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Recalling the New Age books, THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier and WORLD'S END 2009 by Peter Lorie, not to mention the old "Church Lady" (Dana Carvey) lines from Saturday Night Live, "Isn't that convenient?", I have watched with increasing consternation the Group of Twenty meeting with President Bush in Washington to reshape global economics. Spokesmen commented live on the news that now the world was really ready to enter the 21st Century where there would be "peace and prosperity for all." Javier Solana will be in Washington this Thursday, November 20, 2008, back at the Brookings Institution to discuss their Global Action Plan for Global Governance. Javier Solana has repeatedly said it was imperative it be in place by 2009. My educated guess is that all are counting on President Elect Barack Obama to help put it in place. I thought I would look at the WEU/EU presidencies to see which would be at the helm in the next three years. The very first dual coinciding presidency was Spain's in 1995 which went to Javier Solana just in time for him to launch the Barcelona Process. Spain has both again in 2010, the year Solana projected for the Mediterranean Free Trade Union and so many other global initiatives including the Alliance of Civilizations are also projected. I found this handy chart at the WEU site of the coinciding WEU/EU presidencies and thought you might find it useful.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Just thought it was novel to be the first to comment


björn said...

..."If the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse are melded together, we can clearly see a Central Source of World Power, a power that will hold and control people and resources. No one could trade without being a slave to this power. I'm also convinced in the view that in the future world there will only be one financial currency, though this currency will not physically exist, it will only exist in cyberspace, those enslaved by that single super-system will access their money through being scanned and verified as the rightful owner of nothing but code."..."I see the future as I understand the past and present. We're witnessing a false rebalancing of world power, and a harmonizing of nations in a "positive discrimination" sense, that ignores merit and substance, in favor of an un-Godly balance. All of this goes by the name "Alliance of Civilizations," involving "social reform," and redistribution of wealth. Whereas in reality it all spells and spills out as nothing less than "Global Sickle Cell Anemia."

from: © Johnny D. Symon
"Global sickle cell anemia"

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Europeans to decide that a 6 month rotating presidency is not adequate to accomplish anything.. It shouldn't take them too much longer to announce this.

Jerusalem Post is saying that Obama wants to endorse the Saudi Plan. If this is true, that should be a wake up call to all the American Jews who voted for him.


Constance Cumbey said...

I posted this before reading the fine comments on last column. Looks like lots of you have been watching and digesting . . .

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting scholarly piece relating to Constance's topic.. On Bjorn's blog I made mention of an artist Jaume Plensa, from Barcelona who does bizarre alien looking statues of androgynous figures.. Popular culture and art seem to be more and more working toward confusing gender identity.. This article gives some food for thought:


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ooops excuse me. That article really goes with the last subject not this one..meant to post it there.


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Your link to the article on androgyny in your comment of 11:37PM, is a must read, in my opinion. (Oldmanoftheski, I hope you'll read it,too, even though it's very long.)

It absolutely meshes completely with the philosophy of the book I read recently, called "The Armageddon Conspiracy" in which the androgynous Gnostic Lucy is given the mission to kill God in order to save humanity.It also has everything to do with what I had been trying to write about in my blog,regarding the demonic roots of

It also rings a familiar chord with me, in that I first discovered neo-paganism back in the early 90's when I discovered that a very popular teacher at my performing arts center was teaching students in my school how to chant and meditate instead of how to dance. A highly revered Jewish choreographer in the dance community, this teacher had recently gone to Berlin to choreograph and perform, and came back with her head totally shaved, and wearing long black druidic gowns that hid her gender in spite of her overt sexuality. I had known she was bi-sexual, but when I discovered that she was also inviting the students to her home where altars were set up, I became very disturbed. She choreographed a ritualistic piece for the end of year performance showcase to the tune of music more befitting an exorcism movie than a dance recital. She'd always had a cult-like following with her charismatic personality, but when I saw that recital piece I knew I had to fire her, and I did. Soon afterward my home started emitting strange sounds and scratching noises erupted over my bed each night, and my kids began fighting among themselves to a terrifying degree. One even threw the other out of a second story window. (luckily he hit a bush on the way down and it broke his fall). I did feel as though my house was besieged by demons.

It took three full months to get rid of them, (JD, if you are reading this, I agree with Paul's comment on the last thread), and in the end I had to bring in a pastor of an evangelical church to get rid of the demons that were affecting my family, my cat and our lives.

