Monday, February 09, 2009


Dennis Cuddy needs no introduction to most of my readers and listeners. He has written several critical articles lately that many of you have called to my attention via email. Dennis has kindly agreed to discuss them on the air tomorrow night on my regular internet radio program. I spent 1 1/2 pleasant hours on the radio this (Monday) morning, February 9th with a pleasantly well-informed Frances Swaggart. Then I learned that WDEO, a local Catholic radio station had re-run a taped talk I gave on the New Age Movement some time ago and had wonderful response from both.

Please join myself and Dennis Cuddy tomorrow night on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio at



Anonymous said...


I listen to Francis and Friends most mornings. You did a good job and I hope they have you back on the show.

God bless you.

(Your chat room friend)

Anonymous said...

Dennis is really good...

Speaking of Global Govt, this was on Holly's:

Now, the picture is very interesting. Turkey's Prime Minister storms out of Davos because he's mad at Israel for Gaza, but he's a High Level Group member of AoC, and is going to invite Obama..

For those who don't follow the politics of Turkey, Turkey was traditionally a secular Muslim country and an ally of Israel, but since Edrogen's elecction things are changing. It is getting less secular and yet there has always been talk of it joining EU. Now the EU is quite secular although traditionally, the Catholic Church still has a strong political influence, but secularism is pretty ingrained there, with the exception of the growing Muslim populations who are not so secular and if the Muslim brotherhood has their way, they will all be radicalized.

Gordon Brown hasn't stopped singing the New World Economic Order song. He was practically on his way out until the crisis hit and all of a sudden he's a genius. The pound has taken a huge beating and one wonders whether it will join the Euro now. Britain has been holding out.

Biden made his EU appearance to say US is making a change in foreign policy and part of the change of course will be our policy in Middle East.

The Brzezinski, Carter, Rockefeller axis is something to keep watching.

One thing Carter, Clinton and Obama all had in common is that they came from nowhere and were groomed for their positions..


Anonymous said...

From Youtube (02/09/09)

Newly released footage:
Pentagon Witness Describes Second Plane Following Flight 77 on 9/11

Anonymous said...

