palladian order, but unfortunately, the Taxil Hoax served to neutralize most criticism of the so-called "irregular" Masonic orders.


While "left-leaning" groups are not very difficult for informed Catholics to detect, it is often much more difficult to determine the degree to which "groups" within Catholicism have been infiltrated by the so-called "right wing" of the New Age Movement.

This is because part of the strategy of the "right wing" of the NAM involves maintaining a facade of strict "orthodoxy."

Also....when talking about "groups" within Catholicism one must be careful to make a distinction between those religious orders that have formal canonical approval and Catholic lay groups that do not require formal approval.

I can also tell you that just because a particular order has been infiltrated to a degree and a few renegades manage to get a lot of publicity, this doesn't necessarily mean that every member of that religious order is corrupt.

I have a good friend who is the prioress of a cloistered Dominican monastery and in spite of the shenanigans of former "Dominican" New Age priest Matthew Fox, there is nothing that would indicate to me that the community led by my friend is anything but orthodox in its Catholic Christian beliefs.

By the way, here is a possible "Who's Who" key to the characters of Malachi Martin's WINDSWEPT HOUSE put together by Traditional Roman Catholic Network.

Anonymous said...


So your thesis is that Martin wrote The Windswept House to discredit the Pope and elevate the prestige of the Sedevacantists? And your first answer shows the sedevacantists to be infiltrated by the NAM. Do you believe Martin was a right wing NewAger? It appears there is much more to the story than a casual reader would understand.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz. I've never heard of this Rama Cooma-swamy-whatever until yesterday at this site and now today I find the name mentioned by Phil Collins at News With Views.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:41 PM

The topic of this thread has to do with Paul N. Temple and the Prayer Breakfast Network which seems to me to be morphing little by little into the Protestant version of the New Age Movement's so-called "right wing."

My apologies to all for the length of this post, but I think that in terms of the aforementioned subject of this thread, it is justified because it is related to the infiltration of the New Age Movement into Roman Catholic Christianity - under the guise of being "traditionalist."

I would also like to say that I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend Carrie Tomko for my understanding of the "Sophia Perennis" a.k.a. "traditionalism", etc., which is pagan/gnostic to the core.

RE: Your statement

So your thesis is that Martin wrote The Windswept House to discredit the Pope and elevate the prestige of the Sedevacantists? And your first answer shows the sedevacantists to be infiltrated by the NAM. Do you believe Martin was a right wing NewAger? It appears there is much more to the story than a casual reader would understand.

To answer your question, I have to say "Yes," my thesis is that Malachi Martin wrote WINDSWEPT HOUSE and many of his other books to discredit the Pope in a very underhanded and subtle way - i.e. while implying that he supported the PAPACY which sedevacantists are looking to usurp and have even TRIED to usurp vis a vis their antipopes - and to elevate the status of the Sedevacantists.

And "Yes," I have come to strongly suspect that Malachi Martin was a "right wing" New Ager because of some of the things he has said in his books and because of some of the company he kept. I am still doing research related to my latter suspicions but so far, it isn't looking pretty.

I must add that if it has taken me a long time to arrive at this conclusion, it is because Malachi Martin was always such a "man of mystery" with a talent for remaining "mysterious."

The first thing that raised a red flag concerning Malachi Martin's Christian orthodoxy and made me begin to be suspicious of Malachi Martin's agenda back in the early 1980's - the Winter of 1983 to be exact - was when I first read the Introduction to the Paperback Edition of the book entitled HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL and discovered the following. And don't bother going to look for it in the online version, because it isn't there. Go to your local bookstore. I am quoting from my own personal paperback edition:

During our publicity tour of the United States, in a radio discussion, Dr. Malachi Martin, one of the leading authorities on Vatican affairs and former member of the Vatican's Pontifical Institute conceded that there was ultimately no real theological objection to a married Jesus.

by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln
c 1982, 1983 Dell Publishing p. 17

I beg to differ!!! Given Catholic theology regarding Original Sin, there are MAJOR theological objections to a "married Jesus."
If Catholics believe that the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of the Blessed Virgin Mary was a SINGULAR PRIVILEGE in so far as Mary was "pre-redeemed" by Christ and "conceived without sin" in preparation for becoming the Mother of God made Man, to say that Jesus would then turn around and marry a woman who was less immaculate than His own mother and sire children who were likewise less than immaculate is nothing less than sacreligious if not heretical - at least FROM A ROMAN CATHOLIC POINT OF VIEW.

Moreover, apart from Catholic Marian theology, since Jesus Himself clearly stated to Pontius Pilate that His Kingdom "is not of this world," when Pilate asked Jesus if He was a King, there is no reason why Jesus would have implicitly contradicted Himself by founding an "earthly dynasty."

If I found the "earthly dynasty" implications of Malachi Martin's statement especially disturbing, it was - and still is - because the mythical dynasty of "christ kids" (Manifest Sons of God, tricked out in "Catholic" - style smells and bells???) postulated by the authors of HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL could be one of those "fables" embraced by those with "itching ears" who refuse to embrace sound doctrine.....and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how such a myth could result in another "mini-antichrist" if not THE antichrist.

Moreover, while this is all made to look like a "traditional" variation of "Roman Catholicism," it is anything but!!! It is one of the more infernal instances of infiltration into Roman Catholicism - especially 19th-century FRENCH Roman Catholicism - by "traditional" gnosticism (i.e.Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica) and so-called "irregular" Freemasonry!