I do not recommend anyone read "The Armageddon Conspiracy", but I mention it here as a warning so that people will understand that the books and movies that keep coming out of the same hellish pits are precisely the things that are turning our youth into self-mutilating, asexual, bi-sexual and homosexual radicals like the group that terrorized the church in Lansing. Those kids do not understand the deep roots of their movement, which goes back to Satan and the Garden of Eden. The article explains that very well.

Thank-you so much, Joyce, you are truly a blessing to me, and I wanted to announce that publicly here.

Young Grasshopper

Anonymous said...

In addition to the Hercules Fountain and the Dragon Gate by Gaudi, and “The Goddess”, by Angel Tarrac, there are a host of other “gods” and “goddesses” dominating the grounds surrounding Pedralbes Palace. But perhaps the most meaningful piece, at least as far as the stated aspirations of the Union of the Mediterranian are concerned, is the sculpture presiding over the main entrance. “Mediterrania”, by Eulàlia Fàbregas de Sentmena, represents (let me just speculate here), the “androgynous” deity who connects all the people surrounding the sea.

According to Wikipedia….”The term Mediterranean derives from the Latin word mediterraneus, meaning "in the middle of earth" (medius, "middle" + terra, "land, earth"). This is either due to the sea being surrounded by land (especially compared to the Atlantic Ocean) or that it was at the centre of the known world.”

Indeed, Pedralbes offers an assortment of befitting gods or goddess that will undoubtedly inspire and guide this gathering of dignitaries as they seek to form a more perfect union.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good website:
Prophecy in the News.
It is about the nwo.

Anonymous said...

Paul, Hopper,

I appreciate the concern from you both. Hopper, given your experience with a similar presence, I can see the wisdom.

Paul, since we have had quite a few discussions both inside this forum as well as outside of it, and admittedly we have not always agreed on every thing. In fact our first conversation was over a disagreement. I have come to respect your opinion. One thing however I feel important to inject here, is while yes it is true that the Lord's virtuous power is what healed the woman who reached out to touch the hem of His garment. It however was her faith in Him that allowed this to happen. Even Jesus said to her "Dear woman, you are made well because you believed. Go in peace and be healed of your disease."Mark5:34

I make no claim to be able to do anything about my situation on my own, but through Him I am given the ability and authority to do anything. We are told we have the ability to heal the sick and cause mountains to fall into the sea. I don't know about you, but I take this literaly. I too take it at His word that I have the ability to cast out demons. Not by my own power, but by the power given to me through my faith in Him. I am not like some who try to do things such as this in vain, or for my own selfish reasons. The Lord however does not wish us to dwell in places with foul spirits. So any action I take, is not my will but His. I understand some spirits are stronger than others and as such require more to get rid of, however every tool one could need is either written in the Word or based in one's own faith. The Lord stands by us in our deepest troubles, most simply fear for them selves instead of keeping their eye on Him when things get hard. I have asked for prayer a few times here regarding this matter but would like to make clear that I could not care less what physically happens to me. This thing could bring my house down on top of me and it wouldn't bother me. I have stated before that this thing has no dominion over me and there fore has no ability to change what would happen should I perish. I have however stated repeatedly that my concern is for my family, in particular my brother who is lost to his own selfish sinful ways. I am far from perfect and would not want anyone to think I was proclaiming such. However I do not claim to simply believe in the Lord and what He has granted me through His grace, I know. As sure as I live and breathe I know. As sure as the sun rises and sets I know.


Anonymous said...

To JD (both 1:51 AM & 1:41 PM):

I absolutely agree with Susanna's comments in her 12:15 AM post.

I would also like to add the following. If you had a medical emergency, you would not try to treat yourself; you would call a doctor.

The same is true of a haunted house. You may need to call a professional. Special prayers of the rite of exorcism and holy water are powerful tools against demon activity.

Here are some interesting facts regarding the background and TRUE story behind William Peter Blatty's 1971 best selling novel, "The Exorcist" and the 1973 movie (which received 10 academy award nominations) directed by William Friedkin.

"The Exorcist" was based on the true story a 13-year-old boy from Mount Rainier, Maryland (in the Washington, D.C. area) in 1949. (The movie changed it to a young girl, played by Linda Blair.)

In 1949, the first exorcism was performed by local priest Father E. Albert Hughes and then underwent a final and successful rite of exorcism by Father William Bowdern at Alexian Brothers Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri in the spring of 1949.

The family’s entire haunting episode revealed that only after 20 to 30 performances of the ancient ritual of exorcism was the devil finally cast out of the boy.