Blair Set To Become President Of Revived Roman Empire -

Tony Blair is poised to become the first President of Europe after it was confirmed that French leader Nicolas Sarkozy is determined to help him win the post. A senior aide to President Sarkozy told a private gathering of senior British and French politicians that he is to tell fellow EU leaders that Mr Blair is the only man who can help Europe stand up to the rest of the world. The remark by Alain Minc, a key member of Mr Sarkozy’s inner circle, is the second French blow to Gordon Brown’s standing in two days, coming after Mr Sarkozy said Mr Brown’s decision to combat the recession by cutting VAT was a ‘mistake’. Mr Minc, a political wheeler-dealer, entrepreneur and TV show host, was attending a meeting last month of the Franco British Colloque, a high-powered discussion group of British and French politicians, civil servants and opinion-formers. Members are under orders not to reveal the confidential discussions, but The Mail on Sunday has established that Mr Minc used the meeting to win support for Mr Sarkozy’s campaign to ensure Mr Blair becomes the President of Europe. The role is due to be created next year – but only if the EU’s controversial Lisbon Treaty is ratified in the autumn by Ireland and the Czech Republic, the two EU countries which have so far refused to do so. Mr Minc told the gathering, which was also attended by French Prime Minister Francois Fillon: ‘When the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, Europe will move into a new phase. Europe will need a strong leader and Nicolas Sarkozy will nominate Tony Blair for the position.’ Mr Minc explained why Mr Sarkozy was determined to overcome opposition to Mr Blair from a handful of EU leaders, notably German chancellor Angela Merkel. He said: ‘We have to unite and say to Mrs Merkel that we cannot afford not to have Tony Blair, who will be a strong figurehead, is entirely respected around the world and will be a commanding leader at the helm of Europe.’ Mr Minc has been described by one commentator as ‘France’s Peter Mandelson’. Indeed, his AM Conseil consultancy has employed Lord Mandelson as an ‘adviser’ in the past and the two are members of the Policy Network think-tank. The conference took place in Versailles, days after Mr Blair visited Paris to chair a conference for Mr Sarkozy on the economic crisis, in what was seen as the latest part of a charm offensive to boost his chances of winning the EU presidency. Mr Blair paid glowing tribute to Mr Sarkozy’s recent performance in the rotating EU presidency, saying: ‘Under his leadership, Europe looked as if it were acting in concert.’ Mr Blair was referred to as Prime Minister Blair throughout – Mr Brown was not even invited. The post of President of the EU’s Council of Ministers will replace the current system under which the EU nations on a six-monthly basis. Supporters say it is the only way to give the presidency rotates among EU a strong voice. Critics claim it is another step on the road to a European superstate. Publicly, Mr Blair says he is not campaigning for a job ‘which does not even exist’. Privately, friends say he would relish it. Likewise, in public Mr Brown’s advisers say he is ‘relaxed’ about the prospect. Privately, they admit it is a ‘nightmare’ which would further diminish his status. Mr Minc was not the only person at the conference to make provocative remarks about ‘President Blair’. Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell, tipped to succeed Mr Brown as Labour leader, is in hot water after apparently backing the idea. Asked if Mr Blair was the right man for the job, Mr Purnell said: ‘We need someone who is a world-respected statesman, has experience of being involved in intractable international issues like the Irish peace process, and, while being on the Centre Left, understands how the markets work and sparkles with charisma...’ As Mr Purnell, a close ally of Mr Blair, paused for effect, there were gasps from some in the audience who realised they were meant to think he was referring to Mr Brown’s predecessor. He then added: ‘...which is why I nominate Bill Clinton.’ The joke was not lost on fellow guests, who knew that, as an American, Mr Clinton is not eligible. A spokesman for Mr Purnell said: ‘It was an after-dinner gag. He did not endorse Mr Blair.’

Anonymous said...

Truth or Faction?

Anybody seen Prison Planet’s (Alex Jones) latest article and You TUBE video about RFID tags in our money?

….Snopes says it’s bunk, an urban legend.

I’m sure we’d have heard about it from a more credible source by now if it were true. It would be easy to verify if RFID chips have in fact been imbedded in all higher denomination US bank notes. The proper tool is a microscope, not a microwave oven as is used to demonstrate the "fact" in the "myth".

But the truth is that if RFID tags are not currently imbeded in our greenbacks right now, they will very likely be placed there sometime in the near future.

Regarding the EURO ….

There are hundreds of links to articles which do seem to indicate that the European Central Bank has indeed been planning, if not actually imbedding the Hitachi Corp’s powder sized RFID chip in higher denomination bank notes as a “security measure”. Again a microscopic examination should be able to prove whether or not they are there now.

It is claimed on numerous "techie" websites that the Euopean Central Bank announced the security measure prior to 2005, however I was not able to find anything “official” on the European Central Bank’s website to either confirm or deny. Would appreciate some help from the researchers here on this matter.

Here are some links which describe the powder chips. including their usefulness in paper money:

Not surprisingly, the RFID industry is expected to post 5.3 Billion dollars in business for 2008. No economic slowdown in that sector.

Also of note: new “worldwide regulations on [RFID] interoperability standards”:,39024649,39120064,00.htm

Anonymous said...

My personal thought regarding RFID is the proliferation into every aspect of life - everywhere - including RFID ink and also embeding in clothing. There are also now persoanl RFID kits persona may purcahse and tag virtually anythning - simplying priming the system and ensuring that its function is in no way hampered - anywhere - anytime.


Anonymous said...


I have already seen articles to the effect that RFID is already in use.

Here is something you might find interesting. It has to do with a bill pending here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts called REGULATING RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS.



Shem1777 said...

In Europe last summer, i was told by a young Finnish person that a night club,in Helsinki offered chips for patrons to make paying for service less hassle! We are a citizenry bread for convenience, and novelty!