The person (Giovanni Pappini, I think) who once described France as "the promised land of satanism" may not have been too far off the mark.

It is to be noted that most of the so-called radical traditionalists -especially in France - are also monarchists.

Consequently, on account of the reasons I have just stated, the "jury was out" as far as I was concerned on Malachi Martin's status as a priest. I wanted to take the time to weigh all the available evidence on Malachi Martin's life and his beliefs as a Roman Catholic before thinking in terms of "case closed" one way or another

I especially wanted to learn the truth because the little "clique" from Connecticut with which Malachi Martin was associated is not all that far from where I live, and some of the "members" are known to have involved themselves in one case of demonic possession that made headlines here in Massachusetts. In fact, I still have the news clips.

The thing that made this case of demonic possession particularly creepy is that the then - Roman Catholic Bishop of the diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts where the possession reportedly occurred authorized an exorcism!

In any case, before the creation of the internet, finding information on Malachi Martin's priestly status was no easy task.

As it currently stands, there are two conflicting pieces of evidence to look at with regard to Malachi Martin's status as a priest while he was still living.

The first is from his biography from Wikipedia which is reliable because I know that it is corroborated by other sources.

In 1965, Pope Paul VI (his close friend) gave Fr. Martin a dispensation from all privileges and obligations deriving from his vows as a Jesuit and from priestly ordination.[4] Martin himself claimed the dispensation did not apply to his priestly vow of celibacy. Father Charles Fiore, F.S.S.P. confirmed this shortly after Martin's death, stating in a letter to the New York Times that Cardinal Cooke allowed Martin the full faculties of the priesthood, though not functioning as a parish priest. For this reason, he did not wear the Roman collar. This was corroborated by Father Vincent O’Keefe S.J., former Vicar General of his order and a past President of Fordham University.

The leaving of the order and the priesthood has been explained by Martin's growing dissatisfaction with the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, but others argue that his traditionalist bent only came later and that he sought the release to pursue a literary career.

The second piece of evidence indicates that Malachi Martin was "laicized" which is another word for "defrocked."

In Roman Catholicism, a priest, deacon, or bishop may be dismissed from the clerical state as a penalty for certain grave offenses, or by a papal decree granted for grave reasons. A Catholic cleric may also voluntarily request to be laicized for personal reasons (e.g., to enter into marriage or disagreement regarding dogma). A dismissed priest is forbidden to exercise ministerial functions, but an indelible priestly character is held to remain on his soul (as is sung at a priest's ordination, "You are a priest forever, like Melchizedek of old:" ). Consequently, any exercise of his sacramental power to consecrate the Eucharist is considered valid even though illicit. If a penitent is in danger of death, a dismissed priest may and indeed must hear his confession and confer absolution. To reinstate a priest dismissed from the clerical state, the consent of the Pope is required.

Here is the place where it indicates that Malachi Martin had been laicized:

He was laicized unfortunately. I think it mentions it in the St Mike's Q&A I posted.
Here, I quote from it:

"As for his laicization, the Vatican says, "In 1965, Mr. Martin received a dispensation from all privileges and obligations deriving from his vows as a Jesuit and from priestly ordination." [Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, 25 June 1997, Prot. N. 04300/65].

If you think I am making this up, please contact the Congregation and ask them referring to the above citation."

Of course, I needed to know who "Brother Ignatius Mary OLSM was so I ran a little search, and here is what I found. It seems that Brother Ignatius is certainly no theological "lightweight":

If I have a tendency to be suspicious of men who leave their religious order or the priesthood, it is because:

1. No one holds a gun to their heads to become priests in the first place

2. Their formation as priests takes place over several years before they take their solemn vows as religious and/or are finally ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Ergo, if they find that they can't "cut it," there are plenty of opportunitues for them to leave before taking final vows.

3. Once they are laicized, they are not supposed to be functioning as priets. This is why I am skeptical about Malachi Martin's claims that he had been granted "faculties" by the late Cardinal Cook - regardless of what the late Father Charles Fiore F.S.S.P. had to say.

Interestingly, Father Charles Fiore was a friend of the late Father Alfred Kunz who is said to have been "ritually" murdered and whose murder has never been solved.
It was Father Fiore who introduced Malachi Martin to Father Kunz. Malachi Martin never personally met Kunz, but they nevertheless kept their friendship alive vis a vis the phone conversations they had up until the time Kunz was murdered. Here is an article about Father Kunz's murder.

Note that the CNP mentioned in the article has ties with the John Birch Society - an ultra-conservative "right wing" organization.

There is lots more to the Malachi Martin story, but I think I've given you enough information to enable you to understand that my suspicions are based on concrete evidence and not prejudice.

If I were basing my judgements on mere "prejudice," I would probably be one of Malachi Martin's biggest fans. But as a Catholic Christian, I cannot in good conscience allow my private "likes" or "dislikes" to trump what I honestly believe to be the truth.

While no one is perfect, if I were to name a Jesuit priest whose activities I have been following and who - at least for me - is a Jesuit "hero" it would be Father Joseph Fessio, S.J.

Constance Cumbey said...

I have heard Fr. Fessio speak and I too admire his work and courage.


Anonymous said...


It seems you have been thorough and very fair minded in your evaluation. It's disturbing to see how subtle is the deception on the right. Though, I believe it is the same in evangelical circles. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if "Points of Light Foundation" is affiliated with the New Age directly? It sounds suspicious with a name like that.

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