FYI: Father John J. Nicola, the then 43-year-old assistant director of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in D.C., regarded as one of the country’s leading authorities on exorcism, was called upon to serve as the movie’s technical consultant.

Anonymous said...

Whether significant or not, it is interesting that the WEU/EU presidency schedule ends in 2012.

Young Grasshopper said...


I would also like to state that the haunted house story that I just related on this thread was not the same story that was on my blog. I'm in the process of re-decorating my blog so to speak, but will re-publish that post and other posts after I've edited them and removed all of the pre-election content.

That being said, the story I just told on this thread happened to me at a time when I was not walking with the Lord. So there is no way I felt that I had the ability to withstand what I sensed was evil.

Things are different with me now, and I would certainly try the same route that you intend to try as a first resort, because I do believe with all my heart that demons have no dominion over Christians with true faith.

That being said, I did pray for your brother yesterday and will continue to do so.

Young Grasshopper said...


Thanks for the links in the last tread. I haven't gone through them all yet but I was fascinated with the architect Gaudi's work.

I guess that's where the term "gaudy" comes from?

Anyhow, some of his work looks absolutely alien-esque! Then you have the gothic to the down right gaudy buildings. The Palace of Pedralbes is rather typical, while that dragon's gate is totally weird!

Interestingly, I read his very sad biography on Wikipedia and that he was supposed to be a devout Catholic whose relatives and closest friends all began dying when he started his Sagrada Família. Why a devout Catholic would construct alien-type towers, and dragon gates and phallic turrets is beyond me. This building in the photo below was particularly gaud-i, IMHO, but I also liked it a great deal because it's so different from anything we see here in the US.

By the way, I had read that a place called Triest, Italy (Austrian border)was called the center of the world by some occultists, but I really know nothing about it other than it's also on the sea. Just thought I'd throw it out there because I'm sure you'll dig up some great creepy info on it for those of us who like this stuff;0)

Anonymous said...

From Arizona Daily Star (11/16/08):

Personnel from around the globe will converge at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base from December 1-12 for the largest rescue exercise of its kind.

The effort, dubbed Angel Thunder, will involve the U.S. Army and Air Force, troops from Germany, Chile, Colombia and observers from Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Pakistan.

Several non-military U.S. agencies such as the State and Justice departments, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, also will take part in the drills, which aim to smooth interaction between military branches, allied nations and civilian agencies.

With about 450 personnel involved, Angel Thunder “is the most complex and largest Department of Defense personnel- recovery exercise to date,” said a news release from Air Combat Command in Langley, Va.

D-M will be at the hub of the effort, but most of the mock rescue action will take place elsewhere in Arizona and in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Genetically modified food (seed)? Genetically "pharmed" blood? Soon a customized, genetically "pharmed" society?

Link here-

and here-


Anonymous said...

YG, Thanks.

What I've been trying to relate here are all verifiable and observable facts, either on the ground, and/or recorded in the news and/or history books. I am indeed guilty of a degree of speculation in trying to interpret the meaning of symbols and attach an importance to their history and placement in relation to current events. I'm not interested in studying the occult, I'm interested in studying the WEU. The fact that the two are intermingled makes it, er, interesting. With that in mind, I offer more of the same on the topic at hand.

When we think of the EU’s “Circles of Power”, or the Union of the Mediterranean’s “frameworks”, or any proposal labeled a “road map”….it may be helpful to keep in mind the symbolic significance of the plan’s architecture.

Classical Roman, Greek, ancient Hebrew, and yes, even American society, were all based on fundamental laws, immutable “walls” that were erected to govern the populace if you will. The governing philosophy was reflected in the architecture of the very buildings of the governments themselves. Strong columns and pillars universally represent internal strength and stability, and are linked philosophically and practically with the rule of law.

Gothic architecture on the other hand, which dominated much of medieval Europe, (and which is especially prominent in the old city of Barcelona near Pedralbes), derives it’s strength from external “frameworks”, soaring buttresses and the like. Such exo-skeletons provide an alternative means of structural integrity, the inspiration of which came from observations of the natural world, i.e. the spider’s web.

According to architectural historian Charles H. Moore “the whole scheme of the building is determined by, and its whole strength is made to reside in a finely organized and frankly confessed framework rather than in walls. This framework, made up of piers, arches and buttresses, is freed from every unnecessary encumbrance of wall and is rendered as light in all its parts as is compatible with strength -- the stability of the building depending not upon inert massiveness, except in the outermost abutment of active parts whose opposing forces neutralize each other and produce a perfect equilibrium. It is thus a system of balanced thrusts in contradistinction to the ancient system of inert stability.” [Development and Character of Gothic Architecture]

The key words are, “freed from every unnecessary encumbrance of wall”, “rendered as light”, “balanced thrusts”, “perfect equilibrium” and “contradistinction to the ancient system”. Gothic architecture, by it’s conceptual definition, reveals a spirit of continuous and profoundly eternal rebellion directed against the established order.