Anonymous said...

From Newsmax (02/09/09):

Pope to Visit Holocaust Site, Mosque in Mideast Trip

Pope Benedict XVI will try to calm recent tensions between Jews and Catholics with a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem during his planned May trip to the Holy Land, according to reports.

The visit to the museum will be closely watched, not only because of the recent controversy over the Pope’s lifting of an excommunication order on Bishop Richard Williamson, an anti-Semitic breakaway bishop who denies the extent of the Holocaust, but also because the exhibit contains a highly controversial description of Pope Pius XII.

The Vatican has long protested the museum's caption beneath a photograph of Pius XII, which claims the wartime pope did little to save the Jews during the World War II. The Vatican still hopes the caption will be revised, and has already asked several influential Jewish dignitaries and historians, such as Britain’s Sir Martin Gilbert, to exert pressure to change it.

According to the Italian daily Il Giornale, soon after arriving in Amman, Jordan, on May 8, the Pope will visit a mosque, his second visit to a place of Muslim worship since he prayed at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul in 2006. While in Jordan, the Pope will also travel to Mount Nebo to visit an ancient basilica dedicated to Moses, and visit the site where Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River.

From May 11-15, the Pope is expected to be in Israel and the West Bank. His first stop will be in Tel Aviv where he will meet Israeli dignitaries including Israel’s president. He will then move on to Jerusalem where he will visit the recently renovated Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

While in Jerusalem, Benedict XVI will also meet Israel’s two chief rabbis and the grand mufti of Jerusalem. He will then fly by helicopter to Nazareth and Bethlehem, where he will meet Abu Mazen, the head of the Palestinian Authority.

According to Il Giornale, the Pope will celebrate four open-air Masses during his week-long trip: the first will take place in Amman for the small Catholic community there; another will be held at the Valley of Josaphat under the Mount of Olives; a third at Mount Precipice just outside Nazareth; and the fourth in Manger Square in Bethlehem. Shortly before leaving for Rome, he is due to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site of Jesus’ Resurrection, in Jerusalem.

Rudi said...

Great post Oldmanoftheski . SNOPES has been helpful on many occasions, however, they are only "right" or "wrong" to the degree that they have done the research to back up their claims. I was not able to find a specific EU press release announcing "here's the way we've re-designed our banknotes
and incorporated the RFID technology to thwart counterfeiters'", but there are plenty of government backed websites with tons of information about the CMS database (Counterfeit Monitoring System)
Currency Counterfeiting Image System (CCIS) and
"Countermeasures against Government-Scale Monetary Forgery". The "systems" are useless if there isn't pre- existing technology already embedded in the currency to monitor. I think we can safely surmise the information you found on the web is accurate, and up to date to the degree that verification has been released to the public. I did find this Federal Reserve/tracking/RFID related Patent
application info. If you think it might tie in take a look. -Rudi

Rudi said...


CERP : Cluster of European RFID Projects

This (Sept. 2007) paper considers the current state of RFID Applications in four business oriented application areas.
The authors of this paper, use an interesting choice of words in the introduction, as they describe "the internet of moving things" (automobiles etc.).
"However, the full potential of such an intelligent environment will only be fruitful if the
user/consumer/citizen gives his proactive support: Transferring the “collision avoidance system”
of civil aviation into millions of cars by the way of an Internet of cars will only lead to similar very
positive results, if the public can be persuaded that no Big Brother shall be watching them, while their too frequent behavioural excesses are being brought under control."

Section 5 ( page 19) was the most interesting, as it covers the use of RFID for payments, with E-money
replacing cash in the near future.
Page 2 has a list of Participating EU-funded R&D Projects in CERP, for readers who want to dig deeper.

Some highlights from the "Payments" section:

"E-cash has to be introduced. E-cash is such an electronic payment method,where the actual monetary value is stored on a chip in a plastic card
(or mobile handset) and can also be used in off-line transactions."