This new political edifice, emerging out of the sea, which we are now supposed to call “The Union of the Mediterranean”, is founded on the AOC’s Andalusian model of the Islamic empire that swept over Europe in the middle ages. In the opening pages of her book, “the Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain”, author Maria Rosa Menocal reveals that, “The very heart of culture as a series of contraries lay in Al-Andalus, [the medieval Spanish Caliphate] which requires us to reconfigure the map of Europe, and put the Mediterranean at the center.”

It makes sense to me that the middle ages, also known as “the dark ages”, were a foreshadowing of the things we see today.

And a note about far as strength to weight ratio goes, a spider’s web is second to none. Yet the little beasts often make the mistake of anchoring one or more ends of their intricately woven designs to something less than permanent, a leaf that is about to become detached from a twig, or a weathered clay pot about to crumble. (See Daniel).

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry, guys, I meant to send the tinyurl's with that!

Link to Darpa Article-

Link to News.Cnet-


Anonymous said...


I hate being a blog bogart, and I’m really trying to restrict my comments to addressing the significance of the new location of the WEU HQ itself. But I have to say I found your “androgyny” link to be quite appropriate.

In front of the main entrance to the Royal Palace there is a statue of Queen Isabella, holding up the “infant king”. Art images of mother and child are quite common, less so when both are adorned with crowns. A short distance away in Montserrat, the revered “Black Madonna” icon gathers pilgrims from far and wide. Now I hope all the Catholics out there aren't going to get insulted when I say the "Black Madonna", attributed by some to be the handiwork of St. Luke circa AD 50, struck me as an especially androgynous figure.

The point being, as was stated in the well researched piece you linked to, such androgynous figures are quite common in our cultural and religious history. However, keeping in mind the judgment of Sodom, the resurgence of an active cultural androgyny coupled (pun intended) with the “anything goes sexuality” of our popular culture, is in fact, a noteworthy sign of the end times.

But back to Barcelona. There can be no doubt it is the perfect location for the WEU beast out of the sea to conduct his/her/its business. Except for Jerusalem itself, no other city is so well known for being at the crossroads of all three major world religions.

Since there's not a lot of blogging going on here today, I don't feel too guilty taking up additional space.


“Barcelona Cathedral (also known as La Seu) is a celebrated example of Catalan Gothic architecture dating from the 14th century. Its graceful spires can be seen from throughout the Barri Gòtic (Gothic quarter) of Barcelona. The elevated site occupied by the cathedral has always been the spiritual center of Barcelona. First there was a Roman temple here, then a mosque, and then a church. Construction on the present cathedral began in 1298 under the reign of King Jaume II and was completed in 1448.”

“[Although] Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia may be Barcelona's most famous landmark (and rightly so), La Seu still holds it own as one of the most impressive cathedrals in Spain.”

“A blending of medieval and Renaissance styles, Barcelona's cathedral features large bell towers covered in Gothic pinnacles, high Gothic arches, a handsomely sculptured choir and many side chapels with rich altarpieces. Especially notable is the Cappella de Sant Benet behind the altar, with a magnificent 15th-century interpretation of the crucifixion by Bernat Matorell.”

“The crypt beneath the high altar contains the impressive alabaster sarcophagus of Santa Eulalia, patroness of the cathedral and co-patroness of the city. The virgin daughter of an upper-class Barcelona family, Eulalia was burned at the stake for her beliefs under the Romans (traditionally dated to February 12, 304). Drop some coins in a slot to light up the crypt.”

(Now that sounds like fun!)

“Probably the best part of the cathedral is the 14th-century cloister, which the historian Cirici called "the loveliest oasis in Barcelona." Its vaulted galleries overlook a lush garden filled with orange, medlar and palm trees and a mossy central pond. Underneath the well-worn slabs of its stone floor are the tombs of key members of the Barri Gòtic's ancient guilds.”

If only the stones and bones beneath our feet could talk! But then again, maybe the stones really are crying out, and we’re just too dumb to hear.

Anonymous said...

Read about it at
Obama Declares War on Conservative Talk Radio
Jim Boulet, Jr.
With the ink barely dry on this November's ballots, Obama has begun a war against conservative talk radio. (More at link)
And it's not with the Fairness Doctrine. There's something else at play.