"To ensure that the migration will happen regulators and authorities have to convince the public
that the move from cash to electronic money is in their best interest too. To achieve the goals
positive and negative motivation needs to be used.
The public needs to understand that the use of cash is not free of charge and there is no better
way to make it obvious than the introduction of charges for cash payments."

Anonymous said...

Cash is yesterdays economy - not part of the NWO plan - what was the quote from heads of Visa ? (yes I have it on file) - cashless by 2012


Anonymous said...

The Five Year Ban: Because A Billion Less People Is A Great Place To Start-

"Why 5 years? Because it’s a manageable number. Because it would mean a billion less people. Because a billion less people is a good place to start."
"If everyone living on the planet today were really serious about, well, there being a planet left to live on, a planet left for our children to actually occupy, a planet that can actually sustain life. If we were serious then we would all be using birth control."
"All the time. And we would never stop using it."

"We have spent the past 4000 years trying to shrug off the nightmare that is Biblical advice. We no longer sanction slavery or believe it okay to stone a woman to death for wearing sexy clothing or any of that other nonsense—but go forth and multiply?
Got to be the worst advice in the history of the world."

"And sure, a five year ban won’t fix all of this and it raises some questions as well—like how do we insure that year six won’t produce an influx of offspring?"

"So here’s my answer: Personal responsibility. A grassroots movement means we mean it. It means people having children in year six would feel shame and embarrassment at their unbelievable selfishness.
And yeah, if you are having children right now you are being selfish. You’re stealing. Stealing from the future. Stealing from the rest of humanity. Stealing from every living thing on the earth right now."

"The current planetary die off rate—meaning the rate at which species are going extinct—is a 1000 times greater than ever before in history. Why? Because humans—one species among millions—have stolen the food, the water, the space.
And every time we bring more life into this world we’re increasing that theft exponentially."

"When John Kennedy said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” he was trying to usher in an era of duty and sacrifice and real responsibility. We need another era like that, only we need this next one to be global."

"And this time, it’s a little easier. You don’t need to ask what you need to do for the world. You already know.
Stop having children. It’s that easy."

Link to full article here-

This article raised my blood pressure just a bit. The message of population reduction is starting to resonate with many folks, even those in the evangelical community. I frequently pass by a "carbon footprint-responsible" neighborhood called "Agritopia". Many of the residents,that I know, who own these homes are dual-income-no-kids and are fully committed to not "reproducing" in order to do their part to reduce the population.
This article states outright the author's opinion that those who follow the 10 commandments are breaking them by reproducing thus causing us to "steal".

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." Isa 5:20

By His Grace,

Anonymous said...

Key Corp has gone completely paperless in its transaction with consumers at its banks. No reciepts is one scary process.

Anonymous said...

On one of the links I posted previously, it describes the Homeland Security/ Disaster Relief uses of the new powder sized chips.

They can be seeded by air over an area to determine if there are any "life forms" remaining following any type of calamity or "natural disaster", whether intentional or unintentional.

They can also be used to track refugees and/or illegal immigrants without the targeted people's having a clue that they are being tracked. Troop movements, machinery, etc. Right Douginmi, everything.

Anonymous said...

Article on today's (02/10/09)

"Stimulus contains
rationed medicine
'Safe, effective' treatments
soon to be limited by 'cost'"

Anonymous said...

Some interesting links from the IHT. The Pope is still making headlines, but now it's not only for Williamson, but for reinstating a branch of the church that doesn't think women should wear pants
and that has people who think the "Jews killed Jesus" . This could create some interesting material for the interfaith dialogue between Catholics and Jews. Some say, had it not been for the Williamson affair the reinstatement of this branch would have passed unnoticed by the rest of the world.

The Jerusalem Post has been reporting on the subject and one of the concerns is the idea of the return to ideas about Jews being "Christ-killers" a time when Jews are being blamed for everything from the financial meltdown to Gaza:

I've sounded the alarm about the increase of antisemitism in Europe, but is it possible that there is some fundamental shift in thinking which will allow the US to push Israel harder on the division of the Land?