Dawn should share what she found about newspaper jobs being outsourced to places like India. It has nothing to do with Obama censorship, but it provides another route to control news.

African Press which was to air the Michelle Obama telephone call has been shut down by Wordpress for violating Terms of Service, a method used to shut other blogs and websites down. See the article at Atlas Shrugs.

The television show Maryanne's husband watched was another form of intimidation, suggesting to others that it would be wiser to keep quiet.


kimba said...

Talking about art there is a controversy building about the redecoration of a meeting room for the AOC. it looks horrible IMO and cost an absolute bomb. Fulfilled prophecy has the link.

Anonymous said...


Dorothy thanks for posting the story with link. I too have been reading similar reports from the UK over the past few weeks.


Obama and McCain in blow against press freedom with convention charges
24 October 2008

By Siobhan McFadyen

Full story;


The Daily Mail editor-in-chief, Paul Dacre, has accused a High Court judge of bringing in a privacy law against the British press by the back door.

By Ben Leach
Last Updated: 6:53PM GMT 10 Nov 2008


Society of Editors: Paul Dacre's speech in full (very, very long!)
9 November 2008

By Paul Dacre ;

Amongst other things, Paul Dacre voices his concerns about the incredible growth/influence of the BBC in this speech.

He concludes with a quote from Northcliffe,
“The power of the press is great” he declared. “The power to suppress is even greater.”


Constance Cumbey said...

I believe the ProphecyintheNews Site is owned by Chris Perver, a young Englishman, who indeed does first rate work and most worthwhile reading. I commend it to all. That is not to say I agree with everything as I'm sure he would not agree with everything of mine, but his reporting is first class!


Dawn said...

Thanks for the cue.
Here is the story I sent Dorothy:

A lady I grew up with now lives in California. My mother was worried about her because of the fires. So my mom called her mom to see if she was okay. Ends up her and her husband are now in Kansas. Both of their jobs at the newspaper (she was a line reporter and I can't remember what he did) were being India.

How can newspaper jobs be outsourced to India???

Here is an article about it happening in Europe:

and about it over here in US:

and here:

My concern was about control of the press.

All these things occurring at the same time are not coincidence.

There has been so much lately, I almost feel paralyzed. What else can I do?

Yeah, I know God will protect me. Let me just say this, I live in Oklahoma and if I know a tornado is coming, I am getting in my storm cellar. Then I will pray for God to keep my family safe.

Anonymous said...


Hi Dawn,

Oh my!!! Thank You for posting those links - I had no idea this is happening and it sickens me to the core!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Sarah Palin wasn't too keen on the "liberal" news media. I don't think she was advocating censorship, but she definitely highlighted that there is something wrong with today's media. Taking an idiotic story about clothes and making it bigger than it actually was.

Anonymous said...

MaryAnne,'re a blessing to me too. :o)

Old man of the ski..Interesting posts on the meeting place of the new Mediterranean Union..


Anonymous said...

Kimba, thanks for the link.

The Spaniards are the leaders of the pack for good reason. The article includes a very revealing quote from Barcelo himself, who sees his art as an "organized chaos" and as an "act of resistance." He also refers to the AOC/UN project as a “pharonic work”. Indeed, Barcelo’s modernesque/Gothic rebellious art form is infused with Islamic influences. He does a splendid job of capturing the true essence of the AOC.

Don’t be surprised to see some rather astonishing agreements coming down the pike which will greatly expand the role of “moderate” Islam in global financial and political affairs. I think someone here posted a link to the US Treasury Islamic Banking crash courses dictated by Paulson. That was a pretty good indicator of things to come.

The proponents of this new “Al- Andalusia” model point out that for nearly 200 years under “moderate” Islamic rule, Spain was the “ornament of the world”. The dhimmi, (Jews and Christians, “People of the Book”, monotheistic descendents of Abraham) enjoyed opportunities to achieve prosperity under the Spanish Caliphate, and openly participated at every level of government (except the top level, of course). But the “fundamentalist” Berbers came in and established a much more repressive form of Islam that changed the relative good times to bad for the next 500 years.

And then of course, we have intolerant Pope Innocent, who sent his armies in and wiped the Islamic slate clean, which set the stage for the Inquisition and the forced expulsion of the Jews from Spain. The bottom line is that in defining “tolerance” in terms of the Quaran, and openly declaring war on “fundamentalists” of all persuasions, the AOC is striving to put the dhimmi back in their rightful place, for, according to them, only then can there be peace in the world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance

I am "Gospeller". Please can you respond to my query about links between Lucis and Moral ReArmament which is the 20th response to your thread on that subject, of 30th or 31st October?