The elections in Israel..Both candidates claiming victory:

Remember in Israel's system the PM must be able to form a government. There are some that believe a peace deal is impossible without a strong PM, because Israelis will not trust a weaker person i.e. Livni. Perhaps that explains the pre-election attack on Hamas. Maybe Kadima was trying to convince electorate that they can defend Israel.

The other interesting news is that in recent days, Obama keeps preparing everyone for the worst and not promising that his huge bailout will fix the economy.

No Easy way out says the headlines:

One thing I've noticed that Obama is probably THE most photographed President in history. ABC in particular seems to plaster his face on their pages multiple times...Just an observation. Will people get sick of him if his plan doesn't work? They are talking two years minimum to see marked improvement. Either he will end up looking like a genius if it works sooner, or it won't work and he can blame Bush. It's a win win.

Jimmy Carter and "the Elders" want Israel to give up Land. Jimmy's book was released just in the nick of time for the beginning of Obama's administration and Jimmy was not shy on saying US could cut aid to Israel to get theme to cooperate:

The irony of this is the concept of elders appears in this weeks Torah portion called Yithro ( Jethro) in Ex 18 where Moses father in law, a Midianite tells him to appoint elders to help him lead Israel. Jimmy's "Elders" want to divide Israel. Jethro was not even an Israelite, but he wanted to Moses to succeed. Jimmy must have a different Bible version than me.if he's reading it, ..the "split up Israel" version. I think Obama, HIllary, Mitchell, Soros and Brezinsky also read that one but time will tell. My Bible says this:

Is. 60:14-16 “The sons of those who afflicted you will come bowing to you, And all those who despised you will bow themselves at the soles of your feet;
And they will call you the city of the LORD,
The Zion of the Holy One of Israel. “Whereas you have been forsaken and hated With no one passing through, I will make you an everlasting pride, A joy from generation to generation. “You will also suck the milk of nations And suck the breast of kings;
Then you will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.


Anonymous said...

Humanity's Team is sponsoring Oneness day:

I linked to that from this site which is a partner on the Churches for Middle East Peace that I posted the other day.. the ones who signed the letter to Obama to split Israel


Anonymous said...

..and this off Humanity Team's site, a new school..


Anonymous said...

I didn't notice this the other day, but Maryknoll is on this site, the group that wants to divide the Land of Israel:

Another group is the Alliance of Baptists who is "reexamining their position on homosexuality".

This is often the problem if we let one part of God's Word go, then why should we believe any of it. This is how apostasy comes about. They are also into environmental causes which seems to go hand in hand with the other things I mentioned.

and surprise surprise, this is part of the New Baptist Covenant that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton formed not too long ago.

That would be former President Jimmy Carter, who also has the solution of how to solve the problem of Middle East Peace:

Even though the Bible says,

1Th. 5:3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape.


Gretchen said...


I read this with my mouth hanging open in horror!! Yuck!
This resonates with me because of a conversation I had with the owner of the salon where I am currently working. She is a lovely lady, born in Iran who immigrated to the the U.S. about 30 years ago. She was cutting my hair and started talking about the need for population control. She said that we should implement the policy that China has. One child per family.
I gasped inside and asked her who would be adopting all of our little girls or unwanted children when that takes place? Would we then resort to forced abortions, abandonment etc..? This surprised her and she seemed to have not thought of these problems.

THEN, she went on to say that she didn't know why people would give birth to special needs babies. Her reasoning was that it was unfair to the children to let them live!
Of course I quickly made a point of asking her if she knew any people with special needs. I then pointed to a few cases of families I know personally with special needs kids and adults who have lived extremely full and happy lives.
She contemplatively made a comment about how maybe it wasn't our job to play God.
It is important to have these conversations with those around us. So that if or when these sick ideas takes place the outrage will be felt and heard.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, Jimmy Carter must have missed “Black Hawk down.” Maybe Jimmy thinks he is immune from evil, but the children of Israel are the ones who will face the neo Nazis.
Gretchen, when you (human beings) are evolved, you are still animals, nothing more than a smart animal, and when utilitarianism recognizes its imperatives the weak, the unproductive, and what ever criteria society decrees fits their purposes, you are marked for CULLING out. I believe Jesus has His own to cull!