Anonymous said...

This piece from the Press to India article reminds me of 1984:

"Prepress staff at papers in Sussex and Wiltshire, who design ads and check editorial pages before they are sent to the printers, have been told their positions are at risk.......Journalists at the titles fear that sending pages electronically to and from India before they are printed each morning in Brighton could jeopardise the quality of Sussex's daily newspaper, the Argus."

I thought of Minitrue (Ministry of Truth). Remember Winston Smith rewriting history has he was told (he was completely detached from the events and so they may have well been true, for all he knew). This strikes me as the same. People in India "checking" the editorial pages and "news" pages eventually for "mistakes" regarding events about which they will know nothing because they are so detached from them.


Anonymous said...

Article in today's Arutz-Sheva Israel National News proves the AOC point, and goes right along with the rhetoric from Bush, McCain, and no doubt the incoming Obama admin....that says we have "no choice" but to work to expand the power and influence of "moderate" Islam... our "true" partners for peace.

Welcome to Al-Andalusia. Welcome to the world of the dhimmi.

Anonymous said...

oops, that last post was from me, as if it matters.

Anonymous said...

Oldman, the site you provided returns with an error. Would mind a follow-up link, or give me the headline of the news story, and I'll follow it up from there. Thanks so much.

12:57 PM

Anonymous said...



That article you posted on androgyny is an excellent one. I first read it several months ago and have often shared it with others.

To All....FYI,

Many people are not aware that in the nineteenth century or thereabouts, the precursor to "utopian socialism" called "Saint Simonianism" - especially in the form espoused by Enfantin - looked for the coming of a so-called "female messiah."

Saint-Simonianism was a French socialist movement of the first half of the nineteenth century. The movement is named after Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint-Simon who promoted ideas of utopian socialism but after his death, the movement that formed around his ideas became increasingly extreme in its religious views.

The movement was centered around the École Polytechnique. After roughly 1830, the Saint-Simonians led by Barthélemy Prosper Enfantin formed an increasingly religiously-minded Messianic group, before being banned by the authorities in 1832.

Saint-Simonianism had some influence in England, particularly among the followers of Joanna Southcott who shared the Saint-Simonian idea that a female messiah would come soon.

After the July Revolution of 1830 Enfantin resigned his office of cashier, and devoted all his energy to the cause. Besides contributing to Le Globe, he made appeals to the people by systematic preaching, and organized centres of action in some of the main cities of France.

The headquarters in Paris were moved from the modest rooms in the Rue Taranne to the large halls near the Boulevard des Italiens. Enfantin and Amand Bazard were proclaimed Pères Suprêmes ("Supreme Fathers") - a union which was, however, only nominal, as a divergence was already manifest. Bazard, who concentrated on organizing the group, had devoted himself to political reform, while Enfantin, who favoured teaching and preaching, dedicated his time to social and moral change. The antagonism was widened by Enfantin's announcement of his theory of the relation of man and woman, which would substitute a system of "free love" for the "tyranny of marriage".

Bazard and his disciples broke with Enfantin's group. The latter became sole "father", leading a chiefly religiously-oriented movement, joined by new converts (according to Enfantin's estimate, the total number of followers would have reached 40,000). He wore on his breast a badge with his title of Père, was referred to by his preachers as "the living law", declared himself to be the chosen of God, and sent out emissaries in a quest of a woman predestined to be the "female Messiah," and the mother of a new Saviour (the latter quest was very costly and altogether fruitless).

Out of this "melange" there emerged a messianic socialist "prophet" named Jules Simon Ganneau who claimed to be the reincarnation of the "lost king" Louis XVII. Not to be outdone, his wife claimed to be the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette. Interestingly, it was said to be a follower of Ganneau who fired the first shot that began the revolution of 1848 in France.

Boys Will Be Women: Gendered Solutions to Nineteenth-Century Socialist Problems

In 1831, the proto-socialist Saint-Simonians announced that they were putting their efforts to reform society on hold to "wait for the woman"--a female messiah who would dispense a new morality for the modern age. When she failed to appear, they scurried off to Egypt, hoping to find her there. Some years later, another socialist, Simon Ganneau, anointed himself the Mapah, an androgynous synthesis of maternal and paternal qualities who would soften the harder edges of contemporary social relations, ushering in an era of organic wholeness. Then, there was Louis-Jean Baptiste de Tourreil, a former sailor who concocted a utopia in which the sacred union between the first man and first woman--appropriately dubbed the Evadam--became the template for all social bonds. Such sexual mumbo jumbo provides easy grist for those who, from Léon Daudet (Le stupide XIXe siècle [1922]) to Philippe Muray (Le dix-neuvième siècle à travers les âges [1984]) would speak of a "stupid nineteenth century"--an age far too enamored with ghosts, table turning, and the occult to produce serious thought. Yet, in her fascinating new book, Naomi J. Andrews turns the tables, as it were, on those who would judge these eccentricities too harshly. French romantic socialism's obsession with gender relations and androgyny were, she persuasively argues, integral to a social philosophy devised to counter the atomizing tendencies of the increasingly market-driven society of July Monarchy France (1830-48). In so doing, she makes valuable contributions to our understanding of early socialist thought and the political uses of gender in nineteenth-century France.

Andrews begins by situating the emergence of romantic socialism within the politically disenchanted climate that followed the overthrow of the Bourbon monarchy in 1830, which many contemporaries regarded as a "stolen revolution" (p. 12). In chapter 2, Andrews considers how disillusionment with high politics led young intellectuals, often steeped in the pervasive culture of romanticism, to flock to the socialist sects blossoming throughout Paris during the 1830s. Fusing a romantic sensibility with a concern for the working classes, the doctrines they dreamt up, Andrews argues, shared two traits: they were philosophically opposed to "individualism," and they believed that women provided the key to overcoming it. As her evidence, Andrews introduces a motley crew of would-be socialist messiahs: Pierre Leroux, the dissident Saint-Simonian; Ganneau, the Mapah; Tourreil, the theorist of the Evadam; Alphonse-Louis Constant, a lapsed priest who touted the social significance of the Virgin Mary before founding modern occultism under the pseudonym Eliphas Lévi; and Alphonse Esquiros, who documented the social condition of women under the July Monarchy. Each thinker, Andrews demonstrates, proposed an idiosyncratic variation on a common theme: that individualism could be overcome only through the ministrations of the feminine spirit.

Why were socialists so convinced that the solution to social fragmentation lay in women? In chapter 3, Andrews demonstrates that women--or, to be exact, an idealized notion of "the woman"--became central to socialist thought because they were believed to embody the virtues of relatedness and sympathy required to overcome the excessive individualism of July Monarchy society. This conception of woman, Andrews acknowledges, was hardly original; it drew on depictions of the self-sacrificing mother disseminated by Marian theology and popular religiosity. Rather, the novelty of socialist thought lies in the ways in which it mobilized these conventional representations to denounce a social order that it condemned as selfish and atomized. Some sought to rehabilitate Eve, seeing in her humanity's beneficent mother rather than Adam's evil temptress; others turned to Mary, arguing that as a woman born free of sin, she occupied a middle realm between men and God. Yet, as Andrews perceptively remarks, the messianic task that women were assigned was not quite the compliment that it appeared. For, if women could transcend individuality, then they were not really individuals; if they were nearly divine, their status as humans was uncertain

In other words, the utopian socialists tried to hijack Catholic Christian Marian theology, change the meaning of it and deploy it in the service of their own neo-pagan agenda.

Incidentally, it was Pope Pius XI who once said:

Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.

Ganneau's followers included the infamous occultist Eliphas Levi ( famous for his drawing of the androgynous entity called "Baphomet") and Flora Tristan, grandmother of artist Paul Gaugin.

Constant was a close friend of pioneer socialist-feminist Flora Tristan, whose Union Ouvriere (Workers' Union, 1842) was the first work to urge working men and women to form an international union to achieve their emancipation. One of the most fascinating personalities in early French socialism, Tristan was given a place of honor in The Holy Family, zealously defended by Marx from the stupid, sexist gibes of the various counter-revolutionary "Critical Critics" denounced throughout the book.

That Constant became a practicing occultist, and that he and Tristan were for several years closely associated with the mystical socialist and phrenologist Simon Ganneau, "messiah" of a revolutionary cult devoted to the worship of an androgynous divinity, reminds us that Paris in the 1830s and '40s was the scene of a remark-able reawakening of interest in things occult, and that the milieux of occultists and revolutionists were by no means separated by a Chinese wall. A new interest in alchemy was especially evident, and important works on the subject date from that period, notably the elusive Cyliani's Hermes devoile (1832)-reprinted in 1915, this became a key source for the Fulcanelli circle, which in turn inspired our own century's hermetic revival-and Francois Cambriel's Cours de Philosophie hermetique Ou d'Alchimie, en dir-neuf lecons (1843)
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Andrews, Naomi J.
Utopian Androgyny: Romantic Socialists Confront Individualism in July Monarchy France
French Historical Studies - Volume 26, Number 3, Summer 2003, pp. 437-457 (subscription required)

Included among Eliphas Levi's followers was Joseph Peladan who was not only the author of the TAROT OF THE BOHEMIANS, but was also obsessed with androgyny - even going so far as to change his name to "Josephin" to stress his own "androgynous" nature.