Anonymous said...

those who are interested in following dots should spend some time here:

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the same Jimmy Carter, one of the worst presidents in U.S. history? Those were four miserable years of history. Why was Ronald Reagan so popular? In part, it was due to Carter's failed presidency. We are fortunate he only lasted for one term.

One interesting thing I noticed at Obama's inauguration was a notable snub of the Clinton's by Jimmy Carter. What was that all about?

David in B.C.

Anonymous said...

To David in B.C. (9:17 AM):
Re: "One interesting thing I noticed at Obama's inauguration was a notable snub of the Clinton's by Jimmy Carter. What was that all about?"

Jimmy Carter was interviewed and questioned about this on another day. He explained that he and his wife had warmly greeted and spoken with both of the Clintons just moments before they all came out and appeared before the cameras.

So, what appeared and was interpeted as a "snub" (by the viewing public - along with the live television camera crews and reporters) was NOT a "snub" after all.

Shem1777 said...

Joyce 12:57 A.M.

As per Obama being the most photographed president.

I found it amazing, how the media must have sorted through dozens of photos of Bush to find the worst one! He almost always looked vacuous, or pained, even hair disheveled from wind in photos taken outside etc. I can imagine the laughter in the news rooms.

Obama is often presented in ethereal portraiture. As if he were emitting light.

For more on media, click over to Slice of Laodicea. "Silencing the Watchmen". a good piece on the "Unfairness Doctrine".

Anonymous said...

Hi SV,

Quoting from your post @7:25, "If everyone living on the planet today were really serious about, well, there being a planet left to live on, a planet left for our children to actually occupy, a planet that can actually sustain life. If we were serious then we would all be using birth control."
"All the time. And we would never stop using it."

Soooo...where will these children come from if everyone uses birth control all the time...?

They conveniently didn't discuss that aspect of creating the subsequent generations needed to inherit this planet...instead put an onus on having children in the 6th year...

Sounds like self-extinction.

I won't even touch the Biblical denigration...I have to sit back and say, God is not mocked...


Anonymous said...

Young grasshopper,

This may be a little off-topic - but, then again, in terms of New World Order technology, perhaps not......

Is this what you were talking about a couple of months ago?

Anonymous said...

I think that the bird flu will be used to precipitate just that - poulation control. If there truely are on going actions by FEMA throught the CDC for pandemic preperations - as seem to be on going - including the authorization of the camps - identification of individuals accurate and secure - will be required. Which will feed to the other hand - including the business agreement between microsoft and verichip. The end result is so glaringly obvious it needs no explination. The economic fall out will just help those who teter on a fence make a decision to one side or the other and the noose will tighten quickly, either way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
So good to hear from you! I've been thinking of you lately and wondering how you're doing.

Hi Gretchen,
Sadly your experience with this person is very similar to my own. Thanks for sharing this.

This article is deeply offensive because I see that this garbage is resonating with folks. I went to a multi-church function that had a variety of teachers, professors, psychologists, etc. and the majority of these couples would not only agree with much of this article, but they're adapting their lifestyles to include population reduction- aka no reproducing, no holds barred on abortion, and reducing their "carbon footprint" in every possible way.
It's very disheartening. I've literally had a nurse ask me if it would be worth saving my son's life (when he was younger he had many life-or-death health stuggles, due to an under-developed tummy and lungs that kept us frequently at many hospitals) because he was a child with special-needs. This severe lack of reverence and value of life is growing as a mindset in America in my experience.

But, here's how God's Word weighs in on the matter:
Psa 139:13,14 "For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." [NIV]

By His Grace,

Anonymous said...

"Wiley-Blackwell, a major academic press, was set to release its four-volume Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization this month. According to the encyclopedia’s editor, George Thomas Kurian, the set had been copy-edited, fact-checked, proofread, publisher-approved, printed, bound, and formally launched (to high praise) at the recent American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature conference. But protests from a small group of scholars associated with the project have led the press to postpone publication, recall all copies already distributed, and destroy the existing print run. The scholars’ complaint? The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization, they have reportedly argued, is “too Christian.” “They also object to historical references to the persecution and massacres of Christians by Muslims,” Kurian says, “but at the same time want references favorable to Islam.”"

"Political correctness in academic publishing is nothing new, but it would be unusual, to say the least, for ideological pressure to lead a publisher to reverse itself so late in the process, especially given the significant financial losses involved in pulping a print run of a gigantic four-volume encyclopedia."
"As Kurian puts it, “This is probably the first instance of mass book-burning in the 21st century.”"

"The memo also claims that the “words or passages [the critics] want deleted” include “Antichrist,” “BC/AD (as chronological markers),” “Virgin Birth,” “Resurrection,” and “Evangelism.” “To make the treatment ‘more balanced,’” the memo says, the critics “also want the insertion of material denigrating Christianity in some form or fashion.” "


** Revising Christian history is nothing new to the world of academia, but the determination to "insert material denigrating Christianity" is certainly the continuing propaganda that is leading us to the outright persecution of Christianity.**

By His Grace,

Young Grasshopper said...

Hi Susanna,

Yes, I talked about the Hadron Collider, the God particle, the Higgs Boson field and my thoughts on what I consider is a scientific attempt to "kill God" a few months ago. Probably ad nauseum,too, lol.

Someone left this link here recently.

In it we read:

"The New Age philosophers define evil as MATTER, selfishness, and the refusal to embrace change. Bailey says, "The domination of spirit (and its reflection, soul) by matter is what constitutes evil"; at the human level "the true nature of cosmic evil finds its major expression" in "materialistic selfishness and the sense of isolated separativeness."

More and more I have been thinking that God will not bring about Armageddon; the New Agers will. They are trying to prove that they are Gods, and that our God is false. I would not be too surprised if the Hadron Collider plays a part, possibly triggering something devastating if they get it up and running. I'm glad the fix is delayed. Originally they said April, now it's September.

Just thought I should mention that I have not been checking in here much of late, ( I've been really busy with personal stuff), but happened to peek in this evening.

Hope everyone is doing well. Sarah, good to hear from you again, I too was thinking about you recently! I hope you have somewhat recovered from those devastating wildfires last fall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Grasshopper,

LOL At least you can see I was reading your posts and paying attention, right?

Re:"The New Age philosophers define evil as MATTER,...

The 2nd-century gnostics also claimed that matter was "evil" - as did the Manichaeans.

Anonymous said...

Hello YG, and SV!

Doing very well for ourselves, getting things under control with sudden changes in family matters, but really feeling grief for the folks in Australia, when speaking of fires...we are so blessed to have warm houses, running water, food, our peace, even in the midst of the turmoil that is accelerating our direction...

Trying to catch up on all the developments taking place, and looking for the only "LIGHT" in the heavens I want to see, the Lord Jesus, Faithful and True!

So, reading, reading, reading, and following the links, listening to podcasts... Good stuff!

Thank you for the warm welcomes!


Anonymous said...

No Jimmy's not immune that's for sure.

David in BC,
Yes, it's the same Jimmy, the worst President, although I think some are giving that prize to Bush now.. It's all relative. In a few years, maybe people will look back and say it's Obama. He's getting scarier by the day.

Shem 1777,
Thanks for that article. I remember hearing something about the the fear of broadcasters being censored, several months back. Maybe the blogs will be next.

Yes, nice to have you back. Glad to hear your family is doing okay. Yes, praying for the folks in Australia, It's so sad to more people being devastated by fires.


Anonymous said...

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