After a period of neglect, interest in the theme resurfaced among the German romantics. Franz von Baader (1765-1841), who interpreted the sacrament of marriage as a symbolic restitution of angelic bisexuality, believed that primordial androgyny would return as the world neared its end. In France the eccentric Evades (Eve & Adam) thinkers advocated the equality of man and woman; one of their leaders, Ganneau, styled himself Mapah. The occultist and decadent writer Josephin Péladan (1858-1918) was a tireless propagandist for androgyny; through his Rose + Croix society he had a consider- able influence on Symbolism in the visual arts. read more....

When all is said and done, there are still many who do not know that among Luciferians, one of the names of Lucifer is the "divine androgyne."

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So sorry.

Go to Arutz Sheva's main page,

Under "Opinon" section, the article is entitled:

A Middle East Strategy
Barry Rubin

Anonymous said...


So sorry.

Go to Arutz Sheva's main page,

Under "Opinon" section, the article is entitled:

A Middle East Strategy
Barry Rubin

Anonymous said...

Oldmanoftheski, thanks for the redirection. Barry Rubin has thrown an awful lot of ideas and thoughts that could encompass many books, but I think, to quote you: "no choice" but to work to expand the power and influence of "moderate" Islam... our "true"-- captures the salient core of his article. If the tension between the West, primarily Judeo-Christian, and the Islamic core is by some design, ala Alice Bailey and others, then how did we not academically, politically, and socially see this coming? Let me illustrate: Israel negotiates away its security and gets two thirds of its people killed, we negotiate with nationalistic Islam, Saudi Arabia as an example, and we get into WWIII. Many have said that WWIII began on 9/11, and that may have been the Pearl Harbor event, but that is not when the war began. To compare this tension with Stalin is to make a grave mistake, the difference: Stalin was a materialist, Islamists are concerned with the hereafter. A suicide bomber can be a suicide nation(s).
Rubin says: “Show Arab nationalist regimes that the West won't let them get away with anything nasty, and show the Islamists it won't let them get away with anything at all. “ Get away with what? Islam has used America to rid them of Saddam, the architect of the death of 500,000 Iranians, and the Islamists will soon regain Afghanistan. The USA has lost its will to fight any enemy except its own people. There is an inevitable slide into appeasement that in the end will require Armageddon. Hitler brought Armageddon on Germany, and just maybe the architect of all this wants the same for the whole world.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Indeed, appeasement stinks, i.e the lame response to all the piracy off the coast of Somalia just the latest example.

I think it is only a matter of time before the Israeli's launch an attack on Iran, and are condemned by the world for it. We have been told that Israel will find itself surrounded by foreign armies (yet again). The nations won't be sending their armies because they want to. The scenario I see is that the EU/WEU/UN's growing reliance on the Sharia Bankers, who are holding an awful lot of cards these days, will draw them in to enforce "peace". It's the hook in the jaw so to speak.

I think Thomas Banyacya was correct in his address to the UN in 1992....WWIII started in January the previous year when "UN coalition forces", which, without the US and Brits, would have amounted to a few keystone cop troops, arrived in the middle east to kick Saddam out of Kuwait.

The pot has been on simmer ever since.

Anonymous said...

What have pirates done with the $30 million (a conservative estimate) paid out in ransom this year alone? Answer: Invested in business upgrades.

“Much of their ransom money from previous hijackings has been used to buy new boats and weapons as well as develop a network across the Horn of Africa.”

GraceHead said...

Biblical reasons that the rapture may happen 9/9/10 or thereabouts, give or take a year.

Anonymous said...

To gracehead (4:03 PM):

Sorry, but it was written that "nobody knows the day or the hour" for a REASON!!!

GraceHead said...

If you would have clicked the link, you would have read that is what the article is about.
Indeed, you will never, ever know the day or the hour.


Anonymous said...

Oldman said: “I think it is only a matter of time before the Israeli's launch an attack on Iran. . . “ You may be more right than you know.

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